Monday, October 4, 2010

A glittering ceremony

The world became bedazzled and entire nations felt pride at the spectacular start of the Delhi Commonwealth Games, 2010, which goes underway in the city. India showed the world that it is capable of holding the international sporting event better than else other in the world. It has made long stride, leaving many others far behind.All the criticism of the preparations for the Games vanished at the grand arrangement on the occasion of the inaugural ceremony. National and international media, which had bitterly criticised the organising Committee, Govt. of India, Delhi Government and various other agencies entrusted with the task , had to praise profusely at the spectacular start of the Games. The credit goes to Govt. of India and Delhi police for security arrangement of highest standard and vigil. The magnificent ways in which India’s diverse culture and traditions were showcased at the inaugural ceremony left the world dumb-struck. The jubilancy and enthusiam the entire nation showed towards the Commonwealth Games forced the world to accept that India has gone farahead of most of thedeveloped developing countries. India's alround growth was reflected in the arrangement of the Games. Finally, Delhi Games were prepared in such a magnificent way that even those players who refused to come to Delhi to participate have shown desire to visit. And for that reason, the registration date for players to participate was extended to Oct 8. India’s diverse landscape, culture and traditions and how train of its journeys can unite the states were showcased by dancers from across the country accompanied by projections on the aerostat and performance on the ground. The Great Indian Journey, which drew a huge round of applause from the audience at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games , was composed using occupational songs and traditional folk songs from different states.Through projection on the aerostat and the performance unfolding on ground, it was a virtual journey that took everyone through India’s landscape, culture and traditions.The train of the great Indian Journey carried the aspirations of a billion people and represented the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural people of India coming together as one.The segment also replicated the Indian train journey complete with the omnipresent chaiwallahs and singing beggars.The World media have also come out with handsome praise. Even the foreign players have described the Delhi arrangement as extra-ordinary and better than all other previous Games.

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