Monday, June 29, 2015

Silence a sign of acceptance

Now it is 18th day that Lalitgate came into light, involving Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhra Raje Scindhia and Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in one way or the other and since then Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been keeping quiet on this issue about which the nation wants to know his views. It is surprising why PM Modi does not open his mouth on Lalitgate. It is not an ordinary issue but of propriety and probity in public life. He must break his enigmatic silence on the issue. Otherwise, the message goes out that he has also tacit support to impropriety and corruption. Not only almost all senior BJP leaders some among them are ministers in the NDA govt. and also PM Modi never tired of questioning former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh’ silence on the issues of corruption in UPA govt and probity in public. These BJP leaders were then in opposition and Narendra Modi was party's prime ministerial candidate in Lok Sabha elections. They interpreted Manmohan's silence as the sign of accepting corruption charges. And now why not by the same yardstick, PM Modi's silence can not be interpreted as his acceptance of his ministers’ involvement in Lalitgate. It also proves his claim of providing a clean govt. free of corruption a sham. PM Modi’s claim of Zero tolerance against corruption has fallen flat. PM Modi on his radio broadcast of Man ki Baat but made no mention of the new revelation about charges against Vasundhra and Sushma. The nation, however, wants to know its Man ki Baath from the PM. Even senior most BJP leader Lalkrishna Advani, who has been pushed into Salahkar Mandal against his wishes, has rightly hinted at his party ministers in question, how he had resigned the moment his name surfaced in the Jain-Hawala diary to maintain credibility in politics. He had resigned from the membership of Lok Sabha pending investigation and when he was given clean chit by the CBI, he was again elected to Lok Sabha and participated in parliamentary activity. He resigned on the basis of his conscience call because he was sure that he never did wrong and would come out clean. He had done this even after the party leadership asked him not to do this. Despite that the conscience is neither biting Sushma nor Raje and the PM has been maintaining deafening silence. It has created the perception among the public that this Modi-led NDA government is no better than the previous UPA government on the issue of corruption and others. The entire nation wants to know why PM Modi is silent on Lalitgate. He should have come out and told the people that his ministers had committed no wrong doing and it is a false campaign of opposition to level charge against them. And if he thinks that to uphold the probity in public life to strengthen credibility in politics, he must ask his External affairs Minister Sushma and Rajasthan Chief Vasundhra Raje Scindhia pending the probe. The longer PM Modi goes into silent mode, the greater the damage is done to the party.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

BJP loses its face over Lalitgate

BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi lose their faces on daily basis because of their failure in dismissing their two Union Ministers - External Affairs Sushma Swaraj HRD Smirti Irani- and the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhra Raje Scindhia for their alleged involvement in morally and legally wrong acts. The charge against Swaraj is that she helped the fugitive and economic offender former IPL boss and cricket tycoon Lalit Modi acquire travel documents from British govt to go to Portugal to sign an operation paper of his wife, who is cancer stricken. She and her party defend it by saying that help was on humanitarian ground. Whichever ground it may be, but one thing is clear that she helped fugitive, which is wrong morally and legally. There is a charge against Rajasthan CM Vasundhra Raje Scindhi that he signed Modi’s immigration paper as witness to back his stay in Britain on the condition that it would be kept secret from the Indian officials. A Delhi court accepted to hear a case about the fake qualification charge against Smirti Iran. Enough proofs and documents corroborating the charge have come in public domain, which make the BJP's defence and PM's silence untenable. PM Modi's silence itself reflects that there is something fishy in both Laligate and certificate imbroglio. All these charges against BJP ministers puncture its claim of high moral ground. It clearly appears that scam days have returned again. Now BJP's charge against the previous UPA government that it was mired in corruption and scandals in its tenure of ten years is now boomerang on itself just after completing only one year in office. As former PM Manmohan Singh used to take silent stand on charges against his government and ministers, PM Modi has adopted the same thing completely unaware of the perception he himself and his party are making among the people. It appears that unless and until the public outcry spills on the streets all around, Modi's tainted ministers and leaders would not resign. The parameter adopted by the Modi govt. to deal with corruption, illegality and wrong moral acts can not be one for its ministers and another for opposition party leaders. Prime Minister Modi must ask his tainted ministers to resign to uphold high moral ground of which he speaks in his every public interaction. It is will be better for him to ensure smooth functioning of the monsoon session of Parliament by dismissing his tainted minister. Otherwise, Congress leaders and workers are bound to come on the streets to demand their resignations and stall it in coming days. The tainted ministers and the CM have lost the moral ground to stay in office. If they resigned right now pending the investigation, the opposition Congress would lose its opportunity to set goalpost.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Spurt in attack on scribes

