Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rahul in combative mode

Congress Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi has now become politically combative over the farmers' issue. Back from 59 days of leave for sabbatical, he has swung into action politically and attacked the Modi government on the plight of farmers and its Land Acquisition ordinance, which his party terms as anti-farmer and pro-corporate. The ruling BJP may say that his sympathy for farmers is a mere political ploy, but he has succeeded in infusing confidence and courage in party leaders and workers to rise all over country. Rahul has rightly chosen the issue of farmers and labourers to attack the government to send the message out that Congress party always stood for the poorer section of society. The way he is taking up the issue of farmers and attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi has cornered the government. He is hitting the government where pinches it most. The main thing for Rahul Gandhi is to be constantly raising the issues of people's concerns before the government so that a message could go out among them that they have also alternative in him. He must not adopt hit and run method, which he has been doing so far. Apart from farmers' issue, there are several others on which the Modi government has been below expectation in terms delivering promises to the people after being in office for 11 months. Disillusion among the people has started developing with the Modi government. It is because that the government has not done anything spectacular that the people could feel. As far as the price rise and employment issue is concerned, it has not shown any improvement on these two vital concerns of the people. Farmers' suicide is going on as usual and it has become bitterer when Haryana minister states that the farmers who commit suicide are cowards. It reflects how lightly the ruling BJP takes up the issue of farmers suicide. Rahul Gandhi has started acting for the party when it needed him most. He has the strength of putting in hard labour that she showed by trekking 20-25 kilometres to Kedarnath to dispel the fear among the people to visit there in the wake of last year's massive damage to lives and property due to unprecedented floods and sliding of hills and cloudburst. He has rightly sarcastically attacked PM for his foreign visits with pomp and show, but he has no time to visit the farmers who are in dire need. PM should also visit them to see personally the loss to farmers by unseasonal rains and hailstorms. By drumming the bringing down from 50 to 33 percent loss of criteria to be eligible for relief can not serve the purpose. He must take account of what is going on the ground. Congress President Rahul Gandhi unleashed a scathing attack on prime minister Narendra Modi and the NDA government in Lok Sabha over the farmers issue prompting the ruling party to make a counter attack that triggered ruckus in the house. Rahul has rightly questioned PM’s 'Make in India' campaign by asking whether the farmers don't 'make in India'.The ruling BJP-led NDA needs to give answers. What is government is doing for them. Farmers are the first example of “Make in India” concept because they feed the entire nation by cultivating the land. Rahul had travelled to grain markets in Punjab's Sirhind, Khanna and Mandi Gobindgarh towns on Tuesday in the second class general compartment of a train to interact with them about the problems they are facing with procurement and lifting of wheat stocks.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Strengthen Indo-Afghan relation

Afghanistan has been our traditional friend and it assumes significance from strategic, security, business, cultural and other points of mutual interest. After the death and destruction of lives, property,important cultural and historic structures of importance by the of outlawed Taliban, India is playing vital role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Maintaining friendship with Afghanistan even in its trying times of Russian intervention and outlawed regime of Taliban, India has always been with it. It never supported Russian intervention in Afghanistan despite enjoying time -tested friendship with it. Afghanistan has also respected India's interest in the region’s geo-politics by not allowing the dominance of Pakistan there even because of being very near to it from the distance point of view . If Pakistan had become able to establish its dominance in Afghanistan, it would naturally pose security risk for India. Once it set its foot, its nursery of terrorism would also start functioning from there with single motto of disintegrating and destabilizing India through sponsorship of terrorism by being behind the scene. Afghanistan never allowed this type of situation to develop. On this front, it never allowed Pakistan any space to inflict harm on India. It is because of Afghanistan's friendly approach towards India all the time that it undertook massive relief and reconstruction task there after the overthrow outlawed regime of Taliban. India is still engaged in the reconstruction of Afghanistan with men and materials on the largest possible scale despite losing lives in terror attacks there. The visiting Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has rightly called for more Indian investment, especially from private sectors. Indians and Afghans are not only friends but also very close with each other from the culture and civilization point of view. Both share each other culturally. That is why President Ghani talked of Tigore and the Kabuliwala brand during his interaction with the media persons in Delhi. It is good that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is the strong exponent of strengthening relationship with all the Saarc members in general but Afghanistan in particular. Afghanistan President has called for more Indian investment in the country. He has rightly said that Afghanistan is pivotal for the growth of Asia. Afghan President spelt out what Afghanisatn would like from India and how India could help in development of the country. India has invested over US$2 billion in infrastructure projects and the social sector in the country in recent years but has stayed away from engaging militarily in the 13-year-long war. This is Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani his first official visit to India.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Human catastrophe

It was the monstrous earthquake that wreaked unprecedented loss of lives and property in Nepal. It has caused fear and havoc among the people. Apart from the heavy casualties in quake hit areas of Nepal. Nepalese capital Kathmandu has been the worst hit. Its historic Dharhara Tower and several other structures of historical importance and tourism were raged to the ground by this demonic earthquake the intensity of which was 7.9. The people are still feeling innumerable number of aftershocks, which creates panic among them. Not only human lives have been lost in the city of Kathmandu, its historic and tourist spots have also been destroyed. Though it is a natural fury of the worst kind, the responsibility of the people and the government to take precautionary measures can not be given a go by. Nepal is passing through one of the most difficult times. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly said that its tragedy is our tragedy. He has also given an account of statesmanship by swinging into action to provide relief and rescue to the friendly country Nepal in its difficult hour. It is his credit that he has taken initiative to help Nepal from the front. India is the first country whose four planes carrying men and materials for relief and rescue landed in Nepal. It also shows PM's foresight on the issue of relationship in Nepal. Earthquake is the worst kind of natural calamity of which there could be made no prediction despite the advancement in science and technology. India stands behind Nepal in its tragedy. This is the worst earthquake in Nepal in 81 years. More than 3000 thousand people were killed. It was the dance of death and destruction of lives and property on Saturday when hit by earthquake of 7.9 intensity. As the epicenter of the earthquake was near Nepal's capital Kathmandu, it has been worst hit. In addition to the huge loss of lives and property, all the historic buildings, most of the famous temples in Kathmandu and all other historic heritages were completely destroyed by the monstrous earthquake. Not only Nepal, many parts of Eastern India suffered from the wrath of devastating earthquake. A total of 72 deaths have been reported in India of which the maximum casualties have been from Bihar. There can not be made any prediction of earthquake but one thing that is in the control of the people and the government is to build buildings, brides and dams of earthquake resistant materials like the practices in Japan. Government of India has shown prompt action in providing help in relief and rescue operation to its neighbouring and friendly country Nepal in this hour of crisis. All possible help must be provided to the victims of earthquake in Nepal and India. It is the great loss to Nepal. The entire world under the banner of UNO must come forward to provide relief and rescue operations to the people hit severely by earthquake. It is the geological development under the earth that results in earthquake. The government of India is making all possible efforts to provide maximum help to Nepal. An inter-ministerial team comprising senior officials from the ministries of Home, Defence, External Affairs and NDMA has been sent to Nepal to coordinate rescue and relief operations in the quake-hit country. The stranded tourists in Nepal are being evacuated through air and road route. Gratis Visa is being provided to the foreign nationals. The central government is in regular touch with the affected state governments.