Thursday, December 30, 2010

Heroic performance of Team India

By the winning the Durban test against South Africa, India have not only levelled the series but also stayed No. 1 Cricket Test team in the world. The series decider is to be played in Cape Town. All credit for the stunning performance of Team India goes to the master and gritty innings of man of the crisis Very Very Special Laxman and Indian bowlers. Team India dashed the ego of South African Captain Graeme Smith at his home. He was very critical of India’s number one position and he considered that India got the number one position in Test cricket by fluke. He should have thought the number one position that India got was not given to it in gift but it has been achieved by virtue of hard labour and consistant performance.Undoubtedly, now it should be clear that Team India can not only play better cricket at home only but it can do so abroad also. It has also been clear from the Durban victory that whenever India is put in tight corner, Very Very Special Laxman came out in the field and showed extra-ordinary determination and courage to beat the South Adrican bowler and snatched victory from the claws of opponent. Durban pitch is considered to be one of the fastest one in the world. No batman from both sides except Laxman could stand before the deadly pacers. In that situation Laxman made 96 runs, which contributed most in the 87-run victory over South Africa. Indian Pacers Srisanth, veteran Zaheer Khan and Spin wonder Harbhajan Singh showed the mettle and demolished the South African batsmen one by one. Now to maintain number one position, it is a must win for India at Cape Town.Though Team India performed badly in the firt test in Centurian and was defeated by an innings, it regrouped itself and fought back valiantly and won the Durban Test. Victory in Durban was team’s victory but if the single player is to be given credit for this spectacular win it is Laxman. The most prolific and accomplished batsman VVS Laxman has never been in the focus of media but his contribution to the team is immense. Whenever Team India required heroic performance, VVS Laxman came forward and played heroically. He is technically perfect, mentally tough and wristy in Hyderabadi style.The concerted effort of Team India under the captaincy of Mahendra Dhoni has made them champion in the world. Now the situation required up on all the players of Team India to perform consistantly in the matches and world cup to come 2011. We as cricket fan wish Team India win the World Cup 2011. The champions never look back and gets over all the problems that come their way.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Need for Cautious approach on Telangana

The demand for the Telangana statehood is gaining ground. These days, the demand for separate state is being raised in the several parts of the country. The main reason behind the demand for separate statehood is unequal development and negligence on the part of state government to pay equal attention to all parts of the state. There is also politics behind the raising of separate statehood demand. The politician of vaulting ambition of a region of the state raises the demand of separate state for his political aggrandizement. For better administration and all round development this demand is not out of place but if the growing tendency of bifurcating the state to satisfy the ambition of an individual politician is dangerous. Here the greater responsibility is of the Union government to ensure the equal development and fulfillment of the aspirations of the people in all regions of the country by pressurising the state government to act for them.Justice BN Srikrishna-headed five member committee on Telangana statehood is going to submit their report to the Union Government tomorrow. The report has dwelt on every aspect in detail on the issue of separate statehood of Telangana by bifurcating the state of Andhra Pradesh and tried to satisfy the maximum number of people. The report claims to be satisfactory to all sections . It has also taken into account pros and cons on the creation of Telangana state by bifurcating the state of Andhra Pradesh. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has shown seriousness by holding talks with senior ministers of his Cabinet on the issue under question. The Union Government must decide on this type of delicate issuie by keeping in mind the political benefit. It should see that if the demand for Telangana state is beneficial for the people of the region and does not disturb the original character of the United Andhra Pradesh, It should concede the demand. But before all options other than separate statehood to assuage the feeling of the people of the region are not exhausted. The Government of India must not do anything in haste so that the demand for separate state in different part of the region should gain ground. The tendency of separatism must not be allowed even within the parameters of Constitution.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Need for a facilitator to break logjam in Parliament

With the rift in the main opposition party BJP coming to the fore over its senior party leader and PAC Chairman agreeing to pursue the PAC probe into the CAG report on 2G Spectrum irregularities in allocation of licenses contrary to the party's stand of nothing less than JPC, the Party has given clear indication of participation in all party meeting called Lok Sabha Speaker and now there seems every possibility of breaking the deadlock in Parliament over JPC demand into 2G Spectrum Scam. The all-party meeting called by Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar tomorrow may get success this time in breaking the deadlock in Parliament, which wasted the entire winter session of Lok Sabha. Earlier also, the Speaker had called an all party meeting but that p proved futile. As dealock is going on over the opposition demand of JPC probe into 2G Spectrum Scam and the government's outright rejection, it is now extremely necessary to find out ways how to break logjam in Parliament and save the crores of public exchequer going waste. The ruling UPA is in favour of PAC probe, which is headed by senior BJP leader DR. Murli Manohar Joshi, with whom the dominant section of the BJP is not finding amenable. Now when the BJP which leads the entire opposition for the demand of JPC probe finds itself in a bind because of its own party leader in the capacity of PAC Chairman is ready to start probe of 2G scam, the party has agreed to participate in the all-party meeting called by Speaker to end the deadlock in Parliament. BJP will attend a meeting called to break the deadlock in Parliament over the demand for JPC on 2G spectrum issue. According to the tweet of the leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj tweeted, they will attend the meeting called by the Honourable Speaker Meira Kumar. The meeting could provide an opportunity to both parties who have taken a "hard stance" on the issue and the Speaker could play the role of facilitator to break the ice. The Budget Session of Parliament is expected to start in the third week of February and the opposition leaders have threatened to stall the proceedings if the JPC demand was not met. Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar has rightly said that the present situation is in everybody's mind and democracy means to bring about a mid-path and solve problems. She has also expressed that the imbroglio would be resolved soon.The BJP and other opposition parties insist that the Public Accounts Committee does not have the powers to fully investigate the 2G spectrum scam and a JPC should be constituted.Two all-party meetings had been called by the government to end the impasse but have failed to end the deadlock. In democracy, talks are the best ways to find out settlement of any differences. So, it is now utmost necessary to break the ice and let the Parliament function. There is an urgent of a facilitator to break the deadlock and Lok Sabha Speaker can play the role in the best way.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Gujjars should end their agitation

Gujjars should end their agitation in the interest of the nation. It is also in the light of court verdict that they should end their agitation and the government of Rajasthan should go into all aspects of Gujjars' demand. Gujjar agitation for job 5 per cent job reservation is going on with no initiative to break it from any side. The Gujjar agitation has entered 8th day and caused great hardship to rail and road passengers and enormous loss to transport and other industries. Honourable court has also rightly said that reservation can not go beyond 50 per cent and if the Gujjars are given 5 per cent reservation in job, it would go up to 54 percent that is against constitutional provision. So, the Court has given one year time to study the various aspects before deciding 5 per cent job reservation for Gujjars. Now, it is the responsibility of Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan to take initiatives and mobilise Gujjars so that in national interest, they should call off reservation. The agitation on any issue has become the way of life in our country. The highest court of the country should be requested to deliver judgement about banning the agitation if it was not launched after the marathon talks between the government or management side had failed to reach the settlement. Though it is a democratic right to launch the agitation for fulfillment of the demand by the people, it is also not the democratic right to cause enormous problems by agitations to the people who have nothing to do them. As we see here due to the blockade of rail and roads for days, several trains have been called causing enormous difficulties to the passengers. Gujjar agitation has also caused enormous financial loss to the government as well as industries.Gujjar agitators continued the bockade of many rail and road routes in Rajasthan and jammed the Jaipur-Ajmer highway on Monday as their agitation on the job reservation issue entered the eighth day."The stir is causing a loss of around Rs 20 crore per day and has hiked rates of commodities by five to ten per cent. Bookings have been cancelled as most of the drivers are not ready to go through the stir affected areas. The issue of job reservation is a weapon that is used by politicians irrespective of their political affiliations. Neither it benefits the needy nor do have brought in any change in society since it was introduced. The better way is to do away with the policy of reservation so that there could be no space for politicians to encash it politically. Every one should be treated equally where merit or skilled is required to be tested. The government must do away with the policy of reservation.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

JPC or PAC is no public concern

The entire Winter Session of Parliament was wasted over the Opposition demand of Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the 2G Scam. However, the treasury becnches were rigid on not conceding the JPC demand. They are ready for Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to look into CAG report on the irregularities in the allocation of 2G licences. The Opposition parties are of the view that JPC is like mini Parliament. As Parliament can not run so long, JPC will do the purpose to probe from all angles, especially political thoroughly. The Opposition rigidity with JPC demand has been described by the ruling party as political blackmail. Opposition says that PAC will examine the CAG report, Supreme Court monitored CBI enquiry will look into criminality angle of the scam and JPC will look into political angle of the scam. As there has been startling revelation about the nexus between corporate, politician and journalist to influence the allocation of ministerial birth through the telephonic talks of corporate lobbyists Nira Radia, the demand for JPC is not out of place. This telephonic talks were tapped and leaked to the media. If these telephonic talks are true, there has been the infringement on the prerogative right of the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. That must be investigated thoroughly. Prime Minister has announced that he has nothing to hide. PM's integrity and honesty is beyond doubt. He has also declared that he is prepared to face the PAC. Now the question arises when the PM is of clean image what holds him not to concede the Opposition demand of JPC, which has already cost the winter session of Parliament. While the Opposition and ruling parties make allegations and counter allegation of corruption, the general common people have no concern but they only want the person found guilty of corruption must be awarded deterrent punishment. There must not be wastage of invaluable parliamentary time over the controvery of JPC or PAC. This is political drama. Still, if the mood of Opposition leaders are anything to go by, the Budget Session of Parliament would meet the same fate. The common people wish saner sense would prevail on opposition as well as ruling to find a way out for the unanimous forum to probe the 2G Scam. In this process, the ruling party has greater responsibility to ensure the functioning of the Parliament. Otherwise, democracy would be in danger. Though JPC in the past has not yielded any result, what prevents the ruling party from accepting the JPC. It is also clear that PM's image is clean and he is prepared to appear before PAC. If he is called by the JPC, he should have no fear in appearing before it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Belated action against price rise

