Thursday, June 30, 2011

PM Dr. Manmohan Singh is assertive and confident

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in a meeting with five top editors cleared all ambiguities building around him because of his silence on the issues of corruption and Lokpal confronting the nation. Going by his talks with five editors, he appears confident, assertive and in full charge of the government. He has also taken a swipe at media by describing it as accuser, prosecuter and judge. Because the media blew opposition propaganda campaign out of proportion and some sections even crossed all limitations.It is his style not to respond to every issue that arises in day to day business but that does not mean that a Prime Minister should not communicate with the people of the country on vital issues time to time through media so that there could not develop any kind of misgivings about him. Not talking to media time to time by Prime Minister also creates communication gap between the government and the people. Dr. Singh has now started the exercise of meeting top editors in group. He has dwelt on all issues confronting the nation and the relation between his government and the party (Congress party) as well. About the talks that are being floated within the ruling Congress Party that Dr. Singh will make way for Rahul Gandhi any time in the immediate future or after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he has rightly said that he is in job and doing so. He also said that as long as he enjoys the confidence of the Party and High Command, he will continue to function, though he advocated for younger generation to come forward and take over the charge. But at present there is no such possibility. Prime Minister’s nobility, humility, honesty and integrity can be judged from his answer to a question on whether the PM should be brought under the ambit of Lokpal, he readily agreed to be brought himself under the purview of Lokpal, though his Cabinet colleagues say no. Because here is not the question of individual Prime Minister but the PMO as Constitutional institution. So Prime Minister must not be brought under the ambit of Lokpal because the all powerful Parliament is already there to decide his fate if he or she does any wrong. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh appeared confident and in full control of the situation. He is maintaining cordial relation with Party High Command as he meets her every week. Her complete support and non-interference in the functioning of the government gives him strength and ability to steer the nation successfully all these seven years. His meeting with top five editors is neither a media management nor image make over exercise but only to tell the nation that UPA-II is a functioning government and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is in full charge of the situation.

Ensure peace and security before troops withdrawal

US President Barack Obama has made announcement of withdrawal of 33, 000 troops from Afghanistan in the next 14 months. Becoming overenthusiatic over the killing of US number one enemy Al-Qaeda supremo Bin Laden by its security personnel under a meticulously planned operation. The Obama's troops withdrawal decision appears to be taken in haste that may prove to be self-defeating. Obama has announced withdrawal of troops with an eye on his campaign for re-election of President for the second term. He has ignored the Soviet experiences of troops pull-outs from Afghanistan and after that how Taliban rule established there, though there was US support behind their out-lawed regime. His withdrawal decision is also not appearing to be supported by his Secretary of State Hillary Clinto and Intelligence Director General David H. Petraeus, who had been his top commander in Afghanistan also. President’s decision is a setback for him. President Obama himself knows that the base of 9/11 attack was Afghanistan under Taliban and for that matter the US had declared war on it to throw out them out. But by throwing out the Taliban regime does not mean that Afghanistan has been completely cleared of Taliban. They may have lie low in the face of drone attacks by US in the hilly terrain of Afghanistan-Pakistan border. With the killing of Osama bin Laden in Abotabad of Pakistan, it has also been clear that other top leaders of Al-Qaeda may have hidden in safe haven out of the reach of US drone attack in that country. As far as President Obama views are concerned that security responsibility will be transferred to the Karzai government , it must be kept in view that this Afghanistan government has still not been made capable of withholding the Al-Qaeda and Taliban attacks if they resurface, finding no pressure of US troops from above. One thing is also clear that Pakistan would support them to establishment their hold in Afghanistan as it is strategically very important for them. One of the most important reasons behind the announcement of troops withdrawal is US domestic economic strain. US citizens have not yet been come out of the economic slump so they are impatient to get rid of the financial problems by cutting down expenditure on security in other parts of the world.As far as India is concerned, the announcement of troops withdrawal by US will make to think seriously how not allow Pakistan to have control of all situations in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been a very good friend of India. It is very much strategically important for India and any resurfacing of Al-Qaeda and Taliban there may pose security threat to it also. So, India would like that withdrawal of troops must not help grow Taliban strong.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Talks better than dictation

