Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wake-up call for AAP

Though it will be too early to pass judgement on the performance of one month old government of Aam Admi Party in Delhi, the survey conducted by various TV news channels to get Delhiites reaction to the achievement of AAP government is neither encouraging nor discouraging. But one thing is certain that almost all surveys show that AAP popularity is no longer rising. Rather, AAP’s popularity is declining. The functioning of the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also not been liked by the majority of the people. As Delhi CM has failed to deliver on the promises for which he had set time frame while campaigning during assembly elections and said that he would fulfill if elected to power. His promises on electricity and water are yet to be translated on the ground. CM Kejriwal's protest in defiance of 144 by sitting on dharna to defend his law minister Somnath Bharti has also not gone down well with Delhiites. Within a month of his taking over the power in Delhi, one of his MLAs Vinod Kumar Binny rebelled against him and has made serious allegations against his way of functioning, which has damaged his reputation in a very short time. Kejriwal must take serious notice of the lapses on his part. Otherwise, he will be treated like all other political leaders belonging to different political parties, who never get tired of making big promises that remain unfulfilled. Delhiites hold him in highest esteem among all political leaders. People have very high expectation from the Arvind Kejriwal government and they have voted AAP only because they had become vexed with the functining of the established political parties. In the given situation if CM Arvind Kejriwal takes every step with an aim of espousing his political interest in view of the coming Lok Sabha election instead of concentrating on fulfilling the promises he made to the people within the given time frame, it will be his great political folly and he will prove to be a political balloon which is bound to burst very soon. Undoubtedly, AAP Convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal attracted Delhiites and the people from different corners of the nation by his simplicity, honesty and sincerity to solve the problems. His behaviour and connectivity with the general people kept him apart from the rest of politicians. Delhiites still support him and he must be given enough time to prove himself that how his way of governance is completely different from all others. For coming up to the expectations of Delhiites, AAP government will have to act sincerely to deliver in time and refrain from politicking to go national in a big way. AAP government will have to realize that they have not impressed so far very much and if they failed to make impression in Delhi, its future outside it will be in oblivion. So, it is time for AAP government to act sincerely to make a lasting impression on Delhiites and send the message outside that there is a political party called Aam Admi Party which can provide alternative in a better way to the established political parties like Congress and BJP.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strengthen relation with Japan

Strengthening relation with Japan is in India’s benefit and it will always help keep the China in check in Asia. With the growing relations with Japan in the field of economy and security, India will be immensely benefited. The close and friendly relation between Japan and India will also play as balancing act in Asia. Otherwise, China will continue to consider itself to be the sole leader in the region. To establish its supremacy and dominance in Asia, China sees India as its formidable rival. Time and again, China’s People’s Liberation Army personnel do mischief by crossing the Line of Control(LoC) and put up tent to show its claim on a peace of Indian land to the world. It also time and again encroaches on Indian territory adjacent to the border of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. While Arunachal Pradesh is the integral part of India and it will remain so. China still hesitates in recognizing the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and toes the Pakistani line and issues stapled visas to the Indian citizen belonging to Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. While Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will also remain so. It is the inalienable part of India. Shinzo Abe is the first Japanese Prime Minister to be the chief guest at India’s Republic Day celebrations and marvel at India’s military might showcased at the event. It amply reflects the cozy relation between the two nations. A regular consultation between the national security secretariat of Japan and India’s national security advisor was the big announcement of the two-day visit. Japanese PM has rightly said that a strong India and a strong Japan can come together and can do wonders.Though no major defence deals were clinched, the two countries decided that Defence Minister AK Antony will visit Japan this year. The two nations have also decided to conduct a joint military exercise in the Pacific Ocean.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rightly emphasised on the importance of cooperation in the seas. India and Japan’s maritime exercises have now been established on an annual basis. The mood for growing trade and co-operation is so strong in India that Indian companies lined up for Japenese investments and technology. Since 2013, the engagement between the two countries has increased manifold. But is it just about economy or there is also a larger message to the other Asian giant, China? Mr Abe’s trip comes in between Japan and China locking themselves in a bitter row over islands in the East China Sea. In the given situation, closeness of Japan with India will naturally give headache. Both Japan and India have said that their growing relation with each other has nothing to do with China. Though both India and Japan maintain that their relationship is independent of their relations with China, strategic experts don’t find it to be entirely true. India hopes to gain from Japanese technology, capital and management methods and that Japan could help in the India story by creating modern infrastructure. The Japanese PM has assured that his country is interested in working with India in the areas of technology and human resources.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Celebrate Republic Day with national fervour and gusto