The increasing murderous attack on scribes in different states of the country is a serious cause of concern. In recent days, the killing of two scribes-one in Uttar Pradesh and the other in Madhya Pradesh- have unsettled the common people. The way one social media journalist in UP was allegedly beaten first and then burnt to death by the police at the behest of a minister in UP is most shocking and an attempt to throttle the voice of the people. Though UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has assured the slain journalist's family members of giving Rs. 30 lakh and govt. job to the two of his sons and bringing all the accomplices to book, it means that the govt. thinks that the cost of a life is this much. No family member of any deceased would accept the govt. assistance heartily for the loss of life of its head and bread earner. The second incident of killing the journalist allegedly by mining and sand mafia is of MP. The freelance journalist was burnt alive because he had brought the illegal business and underhand dealing of mining and sand mafias to bright. The nexus of politician, mafia and the police is behind every murder wherever takes place in country. Because what they wanted to keep in concealment, the journalists bring it in full public view and force the govt. to act. According to a report, there have been more than 150 killing of media persons in the last two years. If this report is even true partially, it indicates of a deep nexus of politician-mafia-criminal- police, which has taken strong root in our society. Journalists are the voices of the people and they also serve the society as its watch dogs. They bring any sort of injustice done by any of govt. agencies to light. Journalists are considered to be the protectors of the common people’s rights in society. Wherever the govt. infringes on the right of the people, it is only the journalists who raise the voice against it. Though Narendra Modi -le NDA government talk tall on every issue, it must look into the increasing attack on scribes' lives. It is almost fifteen days since the news of the killing of the journalist appeared in news papers and the family members of the deceased journalist leveled allegation against CM Akhilesh Yadav's minister and local police, no action has been taken yet. Minister is at large without any fear of law. As far as the criminality and acts of murder of mining and sand mafia in Madhya Pradesh is concerned, there has been a flourishing business. The murder of anyone whether it is the common people, journalists , honest state govt. officials or who ever put hurdles in mining mafias' illegal business and acts, they are killed and the state govt. has always act as mute spectator. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must take the issue of increasing attack on scribes all over the country and direct the officials concerned in different states to take security measures to ensure the protection of their lives.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Team India's weakness exposed

Casual, careless, insincere and inconsistent approach by Team India to the game in One-Day series against Bangladesh on their home ground resulted in its humiliating defeat. Bangladesh defeated India very convincingly. Indian players' false belief in their might that they are superior to Bangladesh has also contributed to their defeat. Bangladesh outplayed Team India in every department of the game. Their, batting, bowling and fielding were superb. In comparison to them, Indian players appeared listless, tired, exhausted and completely unaware how to tackle the onslaught of young and promising Bangladeshi bowler Mustafir Hussain. He presented the superb piece of bowling before which all Indian batsmen starting from the top order to the tail ender appeared nervous and clueless. Team India ultimately surrendered before Bangladesh. Indian players should have also kept in mind while touring Bangladesh that they had defeated Pakistan on their home ground very badly, which reflects their strength. Team India may be burdened with tight schedules all over the year due to which their energy levels have come down to zero. In the face of exuberating, confident, fighting, energetic and aggressive Bangladeshi players, Team India could not do anything to save prestige and reputation. Team India’s experiment with two captains- one for One - Dayer and the other for Test match has also not been fruitful and beneficial. Rather it has created two power centres in the team, which has created ego problem and friction. There are many loopholes in it that requires to be plugged immediately. Over-tight scheduling of the players at home and abroad and their excessive involvement with advertising for different products to earn need to be looked into. Team India should not have taken Bangladesh very lightly and sincerely. The humiliating defeat will also have demoralizing impact on the Indian players. Not even a single player played up to their potential. It will be difficult for Team India to come out of the shocking defeat. BCCI must analysize the defeat of at the all hands of Bangladeshi team thread bare and take necessary measures to the recurrence of this type of humiliating defeat at the hands of the team, which was considered underdog.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No excuse to help economic offender is tenable

