Friday, October 30, 2009

It is a sincere gesture of peace

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in his first visit to Jammu and Kashmir after coming to power for the second consecutive term has shown his sincerity of bringing about peace and development for the people of the state. After the over two decades of blood-shed in the state, there has come about a ray of hope in the state. Militant violence has certainly come down this time in two decades and the people of the state are limping back to their normal business. The security forces are doing excellent job in the state by keeping vigil round the corner and now the infiltration from across the border has become very difficult because of their constant vigilance. So their pull-out gradually or any dilution in their power at this juncture must not be thought for the benefit of the state as well the nation. Prime Minister has rightly called upon all parties, factions, sections and groups who matter in the state to come forward for debate and discussion to resolve their lognstanding grievances. He has also rightly extended the hand of frienship to Pakistan from the Valley, but with a rider that they must eliminate terrorism emanating from their soil, though former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee had also offered the hands of friendship to Pak from the Valley during NDA regime which went in vain. Inviting Pak for dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues, including Kashmir is not a bad idea and there is also option except that but it must be made clear that dialogue and terror can not go together. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has three regions- Jammu, Kashmir and Laddakh. The opinons of all the three regions are a must to reach the solution to the conscientious issues. Apart from all the political hues, factions, the participation of separatists in the debate and discussion is also essential to bring peace and prosperity of the state. Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. This also must be made clear before any talks on the state begin.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh , UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi alongwith other top brass of UPA visited the state on Oct 28 to inaugurate the opening of railway line from Anantnag to Quzigund and attracted the massive crowd who were jubilant at the prospects of state’s all round development, which are enough to gauge the mood of the people on the ground. The massive crowd showed that they were yearning for peace and development, and the state is inalienable part of India.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pak in monsters’ grip

The blood-shed by Tehrik-e-Pakistan on regular basis is rising fast and spreading all over the country is not only the serious cause of concern for Pakistan but also the South Asia in particular and the world in general. The car bomb, that killed 91 and injured hundreds in Peshawar city, reflects that Taliban are prepared to take control of Pakistan. It is warning to the whole world to take it seriously. The car bomb exploded in the crowded and famous Meena Bazar of Peshawar city. The car bomb packed with 150 kg of explosives went off at the entrance of ‘Meena Bazar’, a market meant exclusively for women.Both Taliban and al-Qaeda have reportedly said they were not involved in the bombing.Pakistan’s army is on war with its own creation Taliban. The fierce fighting is going off and on between army and Taliban in its stronghold of South Waziristan. The car bomb explosion which caused heavy casualties is the secong such big incident of violence by Taliban after the explosion in the welcome rally of Benazir Bhutto in Oct 2007, after three months she was killed also. Pakistani army is now being openly challenged by its own creation Taliban. The timing of the car bomb explosion has deliberately been coincided with the visit of the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Islamabad. Pak created Taliban with the full blessing of the US. So the Pakistan Taliban has also challenged the US openly. And the US must also understand that its suggestion to India and Pakistan how to deal with terror is of no use until and unless it shows its sincerity and fair dealings.Now there is no time for the US to only talk tall and act little. Being the sole super power of the world and leader of international coalition to fight against terrorism, it must come forward to finish this scourge of humanity. Pakistan also happens to be the blue-eyed boy of the US and it is in the grip of monsters. So, the initiative to finish this monster must start from the US. Otherwise, this enemy of humanity may engulf the entire international community.With the recovery of 15 more bodies from the rubble of several buildings that collapsed due to a massive car bombing in a Peshawar market, the toll in one of the worst terror attacks in Pakistan rose to 107.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crisis in BJP deepens

Since the humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha elections, there appears no respite of humiliation even after the assembly elections in three states in which the party has recorded dismal performance and the Congress-led ruling UPA has won 3-0. The leadership crisis is haunting the BJP since its tallest leader and former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee retired from active politics. BJP MP and famous Bollywood star Satrughan Sinha has also demanded surgey of BJP because the medicines so far have failed to cure it. Though after Vajpayee, Lal Krishna Advani remains the unchallenged leader of the party because of his valuable contribution to building the party with Vajpayee,party could never reach unanimity on his leadership. With his total control over the party, factionalism became the hall mark of the party which in past boasted of a party with a difference. It is beyond any doubt that Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh has been its philosophical, inspirational and political centre of the BJP. BJP is the political wing of the RSS so it can not see it perish in this way. That is why after the successive drubbing of the party, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat suggested it to diagnose the disease which has struck it resulting its existence as formidable opposition has become doubtful. Whether the BJP needs surgey, medicine or chemotherapy, it is to be diagnosed by itself and RSS is always there to give the party its valued suggestions. This was said by none other than the RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat and it is reported that he is meeting to discuss the matter . BJP president Rajnath Singh, who is at the fag end of his term as party president, has reacted sharply by saying that someone has lost his balance of mind that is why he says like that. While veteran BJP leader Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi has rightly said that RSS is itself the doctor of BJP so it is free to diagnose the desease and prescribe medicines to cure it. Now enough is enough. RSS should only fecilitate the honourable exit of Advani and make arrangement of youthful and dynamic leadership of BJP to provide the nation a formidable opposition in the prevailing situation.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good move to end multi-plicity of authorities