It is better for civil society and all commoners that social activist Anna Hazare and his team should build pressure on the government to act against corruption and for moving the Lokpal Bill acceptable nation-wide through mass mobilisation rather than threatening to hold fast unto death strike from 16th of August. Anna Hazare has rightly said corruption is threatening more to the nation than Pakistan. He means to say that sponsorship of terrorism by Pakistan in India is less dangerous than the corruption, which pervades all spheres of life. There are many more differences than agreements on almost all points incorporated in Lokpall bill sent to Union Cabinet before it is to be introduced in Lok Sabha in its coming monsoon session. Anna Hazare team want the Prime Minister, SC and HCs judges to be in the purview of Lokpal. But according to the government version that as PM has to take important decision on the spot in the interest of the nation at any point of time, he can not do so if he is placed under the purview of Lokpal, who is himself accountable to nobody. This appears to be a vital question raised by the government. Because it is itself accountable to Parliament elected by the people. If all the demands of Anna Hazare team are fulfilled, Lokpall will be come the sole arbiter of the nation without any accountability to the people, who are sovereign in parliamentary democracy. This is not possible in parliamentary democracy where are powers are vested in the People. Civil society activists are undermining the Parliament and inferences can easily be made from their talks that whatever they say is right and the government is wrong. There is agreement all over the country with Anna Hazare team that the successive governments in the country since it got independence have completely failed to check corruption and it has grown many folds. Corruption has left untouched any thing. The government has to act and the main business of the civil society activists should launch mass movement campaign through the entire country to make the people aware of government failures at all steps.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

India's main concern must be 26/11

The main thrust of Indo-Pak Foreign Secretary level two- day talks
beginning from June 23 must be on Pak state and non-state actors’
involvement in 26/11 attack on Mumbai that killed 168 and injured
several others, besides the regular agenda how to promote friendship,
establish good neighbourly relation and strengthen Confidence building
measure. In view of the revelations made by David Coleman Headley, Pak
born American national and LeT operative in the custody of Chicago
police for the involvement in 26/11 and his associate and Pak - born
Canadian national Tawwahur Hussain Rana that Pak notorious Inter
Services Intelligence (ISI) planned, plotted and financed Pak-based LeT
men for the attack of Mumbai, India and all other countries afflicted
by terror across the globe must compel Pakistan to act against terror.
They have revealed all these things in the statement made by them
before the judge in the trial court of Chicago in America. Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan will hold two-day talks in
Islamabad during which the Indian side is expected to press for
effective action against those behind the 26/11 attacks, including
elements in the ISI. In the talks on Jammu and Kashmir, Peace and
Security and confidence building measures, the Indian side is expected
to voice its concern over the nexus between ISI and 26/11 attackers as
highlighted during the trial of Pakistani-Canadian Tahawwur Rana in
Chicago.As they have made these statements before the judge, the bearings on
the involvement of Pak are a matter of great concern not only for the
victim country but for the entire world. So, before the start of
Foreign-Secretary level talks between India and Pakistan, it would be
diplomatically beneficial for India to mobilise international community
to put pressure on Pakistan to act and talk on this very important
point with India and make its position clear once for all whether it is
going to do anything or not to ensure that there no similar attack by
the terrorists sent from across the border in India would take place in
future. If Pakistan connives with the issue, which it certaily would do if past
experiance of Indo-Pak talks is anything to go by, India must make to
clear that there would be no more initiative from its side to carry
forward the talks to composite level, which was suspended after 26/11. It is correct to say that there is no alternative but talk to improve
relations between the two hostile neighbours but no benefit is derived
from it uptill now. Then, there is no sense in continuing the dialogue
process even at Secretary or ministerial level at all. India is required to stand firm on its ground and never allow any space
to Pak to do away with one mischief after another.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Take serious note of UN condemnation

