Friday, August 31, 2012

Mulayam's Prime ministerial ambition

Politically rejuvenated Samajwadi party supremo and former UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav after winning the two-thirds majority in the recently held UP assembly elections and in the midst of falling rate of popularity of the UPA Government at the Centre to which he extends outside support, he has started a move of reviving a Third Front to realize his prime ministerial ambition with the support of Non-Congress and BJP political parties in 2014 after the Lok Sabha elections. He has already given a clear hint of his desire for becoming Prime Minister. But if the past experience is anything to go by, the third front exercise has proved a total failure and its governments have been short-lived. Charan Singh, VP Singh, Chandrashekha, Devegowda and Gujaral governments are the glaring examples. The dead lock in Parliament over the issue of Coalgate scandal has given Mulayam’s to mobilize support for the formation of Third which could give alternative to Congress-led UPA and BJP-led NDA. It is because of the rigidity of the main opposition Party BJP with its demand of nothing less than Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's resignation over Coalgate issue. It looks completely ridiculous because no verdict of punishment is declared without the proper trial of the case. It is not possible for a ruling party to concede the opposition demand of resignation of the PM every now and then. UPA is prepared to discuss the opposition charge over the Coalgate issue threadbare. This is the best way. And the entire nation would know from the detailed televised discussion over the issue in Parliament and then would decide who is guilty or who is not or both are involved in Coalgate scandal. BJP appears to be impatient to grab power through forcing mid-term elections in the wake of the falling graph of Congress-led UPA's popularity among the people. If the opinion polls conducted by different TV news Channels are anything to go by, Mulayam’s Third Front mission gets a shot and BJP’s lust for power goads it to force mid-term elections in 2013 to reap the benefit. Now as far as Mulayam's move of forming a third front is concerned, SP, Left parties and TDP demand not only discussion on the Coalgate issue in Parliament, which is correct in all respects, but also a judicial probe into coal blocks allocation and cancellation of licenses failng which they threatened to launch a countrywide agitation in its bid to defame both BJP and Congress among the people of the nation. Without the support of either Congress or BJP, no front government can be formed in the given political scenario of the nation. Mulayam Singh Yadav can be accepted as leader by Left parties and TDP only. But his arch rival in UP BSP supremo and former Chief Minister Mayawati can never join the front led by Mulayam Singh Yadav because she is no less than him in poitical stature in his home state. Will the BJD supremo and Odisha CM Naveen Patnayak or AIADMK supremo and TN CM Jayaliththa accept him as leader of the front if ever they join it? If the Congress failed to improve its political position and does not get back power for third consecutive time in 2014, it may support Mulayam-led third Front for a brief period so that he could realize his ambition.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NAM is still relevant

Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) was founded to end the supremacy of the two super powers – former USSR and USA- of that time, who were dictating the rest of the world. India had played a very important role in founding the Non-Aligned movement. But with the passage of time, the NAM got weaker and weaker and there arose uni-polar world with the US as single super power. US divided the members of the NAM countries into several blocks and the NAM left to remain in life only on paper. With several offerings of help of all sorts, the US made most of the NAM countries as its tails and those who dared to defy it were taught a lesson in form of imposing sanctions and invasions. The NAM member countries failed to put up united posture and the sole super power began to reign supreme. The need of the hour is to change this scenario of the world immediately. As India has been one of the founding members of NAM countries, it must lead the movement from the front and take up the burning political and economic issues to be solved together. It is good that India shows keen interest in reviving the NAM movement vigorously and because of that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is himself going the attend the four-day NAM Summit in Tehran. PM has underlined the relevance of NAM movement and rightly said that NAM should help in tackling key political and economic challenges, including worsening situation in Syria and a persistent global economic slowdown. It is correct to say that the outdated structures of global governance have not been able to keep pace with contemporary political and economic challenges. But at the same time, the situation demands urgently on NAM member countries to think over the issue how to keep the structure updated to solve the immediate problems confronting the world. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other important representatives of the NAM member countries must act together how to face many challenges, such as the worsening situation in Syria, a persistent global economic slowdown, and other new and emerging threats. To face the present challenges successfully, credible trans-national action needs to be taken. India must work to strengthen the NAM so that it could provide strong political impetus to the ongoing efforts to reform and democratize global governance structures, which are critical to tackle these challenges more effectively. Prime Minister's visit to Tehran to attend the NAM Summit has particularly become more important in view of the bilateral talks with Khamenei and Ahmadinejad taking place at a time when the US is pushing India to reduce engagement with Iran and implement sanctions imposed by some countries over its controversial nuclear programme.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Freedom of internet must not be curbed