The Centre has made good move to end the multi-plicity of authorities. It is a long-cherished demand of Delhi CM Sheila Dixit. By delegating its power to Delhi government to manage affairs of Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the Centre has left no scope of excuse for it about the worsening civic amenities in the national capital Delhi. Before this move of the Centre, Delhi govt. is like that gun which fails to serve its purpose without the cartridege. The civic amenities are so worse in the city that even normal rains turn it a hell and when the Chief Minister of Delhi is asked about the sorry state of affairs, she promptly replies and said that you had better ask the question to Muicipal authorities concerned. The move of the Ministry of Home to hand over some functionings, including civic amenity, of the MCD to Delhi govt has ended the multiplicity of authorities to facilitate it to act properly and promptly. Corporation functions like building by-laws, allocation of central funds and carrying out performance reviews to the city government. The move addresses in part a long-standing political and administrative demand raised by Delhi chief minister Shiela Dikshit who has pointed to lack of control on MCD’s spending, land use and police as reasons for civic and law and order woes. This order now gives Delhi govt. powers to plan and monitor civic projects under MCD.Now, the government of Delhi will be solely responsibly for the cleanliness of the city and its excuses would not be entained. The control of MCD was a big excuse of Sheila Dixit government for bad state of affairs about civic amenities. Though at present BJP is in majority in MCD and Congress is in Opposition, the it should not oppose the Centre's move to keep Sheila Dixit government in dock over the worsening condition of civic amenities in the city. Apart from all these things, the world’s biggest sports jamboree Commonwealth Games 2010 is being hosted by Delhi next year. Now CM Dixit has been put to regorous test to prepare the city for the occasion. And if she fails in improving the civic amenities in the city, she will be directly held responsible.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Centre must take tough stand against naxalism

There is not much difference between terrorism and naxalism. Terrorism is external threat to the country, while naxalism is internal threat. Hence, there must not be any difference in ways to deal with naxalism and terrorism. Both are anti-nationals. So, they must be dealth stringently. As far as the intellectual suppor that they get is concerned, the government must use proper platform of propaganda to counteract it. The intellectuals who provide support to Maoists must be asked on what basis they sympathise them. They are doing so because the Maoists butcher even the innocent children and in the name of war against state terrorism they ghareo police stations with a mob of hundreds of armed cadres and shot the police personnel dead on the spot. On what basis the Maoist intellectuals and human rights activists hold the maoists’ action of beheading the Jharkhand police officer Francis Induwar justified. It is nothing but perverted intellectualism.State must not show any sort of liniency towards Maoists as long as they hold the gun. The police officer of Sankrail police station of West Midnapur in West Bengal was kidnapped by Maoists and they released him in swap to the freedom of their 22 women cadres. The West Bengal gave in to their demand and under the agreement it did not oppose their bail in the court of law. This nothing but bending of the state before the anti-nationals.And this type of softening of stand towards the anarchists, who do not have faith in the rule of law, by the West Bengal government to keep its own political interest safe must not be allowed by the Centre.Under these circumstances, the Centre must intervene without caring political fall-out. It is also undoubtedly true that the rampant disparity in our soceity is the main reason among the tribals and the poor to join naxalism . So there is also urgent need to initiate develomental issues vigorously in naxalite-afected state to remove economic disparity from the society. Maoists are acquiring weapons through Bangladesh, Myanmar and possibly Nepal .Government has rightly expressed willingness for a dialogue with Maoists provided they abjure violence. Intellectuals who have sympathy for the cause of naxalites must not try to romanticise them. They should prevail up on the naxalites to lay down arms, join the national mainstream and after that put their demands for economic upliftment.They can achieve nothing at gun point.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Upswing in Cong’s fortunes