The UN condemnation of the broad daylight muder of senior Mid Day investigative scribe Jyotirmoy Dey in Powai area of Mumbai must be taken seriously by the Central govt. It must pursue the CBI investigation into scribe murder immediately. Dey was was writing investigative reporting on underworld, police and oil mafia nexus. The entire journalistic community is deeply shocked and saddened over his murder in the country.
We urge the government to get scribe's murder investigated by the most competent and independent agency with all sincerity and promptness because the case is vital that if journalists are to meet their duty to serve as watchdogs reporting professionally on the work of government, civil society and business. Journalists need to be supported as they ensure that informed citizens are able to take an active part in society.
The question here arises that when the watch dogs of society are so mercilessly killed and the assailants flee away without any fear of law enforcing agencies, how it is possible for them to carry out their professional duty. Journalists carry out their professional responsibility under any circumstances in the interest of society.
J Day was a fearless senior journalist and never compromised with his professional responsibility. Press is the fourth estate and it plays most important role in democracy. Journalists are the voice of the people and always dedicate their life to bring betterment in government and society.
Day’s brutal killing has sent shock waves throughout the country. The journalistic community is living in fear. The Central government must immediately intervene in the matter and ask the Maharashtra government to do its best to uncover the plot of the murder of an upright scribe. The honourable court of law has also taken serious notice of the murder of J Day.
There is urgent need to institute CBI probe into the murder so that the nexus between underworld, police and oil mafia could be exposed. There is every possibility of the complicity of underworld, police and oil mafia in J Day murder. Their strong nexus is eveident in not only Mumbai but also the entire Maharashtra as we had seen last year that a collector rank officer in a district was burnt alive allegedly by oil mafia goons.
The UN has rightly condemned the killing of Indian investigative scribe, Jyotirmoy Dey in Mumbai who had extensively covered underworld, demanding support for journalists acting as watchdogs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DU cut-off marks controversial, students disheartened

As Delhi University is the most prestigeous, meritorious and brilliant students always aspire to take admission into the colleges under it. As its first cut-off marks announced by one of the best colleges is 100 per cent, it has sent shock waves among Delhi students in particular and outside in general. Though Union Human Rasources and Development Minister Kapil Sibal has promptly taken notice of it and described the announcement of first cut-off marks by the colleges as irrational and assuaged the nervous guardians and shocked students, he will have to take special initiative. The students are in disbelief. Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Dinesh Singh has said that it is a cautionary approach to fix high cut-off marks in the first list. But he must take care of students' concerns in the second cut-off list. It is also correct to say that in the announcement of high cut -off marks practice has been followed. It is also a fact that scoring of high marks by the students year after year has shot up the cut-off marks. But keeping in view the increasing number of students, the premier university like Delhi must follow the middle path so that large number of deligent students in different streams could be accomodated.If HRD Minister Kapil Sibal is so serious, he must immediately persuade the authorities concerned to increase the number of seats for students in Delhi University colleges, and alongwith that he must also manage to mobilise his ministry to develop the infrasructural facility there to accomodated the increased number of students. But by increasing the seats in colleges, the standard of education of the university for which it commands respect and attraction of the student community and parents all over the country must not be compromised at any cost.It has also become necessary to increase the number of seats for students in view of the growing trend of scoring high marks by them in class 12th.Taking care of the plight of students, Delhi University authorities are advised to take as many brilliant and meritorious students as possible into DU colleges to make them more glamorous, attractive and education-centric.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time to act against corruption and blackmoney