Internet is the only platform where the people can express themselves freely and very easily. The advent of internet has strengthened the democracy, democratic views and the promotion of democracy worldwide. This is the only platform which is accessible to every corner of the world. The social sites have played a very important role in presenting the people's views on any issue before the nation. But at the same time, the freedom that internet has provided people must not be misused. Social sites must not be used to create communal disturbance in the society by allowing the user to upload hate message against any community or promote, encourage and spread false rumours to create animosity and fear psychosis among the people of different communities. The websites and social sites which promote anarchism, violence, hate and animosity among the people to disintegrate India must be blocked immediately at all costs. The Government of India has rightly blocked some of the websites and social site account holders who have opened their accounts under fake address. The such rumour as spread about N-E people who live in Banglore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and other cities of the nation may be attacked in view of ethnic violence in the largest north-eastern state of Assam must not allowed to float. No social sites or websites should be allowed to post objectionable and inflammatory contents. At the same time, the freedom of internet must not be curbed in any way and the Government must always remain watchful about the content being loaded on the social sites. Parliament last year passed a law that obliges Internet companies to remove a range of objectionable content when requested to do so, a move criticized at the time by rights groups and social media companies. When laws were there to be followed by social site companies, why it failed to notice the hate messages, morphed pictures and videos being uploaded from Pakistan could not block them immediately. If they had been prompt, there would have been no panic and fear among N-E people that led to their exodus from different parts of the nation for their home state of Assam and other north-eastern states. The Government of India too failed to implement the law promptly and sincerely. Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has rightly said that only those social media accounts which have posted objectionable and inflammatory content are being blocked and there is no need for others to be concerned. Govt. also must not level unnecessary charges on others be it social sites or SMS. Though there is anger in some sections of the people against the govt. because advertently or inadvertently it has been alleged that it has blocked accounts of even some journalists, it is against the essence of democracy. Government must not indulge in censorship exercise in the garb of blocking the websites and the social site account holder who have been found accused of uploading objectionable and inflammatory contents.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let the Parliament transact its business

In the second innings of the UPA Government most of its parliamentary days have been sacrificed at the altar of adjournment due to opposition onslaught against it over emerging scandals one after another. The main opposition party BJP has every right to raise the issue very seriously to awaken the public to government failures. But the way of complete non-co-operation posture adopted with the government on all issues makes no sense. The main opposition BJP appears to be pre-determined in forcing the Chair to adjourn the House that only causes the drain state exchequer. Parliament is the highest platform in democracy where its members represent the people of the nation to discuss their problems. The ongoing standoff between the opposition and the government over the CAG report on coal block allocation is nothing but the deliberate attempt by both sides to stall the Parliament so that there could be no more threadbare discussion on the issue under question. If the issue of CAG report on Coal Block allotment discussed and debated in the great detail in Parliament, the entire nation would hear and decide who is more corrupt in the given corruption laden atmosphere pervading all spheres. It is the government or the opposition. The allotment process of coal block was in vogue before the UPA Government came into power in 2004. An opinion of the UPA favoured the introduction of Competitive bidding through which coal block should be given to private players for generating power, producing Iron and Cement necessary for the development of the nation. But when the opinion on the issue of competitive bidding was sought from BJP-led state governments of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh and Jharkhand and the then CPI(M) government of West Bengal, all opposed Centre's move in the name of federal character of the Constitution of adopting the process, which could be more transparent and in the interest of the nation. All viewed it as an attempt of the Centre to impose its will on the states and thereby disturbing the federal character of Constitution. Centre bent before Opposition-rule states and continued the previously adopted allotments process of coal block to private companies. CAG reported that because of the allotment process of coal blocks, the nation suffered the loss of Rs.1.86 lakh. The day the CAG report was presented in Parliament, the main opposition BJP stuck to its demand of the resignation of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh because the period when the coal blocks were allotted, the coal ministry was also under him. Only the BJP is adamant on Prime Minister's resignation while almost all other opposition parties and the Govt. are in favour of discussion on the issue in Parliament so that the people could know who is guilty. The standoff between Opposition is and government over the CAG report on coal block allocation has resulted in the wastage of the third consecutive day of Parliament. The ruling UPA has already rejected BJP’s demand of PM’s resignation over the issue. The ruling and the opposition BJP must realize that the nation wants debate and discussions on all issues in Parliament. Parliament must not be converted into the platform for slogan shouting to score points over each other. Congress members countered the Opposition's slogan of 'Pradhan Mantri Istifa Do (Prime Minister Resign)' by shouting Pradhan Mantri Zindabad (Hail the Prime Minister).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Initiative good, but intention suspect