26th of January is very auspicious day for the nation. Nation celebrates Republic Day on January 26 every year to commemorate the date and moment when the Constitution of India came into effect. The Constitution of India came into effect on January 26, 1950 and the nation became Republic. The Constitution of India embodies the rule book how to govern and run the country. Republic Day is the biggest festival of the nation. It symbolizes the unique character of the nation. The unity in diversity of the nation is displayed. On this glorious day of Republic, Nation displays its rich culture and tradition. It shows its culture in different colours from all parts of the nation. Republic Day is the day of commitment to the nation. With the Constitution coming into effect on this day, the people got sovereignty and felt proud of rich culture and tradition of the nation. Republic Day gives us strength and infuses in us a sense of service to the nation. To mark Republic Day in a memorable and significant way, every year in New Delhi, capital of India, a grand parade is held that starts from the Raisina Hill in the neighborhood of the majestic Rashtrapati Bhawan and passes along the Rajpath thus ending at India Gate. On this glorious day every year, our military might is displayed through rehearsals that also send the message out that India is well prepared to give befitting reply to its enemy if ever it was compelled to do. All the three wings of our army display their prowess and combative skills in air, at sea and on land in a so clear ways that fill our country men with pride and enemies with fear and horror. Apart from the display of valour by Indian army, the nation assesses its achievements in every field and takes pledge to strengthen more and more to emerge as the super power of the world. Glimpses from all the 28 states and seven Union Territories are taken out on this day before the assembled guests, foreign dignitaries, President, Prime Minister and the people who watch the celebration on the occasion at Rajpath in New Delhi. It is extremely attractive. Different states take out their glimpses in different colours. Republic Day also shows how the people of different castes, creed, communities and religion live in harmony in the country. Republic Day is also important for us to make appraisal of the achievements the nation has recorded since Independence. Foreign dignaries participates in the function to watch our rich culture and display of military prowess and development in different sectors. Republic Day is primarily celebrated to strengthen the sense of dedication, loyalty, devotion and service to the nation. Every year on Republic Day a state guest from foreign country is invited to participate in the celebration of the day at Rajpath.The President unfolds the National flag as soon as the National Anthem is played and also addresses the nation with Republic Day speech. Furthermore, the Republic Day parade also includes lively displays and exhibits India’s rich and colourful culture and also brings the entire nation together. The parade concludes with the fly-past by Indian Air Force jets. The President, Prime Minister and other high rank officials of India on this occasion make their presence at Rajpath to celebrate the occasion.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Clear edge for BJP

Whether the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s aspiration will be fulfilled or not is yet to be materialized. But one thing is pretty clear from the mammoth gathering at his rallies and enthusiasms among his audiences that Narendra Modi is ahead of all among the Prime Ministerial aspirants in different parties. UP is the largest state of the country and politically most important, which sends highest number of MPs to Lok Sabha. There are 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP. That is why it is said that power at Delhi goes through Uttar Pradesh. It plays decisive role in determining the power at the Centre. All national political parties have centred their focus on this state. There were two rallies in the state- one of SP Supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav and another of BJP’s Narendra Modi. Both were well-attended rallies. Both leaders have claimed of doing better and better in their respective states. SP rules in Uttar Pradesh and claims to rule the state in better way than the state of Gujarat under BJP regime of Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Modi claims his achievements in the field of development are far better than ever done in any state of the country. That is why he always talks of his Gujarat model to introduce at national level if he becomes the Prime Minister. Both Mulayam and Modi challenged each other from their respective sites of rallies in Uttar Pradesh. Undoubtedly, Narendra Modi is considered as the development-oriented Chief Minister but at the same time, he is also considered to be promoting hardline Hindutva ideology and has failed to remove the tag of Gujarat Communal violence from his name. SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav has been considered as the saviour of Muslim minority but his reputation as the messiah of Muslims has got dented after the Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh in the month of September 2013. Mulayam Singh aspires to become the PM after the Lok Sabha elections on the strength of his strong Muslim minority and Yadavs backing. But SP government of Uttar Predesh and his son Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s failure to come out of the shadow of his coteries and deteriorating law and order may make a mess of his ambition. If SP failed to win less than 40 Lok Sabha seats, Mulayam Singh Yadav will certainly not be in a position to claim the leadership of a non-Congress and non-BJP coalition in the event of hung Lok Sabha of which there is every possibility. The ruling Congress-led UPA is certainly not returning to power unless and until any miracle happens in the next two months before Lok Sabha elections. The anti-incumbency mood among the people is naturally very high because of Congress’ failure to check price rise and corruption. On these two fronts, it has proved to be zero. That is why it has to bear the brunt of people’s anger. As far as the BJP is concerned, its prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is certainly making an impact on the people and most likely it will emerge as the largest single party after Lok Sabha elections. BJP too cannot get as many Lok Sabha seats as to form government on its own but will must have edge over others.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crime against women on rise in WB

