Friday, September 30, 2011

Defender turned offender

There is a long history of the US defending Pakistan on every issue for keeping its own strategic interest safe. US even went out of way to help Pakistan through heavy economic packages umpteentimes and Pakistan was always considered its stooge.
The killing of world’s most dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad near Karachi of Pakistan after the vigorous search for 10 years by the US, it became increasingly clear that Pakistan was not only diverting US aids for nefarious activities by spending it on procuring arms and ammunition but also doing nothing to bridle terror outfits running on its soil.
After 9/11, Pakistan became the most important ally of US in its war against terror because it was almost impossible to invade Afghanistan without its help. US military presence in Afghanistan needs Pakistan’s assistance in the form of using its air space.To squeeze more monetary benefit in liew of being its frontline ally in war against terror, Pakistan offered full assistance to US. But at the same time it did not ever took hard measures against terror outfits operating from its soils, though continued to give passive them support.
Within Pakistan itself, there arose sharp disenchantment against the government for supporting the US-led international coalition against terror.Also, building up tension in US over Pak’s duplicity on the issue of terror when it was exposed with the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. This incident clearly indicated that Pakistan military had provided shelter to Osama, who was on US radar for the last 10 years.
US military department chief Mike Mullen went to the extent of charging that Pak military and its ISI were in alliance with Haqqani group in Afghanistan. This heightened the tension between US and Pakistan. And because of this tension, Pak Prime Minister Yosouf Raza Gilani had to call back his foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar to attend the important government meeting in which her briefing would be important. She cancelled her engagements at UNGA in New York and got back to Pakistan.
The relation between US and Pakistan has come to such a low level that the later began to call the former a fair weather friend. And to give a jolt to US, Pakistan has already started warming up its friendship with China by assuring it that Beijing’s enemy is Islamabad’s enemy also and it also assured it to act against Uighur militants hiding in its territory. Uighur militants were involved in violence of Xinjiang province in China. Though sooner or later China will also have to realise Pak duplicity about acting against militancy, the bonhomie between the two would certainly agonise the US.
The situation is also building up in South Asia where the US will have to draw a clear line of friendship. Whether it wants to befriend India only or never ignore Pakistan to safeguard its strategic interest in the region at any cost . Pakistan has given clear message to the US that if it severed relation or stopped aids, China is ready to take it in its lap.

Temporary truce in UPA-II

The drift in the UPA-II government arising out of the finance ministry note of dated March 25, 2011 was deepening because it pointed blame on Home Minister P Chidambram for 2 G Scam. The finance ministry note clearly reflected that if the then Finance Minister P Chidambram had insisted on acutioning the 2G Spectrum licenses instead of 2001 pricing, the scam could have been avoided.
The finance ministry note was procured through the use of RTI and Janata Party President Subramanium Swamy moved the Supreme Court urging it to direct CBI to investigate the role of Home Minister P Chidambram's role in the 2G Scam in which the former telecom minister and prime accused is in Tihar for months.
Chidambram appeared deeply disturbed with the surfacing of the finance ministry note at the action of his senior colleague finance minister Pranab Mukherjee. The finance minister may say now that apart from the factual background of the note, its interpretation and inferences do not reflect his views but one thing is clear that it reaches PMO with his consent and it also contains evidence in the form of word 'seen' scribled by none other than the minister himself. His distancing himself from the note has no significance as the matter is is subjudice and now it has become court’s property.
Neither FM has authority to condone HM for his alleged role in 2 G Scam nor matter can be closed by HM when it is going through the trial by the apex court. Honourable judges would deliver the verdict. Joint appearance of HM and FM is meaningless. Their body language had already told a different story.
Both the warring senior most ministers Pranab Mukherjee and P Chidambram posed a united posture before the media to send the message out that there was no difference in the government. The truce between the two was reached through strenuous effort by Congress President Sonia Gandhi. It is her instruction to finance minister to resolve the issue at the earliest. Mukherjee fell in line immediately and tried his best to assuage the bruised sentiment of P Chidambram whom he called a valued colleague last week during a press conference in New York.
The festering of the controversy for more than a week has dented the image of the government badly. It clearly indicated that there was deep crisis of leadership in the government. Anarchy like situation prevails within it. It has become difficult even for the minister whether to take order from the PM or to some one else to pursue any step. An atmosphere of confusion must be removed and the CEO must be given authority to constitute his boardroom. Otherwise, company is bound to run in enormous deficit. The same problem is with Dr. Manmohan Singh- led UPA-II government. Dr. Singh has completely failed so far to assert his authority. He appeared to be PM in name only.
It is also correct to say that if prime minister Dr. Singh had been watchful of the activities going on in every ministry, plethora of scandals would not have surfaced in his government.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Govt is nervous

