Saturday, July 31, 2010

Corruption charges encircling CWG

Amidst much fanfare, the preparations for Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in two months from now have been allegedly engulfed by corruption. The CVC report indicts irregularity and malpractices in giving contract bids. Delhi government keeps announcing that the preparations for games will be completed in time and CWG will be a grand success. Every one likes to be a grand Commonwealth Games in Delhi. But the ground reality tells altogether a different story.The series of corruption charges in preparations of CWG reportedly made by none other than CVC is damning. Primarily, Organising Committee, Delhi government MCD, NDMC and different other agencies of the City government and finally the Central government.Commonwealth Games organising committee chairman and IOA president Suresh Kalmadi’s role is not above suspicion. There is no doubt that Organising Committee of Commonwealth Games is autonomous and the government can not interefere with it. Kalmadi washes hands off reports of corruption in construction contracts. He has reacted after a CVC report pointed at rampant corruption in the construction of stadia. Kalmadi has hit back saying that it was not his headache as he was not involved in construction. The Central Vigilance Committee (CVC) reportedly cites instances of corrupt practices in awarding stadium construction contracts to companies. Several media reports clearly points at rampant corruption in the contracts. The CWG Organising Committee has repeatedly said that they were not responsible for the building of the stadia or anywhere involved in the contracts of the Commonwealth Games. CEO of CGF, Mike Hooper, has reportedly said that if there were allegations they should be investigated. Article 20 of CGF Constitution states that the Organising Committee, the Host Government and Host City are jointly responsible for organising and staging the Commonwealth Games for all committments related to the organisation and staging of the Games. The question here arises that when the Organising Committee is overall responsible for holding the CWG in Delhi and it washes its hands of all corruption charges and delay in preparations, how could it possible that being the head it can escape responsibilities. The recent revelation of corruption charges is that 25000 pound was transferred to the account UK little known company AK Film reportedly with the consent of OC. Suresh Kalmadi has to give answer and he can not hide himself behing the autonomy cover. Preparation for the Commonwealth Games must go on fast but the corruption chareges must be investigated thoroughly and whoever is faound guilty must be punished stringently as tax payers' money in involved in CWG preparations. Successful holding of CWG will raise national prestige.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Anti-naxal measures,but action must follow

The nation has been confronting the naxal menace for decades. Government comes and go but it is spreading very fast. It is good that Home Minister P Chidambram has said that the naxal menace will be finished in three years and for that he has made a two - pronged strategy. It is also to be seen how he would be able to deliver on his promise.Overhauling security measures to deal with naxal violence is a must but at the same time the government irrespective of party affiliation will also have to break the nexus between naxals and political parties in naxal-affected states for political benefits, and ensure the development is carried out on the ground. One thing also to be borne in mind with all seriousness is that the government of the day at Centre and states must not defame the tribals to cover its own failures in dealing with naxal menace. Naxals have neither any caste nor any community. They are man eaters so they should be dealt as such. The govt has chalked anti-naxal measures and it is confident of overcoming the Maoist problem in the next three years with a two-pronged strategy of initiating development and police action in the affected areas. Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Home Affairs Home Minister P Chidambaram has expressed confidence that the challenge of left wing extremism would be met jointly by the central and state governments,addressing a meeting of the Parliamentary.While the Central government acknowledged that the primary role and responsibility was that of state governments in enforcing law and order in confronting the challenge of left wing extremists, it also claims to have recognised its responsibility in assisting the states in every way..Naxal violence has claimed the lives of over 10,000 civilians and security personnel in the last five years.Out of a total of 10,268 casualties between 2005 and May this year, 2,372 deaths have been reported in 2009 as against 1,769 in 2008 and 1,737 in 2007. To minimise reaction time of anti-Naxal operations, the govt has authorised a special group of officers posted in such terrains to requisition BSF helicopters rather than route the request through state police.According to HM, the powers for requisition of BSF helicopters have been delegated to the IG (Ops) CRPF of the state concerned.The move is set to bolster the campaign against the Maoists as, till now, the state police could ask for the helicopters after consultation with CRPF Special Director General and commander of anti-Naxal operations.The recently appointed CRPF Inspector General level officers are deployed in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal, where a new Unified Command will also be set up.The Union Home Ministry meanwhile has sanctioned Rs 45 lakh for procurement of 30 satellite phones for the Border Security Force.Satellite phones are crucial for security forces as at times they operate in thick jungles and forward areas where normal mobile connections don’t work.All the measures that the Central government has taken are good but how it is implemented is in the hands of states, though naxal menace is not a state subject like law and order that Centre can not interfere with it. So, Centre must also rise above political affiliations and interfere with states to wipe out naxalism. As Naxals believe in the saying that power flows from the barrel of the gun, they must be given reply in the same coin.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beginning of a new phase of Indo-British relationship