Since Mamata Bannerjee came to power in West Bengal, the lawlessness, goondaism of ruling TMC cadres and crime against women are on rise without any check. Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee being a woman must show sensitivity to the safety and security of women. She must act without any delay to ensure the stringent punishment to rapists so that a message goes out that crime against woman is intolerable for the Chief Minister. But in contrary to safety and security to women in the state, it appears that there is free for all against them in Mamata Bannerjee government. It is very shameful that the rape of one woman after another takes place at frequent intervals in the state when a woman is at the helms of affairs. It is also very shameful that in the age of modernity and liberalism, the medieval practice is being practised without any fear of the state government in West Bengal. The Salishi Sabha on the model of Khap Panchayat in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana ordered the girl to be gang raped only because she failed to pay the fine of Rs. 50,000 for falling in love with the boy outside her community. This is the blatant violation of the freedom of woman in West Bengal. Very recently a lady working at fitness centre was raped and before that Mdhyagram 16 -years- old girl was raped and compelled to commit suicide by setting herself ablaze alive, the news about which appeared prominently in all national dailies and the entire nation felt extremely shameful over the incidents like these against women in West Bengal. The failure of the West Bengal Government is felt everywhere in the state. The gang-rape of the tribal girl on the order of Salishi Sabha belongs to Birbhum district which also happens to be the home district of President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. The incident of Madhyagram rape and murder of the girl was brought to the notice of the President Pranab Mukherjee. The father of the victim met President and apprised him of the lawlessness in West Bengal. Criminals and Trinamool toughs are ruling the roost there The trend of rising violence against woman is alarming in the state. West Bengal being the home state of President Mukherjee, people of the state want to intervene through Governor of the state to direct the government to take stern measures against rapists and perpetrators of crime against women in the state. Trinamool Congress supremo and WB Chief Minister was voted to power only because the people of the state had become disillusioned with the previous Left Front government, which was in power for 32 years. The disillusionment with the Left Government among the people grew after 32 years, but it is evident in only two years with the Mamata Bannerjee government of Trinalmool Congress. The Kangaroo- court style justice delivered against a 20 year-old girl that she be gang-raped is not only abominable but also reflects the regressive mindset taking root in West Bengal society under Mamata Bannerjee regime. The girl was allegedly gang-raped on the orders of a salishi sabha, the state’s equivalent of khap panchayats.The police suspect as many as 12 persons raped the young woman. The ruling Trinamool Congress has been battling a series of sex crimes against women over the past two years. West Bengal topped states in crimes against women in 2011 and 2012, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

AAP creates chaos on Delhi streets

The chaotic and anarchic situation prevailing on the streets of Delhi is due to the sit-in programme at Rail Bhavan of Aam Admi Convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for the suspension of five Delhi police officers of junior rank. Delhi CM started his sit-in programme from Monday morning, as he was not allowed to sit-in on Dharna before the office of the Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde for his demand as the Delhi police is under the Home Ministry. As Delhi is a city state, Delhi police is under control of the government of India. Government of Delhi has no control over police as it is yet get full statehood. Arvind Kejriwal and his entire Cabinet sat on Dharna at Rail Bhavan in Lutyen’s zone where the preparations for celebration of our Republic Day on January 26 are in full swing. From the security point of view this zone becomes extra-sensitive on or around Republic Day. Republic Day is our biggest national celebration on which we salute our brave army personnel and display their valour on the day. Causing disruption in the preparation for celebration of Republic Day is nothing but the insult to the nation. It is neither Congress nor BJP’s and Aam Admi party function. It is the function of the entire nation. Judicial probe has already been instituted to go into the police action as complained by AAP government in defence of its law minister Somnath Bharti. After the judicial enquiry report is submitted to the Lt. Governor, appropriate action would be taken. In the given situation haste shown by Delhi Chief Minister Advind Kejriwal for Dharna and protests smacks of his political motive in view of the approaching Lok Sabha elections. It is not only the Republic Day time but the area where Delhi Chief Minister and his entire Cabinet have sat on Dharna for the suspension of five police personnel is full of government offices. Some of the Metro stations have also been shut down and several regular routes have been diverted. The shutting down of Metro stations and traffic jams because of Kejriwal’s Dharna on the street is causing a great convenience for the Aam Admi who have voted him to power. The reason behind sitting on Dharna by Kejriwal and his Cabinet is to defend their law minister Somnath Bharti who had verbal duel with police officer in public when his order to conduct raid and arrest alleged sex racket and drug traffickers being run by some African women was refused to be carried out by Delhi police personnel on legal ground. Aam Admi loud mouthed law minister Somnath Bharti demanded the immediate suspension of the five police personnel and in his support his CM and entire Cabinet have sat on Dharna. It may be a political ploy to sit on Dharna for the demand of suspension of five police personnel by Kejriwal and his Cabinet and making a call on his partymen to come in lakhs to show the entire nation in view of the coming Lok Sabha elections that how closely they are connected with the concerns and grievances of the Aam Admi. Kejriwal being an IITian and former Income Tax officer of high rank knows it well that generally the Aam Admi have the grievances against Jal Board, Electicity Department and police personnel. So, he is trying to exploit the public anger for his political benefit. He also knows well that it is beyond his ability and capability to address to the grievances of the public against them. That is why he has chosen the path of agitation even after coming to power and created a chaotic and anarchic situation in the national capital Delhi. The political motive behind his Dharna ploy is to exploit the people’s grievances in his party Aam Admi’s favour in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s anarchist and agitationist political action amply reflects that the governance is beyond his capacity. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal must also understand that the people of India are very wise and they can not be misled time and again. It is well known to Kejriwal that Delhi police is under Government of India. And police are governed and controlled by rules and regulations.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Modi sets the stage for polls

BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s vision may be clear, calculated, compact and concise that can be fulfilled if the opportunity is given to him by the people of the country, but how would he fulfill his vision is yet to be clarified by him? To talk tall is an easy thing but to translate it on the ground is too difficult. Narendra Modi is good at governance and he is also considered to be a development-oriented man. But at the same time, he has failed so far in removing the perception of hardcore Hindutva and tag of communal violence in 2002 from among the people. Narendra Modi at the party’s National Council meeting in Delhi has put his vision clearly before the people and set tone for electoral battle.He has rightly called the country needs action, and not acts. In his extempore speech, he has very orderly enumerated the number of works to be done if he is voted to power. The confidence of fulfilling all the promises made to the people appears true from his speech. Undoubtedly, Narendra Modi is a very good orator and the audiences he addresses have faith in him. He leaves no stone unturned in exploiting the failures of the Congress-led UPA government in the last 10 years in his favour. The crowd that spontaneously throngs to his public meetings in a very large numbers clearly reflects that the people have made up their mind to give a chance to him. He has been projected as above the party because most of the people appear to be voting for BJP so that Narendra Modi becomes PM of the nation. He is publicizing his Gujarat development model on wide scale. Though his Gujarat model of development may not be suitable on All India basis, the people are curious to know what type of development model he talks about. Narendra Modi also tried to air his OBC status and background of a tea hawker in train, and made mockery of Congress Party for not announcing Rahul Gandhi’s name as party’s prime ministerial candidate only to save him from the humiliation of the imminent defeat at the hands of person of lowly background like him. He alleged that Congress considers it beneath its leader’s prestige to fight elections against the man of lowly background. He alleged that Congress is party of elitists. Its leader comes from high family. Because of this the imminent defeat of the Congress party by the man of lower background like him in Lok Sabha elections is intolerable for it. With the official announcement of Rahul Gandhi as Congress Party poll campaign committee head and BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s speech at National Council meeting, the stage is already set for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. It is no matter whether Rahul Gandhi is made candidate for PM’s post by the Congress party in Lok Sabha elections or not, it is amply clear that if the Congress-led UPA got majority he will be its prime minister. So, the coming Lok Sabha elections will certainly be seen as straight fight between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Invigorating speech for Cong workers

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the AICC session reflected everything that could infuse fighting spirit and courage in Congress leaders and workers to fight Lok Sabha elections and win them. His exhortation to the party leaders and workers was superb. He clearly appeared to lead the party from the front. His speech has certainly galvanized the party workers, who were demoralized, depressed and helpless after party’s humiliating defeat in the just concluded assembly elections. Rahul’s speech at this AICC session was much more improved, positive and filled with preparedness to face any challenge to the Congress party in the coming Lok Sabha elections than his previous speeches. He appeared at the AICC session as a complete warrior to lead Congress workers and leaders to win Lok Sabha elections and bring back the party to power for the third consecutive time. His name may not have been announced as prime ministerial candidate for tactical reason but it is well understood that if the party won majority in elections, he will certainly be elected the leader of parliamentary party and thereby the Prime Minister. Congress leaders, workers, sympathizers and well-wishers know it well. It is also the tradition of the Congress Party not to announce Prime Ministerial candidate before the Lok Sabha elections. So, he has been made head of party poll campaign. Though there have been criticisms of the Congress party in several quarters on this issue because of the party’s fear of defeat in Lok Sabha elections by BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress party has treaded its beaten path and only stopped short of Rahul as PM candidate. Rahul’s body language, tone and tenure every thing clearly reflected that he was prepared to take opposition head on to win the Lok Sabha elections. His address at the AICC session in Delhi has ignited the Congress leaders and workers nationwide. The way Rahul Gandhi has made demand to raise the quota of LPG Cylinders from 9 to 12 on Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in public amply reflects that he has read the writing on the wall. Cutting the number of LPG Cylinders down to 9 and increasing inflation, including food, vegetables, milk, eggs, fish and every edible item have been the main causes of the humiliating defeat of the Congress Party in the just concluded assembly elections. Rahul’s impact was seen the moment he made demand for 12 Cylinders that Oil and Natural Gas Minister promptly said that a proposal to this effect would be put before the consideration of the Cabinet. If Congress Party Vice President had exerted his influence on the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government to rein in inflation and bring down the price of all essential commodities immediately, the Congress party would have certainly emerged victorious. There is no grievance against the Congress party among the people except its government’s utter failure in checking price rise and corruption. So, Rahul Gandhi needs to address the main concern of the common people, that is price rise, without any loss time. Rahul's speech at the AICC Session has infused lives among the Congress leaders and workers to fight Lok Sabha elections with an aim to win them.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Too early to criticize