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has taken personal initiative for building consensus on giving reservation in promotion in state government jobs to SC/STs. He has held an all-party meeting in this regard. Though at the meeting ruling UPA as well as all the opposition parties have shown their agreement to the reservation in promotion for SC/STs, the intention of all political parties is suspect. If that was not so, the issue of reservation would not been necessitated to be discussed after more than 6 decades of the Constitution coming into force. Reservation is necessary for those Indian citizens who are economically weak to compete with economically well-off sections of society. But it does not mean that merit should be thrown back and only economic and socially backwardness should be given priority. It is utmost necessary in India to set-up a high-powered committee to review the policy of reservation which was introduced in our country since the Constitution came into effect. It was incorporated in the constitution in right earnest to bring the SC/STs on equal footing with people of other castes, including upper caste, though in later years in 90s reservation for Other Backward Castes(OBCs) in government jobs and educational institutions was also incorporated in Constitution through amendments. In all, 50 percent quota went to the reserved categories and the rest remain for general categories. But neither the purpose of reservation nor the intent of it has been achieved so far. The weak became weaker and the strong became stronger all the way since Independence. The advantage of reservation has been taken of by the well-off section among the reserved categories of socially and economically backward sections. The weaker among them remained weak and were deprived of the advantage of reservation by none other than their own reserved category people who are strong. This is the ground reality which no successive governments have accepted and all have tried to use the reservation policy as a tool for creating their vote bank. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rightly held an all party meet on Scheduled Castes and Scheduled tribes’ reservation in promotions in state jobs and sought suggestions from political parties to arrive at legally sustainable solution. But to get the real benefit from reservation, there requires to be good-intentioned approach especially by the political parties in power, which is lacking. It is commendable that Prime Minister has said that his govt is committed to protect the interests of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. The Supreme Court had in April overruled the Uttar Pradesh government's decision to provide reservations in government job promotions. The BSP, which was then in government, had raised the issue in the budget session of Parliament demanding a constitutional amendment to provide for such quotas.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Give protection to NE people at all costs

It is commendable that the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Opposition leader in Parliament Sushama Swaraj , Karnataka Chief Minister Jagdish Settar and all other members of Parliament across the party lines have given assurance to the nation to stand by the side of NE people and provide them full protection to save their lives and property anywhere and in any part they wish to live, work and study. But everything depends on the execution of the assurance and how promptly, sincerely and sternly the government takes action against the rumour mongers. The rumour mongers spread rumours that there is impending attack on NE-people, which has caused their exodus in hordes from Banglore, Hyderabad and Pune. This is the most reprehensible act and appears to be the act of anti-national elements at the behest of our hostile neighbours to disintegrate India. Social sites must also be observed seriously on daily basis by the security agencies. Some anti-national elements may misuse them to achieve their ill design on India by mongering all types of rumours about violence, sedition and secession. On the one hand the Central government as well as state governments urgently require to instill confidence among the NE people that they are safe and protected away from their homes in the country and there must be thorough investigation into the rumour of impending attack on NE people on the other hand. Only then the NE people can rest assured about their safety and security. There has developed a sense of alienation among NE people and they feel that the successive governments at the Centre never treated them on the equal footing with the people of the other parts of the nation. This feeling should be immediately removed from among them by the Central Government through its action. Today, Exodus of NE People in hordes has taken place in fear of the rumour that they would be attacked. All political parties ruling as well as opposition have shown exemplary consolidation with them. But the day situation returns to normalcy, all would start their politics to create vote banks. Assam -the biggest state of North-Eastern region- has witnessed one of its worst communal riots in which more than 50 people were killed and about 4 lakh people were displaced. The rumour of creating fear psychosis among NE people in Hyderabad, Banglore and Pune has reverberated from Assam communal violence and the repercussion of which was also seen in Mumbai. Communal violence only feeds anti-national elements to play it up for disintegrating India, and our hostile neighbours are always on look out for it. So, irrespective of the political party in government, the fire of communal violence wherever in the country sets on must be extinguished without any loss of time with firm hands before it could go out of hands.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Address the burning issues