Manmohan Singh-led UPA government in its last six and half years has failed to contain price rise of essential commodities. The onion prices have broken all previous records. Onion is indispensable with bread and salt for the poor. But now they will be deprived of onion only due to inefficiency, lack of foresight, negligence and callousness of the UPA government. How long does it want to test the patience of the poor people? Now enough is enough. When the people would be forced to die due to the unchecked price rise, the result would be vicious and normalcy would be restored only after the bequeathing of the UPA government.UPA has failed on the issue which hurts the common men most. Congress-led UPA always say that they are with Aam Admi and the symbol of Congress Party hand is with the people. But its rule tells a different story that the poor for whom the UPA is shedding crocodile tears is unable to get the food with hand as there are acute artificially created scarcity all around. The sky-rocketing price of onion and all other essential and edible items has broken the back of the poor. The price rise is so sharp that now it is even difficult for the middle income group people to get a square meal a day, let alone the poor. The onion price rise has toppled two governments in the past. One is the BJP's Sushama Swaraj-led government of Delhi in 1998 and the other is Non-Congress government at the Centre in 1980. So, the time has come for the UPA government to think seriously how to contain sky-rocketing prices of every essential commodity to escape the wrath of the poor people. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia have been assuring the people for the last year that the price rise will be checked in two to three months. Now one year has passed but no result has come out on the front of price rise. It has been going up and up and the concerned ministers very irresponsibly tell that they are not astrologers that they would predict when the prices of essential commodities come down. They also give advice to the people not to take sugar because it causes diabetes. Their answers reflect their callous negligence and insensitivity to the pain of the people caused by price rise. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress President and UPA Chairperson must intervene immediately and ask ministers seriously to act. Otherwise, UPA boat is bound to turn turtle in the sea of people. It has also been seen that when the water flows to the roof, UPA awakes. When the price of onion touched Rs.100 per Kg, the government started raiding godowns and taking other measures that have stated showing results.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Congress Party adopts aggressive posture

Congress Party has adopted aggressive posture and tried to take the
battle on the issue of corruption into BJP’s camp at its plenary 83rd
session. By asking question to the Opposition BJP that on the one hand
it rocked Winter Session Parliament for the Joint Parliamentary
Committee to probe the 2G Spectrum case even after the former Union IT
and Communications Minister A Raja against whom there was charge of
corruption was dismissed, and multi-investigative agencies and Supreme
Court motitored CBI investigation were already going on but BJP failed to
dismiss Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa for his alleged
involvement in land scam on the other. Here the Congress has
established upper hand as far as moral high ground is concerned. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has voluntarily announced while
addressing the Plenary Session of Congress Party that he is prepared
to appear before the Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) headed
by senior BJP leader Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi. PAC is also a
Parliamentary Committee consiting of 22 MPs. It is meant for examining
CAG report. But the opposition is rigid with the demand of JPC probe into
2G Spectrum Scam. JPC can call even Prime Minister for interrogation.
Entire opposition is of the view that because of the possibility of PM
being called if JPC is constituted to look into the 2G Scam, the ruling
Congress does not concede the demand. While the ruling party charges
the opposition with politicising the issue. Whether the scams are probed by JPC or PAC do not matter. The matter
of uppermost importance is the intent of the ruling as well as opposition
parties to fight against corruption. 83rd Plenary Session of the Congress
Party clearly reflected that it was prepared to act against corruption.
Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi has talked of
5-point strategy to fight corruption. It is undoubtedly the great idea but it
needs to be translated into action on the ground. Only lecturing and doing
nothing visible on the ground before the public will do no purpose. First Sonia Gandhi followed by Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi
and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh all spoke on the need for
fighting corruption and advocated deterrent punish for all those found in
corruption cases. These words are amusing but they need to be
converted into action on the ground.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar the greatest-ever!

It was a century that the entire nation was eagerly awaiting from Sachin Tendulkar and he ensured that Indians had a ‘Super Sunday’ as he completed a historic 50th Test century against South Africa at the Centurion. The moment Sachin completed his 50th century, the entire stadium stood up to salute the true legends of the game. At the home in India, entire nation started celebrating the Sachin's extra-ordinary performance It was not only the moment of joy and pride for the nation, the entire world personalities in different fields have congratulated Sachin Tendulkar.It is Sachin’s 175th Test match — most by any player in the history of the game. It took him four Test matches to reach the milestone after having scored his 49th against Australia in October this year.He played 197 deliveries and 258 minutes to reach the milestone. He hit 12 boundaries and a big six over long-off with left-arm spinner Paul Harris being the sufferer. This is his seventh century in the year 2010.Sachin Tendulkar has done which no cricket player in world would do in generations to come. He is at the peak and registered the nation’s position on top in the field of cricket. No record in the game of cricket would be left broken by this little Master blaster of Indian Cricket. He is the pride of India. And on this basis of his excellent performance with the bat in the field that has brought enormous glory to the nation, Sachin Tendulkar deseves to the be conferred on Bharatna Award. Entire nation is proud of Sachin Tendulkar. He is a genius who has served Indian cricket for 21 years so far. The passion, devotion and commitment to the game of cricket set Sachin Tendulkar apart from rest of the player of the world of cricket. He is still as passinate, devoted and committed to his batting as he was twenty years back. The world of cricket playing countries bows their heads before this jewel of India. The apetite for making runs is still sharp in Sachin Tedulkar as it was in the beginning of his career. Sachin's shining is getting sharper and sharper with the passage of the time. It is no surprise that Sachin Tendulkar could play for 10 more years for the nation. Sachin Tendulkar is icon of the nation and he is also inspiration to the youth of the nation. He has become the household name of every Indian. The influence of Sachin Tendulkar on every Indian child can be judged from the fact that if any one asks him who do you emulate most, his answer is Sachin Tendulkar. Every Indian child likes to become Sachin Tendulkar. As cricket is considered as religion in India, Sachin Tendulkar is god. The player like Sachin is born once in a century. Sachin Tendulakar is , undoubtedly, the greatest batsman of the world. And entire nation is proud of him.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Congress must send out strong message against corruption

83rd Congress Plenary session is to decide the future course of party’s
line in coming years. In recent days, the ruling Congress has been
charged with inaction in serious corruption cases. The Congress-led UPA
government has been rocked by three scams- CWG, Adarsh and 2G
Spectrum Scam. Though on the basis of prima facie and public
perception, the party has shown the door to all the three main accused
respectively. But it has acted when much water had flown down the
Ganges. The public and the opposition parties have started here and there putting
question mark on the honesty and integrity of the scholar Prime Minister
Dr. Manmohan Singh because of his indecisiveness. PM has certainly
failed to rein in his former IT and Communications Minister A Raza that
resulted in the 2G Spectrum Scam of Rs.1.76 crores. The
Commonwealth Games were held in Delhi and two Union ministers were
directly connected with arrangements for the Games, and besides that
Congress MP and CWG Organisation Committee Chairman Suresh
Kalmadi was head of overall preparations for the games. And there is
charge that crores of rupees were gulped. Though honesty and integrity of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh can
not be doubted, he must have acted swiftly against corruption. The main
task before the Congress leadership is to lift the morale of the party
workers because of these corruption charges against their the govt and
worst-ever defeat in Bihar Assembly elections, they have become
demorlised. It would have to send the clear message that the party can
not tolerate any act of corruption in government as well organisation. It is
prepared to provide strong leadership and no lacunae will be left
unplugged. Now, Congress Party would have got clear message from the election
result of Bihar Assembly that the people would vote for only those who
work for all round development and peace and not only for showmanship
of being the champion of minority and majority without doing anything on
the ground. The Congress must draw definite line of action on corruption
and all round development of the nation. The Plenary is important as it will decide the strategy ahead for the party
with 2011 scheduled to have elections to the assemblies of Tamil Nadu,
Puducherry, Kerala, Assam and West Bengal, while some other states
including BJP-ruled Gujarat. It will be the 83rd session of the Party being
held in the 125th year of its existence. It will also adopt resolutions on
political, economic situation and international issues.Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi would also have
to act decisively and Congres General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, the future
prime ministerial candidate of the party, would also have to first
concentrate on strengthening organisation at the grass root level if the
Bihar Assembly elections resultis anything to go by. A clear message of
purpose must go to the public.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wen Jiabao's visit to India concluded on lacklustre note

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visit to India has concluded on a sombre
and lacklustre note. Wen's visit neither evoked any expectation nor
proved to be a failure. China has not shed its old feeling of rivalry with
India. Chinese Premier condemned terrorism in all its forms and
manifestations but did not name Pakistan's running of terror machine. He
also made no mention of stapled visas to people from Jammu and
Kashmir nor did he express support for UNSC seat for India. For regular boundary skirmishes, Wen only blamed Indian media to
highlight it out of proportion. To keep the relations between the two Asian
giants running on normal course, Chinese Premier described India as
friend and threw light on its participation in international body as
prominent player. In reply to chinese cold response to Indian concerns,
India has also rightly not made any mention of Tibet . China must think that as long as it treats India as its rival, no real
friendship can be established between the two. It should also understand
that India has made long stride in every field of development and the
position now is completely diferent from what existed before 1962. To
keep Pakistan in good humour even after it has become a
well-acknowledged fact sponsoring of terrorism from across the border
against in India, China does not condemn Pak terror activities. China is not doing anything positive to improve relations with India. The
time is changing very fast and India is now not to look back in history. It
wants to establish good neighbourly relation in its neighbourhood.
According to Chinese Premier, good neighbour is a blessing. If that is so,
he must treat Pakistan and India on equal footing. China must not use
one neighbour against the other to serve its own interest. As far as the terrorism that India is facing emanates from Pakistan is
concerned, the world knows it very clealy. But both the US President
Barack Hussain Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao did not speak
at length against terrorism pointedly that could have sounded in Pakistan.
Because both have vital interests in that country. India’s key concerns
on stapled visas to people from Jammu and Kashmir, terrorism
emanating from Pakistan and its aspirations to be a permanent member
of the UN Security Council have not been addressed by China.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A matter of serious concern for India