The first visit to India by British Prime Minister David Camroon after his election is very significant. The tone and tenor in which he warned Pakistan not to sponsor terrorism in India, Afghanistan and anywhere else in the world has great significance. Cameron, who began his 48-hour visit to India from Bangalore Tuesday night, has identified three key issues — business, global security and climate issues — that, he has stressed, will form the pillars of a deeper and wider relationship with India. The solidarity he has shown with India on the issue of fighting terrorism is praiseworthy.It becomes more so important when he said that he had talked with US President Barack Hussain Obama and he was in line with him on the issue of fighting terror. Camroon has described Indo-British relationship as a new enhanced era. His visit to India has put to rest all doubts about being not so friendly with India under the regime of Conservative-led government in Britain. With India emerging as the economic global power, UK under Camroon has emphasised the need for increasing and encouraging trade between the two countries. British Prime Minister appears realised the importance of booming Indian economy and Indian economy grew so fast that the time had gone when only Britain was its main business partner. UK was at No. 3 with whom India used to do business and now it has descended to No.13. The agreement of a 700 million pound (Rs 5,200 crore)-deal for purchase of an additional 57 Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer Aircraft from British Aerospace Systems (BAE) during Camroon’s visit is also a clear reflection of India's growing economy. Giving a boost to Indo-British defence ties, India has inked a 700 million pound (Rs 5,200 crore)-deal for purchase of an additional 57 Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer Aircraft from British Aerospace Systems (BAE). Accoding to British PM Camroon, this is the second tranche of the purchase by India since 2004 when it had finalised a deal to buy 66 HAWKs.This is an outstanding example of India-UK defence and industrial partnership. The agreement will bring significant economic benefits to both our countries. It is evidence of our new, commercial foreign policy in action.British Prime Minister David Camroon has also met President and discussed with her trade and global terror. He is to hold meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and is expected to discuss the issue of trade and terror. The most important message that he has sent out that Britain is on side of India on the issue of fighting terrorism and warning to Pakistan not export terror into India.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Govt's failure to check inflation

The Opposition parties of all hues have legitimate right to ask the government why they are unable to rein in soaring prices. For the last one year, inflation is rising without any control. Govt only continued to give assurances that it will be checked by this month or that month. It has miserably failed on the front of reining in prices of essential commodities and edibles. Opposition parties are doing no wrong in moving the adjournment motion as it is their democratic right and the UPA government has become deaf to people cry over the rising prices. UPA Govt must not deny the democratic and constitutional right available with the Oppn.Adjournment motion calls for voting and if it sailed through, government would have to resign. The issue of price rise is a matter of serious concerns of all sections of the people. Common people are hit hard by the unabated price rise of all commodities. It is ridiculous why Congress says that it is prepared to discuss all issues, including price rise on the one hand and says it a non-issue on the other. It shows the insensitivity of Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government-headed by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. The price rise is the burning issue of the common poor people whose backs have been broken by sky-rocketing prices of all essential commondities, especially edible items.The slogan of the Congress-led UPA government of being with poor common men is nothing but fraud on them. Congress has done expertise to mislead the common men on the issue, which has been caused by its wrtong economic policies. One of its spokespersons have reportedly said on a TV news channel that the issue of price rise has been dicussed thrice in the past and Cut motion moved by the Opposition have already failed through. Does it mean that in democracy once the political party is elected to power for five years will do whatever it likes, leaving the common poor people in pain. UPA -2 has completely failed to check inflation and continued to raise the prices of petroleum products at very short intervals, which have cascading effect on prices of all commodities.As Congress is expert in floor management during the voting on the motion, the Opposition must maintain rock like unity and do so till the UPA government bends in.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

