Monday, September 23, 2013

An act of hate

The two incidents of terror- one at a Mall in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, and the other at a Church in Peshawar of Pakistan- have saddened and shaken the world. There are two Indians among 68 killed by heavily armed Somali Islamist militants who stormed a packed mall in Nairobi and engaged in fierce fighting with Kenyan soldiers backed by Israeli special forces trying to rescue about 30 hostages and end the bloody siege that entered a second day. In another blood bath carried out by Pakistan Taliban, about 60 innocent persons were killed in the bomb blasts at a famous church in Peshawar of Pakistan. The Christian minority has been targeted by the militants to avenge the drone attack in Pakistan by the US as reportedly claimed by them. The indiscriminate firing by the Al-Shabab militants, a wing of Al-Qaeda, was patterned on Mumbay attack of 26/11. The target of militants' attack was westerners at the Kenyan capital Nairobi Mall. The entire international community condemns these acts of hate. India is shocked and saddened and expresses its solidarity with the Kenyan government and the people in this hour of crisis. The most dangerous trend that has emerged from the Nairobi Mall attack is that the militants enquired about the religion of their targets there and they killed only those who were non-Muslim and Muslims were allowed to go out without any harm. In the Peshawar Church killing the Christians were their targets who account for 4 percent of the population of Pakistan. US must realize the ground reality that the target in these two attacks of the Islamist militants has been westerners and Christians. The attack on US installation by Al-Qaeda in Nairobi has also been carried out in the past also. The US must also know there is connection between world-wide and Pakistan, which breeds terrorism that bleeds the world. It is not only India, which bears the burnt of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism most but also the entire world, especially the US. US must also know that whatever aids it provides to Pakistan from time to time for the safeguard of its strategic interest in South Asia, it is like the poisonous snake that bites even the master who offers it milk. So, the US must take the killing of westerners and Christians in Nairobi Mall and Peshawar church respectively very seriously. The beginning of terror acts with open religious tinge is very dangerous. Up till now, it was said that terrorism has no religion. But now with the Nairobi Mall killing, it has come to light that the Islamist militants only targets non-Muslims. It is high time for the entire world to make concerted effort and rise above self-interest by big and powerful to wipe out the terrorism from the face of the earth.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Modi elavated, Advani isolated

BJP named Gujarat Chief Minister and popular party leader Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha elections despite stiff opposition by party’s mentor, guide and one of nation’s most prestigious and senior most leaders Lal Krishna Advani. It is a fact that at present Naredra Modi is the only hope for the BJP so it did not take time to name him as its prime ministerial candidate, pushing party’s Vishmapitamah into isolation. Advani and former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee have been the founder members of BJP. They are credited with bringing the party to this level from where it makes claim to power for the second time. BJP came to power in 1998 for the first time. Lal Krishna Advani, who was called Loh Purush, had played more aggressive role in projecting the BJP as alternative to the oldest and longest ruling Congress party by taking up the issue of Hindutva openly. Gujarat Chief Minister Naredra Modi today may have left his inspirational guru and mentor far behind in popularity, but the BJP and Modi both must not forget that they are his creations . BJP also must not forget that old is gold. And the uncivilized manner in which it has treated its parental figure L K Krishna Advani shows its disregard for our civilization and family discipline. Undoubtedly, Modi is the most popular leader of the BJP but it does not mean that the party should treat its creator as shabbily as has been done with Lal Krishna Advani. With the nomination of Narendra Modi as it PM candidate, the BJP stands divided today and gives birth to the question that when over his name itsself party stands divided, how would he be able to keep the nation united if ever he becomes the PM. By nominating Modi as PM candidate, ignoring blatantly wishes and aspirations of L K Advani, the BJP has shown its excessive hunger for power. The Lok Sabha elections are still 6 months away. There was no need for the party to show this type of haste in declaring its prime ministerial candidate, bypassing its most senior leader. It is not only the Vishmapitamah of the party L K Advani but also the two other most senior leaders- BJP Parliamentary party leader Shusma Swaraj and Murli Manohar Joshi -were also opposed to the declaration of Modi’s name at this point of time, though they fell in line and went with the majority decision of the parliamentary board. Besides being the most popular leader of BJP, Narendra Modi is also the most controversial one. He has still not come out of the shadow of 2002 Gujarat riots. The stigma of one of the worst communal riots depicts him as divisionary force while the nation needs unifying one to keep its chief characteristic unity in diversity intact. The allegation against Narendra Modi being a divisionary leader is his biggest drawback. Though how far the BJP is correct in nominating him as party PM candidate will only be told by the LS elections result in 2014, one thing is certain that he will certainly polarize majority community in his party’s favour to some extent and minority in its totality against it. One thing that goes in his favour is that he is credited with delivering good governance, clean administration and zero tolerance to terrorism but another thing that goes against him is that he is considered to be dividing, and not unifying leader.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Nation’s concerns justified