The US aid to Pakistan for fighting Taliban and other terrorist groups is being diverted against India. It has been brought to the top US leadership. Union Defence Minister AK Antony has rightly said that India would continue to take up the issue of Pakistan diverting American military aid against it with the US till the time there was a final solution to the problem. American military aid is being diverted against India openly. The military weapons which are meant to fight Taliban on the western frontiers is diverted to eastern frontiers against India. It is a well-acknowledge fact that US which keeps Pakistan running with pumping of economic and military packages is mainly used against India. But the question here arises that if the aides provided by US to Pakistan are not used for the purposes they were meant, has the US ever taken notice of the misuse of its aides by Pakistan? The US has interest in keeping Pakistan running and it keeps its interest uppermost, no matter how much does it hurt others. In recent years, India has also come closer to US. So, it is time for it to raise this issue very strongly with US leadership to find solutions to the serious problems being faced by it for no fault of its own. India should not have any objection to US aid to Pakistan but at the same time it is very important and serious matter for India to see how these aides are diverted against it by Pakistan. Though the US may have come closer to India, it is impossible for the US to ignore Pakistan because of its geo-strategic position in South Asia. India also must know that if the US gives cold response and becomes indifferent to provide aid to Pakistan, China is there in the region to provide all sorts of help to it. That the US knows it very well. And that is why it never falls short of Pakistan expectation. Keeping in view the interest of the US in Pakistan, it requires concerted effort on India to convince the US about reality of facts about its aides to Pakistan. A K Antony has rightly observed that the past experience and track-record shows that instead of using the American military aid in the fight against Taliban, Pakistan is diverting it against India.This is a matter of serious concern.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jiabao to address India's concerns

Undoubtedly, China is Asian giant and giving stiff competition to world's
sole super power the US' overlordship. At the same time, China sees
India as its rival and the result of this rivalry results in helping Pakistan in
the field of nuclear technology and sales weapons and that hurts India's
interests in the neighbourhood. If Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and his
Indian counterpart Dr. Manmohan Singh get success in removing the
misgivings existing between the two big neighbours and develop a sense
of trust between the two, it will be a landmark achievement of Chinese
premier visit to India. There are a number of irritants between the two nations. China's support
to India for permanent seat in UNSC is also vital. China must have
watched keenly that how open hearted support on the issue has been
given by the US, UK, France and others to India. Wen Jiabao will also
have likely to give firm assurance about its support to India for a UNSC
seat. China is also economic super power and the fast economic growth with
which it moves has attracted serious attentison of big powers. The entire
world sees China robust economic growth with amazement. It is a torch
bearer for both developed and developing countries. If China and India
co-operate with each other with open mind on the issue of economic
growth through trade, commerce and agriculture, they can contribute in
alleviating from South Asia, the poverty-stricken region of the world.Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is expected to address some of India's key
concerns like those on stapled visas for Jammu and Kashmir residents,
its bid for permanent membership in UNSC and growing trade imbalance,
to put strained bilateral ties back on track. The discussion between
Jiabao and Singh is likely to be centred on a host of security and
strategic issues, including issuance of stapled visa by China to residents
of Jammu and Kashmir, greater market access for Indian goods to that
country's market and UN reforms.Both sides will be holding wide-ranging discussions on a range of issues-bilateral, global, regional and of mutual interest and a number of
agreements and MoUs are likely to be signed.China views India's rise as
positive and as an opportunity to China.While India has a very
commonsensical and very rational approach to China. If this type of
thinking persists on both sides for time to come, the two big neighbours
can emerge as world super powers shortly.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yet another shame on Delhi

National capital Delhi has been shamed again within two weeks by another gang rape in moving car in Sultanpuri area. It would not be wrong to characterise Delhi as rape capital. With assuming the post as Delhi Police Commissioner, B K Gupta made his first announcement that safety to women would be his top priority. But just after his assuming the charge, gang rape of a young lady took place in East Delhi. And just after that a Manipur girl employed with BPO was gang raped in a moving pick-up van by five men, which hogged the headlines for days as the accused were nabed after weeks. It clearly denotes the utter failure of Delhi Police.A 18-year-old girl was reportedly gangraped in Sultanpuri on Saturday, Dec 11 night while going to pick-up her mother who works in a nearby factory. Police has arrested four people in connection with the rape.The girl was abducted from Sultanpuri, North-West Delhi, and was raped in a moving car. The new gangrape case popped up just two weeks after another girl raped in the Capital. The 30-year-old BPO employee from Manipur was abducted and raped in a moving car while returning from job. In a month 4 gang rapes have taken place in national capital Delhi. The shocking incidents of gang rapes have made the women fearful in our national capital. And it appears to be completely unsafe for women. Police Commissioner of Delhi had a meeting with beat constables a days before the Sultanpuri gang rape. Would he ever ponder over the impact his meeting made on his sub-ordinates? It means the Commissioner has also failed to establish his authority on his juniors. The police in Delhi is totally lax and complacent. Delhiites have been forced to think how and under whom the police is functioning in the city. Who is after all responsible for the law and order of the city? Delhi police is not under Delhi Government. They come under Union Home Ministry. And L-G is the Centre's agent to report about law and order condition in the national capital. The total failure of Delhi Police means the failure of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram in improving the performance of Delhi Police. Home Minister has stated in his attempt to cover his own failure and has passed the blame for growing gang rape cases on migrants in Delhi. It means he wants to blame migrants from UP and Bihar for growing crime against women. His statement is very unfortunate and does not behove of a Union Home Minister of India to cover his own failure by holding responsible for crime against women in Delhi the population of a region of the nation. The laxity and complacency of Delhi police have been aptly characterised by National Commission for Women Chairperson Girja Vyas when she reportedly narrated that when she herself made a move in Delhi at night she noticed one PCR van in four hours. It means no Delhi PCR van moves in the city at night promptly. It also means that most of the constables of Delhi Police are involved in Hafta Wasoli from roadside Panwala, Chaiwala stalls at the cost of his duty to move in colonies and Bus stops to infuse fear among criminals and anti-social elements in their attempt to check crime. There must be speedy provision of deterrent punishment to rapists so that there could be no recurrence of this most shameful acts. It is a national capital and one of the metros. People from all over the country come to earn their livelihood in the city. Now the question arises that when the women are not safe here, what about them in the distant corner of the country. But they are safer in other metros and parts of the country. One rape take place daily on an average in Delhi. It is shocking if the Crime Bureau Report is anything to go by.The incidents of gangrape in Delhi have revealed that the Capital city is not at all safe for women.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

CVC’s position untenabble

The Supreme Court has virtually questioned the tenability of Chief Vigilance Commissioner P J Thomas supervising the CBI's investigations into the 2G spectrum scandal as he himself was Telecom Secretary at the relevant point of time. First of all, controversial person must not be considered for the post of Chief Vigilance Commissioner, the top watch dog to look into corruption cases. The Committee competent to recommend the appointment of CVC comprises Prime Minister, Home Minister and leader of Opposition. The Opposition leader of BJP Sushama Swaraj had raised objection to the name of PG Thomas for the post of CVC but her objection was overruled outright by PM. It is also natural that person who is not free of corruption charges himself can not be expected to investigate corruption cases against others. Supreme Court has also questioned the tenability of CVC Thomas. Before being appointed CVC Thomas was the Telecom Secretary and the 2G Scam has occured in the department, though he has said that the distribution of licenses was not done during his secretaryship.CVC PG Thomas has already been debarred from overseeing the investigation into 2G Scam. In the meantime, CBI Director has been appointed. The Committee appoints CBI Director is headed by CVC. Now the question of propriety here arises that when CVC Thomas was already rescued from dealing with 2G Scam, how could he be proper to give the final nod for the appointment of CBI Director. If the CVC Thomas is not legally authorised to oversee 2G Scam investigation, how the appointment of CBI Director AP Singh can be valid. If there is a question of impropriety involved in the appointment of CBI Director, then can it be made null and void. This is a big question to be answered by the Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government. As far as the question of proprietary among political parties is concerned, there is double standard on the issue. One for self and other for else. The same is being played in Parliament. The BJP is baying for the blood of the ruling party over the demand of JPC probe into 2G Scam, stalling Parliament in the Winter Session for 15th day since its beginning. BJP also demanding the resignation of CVC PJ Thomas as charge of corruption is pending against him in the court of law. But on the other hand the alleged involvement of BJP Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa in land scam is being given a go by and it let him continue as CM. What is the meaning of propriety in public life? What is improper for itself is proper for others. BJP, the main opposition, owes also an explanation to the nation.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Laudable initiative in Bihar