India’s charge against ISI vindicated

With the revelation by the non-profit website Wikileaks in its Afghan War Diary, no one should be in any doubt about ISI has been instrumental in instigating and mobilising Taliban with money to attack Indian installations in Afghanistan. India’s belief that Pakistan is the puppet master behind attack on Indian assets in Afghanistan has been proved correct. It is has also been reported by the website that among the 91,000 secret US documents released by substantiate all the charges made against ISI .Its earlier reports also confirm that Pakistan was the main motivator behind attacks on the Indian embassy in Kabul on July 7, 2008 and on other Indian targets. The website has also revealed that the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) offered the Taliban $15,000-30,000 to kill Indian contractors in Afghanistan. ISI was under Pakistan Army Chief General Pervez Ashfaq Kayani during the period between 2004-2007 on whom the US depends very much to fight against terrorism. General Kayani has got also the extention of 3 years in an unprecented manner as Chief of the Pakistan Army.American officials often praise Kayani for what they call his efforts to purge the military of officers with ties to militants. Presently, the most ridiculous thing is that according to US Envoy Hallbrooke, General Kayani is playing a vital role in talks with Afghanistan. Though he has also said reportedly that India has a strategic interest and that will be taken into account. As far as India’s interest in Afghanistan is concerned, it must be ready to protect it with all might at its disposal. Pakistan would always try to single out India of Afghanistan and make it a playing ground to breed terrorism and target India. Taliban at the behest of ISI continue to attack US and India in Afghanistan. The embassy attack was conceived months in advance and executed at the behest of the ISI.On November 18, 2007, US intelligence submitted a report which said that ISI gave order to conduct attacks against Indian consulships in Jalalabad, Kabul, Herat, Kandahar and Mazar-e-Sharif.If one leaked report is anything to go by, India must not rely on US that Pakistan is doing very good job in Afghanistan by holding talks there under the leadeship of its Army Chief General Kayani. Indians throughout Afghanistan were targets. A report indicated attacks against civil engineers and workers building roads in Nimruz province are being planned.In one particular case, it was reported that the ISI ordered Serajuddin Haqqani to eliminate Indian nationals working in Afghanistan”. It also warned that the Taliban planned to kidnap doctors, engineers and labourers.On April 12 that year, two Border Roads Organisation personnel were killed and seven injured in a suicide bombing in Nimruz. On February 26 this year, two Kabul guesthouses used by the Indian government were targeted.India must always keep itself prepared to meet any challenge thrown from any corner at it in a beifitting manner. Afghanistan has been a very good friend of India. As India has been enjoying very cordial relations with Afghans, it must provide all kinds of help in their reconstruction work and till the Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai takes full control of the country by 2014, it must stay there with all preparedness. We must understand that the US must not take into account right or wrong where its own interest clashes. If its interest is in Pakistan’s prominence in Afghanistan, it will never take into account India’s strategic interest there. Though Pakistan dismissed these charges as baseless and skewed the leaked US intelligence reports that accused its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency of supporting Taliban fighters, the ground reality which reflects the complicity of ISI with Taliban against India and US on the instruction of Pak military establishment speak altogether a different story. The situation on the ground in Afghanistan calls on US not to be misled by Pakistan again and again and put everything into rooted out the vestiges of Taliban and other terror elements from there.

Monday, July 26, 2010

CBI's noose tightening

At last, Ex-Gujarat Minister of state for Home and closest aid of Chief Minister Narendra Amit Shah surrendered before the CBI amidst fanfare by his party workers. He was remanded to 13-days of judicial custody for his alleged invovement in the killing of alleged terrorist in fake encounter . He has moved to the court and date for hearing is on Agust 2. But the noose is tightening around him with the Ex- Gujarat DSP turning as approver.The Gujarat riots were were horrendous. They became more terrifying when state government became one-sided for making strong political base by polarising the majority community against the minority under the supervision of none other than the Chief Minister . The senseless Gujarat riots turned out to be a on the secular fabric of the nation. They also invited castigation from all corners of the world. Amit Shah had been very close to the Chief Minister and holding very important portfolio of Home. The government of Gujarat totally failed to protect the life and property of the Muslim community and Hindu Chauvinists were left free to go on rampage. It appeared that as they were free for all and government functioning has come to a standstill. This gave rise to the suspicion about government’s culpability in the mass murder of minority muslims. Not only all the secular minded people of the country condemned the Gujarat riots but also the entire international community and India’s strong root of secularism was shaken. Even the Prime of India at that time Atal Behari Vajpayee had advised the Party Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to follow ‘ Rajdharm’. But the right wing BJP did not follow his advice to be carried out and Modi continued to rule till today. In the aftermath of Gujarat riots, assembly election was held in the state and BJP under the leadership of CM Naraendra Modi returned to power with thumping majority and CM was called at that time Hindu Hriday Samrath. Under a well-conspired political game, the Hindu majority was polarised and instigated with full-backing from state against the Muslim minority as they were painted as anti-nationals. The Police machinery of the state was working completely for RSS, the doting parent of BJP, and had become a party in the riots against the Muslims. In the given situation, any impartial investigation was very difficult to be carried out . With the handing over of riot-related cases to the CBI, the investigation started tenuously and reached to the alleged main conspirator Ex-Gujarat Minister of State for Home Amit Shah. When the Court ordered the CBI to file chargesheet against Shah for his involvement in the murder of Sohrabuddin and his wife Kauserbi, who were deliberately and falsely labelled as dreaded Pakistan-based terrorists, in state - staged fake encounter. The Justice must be delivered and deterrent punishment must be given to all those guilty in Gujarat riots. Because it tarnished the secular fabric of the nation.Though CBI is not an autonous body and it works under Prime Minister’s Office, it does not mean that it acts in a biased way to serve the interest of the ruling party. Amit Shah has said that he is innocent and described charges against him as fabricated and politically motivated. But the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has rightly said the CBI is not Congress Bureau of Investigation. Guilty, howsoever powerful, must be brought to justice and rule of law must prevail.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