The people of Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh have brought back the Congress Party to power by giving their mandate to it for third and second consecutive term respectively. After its victory in the Lok Sabha elections this year, Congress is going from strength to strength, while the opposition Bhartiya Janata Party is getting weaker and weaker because of its leadership crisis. The assembly elections in three states, though in Haryana Congress is five short of simple majority in the house of 90, show that there is great disillusionment among the people with main opposition party BJP, while it is necessary for the opposition to be formidable to work as check and balance and to keep the ruling entity always on toes. This is the third consecutive term that the people have given their mandate to the Congress party in the important state like Maharashtra without any remarkable achievement recorded by it in the last ten years. It clearly shows that the oposition parties are divided the advantage of which is availed by the Congress Party. Haryana is famous for ‘Aya Ram, Gaya Ram’ that Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda to apply this time with the independents to support him to form the government. And, Constitutionally also, Governor is bound to invite the Congress because of the largest number of legislatures. It is for the first time after 1966 in Haryana that the Congress government is formed for the second consecutive term. The victory of the Congress Party is not because it is has done some exemplary works for the people but because of the absence of formidable opposition . But one thing that goes in favour of the Congress party is that it is unflingchingly committed to its stated policy of secularism and pluralistic socieity and always makes policy and programme with an eye on the interest of the poor people of the country. The party does not believe in casteism and for the sake of votes on castelines it does not adopt any principle that causes cracks in the Indian socieity. Though the entire Maharashtra, including the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai which also happens to be the commercial capital of country, has brought the Congress party in the hope of delivering on promises honestly this time, making Mumbai in line of Shanghai as promised by none other than the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh himself remains a promise to this day. The development of state has been dismal and there has not been seen any improvement on halting starvation deaths,power sector and rural development front. By giving massive mandate to the Congress party by the people of Arunachal Pradesh, they have shown that the state is the integral part of India and it will remain so. In recent days, China has caste its hostile eyes on Arunachal Pradesh in North-Eastern region to which India has given the befitting reply diplomatically. Now the responsibility on the Congress party has increased and it would have to pursue development-oriented programm and policy more vigorously. Otherwise, it would also have to face people’s wrath in the next elections.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Politician must shed snobbery

There must not be any place for snobbery in public life in a democratic country like India. Every one is equal here atleast on paper. Politicians of any hue can not enjoy more rights than an ordinary citizen of the country. But these days, especially among politicians, a tendency has increased enormously that they are above the law. But it is among those whose upbringing has been rural, feudal set-up, and mind is narrow and thought is short-sighted often try to impose their supremacy on society. Former Union Miister and BJP MP Shahnawaz Hussain was scheduled to go to US for participating in UN General Assembly meeting as an Indian Parliamentarian, but he was not allowed visas due to some documentary lapses. He made the very small thing a mountain out of a mole, saying that he was not given visas because of his Muslim name only to get media glare. He expected the government of India should take it up with the US as a matter of prestige and express its concerns of his visas issue. While fact of the matter is that why should the nation be concerned over his visas denial by the US, when the fault is his on own part. Has the Indian nation express concern ever over the denial of visas to any common citizen of the country? Mr. Shahnawaz Hussain must think that he is not above and is like ordinary citizen when the question of rights and duties come into the picture. It is short-sightedness to expect the entire nation to make a hue and cry over his denial of visas by the US. In US all are equal before law not only on paper but in practice also. US president enjoys the same right as the ordinary citizen in that country. That is why there is no practice there of VIP status. Whereas in India some are above others. Humble nature of our former president APJ Kalam was reflected when he was made to undergo all security screening process at the airport by US civil aviation officialsand he made no noise. But when even ordinary politicians are made to undergo all screening process, they make a lot of hue and cry and compare his sreening to the prestige of the nation. A day before yesterday, BJP president Rajnath Singh’s Chattered Plane’s airpath was lightened by hundred of jeeps and motor cars to fly at Dumka airport in Jharkhand. He was visiting there for holding public meetings. Under these circumstance, there are chances of mishaps. If anything untowards had happened, its pilot and crew member were immediately held responsible and punished for the act about which no body has heard in the history of the world that the plane took off in this manner. These acts of politicians reflect how they make mockery of any law and norms. The govt must initiate action against the politician , and not the pilots,under whose influence they would have violated the flying norms. It is an understood thing. So, the government must take some steps in true spirit and letter of the constitution that could check the growing tendency among politicians that they above ordinary citizens.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raise standard of school and college education

