Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well-done! Team India

First of all, many, many congratulations to Team India for their brilliant performance and historic victory over Pakistan in Semi Final match of the World Cup 2011.Team India’s united effort made them victorious in high voltage World Cup Semi Final match in Mohali and got ticket for the Final to be played in Mumbay against Sri Lanka. It was a high tension match between the two traditional rivals. It was not only treated as a sport contest but as if the prestige of both countries India and Pakistan were involved, one wanting to defeat the other at at any costs to the satisfaction of their respective contrymen.
But all credit goes to the players of both the teams that they did not do anything to hurt any one’s feelings . They played in sportsman spirit and as happened with all the sports that the team that plays better win the match.India played better and won the match.
It was the united effort and disciplined bowling of team India that brought victory. All the players played up to their potential in this all important match.
Now it has got entry for the Final of World Cup, 2011, which is going to be held in Mumbai on April 2 where Team India will play against Sri Lanka. So, the greater challenge lies ahead, though Team India is only one step away to relive the Cup Victory celebration of 1983 all over the country. Great moment of happiness and joy await Team India and the entire nation as well.
Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s dream of being the part and parcel of World Cup winning Indian team appears to be coming true this time in his cricketing career of more two decades.
Team India’s captain Mahendra Singh Dhone showed excellent quality of leadership. He never lost his nerve in the entire world cup matches and always reposed faith in the quality of every player. All players have one mission that is to win world cup and repeat the history which was created by Team India under the captaincy of Kapil Deve by winning the World Cup Trophy for the nation for the first in 1983.
Now it is the turn of Dhoni and Cos to win the World Cup. Team India is also considered the strong favourite in this world cup. The entire nation expects from Team India to keep up performance, trounce Sri Lanka in Final and enthral the nation once again as they did by defeating the Pakistani team in Semi Final.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Indo-Pak talk: A positive beginning

Pakistan on Tuesday agreed to allow an Indian commission to visit the country in connection with 26/11 Mumbai terror attack case probe there, setting a positive backdrop for the Prime Ministerial meeting in Mohali on Wednesday.
As is the saying well-begun is half-done, the two-day Indo-Pak Home Secretaries level talks have ended on positive note on the eve of the high voltage Semi Final match bertween the two neighbours. Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani are expected to visit Mohali on invitation from India side to see the Semi Final match between the two arch rivals, reflecting good intent from the Pakistani side.
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi are likely to meet the Pakistani counterpart and talk. It is quiet natural that talks will be about improving the relations between the two, which have gone to their lowest ebb after Mumbai attack.
The two-day talks between the Home Secretaries of the two countries have prepared the ground and yielded good result. Pakistani side has also shown positivity towards improving the relations by allowing the Indian investigation team probing the 26/11 case to visit pakistan to interrogate the suspects, who are alleged to be there.A little flexibility is noticeable.
Though it is just a beginning, a lot more needs to be done by Pakistan to bring back the dialogue on right track. Because the perpetrators of 26/11 have their origins in Pakistan and the conspiracy about Mumbai attacks were allegedly hatched with the support and help of Pak military establishment and its notorious ISI. Otherwise, it is impossible to make preparation for the attack of such magnitude as was evident from attack sites and the loss of lives and property caused.
After the Mumbai attacks in 2008, all links with Pakistan were cut off. But with the passing of time, an atmosphere of positivity has developed between the two countries. The game of cricket has also given an opportunity to display sportsman spirit by both sides. Everything is right on the partof Pakistan except sponsoring cross-border terrorism, which is not only intolerable for India but also the entire world.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cricket diplomacy in proper place

With the world cup semi final of the World Cup 2011 taking place at Mohali in India on March

30, it has become the centre of attention of the entire Indian sub continent and all other

cricket loving countries of the world.This semi final has become all important because of it

being played between two achrival neighbours, which have been hostile to each other since it

came into being.
But the game of cricket has the power to bring two countries closer and remove their

differences, which have been irritants for a long time between the two.
Cricket mania is so strong among the fans of the two countries that they always would like

the two countries in a true sporting terms against each other. The rivalry is also so strong

between the two countries that the cricket fans of one country would never like to be

defeated by the other. As far as World Cup match outcome is concerned, India have defeated

four times they have played against the arch rival. So, history speaks in favour of India

and if the previous performance of Team India and its present standard are any thing to go

by, it would successfully cope with the home pressure and win the Semi Final.It is also good

that on the eve Semi Final between India and Pakistan, Home Secretary level talks between

the two have also began.
Taking advantage of the situation, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has played a master

stroke by inviting Pak President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to

watch the Semi Final between Indian and Pakistan in Mohali on March 30. By inviting them ,