International presence indispensable in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a war-torn country. The out-lawed Taliban regime was thrown out by the US and since then its security forces are deployed there to maintain peace and security and help civilian government of Hamid Karzai stablise the situation . Afghan President Hamid Karzai is himself very enthusiatic of taking full control of the situation there. It can only be possible with the full backing of international community. Untill and unless the rule of law is established in all corners of the country and Taliban elements are rooted out, there is dire need of international presence there. As far as the US decision to pull out troops from Afghanistan by July 2011 is concerned, it is a premature decision. If that happens, whatever has been acheived would prove to be a wastage of time and resources in addition to the failure of American design of establishing peace and development there. India supports the presence of international security forces in Afghanistan as long as the situation on the ground is completely normal and reconstruction of the nation is not complete. India whole-heartedly help Afghanistan in its reconstruction and it has also sacrificed its citizens involved in various development projects as they were killed by Pak-trained militants. The withdrawal of international forces will give free space to Pakistan to create the field of mischief once again there. And all exercises of the US will come to nothing. Again the Taliban and Al-Qaeda elements would take root, posing danger to international peace. The US decision to withdraw troops by 2011 appears to be under an secrete agrrement with Pakistan. Because Pakistan is eager to have free hand in Afghanistan and in return it would fight against Taliban and Al-Qaeda to the satisfaction of the US. Afghanistan is a close friend of India and its growing relations with it is an eye-sore to Pakistan. It would never tolerate free hand to Pakistan , which is against India's geo-strategic interest.With the US having announced that it will begin pulling out its troops from Afghanistan from July 2011, India has rightly said that international presence in the war-torn country was needed for a much longer time.The US Envoy on Afghanistan and Pakistan Holbrooke, who has met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to give his assessment of the situation in Afghanistan, said India has a vitally important role to play in the peace and stability in Afghanistan and insisted that the US was not trying to diminish that scope. It is required on US to always speak in one voice. As President Karzai wants to stay India in Afghanistan with man and resources to help reconstruct the country completely to he takes full control of it by 2014.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Railways need a full-time Minister

Mamata Bannerjee is more interested in politics of Bengal than running the railway ministry smoothly. She runs the Rail Bhavan from Kolkata office. But because of the compulsion of coalition politics, the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government bears with her callous and negligent attitude. Mamata's eyes are fixed on the power of West Bengal by defeating over three decade old CPI (M) -led Left ruling coalition in the assembly elections due to be held next tear. As a politician, she is free to nurse her ambition. But after becoming the Union Minister for Railways in the UPA govt, her top priority is Railway ministry as malaise in its functioning cause the death of hundreds of innocent people due to accidents. She must either pay primary attention to Rail Bhavan’s functioning or step down willfully. The country needs a full-time Railway minister . Her frequent absence from Delhi, which is also reflected from the Cabinet meeting from which she often keeps herself absented as she is pre-occupied with West Bengal politics in Kolkata. In absence of hers from Rail Bhavan, there prevails “ Chalta Hai” culture there. It is reflected in ministry’s failure to fit the rail tracks with modern ACDs to keep the passengers safe by averting the accidents on the model of Konkan model.The nation needs urgently a committed and devoted Railway Minister to run the biggest organisation. Though the Railway Minister is not directly responsible for accidents at regular interval, the casual and callous approach to run the Ministry make all the components of its functioning prone to accidents. Indian rail can not match the world standard more because of lethargic functioning and less of financial allocation. The big organisation like Railways which link one corner to another of the country needs a political executive at the top who has no other primary business than this. Since Mamata Bannerjee took over the charge Railway Ministry in UPA Government , there have been 200 major and minor accidents and over 400 lives have been lost. The Monday’s tragic accident at Sainthia Station in West Bengal took away the lives of 61 persons and injured many. Nowhere in the world railway accidents take place at so frequent intervals like in India. Since 2000 there have been 2700 major and minor accidents and 2700 persons have lost their lives.There are 90,000 vacant posts lying in Rail Disaster Management. It is not filled because bureaucratic mal-functioning and absence of Railway Minister from Rail Bhavan. The situation demands a full-time minister bring prevailing work culture in Rail Ministry back on track. It is for Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to take serious note of the functioning in Rail Bhavan and save the innocent people from further accidents. There may be human error but it is very awkward to let the situation prevails and take away the lives of people. Now enough is enough and Mamata must go.