From the day one Mr. Kapil Sibal was appointed as the Union Human Resources Minister in Manmohan Singh-led UPA-11 Council of Ministers, he started in right direction the much needed educational reforms at all levels. He has introduced grading system in CBSE 10th standard to do away with examination to destress the students for scoring high percentage of marks. No doubt, the students were under immense pressure from all sides for bringing high percentage of marks. The Minister has initiated steps to remove percentage with grade so as the students could be kept safe from stress trauma, which has often resulted in taking suicidal steps being taken by disillusioned students. If the students who scored low percentage of marks, they had to face immense trouble in admission to the reputed colleges of the country. Though the move of grading system for class 10th in CBSE is still to be finally implemented, it is a good idea for the benefit of students. The introduction of grading system also requires the teachers to be trained well to judge the merits of students and according to which they could award them the grade they deserve. Now a move is underway to be introduced to raise the criterian of marks in 12th class to sit in the entrance tests for IITs. Sibal has rightly favoured more weightage be given to Class 12 Board exam for IIT entrance and felt that the required minimum of 60 per cent marks could be raised but left it to a Committee to take a decision. Sibal's suggestion came in an attempt to ensure that students taking entrance tests to the premier institutes gave equal importance to the secondary school exam and to check the growth of IIT coaching centres. IITs require best minds and the best minds could be found among the lakhs of students through proper criteria of screening.The Human Resources ministry has rightly thought of raising the eligibility standard for the tests held for admission to IITs-the country's premier engineering institutions. Now the eligibility criteria of scoring 60 per cent is thought to be raised to 80 to 85 per cent for sitting in tests for admission in IITs. This has also rightly been done to check the mushrooming growth of coaching institututes, which train the students for sitting in the test for admission to IITs. The coaching institutes have made the education a thriving business and they earn crores of rupees per month. Because after doing 10th, it is seen that most of the students pay little attention of scoring high marks in 12th examination and they take admission in various coaching institutues to prepare themselves for the entrance test for admission to the premier institutes of IITs in the country.

Monday, October 19, 2009

OC's business is only to concentrate itself on preparations for the Commonwealth Games

Organising committee for the preparations of Commonwealth Games 2010 to be held in Delhi must only concentrate on preparations to complete in time so that the Games should get off to a good start and end on exemplary note. It must not involve itself in war of words with CGF CEO Carl Hooper and its Chief Mike Fennel. It is of no benefit.Fennel had already expressed his apprehension about the tardy preparations of the Games by India and about its matching capability to the standard of Melbourne and Manchester. He had already sought appoitment with Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to express his reservartions about tardy preparations by Delhi. Organising Committee boss Suresh Kalmadi has gone to the extent of demanding the removal of CGF CEO Hooper because his presence places hurdles in the smooth functioning of the Organising Committee. He has also criticised about his behaviour with the staff of Organising Committee. Mike Fennel remarks about tardy preparation may smack of imperealistic attitude of the Western countries because the Olympic Games 2010 is hosted by Delhi, which is a major player of the East and emerging global power. But this not the fit time to involve the organising committee in verbal duel with CGF boss Mike Fennel and CEO Hooper. The prime importance for us is to prepare the city to supercede in every respect of preparation for the Commonweal Games by any world standard. We have already shown the world our mettle by successfully holding the Asiad Games in 1982 and we have received kudos from all over the world in general and participants in particular. The Asiad was held when the political leadership of the nation was in hands of late former prime minister Indira Gandhi and she had propvided able political and administrive leadership, which helped in preparing Delhi extra-ordinarily. As the venue of the Commonwealth Games is in Delhi, the Centre besides the government of Delhi must take extra-interest in giving it a face lift. Thousands of participants from all over the world will descend on Delhi to enjoy the games. So, we must present ourselves well-behaved and civilised also. The administrative, police and other security departments must gear up to give their best in organising the Commonwealth Games splendidly. Organising Committee must not waste its time in unnecessary arguement with CGF officials and does its job efficiently and fast. The successful holding of the Commonwealth Games 2010 will be the befitting reply to those CGF officials who have apprehension about preparation for the Games in time.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rot starts from the head

