Friday, December 17, 2010

Wen Jiabao's visit to India concluded on lacklustre note

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visit to India has concluded on a sombre
and lacklustre note. Wen's visit neither evoked any expectation nor
proved to be a failure. China has not shed its old feeling of rivalry with
India. Chinese Premier condemned terrorism in all its forms and
manifestations but did not name Pakistan's running of terror machine. He
also made no mention of stapled visas to people from Jammu and
Kashmir nor did he express support for UNSC seat for India. For regular boundary skirmishes, Wen only blamed Indian media to
highlight it out of proportion. To keep the relations between the two Asian
giants running on normal course, Chinese Premier described India as
friend and threw light on its participation in international body as
prominent player. In reply to chinese cold response to Indian concerns,
India has also rightly not made any mention of Tibet . China must think that as long as it treats India as its rival, no real
friendship can be established between the two. It should also understand
that India has made long stride in every field of development and the
position now is completely diferent from what existed before 1962. To
keep Pakistan in good humour even after it has become a
well-acknowledged fact sponsoring of terrorism from across the border
against in India, China does not condemn Pak terror activities. China is not doing anything positive to improve relations with India. The
time is changing very fast and India is now not to look back in history. It
wants to establish good neighbourly relation in its neighbourhood.
According to Chinese Premier, good neighbour is a blessing. If that is so,
he must treat Pakistan and India on equal footing. China must not use
one neighbour against the other to serve its own interest. As far as the terrorism that India is facing emanates from Pakistan is
concerned, the world knows it very clealy. But both the US President
Barack Hussain Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao did not speak
at length against terrorism pointedly that could have sounded in Pakistan.
Because both have vital interests in that country. India’s key concerns
on stapled visas to people from Jammu and Kashmir, terrorism
emanating from Pakistan and its aspirations to be a permanent member
of the UN Security Council have not been addressed by China.

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