Thursday, December 2, 2010

CVC’s position untenabble

The Supreme Court has virtually questioned the tenability of Chief Vigilance Commissioner P J Thomas supervising the CBI's investigations into the 2G spectrum scandal as he himself was Telecom Secretary at the relevant point of time. First of all, controversial person must not be considered for the post of Chief Vigilance Commissioner, the top watch dog to look into corruption cases. The Committee competent to recommend the appointment of CVC comprises Prime Minister, Home Minister and leader of Opposition. The Opposition leader of BJP Sushama Swaraj had raised objection to the name of PG Thomas for the post of CVC but her objection was overruled outright by PM. It is also natural that person who is not free of corruption charges himself can not be expected to investigate corruption cases against others. Supreme Court has also questioned the tenability of CVC Thomas. Before being appointed CVC Thomas was the Telecom Secretary and the 2G Scam has occured in the department, though he has said that the distribution of licenses was not done during his secretaryship.CVC PG Thomas has already been debarred from overseeing the investigation into 2G Scam. In the meantime, CBI Director has been appointed. The Committee appoints CBI Director is headed by CVC. Now the question of propriety here arises that when CVC Thomas was already rescued from dealing with 2G Scam, how could he be proper to give the final nod for the appointment of CBI Director. If the CVC Thomas is not legally authorised to oversee 2G Scam investigation, how the appointment of CBI Director AP Singh can be valid. If there is a question of impropriety involved in the appointment of CBI Director, then can it be made null and void. This is a big question to be answered by the Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government. As far as the question of proprietary among political parties is concerned, there is double standard on the issue. One for self and other for else. The same is being played in Parliament. The BJP is baying for the blood of the ruling party over the demand of JPC probe into 2G Scam, stalling Parliament in the Winter Session for 15th day since its beginning. BJP also demanding the resignation of CVC PJ Thomas as charge of corruption is pending against him in the court of law. But on the other hand the alleged involvement of BJP Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa in land scam is being given a go by and it let him continue as CM. What is the meaning of propriety in public life? What is improper for itself is proper for others. BJP, the main opposition, owes also an explanation to the nation.

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