It is time for the Government to act on the burning issues of corruption and black money. Otherwise, it is bound to face the wrath of the people.Though the question that Civil Society has raised is of utmost importance for the general people. It is about the growing corruption at all levels of government departments, which must be rooted out, and the black money stashed outside and inside the nation must be repatriated. It is the Parliament to make laws to do it as there is a rule of law and parliamentary democracy in our country where only people elected to Parliament and state legislatures can make law to oblige the civil society. Civil society can not do it on their own nor can they usurp the rightful place of the elected representatives. Civil Society also does not mean a group of five people and their business is not to issue ultimatum to the government. Because the government in democracy is completely guided by the rule of law. Law makers either of the ruling party or opposition have to act within the established law. There is no dispute on the demand that the civil society is making and this is the reason why large number of people participate their protest and hunger strike. The increasing activities of civil society members have become necessary because the political class in totality has lost its credibvility and completely failed in checking ciorruption and retrieving black money in crores stashed in foreign banks. The issue of corruption and black money is not new to successive governments but the intention to act on them properly and sincerely is lacking in all. As far as Lokpal bill is concerned, it has been in consideration of political class for more than 40 years and no progress has been made on it,resulting in the disappointment of the people all over the country. Social activist Anna Hazare has taken up the issue which draws tremendous support of the people from all corners. Undoubtedly, the government is under pressure to act and now it has no option but to proceed in right direction till the enactment of the Lokpall Bill.The Congress Party has decided to lauch counter attack politically on issues raised by civil society, which is a right way but it has to act.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nitish Kumar's goodwill and development-oriented China visit

The Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar must make his chinese a grand success. He is leaving on Sunday for China on a goodwill tour with a high-powered delegation. The pragmatic, development-oriented, secular-minded, politically shrewed like him has rightly decided to visit the Asian giant and our neighbour China to learn its experiences about how to speed up development of the state of Bihar, which is under his stewardship.Engineer-turned politician Nitish Kumar, CM of Bihar, will certainly have a lot of experiences from the Chinese leaders and officials about how fast they developed in a very short span of time, that dazzles not only only Asia and America but also the entire world. Whatever high-handed activities China may carry out around our border, its achievement in developing by implementing economic globalisation is praiseworthy. And its must be emulated on the front of development. Undoubtedly, since Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister of Bihar, revolutionary change for betterment in every sphere of life started visible there and the state again moved to get back its pre-eminent position of 50s and early 60s. Bihar during the 15 years of Lalu-Rabri Devi regime plunged into anarchy, chaos, lawlessness and darkness. The paralysed state got movement with the taking over of Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister. It is limping back on the path of all-round development. Though the credit goes to former Minister Lalu Prasad for giving voice to the voiceless which brought awakening among them, he completely failed to utilise the large support in return for his contribution to the weaker sections of society in the development of the state. He used people’s support only for the aggrandisement of his family political pusuit that ultimately proved to be detrimental to the state and his brand of politics.Nitish Kumar in his second stint with massive mandate of the people has already started his mission of the development of the state and his China visit is a part of it. China’s stride in development is exemplary despite it being a Communist country where no voice of dissent is tolerated by the government.So, it is natural to understand that Nitish Kumar will learn there no lesson in democracy but only in development. China’s all-round development and fastest economic growth place it in competition and rivalry with world’s sole super power the USA.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

MF Hussain - A Charismatic Artist

The passing away of the Charismatic Indian painter MF Hussain is a great loss to the nation in general and intellectuals, artists,painters,bollywood stars and other personalities related to entertainment industry in particular. MF Hussain was so perfect in the display of his artistry and painting that he was also called Pablo Picasso of India. Pablo Piccaso was a legendary painter of Spain. MF Hussain was also lovingly called MF. Though MF's paintings of Goddess Durga and Sarswati created controversy in India and that compelled him to live in self-imposed exile since 2006. Some misguided and infused with sectarian and religious belief even had given him death threat and ransacked his house. Some even dragged him to the court of law. The government of India at that time evaded the controversy in which the world-renowned Indian painter MF was involved. Govt. may have some ulterior motive. But the Govt of the day too did not take any concrete step to facilitate his homecoming. He was deprived of his motherland in his last days, resulting in his death on foreign soil in London hospital. MF had accepted Quatari citizenship and did not return to India since he went into self-imposed exile and his last wishes remained fulfilled.He had high regards for his motherland. He was large-hearted. MF had also made two cinemas- Gajgamini and Minakshi- in which Super stars Shahrukh Khan , Nashiruddin Shah and heart throbe of Indian cinema during her time Madhuri Dikshit figured prominently.He was an inspirational force behind the persons involved in the field of art, cinema, painting, entertainment and culture of the nation. It is the narrow-mindedness of some section of the people who saw him through biased mirror of religion. His artistry is above any kind of prejudices. He sold his painting for crores of rupees. Intellectuals, artists, bollywood personalities and writers of the nation pay their heart-felt homage to MF Hussain. The artistic and painting legacy which he has bequethed must be emulated.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Need for merit-based election for the post of MD, IMF