Despite various types of shortcomings coming to the fore about 19 days old Aam Admi Party government in Delhi, it is too early to be disillusioned with it. As it has got stunning success in Delhi Assembly elections and come to power in a very short period of coming into existence as a political party with the outside support of Congress Party, there is also every possibility of AAP losing its sheen among Delhiites very early if its ministers continue to cross their constitutional right and duty. Within 19 days of the formation of AAP government headed by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Vinod Kumar Binny, a prominent and senior AAP MLA, has rebelled against Kejriwal and called him dictator and liar publicly. He has also charged the AAP government of Kejriwal with drifting away from the promises made to the people during the election campaigns. He has charged Kejriwal of running a coterie of four to five leaders and all the decisions are taken in a closed room. Binny said that taking public opinion on the issue of ticket distribution and any other issues was mere a drama and every thing was pre-decided. These are serious charges which need to be rejected with sufficient evidence by none other than CM Kejriwal himself as he always rides very high moral ground. AAP spokesperson has refuted all the charges levelled against the government by the rebellious MLA Binny and said that because he was denied ministerial birth and Lok Sabha ticket from East, he has rebelled. Whatever may be the truth behind it, one thing is certain that all is not well in the AAP government. The way AAP Law Minister Somnath Bharti asked his law secretary to call a meeting of judges at Secretariat shows one thing very clearly that he is crossing his limit of power. A state law minister can not call a meeting of judges. High Court Judge can only call the meeting of judges of district and sub-divisional courts. His over activism does not end here. Somnath Bharti’s duel with the police in public over his order to arrest the gang of prostitutes and raid the prostitution racket tells a different story. The law minister was on night inspection when he found that prostitution was practised illegally in a residential area. He wanted the police to arrest the prostitutes and drug traffickers from the area. Police refused to carry out his order on the ground that they can not arrest nor raid until and unless they are equipped with arrest or search warrant. Delhi police may be arrogant but the due process of law has to be followed. And this is not the proper way for a minister to issue verbal order to police to do this or that. If he had information about the prostitution racket being run in particular area, he could have asked the police officer by getting the complaint lodged with the police station and in that case if the police did not act, it would be a case of police compromise with the law breakers in Delhi. Likewise, another Minister Rakhi Birla reportedly sat on dharna against police inaction in the case of dowry harassment. The AAP ministers must know that they are no longer agitationists. They have now constitutional responsibility and accountability.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Congress in a dilemma

Though there is no tradition of announcing the name of prime ministerial candidate before the Lok Sabha elections in the Congress Party, this time the situation is different because of price rise and corruption, which is marring its poll prospect. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has proved to be the weakest prime minister of the nation. There is no charge of corruption against him personally, but under his premiership the spate of corruption has surfaced that has made his position the weakest one. His inaction has allowed the situation to go from bad to worse, which has mirrored in unchecked price rise and corruption. Congress party has only three months before the Lok Sabha elections to bring the position on right track, which is almost impossible. The party is undecided to announce its prime ministerial candidate when its main rival and opposition BJP has already announced Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The pressure is mounting on the Congress Party from all sides to announce its prime ministerial candidate. There appears to be no unanimity among top party leaders on announcing the prime ministerial candidate before LS elections. Though it is understood that when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has already announced that he is in no race for the third time, it is well-understood that Congress Party prime ministerial candidate is its Vice President Rahul Gandhi. But some Congress strategists are not in favouring of putting Rahul Gandhi against BJP’s Narendra Modi and thereby exposing him before the people. With the interview of Rahul Gandhi appearing in a national Hindi daily, it has become clear that he is not running away from responsibility. Rahul Gandhi has himself said that he has shown no reluctance in shouldering the responsibility given to him by the party and he is ready to take any responsibility given to him by the party. Now it is up to the Congress party to decide what to do on the issue of announcing prime ministerial candidate before LS elections. Despite the falling popularity graph of the Congress due to the failure of its government led by Dr. Manmohan Singh at the Centre to check price rise and corruption, the official announcement of Rahul Gandhi as party’s prime ministerial candidate will certainly galvanize the party workers all over the nation. So, the Congress party in its AIIC meeting scheduled to be held on Jan 17 may either announce the name of Rahul Gandhi as its prime ministerial candidate or he be made the working president of the party to go in Lok Sabha elections under his leadership and thereby making it clear that if the Congress-led UPA get back majority, he will be elected leader of the parliamentary party to stake claim to form the government before the President. By this way, Rahul Gandhi will have escape route to save himself from embarrassment that he has proved himself a failure if the Congress Party is routed in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AAP’s biggest political asset under question

