Saturday, September 18, 2010

JD(U) dictates BJP in Bihar

In the light of open differences over campaining by star BJP campaigner Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Bihar between the two ruling alliance partners, the seat sharing adjustment is not going to be smooth one. Because JD (U) being the dominant partner and coalition government is being led by its leader Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, it continues to repeat the old coalition modalities with BJP and they are determined to dictate the terms and condition of coalition. JD (U) would not tolerate any alteration in the 2005 arrangement. To keep his secular image intact, Chief Minister is openly opposed to capaigning of Nararendra Modi, which he has already made clear twice i.e one in June last during the BJP Executive Committee meeting in Patna by cancelling his scheduled lunch with top BJP leaders because of display a poster posing him hand in hand with Modi and other on speculation in BJP over campaigning by Modi in Bihar. Though Narendra Modi may be star campaigner of BJP and party’s Prime Minister’s material, he can certainly not influence the Bihar voters as people there are politically very conscious and would never tolerate to disturb the secular fabric of the nation. Because Modi is known for hardline Hindutva ideology. Bihar is also a caste ridden society and caste factor is virtually determines the election results mostly. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s popularity among the people is at the top of political leaders irrespective of party affiliation. That why is JD(U) will naturally have the upper hand in seat sharing agreement and this time also it will surely be the repeat of 2005 arrangement. BJP has no option but to follow JD(U)’s dictat to be in reckoning in the important state like Bihar. Seat-sharing between BJP and Janta Dal (United) for Bihar assembly elections has been nearly finalised and a formal announcement is likely in a day or two. Elections are round the corner in Bihar. Talks are in progress between the two parties in matter of seat sharing and a broad agreement has reportedly been reached. It has already been discussed and a decision is expected soon. An announcement is likely in a day or two.In the 243-member Bihar Assembly, the ruling parties JD-U and BJP have 81 and 54 seats respectively. RJD is the second largest party with 56 seats. Ramvilas Paswan-led LJP has 12 seats and Congress has 10.JD-U had contested 138 seats in the last assembly election in October 2005, leaving 103 for BJP. The two parties had friendly contest on two seats. Over all impression in Bihar is that CM Nitish Kumar is the first choice of the people in Bihar in present day Bihar politics. BJP in Bihar has no option but to respect the sentiment of JD(U).

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