In the age of economic liberalisation, it is utmost necessary how to manage world economy in the best possible way to fight world-wide poverty, especially, in Asian and African countries. Though the western economy has been enjoying privileged position for a long time, two Asian giants India and China are doing extremely well in achieving economic growth rate and have become the fastest growing economies of the world. Both these countries are emerging as economic super powers. In recent past when the entire world was experiencing economic slump, it was India and China which overcame it in a very short time, while the world’s economic giant and sole super power the US is struggling hard to come over it. In the given scenario, when the election of Managing Director of IMF was necessiated because of involvement of Strauss Kanh MD, IMF in sexual assault case, the BRICS countries have to play a great role. To mobilise support for her election as MD, IMF, French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is in New Delhi. She has reportedly met Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia. Mukherjee has rightly suggested her that there should be merit-based election of International Monetary Fund Managing Director.India, however, has not yet firmed up its position on selection of new IMF chief’s post which fell vacant following exit of Dominique Strauss-Kahn who is facing charges in a sexual assault case. Mukherjee has rightly suggested, keeping in mind the economic reality on the ground among the largest population of the world.IMF has to play a great role in improving economic position of poorest of the poor living in any corner of the world. So far , it has been headed by a European country while the World Bank has been headed by a US. India has rightly not given any commitment to French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde. No assurance has been given to Lagarde by Mukherjee during her visit to New Delhi for mobilising support for her candidacy for IMF Chief’s post. Mexican Governor and a brilliant banker is also in contest for IMF’s Chief post but as there is divergence of views on South African candidate among BRICS nations, it is difficult to give any concrete view on the isuue. Christine Lagarde is seeking support for her candidature to the post of Managing Director. India must play a pro-active role in the election of IMF Chief. BRICS nations must also show solidarity and exert pressure on the election of an Asian or among them for IMF Chief.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Uma Bharti's homecoming will make no difference

Uma Bharti’s homecoming has taken place ahead of UP assembly elections. She has been re-inducted

after six years since she was expelled from the party. BJP has entrusted her with the task of

looking after Uttar Pradesh which is going to polls next year.
BJP appears to have realised that without the vocal leader of hard Hinduline, who could

propogated fanatic Hinduism and original ideology, though contentious, the party can not come to

Uma Bharti is the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and She is credited with bringing the

BJP to power there. But as internal wrangling never leaves the BJP, she could not get back the

chair of CM back even after freeing of all charges against her by the court for which she had to

reliquinquish CM’s chair.
After this, she became frustrated with the party’s central leadership and a fire of discontent

started smouldering inside that propelled to her take revenge from her own leadership. It is UMa

Bharti who had insulted senior most party leader L K Advani for his praise of Mohammad Ali Jinnah

in the national and internation media glare at party’s headquaters in New Delhi, though she was

expelled instantly.
Uma Bharti has been at logger heads with Arun Jaitley, leader of BJP in Rajya Sabha. Undoubtedly,