Aam Admi Party has the most credible and honest faces in today's politics. It is known for honesty and integrity. AAP has been voted to power only because of its pledge to fight against corruption in the government. Now, with the report appearing in a prestigious national daily about indictment of Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti by the CBI court in August last year for tempering with the evidence, embarrassment is in store for AAP if it fails to act against him. The CBI court judge had reportedly described Somnath Bharti’s action of influencing the prosecution witness as not only highly unethical and objectionable but also amounting to tempering the evidence. AAP must act against its law minister without any delay if it serious to keep its credibility intact. It is surprising that how AAP convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has defended his minister and said that court observation might be wrong because it was the sting operation carried out by Sonath Bharti and his client to expose the corruption of crores in the bank and the high-ups involved in it. He said that the court termed this sting operation as tampering of evidence, which is wrong. Having said that in the defence of his law minister, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that he respects the judiciary of the country. Kejriwal must know that the charity begins from the home. Unless and until, he acts against his own ministers and party leaders who have been found to be tainted in one way or the other, his credibility will also come under question and he will not be treated as a politician of different class and calibre any longer. As far as the sting operation is concerned, Kejriwal has always come out to defend his party leaders whenever they were shown to be allegedly taking money in the sting operation conducted against them. Just before the assembly elections in Delhi, a sting operation was carried out against some AAP leaders in which they were shown to be allegedly taking money to get some work done. It was caught on camera in the sting operation and played out on almost all national TV news channels. But in contrary to taking any action against AAP leaders, Arvind Kejriwal first demanded raw footage and when denied, he hastily gave clean chit to his party leaders. It was the initial stage of the party and it was also the first timer in elections. Delhiites had high hope from the AAP and it was getting popular very fast among them. So, Delhiites did not attach any importance to the sting operation against AAP leaders and condoned them at that time. However, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal should know that now his party is in power. If the honesty and integrity of AAP ministers and leaders continued to be questioned at frequent intervals and he continued to defend them, a message will go out automatically among the public all over the country that AAP is no different from the other established political parties in anyway. So if Chief Minister is really interested to overhaul the corrupt political system of the country, he must begin action against wrong doing from his home itself by acting against the indicted minister. The law court has indicted AAP law minister for tempering with the evidence and lower court’s decision had been upheld by High and Supreme Court also. It is sufficient ground for action against AAP law minister Somnath Bharti to uphold the party principle of zero tolerance against any wrong doing.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rahul’s belated realization

Congress Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi has started realizing the blunders committed by his government at the Centre when the popularity graph of his party has taken a nosedive. The Congress Party failed to realize that it is the Aam Admi, who had catapulted it into power in 2004 and 2009 in a row. Party and government leaders failed to read the writing on the wall at the appropriate time when remedial measures could be taken. Now the time is not on the side of Congress party. It has committed blunders. So, it has to pay for it. Aam Admi Party Convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is going to be the greatest challenge for Congress party. Kejwal’s Aam Admi party has taught both the major parties Congress and BJP how a commoner could achieve pinnacle of glory in politics by connecting with the common people. The realization appears to have dawned on Congress party after it suffered a shocking defeat in the just concluded state assembly elections in MP, Chattishgarh, Rajashthan and Delhi that the Aam Admi can not be ignored if it were to be in reckoning for power in Lok Sabha elections. Congress party Vice President and its future hope Rahul Gandhi appears to be learning lesson from the one and half year old Aam Admi Party, which has thrown his party out of power in Delhi only on the strength of connecting itself with Aam Admi and infusing among the common Delhiites a sense that they are part and parcel of the government. This is the importance of Aam Admi in democracy. On the one hand Aam Admi were confronting with the problems of rising inflation and corruption day by day and the Congress-led UPA government was busy only with making false promises to bring down price and check corruption at frequent intervals on the other. The Congress-led UPA government, which had come to power on the basis of support from the Aam Admi, has failed miserably to identify with them. The defeat of the Congress party in just concluded assembly elections is the reflection of the anger of Aam Admi with the government. The chief characteristic of the Congress-led UPA government under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been the skyrocketing price of essential commodities, food grains, green vegetables, milk and all other edible items and rampant corruption at all levels. The poor have become poorer and the rich have become richer. The Aam Admi have been neglected in the regime of UPA all these 10 years. Had the Congress-led UPA been sensible, it must have acted seriously to bring down price and rein in corruption. It is good that Rahul Gandhi is following Aam Admi. He has pitched for giving Lok Sabha tickets to ordinary workers and those having a clean image as he unveiled a new process that will see early declaration of Congress nominees. In an unprecedented step, the Congress Vice-President convened a meeting of newly appointed chairpersons of screening committees for all states and UTs to set in motion the process that would reflect the voice of the people.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Cultural extravaganza

