Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nature's fury- A wake-up call for America

Sandy is a wake-up call for the entire world. It gives warning to the US to be serious and honest at the meeting on Climate Change at international arena. America is the super power of the world. So, it has greater responsibility to establish the order of the nature and if any country violates the norms set by the international gathering on Climate to protect the nature, it must be punished immediately and no bias either in favour or against should be exercised at any cost. To keep the climate clean and the atmosphere free from any pollutant substances is the responsibility of every human being to keep all living being protected from the fury of the nature. Under the leadership of the US, the industrialized and developed countries of the world emit highest amount of Carbon dioxide and thereby pollute the atmosphere beyond imagination. US must act without any loss of time to protect the climate. It is not the terrorist act or attack by an inimical country on America but by the forces of nature. The forces of nature were so ferocious that the US bowed before them despite being super power of the world. The Mega storm Sandy has battered the US East Coast with fierce winds and heavy rains, killing at least 13 people and causing a power plant explosion, besides uprooting trees, power lines and plunging much of Manhattan in darkness. Life has been thrown out of gear. No show of power made any impact on the ferocity of the forces of nature. The US has been crippled by the mega storm Sandy and it is a clear warning for the super power of the world to work for Climate Change with sincerity, impartiality and without any self-interest to save Mother Earth on the one hand and all the living beings on the other. Otherwise, the days are not far off when not only the US but also the entire world will become the prey to storm more powerful than the Sandy or any other natural calamity of more destructive magnitude. The experienced felt by Sandy amply reflects that the fury of nature can not be stopped. Sandy, one of the biggest storms ever to hit the US, battered the coastline of New Jersey, where a large number of Indian families reside, with 80 mph winds, pushing seawater up by an unprecedented 13-feet in New York City. According to the eyewitness, Floods have inundated large number of areas in New York and New Jersey and an explosion at a sub-station on the east side of Manhattan's Midtown left 500,000 people without power. If eyewitnesses are to be believed a huge ball of blue light exploded over Manhattan last night believed to be a powerful blast at Consolidated Edison station. This is the most ferocious form of nature and no power on earth can lessen its impact ferocity. According to initial estimates, the devastation has resulted in a loss of USD 10-20 billion. Sandy is no longer a hurricane because it's drawing energy from temperature differences and not the ocean, making the transition to a super storm that may push a wall of water ashore in the Northeast and lash the East with wind and rain.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All in a fix over Madhubani

The civil and police administration of Madhubani, Government and opposition parties have been found to be in a fix over the eruption of violence and the torching of government properties and loss of lives in the district. It was virtually shortsightedness of the government and total failure of the administration in handling the developing situation arising from the recovery of a decapitated body. The three days of total lawlessness, police firing, loss of two innocent lives and torching of government properties in Madhubani district of Bihar over the recovery of beheaded body presumed to be of a teen-aged school boy of class 10th who had been missing since September 7, which turned out to be a case elopement with the appearance of the boy with the girl in Delhi in the evening of Oct 15 as claimed by Delhi police. With the recovery of a decapitated body, violence on large-scale gripped the whole of Madhubani district of Bihar. Students went on rampage to protest the high-handedness of Madhubani police in the case. The entire opposition called Bihar Bandh yesterday to lodge their protest against police firing in which two innocent lives were reportedly lost. It was a total bandh. While the teenager was traced to New Delhi along with a girl with whom he had eloped. This is the glaring example of district police and civil administration failure. Had they handled the case judiciously and felt the sensitivity of the situation,Madhubani would not have burnt for three days. The district administration of Madhubani has totally failed in keeping the situation under control. The day the beheaded body was recovered, the tension prevailed in Madhubani. The body was disfigured and because of that the teen aged boy's family members including his mother mistook it to be of her son's dead body. Now the question arises why the dead body was kept in the morgue for more than 72 hours. Why the administration did not cremate it after 72 hours the day it was recovered. What were the police doing all these days? The police should have immediately made intensive investigation to make identification of the dead body. The graph of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is going down and down since he embarked on Adhikar Yatra to demand the Special Status for Bihar. During his Adhikar Yatra, the black flags and the slippers were thrown at him by contractual teachers. It clearly reflects that the discontentment among the people of Bihar has started setting in against his Government. Nitish Kumar came to power to restore normalcy, rule of law and bring the state on development track. He initiated rightly in the beginning but lost the way in his second term and developed arrogance. The people harboured high aspiration and expectation of his government. Though there has been development in all spheres in the state and on the front of electricity and investment from outside, the situation has gone down and down and consequently disillusionment descended on the people. They have now started thinking that their dreams and hopes have been dashed to the ground. And if the crowd thronged at RJD supremo Lalu Yadav public meeting in the state these days is anything to go by, the warning bells have started ringing for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to cast off his dictatorial style of functioning with giving priority to bureaucrat over public representatives.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Need for immediate probe