After taking oath as Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has pledged to deliver his promises made during the election campaigns recently. He was elected with overwhelming majority in the just concluded Bihar Assembly elections with hope that he would excellerate his mission of all round development. Besides improvement in all areas of governance, it was alleged that corruption had grown by leaps and bounds in Bihar during the last five years. On the issue of rooting out corruption, Bihar government is going to confiscate the disproportionate property of the corrupt government officers and a provision would be made of trial for them by special corrupt. And the disproportionate property would be converted into schools where the children would be taught. If this comes into reality, it would be a great achievement of Nitish Kumar. Bihar has always been the trend setter for the nation and if Nitish Kumar's initiative fructified, it would be his another exemplary work besides provision of 50 percent reservations for women in Panchyat elections. The way Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has taken out Bihar from dark ages, thrown into by Lalu-Rabri duo regime of 15 years, has been highly appreciated not only by the voters of Bihar but also all over the nation. Nitish gives the credit for huge mandate to the people and not takes it for himself. His determination to work harder and harder for all round development of the state is laudable and his quality and sicerety for the progress of the state will certainly pitchfork him on the national political arena and certainly place him in the race for the post of Prime Minister in 2014 mid-term elections. The chief characteristic of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is that during his regime of last five years, he has roused hope among the people with all sincerity and promptness. People have voted him back to power with overwhelming majority to turn their hope into reality in the coming five years and take Bihar on top in the country. As corruption has taken the form of cancer, which has spread very fast in every sphere of life, Nitish has rightly declared war on it. Sooner it is rooted out, faster would be the development. CM Nitish Kumar in accordance with the promises made to the people of Bihar is going to introduce Right to Services Bill in the next assembly session. In a bold move to weed out corruption, the Bihar govt will soon enact a law, making it mandatory for state agencies to extend services to people within a stipulated time frame. The Right to Service Bill must be brought so that the government and its agencies extend services to people within a stipulated time frame. The proposed legislation would come in handy in weeding out red-tape and corruption. The new legislation will fix accountability and responsibility of officials for reaching the services required by the people.The sense must prevail on bureaucracy that it is the right of the people to avail services to be provided by the state government and its agencies and lapses on the part of officials in discharge of their obligations will amount to violation of proposed act.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Last effort to break logjam in Parliament

Now, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar is making the last ditch effort to break the logjam in Lok Sabha by calling all-party meeting today. Winter Session has transacted no business since it opened. It is the 12 the day continuous disruption in running the both houses of Parliament. Opposition BJP and all other parties demand Joint Parliamentary probe into 2G Scam. Government is in no mood to concede the demand, resulting in the logjam of Parliament. No parliamentary business has been transacted in the winter session of Parliament. While the crores of public money have been drained down. This is the longest logjam of Parliament. Government has made several efforts to break the logjam to run the Parliament. But all went invain. The united opposition is adamant on nothing less than probe into 2G Scam. Though the former Union Minister for IT and Telecom had to resign over the allegation of misappropriation of Rs 1.76 Crore of public money in the 2G Scam, the opposition parties are not satisfied with merely resignation of the alleged minister from the Cabinet and they demand nothing less than JPC probe. Though CBI enquiry and hearing Supreme Court are going on and the Government is of the view that these are enough to investigate the allegations effectively, it is for Opposition how they believe the government. If the Opposition is so adamant on the demand of JPC, what reservation has the treasury benches in not agreeing to their demand. Government is also of the view that JPC so far has not been very useful in investigating the matter if the previous experience is anything to go by. That is why they are opposing it. Now the condition in Parliament is so bad and disturbing that Speaker Meira Kumar herself has taken initiative by calling all-party meeting to break the logjam in Parliament. The continuing uproar in the House paints a sorry state of affairs. It appears as if no sense is prevailing among the MPs on both sides why they are squandering public ex-chequer. Though it is the prime responsibility of the treasury benches to ensure the smooth running of the House to transact business for which it has been called, they fail to convince the opposition. As 2G Scam is the biggest in Independent India, it is natural that it has hurt the public sentiments very badly and damaged the image of entire ruling parties. The reason for calling all-party meeting by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha Meira Kumar is expected to prevail on both sides and pave way for running both Hoses of Parliament. The scene of the Lok Sabha and Rajya reflects that the Speaker and Deputy Chairperson are acting like very reponsibly in accordance with the dignity of the House to establish peace but no MPs are prepared to listen them. That is why Parliament, these-days, sends out no positive messages to the people as the time of their representatives is passed in tu tu mai mai only.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kiran to check Jagan

Kiran Kumar Reddy was chosen as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh by Congress High command to check Party MP and late charismatic leader YSR son Jaganmohan Reddy. Kiran’s successor was asked to go because he was unable to check growing aggression of Jaganmohan Reddy to build pressure on the Central Party leadership to give in to his ambition of Chief Minister of the state. Jagan is running a TV Channel for his political aggrandisement and telecasting stories against Party High command to warn them that if he was denied the post of Chief Ministership of the state, he would rebellious. CM Kiran Reddy’s predecessor K Rossaih was old enough to deal with young and dynamic Jagan Reddyand the Telengana Movement, which is to be raised after the submission of Sri Krishna Report on it in December. Kiran Reddy has two immediate tasks on his hands. On the on hand he has to successfully checkmate Jagan’s anti-party activities and deal with Telegana agitation. The state of Andhra Pradesh is the most important for the party as there are 33 MPs from the state. That counts much for Congress-led UPA government at the Centre. Immediately after, Kiran Reddy was sworn in as CM, the senior most leader and Union Minister Jaipal Reddy has strongly criticized Jagan’s anti-party activities. It means the party is going to whip Jagan if he crossed the line of indiscipline any more. Kiran Reddy is relatively of young age of only 50. He is the fourth time MLA and was the Speaker of the state assembly before being elected as CM.. He has also been the loyalist of former Chief Minister and charismatic Congress YSR Reddy. So, it is natural that he would also have close links with Jagan’s followers whome can easily win back to his side and thereby to the mainline party organization. Kiran Reddy has also clean image and has been the Ranji player. His father was also a Congress leader and very close to former prime minister late Indira Gandhi. Kiran is expected to deliver good administration and carry forward the development projects initiated by the previous Congress governments and give charismatic leadership to the state of Andhra Pradesh and strengthen party organisation like late YSR.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

BJP loses moral plank on corruption issue

Bhartiya Janata Party claims that it a party with difference. But in the season of corruption in the political class as well as government, the BJP is no different from others. It has been seen that it is even more compromising with corruption than others. By not seeking resignation from the BJP Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa for his alleged involvement in land scandal and Bellary brothers, who are ministers in Yeddyurappa government for their alleged involvement in mining scam, it has lost the moral plank. Yeddyurappa denotified the government land and allegedly sold to private companies in which his sons’ interests are involved. BJP had to give in to the threat of Yeddyurappa rebellion. Karnataka CM refused to resign and reportedly asked the BJP high command that if he was was forced to resign, he would also make public the alleged connection of Party leader Sushama Swaraj in Parliament with Bellary brothers and senior party leader Anant Kumar’s undue interference in Karnataka to serve his personal political interest. Yeddyurappa openly defied BJP highcommand and stayed as CM. On the other hand Congress has shown to the public that once the charges of corruption are levelled against any of its leader however powerful and big, the party has acted promptly and booted out the tainted leaders. It has also set example recently in the issue of Adarsh Society and CWG scams.As far as corruption is concerned, there must be one yardstic for all political parties. It is not that only Congress should act against corruption and BJP should look the other way. By not getting the resignation of Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, the BJP has reflected that when the issue of corruption has to be dealt with by it, it fails to act and let it take deep root in the government and party. BJP is not allowing the Parliament to transact its business because its demand of JPC probe in 2G Scam is not conceded by the government. It has no morality to act in this manner in Parliament when it is itself not clean and perfect. Public exchequer is wasted as there has been deadlock in Parliament since the beginning of Winter Session. BJP must introspect itself so far the issue of corruption is concerned and let the Parliament run its business. It is required up on BJP to first come clean itself. As it is the main opposition party in Party, the nation is watching its action very seriously. Opposition must be constructive and above board in democracy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Victory of development in Bihar

Nitish Kumar-led JD (U)-BJP alliance has swept Bihar in assemble elections. All credit goes to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of bringing back the alliance back to power with the victory of 3/4th majority in assembly elections. This a historic victory for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The people of Bihar irrespective of caste, creed and community have given their mandated to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to continue his all round development work with doubly force and sincerity. This is the victory of good governance, improved law and order, peace and communal harmony and above all development, though a lot more has to do on development plank in Bihar. Five Years back in 2005, Nitish Kumar led JD(U)-BJP alliance was voted to power , the first and foremost duty before the Chief Minister was to take Bihar out of dark ages which Laloo-Rabri duo had created. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar did that job well. He first concentrated on governance and improving law and order, which was in disarray. Bihar had come to a standstill by the misdeeds of 15 years' regime of Lalu-Rabri-duo . Before Nitish Kumar took charge of Bihar, the jungle raj was prevailing all over the state. Only the industries of kidnapping, robbery, murder and rape were flourishing. It was a tough task for any one to take on them. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar showed courage and determination and started to beef up civil and police administration that showed immediate result. Anti-socials and criminals were rounded up systematically and an atmosphere of safety and security was ensured for the people of Bihar. It could be possible only because of good governance delivered by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Economy also started looking up and Bihar recorded 11.03 percent growth rate under the Chief Ministership of Nitish Kumar for the first time.. It is only second to the developed state of Gujarat which has recorded 11.05 percent. During the Lalu-Rabri duo of 15 years in Bihar, all its roads had badly broken and no construction work was ever initiated by the Lalu-Rabri duo regime in those 15 years while Lalu Yadav had reportedly claimed of making the Bihar roads as smooth as the cheek of a film heroine. The people of Bihar felt cheated. Lalu is a great political joker. His joke now only caused laughter that the people understood. And now the people of Bihar can no longer be cheated by merely telling them in rustic language to show closeness with them. Despite getting immense opportunity of developing Bihar, he failed completely. Though Lalu is credited with giving voice to the voiceless and dignity to the people of the lower strata of society, he failed to utilise the ample opportunity to give them power through development and education . That is why Lalu's RJD has been decimated completely in assembly elections.As far as Congress Party is concerned, it can not win elections in the politically most conscious state of Bihar by the presence of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi only in the time of electioneering in the state. Its organisation is in mess and it has no face in Bihar. The faceless Congress in Bihar can not win assembly elections on the charishma of Nehru-Gandhi family. So, Congress should look into itself and build the party organisation from the grassroot to state level under the able and dynamic leader. The Bihar assembly results show that the people of the state have tasted development and now no political party can win elections without talking about and acting on development work. Nitish Kumar-led JD(U)-BJP alliance talked of development and acted upon it. That is why people have given them overwhelming majority in the assembly elections. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is rightly regarded as the Vikas Purush of Bihar. His win of 3/4th majority has raised enormous expectation of people from his government. So, Nitish Kumar has now to put in hard work to fufill the aspirations of the people.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SC questions CVC appointment