The corruption in bureaucracy is so rampant at all levels of government departments that it has become a normal practice in our country. Bureacracy has become synonemous with corruption. And it is run under political masters. So it has become natural for our bureaucracy to become corrupt because it is under the corrupt political class, though all politicians and bureacrats are not corrupt but majority of them are tainted. The corrupt nexus between bureaucrats and politician has become so strong in our country that now it has become very difficult to break it. The unfortunate thing is that the nexus between the two corrupt practicetioners are going from strength to strength. An appraisal by an internation institution has brought out a report in which India has been among the most corrupt nations. It is shameful for the entire nations. Recently, a report has come out that the US companies have given bribes to the Babus of different government departments for contracts and licenses in the the last 10 years. They have given bribes ranging from Railways, Maharastra Electricity Boards, Excise to Navy in India. Regarding the bribes given by the US companies to Indian Babus, Indian ambassador to the US Meera Shankar had written a letter to Prime Minister Office for taking appropriate action against those Babus of different departments who have taken bribe, but PMO is sitting over the letter. It is not only during the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government that the US companies have given bribes to Babus but also during the Vajpayee-led NDA regime the India Babus had received bribes from the US companies. There is a law in the US under which the Companies have to reveal all their activities for getting favour in foreign countries and by doing so they have disclosed and we have come to know about the underhand dealings of our Babus, coutesy US companies. Though it is not the first time that the corrupt practices have been broken out in foreign country. The Bofors scandal was also disclosed in foreign land and so is four years back the Food for Oil scandal. The question here arises whom to blame for this sordid affairs in our country. The situation demads that a revolution should be started against corruption by the people in the country to root it out. Our prime minister is a man of integrity and honesty. His integrity and honesty is unquestionable. But where the majority of the political classes irrespective of political parties are corrupt, the PM also becomes helpless and that is the reason his office has not acted swiftly against corrupt practices adopted by bureaucracy in the country. The bribe in India is called speed money and without the gratification of babus no files move and their political master can not do anything because they are also part and parcel of their corrupt games. Otherwise the country would not have been counted among the most corrupt nations in the world.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It is good to adopt cool-headed approach with China, but shows sincerity and seriousness

The Chinese objection to the visit of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to Arunachal Pradesh during election campaigning is absurd and it is their highhandedness to say that the Indian state is a disputed territory. India is genuinely disapointed and concerned at Chinese objectionable remarks. China must know that Arunachal Pradesh is the integral part of India and it will remain so. China claims 90 Sq. km of Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh and wants to establish its own control, violating all norms of the validity of international border with India and neighbourly relations with it. It is not the first time that China has objected the visit of Indian leader to Arunachal Pradesh. In the past also it has objected and it has shown Arunachal Pradesh on the map as its own. Indian foreign office has rightly reacted promptly to Chinese objectionable remarks. Chinese foreign spokesperson has been quoted as saying on its military website that Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh is a disputed territory. This is China’s nefarious design on India, so it must be thwarted at all costs. China is seething with anger at the permission given by India to exiled Tibetan leader Dalai Lama to visit Tabang in Arunachal Pradesh in November. Dalai Lama demands autonomy of Tibet that China has kept control over the province by force and forced spiritual Tibetan leader to live in exile in India. Because of the highhandeness of China, so far 13 rounds of talks have taken place to resolve the border issues, but it has produced no result. China has occupied 43,180 sq kms in Jammu and Kashmir and 2200 Sq. km in Uttarakhand and Pakistan has also ceded 5500 Sq. km in Aksai Chin plateu to China. China also does not recognise British demarketed international border McMohan Line . Border dispute with China has been old one and it is not solved due to Chinese rigidness with its own terms, regardless of the amicable settlement sought by India. Airspace violation and incursion into Jammu and Kashmir and Laddakh is made by China at frequent intervals, though the Indian government describes them as media hype, but later on it only regrets that is of no use. China is planning to encircle India on all sides by setting on neighbours against it, besides violating border with it. India needs to to be alive to the ongoing activities of China and must lodge its strong protests seriously with the forums concerned at the international levels. When Arunachal Pradesh is the integral part of India, why India Prime Ministers and other leaders would not visit the state. China’s objection is very serious and it must be dealt with as such. China and India are the two emerging global economic powers and both are Asian giants. India is competing with China in every field that has become an eye-sore to them. China always wants to establish supremacy in Asia, which it feels to be challenged by India. That is why China offers all sorts of help to Pakistan, which is hostile to India, to disturtb it. Pakistan’s economy is in tatters but it has also become a nuclear power state. How? It is because of China only that offered and extended all helps so that Pakistan also could stand up with India on the same platform. China also does not want India to be in high club of five nuclear power states and nor does it like India to get a seat at UNSC. Though this is the time of economic paramountcy and all other considers are relegated in the back ground, China is always on the look out for grabbing Indian territory, which India must object with all mights at its disposal. It is good that Indian Prime Minister deals with China with cool-headed approach, which is best suited to the country but at the same time sovereignty and integrity must be protected at all costs.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pak intent is not clear