The trust run by Union Law Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid and his wife for providing help and relief to differently-abled persons is alleged to have committed financial irregularities. The report on financial irregularities was carried by a leading Media Group of the nation. India Against Corruption (IAC) activist turned politician Arvind Kejriwal has also launched protest against the minister and demanded his resignation from the Union Cabinet. Salman Khurshid on return from his London visit held one and half-hour long press conference and rubbished all charges one by one against his trust and expressed willingness for any probe into the alleged financial irregularities it, though Kejriwal has rejected all his versions to prove the allegation to be unfounded and baseless. The Economic Offence Wing (EOW) of UP police has started investigation into financial irregularities in trust in all the districts of the state where it has been running. The charges of corruption must be probed impartially and there must not be any defence in their favour. If these-days of corruption laden atmosphere among political class the precedent is set for ministers, MPs and MLAs to resign the moment charge against them is slapped, no government irrespective of political party would survive even for a day. No government can provide corruption free rule in this age of materialism. During Salman Khurshid’s press conference, it was clearly visible that he was feeling disturbed and his conscience was biting somewhere his inner chord of heart. That is why he burst into anger with the reporter of that media group and warned him that he would see him in the court. Whatever may be the findings of the investigating team, but one thing is clear from his appearance, behaviour and way of responding and giving explanation that he is on week-wicket on the charges of financial irregularities allegedly committed by his trust. He had brought a differently-abled old man to say the nation through his press conference that the Trust had provided him hearing aid but he needed more. The experience says that the record of almost all the NGOs have been under question because of financial irregularities and it has also been mostly seen that NGOs are either run by the persons closely associated with powerful persons or under their direct control. The concept of running NGOs by the government is to provide opportunity to the social activists to serve the society in different ways through an organization for which it provides them some financial grants. But the reality is that mostly the NGOs and Trusts are run for gulping the government money in the name of social service. As far as the allegation of financial irregularities by Salman Khurshid's trust is concerned, the greater responsibility rests with him to get them investigated and come himself clean instead of showing arrogance and loosing temper under the glare of national and international media in New Delhi. It reflects that all is not well with his trust.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stop behaving like ruffian

When the elected member of our Parliament takes the law into his own hand and threatens by banging his gun at the Toll Tax plaza only because he was asked to pay tax of Rs. 80, Why should we can expect from the road tough to respect the rule of law. Congress MP from Porbandar Vitthal Radadiya was booked for rioting and criminal intimidation and under the Arms Act after he allegedly threatened the staff at a toll plaza at Karjan in Vadodara district with a gun. A CCTV camera caught him in the act. The CCTV camera captured his action which had been displayed on every news TV channel that clearly reflected how outrageous and fearsome he was looking with the gun swinging in the air to show his clout in power. It is the most shameful act displayed the member of Lok Sabha. Congress party needs to take stringent action against him and let the law to take its own course against the Lok Sabha member Radadiya. Irrespective of the political party, the majority of people’s representatives exerts their influence openly to take undue advantage. People's representatives in state assemblies and in Parliament are expected to set role model for the people whom they represent. Their curtsey, disciplined lifestyle and respect for the rule of law should leave emulating influence in society. It is not only some Congress party MPs and MLAs who resort to goondaism in public life but all irrespective of political affiliations break law and order whenever they consider to have been let down in public. They fail to understand that they have been sent by the people to Parliament and assembly to serve them. The people are their masters. Unruly, unsocial and illegal behaviour of MPs and MLAs reflect that the degeneration has definitely set in our political culture. Most of the elected representatives of all political parties seem to have forgotten that they are law makers. When law makers become law breakers, only God can save us. As Vitthal Radadiya is a Congress party MP, he must be asked by the party leadership to explain his conduct. If he was surrounded by about 15 men at the Toll tax centre and the toll tax staff considered his identity card of MP as bogus, why did he not call the police to provide him security? Today it is Congress party, tomorrow it will be some other party MP and MLA who can behave as the hoodlums. No political party claims to be clean of MPs and MLAs having criminal antecedent or they do not have direct nexus with criminals. So, untill and unless the nexus between criminal and politicians are broken and the political parties deny tickets to fight elections to those who have criminal antecedents, there will be no halt of crime shows by some of our MPs and MLAs.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Delhi police have done a commendable job