Supreme Court has rightly questioned the appointment of PJ Thomas as Chief Vigilance Commissioner. It is natural how a person can be expected to work impartially and honestly who is himself tainted with corruption case. A corrupt can not be expected to root out corruption. CVC is the top most anti-corruption watch dog. In the scenario of corruption charges against the government and the questioning of the appointment of CVC by the highest court make the situation grim. P J Thomas had been allegedly involved in Pamoleine export case when he was Food and Civil Supplies Secretary in the Government of Kerala when K Karunakaran was the Chief Minister. Thomas’ name also came up for the Chief Secretary of Kerala but CM Achyutanandan objected his appointment as Chief Secretary. PJ Thomas had been Secretary of the department of Telecom and he did not prevent 2G Spectrum Scam. This is reportedly the profile of our CVC. The person considered for the post of CVC must be of impeccable in his service record. There must not be any charge or misbehaviour during the period of his or her service. The view of the Attorney General that it would be very difficult to find the person of impeccabe service record is ridiculous. It means there is no one in Indian bureaucracy of clean image. This is a naive handling of the matter. Opposition leader Sushama Swaraj of BJP had already objected to the name of PJ Thomas for the post of Chief Vigilance Commissioner. The committee comprises Prime Minister, Home Minister and Opposition leader recommends the appointment of CVC. But the objection of the leader of opposition was overruled and PJ Thomas was appointed CVC. But the appointment of CVC is suspect. So, the Congress-led government of Dr. Manmohan Singh which is already facing plethora of charges of corruption in CVC, CWG and Adarsh Society Scam is giving the nation a message that it is unable to fight corruption.. The Government is required to look into all the records of the person whom is going to appoint CVC to fight corruption. If it has failed to do so and deliberately appointed the tainted person to that post, it means it is itself promoting corruption.Now, it is the responsibility of the government to satisfy the Supreme Court's questioning. As it is a matter of corruption, it must be dealth with immediately. It is also required upon the government to satisfy the queries made by the highest court of land.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let the Parliament function

The winter session of Parliament so far has not transacted any business and there is complete deadlock over the demand of Opposition parties for Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe in 2G Scam. The tainted minister A Raza has already shown the door. The case of 2G Scam is subjudice as Supreme Court is hearing the case. CBI enquiry is also going on and Directorate of Enforcement is also investigating the matter. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report regarding irregularities in 2G Spectrum has already been presented in Lok Sabha. Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is to analyse the CAG report and to give its opinion. PAC is headed by Opposition party. As treasury bench is opposed to the opposition demand of JPC, the opposition parties are adament on nothing less than the JPC. The result is deadlock in Parliament. It means no transaction of business in the interest of the people is done and public exchequer is drained over the tamasha of ruling and opposition MPs. As far as the JPC probe is concerned, it is not expected that it would find out any huge irregularities that the different constitutional agencies already going into the 2G Spectrum Scam would not do. Even conscience of the opposition parties do not allow them to doubt the integrity and honesty of the Prime Minister. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and trouble shooter of the Manmohan Singh government has been pressed into service to talk to opposition parties. He has called an all-party meeting but no positive results have come out. The opposition parties do not budefe from their stand of JPC probe in 2G Scam. But the matter here is of national interest. On the one hand the precious time of Parliament is wasted and the demand for LPC probe in 2G Scam of 1.76 lakh crore

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Silence is questionable

Corruption has become the biggest issue of the day. It is matter of grave concern for the nation. Corruption pervades everywhere in society. Entire nation is amazed at the 2G Spectrun Scam of 1.76 lakh crore. It is the mother of all corruptions in Independent India. Prime Minister is head of his Council of Ministers. Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) must be aware of all activities going on in every ministry. The irregularities in the allocation of 2G Spectrum licences have not been committed overnight. They been going on for more than a year. PM has the prime responsibility of overseeing the work of every ministry. If he oversighted the irregularities committed in IT and Telecom ministry, he has to explain before the nation why he did so. The people of the nation have nothing to do with the compulsion of coalition politics. UPA government-headed by PM Dr. Manmohan Singh can not be condoned of inaction in corruption cases only because of the coalition nature of his government. According to the media reports, PM’s suggestions on 2G Spectrum had been deliberately ignored by Union Minister for IT and Telecom A Raza. PM’s role has been here of mute spectator, which makes his position questionable. Prime Minister should have acted the moment the irregularities came into his knowledge. United Opposition demands for Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the alleged 2G Scam so that every aspect of it could come to light. Nation wants to know why Prime Minister delayed the action against the former Union Minister R Raza charged for alleged 2G Spectrum Scam of 1.76 lakh Crore. Mere resignation of the tainted minister can not solve the problem. Authorities however powerful they are must be punished. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should have immediately responded to Supreme Court’s observation on delay in taking a decision on the plea for sanction for prosecution of former Telecom Minister A Raja in the 2G spectrum allocation issue. The Supreme Court rightly has asked asked some embarrassing questions about the lengthy delay on the part of the Prime Minister in taking a decision on a plea for sanction of prosecution of the former Telecom Minister in the controversial 2G spectrum allocation issue.There is deadlock in Parliament over the opposition demand of JPC probe in 2G Spectrum Scam. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest issue of corruption. So, what compulsion is there for the government to institute JPC probe? It must be time-bound. Manmohan Singh government should accept Opposition demand of JPC probe to make way for smooth running of Parliament.Is it in anyway justified that the sanctioning authority should sit on the complaint? The corruption has now become an important issue as three major scams have surfaced. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh must explain the circumstances before the nation why he delayed in taking action against the former IT and Telecome Minister A Raza .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sheer negligence of Police, MCD and Delhi Govt

The sheer negligence of MCD , Delhi Govt., Police and DDA officials has caused the four-story building collapse in East Delhi Laxminagar area that has resulted in the tragic death of 66 persons. Several persons have suffered serious injuries.All government authorities have neglected their responsibility, resulting in the loss of innocent persons. They are responsible for the macabre dance of murder. It is not a disaster but the tragedy invited by all the authorities concerned with giving permission to builders to contruct death prone buildings. After the tragedy, all political leaders, including Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit, Urban Development Minister of Delhi and local MLA A K Walia and East Delhi MP Sandip Dixit visited the spot and shed crocodile tears on TV news screens. But never missed to play blame game. The vital question arises here who gave clearance certificate of constructing four-storey building to the builders in Delhi? Who is ruling Delhi. If for excuse the ruling establishment says all the agencies are not under it, did it ever put the matter of illegal construction before the Central government as Delhi is the national capital.Why the Delhi Police did not stop the coming up of four-story building. Chief Minister Sheila Dixit must give answer to all these questions of Delhiites as they have fallen prey to their sheer negligence and callousness. CM has already put blame on MCD as it is run by the BJP. In retaliation, BJP has put blame Delhi Jal Board for the tragedy as water was logged in the basement of ill-fated building for the last 3 months.After routine retiual and making announcement of compensation, Delhi CM never said that what the agencies under her government were doing at the time of illegal constructions were coming up. All the killed persons in the building collapse were belong to the lower strata of society. They had come to national capital Delhi from the far-flung areas of the country to earn livelihood. But the prevailing condition in the so-called world class city, the poor persons are compelled to live like animals. Because of nexus among Govt, MCD, police officials, builders and contractors, the human tragedy has taken place in Delhi. No safety measures were taken in any of the illegally constructed buildings in Delhi. Rescue operations were also not taken quickly. It was the local people who started rescue and relief operations immediately. They first took the injured to the hospitals. Delhi CM visited the tragic spot after 14 hours of the tragedy and announced her routine official business of compensation. Can compensation announced by the government replace the pain of tragic death of innocent persons. No political leaders or parties have the guts to break the nexus among political leaders, Govt, MCD, DDA, Police, contractors and builders in national capital Delhi as it is deep-rooted. By shedding crocodile tears at the time of tragedy can do no purpose. But it is a wake-up for authorities concerned with giving permission to builders in Delhi.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