PM has used cricket diplomacy very shredly for establishing peace and friendship between the

two countries.
President Asif Ali Zardari has also responded positively by remitting the remaining jail

term of Indian convict Gopal Das, who has been imprisoned in Pakistan for 27 years, days

ahead of a visit to India by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to watch the cricket World

Cup semi-final featuring the teams of the two countries. Zardari remitted the remaining

prison term of Das on humanitarian grounds . The remission was granted on the advice of the

Prime Minister to honour an appeal of the Supreme Court of India to the government of

Though the Cricket diplomacy was started first by Pak military ruler late General Zia-ul-Haq

who visited Jaipur to watch India Pakistan match, it ended in a draw and so was the result

of his visit. But it is the strength of cricket and other sports to bring the two countries

close to each other without making any preparation.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Team India's excellent performance

By knocking three- time defending Champion Australia out in the Quarter Final Contest at Motera in Ahmadabad, Team India has shown high standard of professionaliam and extra-ordinary united effort. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his teammates put everything into the game and took revenge from the defending chapion of their defeat eight years ago in the final of the World Cup contest by them.
The team India has also lifted up its game to the level of a champion. They played like champion in every department of the game in the Quarter Final.Though credit goes for the victory to the effort and performance of the entire team under the leadership of Dhoni, Yuraj Singh has proved once again that he is a real match winner for Team India. His consistency, stylish stroke playing ability and temperament of playing to the demand of the situation make him a champion player of Team India. The way he has got his form back with the start of the World Cup and has come up to the expectation of cricket fans is exemplary. It is also the characteristic of Yuvi to perform well on big stage of the game. How well he is consistently performing is the proof of his winning award for Man of the Match in four consecutive matches in the ongoing World Cup.
After restricting Australia to 260 for 6, largely built around Ricky Ponting’s 104, the Indians held their nerves to overhaul the target with 14 balls to spare with Yuvraj Singh (57 not out), Sachin Tendulkar (53) and being the star batting performers.In a cracker of a contest, fortune fluctuated from one team to the other before Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina (34 not out) tilted the balance in India’s favour with an unbeaten 74 run partnership to send a capacity crowd at the Sardar Patel stadium into a frenzy.Barring a few lapses here and there, it was a clinical display by the Indians as they ended Australia’s reign as world champions and have given a huge boost to their campaign to regain the coveted trophy after a gap of 28 years.
Yuvraj Singh slammed Brett Lee to the boundary to bring about the dramatic victory as the Indian players and officals hugged each to celebrate the triumph amidst deafening cheers from nearly 43,000 spectators.India will now travel to Mohali for the much anticipated semi-final match against bitter foes Pakistan.
The victory jaggernaut has not ended yet but now it has begun now and Team India has to come out victorious. The great challenge lies ahead in Semi Final at Mohali on March 30 when Team India will play against their arch rival Pakistan. If history repeats itself, Team India is bound to knock its arch rival out of the World by crushing them in Mohali.
Atmosphere all over the nation charged up with emotion for the cricket contest between India and Pakistan, the two neighbouring countries. Mohali contest will be no less than a war between the two teams. As Team India is strong favourite of the World Cup and far better side than Pakistan, much depends on the performance of the team on that eventful day. But if Yuvraj kept his stunning performance continuing with bat and ball, Sachin Tendulkar remain champion as always, Sehwag roars like lion on the opponent and Zaheer Khan displayed his remarkable reverse wsing, Team India under Dhoni will defeat Pakistan in Semi Final.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oppose US coercive behaviour unitedly