Monday, July 19, 2010

BJP must act against Bellary's Reddy brothers

The Central leadership of the Bhartiya Janta Party must ask Chief Minister of Karnataka B S Yeddurappa to drop Reddy brothers , who are in his Council of Ministers, for their alleged involvement in illegal mining controversy to save the party from further embarrassment in public. Otherwise, its so-called pledge to give Karnataka a clean administration will prove to be a complete falls promise. After Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyrappa gave clean chit to his Cabinet Ministers- the Reddy brothers- Janardan and Karunakara- in illegal mining controversy to save his government, it has become clear that the political clout of Reddy brothers are stronger and Chief Minister's action against them could destablise his government. It is also a well-acknowdged fact that the Reddy community is politically very dominant in the state. Reddy brothers have been accused of siphoning off about Rs 60,000 crore from illegal mining in the state by the opposition Congress and JD (S). They demand CBI enquiry into the mining scam. Yeddyrappa is heading the BJP government in the state. His party never gets tired of giving corruption free government to the people. But fearful of enquiry into accusations of exploiting national resorces by none other than the state Cabinet ministers. The issue of illegal mining is a great embarrassment for the Central leadership and this has put the party in a very poor light.Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa gave a clean chit to his cabinet ministers, the Reddy brothers, Janardhana and Karunakara in the illegal mining controversy. When Yeddurappa is convinced of the fact that Reddy brothers are not doing any illegal mining, why does he reject the opposition demand of CBI enquiry into the issue. As far as his party is concerned, its central leadership is also vertically divided into two groups. Senior most leader L K Advani and party president Nitin Gadkari are of the view that Reddy brothers should step down and CBI enquiry should be ordered. While Opposition leader Sushama Swaraj, Ananth Kumar and others are Considering Reddy brothers as political assets of the party in the state.The question here arises why the political parties in our country show hesitancy in action against corrupt members, especially it they have strong political influence in their constituency. There is no difference between the ruling and the opposition. If because of coalition compulsion, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has no option but to bear the charges corruption against his Communications Minister, the same is with BJP in Karanata where even party Central leadership has no guts to ask CM Yeddurappa to remove Reddy brothers from the Cabinet. But time is running out for BJP to act against Reddy brothers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

India deserves its rightful place in UNSC

India must be granted its rightful place on the world state to give it a permanent seat in the reformed United nations Security Council to make it reflective of the ground realities of the world in the present day. India being the largest democracy with more than One thosand crore of population deserves in all respects to have a permanant membership of UNSC. India represents the wishes and aspirations of democratic countries in Asia. In addition to that it is also an emerging global economy. It is also only second to another Asian giant China in population. The growing relationship with the world's sole superpower the US on the basis of mutual respect and co-operation and vibrant largest democracy of the world, the US must support India's claim of a permanent seat in UNSC openly. As the UN has been reduced to a puppet in its hands, its support would matter most. India has rightly pressed for a seat in the revamped UN Security Council. On the basis of its being the world’s largest democracy, it cannot be kept out of the most important organ of the international body. According Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma ,there has been no change. That is not reflective of what the global realities are. The composition must mirror the present reality. As far as the change in UNSC is concerned, only China was given the seat in 1971. Addressing the Lee Kuan Yew Public Policy School on his second day of official visit to Singapore , Sharma has rightly highlighted the economic strength of emerging economies, and particularly singled out India’s position as it is important to take into consideration the 24 African countries that have gained independence after the council was formed in 1945. The largest democracy in this planet must not be out of UNSC. If we Indians are not there, how can we call it democratic and representative. India has wide support from all over the world. Malaysia, Singapore and the European Union supports India’s place on the UNSC, he pointed out. In the prevailing world situation, not even a single decision should be taken with India. It deserves in every respect under the present scenarion with fast changing economy, India's participation on world affairs is a must. The shift is taking place, economically 60 per cent of global growth is coming from Asia. In term of Gross Domestic Product capacity, Asian GDP growth would be equal to EU and US by 2013. If the International Monetary Fund (IMF) statistics should be taken into consideration, India throws a very tough challenge even to the western powers as economic growth is considered.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Take political initiative in J & K immediately