Uma Bharti is a fiery leader but her fire is no longer of any use in the fast changing nature of

the general mass in the coutry. It is no early nineties that the people could be misled and

incited with religious sentiment.
BJP president Nitin Gadkari has announced her re-entry and has said that Uttar Pradesh will be

the main area of her work and she will have a prominent role to play there in the campaign of the

party. If she had been given any assignment in her home state Madhya Pradesh, she would must pose

problem for Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Though the decision to reinduct her into the

party was taken with consensus to energise the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, the party is bound to be

riven by internal dissension. It is also not possible that Uma Bharti would cast political spell

all over the nation to bring a turnaround of party's fate in 2114 general elections.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Reach out and rein in

The UPA Government reached to Baba Ramdev and also reined him in. On both counts, they also exceeded the limits.The meeting of four senior most cabinet ministers with Yoga Guru Ramdev and his forcible eviction from Ramlila ground, where he had sat on hunger strike for retrieval of black money stashed in foreign banks,was necessiated due to the importance of the issue on one hand and apprehension of law and order problem as the number of his supporters was swelling and it also increasingly appeared that he was becoming a puppet in the hands of a political party known for disturbing communal harmony of the nation on the other. The UPA Governmenmt reached out to him in the first place because of their sensitivity to the issue of corruption and black money, which was construed by Baba and his political sympathisers as the weakness of the government. Though the way Delhi police descended on Ramlila ground in midnight and lifted Baba from there and chased away all his supporters is definitely an attack on fundamental and democratic right of the people that puts the government in the dock, Baba too must not have crossed the limit. The entire nation has utmost respect for Baba Ramdev as India is known for respecting the experties of all and faith of all religions but at the same time the government is accountable for maintaining peace and law and order and for that matter it had to act.There are no two opinions on the view that in democracy it is our right to hold protest in a peaceful way. But it is also a fact that with right follows the responsibility. Ramdev Baba failed to understand responsibility. He had taken permission for Yoga Ashan, peaceful protest and hunger strike with his followers numbering 5000. The number of his supporters reached approximately 50, 000 as according to Delhi police. That is why Delhi being the national capital, it is the first and foremost duty of the law enforcing agencies to maintain law and order at all costs. A Delhi police officer had gone to handover the letter of cancellation of his permit to hold protest. As Baba Ramdev’s ambition shot up to see the massive number of his supporters, he back tracked on his promise to the government. He had made promise of ending his protests by Saturday evening. Instead, he and on inciting his supporters against the government. Under the circumstance prevailing at Ramlila ground,it became very necessary for the government to rein him in. That only the UPA government did in the midnight.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Issue is great, but not the way

The issue of black money that has been taken up by Yoga Guru Ramdev is great. But the way on the strength of his supporters to threaten duly elected government , which smacks of his ulterior motive, and score over others on the issue is totally wrong. To retrieve black money from foreign banks where it has been stashed, he has sat on hunger strike with thousands of Yoga disciples at historic Ramlila in Delhi.
The issue is,undoubtedly,of great public importance and the government must be forced through peaceful protest in a vibrant democracy like our country to act on it. It is also true that because of the failure of political parties to act sincerely on the issue, the corruption has grown by leaps and bounds since the nation got independence.
Having been disillusioned with the political leaders across the party, social activist Anna Hazare with thousands of his supporters started movement against corruption and only two months back. He had also sat on hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in Delhi that shook Dr. Manmohan Singh -led UPA government and had to concede his demand for Jan Lokpal bill to be introduced in monsoon session of Party. The government Panel members and civil society nominated members have already started deliberation on the issue and they are nearing finalisation of Lokpall Bill.
Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev had also supported Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption by sharing dais with him at Jantar Mantar. Media focus on Anna Hazare was immense and exaggerated. It appears that Baba Ramdev not finding enough importance and total limelight was grabbed by Anna Hazare irked him. That is why he too decided to launch his own agitation for repartriation of black money stashed in foreign banks. With huge number of followers, Baba descended on Delhi that undoubtedly scared the government, resulting into four senior ministers of Dr. Manmohan Singh Council of Ministers going to airport to request him to cancel his hunger strike as government is already pursuing moves to bring black black money.
Government attempts failed and Baba kept his promise to his disciples and went ahead with the hunger strike. But in between his hunger strike his talks with government emissaries are going on and it is certain that after grabbing enough media attention Baba will call it off by Sunday evening as government is committed to act on the issue of corruption, including retrieval of black money.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Now Maran is in line of fire