Though American highhandedness must be opposed, at the same time full solidarity and support must be expressed for Libyans in their rebellion against the authoritarian and upopular regime of Col. Maummar Gaddafi. The members of Indian Parliament cutting across party line are in unanimity over the coercive behaviour of the US.
US has done first with Afghanistan and after that with Iraq and now with Libya.US had unilaterally decided to attack Iraq and invade Afghanistan. It also got approval from the UN to send coalition forces in these two countries.
As the UN is puppet in US hands, the it is taking benifit of chaotic condition in the north African oil-rich country Libya by lauching air strikes. It is totally unjustfied, clearly reflecting ulterior motive of the US.Libyan air strikes must be opposed and condemend by all democratic forces.
There must be a change of regime in Libya but that must be done only by Libyans through peaceful democratic method. The US even being the oldest democracy always practices undemocratic ways to serve its hidden interest.
The US wants to establish overlordship all over the world. So, it is the need of the hour to mobilise all democratic countries of the world to speak against the bullying tactics and use of forces.
The NATO forces are bombing indiscriminately on the civilian people and showing that they are doing for this to end the Maummar regime. Amerian intention is to establish its empire all over the world with taking on board, especially, Britain, France and Germany. These western powers treat other countries of the world as their tenants that whenever they would like to evict, would be evicted.
India has taken the right stand and has given the signal to the US that it is not with it in all their wrong doings and usurping ways of behaviour.
As Libya is oil-rich countries, the western powers have focussed their attention and tried to get foothold in that country through coercion. This coercive behaviour of the US must be opposed.
India has rightly come out with a strong message that external powers cannot decide the regime change in Libya after a strong demand was made in the Lok Sabha that the House unanimously pass a resolution condemning allied air strikes on that country.
The Lok Sabha should condemn the attack on Libya like it had condemened attack on Iraq.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Both Cong-Trinamool need each other

The Trinamool Congress of Mamata Bannerjee is undoubtedly going up and up in West Bengal. It has been reflected in the last parliamentary and municipal elections. It has definitely caused sleepless in the ruling Left Front for the first time in its 33 years of rule.Nothing has happened if Bannerjee is be believed so far as Cong-TMC is concerned. But she also must understand that to defeat Left Front is not child's play. So if she dreamt of sitting in Writers' Building , it is her party's necessity to give final approval to the alliance as early as possible.
The stalemate regarding seat sharing between Congress and Trinamool Congress for the next month’s crucial Assembly election in West Bengal continued, even as both the parties kept their doors open for further talks. The talks are on. It is not yet clear when discussions the two parties to clinch the seat-sharing deal. Mamata Banerjee has said that nothing happened.
Trinamool supremo and Union Railways minister Mamata Bannerjee formed the trinamool Congress after parting ways with the Congress in 1997. The birth of TMC is mainly aimed at uprooting the Left Front from West Bengal. Mamata’s grievance with her parent party Congress was that it was not putting all out effort in its fight against the ruling Left Front. She even called the Congress B-team of the Left in West Bengal. It is this disgust that led her to part ways with Congress and formed its own political outfit the Trinamool Congress.
Mamata's political belief kept changing, which is evident from the NDA rule. She had allied with them and in their government at the Centre. Now with her parent organisation Congress. That is why the Muslim minority does not appear to be backing her in toto.At least to attract minority votes, Congress is necessity for her in assembly elections.
Congress has been getting weaker and weaker in West Bengal since it was ousted in 1977 by Left Front. The main cause of this has been weak organisation and the leaning of Congress over the Left to run the Government at the Centre now and then.
The seat sharing talks between Congress and TMC have ended inclusive but on hopeful note. Congress is expected to settle with 70 seats most of them winnable. Earlier, it demanded 98 seats, which the TMC rejected outright. So, the TMC and Congress alliance will be intact. Congress can only be the natural ally of TMC. Because TMC has been carved out of it. The alliance between the two is beneficial for both of them. They would together make the power come back way for the Left Front very difficuly almost impossible this time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UNSC must act in Libya

As the fighting is going on between the rebels and Libyan autocratic ruler Maummar Gaddafi’s

forces with no active intervention from outside, the fight is going fiercer and fiercer. It

a fact that the US has not been liking Gaddafi but because of its compulsion and interest

in Arab League, it appears hesitant to come out in open to unseat Gaddafi.
As Muammar Gaddafi’s forces get closer to the rebel stronghold of Benghazi in Libya, the