Political initiative is the urgent need for the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
Kashmir tangle is neither new to state political leadership nor national
leadership. The successive Chief Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir have either
only kept engaged themselves in blaming the local separatist conglomerate of
different views and purpose the Hurriyat Conference or Islamabad for
fomenting trouble in the state. They never took serious view of allround
development and in absence any opportunity the unemployed youths were
easily misguided by forces enimical to us sitting across the border to raise
rebellion against the state. At last the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has awakened to ground reality and
convened an all party meeting on Monday to discuss the prevailing situation
in Jammu and Kashmir.Political solution is a must for the strife-torn state of
Jammu and Kashmir. The situation in the state has come to such a worsening
stage that army had to be called in there to restore normalcy. It is also a well-acknowledged fact that Pak -based terror outfit Lashker-e-Toiba
give, Pak notorious intelligence agency ISI and its military establishments give
adequate financial assistance to mischievous elements and separatist forces in
Jammu and Kashmir to foment trouble in the state.With the tightening of surveillance by the Indian security forces and
intelligence agencies, LeT infiltration bids have failed. It has been left with no
option but to create disturbances by instigating Kashmiri youths against the
state police and CRPF. That is why they have resorted to stone-throwing
exercise at the secutrity personnel, which has resulted in the killing of 15 youg
men, including nine year old boy in the last three weeks.Indefinite curfew has been imposed in several towns, including Srinagar, in the
Kashmir Valley following days of violent protests by people and subsequent
firing by security forces which led to the death of several people. It is right that Army’s stay in Kashmir is not for too long because it is no
solution rather it will create problems if its stays too long. Once the normalcy is
restored, it must be brought to its alloted place the barracks. Political and
social initiatives nust be launched vigorously to bring the misguided
unemployed youths back to national mainstream. A sense of alenation that has
set in their minds must be removed immediately.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Relieve Pawar of Agri- Ministry

Nationalist Congress Party Chief and Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has requested Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to reduce his burden. Apart from Ariculture, he has been burdened with Food and Civil Supplies portfolio. Agriculture Ministry is itself very big and one of the most important ministries. It needs to be run by a full-time politician. Mr. Pawar has also become President of International Cricket Council (ICC) recently. As cricket has huge money and glamour, he is inclined to be involved with its administration and give time to his party organisation. He has also political interest in lessening his own burden so that he could get time to train her daughter NCP MP Supriya Sule to fit into his shoes when the suitable time comes. But despite Pawar's all his personal political and cricket interest, it is praiseworthy that he has urged PM to ease his burden in government on his own, though he has been a failure as Agriculture Minister. Now-a-days among political class, there are a few examples where we have found that politician himsef has realised that he is not doing justice to his responsiblity . As agriculture is the most important and heaviest ministry, it requires to be paid very serious attention. Still, 85 percentage of population depends on agriculture and it plays vital role nation’s economy . Sharad Pawar wants more time for his party and International Cricket Council, and other matters.He has been a seasoned politician and represented in Assembly and Parliament for 44 years and about 25 years in the government. The time has naturally come for him to be relieved if he is not doing well with ministerial business properly and sincerely. Because of his inept handling of Agriculture ministry, the poor people are crying in pain under growing of food inflation. PM must induct a grass root politician to head the agriculture ministry so that he could prepare strategy to deal with food inflation, facing the country.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prepare clear cut strategy to deal with maoists