Union Minister Sushma Swaraj may put forward humanitarian ground for help money laundering and forex violation accused former IPL boss and Cricket tycoon Lalit Modi acquire travel documents in UK, but it is completely untenable. The question arises here is that was she un-ware of his absconding from the law? Lalit Modi is a serious economic offender so he should be treated as such. Any help to him by the person who occupies constitutional post must be treated as his accomplice. She must resign pending investigation to uphold probity in public life. It is also appears that Sushma helped Lalit Modi and in return he also obliged by getting her relative admitted in Sussex Law college in Britain and engaged her daughter in his legal team in India , which is fighting the cancellation of his passport. Her husband has been Modi's advocate for the last 20 years. And all this reflects how close she is to him. It also appears that she had family attachment with him. Here it also clearly appears that she is involved in Quid Pro Quo. Another report that surfaced yesterday says that Rajasthan Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Vasundhra Raje Scindhia had backed his immigration paper under the condition of secrecy in UK in 2011 as witness when she was opposition leader in the state. Lalit Modi is also considered to be very close to the entire BJP establishment. His photo with Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also appeared on different news channels, which reflect the proximity between the two also. The question here is that where the buck stops. Congress Party allegation holds water that as there is one man rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi govt., it appears odd that his minister would have helped Lalit Modi without taking his consent. So, buck finally stops at PMO is not altogether out of place. The way all BJP ranks and files defended Sushma Swaraj shows that entire establishment sympathetic to Lalit Modi. Now the BJP government and the Prime Minister himself can not run away from the fact they are also treating the corruption charges in the same as the previous UPA govt. did. Though UPA already paid its price of propriety in the last Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi must realize that yardstick of law is the same for Congress and BJP. So his taking moral high ground on the issue of corruption would fall flat if he failed to seek resignation of his External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and BJP CM of Rajasthan any more. The resignation demand of Sushma Swaraj and Raje is getting shriller and shriller. PM should also realize that his moralistic speeches are not meant for only others but also for himself. External Affairs Minister Sushma and Raj CM Vashundhra must listen to their conscience to resign to save Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. from further embarrassment.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

JD(U)-RJD-Cong alliance a challenge to BJP

It was the demand on the ground politically to form JD (U)-RJD- Congress alliance to fight BJP-led NDA in the coming Bihar assembly elections. The alliance of the three parties may have been formed out of compulsion and they have not come together by heart, but to give a tough fight to the rising BJP in Bihar. Although Nitish-Lalu-Congress pair has already shown its strength in the by elections for some assembly seats last year in Bihar where it had defeated BJP-led NDA convincingly, they have to repeat their performance in the whole state. It is also the ground reality that no single party JD(U), RJD or Congress can stop the victory chariot of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bihar assembly elections alone. But when they fight together, they have the strength to defeat BJP. As far as the state leadership is concerned, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of JD(U) is the most popular face in the state. BJP can not match JD(U)-RJD-Congress leadership of Nitish Kumar. So it is most probably going to project PM Modi as its face in assembly elections, though his popularity graph has undoubtedly fallen down after one year in power. It is also the fact that the people on the ground have not felt any change for better on any count in the last one year of Narendra Modi regime. As far as the seat distribution among JD(U)-RJD-Congress is concerned, they can settle it amicably. Congress has played a pivotal role in forming the alliance with Nitish Kumar as its candidate for chief ministership with the sole motive to stop the victory spree of BJP in Bihar after Delhi. RJD boss Lalu was initially opposed to the declaration of CM candidate before election but the Congress mounted pressure on him to toe the line otherwise he would be left alone in the state as it had already announced of no reservation in fighting elections under Nitish Kumar as CM candidate. Lalu read the writing on the wall and agreed to the leadership of Nitish Kumar. Nitish- Lalu-Congress coming together has also taken seriously the caste factor, which is the single most important factor in Bihar elections. Caste-wise both RJD and JD(U) have very strong grip on their vote banks. While JD(U) has votes among Yadavs, Kurmis, OBCs, Mahadalits and others, RJD has very support of Yadavs and Muslims. Though Congress has no strong vote base in the state, it has an important role in tilting the balance. With BJP-led NDA on upswing after the Lok Sabha history victory, the fight with JD(U)-RJD and Congress is going to be very close. Bihar being an important state politically, BJP-led NDA would also put every thing into it to come out victorious in the coming assembly elections. But the performance of JD(U)-RJD-Congress fighting together in assembly by polls last year is anything to go by, Bihar will prove to be a very tough task for PM Modi to record victory in the coming assembly.