Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All-party Party Delegation shows magnanimity without replication in J & K

Government of India has tried its best to assuage the dicontented feelings of Kashmiris, especially the youth,who have come out on streets for more than three months. During this period of violence on the streets in the Valley more than 100 innocent lives were lost. Though separatist leaders at the instigation from across the border encourage and inspire the youth to throw stones on security personnel , Government of India has the prime responsibility to restore peace and normalcy in the strife-torn state of J & K. And for that immediately goal to achieve, army is most essential there to stay with full legal protection. Dr. Manmohan Singh -led UPA government rightly sought first the consensus of all national and state political parties on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.It was rightly decided to send a all-party Parliamentary Delegation to know the ground realities of strife-torn state. They have visited the state but the song was sung by separatist and secessionist leaders on their old usual tune. Hurriyat Conference Chairman Mirwaiz Omer Farooq, bereakway Hurriyat harliner Syed Ali Shah Geelani and JKLF boss Yasin Malik boycotted the meeting with Parliamentary Delegation and rejected the invitation of talks outright. But the Parliamentary Delegation showed magnanimity and went in groups to meet these three leaders at their respective homes. As they are tutored from across the border, they did not budge from their stated stand of Azadi, which is well nigh impossible. The question here arises why New Delhi attaches so much importance to these separatist and secessionist leaders. Instead, the Government of India must try to get in touch with the general and aggrieved Kashmiris. The Parliamentary Delegation should have met first on priority basis the parents who have lost their sons or relatives in the more than three month long violence in the Valley. They should have asked about their aspirations and desires. They should also be convinced that they are privileged Indians and New Delhi does nothing to alienate them. They are Indians like all others. The Parliamentary Delegation should have ignored the secessionist and separatist forces in Jammu and Kashmir. As they are dictated by our hostile neighbours, they will do what the instructions come from across the border for them. No parent in Jammu and Kashmir would never like that their children do not attend schools and colleges for months as the state has been on edge for the last three months. The common and general people of the state must be made aware of the fact what New Delhi is doing for them in terms of economic package for the allround development of the state. They should also be convinced that army is their to protect them from terrorists and infiltrators from across the boder. Their presence is necessary as the state of Jammu and Kashmir shares boder with hostile neighbour like Pakistan and competitor like China. As army needs legal protection for delivering their duty fearlessly and sincerely, AFSPA is essential to staty there. The Kashmiri youth must not be allowed to be misguided by the separatist leaders that India is their enemy. The state of Jammu and Kashmir comprises Jammu and Laddakh. These two regions Jammu and Laddakh are always in favour staying with India. Then, how the demand of separation by separatist and secessionist leaders from India can be considered. The Parliamentary Delegation must make clear that the demand for Azadi is out of question and the state of Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and will remain so. They also must make clear to separatist and secessionist leaders that talks will only be held with them under the ambit of Indian Contitution. Separatist and secessionist leaders are not bigger than India and the disrespect they have shown to all-party Parliamentary delegation is condemnable by all Indians. The main question here is when the Moderare Hurriyat Conference leaders say that majority of Kashmiris want separation from India on their call, why do the separatist leaders contest elections after elections conducted fairly by the Election Commission of India. As long as the separatist leaders are dictated by Pakistan, they will continue to sing the same tune to keep their shop running.

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