The cultural extravaganza at the ancestral village Saifai in Uttar Pradesh of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s father Samajwadi Party boss and former chief minister of UP Mulayam Singh Yadav reflects everything that is opposed to socialism. The extravaganza displayed at Saifai Mahotsav, especially, when the communal riot victims are dying of cold in the relief camps of Muzaffarnagar is nothing but the drain of state exchequer. The way public exchequer is drained away in the hospitality of artistes and Bollywood actors invited to attend the Cultural show at Saifai Village shows only the insensitivity at this point of time. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has said media is unnecessarily criticizing the artistes at Saifai Cultural Festival. He says that they are free to criticize me, but not the artistes. Mr. Chief Minister, You must know that the party you lead in power is boastful of promoting socialist values and equality in society but what you are doing is against humanity if riot victims' condition is taken into consideration. You claim to be the torchbearer of socialism but in contrary to your claim you are doing everything that is done in a capitalistic society. Which poor and underdeveloped state like Uttar Pradesh can afford to drain away the unaccounted government money on celebrating a traditional cultural festival every year in the same manner? A few months back the state of UP has witnessed one of the worst communal riots in which more 60 innocent persons were killed and more than 50,000 people were displaced from their homes. The riot victims of Muzaffarnagar are living in relief camps covered with plastics in this bone chilling cold. Several children have reportedly died of cold in relief camps. On one hand the riot victims are facing all kinds of hardships in the relief camps and the government of UP which claims to be the messiah of minorities and weaker sections is busy organizing the Item dance at Saifai Cultural festival on the other. Akhilesh Yadav and his father Mulayam Singh Yadav have witnessed the Item Dance of Bollywood actress together at the festival. This is the Samajwad of Mulayam Singh Yadav today. This is the reason media is so over-active to bring the reality in the Samajwadi Party government before the people. It exposes Akhilesh Yadav government’s apathy towards the plight of Muzaffarnagar riot victims’ in relief camps. Celebrating Saifai Maifai Mahotsav at the cost of public exchequer or the money collected locally is no matter of importance but the way UP government’s insensitivity clearly comes into picture at a time when the state is going through bad patches is irksome to one and all. By devoting more time in staging only pomp and show and failing to improve law and order in the state, Akhilesh Yadav is not only squandering state exchequer on organizing cultural extravaganza but also loosing a golden opportunity to bring the state of UP back on the track of development. His regime is proving to be detrimental to both peace and development of Uttar Pradesh.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shameful act

The attack on AAP office is a shameful act. In democracy, there is no place for violence. The way little known Hindu outfits stormed into Aam Admi Party office at Kausambi in Gaziabad to record their anger over the controversial statement of AAP senior leader and Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan about the referendum on the deployment of Army in Kashmir is completely unacceptable. Though Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Convener Arvind Kejriwal has distanced himself from Prashant Bhushan’s statement on Kashmir and said that it his personal view and the party has nothing to do with it, he has not acted against him for issuing such statement on the important issue like this time and again. AAP party leaders have charged that the attack on their Kausambi office by the members of Hindu Raksha Sena is the handiwork of BJP. BJP has said that it has nothing to do with the attack and none of the attackers is its member. Law will take its own course. As BJP sympathizers and well wishers are extremely disgusted with AAP because it has stopped them from coming to power, needle of suspicion for attack on BJP seems probable. So, they have got an opportunity in the controversial statement on Kashmir to attack AAP office. It is their attempt to defame APP on the issue of Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. The entire nation is united and speaks in voice on the issue of Kashmir. Kashmir is the heart and soul of India. The deployment of army there is based on internal and external threat perception. Army is there to protect life and property of the people and sovereignty of the nation. The deployment of army cannot be possible by referendum. Government decides army deployment on the basis of security threat perception in wherever necessary in the country. But it does not mean that if ever a politician or any other individual issues statement different from the stated position of the nation should be beaten or political party office should be vandalized in democracy. It is totally unjustified and no body should take law into his hands. The attack on APP office must be condemned by one and all. It may be possible that the attackers could be in one way or the other associated with BJP, which is the political wing of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS). RSS has several offshoots working in different fields for the cause of Hinduism. It is the inspirational fountainhead of all its wings. Though it is a cultural organization on paper only, it decides the political decision of its political offshoot BJP. With the defeat of Congress and stopping the BJP from getting power after Delhi Assembly elections, AAP with the outside support of Congress formed government in Delhi. This political development appears to have angered the BJP most. The emergence of AAP in Delhi a splendid and superb fashion is posing the biggest challenge for the prime ministerial aspiration of BJP for its Prime Ministerial candidate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. It has become clear from the result of Delhi assembly elections that Narendra Modi’s campaigning was neutralized by AAP and deprived BJP of power in Delhi. BJP failed to get 36 seats in the Delhi assembly to form government on its own. BJP could bag only 32 seats. So, it is natural to be angry with the political party, which is obstructing its way to power. With Delhi in bag, AAP is emerging stronger and stronger in all the metros and other cities of the country. It poses a very big challenge to both the BJP and the Congress. Before the emergence of AAP, BJP had almost assured itself of getting all votes of the people who have become annoyed and disenchanted with the Congress-led UPA regime, which has become synonymous with price rise and corruption. But with the coming of AAP in the fray in a very strong way, the BJP has become a little bit nervous. And this nervousness is the cause behind the alleged attack by its sympathizers on AAP office. This is undemocratic act and must be condemned by one and all.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Priyanka Gandhi's belated intervention