Security Council will meet soon to discuss a draft resolution for imposing a no-fly zone

over the country.
As fierce fighting continues between Muammar Gaddafi’s troops and opposition groups, the

Security Council is to discuss a draft resolution for imposing a no-fly zone over Libya.
The text of the draft resolution, which has been co-authored by Britain and France, was

circulated by Lebanon, a non-permanent member of the Council , but other countries in the

Council are still not completely on board. China can play important role because its envoy

holds the rotating presidency of the Council for this month.
If the mood of rebells and their growing number day by day are anything to go by, Gaddafi’s

days are numbered. Now it is at the initiative of US, Britain and France, the Security

Council is rightly mooting over the resolution for a no-fly zone over Libya. It is also open

that UN moves its step only at the behest of the US, as it is its biggest financer.
Col. Maummar Gaddafi has been ruling Libya for 32 years. With opening of the world, Libyans’

are no longer in a position to tolerate authoritarian rule of Gaddafi. Though Libya is not

either Egypt or Tunisia, rebellions against Gaddafi are sure to show him door in days to

The international community, especially the big powers under the leadership of the US, must

back the UNSC to take stringent action against Gaddafi in order to give relief to the

general Libyans as the rebellions are widespread and direct. But the big powers have also to

see that the power must fall into the hands of Islamists as the army is there not in a

position to come up to the expectations of rebels.
Security Council without any reservation whatsoever must impose a no fly zone over Libya.

Because Gaddafi’s forces are mercilessly dealing with the rebels and his army may launch air

attacks on the zone where rebels have their stronghold. So, Security Council must intervene

in Libyan crisis immediately. Otherwise, there may break out civil war as Libyan society is

divided between pro and anti-Gaddafi. India has done right by bringing back safe all its

citizens living in Libya .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Need for re-thinking over quota for job

The practice of reservation policy in government jobs started in our country just after we got independence and Constitution was adopted. The main purpose of introducing reservations in government jobs and other benefits was to bring the weaker section of society at par with the economically and educationally able sections.
The agitators are demanding inclusion of Jats in the list of Other Backward Classes (OBC) to enable them avail the benefit of quota in government jobs.
But the reservation policy was deliberately put for use to serve political purpose to build vote bank. And later on the policy of reservation turned completely into vote bank politics. The politicians drew the line of demarcation in society for reservation on the basis of caste and not on needs. So, in the age of openness in every field and during which the nation has achieved tremendpous success in over 60 years, it would be better to abolish all sorts of reservation other than on the basis of economy and necessity.
The agitation launched in the name of community for reservation in government jobs these-days by Jat in Haryana has destroyed crores of rupees of rail property and caused enormous harship to rail passengers.It is also true that in every agitation for reservation in every part of the country, there is politics.
All political parties except the Left uses the issue of reservation as vote bank politics. In the ongoing Jat agitation, the two Congress-ruled states Rajastan and Haryana are primarily involved. That is why Congress-headed Centre too weighs loss and profit in terms of vote bank politics before deciding how to deal with it. In between the politicians and agitationists, rail passengers and other citizens bear the brunt most.
So, now enough is enough. The policy of reservation on the basis of caste, creed and community must be abolished and it should be only given to those who are economically and educationally backward.
The Jat agitation for reservation of Government has been going on for 8 days and no trains are going towards north India through normal routes because of them. Protesters squatted on rail tracks disrupting movement of trains in various parts of North India due to the agitation by Jats for quota in central government jobs.
Unless and untill, caste and community tag is separated and only the tage of necessity is added to the policy of resrvation, there is no end to this type of disturbances at frequent intervals, resulting in the loss of crores of government property and enormous inconveniences to the general public.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Left changes face