To deal with maoist menace, evolution of political unanimity is a must. There must be one voice among political parties, which have faith in parliamentary democracy irrespective of their political affiliations, to deal with this biggest problem of the day . But here even there is no unanimity on among ruling establishment on the issue. Naxalism is going from strength to strength and our political parties are engaged in political blame game to score point over each other. There are reports that some political parties in the naxal-hit states are dependent on maoists for their support during the elections time. If the maoists refuse to shun violence and continue their wanton killings of security forces and innocent common people to create havoc, the army must be deputed in the naxal-hit states to crush them. They need to be dealt with sternly and would have to abide by the law of the land.Union Home Minister P Chidambram should be given all round support in fighting the maoists to finish. In view of the growing naxal violence, Home Ministry has rightly convened the meeting of Naxal-hit states. If Naxalism adhere to the faith in Mao Tsung's view that power flows from the barrel of the gun and have no faith in parliamentary democracy, Centre must not hesitate in deploying army in naxal-infested regions of the country after detailed discussions with the CMs of those states , which have been hard-hit by naxal violence.On the one hand Union Home Minister is reportedly in favour of deploying Army in Naxal-hit states as the CRPF and state police forces have been found lacking in fighting the maoist menace to finish, there is open opposition to his move in the government on the other. Naxalism is getting stronger and stronger under the cover of poor tribals. It is its facade to uplit them economically. While the ground reality tells altogether a different story. Naxals only exploit and mislead them to support their gun culture. They extort government officials and compel them to give development projects meant for tribal population to them on contract. They siphone off government money and no development project is undertaken. That is why the tribal aeas remain under-developed and backward, giving rise to discontent among tribals with the government. Naxals impress upon them that they are figting against the government for only their development and as they are innocent people, they are easily misled. To put before the tribals clearly as to what is the government doing for their development, there is necessary for the political class irrespective of political affiliations to awaken them to the reality. As far as the question of deployment of army in naxal-hit areas is concerned, the government has already made it clear that there is no immediate need to deploy them in Maoist-hit regions and Home ministry is of view that it could take nearly seven years to get rid of the menace. As far as maoist menace is concerned, it needs immediate attention of the government. Any laxity on its part will cost dearly. Maoists carry out mayhem of CRPF wilfully. And the government appears helpless. Our intelligence agency also needs to be overhauled as they have failed badly in getting information about naxal violence before, resulting in the butchery of CRPF personnel and train passengers time to time. Untill and unless the Centre takes stringent steps against maoist menace, it can not be fought successfully as it does not understand civilians' language.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Opposition-sponsored Bharat Bandh- A wake-up call for UPA govt

The opposition parties-sponsored Bharat Bandh over fuel price hike on July 5 has been a complete success. Entire Bharat was put on hold during the band as it received spontaneously support from the people of all walks of life. Dr. Manmohan Singh-led United Progressive Alliance government must wake-up and feel the pain of general public due to sky-rocketing prices of all commodities without any loss of time and address to their problems. Otherwise,they will have to pay the price for insensitivity to the problems of common poor public arising out their anti-people economic policy. In a concerted effort by opposition parties to take on the government on the issue of fuel price hike, the BJP-led NDA and Left parties staged a nation-wide strike demanding a rollback. Their Bharat Bandh has been a total success.Though the NDA and the Left parties made separate announcements , their motive was the same as the issue of price rise has hit hard equally to all economic categories of people irrespective of their political beliefs.It is good to grill the UPA govt that the opposition parties have shown rock like unity for the most burning issue of the day for the general poor public. Bhara Bandh call paralysed the nation and it has been the first such instance of opposition unity after the JP movement in the mid-seventies.In order to protest against this unjustified hike in petroleum prices and the total ineptitude of UPA government to address this problem, the entire country was put on hold against its highhandedness.There appeared no difference among the entire opposition on the issue of fuel price hike. Every party, except the ruling coalition, has demanded a rollback. But the Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA government insensitivity to the Aam Admi’s pain caused by unprecented price hike of petroleum products and all other essential commodities can be seen today in the statement of Union Finance Minister and seniormost Congress leader Pranab Mukherjee that there is no question of rollback. He was replying to newsmen’s query as if he is the king and running his ministry on the line of belief that he can do no wrong. While the matter of the fact and ground reality in the country reflects that he is running his ministry on US dictation, which is anti-people and anti-poor . General public may have suffered from the Opposition- sponsored Bharat Bandh over fuel price hike but they have to be content that this strike has been for their benefit.All essential services like supply of water, milk, electricity, hospital and emergency services were exempted from the hartal.The initiative to bring all opposition parties, including the Left, to join hands in protesting against the government on price rise issue is commendable. The UPA government must be compelled to rollback the fuel price hike at all costs. The overwhelming support to the Opposition over Bandh against fuel price hike would certainly arouse the government from slumber. During the last budget session of Parliament, several non-Congress parties had spoken in one voice on rise in sugar prices and other issues.A joint protest by the Opposition over fuel price hike was made during budget session of Parliament in March, but it could not materialise. The Aam Admi slogan of the UPA is nothing but a political stunt to mislead the public. Opposition must do everything to attack this insensitive UPA govt.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bihar CM's opposition to Narendra Modi may break their alliance