Priyanka Gandhi intervenes when Congress has lost much of the ground and credibility among the public to stay in reckoning for power in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Congress-led UPA government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has squandered precious time and failed to contain inflation and corruption. Corruption and price rise will cause the fall of the Congress Party from the grace of the people in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. It is too late for Priyanka Gandhi to help the Congress party retrieve the lost ground . It matters little whether she comes forward to help her brother Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi fight Lok Sabha elections as party’s Prime Ministerial candidate. It is most important thing to know why despite being the heir apparent of Nehru-Gandhi family and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has made little impact on the people of the nation. It is because of the total failure UPA government on all fronts. If the recently held assembly election results are anything to go by, it is crystal clear that the disillusionment of the people with Congress government has been expressed through votes against it. It has been badly decimated. Though there is nothing wrong in the intervention of Priyanka Gandhi in the capacity of a Congress party’s most illustrious Nehru-Gandhi family member to oversee the preparation of the party to fight Lok Sabha elections, her active role in election campaignings will certainly galvanize the workers. Undoubtedly, she resembles her grand mother former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi but whether she has charisma like her or not is yet to be tested. She has not decided to contest elections but has helped her mother Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi in the campaigning of her election from Raeberali Lok Sabha seat of Uttar Pradesh.Despite passing through one of the worst phases, the position of Congress Party can improve a little if Priyanka Gandhi campaigned for the party actively through out the country. She has attraction among the masses. Rahul Gandhi has failed so far to attract the people towards Congress Party. The main reason behind it is the complete failure of the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre in checking price rise and corruption. A message has gone out among the common people of the nation that when the price of all essential commodities were shooting up without any check and corruption was rampant in most of the Union ministries, what Sonia and Rahul Gandhi were doing. Why did they not ask Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to act? This is also their failure. On the one hand people are vexed with rising food inflation, the Manmohan Singh government at the Centre is turning its attention away from the problem on the other. The people are disenchanted with Congress because of UPA govt.'s failures . That is why Congress Party and Gandhi family have so far not projected Rahul Gandhi as prime ministerial candidate despite the main opposition BJP announced Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as its PM candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha elections several months back. The Congress party has failed so far to read the writing on the wall that its health is getting weaker and weaker only because of sheer inefficiency, price rise and corruption in its government at the Centre. As the news is going around that the Congress Party may announce the name of Rahul Gandhi as party’s Prime Ministerial Candidate in the AICC session slated to be on January 17, 2014, Priyanka Gandhi has consulted senior leaders how to project her brother in the best way to bring back UPA to power for the third consecutive time. Priyanka Gandhi has attended a meeting of top Congress leaders at the residence of her brother Rahul, triggering speculation whether she is in for a major role ahead of Lok Sabha elections. One thing is certain that neither Priyanka Gandhi no anyone else in the Congress Party can win back power in the Lok Sabha elections if the inflation, especially food inflation, and the corruption continued to go up and up without any check.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

AAP should tread cautiously

Aam Admi Party is in infant stage. It is not that because it got power in Delhi within two years of its struggle against corruption and price rise in the Congress regime it has become mature enough to express its views on the important issue like Kashmir without considering its consequences. AAP senior leader and eminent Supreme Court lawyer Prashan Bhusan’s statement that there should be referendum on the deployment of Army in the state of Jammu and Kashmir deserves to be criticised by all Indians. Though AAP has distanced itself from his statement, it must rein in its leader like Prashant Bhushan who is used to issue statement that amounts to encouraging secessionism . The moment Prashant Bhusan’s controversial statement came into public domain, sharp reactions against it started pouring in from all corners of the nation. AAP Convener and Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal swung into action and said that it was Prashant Bhusan’s personal view and he and his party are opposed to any kind of referendum on Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. This is our national position. It is the heart and soul of the nation. So, AAP should tread the path cautiously on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. Otherwise, it will go out of the public attention before attaining adolescent and adulthood. Prashant Bhushan is known for having such differing view on Kashmir. He has also given this type of controversial statement on Kashmir in the past and invited ire from all political, social and nationalist organizations. The government of India on the basis internal and external security threat perception decides the deployment of Army in Kashmir and elsewhere in the country. It is absolutely not the matter of public discourse. Army has been deployed in Kashmir to thwart any attempt of subversion through violence from across the border and protect the people there from terrorists sent by Pak. It is an open secret that militants infiltrate into Kashmir from across the border frequently to create mayhem there. So, deployment of army is absolutely necessary to protect the innocent citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and sovereignty of the nation. AAP leaders must not raise the voice that helps promote secession. If the impression goes out in the nation that the fledging AAP has different view on Jammu and Kashmir from the stated position of the entire nation, the hope that has caught the imagination of the common men due to its fight to end corruption, VIP culture and establishment of Aam Admi supremacy in democracy will be of no use. Prashant Bhushan’s statement about referendum on deployment of Army in Kashmir and his similar statement in the past also make one thing clear that the AAP is divided on the issue of Kashmir. As AAP is preparing seriously to spread its wing nationwide by putting up its candidate in most of Lok Sabha constituencies in the coming elections, it must come out clear about its views on Jammu and Kashmir. The issue of Jammu and Kashmir is very sensitive and critical for the nation. And as far as the security issue is concerned, it can not be decided on streets. AAP must know that before going to national, it must clarify its stand on all national issues. It is also matter of common knowledge that national security policy decisions can not be decided in street corner meetings as AAP decided issues against the outgoing Congress government in Delhi assembly elections.