Letting off the brain behind Mumbai attacks and chief of Jamaat-Ud-Dawa and founder of dreaded terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Toiba Hafiz Saeed by the Lahore High Court because of the feeble charges made against him is a foregone conclusion. Despite the UN suspecting Saeed of having association with Taliban and Al-Qaeda and putting him on the list of terrorists, Pakistan has not proscribed him. This is enough to show that the intention of Pakistan is not clear and it has never taken the dossiers provided by India to establish clearly the involvement of Hafiz Saeed in Mumbai attacks. The court has freed him for his provocative speech in Faislabad on the occasion of Ramazan in which he preached to lauch Jihad against infidels, pointing clearly towards the US and Kashmir. The court found the evidence filmsy and it let him off. After the Mumbai attacks, the five Pakistani nationals other than the mastermind of the attacks Hafiz Saeed were arrested for their involvement in the attacks under immense international pressure, and Hafiz Saeed too was put under House arrest. But because of the insufficient evidence against him despite India submitting enough evidences, the Pak government deliberately did not produce them before the court. The court of law always deliver judgement on the merit of the case. It found the evidence insufficient and freed him. Now the question here arises why the civilian government of Pakistan connive with taking action against Saeed.It is because of his strong links with the Army and ISI, which have great influence on the government. It is also no secret that without the consent of army and ISI when the issue is involved with India, Pak government can do nothing. Army and ISI are the driving forces behind the successive governments since the inception of Pakistan. And that must be understood by US too, the mentor of Pakistan. When there is clear evidence, which has been submitted by India to Pakistan and other sixteen countries, including the US, against Hafiz Saeed being the mastermid of Mumbai attacks, why does the US not compel Pakistan to act against him if its intent is clear for fighting against terrorism? The US Intelligence Department has said a number of times that Pakistan is the breeding ground of terrorism, but no concrete action has ever been taken. Why so?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Attack on Pak army Hq is its own making

The attack on Pakistan Army Headquarters by Tahreek-e-Pakistan(Pak Taliban) is its own making. Pakistan has nurtured the most destructive and devil elements for a long time to disturb and destabilise India by sending them across the border at frequent intervals. When the US threw out out-lawed regime of Taliban of Afghanistan after 9/11, they found safe haven in Pakistan. They are cobras whom Pakistan offered milk adequately. It has also been rightly said,”you will reap, so will you sow”, and it is proving absolutely correct in the context of Pakistan. The group of Pak-based Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other militant elemets are dead against the US. Because the US is on hunt of them after 9/11, though it also offered all sorts of help to Pakistan to nurture these elements before 9/11. But after the 9/11, situation in US has completely changed and it has already launched a drive against them. US in the fight against international terrorism has made Pakistan a frontline ally and always puts pressure on it to act against terror elements in the country. Because of that all militant elements, hardliners and those who are their sympathisers have turned against the US. It is no secret also that the US is the mentor of Pakistan and its financial assistance keeps the country going. But it is the demand of the situation for the US to keep Pakistan in good humour in its fight against international terrorism. Though civilian and military regime in Pakistan have been handled by ISI, military establishment and hardliners on the issue of India, now these elements are proving for Pakistan a serpent in the grass. Terror elements in the country have become a great threat to the sovereignty of Pakistan. Its existence appears to be in peril. Ten suicide bombers had held hostage to 16 army personnel. Though army headquaters have been freed of Taliban, 6 armymen and 4 militants were killed. These days, Pakistan is passing through trying times and no day passes without the terror violence in the country. The spurt in terror violence is threatening the existence of Pakistan. Destabilised Pakistan is in no one’s benefit and it would also pose a great threat to the peace in South Asia. India always wants Pakistan stabilised and united . Zardari-led civialian government needs to take hard steps to crush the tentacles of Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other militant groups, which have made their bases there. As the concience of Pakistan is not clear in the context of India, it provides support to these notorious elements to create mayhem in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is Pakistan which provides overt and covert support to militants based there to cross over the border and execute violence in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in India. Terrorism is the enemy of humanity. So it must be fought unitedly.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Attack on Indian Embassy is the handiwork of enemy