Though Union Defence Minister AK Antony has denied media report quoting National Security Advisory board Chairman Shyam Sharan that China has occupied 640 Sq. kilometer area in Laddakh in Parliament, it is the issue of national security that needs urgent assurance about border security from the government. The Govt must not conceal any thing on issue of Chinese incursion into Indian Territory. The issue of Chinese incursion into Indian Territory had rocked both houses of Parliament earlier also. In the wake of Chinese incursion into Indian Territory in April, National Security Advisory Board Chairman Shyam Saran had submitted a report to the Prime Minister in which he had concluded that China was in occupation of 640 sq km area along the Line of Actual Control. It has caused anxiety among the people all over the nation over the security of our borders. This is the issue of national security. So, MPs rising above party politics have shown solidarity and unity on this issue of urgent attention. Defence Minister has told the Lok Sabha that India is capable of guarding its borders. But MPs are not satisfied with his statement in the House. The question that concerns the nation most is that why Chinese troops make incursion into Indian Territory in Laddakh area time and again. Do they test our patience or want to read the reaction of Indian troops to their mischievous activities? India must ask China at the highest level to stop these activities by its troops on the border forthwith. Otherwise, consequences may be grave and far-reaching. Chinese double standard has already been experienced by India. So, it is better not to rely on Chinese assurance that border dispute will be amicably resolved. India too wants to resolve border dispute with China amicably. China has always been trying to weaken India by diverting its attention on the issue of security of its borders, so that it could not achieve anything positive. It supports and provides all helps to India’s neighbours, who are considered hostile and inimical to it. Besides, incursion into Indian Territory, China always instigates Pakistan to create mischief in India. How big terror violence may take place with Pakistani support in India, China never asks the former to refrain from sponsoring terrorism into India. It has now started to have its feet in Nepal and Sri Lanka also to exploit the anger among the people in these two countries against India. So, China is not only directly posing threat to our territorial integrity but also trying to get us encircled by our neighbours.All these issues need to be raised at the highest level with China very urgently. And nation must be assured of safety and security from all outside threat. We must not appear weak and divided on the issue of our national security. The message from the Parliament must go out loud and clear that India is well prepared to give befitting reply as and when required to any hostile nation howsoever strong it may be.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Music provides healing touch

The music concert is going to be organized Shalimar Garden, Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir by the world-renowned music conductor Zubin Mehta. It is being opposed by the separatists and little known militant outfits. Music concert in Shalimar Garden is hosted by German ambassador to India Michael Steiner. More than 15 00 guest have been invited to attend the music concert and rejoice the moment. The ground reality of trouble-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir will be expressed through this music concert. It may not bring 70,000 people, who lost their lives in the two decades of long disturbance and bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir, back to life but one thing is certain that this music concert by world renowned music conductor Zubin Mehta would mesmerize the assembled guest in the garden and give a healing touch to the people. His music would develop love and affection among the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This programme of music concert will certainly provide a respite from discord and disturbance. People in the state will have opportunity to lighten their mind from the fear of terrorist violence. As the fear of terrorist violence always lurking in the minds of the people, music concert conducted by the world famous Zubin Mehta would provide the people ecstasy and hilarious moment. The common people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir are culture and music loving. The music is ingrained in their mind. The music concert will also help promote the culture and civilization of the state. Separatists and secessionists would never like the programme of music, which brings peace and tranquility in the Valley. The handful of separatists and secessionists must not be allowed at any cost to disrupt and disturb the music concert of Zubin Mehta, which is going to paint the ground reality of Jammu and Kashmir before the world. The state government of Jammu and Kashmir and the Centre must provide all possible protection to the organizer, conductor of the music concert and the people, so that the music concert could be conducted peace fully. A message must go out from here that the common people of Jammu and Kashmir have nothing to do with terror activities and they want only peace, amity and development. Unfazed by opposition from separatists and threats from little-known militant groups, preparations are on in full swing for the ‘Ehsaas-e-Kashmir’ (Feel of Kashmir) music concert. This music concert features world-renowned music conductor Zubin Mehta in Srinagar on Saturday. German Ambassador to India Michael Steiner, who is hosting the concert before a specially-invited audience of 1,500 guests, is camping in Srinagar to oversee the preparations for the event to be held in the famous Shalimar Garden built by Mughal Emperor Jehangir. Steiner has visited the venue where he was briefed about the security measures being put in place in view of threats issued by three less-known militant organizations against holding of the concert.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