The 2G Scam is again haunting another Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran from DMK quota at the Centre. There is an allegation against him that his family Sun TV Network was beneficiary of pay-offs by a Malaysian Company which benefited from equity sold by Aircel. This allegation against him is of during the period before 2009 when was the Telecom Minister.
The main accused in the 2G Scam of 1.76 lakh rupees is former Telecom minister A Raza who has already been cooling his heels in Tihar Jail in Delhi.
It is co-incidence that A Raza was minister in UPA Government from DMK. DMK MP and daughter of former Tamil Nadu CM and Party supremo Karunanidhi is also undergoing imprisonment for her alleged involvement in 2G Scam. Now Maran has also come in line of fire of 2G Scam.
If the defence of the scam tainted Kanimozhi MP and former Union Telecom Minister A Raza is anything to go by, there is probability that Maran would also face the same fate.
It appears that the entire Karunanidhi family except his sons Stalin and Alagiri, all who are in national politics, are allegedly involved in 2 G Scam.
This is the biggest scam of Independent India. So, it has become the centre of attraction all over the nation and not only confined to Tamil Nadu.
2G Scam has played a major role in the defeat of DMK in the recently conclude assembly elections. DMK and its political allies have been badly thrashed by their opponent AIADM supremo Jaylalithha and her political allies.Former TN CM and veteran sothern politician Karunanidhi was thrown out of power. Congress is the larger partner of DMK in the UPA at the Centre. But when charges of corruption are slapped against the DMK ministers, the party keeps itself mum and let the law to take its own course. It is the right approach adopted by the Congress party. And even Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh does not hesitate from dropping the tainted ministers under pressure.
Though the DMK is on the wickest wicket right now, Dayanidhi Maran may be dropped from Union Cabinet if pressure mounts on PM.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baba after Anna

After social activist Anna Hazare’s fast unto death at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi against growing corruption and demand for Jan Lokpal Bill to check corruption at all levels of government departments shook the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government,Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has decided to go fast unto death at Ram Lila Maidan from tomorrow for unearthing the crores of black money stashed inside and outside the country. But their areas of activities are anything to go by, they profess themselves as crusador against corruption only attract media attention of the nation. They are not law makers nor can it be possible in our parliamentary form goverment without following due procedure for any legislation.
Amidst speculation whether he will go ahead with his hunger strike, Baba Ramdev cancelled a press conference scheduled this evening in view of serious dialogue with government.
His aides notified the media about the cancellation of the press conference at Ramlila Maidan, where he is to sit on fast from Saturday, saying the yoga guru would update the media about conclusive outcome today.
As Anna Hazare got huge public support from all corners of the country, Baba also claims to have the support of more than one crore followers. Undoubtedly, the issues that they have taken up are of utmost importance for the general public and because all political parties have failed for one reason or the other, they get huge public support.The issues are of public concerns as they directly become their immediate victims.
The people also have become disillusioned with the government and political parties. So, they have found a saviour in Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. They support both the activists against corruption in huge numbers. Both have unsettled the government and it has been put in Hameletian syndrom.
Corruption must be wiped out from the nation. And there must be no leneincy against those government servants, politicians of ruling and opposition political parties who are found guilty of corruption. They must be punished quickly.
There is no dearth of agencies meant for checking corruption but its virus is so fast that it has infected them also and made them useless.
India is a democratic country and people are sovereign. It is run by parliamentary system of government. Rule of law is in place and Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) is there to make laws of all kinds. It is supreme as it consists of elected representative of the people. So, it is not possible for the government that the moment Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare make demand on it to unearth black money stashed outside and inside the country.
The government will have to legislate the bill and it would also have to make treaty with other countries where our black money is stashed. Only then black money could be unearth.