The rift between JD (U) and BJP has refused to die down and it is bound to erupt before the assembly elections and they are in all likelihood to face Bihar assembly elections separately if any political message is to be inferred from BJP's invitation to Narendra Modi for capaining there. With BJP upping its ante by inviting Narendra Modi , Chief Minister of Gujarat and one of the veteran leaders of the party, it has openly gone against the wishes of its oldest ally JD (U) in Bihar where the both are running the coalition government for the last four years. JD (U) promptly registered its annoyance over BJP's invititation to Modi for campaigning in Bihar. In Nitish-Kumar-led coalition government , JD (U) is a senior partner and behaves in the same way that goes against BJP’s temperament because it feels that it being a national opposition party it must not be dictated by the state level political party.Two weeks ago, the rift between the two allies became so serious that it hogged the national headlines for days. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar cancelled dinner for the BJP top leaddership in Patna after he came to know about the advertisement showing him holding the hands of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Patna dailies during BJP Executive Committee meeting there. Nitish Kumar has run the government successfully in Bihar and brought the state back on the rail , which had been derailed during the 15 years of Lalu-Rabri duo regime from 1990 to 2005. He in his four years of rule registered allround development of Bihar and made a strong votebank for the party. Undoubtedly, his stature as a politician has become bigger. Now he feels that his association with BJP belittles his professed secular politics, which he wants to keep safe. That is why he objects to to BJP leader like Modi for campaigning in the state of Bihar, which has always stood in favour of upholding secular values.BJP's invitation to Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to campaign in Bihar is a move that is sure to be a red rag to the JD(U) and may revive a bitter clash between the two coalition partners ahead of the assembly elections.JD (U) and BJP may again show the facade of unity but the cracks that had already appeared in their alliance can not keep them together for a long time and Bihar assembly elections would their their flashpoint. Nitish Kumar is going from strength to strength while BJP is dwindling due due its internal bickering at the central level. Ntish Kumar can not lose his secular credential at any cost and his any longer association with BJP in given political scenario in Bihar where his arch rival and RJD supremo has already established his unquestioned secular identity will imperil his high political ambition. So, it all likelihood that JD will remove BJP tag from its fabric before the assembly elections in Bihar.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Complete failure of political leadership in Kashmir

The strife-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir has again been thrown into the
throes of violence. It is on boil and reminds of 21 years’ back incidents of
secession and anti-national activities. Thousands of youths have come out on the streets in atleast three districts-
Sopore, Baramulla and Anantnag against the security forces. The CRPF are
doing a commendable job there and they are fighting on multi-pronged fronts.
The message that the politicians are not giving among the general Kashmiris ,
especially unemployed youths, that they are here for the safety of our lives and
property from the militants sent into the state. But the politicians irrespective
of political affiliations have always failed on this most important front that
goes into the benefit of our hostile neighbour. The CRPF men are doing their job in a very tough terrain to protect the state of
Jammu and Kashmir. On the one hand they have to keep strict vigil on
infiltration from across the border and indigenous militants. The separatist
leaders of all factions of Hurriyat have already been dancing at the tunes of
agents to foment trouble in the Valley . Some of the Hurriyat leaders are allegedly the paid agent of Pakistan. It has
always been on look out to create upsurge in Jammu and Kashmir so that its
military and notorious Inter- Services Intelligence (ISI) could infiltrate
militants stealthily in large numbers. For this, they keep the different factions
of Hurriyat in good humour with money , arms and ammunition. Three more youtIhs were killed when CRPF allegedly opened fire during
clashes with protestors in Anantnag as violence spread to south Kashmir and
more towns in the valley were put under curfew. With Anantnag’s deaths, eight teenaged boys have lost their lives in the last
five days in incidents of fetal shootings involving security forces escalating
the tense situation in the Valley. In all, 11 youths have died in the last three
weeks during clashes between protestors and security forces.Government has rightly said there are reliable reports to suggest that
anti-national elements are trying to exploit the situation in Jammu and
Kashmir. Some militants may also have sneaked into the valley to trigger
violence. Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) is active in Kashmir and they
play major roles in creating and escalating violence.Union Home Minister has rightly made an appeal to the people of Jammu and
Kashmir to stand by the state government and help the state government in
restoration of law and order.The people of Jammu and Kashmir must reflect on the nature of the challenge
faced by the security forces. The need of the hour is that political leaders of all
hues should make concerted effort to bring back the situation to normalcy.