The disclosure of finance ministry note on 2G has made the UPA -II Govt. nervous. This reflects in PM Dr. Manmohan Singh's address to the press conference on board the plane. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has charged the opposition, especially BJP, of being impatient for power by forcing pre-mature elections on the nation while addressing the press conference onboard special Air India Aircraft on his way back home, though he exuded confidence to run the govt. its full term.
Mr. Prime Minister, opposition has done nothing either to destabilize your government or creating wrong perception about it. It is the leaderless UPA-II govt that has created the mess itself. There is no command system visible in it and also lact of collective responsibility.
The perception of corruption and total failure to rein in rising prices is genuine about the govt., and not created by any opposition forces. A series of scandals that have surfaced recently, causing loss of crores of rupees to the public exchequer, have badly dented the image of UPA-II. It is itself full of contradiction and no out force is required to destabilize it. If the situation did not improve, UPA's coming to power in 2014 is a distant possibility. Because disenchantment grows among the people against UPA-II day by day.
Opposition is playing its role to expose the government's corrupt practices that has certainly changed the public perception. People now have the feeling that UPA-II is a bundle of corruption. Is the UPA-II is in doubt that it has neither been able to rein in runaway prices of all essential commodities nor the corruption that has beset it?
There is enough evidence of deep rift in Cabinet that amply reflects its directionlessness. Finance Ministry note, that was procured through the use of RTI and on the basis of that note a petitioner has already moved Supreme court for its investigation by CBI, throws enough light that if the then Finance Minister P Chidambram in 2008 had taken proper action, 2G scam could have been prevented. It clearly indicates of his inaction as well the PMO in whole 2G Scam development.The Manmohan Singh government is desperate to defend itself. In the given situation, Opposition is naturally aggressive, and attacks the government whenever any weakness comes to light. If the Opposition is blowing the allegation out of propotion, Prime Minister himself is slapping baseless charges of destablising his government against opposition(BJP)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Legendary Cricketer