Left Front in West Bengal is facing the most formidable challenge from Trinamul- Congress alliance in its 34 years of rule in this assembly elections. Its first attempt is to undertake cosmetic changes that reflect in the announcement of candidates' list for the assembly elections. 149 out of 294 is new in the list that includes young, middle and old aged candidates, giving enough representations to minority, SC/STs and women in comparison to the last elections.
Left Front's first list of candidates itself reflects that the it is apprehensive of losing the power in this assemble elections. Though it is correct that the Left Front looks old and haggard that needed immediate surgery but only replacing old with new and handsome faces is not the right remedy for its disease in the face of growing disinchantment of the people with its government.
Ascending fast, the Trinamul Congress supremo and Union Railways Minister Mamata Bannerjee,arch rival of the Left, in alliance with Congress Party has unnerved it to retain Writers’ Building in Kolkata. In the last parliamentary and municipal elections, Left Front was thrashed in its den by Trinamul Congress. And if the trend of the last few elections is anything to go by, Mamata Bannerjee is likely to sit in Writers’ Building after the assembly elections.
One thing is also apparent that being in power for continuous 34 years in West Bengal, the Left Front Govt. has become lax, casual and negligent towards solving the people’s problems. Most of its leaders have become comfort loving and carrying politics from air-conditioned room in headquarters. Which is why people have distanced from them in the state.
Left leaders have also become disconnect with ground realities as they in recent years have been scarcely found among cadres.
But undoubtedly, most of the Left leaders’ honesty can not be put under question and it is also a fact that despite sharp fall in the moral standards of political class, they have maintained their moral high ground in politics.
It is also true that in the age of race for globalisation resulting in the backbreaking price rise and rampant corruption with no leaders of importance either in the ruling benches or opposition were found raising voices for the people, it is only Left leaders who fight for the poor, weak and downtrodden by taking out protests on the roads against the government. But because they fail to mobilise the huge majority of the people at ground level, they fail to gain political score.
Next month 6-phase West Begal Assembly election is a litmust test in which they appear to fail in 34 years with a lesson that unless and untill they go with the time, they can not move ahead.

Nature's fury

The entire world is shocked at the massive loss of lives and property by catastrophic earthquake and Tsunami on Friday in Japan. The heart of every individual of the world goes out to the Japanese in this hour of crisis. The actual loss of lives is yet to be estimated correctly but if the nature’s fury caused by the Earthquake of 8.9 magnitude followed by menancing Tsunami, fire in oil refinery and blast in nuclear reactor is anything to tell the story about the loss, it is incalculable.Early indication is that over 1600 hundred lives have been lost so far. The need of the hour is that in the name of humanity, the entire world -headed by the rich countries must send all help to Japan. It has been halted and earthquake followed by Tsunami has thrown it out of gear in every fields. It has come to a halt. It is in the need of massive help. The Friday’s tragedy is so huge for Japan that it would take years and years to compensate the loss. Though Japan has the inner srength to come over within short time, it is the the time for the big world powers to sit together and moot over programme for keeping the gifts of nature intact and the nature from convulsion.Japan was devasted by catastrophic Earthquake and Tsunami. This is the fifth time that the world has experienced the magnitude of natural calamity like this one in Japan on Friday since 1900. Japan has already experienced the catastrophy of atom bomb in 1945.And it is its inner strength to tide over the tragedy very boldly. The devastation in Japan shows that nature's fury can destroy the human and all other living beings if the stop is not put on the blind pursuit of technological and scientific advancement of world powers by damaging natural gifts beyond any imagination. The Friday’s earthquake and Tsunami must be the clear warning for big world powers to re-think also on its all out effort for industrialisation at the cost of nature. The nature’s fury was so furiious that within minutes cars, boats, beindings, ships with passengers were swept away by 13 foot high Tsunami waves in Japan. Friday has proved to be the blackest day for Japan.