Mr. Prime Minister your calculation of GDP growth rate, full account of the international economic slowdown and its impact on our economy in your speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Independence Day can’t fill the empty stomach of crores of poor Indians. The issues on the ground that the people confront with are backbreaking price rise, rising corruption in government departments at all levels. But you have kept almost mum on these two burning issues. The people of the nation had expected that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh would dwell in detail in his Independence Day speech on all these issues and the measures being taken by the government to check price rise and eradicate corruption before the people of the nation. A hope had to be infused among the people by PM on the occasion of Independence Day. He has failed to energize the countrymen who are seething with discontentment against his government. There is economic downturn worldwide. It means according to our Prime Minister, the Government would do nothing to check runaway price of essential commodities and grains. It appears that the UPA Government of Dr. Manmohan Singh has been struck with paralysis. It has lost all hopes of recovery from the mess the nation has slid into due to its mismanagement of economy, lack of will power to take drastic steps to keep the economy going smoothly and buoyantly. Mr. Prime Minister, you had played a pivotal role in starting economic reforms successfully in India and taken the nation to the position where it used to be called emerging super economic power by none other than super economic power of the world. You had achieved astounding success in handling economy when you were the Finance Minister. You have already left stamp of authority on nation’s economy as FM. Undoubtedly, you are economist of international repute and your honesty and integrity have been unquestionable all your public life. Now, you are the Prime Minister. But it appears that you are PM only in name. The performance of your government in its second innings reflects it all on all fronts. Where has your magic touch to the economy gone? Is it the political support that you lack in taking steps to fight out price rise and corruption? If that is so, why don’t you relinquish the post of prime ministership and keep your credentials, image and economic wizardry intact. If there is no political consensus and because of this growth is lagging behind, whose fault is this? Is this the fault of people of the nation or your government? This is coalition era and Congress mindset must adapt to the reality in the interest of the nation. The UPA government must try its best to take all political parties on board and develop consensus on the burning issues of the day. Price rise and corruption are the two measure issues that a common man faces today. Illiteracy, poverty, underdevelopment, unemployment are not today’s problems. They have been prevailing in the nation since Independence. The need of the hour is to declare war on price rise and corruption. And if the government fails to fight out these two issues within the time left with it to go for Lok Sabha elections in 2014, it is bound to meet its doomsday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baba singles out Congress

No one in this country can deny that there is no corruption in the government. But at the same time, no one can say that the corruption prevails only in Congress party and all other political parties are clean and honest. In the prevailing situation, singling out only Congress, holding it responsible for all the corruption in Central and state governments and giving clarion call to oust it by the Yoga Guru Ramdev are nothing but his political bias against it. Baba’s support for NDA and sharing of dais with BJP President Nitin Gadkari, NDA Convenor and JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav leave no one in doubt about his political agenda. Baba Ramdev has taken very clear political stand against the ruling Congress that makes his movement for bringing back black money stashed abroad very confusing, conflicting with the clear reflection about his political agenda. The selective attack on political party for corruption will never succeed in fighting it out. The reality is that the corruption prevails in the entire political class, no matter which party the politicians belong to. Though it is also a fact that some of the leaders belonging to different political parties are dry honest and have full sense of social service, the majority of them are of doubtful credentials. Yoga guru Ramdev has broken his six-day fast and a distinctly anti-Congress protest on the black money issue by calling for defeat of the Congress in the next elections. Once Baba Ramdev has taken political stand, he should also be prepared to go through the ordeal of investigation and face the charge of tax evasion and financial irregularities as he has also a vast business empire. The main objective of any movement or agitation should be to awaken the people to the reality of the day in a complete impartial way through mass mobilization movement for the cause it has been launched, and not for fulfilling political agenda in the garb of Sanyasis or social activists. It is a fact that black money of huge amount is stashed away in foreign banks. It must be brought back in the country and spent on the welfare of the poor people.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Stay apolitical

