Thursday, December 30, 2010

Heroic performance of Team India

By the winning the Durban test against South Africa, India have not only levelled the series but also stayed No. 1 Cricket Test team in the world. The series decider is to be played in Cape Town. All credit for the stunning performance of Team India goes to the master and gritty innings of man of the crisis Very Very Special Laxman and Indian bowlers. Team India dashed the ego of South African Captain Graeme Smith at his home. He was very critical of India’s number one position and he considered that India got the number one position in Test cricket by fluke. He should have thought the number one position that India got was not given to it in gift but it has been achieved by virtue of hard labour and consistant performance.Undoubtedly, now it should be clear that Team India can not only play better cricket at home only but it can do so abroad also. It has also been clear from the Durban victory that whenever India is put in tight corner, Very Very Special Laxman came out in the field and showed extra-ordinary determination and courage to beat the South Adrican bowler and snatched victory from the claws of opponent. Durban pitch is considered to be one of the fastest one in the world. No batman from both sides except Laxman could stand before the deadly pacers. In that situation Laxman made 96 runs, which contributed most in the 87-run victory over South Africa. Indian Pacers Srisanth, veteran Zaheer Khan and Spin wonder Harbhajan Singh showed the mettle and demolished the South African batsmen one by one. Now to maintain number one position, it is a must win for India at Cape Town.Though Team India performed badly in the firt test in Centurian and was defeated by an innings, it regrouped itself and fought back valiantly and won the Durban Test. Victory in Durban was team’s victory but if the single player is to be given credit for this spectacular win it is Laxman. The most prolific and accomplished batsman VVS Laxman has never been in the focus of media but his contribution to the team is immense. Whenever Team India required heroic performance, VVS Laxman came forward and played heroically. He is technically perfect, mentally tough and wristy in Hyderabadi style.The concerted effort of Team India under the captaincy of Mahendra Dhoni has made them champion in the world. Now the situation required up on all the players of Team India to perform consistantly in the matches and world cup to come 2011. We as cricket fan wish Team India win the World Cup 2011. The champions never look back and gets over all the problems that come their way.

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