Friday, March 11, 2011

China benefits from retirement

The announcement made by spiritual and one of the best known political leaders of the world Dalai Lama that he would retire from active politics. He has reportedly asked the Tibetan Parliament in exile to elect his successor.Dalai Lama is the strongest voice of Tibetans, who struggle for Independence or autonomy from China since he fled to India and took asylum here. He has been living in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh of India since 1959.
Dalia Lama is the most respected leader of Tibetan. He ia Nobel lauriate. He may retire and be replaced by some other Tibetan leader. But it would be very difficult to match his stature and international recognition for his fight against Chinese highhandedness in Tibet by any of his would be successor.
During the forthcoming 11th session of the 14th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile which begins on March 14, he is to formally propose that the necessary amendments be made to the Charter for Tibetans-in-Exile, reflecting his decision to devolve his formal authority to the elected leader. According to him, he desires to devolve authority has no bearing on his wish to shirk responsibility. He is of the view his fecision to retire is to benefit Tibetans in the long run.
China wields its right on Tibet on the basis of its military strength. It is violating all international sanctity when the question of independence or autonomy arises, it quells any upsurge for freedom in Tibet.
Though Dalai Lama has said that it would be his ceremonial retirement and take lead in all the political talks, retirement does not mean shirking from responsibility.
But at the amnnouncement of his retirement, Tibetans are stunned. They do not want Dalai Lama to retire.Karmapa Lama may be chosen as Dalai Lama’s successor but if the recent police raids of Karmapa’s habitation in Dharshala in Himachal Pradesh is anything to go by, he will certainly be no match for Dalai Lama. After the huge amount of money, including Chinese currencies were recovered in the raids, fingers were also raised on the integrity of Karmapa. He is alleged to be working as agent of China in India. While Dalai Lama has been unblemished all his life.
The retirement of Dalai Lama would give relief for China as no other Tibetan leader commands as much respect in international arena as Dalai Lama. He is the only spiritual leader who has always compelled China time and again to think over the fate of Tibetan. So, it is not time for Dalai Lama to retire from active politics. He should only retire after bringing his struggle for the freedom of Tibet to a logical end.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Congress’ master political stroke

As DMK is habituated to exercising hard bargaining with its political allies at the time of seat sharing, so dit it this time with Congress, which itself has achieved mastery in this type of political game. In this process of hard bargainig, DMK outright rejected Congress demand of 63 seats in the next month assembly elections in the state.
As a threat to the Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre, DMK decided to pullout its six ministers from the Manmohan Singh Council of Ministers. It felt that the Congress Party would get nervous to save its government and would agree to the seat sharing plan as planned in the last assembly elections and restrain CBI from questioning DMK supremo and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi’ daughter, who is also the member of the Lower House and his wife in connection with 2G Scam as they have share in family TV channel Kalaingar.
But as all the investgation in 2 G Scam is monitored by Supreme Court, Congress can not do anything. So when all the game plan of DMK to make Congress subservient boomeranged on itself because its leadership failed to understand about the depth of political acueman the Congress Party has. Neither the Manmohan Singh Government nor the Congress Party showed any interest in DMK’s decision of pulling out its six ministers and go to the assemly elections alone.In contrary, the Congress party immediately managed the support of 22 Samajwadi Party Lok Sabha members instead of DMK’s 18 MPs.
DMK had to realise that it would not succeed in hard bargaining with Congress. Congress needs as much suport of DMK in Tamil Nadu as much DMK needs of Cobgress in New Delhi.
It is also the ground reality that demands on DMK and Congress to go together in assembly elections. There is not any upper swing of support for DMK this time. It needs formidable Party like Congress to fight together the assembly elections for getting back power. So, DMK had to agree to the Congress demand of 63 seats.
After the end of stewardship of K Kamraj of the Congress in TN, it has never led the ruling coalition government in the state. Either it is Karunanidhi’s DMK or M G Ramchandran’s AIADMK, to be in power they have always taken Congress support.
But with the ascendancyof Rahul Gandhi in the Congress, who is an strong advocate of go alone principle, the party tries its best to strenthen itself first. The hint about going alone in Tamil Nadu had been given by Rahul Gandhi a few months back during his visit there. That showed seed of ambition among party workers and made them assert their claim strongly. But at last, it is good that DMK-Congress alliance stands because it is very difficult for the DMK to fight alone in face of the several minus points going against it. Its former union minster is in jail in 2G Scam and anti-incumbancy factor also goes against it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A matter of great shame for Delhi