It is the first step for an agitation to be apolitical to take it to its logical end. Social activist Anna Hazare’s agitation for the appointment of Jan Lokpal to fight out corruption reached nowhere because it could not keep itself apolitical. Hazare’s agitation had drawn massive support spontaneously as long as it stayed apolitical during its short life span. Once it appeared that his agitation was taking political side and it was being supported from behind the scene by the main opposition party BJP, Anna Hazare’s support base started dwindling. Though the cause of his agitation is genuine and nobody irrespective of ideological belief and party can brush it aside, his target centred on only the ruling Congress party that smacked of some interest at play. Agitationists’ main objective should be to awaken the people and embark on mass mobilization movement for the cause which touches the inner heart chord of the people. Who can deny that there is no corruption in India and crores of rupees of black money is not stashed away in foreign banks. Yogu Guru Ramdev has also raised a genuine issue of bringing black money stashed in foreign bank. Government of India must be pressurized to act against corruption and black money. But the pressure on it can not be built by collecting massive crowd by being in the focus of electronic media for days or weeks. The govt. also can not be pressurized to act only because Opposition BJP and its ally attended his protest rally. People are sovereign in India. Power vests in them. They are the masters in democracy. So, instead of holding grand meeting in the national capital and keeping the government on alert to avert any untoward incidents, Anna Hazare, his key supporters and Baba Ramdev should go to the villages and enlighten the people how corruption and black money is deep rooted in govt. and eat into the vitality of the nation. They are so many political parties in the country. People would cast their votes for candidates of the political party whom they consider to be the honest and sensitive to their cause. Not only black money stashed away in foreign banks should be brought back into the country but also the black money kept in domestic banks and is canalized through some other ways to escape law of the land should be brought brought in public view. Ramdev Baba is not only the Yoga Guru but he has also established a business empire in the name of promoting indigenous products by a chain of outlets- Patanjali Arogya. Business is not based on the idea of public welfare but on solely profit motive. People will also not loose sight of Baba Ramdev’s business interest.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Protect Hindus in Pakistan

Insecurity prevails among Hindus, Sikh and Christian minorities in Pakistan. As democracy has always been fragile in Pakistan since its inception and it has already declared itself an Islamic state and not democratic, it is natural for it to impose Islamic belief and tradition on them. Pakistan has always promoted religious radicalism and it has never showed seriousness for the protection of minorities- Hindu, Sikh and Christian there. It is the responsibility of India to ask Pakistan in clear words that it must take all necessary measure for providing safety, security and protecting the honour of Hindu girls in Pakistan. Otherwise, it will be compelled to take appropriate measures to stop the atrocities on Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan. They are treated as second grade citizens in Pak. If the news paper report is to be believed, all sorts of atrocities are inflicted on Hindu ladies. They are forced to marry Muslim men and converted to Islam. Pak military, judiciary and even the democratically elected government of President Asif Ali Zardari have hands in globe on the Hindus exodus into India because of torture, dishonor and insult on daily basis in Pakistan. The population of Hindus is decreasing very fast in Pakistan. They were 15 percent of the total population in 1947, which has come down to two percent. President Asif Ali Zardari urgently needs to take immediate steps to halt the exodus of Hindu community from Pakistan. These days, the large number of Hindus walks across the frontier on the daily basis. Despite possessing valid travel documents, the Hindus are virtually detained by immigration authorities for hours. The Hindus belong to Balochistan and Sindh provinces, where the minority community has been the target of extortions, kidnapping for ransom and forced conversions. Though President Asif Ali Zardari has taken serious notice of reports of a sense of insecurity among Pakistani Hindu families and directed authorities to allay the minority community's grievances, to believe him merely on the basis of this statement is nothing but foolishness on the part of Govt. of India. It is the urgent need to take up the plight of Hindus in Pakistan before initiating any further dialogue process with it to improve the neighbourly relations.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Anna to go political