Delhiites commend the Delhi Police for foiling attacks on marketplaces in the capital and at Bodhgaya and solving the recent Pune serial blasts with the arrest of three alleged Indian Mujahideen (IM) militants. Large quantities of explosives were allegedly recovered from them. If the circumstance and modus operandi of Indian Mujahideen militants are anything to go by, the claim made by the Delhi police about the arrest 3 IM militants and seizure of explosives is certainly true. Delhi police have done a commendable job by being keeping themselves vigilant and were on the look-out for the IM militants on the basis of the clues and their planning they got from LeT oprative and 9/11 mastermind Abu Jindal during his interrogation. If the three arrested IM militants had succeeded in their murderous plan in Delhi and Both Gaya during festival seasons, they would have killed many innocent lives by carrying out a series of bomb last in these two places. Delhi police is certainly the leading police organization of the nation. The officers and constables of Delhi police are known for keeping constant vigil on the anti-national activities. Its investigating team is known for thoroughness and precision. They are alert, agile and react against the militant elements without any loss of time. It is also correct that whenever they become complacent, lethargic and fail to co-ordinate with the intelligence agencies and the police of other state, the militants carry out violent acts. Delhiites are feeling relieved at the arrest of three IM militants. No terror or criminal activity can take place in national capital if Delhi police act on time with all sincerity and integrity in co-ordination with all other agencies entrusted with the task of keeping vigil on militants. It is also the responsibility of Delhiites and, especially the landlord to carry out tenant verification before giving flats on rent. The residents of every colony of Delhi must also be watchful of the activities of the new entrant in their colonies. As it is the sole responsibility of Delhi police to keep the city safe, they must be given all intelligence inputs by the agencies to pre-empt any terror act. Delhi being the national capital of India, it must be given special protection. The Delhi police have to be always on their feet to protect the city. Delhi is also on radar of terror outfits based across our border. So, Delhi police must keep themselves always in readiness to meet any eventuality at any point of time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Usurping the opposition space

With launching of protest against the Delhi Government for its anti-people policies, former Team Anna key member-turned political activist has usurped the political space of opposition parties in democracy. He is doing what main Opposition party like BJP should have done earlier on all issues of public concern. Arvind’s knack for politics reflects itself in his choosing of issues that concern the Delhiites most. They are overwhelmingly supporting him because being enormously troubled and vexed by the exorbitant rate of power tariff and inflated bills. It is Arvind Kejriwal and his team members who have come out on the streets of Delhi against the high-handedness of private power companies. They in agreement with the government of Delhi have gone on burdening the people with increasing power bills. While according DERC report, they are earning considerable profit. This was the duty of the BJP in Delhi to protest forcefully against the arbitrariness of private power companies and the government of Delhi. Has any leader of Delhi BJP restored the disconnected power supply at the residence of a consumer against whom ocular outstanding bill was shown? When Arvind and his colleagues launched agitation against the arbitrarily raised electric charge and inflated bills and announced to sit before the DERC office, the BJP General Secretary and one of the top most leaders of Delhi Vijay Goel too reached there along with some supporters to protest the increase of power tariff and allegation of inflated bills. While Goel attempted to join forces with Kejriwal, the effort boomeranged after the latter leveled accusations against the BJP. It is very ridiculous and cunning of Vijay Goel to extend the hands of friednship to social-cum-political activist Arvind Kejriwal but in return he received an embarrassing question that it is today that the BJP has come to know about increasing power tariff and allegation of inflated bills. Where were they all these months? The matter of the fact is that BJP was well aware of the issue which concerned the Delhiites most. But it was its complacency and lack of sensitivity to protest the power companies’ arbitrary move forcefully to galvanize the support of Delhiites against the policy and programmes of Delhi government. As Delhi will be the first political priority of Arvind Kejriwal, it is no doubt that he is sincerely and with all seriousness raising the issues which hurt the Delhiites most. There is also every possibility that if he continued to open the eyes of political leaders to see the troubles being faced by the people in the national capital Delhi, his party will make its entry with tremendous support of the common men. Congress-led UPA government is beset with charges of corruption and the Opposition BJP callous and complacent. In the given situation, it is certain that Arvind Kejriwal will get overwhelming support of Delhiites because he raises the issues of direct public concerns promptly, sincerely and honestly.