The attack on Indian Embassy in Afghanistan is the handiwork of enemy and all fingers of suspicion being raised at Pakistan, though the Taliban has claimed responsibility of the attack to shield ISI. 15 months ago in July 2008, the Indian Embassy were also attacked in which casualties were five times high. This time 17 locals were killed in the attack on Indian Embassy by suicide bomber. No Indian officers and staff were killed in the attack and only three ITBP personnel sustained minor injuries. The US has propmtly condemned the attack on Indian Embassy and expressed solidarity with India in times of crisis. No damage was done to the Indian Embassy because it was fortified after the last year’s attack. The Indian presence in Afghanistan has been eye-sore to Pakistan and its notorious Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) plays pivotal role in executing suicide bomber attacks on Nato forces and Indian people engaged there in the developmental projects in Afghaniostan. Afghanistan is a very good friend of India and its President Karzai is working hard for strengthening democracy and crushing Taliban and Al-Qaeda elements to get the country free of the scourge of humanity. But Pakistan with the full backing of its military and ISI extends support to Taliban to resurface and regroup in Afghanistan, though it is itself riven with the violence in the country by Taliban. US president’s Af-Pak policy must be centred on the activities of Pakistan in Afghanistan. Pakistan is always on look-out for an opportunity to derail India in Afghanistan and because of that its notorious ISI contributes full time in planning and hatching conspiracies to create mayhem in through through Taliban. This must be understood by US. Because it is US on whose financial packages Pakistan is running. And finance is the most important factor in influencing any individual and the country. The US must ask Pakistan that it may stop financial packages if it continued to misuse it in organising terror attacks out of the country by the elements which are also bent on destroying its own existence. US does not get tough with Pakistan only because it always fears that if it tightens screw, Pak may slip into the waiting lap of China.As Afghanistan has strategic importance for India also, it can not sacrifice its own interest at any cost. That is why it is the third largest donor in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. India has pledged to donate 1.2 billion dollar in Afghanistan. It has great contribution in several developmental projects and infrastructure in the country. India must not desist out of attacks by Taliban at the behest of Pakistan. It only needs to beef the security of its citizens involved in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. India only keeps Pakistan under pressure of international community through vigorous diplomatic offensive.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Talks with separatists on cards

PMO is likely to send the letter of invitations to moderate separatist leaders of Jammu and Kashmir for talks later this month when Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh visits the state on October 18 for inauguration of the Anantnag-Qazigund leg of the Kashmir rail. It is good that Centre is keen to open channel of commuications with separatists, but it must be kept in view that during the Vajpayee-led NDA regime and Manmohan Singh-led UPA-1 in 2003 and 2005 respectively had held several rounds of talks without yielding any result. The BJP-led NDA government first brought the separatists to the negotiating table when it held two rounds of talks with the united Hurriyat in January and June 2003. The third round couldn’t materialise due to a change of government at the Centre and the Hurriyat split with the hawk Syed Ali Shah Geelani walked out in protest. Geelani insists on Pakistan’s inclusion in the talks and a recognition of J&K’s disputed nature. The UPA government picked up the threads and held separate talks with Hurriyat, JKLF leader Yasin Malik and People’s Conference chief Sajjad Lone in late 2005 and early 2006. The Centre’s optimism most certainly has gone up by huge military successes against terrorists and setbacks separatists faced with the record turnout in last year’s assembly elections. It is seen as an attempt to co-opt the Hurriyat in the backdrop of the recent Shopian and Amarnath agitations. The Hurriyat-backed agitations saw some of the biggest pro-separatist rallies in two decades, which analysts believe could have been prevented had the Centre offered some concessions to them. The Hurriyat has used these rallies to show its representative character, more so when the Centre has tried to look the other way. It is also the mishandling of Omar Abdullah government of Shopian rape and murder incident that gave opportunities to hardline separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani to exploit the situation in favour of divisive forces.It must also be kept in view that the alarming rise in infiltration from across the border before the onset of winter might escalate the violence in Jammu and Kashmir. Given the present situation and role of the armed forces in the state, the demand for abrogation of AFSA and reduction of troops from urban area is irrelevant. It must not be considered by the Centre. Centre has stated its position umpteen times that it would not budge from bilateralism, while separatist leaders want trilateralism. They want the inclusion of Pakistan in talks on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. That is out of question.Moderate separatist leader Mirwaiz Omer Farooq too wants to include Islamabad in the talks with Centre alongwith various factions of All Party Hurriat Conference (APHC). J & K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and other mainstream parties have also thrown their weight behind the separatist-Centre dialogue. The issue was one of the major poll issues for both NC and PDP and Omar is believed to have lobbied hard for opening the channels of communication. The bipartisan support is seen as a good sign ahead of the talks. The Congress, however, has to walk a tightrope and can’t be seen as conceding too much given the backlash it could face in Jammu, where it has made substantial gains recently at the cost of BJP. There must be talks between moderate separatist leaders and the Centre to resolve the outstanding issues in Jammu and Kashmir but without compromising the national interest. The separatist leaders should pledge first the faith in the Constitution of India and its democratic process. Hawk Syed Ali Shah Geelani wants merger of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan and another separatist leader and JKLF supremo Yasin Malik wants the independence of Jammu and Kashmir. But they must understand that Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. Until and unless all separatist leaders come to the terms with the Centre, and continue to dance at the tune of Pakistan, any talk with them will be an exercise in futility.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nuisance in public places must not be allowed