Delhi is not like the other metropolitan cities of the nation. It is also the national capital and centre of power and ecucation. But it is worse than that of our other metros. Whether it is law and order, safety of women or civic amenities, it is the worst.
Women in Delhi are most unsafe, where on one hand all the government agencies were busy celebrating March 8th as International Women’s Day and a 22 years old girl was shot dead outside her college on footbridge in broad daylight on the other. The killer is still at large and the police are groping in dark like all other crimes.
No single day passes without the report about incident of atleast one rape in Delhi appears in the news papers. Now the women in the national capital are afraid of coming out of her house. This is the position of the national capital about which the claim of making it a world class city is made by none other than the Chief Minister of Delhi, who herself shows helplessness in providing security to women under the excuse of multiplicity of agencies here.
Policing of Delhi is not under Delhi Government. It is under the Centre. But at present, both at Centre and in Delhi, there is single party rule, that is of Congress. Sheila Dixit is the Congress Chief Minister of Delhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh is the Congress Prime Minister at the Centre. If the CM feels that it is because of multi-plicity of agencies, she can not do anything to improve law and order situation and provide protection to women in Delhi. All this is her excuse and she lacks determination to improve the situation of safety for women.
Delhi CM seeks people’s co-operation, that is right but they have limitations in providing co-operation to the police to improve the safety of women as they found them insentitive and insincere in propmtly utising their co-operation. And this has dampening impact on them. That is why they become indifferent to whatever happens on the roads in Delhi.
Women are nowhere safe in national capital. Whether it is public transport, roads, work places, schools and colleges. Everywhere they are either sexually taunted, molested, gang-raped and killed. Women are terrified. The situation has become fearful for them in the national capital Delhi.
Politicians in power are primarily responsible for this shameful condition. They would have to take initiatives to galvanise the police forces and call up on the Delhiites to come forward to help the law and order machineries. Most powerful ladies of the nation are in control of Delhi. First of all our President, Chief Minister of Delhi, ruling UPA Chairperson and Congress President, Speaker of Lok Sabha all are women. They all are in the seats of power. But the woman is passing the most troubled life in Delhi. They are living in fear and awe. Is this condition not shameful for Delhi?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Act and celebrate

On 8th of March every year, International Women's Day is celebrated with tall government claims all over the country. First of all, if the national literacy of women is taken in totality, majority of the women population in the country might be oblivious of International Women’s Day.
A nation’s prosperity is judged from the living standard of women, wherein we have failedmiserably uptill now even after more than 60 years of independence.
All round development is noticeable among the negligible percentage of women, living in higher strata of socieity. But if we talk of majority of the women living in rural villages, their condition is still pathetic. There is highest percentage of illiteracy among them so are they living in abject poverty.
There is no doubt that it is a great thing that these-days, three most powerful women are in national capital Delhi. First, our President Pratibha Patil, Second, UPA Chairperson and Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi and third the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila. But if the safe of women in Delhi is taken into account, it appears to be at the lowest ebb. It is a very sorry state of affairs. Chief Minister Sheila Dixit has sought support from the Delhiites in providing full proof seurity to women in Delhi. But the rising crime against women paints sorry state of affairs and the situation deteriorates so fast that the CM cuts a sorry a figure on the auspicious day for women.
On the International Women’ Day, a Delhi college going girl was shot dead at 10.20 AM near her college, though police record is showing about more than 40 percent of crime against women has come down.So, it would be better if the government agencies had concentrated on taking measures for the upliftment of women.
The need of the hour for the Delhi Government is to provide all round safety to women to make the International Women’s Day a grand success.
It is also a fact that the last decade has been the decade of awakening for women. Because in the last decade, girl student had always come first in every competitive tests at national and state levels and also at college, university and board school examinations. And they are maintaining the tempo of success.
It is also good that several state governments have taken revolutionary steps to promote girl education. The Government of Bihar is a shining example to promote girl education by giving all sorts of encouragement to them at school level regardless of caste, creed and community. Merit has been the sole criterion. This shows the true intention of development. Every girl student has been provided a bicycle to attend the school and given Rs 10,000 to those girl students who have scored more than 60 percent of marks in matriculation board examination. These are the steps which can dramatically change the condition of women in socieity itself.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Increasing religious intolerace in Pak

