Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sheer negligence of Police, MCD and Delhi Govt

The sheer negligence of MCD , Delhi Govt., Police and DDA officials has caused the four-story building collapse in East Delhi Laxminagar area that has resulted in the tragic death of 66 persons. Several persons have suffered serious injuries.All government authorities have neglected their responsibility, resulting in the loss of innocent persons. They are responsible for the macabre dance of murder. It is not a disaster but the tragedy invited by all the authorities concerned with giving permission to builders to contruct death prone buildings. After the tragedy, all political leaders, including Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit, Urban Development Minister of Delhi and local MLA A K Walia and East Delhi MP Sandip Dixit visited the spot and shed crocodile tears on TV news screens. But never missed to play blame game. The vital question arises here who gave clearance certificate of constructing four-storey building to the builders in Delhi? Who is ruling Delhi. If for excuse the ruling establishment says all the agencies are not under it, did it ever put the matter of illegal construction before the Central government as Delhi is the national capital.Why the Delhi Police did not stop the coming up of four-story building. Chief Minister Sheila Dixit must give answer to all these questions of Delhiites as they have fallen prey to their sheer negligence and callousness. CM has already put blame on MCD as it is run by the BJP. In retaliation, BJP has put blame Delhi Jal Board for the tragedy as water was logged in the basement of ill-fated building for the last 3 months.After routine retiual and making announcement of compensation, Delhi CM never said that what the agencies under her government were doing at the time of illegal constructions were coming up. All the killed persons in the building collapse were belong to the lower strata of society. They had come to national capital Delhi from the far-flung areas of the country to earn livelihood. But the prevailing condition in the so-called world class city, the poor persons are compelled to live like animals. Because of nexus among Govt, MCD, police officials, builders and contractors, the human tragedy has taken place in Delhi. No safety measures were taken in any of the illegally constructed buildings in Delhi. Rescue operations were also not taken quickly. It was the local people who started rescue and relief operations immediately. They first took the injured to the hospitals. Delhi CM visited the tragic spot after 14 hours of the tragedy and announced her routine official business of compensation. Can compensation announced by the government replace the pain of tragic death of innocent persons. No political leaders or parties have the guts to break the nexus among political leaders, Govt, MCD, DDA, Police, contractors and builders in national capital Delhi as it is deep-rooted. By shedding crocodile tears at the time of tragedy can do no purpose. But it is a wake-up for authorities concerned with giving permission to builders in Delhi.

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