India's stature as world power

US President Barack Hussain Obama has recognised India's stature as world leader. US President has also said that India not emerging but has emerged as super power. But his eulogy for India might be a little bit of exaggeration because of his country's necessity of economic help from India.. And one most vital thing is that the government of the day in India must not lose sight of how can the country deserve to be a super power where more than 47 percent of children is mal-norourished and the death of half of the women population takes place in the country at the time of delivering child. More than one-third of population faces starvation and a little more than that are illiterate. So, the first and foremost duty of the government is to act seriously on these problems and then feel elated at the praise by none other than the President of USA Obama.Undoubtedly, President has impressed Indians and won their hearts in his three-day visit to India. Though President’s own prime interest was to extract as much as possible to bost his flagging economy at home from India, he never lost sight of satisfying Indian interests by backing India’s permanent seat in the UN Security Council and telling Pakistan from the Indian soil that safe havens for terrorists are unacceptable and Mumbai attackers must be brought to Justice. He has said these things during his address to Indian MPs in the historic Central Hall of Parliament amidst thunderous applause. On the first of US President’s visit in Mumbai, it appeared that he had only his own interest in mind and also appeared very diplomatic by not mentioning Pakistan even once. But with arrival in Delhi, President Obama changed his tone and tenor and shown all affinity and warmth toward India that it was expecting from him. As America is the oldest democracy and India is the largest, both have similarity in the functioning of respective governments. So, both can certainly be natural allies. Obama backs India’s quest for permanent UNSC seatPresident Barack Obama has announced support for India’s quest for permanent membership of a reformed UN Security Council (UNSC) . The announcement is seen as a diplomatic gesture although it was clear that the reform of the Security Council is going to be a long and tedious process. On the whole, US President's Obama's three-day visit to India can be described as a grand success. No American President in previous years since 1959 appeared to be so forthright and frank in India during their visit as President Obama. President Obama also mixed with Indian psyche more freely than any of the US President during their visit to India.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Silence means acceptance

It is surprising that neither Congress President Sonia Gandhi nor the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh even hinted at their action against their allegedly corrupt party leaders in AICC meet. AICC met during the time when charges of corruption against Party Chief Minister, MP and a minister in the Congress-led UPA government have been rocking and shaming the nation. Their silence at corruption in their AICC speech clearly reflects that they are accepting the charges against party leaders. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan must have given the message to the nation through party workers and leaders of their determined effort to root out corruption by acting against the party office bearers and CMs against whom there are charges of corruption. These charges of corruption are of serious nature, which are shame for any nation. Adarsh Housing, CWG and 2G Spectrum scams are haunting the nation. But no top leaders of Congress Party made any mention of corruption as if they treat it as their hallmark. Though entire national polity is indulged in corrupt activities, Congress Party is in power at the Centre so it is primarily responsible to tell the nation what action it is going to take against corrupt leaders. AICC meet has failed the nation. Undoutedly, Congress is the oldest party of the nation. It has led the freedom movement from the front and won it for the countrymen. It has also ruled the country more than 50 years out of 64 years of indepence. It is also the only political party which is in every nook and corner of the country. The Congress has also given great political leaders to the country, who have done tremendous job for the nation. But presently, no political party is in a position to be called clean on the front of corruption and nepotism. The matter of the fact is that Congress also leads them in this shameful act. Adarsh Housing Society in Mumbai Colaba area was primarily meant for Kargil heroes and martyres. But the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan allegedly changed its bylaws to allot flats for his relatives, bureaucrats and top brass army personnel. And this could only be possible by the nexus of politicians, bureaucrats and top brass army personnel. Though nexus among politicians, criminals and bureaucrats have been formed all over the nation, participation of top brass army personnel in this nexus as allegedly evident in Adarsh Society Housing Scam is very worrisome for the nation. After the Adarsh Society Scam broke out, Chief Minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan came to explain his position to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and tendered his resignation to her. But Sonia Gandhi adopted the delaying tactics over the issue of corruption by entrusting Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Defence Minister AK Antony to look into the Adarsh Society Housing Scam and submit the final report to her. This has clearly given the message that she wants to let the charges of corruption against her party chief minister subside. AICC should have given the message to the nation that party would award stringent punishment to corrupt leaders.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Punish the corrupt

The Adarsh Housing Society Scam reflects one thing clearly that corruption has overpowered all government activities. The involvement in the scam is not of signle party or of any individual only but of all political entities, bureaucracy and a section of the top army brass. The close and corrupt nexus among politician, bureaucracy and army has come to light in the Adarsh Housing Society Scam. It is a very dangerous trend. This sort of corrupt nexus will sap our democratic system. Whoever is found guilty must awarded stringent punishment. Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan has tendered his resignation as CM to Congress President Sonia Gandhi in the wake of Adasrsh Society Scam. She asked him to do so to save the party from embarrassment. But Congress President must not do delaying tactics in replacing Chavan.Scam and scandal is not new in a Maharashtra.Scandal and scams have surrounded the successive Maharashra Congress Chief Ministers and it has been party’s hallmark in the state. From VP Naike to the present Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, almost all have been charged with one scandal or the other scam. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh are known to be persons of integrity and honesty. One is leading the party and the other is leading the government. So they must take the issue seriously and start doing exercises to salvage the party's image. Two of the former Maharashtra Chief Ministers Vilas Rao Deshmukh and Sushil Kumar Shinde are also allegedly involved in Adarsh Society Housing Scam as they were also allegedly alloted flats to their relatives and close ones. They are presently Cabinet Ministers in the Union Government of Congress-led UPA. The same charge of corruption is against Chief Minister Ashok Chavan. The land of Adarsh Society was basically meant for Kargil war heroes. But the genuine Kargil heroes were not alloted the flats. Instead of them, the top brass of army have also got allotment for themselves and their relatives through fraudulent means. Flats were alloted to bureaucrats, politicians and top army brash. The army has already started the enquiry. Chavan offered to resign during a meeting with Gandhi in connection with the controversial Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society which was supposedly meant for widows and veterans of the Kargil war.There are reports that more Congress and NCP leaders including three former Maharashtra Chief Ministers Union Heavy Industry Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, Union Power Minister Sushilkumar Shinde and current Revenue Minister Narayan Rane and Maharashtra minister Ajit Pawar, nephew of NCP supremo Sharad Pawar, had links with the controversial upscale project.Congress supremo have entrusted the Adarsh Society Housing scam issue to a two-member committee of Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Union Defence Minister A K Antony to go into it and report to take the final decision about the fate Chavan Government. But more the Congress party delays in relieving Chavan of Maharashtra CM chair, the more harmful it proves politically for the party. So to save the Congress Party from futher embarrassment on the issue of corruption, Sonia Gandhi must give nod for replacement of Chavan with some known face of honesty and integrity.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make transport system smooth

Finally,it is a great relief for Delhiites that the killer Blueline buses will be off the city roads from December 14. The Bluelines buses are not only killing Delhiites but also its staff treat the passengers very shabbily. The conductors’ behaviour with the passengers does not reflect any sense of civility. Reckeless driving, rude behavoiur with passengers and arbitrary movement are the hallmarks of blueline buses in Delhi.Apart from mental, economic and physical torture, the Delhiites face all sorts of inconveniences in blueline. Pickpockets have the hay day in Blueline buses on all routes. The most suprising thing is that they pick pockets in the knowledge of conductors and cleaners of the buses. Conductors and cleaners never come to the rescue of the victims of pick pockets as they are also beneficiaries in their criminal acts.As far as the role of police is concerned, it unspeakable. It is also open secrete in Delhi that the Delhi police personnel who are deputed on their beat too reportedly have the share in the booty of the pick pockets. So, they also never come to the rescue of the victims . Blueline buses are the black spots on the face of Delhi. They must go off the roads as early as possible. But as far as smooth transport system in the national capital Delhi is concerned, it can not be possible by only replacing the Blueline buses with adequate number of DTC buses. When both Blueline and DTC buses are running together on the same route, DTC drivers and conductors are bribed by Blueline bus operators to go slow and avoid stoppages at the Bus Stop so that passengers could have no alternative but to board the blueline buses. Since the introduction of Delhi Metro Rail in the city, the pressure on buses have lessened considerably. But being the national capital city and the rise of unchecked population in Delhi, the transport system must be of highest order, which it is still lacking. The blueline buses, which earned notoriety for reckless driving, will be off the Delhi roads completely from 14th December. There are around 2,400 blueline buses operating in the capital of which 1,600 where shunted out ahead of the Commonwealth Games earlier this month. Around 8,000 employees were dependent on these buses for their livelihood.Out of the 1,600 buses to be shunted out, 835 were allowed to ply in non-NDMC areas from last week but its permit will also be revoked by this weekend.The Delhi High Court had stayed the Government’s move to phase out the blueline buses in February this year arguing that the DTC alone was not capable to meet the requirement of public transport.The government was trying to get rid of private buses in the capital and replace them with a new fleet of DTC buses in the past couple of years.Over 1,000 new low-floor buses, which were used to ferry athletes and dignitaries during the Games, have now been included in DTC’s fleet. The DTC will also induct more buses in its fleet in the coming days.The DTC buses also need to be overhauled to provide better services to Delhiites. The most troublesome thing in DTC buses for the passengers is that its conductors do rise from alloted chair to collect fares even if the bus is packed to suffocation. In the prevailing situation, most of the passengers have to travel without tickets not because of their desire but because of conductors' apathy to their duty. So untill and unless the DTC is overhauled from top to bottom, the number of buses can not provide the smooth transport system in Delhi.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PM's satisfactory visit to Japan

Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh has concluded his 3-day visit to Japan during which both the countries decided to hasten negotiations on a civil nuclear deal and agreed on a range of other issues to take their strategic partnership to new heights. India and Japan also announced the firming up of Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement, which will open trade between the two countries and slashing of taxes up to 94 percent over the next decade. Prime Minister talked with his Japanese counterpart Naoto Kan, leaders from business and politics during which they discussed ways to further improve their ties.It is clear from from the bonhomie and mutual respect that existed during PM's visit that there are no limits of scope for co-operation between Indian and Japan. Both Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and his Japanese counterpart appeared keen on developing relations in every field between the two countries. The two Prime Ministers had comprehensive and detailed discussions and felt the need for developing all encompassing relations covering political, economy and security aspects. The two sides also decided to establish a ministerial level Economic Dialogue between India and Japan to give strategic and long-term policy orientation to their bilateral engagement. The proposal was mooted by Japan, which already has such a Dialogue with China. Singh and Kan have affirmed that cooperation in nuclear sector will open up new opportunities for further developing the India-Japan Strategic and Global Partnership. At the same time Prime Minister Singh has taken utmost care of the sensitivities of Japan to nuclear arms as Japan is the only country where atom bombs were dropped during the second World War 11. As it is a declaed stand of India that with whichever country it signs Nuclear Deal, it is for peaceful purpses and energy for development. So, Japan need not be sceptical about India's intention as far as Nuclear Deal is concerned . India will never force any country to strike the nuclear deal. The two leaders also encouraged their negotiators to arrive at a mutually-satisfactory agreement for civil nuclear cooperation at an early date. The co-operation in the field of economy between Japan and India is vital for both the countries. In a breakthrough in bilateral economic relations, India and Japan have successfully concluded negotiations for a CEPA pact that will liberalise trade between them, even as PM Manmohan Singh promised to carry forward reforms of taxes, financial sector and capital markets. The progress in the talks for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) came at the end of discussions between Singh and his Japanese counterpart Naota Kan which covered a wide range of subjects. It is all likelyhood that India and Japan CEPA will be signed at the earliest at Ministerial level, on completion of necessary formalities by both sides.Both sides are of view that the CEPA will be truly comprehensive by including fields that range from Trade in Goods, Investment, Trade in Services, and Movement of Natural Persons to Intellectual Property, Competition, Improvement of the Business Environment, Bilateral Cooperation and so forth.Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's visit to Japan has been successful and if the zeal and enthusiam shown by both sides as during the visit, there would open a new chapter of relations between Japan and India. As India has been very keen to strengthen relations with East Asian countries for almost 30 years, India and Japan would show the light of peace and development to the world by expanding the areas of co-operation.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A glittering ceremony

The world became bedazzled and entire nations felt pride at the spectacular start of the Delhi Commonwealth Games, 2010, which goes underway in the city. India showed the world that it is capable of holding the international sporting event better than else other in the world. It has made long stride, leaving many others far behind.All the criticism of the preparations for the Games vanished at the grand arrangement on the occasion of the inaugural ceremony. National and international media, which had bitterly criticised the organising Committee, Govt. of India, Delhi Government and various other agencies entrusted with the task , had to praise profusely at the spectacular start of the Games. The credit goes to Govt. of India and Delhi police for security arrangement of highest standard and vigil. The magnificent ways in which India’s diverse culture and traditions were showcased at the inaugural ceremony left the world dumb-struck. The jubilancy and enthusiam the entire nation showed towards the Commonwealth Games forced the world to accept that India has gone farahead of most of thedeveloped developing countries. India's alround growth was reflected in the arrangement of the Games. Finally, Delhi Games were prepared in such a magnificent way that even those players who refused to come to Delhi to participate have shown desire to visit. And for that reason, the registration date for players to participate was extended to Oct 8. India’s diverse landscape, culture and traditions and how train of its journeys can unite the states were showcased by dancers from across the country accompanied by projections on the aerostat and performance on the ground. The Great Indian Journey, which drew a huge round of applause from the audience at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games , was composed using occupational songs and traditional folk songs from different states.Through projection on the aerostat and the performance unfolding on ground, it was a virtual journey that took everyone through India’s landscape, culture and traditions.The train of the great Indian Journey carried the aspirations of a billion people and represented the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural people of India coming together as one.The segment also replicated the Indian train journey complete with the omnipresent chaiwallahs and singing beggars.The World media have also come out with handsome praise. Even the foreign players have described the Delhi arrangement as extra-ordinary and better than all other previous Games.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome verdict

By staying the Allahabad High Court verdict, which was to be delivered on Sept. 24, by a week, the Supreme Court has brought relief to the common people of India.It is a welcome verdict. Religious groups of both parties were involved in surcharging the nation with religious beliefs to disturb the communal harmony . The religious and political parties should be aware of the fact that the situation has drastically changed and economy has the primacy over anything else in day to life day. The people are now much more awakened and conscious about the economy and health issues than they were 20 years back. As the common mass has nothing to do with the judgement on 63 years’ long outstanding dispute over the ownership on the right of land on which Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid stands in Ayodhya, the politics over secularism and communalism makes the issue with the sole aim of vote bank politics. The Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS), which is the doting parent of Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP), Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrandal, was mainly leading the chaged mob of thousands of Kar Sevaks to demolish the Babri- Masjid on December 6, 1992. This was the blackest day of the nation. The communal violence that followed the demolition all over the country took the innocent lives of thousands of people.This trgic situation had not come if the then government of late Prime Minister Narsimha Rao at the Centre acted in time. It was because of the total laxity of the Central government that such tragic incident took place and all secular-minded Indians had to hang their face in shame. VHP, BJP and other Hindu chauvinists had charged the nation with religion that also proved to be the black spot on secular character of the nation. As BJP is the political wing of RSS, it grew from strength to strength by polarising the Hindus for political benefits in elections that followed the demolition by promising the people that if they were voted to power, they would build the grand Ram Temple on the disputed site of Ramjanam-Bhoomi Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The Hindu chauvinists became successful with their tricks and came to power in 1998 after Mid term Lok Sabha elections. But they did not keep the promise as it was impossible in secular India.They remained in power for 7 seven years but they did nothing because their political benefit was in lingering the matter as long as possibe and because of the fact that they represented the coalition government all these years. The Supreme Court has stayed for a week the Ayodhya title suit verdict that was due to be pronounced by Allahabad High Court on Friday and will hear the plea for deferment of the judgement on September. The Supreme Court’s decision came after an appeal to the stay on the judgment, saying the matter could be settled out of court.The court also issued notice to all the parties to the title suit and asked the attorney general to be present in the court when the case is heard on September 28. The Central government has rightly been on alert for any fallout from the verdict, appealing for calm. It banned public meetings in the state and bulk mobile text messages that could be used to spread rumours and plan riots.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reflection of CWG mess

The crashing down of overbridge outside Jawaharlal Nehru, filthy, unhygienic and unliveable condition in apartments of Games village meant for living the foreign atheletes and officials vividly describes about inept, corrupt, inefficient and callous functioning of government of India, Delhi Government and Organising committee . Whatever happens during preparations of the Commonwealth Games, 2010, which is to be held in Delhi from October 3, reflects mess that has set in our government's work culture. The head of the entire nation hangs in shame when the foreigners criticise the filthy, dirty and unliveable Games Village. The nation is facing the same due to the callous and corrupt government and organisations involved in the preparation of the Games. CWG is held in Delhi but it is the prestige of the entire nation. Scotland, Canada and Newzealand have expressed concerns about the facilities for staying their players in the Games village. UK and Australia have also expressed reservations. It becomes more pathetic when we claim to be the emerging super power on one hand and present before the world audience as under-developed country on the other. The disastrous situation where stray dogs are moving in the bed rooms meant for foreign atheletes and even lying on their beds has come before the foreigners is only because of the corrupt, callous, inefficient and inept government. Because ultimately, Government of India is responsible for everything. When the charges of corruption in the preparation of the CWG emerged from all quaters, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh personally intervened and deputed Cabinet Secrtary to oversee the preparations. He also assured that whoever would be found guilty in corruption would dealt be dealt stringently. UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi also clearly told that no body would be spared and the charges of corruption would be looked into after CWG. But there is every possibility that after the CWG the charges levelled against the persons will be awarded for successful holding the world show. The date of completition of the preparation had been fixed but it failed several times. CWG is only 10 days away and overbridge near Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium collapses when that stadium is the main venue. If the overbridge collapsed during the Game, had India been able to see its face to the world. About 30 labourers have been injured and few of them seriously but the Game Organising Committee officials say that it is not a matter to be ashamed of and it is a minor thing. While Chief Minister Sheila Diskhit said that the overbridge was meant for ordinary. It means that Sheila Dikshit Government has no concern for the lives of ordinary people. She must know that whether the lives are of ordinary or VIP people, there are the same. It shows Delhi CM's insensitivity to the lives of ordinary people. Multiplicity of agencies involved in the preparations of Games provide the authorities to pass the buck from one to another. No agency is prepared to take responsibility of utter neglect in preparation work. Some of the roads in Delhi are still in the worst shape and the excessive rains have exposed the callousness, corruption and inefficiency set in the governance of the country. Crores of rupees have been spent to groom the national capital Delhi for the Commonwealth Games. Major portion of them has allegedly gulped by the Organising Committee. Though the need of the hour for all of us is extend co-operation for the success of the Games, every charge of corruption against the authorities concerned with the preparations of the Games must be thoroughly probed and whoever found guilty must be punished. Otherwise, tradition of corruption and inefficiency in our governnance would continue to flourish.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All-party Party Delegation shows magnanimity without replication in J & K