The brutal killing of Shahbaz Bhatti is shocking. He was a lone Christian in the Cabinet of Pakistan as Minority Affairs Minister. He was killed because he opposed blashphemy law in the country. He was a vocal supporter of the reliogious freedom of minority and majority both.
But in Pakistan’s theocratic set-up any act which goes against the Islamist is intolerable. Even the religion practised by non-Muslims of their own is seen as anti-Islamic and targeted by Muslim religious fanatics. The religious intolerance is increasing very fast in Pakistan. Shahbaz Bhatti was allegedly killed by Taliban militans if the pamphlets thrown by them around the site of the killing are anything to go by.
Within two months of killing of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer by his own guards for the same reason that he also opposed blaphemy laws and supported the religious freedom of minority in Pakistan, Bhatti has been killed. Because the religious fanaticism is so strong in Pakistan that any voice other than the voice of Islam is silenced. Several other persons who opposed blaphemy laws were also killed there.
The international community, especially the world’s sole super power the US, should clearly know that the government in Pakistan is itself dependent on fundamentalist elements fully supported by the army. The moment Pak Government starts acting against the forces of religious intolerance, it would collapse. The condition in Pakistan is shocking for the international community. But the matter of the fact is that why the US despite being well aware that Pakistani government is controlled by fundamentalist forces in the form of its military and it can not do against its wishes, it is pumping financial packages to keep it running. Now the time has come for the US to come out in open and sincerily make effort to bring Pakistan on the right track. The increasing religious intolerance in Pakistan would not only pose danger to neighbouring countries but to the entire world community.
Though the US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined the international community in expressing their outrage at the assassination of Pakistan’s Minister for Minority Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti, it is required up on them to prevail over the world to act against Pakistani religiously strong establishment. No civil socieity would ever tolerate what is happening in Pakistan. When Minister and Governor are killed for speaking against blasphemy law, how a common individual of minority community dare to speak against the majority. US must take serious note of increasing religious intolerance in Pakistan.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A big blow to UPA Govt

Immediately after terming the appointment of Chief Vigilance Commissioner as illegal by Supreme Court , P J Thomas resigned.It is a big blow to the Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government. It is ridiculous on the part of the UPA government that even after knowing that the person they were recommending for the appointment of CVC is involved in a case of corruption. How could it be possible that the institution of CVC being of so high integrity should be headed by the person involved in corruption case? The verdict of Supreme Court is welcome. And this verdict has once again proved that if judiciary did not interfere to stop the highhandedness of the government, it would have broken all norms of integrity and honesty.
The apex court decision has also damaged the credibility of the Govt. The High-powered Committee headed by none other than the Prime Minister had himself recommended the appointment of P J Thomas as CVC. He did it when there was case of corruption already pending in the court of law. His action in the appointment of CVC also brings disrepute to him.
The Supreme Court decision to quash Thomas’ appointment as CVC has restored the dignity and integrity to the institution of CVC. Central Vigilance Commissioner P J Thomas has resigned after the Supreme Court decision to quash his appointment, terming it as illegal. The Supreme Court quashed the appointment of P J Thomas as Central Vigilance Commissioner, saying the recommendation made by the high-powered committee headed by the Prime Minister did not consider the relevant material and as such its advice does not exist in law. A high-power committee, headed by the Prime Minister, had cleared the appointment of Thomas, the then Union Telecom Secretary, to the Consitutional post.
Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj, a member of the three-member high-power committee, had made known her disagreement to the government proposal of appointing Thomas as CVC. Home Minister P Chidambaram is the other member.Dealing a big blow to the Central government, the Supreme Court struck down the appointment of Thomas as CVC, holding that the recommendation made by the high-powered panel did not consider the relevant material and, therefore, its advice “does not exist in law”.
60-year-old Thomas, facing a corruption case in a Kerala court relating to Palmolein import scam, did what was required of him immediately after the apex Court gave its keenly awaited verdict, just six months after the former bureaucrat was appointed as the 14th CVC.The Supreme Court decising quashing the appointment of CVC P J Thomas is both a blow and a call to the UPA government to act according to the norms set by constitutional bodies. When it was clear that PJ Thomas was involved in corruption case, why was the government so rigid to appoint him as CVC, ignoring outright the disagreement raised by one of the members of high-powered committee and leader of the opposition? Was it compulsion for Manmohan Singh Government to appoint P J Thomas as CVC? Is it some unseen influence working on his government?
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh needs to explain before the nation that why he recommended appointment PJ Thomas as CVC when the highest court of law for which he also has high respect quashed Thomas' appointment as CVC.