US strike against Syria appears imminent

The United States is planning to strike the war-torn Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack by Assad’s regime on August 21st, which killed thousands of civilians, including hundreds of children.If the body language, stance, motive and precedent of the US president Barack Obama are anything to go by, the US-led strike of the West against Syria is imminent under the excuse that Syria govt. had used chemical weapons against the civilians. Though Nato Chief has not dwelt on the strike against Syria, his belief that the chemical weapons were used by Bashar al-Assad government against the rebellions also makes the strike imminent. UN investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria is underway and its report is yet to come. It would be better to wait for the UN report and after that, there might be discussion on whether to attack Syria in a limited way or not. There has been worldwide condemnation of chemical attack on civilians in which thousands of lives were lost and the number of women and children among the deceased was enormous. Whoever did this crime must be awarded deterrent punishment. Though it may be possible that to defame the Assad government the chemical gas named Sarin may have passed into the hands of terrorists and it may be their handiwork, this must be thoroughly probed before any plan of action against Syria is taken. Syria is a sovereign country. Many countries in the Middle East are expected to come out in the open support of Syria as Iran has already announced its support for it if the US strikes it, besides that Russia and China have already opposed US strike against Syria. The US-led attack on Syria will also no longer be limited to it, and it will naturally spread in the entire Middle East. Oil reserves in the Middle East have its own importance. The supply of crude oil from there will be badly affected, and consequently India will put at a great loss. Strike against Syria will have negative impact on already staggering Indian economy. So, India will never support the US strike against Syria. Traditionally also, India has never been on the side of aggressor. It is against the attack on the sovereignty of any nation, though it severely condemns the chemical attack on civilians in which thousands were killed. The US has the tendency of attacking the sovereignty of the nation which it dislikes under one excuse or the other. The example of US military intervene in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq is already before us. India must support the stand taken by Russia and China against the US on the issue of attacking Syria. Its highhandedness against the weak and small nations and its expansionist and imperialistic ambition must be opposed with all might. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has rightly warned Western military strikes will risk igniting a ‘regional war’. He has also said that France would face repercussions if it takes part in US-led plans for military action against Syria.

At last, rule of law enforced

A court in Jodhpur sent self-styled godman Asaram to 14 days of judicial custody in connection with charges that he had sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl. Police arrested the self-styled godman Asaram for an alleged sexual assault on a 16-year-old school girl at an ashram in Jodhpur. The girl had lodged a police complaint on August 20, accusing the 74-year-old Asaram of sexually assaulting her at his ashram. It is correct to say that as long as the rule of law was not applied the self-styled godman remained at large for more than 10 days even after the charge of sexual assault of 16-year-old girl at his ashram was levelled against him. Asaram has a large following among Hindu community and he has established more than 450 ashrams in India and abroad. His asset runs in crores and he has been living a lavish life. It is because of vote bank politics that his arrest was delayed. But the lone campaign against the accused godman was launched by the media of the nation that brought pressure on the government to ask its police to act against Asaram. The sixteen year old rape victim was living at his ashram. His parents were the followers of Asaram. That is why they had admitted her daughter to his asram for studying there. The girl herself lodged FIR with the police at Kamala Market police station in Delhi about the sexual assault on her by Asaram. Though the charge of sexual assault is true or false is a matter of investigation, it was so grave that if the accused were an ordinary man, he would have been arrested forthwith. But as the charge of sexual assault was against self-styled godman Asaram, he was provided enough time to make way-outs. The moment the name of Asaram figured, the main opposition party BJP came out in his support on one hand and Rajasthan Congress government of Ashok Gehlot with an eye on coming assembly elections instructed the Jodhpur police to go slow against the godman so that his large followings could not go against the Congress party on the other. This is the deteriorating culture of our ruling and opposition political party. The Asaram incident also shows that the political class, especially, the ruling and the opposition has no respect for women in society. After the Nirbhay 16/12 incident, laws against sexual assault on women were enacted afresh and made stringent, but to no effect. New laws against sexual assault under which the complain with the police by the women is enough for the arrest of the accused. The delay in the arrest of Asaram has exposed how everything in the functioning of the government is based on political gain and loss motive. If media had not built enough pressure, Asaram might have been left to roam freely from one city to another to hold his Satsang.