Monday, November 29, 2010

Last effort to break logjam in Parliament

Now, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar is making the last ditch effort to break the logjam in Lok Sabha by calling all-party meeting today. Winter Session has transacted no business since it opened. It is the 12 the day continuous disruption in running the both houses of Parliament. Opposition BJP and all other parties demand Joint Parliamentary probe into 2G Scam. Government is in no mood to concede the demand, resulting in the logjam of Parliament. No parliamentary business has been transacted in the winter session of Parliament. While the crores of public money have been drained down. This is the longest logjam of Parliament. Government has made several efforts to break the logjam to run the Parliament. But all went invain. The united opposition is adamant on nothing less than probe into 2G Scam. Though the former Union Minister for IT and Telecom had to resign over the allegation of misappropriation of Rs 1.76 Crore of public money in the 2G Scam, the opposition parties are not satisfied with merely resignation of the alleged minister from the Cabinet and they demand nothing less than JPC probe. Though CBI enquiry and hearing Supreme Court are going on and the Government is of the view that these are enough to investigate the allegations effectively, it is for Opposition how they believe the government. If the Opposition is so adamant on the demand of JPC, what reservation has the treasury benches in not agreeing to their demand. Government is also of the view that JPC so far has not been very useful in investigating the matter if the previous experience is anything to go by. That is why they are opposing it. Now the condition in Parliament is so bad and disturbing that Speaker Meira Kumar herself has taken initiative by calling all-party meeting to break the logjam in Parliament. The continuing uproar in the House paints a sorry state of affairs. It appears as if no sense is prevailing among the MPs on both sides why they are squandering public ex-chequer. Though it is the prime responsibility of the treasury benches to ensure the smooth running of the House to transact business for which it has been called, they fail to convince the opposition. As 2G Scam is the biggest in Independent India, it is natural that it has hurt the public sentiments very badly and damaged the image of entire ruling parties. The reason for calling all-party meeting by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha Meira Kumar is expected to prevail on both sides and pave way for running both Hoses of Parliament. The scene of the Lok Sabha and Rajya reflects that the Speaker and Deputy Chairperson are acting like very reponsibly in accordance with the dignity of the House to establish peace but no MPs are prepared to listen them. That is why Parliament, these-days, sends out no positive messages to the people as the time of their representatives is passed in tu tu mai mai only.

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