With the announcement of liberal Excise policy by Delhi Government last week, which allows the sale of liquor in Malls also, it appeared that it sent out message among the Delhiites that Government is only concerned with boosting its finance by encouraging drinking while driving and in public places. It threw very poor light on the Delhi government. Realising the negative impact of last week’s excise policy on public peace and tranquility , Finance Minister Dr. A K Walia has reportedly mooted a stricter Excise Bill to be introduced in the winter session of the assembly to curb public nuisance by drinkers in open public spaces and in car and train by imposing heavy monitory penalty. The tendency of drinking has risen so steeply among the majority of youngsters in Delhi that a peace loving and law abiding person can not pass the roads by the side of which are liquor stalls are running. The space in front of liquor shops are so crowded during the evening that it has become a great problem to cross that area. So far Delhi has been guided by Punjab Excise Act under which a person can be fined Rs. 200 for driking in public places. But now the Delhi Finance Minister has taken a right decision by deciding to impose stricter laws and heavier financial penalty to curb public nuisance caused by drinkers in public place through a Delhi Excise Bill under which now the fined for drinking in public place has risen from Rs. 200 to 5,000 and that may go up to Rs. 10000 and a jail term of 3 months. And if the liquor shop opwners serve liquor in open public places without authorised licence, they would be fined Rs. 50, 000. The proposed Delhi Excise Bill will curb many other social vices and rising crimes of various types caused by drinking heavily in public places . Now anyone found drinking in car on Delhi roads will be fined Rs. 5000. The Delhi Excise Bill must be passed and there should be no delay in the enact ment of the Bill. Delhi is going to host Commonwealth Games next year and the thousands of foreign tourists will descend on the capital and if the present position of the unregulated crowd cotinued to flaunt liquor bottles before liquor stalls by the side of diffeent roads, what impression would they gather about Delhi can be easily imagined. So any action which amounts to public nuisance in the national capital Delhi must be curbed and the Bill propsed to be piloted in the Delhi Assembly regarding Delhi Excise Act by Finance Minister Dr. A K Walia is most welcome. Dr. Walia must be credited for taking initiative for curbibg nuisance in public places in Delhi.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Naxalism is a grave internal security threat

Both Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister P Chidambaram have said that Naxalites are internal security threat to the country. The question here arises when the country's leadership is convinced about Naxal menace, which is posing grave internal security, why are they complacent in taking concrete step to combat Maoists in right earnest? It is no secret also that out-lawed CPI(Maoist) enjoys political support in states and that holds the police personnel to launch drive against Naxals to stop their slaughtering of innocent persons.London educated Maoist leader Cobad Gandy has been recently arrested in Delhi. He has international network and incharge of Maoist propaganda. He says that they are fighting against state terrorism, but he forgets that killings of Children aged between 10 to 15 neither have any justification in any way nor can they help them achieve their goal. The rising naxal violence is more dangerous than the threat of terrorism from cross border that India has been facing for the last two decades. Primarily, the terrorism has taken root in Jammu and Kashmir and all the seven north-eastern states of the country, while at least 15 states have been hit hard by outlawed CPI(Maoist). The senseless killings of 16 innocent villagers in a village of Khagaria District in Bihar by armed Maoists can in no terms be justified. The land dispute between the Mussahar caste among Mahadalits and Kurmi caste among Other Backward Castes (OBCs) has reportedly been the cause of brutal massacre of 16 innocent persons, including two children aged between 10 to 15. The killing of the children by Maoists shows that they have nothing to do with the social upliftment of the downtrodden and with the state. Maoists perception that they are fighting against state terrorism is nothing but an eyewash. They follow the Chinese Communist stalwart Mao Zedong's belief that power flows from the barrel of the gun but they have forgetten that they are now living in 21 first century where there is nothing like barrier which the people can not not cross.Now, the power flows from the knowledge and economic prosperity. Maoists are criminals and they deserve to be treated as such. In 2009, 700 innocent people, including children and women have been killed. Maoists' strike in Rajnandangaon of Chattoishgarh killed 33 constables, including an IPS officer . The killing of police personnel and the innocent people by Naxalites can never be justified for fulfilment of their goal. There is no doubt that wide economic disparity among different sections of society exist but it can not give any one permission to take up arms against the state and allow anyone to rise in rebellion against it.The Centre must compel by being tough with Maoists to understand that until and unless they join mainstream of the national activities and pledge faith in democratic process of the country, they can not get their aspirations fulfilled. The government of India must not take the naxal violence at any stage merely a problem of law and order and state should be left on its own to deal with them. It must first call all party meeting and evolve consensus over how to fight out Maoist menace and provide all possible help to thse naxal-affected states.