Government of India has tried its best to assuage the dicontented feelings of Kashmiris, especially the youth,who have come out on streets for more than three months. During this period of violence on the streets in the Valley more than 100 innocent lives were lost. Though separatist leaders at the instigation from across the border encourage and inspire the youth to throw stones on security personnel , Government of India has the prime responsibility to restore peace and normalcy in the strife-torn state of J & K. And for that immediately goal to achieve, army is most essential there to stay with full legal protection. Dr. Manmohan Singh -led UPA government rightly sought first the consensus of all national and state political parties on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.It was rightly decided to send a all-party Parliamentary Delegation to know the ground realities of strife-torn state. They have visited the state but the song was sung by separatist and secessionist leaders on their old usual tune. Hurriyat Conference Chairman Mirwaiz Omer Farooq, bereakway Hurriyat harliner Syed Ali Shah Geelani and JKLF boss Yasin Malik boycotted the meeting with Parliamentary Delegation and rejected the invitation of talks outright. But the Parliamentary Delegation showed magnanimity and went in groups to meet these three leaders at their respective homes. As they are tutored from across the border, they did not budge from their stated stand of Azadi, which is well nigh impossible. The question here arises why New Delhi attaches so much importance to these separatist and secessionist leaders. Instead, the Government of India must try to get in touch with the general and aggrieved Kashmiris. The Parliamentary Delegation should have met first on priority basis the parents who have lost their sons or relatives in the more than three month long violence in the Valley. They should have asked about their aspirations and desires. They should also be convinced that they are privileged Indians and New Delhi does nothing to alienate them. They are Indians like all others. The Parliamentary Delegation should have ignored the secessionist and separatist forces in Jammu and Kashmir. As they are dictated by our hostile neighbours, they will do what the instructions come from across the border for them. No parent in Jammu and Kashmir would never like that their children do not attend schools and colleges for months as the state has been on edge for the last three months. The common and general people of the state must be made aware of the fact what New Delhi is doing for them in terms of economic package for the allround development of the state. They should also be convinced that army is their to protect them from terrorists and infiltrators from across the boder. Their presence is necessary as the state of Jammu and Kashmir shares boder with hostile neighbour like Pakistan and competitor like China. As army needs legal protection for delivering their duty fearlessly and sincerely, AFSPA is essential to staty there. The Kashmiri youth must not be allowed to be misguided by the separatist leaders that India is their enemy. The state of Jammu and Kashmir comprises Jammu and Laddakh. These two regions Jammu and Laddakh are always in favour staying with India. Then, how the demand of separation by separatist and secessionist leaders from India can be considered. The Parliamentary Delegation must make clear that the demand for Azadi is out of question and the state of Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and will remain so. They also must make clear to separatist and secessionist leaders that talks will only be held with them under the ambit of Indian Contitution. Separatist and secessionist leaders are not bigger than India and the disrespect they have shown to all-party Parliamentary delegation is condemnable by all Indians. The main question here is when the Moderare Hurriyat Conference leaders say that majority of Kashmiris want separation from India on their call, why do the separatist leaders contest elections after elections conducted fairly by the Election Commission of India. As long as the separatist leaders are dictated by Pakistan, they will continue to sing the same tune to keep their shop running.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Motive to create panic in Delhi

The firing at the historic and highly respected religious place Jama Masjid Gate No. 3 by unidenfied motor-cycle borne Sten Gun wielding two assailants fired at Tourist bus, injuring two Taiwanese tourists and hours later the explosion in the parked car, exposes the loopholes in national capital's security measures at the time when Commonwealth Games is going to be held here from 3rd of October.Delhi Police are ruling out the role of any organised terror group but intelligence experts insist that it could be the handiwork of outlawed Indian Mujahideen, which was behind a series of blasts in several cities, including Delhi. The Indian Mujahideen had claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened terror strikes during the Games saying the incident was to coincide with the second anniversary of Batla House encounter. The city police suspect that disgruntled youths or a gang of local criminals could be behind the incidents. The motive appears to be to scare people ahead of the Commonwealth Games, they said, adding the attacks do not show signs of involvement of terrorist outfits like Indian Mujahideen. The prime motive of the attackers was to create panic among the people to give the world a message that Delhi is not safe. The incident also points clearly the finger at Delhi Police failure to pre-empt the incident while they were informed earlier by Intelligence agencies that this kind attack may take place here on the eve of the world sporting extravaganza. This attack also reflects the complete failure of co-ordination between Delhi Police and Intelligence Agencies. Either Delhi Police are casual and callous in their approach or inefficient to meet the secirity reqirement of the national capital . Because this is not the first time that the attack of this nature has taken place in national capital Delhi.To disturb the communal harmony in the country may be a possible motive behind the firing at Jama Masjid as the verdict is going to be delivered on longstanding Ram-Janam Bhumi- Masjid dispute by Allahabad High Court on Sept 24. So, there is urgent need for the Delhi government and Goverment of India to review the security measures in Delhi and instruct the security official concerned, especially Delhi Police, to tighten their belt and never take the issue lightly. There are many questions which puts in Delhi Police the dock. Why was there no CCTV at the crowded and so important place like Jama Masjid area? Why was there no PCR Van, which is there daily at Gate No. 3 as just beside the place of occurence Imam Bukhari also resides? The safe and security of the so important historical place like Jama Masjid is primarily the responsibility of the government. Delhi Commonwealth Games is the issue prestige for the nation. The world dignitaries, officials and sports persons are descending on the city during the event. Delhi Government as well as Government of India is seriously involved in grooming the city to register before the international community about country’s advancement in all spheres of life.Though Delhiites too should co-operate with the Delhi Police and Government for the grand success of the world event, ultimate responsibility rests with the Government and Delhi Police. But so far they have failed miserably on all fronts and aslo have lost the confidence of Delhiites and countrymen.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

JD(U) dictates BJP in Bihar

In the light of open differences over campaining by star BJP campaigner Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Bihar between the two ruling alliance partners, the seat sharing adjustment is not going to be smooth one. Because JD (U) being the dominant partner and coalition government is being led by its leader Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, it continues to repeat the old coalition modalities with BJP and they are determined to dictate the terms and condition of coalition. JD (U) would not tolerate any alteration in the 2005 arrangement. To keep his secular image intact, Chief Minister is openly opposed to capaigning of Nararendra Modi, which he has already made clear twice i.e one in June last during the BJP Executive Committee meeting in Patna by cancelling his scheduled lunch with top BJP leaders because of display a poster posing him hand in hand with Modi and other on speculation in BJP over campaigning by Modi in Bihar. Though Narendra Modi may be star campaigner of BJP and party’s Prime Minister’s material, he can certainly not influence the Bihar voters as people there are politically very conscious and would never tolerate to disturb the secular fabric of the nation. Because Modi is known for hardline Hindutva ideology. Bihar is also a caste ridden society and caste factor is virtually determines the election results mostly. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s popularity among the people is at the top of political leaders irrespective of party affiliation. That why is JD(U) will naturally have the upper hand in seat sharing agreement and this time also it will surely be the repeat of 2005 arrangement. BJP has no option but to follow JD(U)’s dictat to be in reckoning in the important state like Bihar. Seat-sharing between BJP and Janta Dal (United) for Bihar assembly elections has been nearly finalised and a formal announcement is likely in a day or two. Elections are round the corner in Bihar. Talks are in progress between the two parties in matter of seat sharing and a broad agreement has reportedly been reached. It has already been discussed and a decision is expected soon. An announcement is likely in a day or two.In the 243-member Bihar Assembly, the ruling parties JD-U and BJP have 81 and 54 seats respectively. RJD is the second largest party with 56 seats. Ramvilas Paswan-led LJP has 12 seats and Congress has 10.JD-U had contested 138 seats in the last assembly election in October 2005, leaving 103 for BJP. The two parties had friendly contest on two seats. Over all impression in Bihar is that CM Nitish Kumar is the first choice of the people in Bihar in present day Bihar politics. BJP in Bihar has no option but to respect the sentiment of JD(U).

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rahul's support for J & K CM

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has backed the beleaguered Chief Minister and his friend Omer Abdullah, ending any speculation in the wake of Mehbooba Mufti’s meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia about any new political alighnment in strife-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir. Rahul may support Omer Abdullah but the ground reality in the state and his poor performance demands his immediate ouster. J & K CM appears helpless in containing the three-month long violence in the Valley. The situation there is going from bad to worse. Today, the youth have come out on streets in full strength with stones and if any corrective measure is not taken immediately, it is no suprising that they could come out with guns to attack the security forces. Congress is the alliance partner of ruling National Conference-led coalition government of Jammu and Kashmir. Three generations of Abdullah family have ruled Jammu and Kashmir but never connected with the common people of the state. They are no longer democrat but have become aristocrat. Their body language itself speaks that they are no longer fit to rule the state. CM Omer Abdullah is young, but the youngsters do not find him affabable because he never endeavoured to know the ground reality in the state. It is not the question of Congress and National Conference but of all political entities in state and at national level to help restore peace and amity Jammu and Kashmir. It also does not matter who supports and backs Jammu and Kashmir CM to be in power but foremost important thing for the state is that if the replacement of CM would help restore peace, there must be that sort of effort by all right thinking political leaders in state as well as nation. It is beyond any dispute that Omer Abdullah as Chief Minister has completely failed and the overwhelming population in the state of Jammu and Kashmir wants his immediate replacement, though at present with Congress backing he is safe in the saddle. Union Environ Minister and J & K CM Omer Abdullah’s father Farooq Abdullah is lobbying hard with PM Dr.ManmohanSingh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi for his son. But the general perception in the Valley is that CM must go. That is why Congress must think seriously on the issue of replacing Omer Abdullah with some one more suitable, acceptable and popular political leader of Jammu and Kashmir. And for that matter in the interest of the nation if Congress required change of partner, it must go for that.