Social activist Anna Hazare may not have political ambition but one thing is certain that his Team members have been harbouring political ambition since the day one of their protest. If their dictatorial behaviour and speech are anything to go by, it is certain that their political innings will not last long. They must also know that only the national capital Delhi, all metropolitan cities and some other big cities do not constitute India. India resides in villages where the majority of the people are unable to manage their meals twice a day. How could they access internet to send sms about their view on Anna Hazare’s announcement of ending fast abruptly to find political alternative? They have been impractical and irrevalent to adapt themselves to parliamentary form of democracy as they have shown in the last 16 months. With the government refusing to play ball, Team Anna has decided to end their indefinite fast at 5 pm on Friday — the tenth day of the protest — even as they announced their historic decision to give the country a political alternative. Undoubtedly, social activist Anna Hazare had aroused hopes and aspirations among the people. But people’s hopes were crashed with the same intensity as it was aroused by him 16 months ago. Now social activist to be turned political activist Anna Hazare will have to go through the process of litmus test of electoral politics, which he has so far abhorred publicly. If any individual or group tries to change political, social, economic and educational system through the change of government in which the corruption is deep rooted, they will have to join electoral politics by forming a political party to enter Parliament. To enter Parliament, one is required to be elected by the people. As Parliament is supreme, it can not be dictated by an individual or a group which Anna and his Team had not realized so far. Though their behaviour, camera savvy attitude amply reflected that they wanted political power without being accountable to the master, that is the people, they are now prepared to tread the political path. Have they now forgotten the un-parliamentary words they had used against the members of Parliament from the protest sites in the last 16 months? Anna Hazare and his Team members have shown impatience, injudiciousness and dictatorial behaviour at every step of their 16 months of protests, though they had undoubtedly become the Centre of hope for the people of the nation. People believed at least in metropolitan and big cities that Anna would take his fast protest to its logical end. Government of the day in democracy has to be strict and to apply wait and watch policy to measure the people’s response on the nationwide level on one hand and let it die its own death on ther. People’s turn out to the protest sites started dwindling after Ramlila Ground protest in August last year and in the ongoing fast unto death protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi which is to end at 5PM today, the people’s turn-out has been relatively low. This certainly has caused disillusionment among Team Anna. They are ending their fast, taking excuse of exploring political alternative to end corruption. 23 eminent persons have rightly appealed Anna Hazare to end fast and give the people a political alternation to end corruption.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don’t dash people’s hopes to the ground

Social activist Anna Hazare roused a hope among the people of eradicating corruption from the government departments. He stirred them against the corruption nationwide. People started looking at him with enormous expectation amidst the disillusionment among them with the successive governments over corruption. All accept that corruption prevails everywhere in the functioning of the government. Undoubtedly, corruption is rampant at all levels in the government. Anna’s protest began with the demand of Jan Lokpal to eradicate corruption. Corruption has taken the form of the deadly disease like Cancer. Its infection is super fast. And if it was not stopped immediately, it would devour the poorest of the poor. This is the growing corruption that causes backbreaking price rise of food grains and all essential commodities. Therefore, Anna Hazare got massive public and media support in August last year. Media became protesters’ darling. The media had given the largest and longest coverage to Anna Hazare’s protest at Ramlila Ground for his demand of Jan Lokpal to fight out corruption only because the issue touched inner feeling of the people. Team Anna members, very few in numbers and of different ideological belief, started speaking in different voices after the successful 12 days’ protest of August last year in their effort to hog the headlines and attract people’s attention to exploit favour politically. The message went out among the people that Team Anna’s intention was suspect. From the Hissar Lok Sabha by-election, Team Anna Members instead of concentrating their mind and mobilize public support on their main demand Jan Lokpal, they concentrated against the Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre as if all other party leaders are honest. It reflected their bias against the Congress. The new demand of probing the corruption charges against 15 ministers, including the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh by SIT for which Team Anna members- Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sishodia and Gopal Rai- have been sitting on fast into death since 27-7-2012 reflects that they have individual agenda against the government. Anna Hazare also had to start his fast also since 29-8-2012 in support of their demand. It amply reflects deviation and shifting from one demand to another resulting in the confusion among the people. That is why they have got tepid response this time. Media have covered their protest objectively and reported the ground reality this time. Not showing over enthusiasm by the media irked Team Anna and because of that one its senior most members attacked them. Media this time realized that it was not proper for them to report Team Anna’s protest in the way as if they were their spokesman. Anna Hazare has greater responsibility to take his protest for the demand of Jan Lokpal to its logical end. And don’t jump from one issue to another. His protest has enabled the people to dream of a corruption free administration. So, live up to people’s expectation and must not be misdirected by anyone.