Tuesday, November 9, 2010

India's stature as world power

US President Barack Hussain Obama has recognised India's stature as world leader. US President has also said that India not emerging but has emerged as super power. But his eulogy for India might be a little bit of exaggeration because of his country's necessity of economic help from India.. And one most vital thing is that the government of the day in India must not lose sight of how can the country deserve to be a super power where more than 47 percent of children is mal-norourished and the death of half of the women population takes place in the country at the time of delivering child. More than one-third of population faces starvation and a little more than that are illiterate. So, the first and foremost duty of the government is to act seriously on these problems and then feel elated at the praise by none other than the President of USA Obama.Undoubtedly, President has impressed Indians and won their hearts in his three-day visit to India. Though President’s own prime interest was to extract as much as possible to bost his flagging economy at home from India, he never lost sight of satisfying Indian interests by backing India’s permanent seat in the UN Security Council and telling Pakistan from the Indian soil that safe havens for terrorists are unacceptable and Mumbai attackers must be brought to Justice. He has said these things during his address to Indian MPs in the historic Central Hall of Parliament amidst thunderous applause. On the first of US President’s visit in Mumbai, it appeared that he had only his own interest in mind and also appeared very diplomatic by not mentioning Pakistan even once. But with arrival in Delhi, President Obama changed his tone and tenor and shown all affinity and warmth toward India that it was expecting from him. As America is the oldest democracy and India is the largest, both have similarity in the functioning of respective governments. So, both can certainly be natural allies. Obama backs India’s quest for permanent UNSC seatPresident Barack Obama has announced support for India’s quest for permanent membership of a reformed UN Security Council (UNSC) . The announcement is seen as a diplomatic gesture although it was clear that the reform of the Security Council is going to be a long and tedious process. On the whole, US President's Obama's three-day visit to India can be described as a grand success. No American President in previous years since 1959 appeared to be so forthright and frank in India during their visit as President Obama. President Obama also mixed with Indian psyche more freely than any of the US President during their visit to India.

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