In the death of former cricket captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, the nation has lost a very brave son in general and the Indian cricket has lost an invaluable inspirational force in particular.
Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, one of India’s greatest cricket captains, breathed his last at Sir Ganga Ram hospital due to respiratory failure leading to cardiac arrest. He was 70.
In an international career of 15 years, Pataudi played 46 Tests, scoring 2,793 runs with six Test centuries at an average of 34.91 - all while playing with one good eye. He would have achieved unprecedented success with his bat if he had not lost the one good eye. His dazzling career in cricket flourished to its full potential with full vision.
No one relished scoring at a brisk pace and hooking the fastest of bowlers with one eye as he did. He was also unafraid to step out and play lofted shots against spinners.
It is the credit of Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, who was lovingly known as Tiger, to make Indian cricket popular outside the country. He was a dominating batsman, instinctive and thinking captain.
Pataudi was also one of the most successful Indian captains. It was during Tiger’s captaincy that the Indian cricket recorded victory in England and Newzealand for the first time.
Had the tragic car accident not taken place in which he lost one eye, he would have taken the Indian cricket during his captaincy itself to majestic high. The chief quality of his personality was that he always kept nation above everything else. He infused a sense of superiority into his teammates in order to keep their moral always high on the ground.
Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi had also exemplary courage, and because of that he played with extra-ordinary reflexes even after the accident in which he lost an eye. His dedication and devotion to the game of cricket is unmatchable.
Pataudi was very stylish, which amply reflected in his day to day life and play. He was also very aggressive in batting who had created havoc among the world’s best bowlers of his time. His death has created a vacuum that is difficult to fill. He inspired his teammates to do better and better and gave enough opportunity to flourish and make name in the world cricket.
It was during his captaincy that world famous spin quartet flourished and dominated the world cricket. He married Sharmila Tagore, who is equally famous and popular heroine of her time of Indian cinema. She is also the most prestigious bollywood personality.
As Tiger belonged to the aristocratic family of Pataudi of Bhopal, he was like an aristocrat in his batting. He must also be credited with making the player always hungry for victory. He understood well that unless and untill the players would have hunger for victory, they could not put every thing into their game on the field. He was one of the most able leaders of the game of cricket, that India has lost.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2G Scam haunts Govt
The finance ministry note of March 2011 to PMO, which was procured by an individual through the use of RTI, amply reflects that if the then finance minister P Chidambram had insisted on Telecom Minister not to go for auction of the licences of 2G Sprectrum in 2008 at the price fixed in 2001, the biggest scandal of corruption in independent India would not have taken place. The revelation has certainly pushed Congress on brink, though it has rejected the opposition demand of HM resignation outright.
HM Chidambram has not reacted to this new revelation in 2G. Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, who is in US, says that as the matter is subjudice, he will make no comment. The main opposition BJP considers that their stand is vindicated and Chidambram must go. The Left also demand that CBI must look into this aspect in the light of new revelation. Though it is for the apex court to decide on the matter , one thing is clear that more heads may roll in the government and it has also created rift within it. It also clearly reflects that the finance minister is not on best of term with Home minister. This is also strengthened by the mishandling of Anna Hazare protest in the beginning.
Chidambram may not have reacted but pressure is mounting on him to explain about his role as finance in determining the price of 2G Spectrum licenses allocation. If he does not explain under the cover of one excuse or the other, doubts in the mind of the people will naturally grow stronger and stronger.
Now-a-days, UPA Government is itself at lowest ebb of credibility because of 2G Spectrum and various other scams and in addition to that, the mishandling of Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare's protest against corruption has caused sharp decline in the graph of its popularity. It needs to be haulted through curbing corruption and sky-rocketing price hike of all essential commodities.
Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi after convalescing to full recovery from her undisclosed ailment, she must take action against all those in the party organisation and the government as well to retrieve pre-eminent position in political arena and face the Lok Sabha elections in 2014 with full confidence and preparedness. Though the corruption has been a routine affair in India since independence, the unprecedented price rise with no sign ever from government to combat it has made the matter worse for the ruling political party.
Despite assurance after assurance from the government in last two years, the poor and middle class people have got no relief from back-breaking price rise. The total failure on inflation front has resulted into sharp discontent among the people against the government.
In the given situation, scandals of corruption have made the people angry and frustrated with government. It is now amply clear that UPA Government has failed to provide strong and decisive leadership to the nation, causing mess everywhere.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Controversy over Mehbooba Mufti’s praise

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti has said that the BJP leader Sushma Swaraj’s claim that she had praised Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is baseless. She never called Modi a “Messiah of people” as claimed by Sushma Swaraj. Sushma Swaraj also claimed that Mehbooba Mufti termed Modi as a “secular and Muslim-friendly” at the recently held National Integration Council (NIC) meeting.
Mufti has has refuted Sushma’s statement and said she would rather die before praising Narendra Modi. She has charged NC leader and Union Minister Farooq Abdullah of hobnobbing with BJP by saying about Modi that he saw Allah his eyes. She says in an interview that J &K CM Omar Abdullah was a Union Minister in NDA Goverment and Farooq had praised Modi when there was an alliance between BJP and National Conference (NC).
Mehbooba Mufti has also asked the Centre to check her statement with record.Though it has been the fashion among politicians that whenever they face embarrassment by the statement, they say that it has been misquoted or misinterpreted. The character of all political parties are well known and they need not give any clarification about it.
It is a meaningless controversy that has been deliberately created to reap political benefit. Narendra Modi observed 3-day fast to begin his sadbhavna mission. It is his new found idea to makeover his image for larger acceptance out of Gujarat so that he could staik claim within the BJP for positioning himself as priministerial candidate in 2014 elections.
His 3-day fast at Gujarat University Conventre Centre was attended by all the top leaders of the party. It amply reflects the BJP’s realisation that unless and untill the party is accepted by all sections of society throughout the nation, no leader can adorn the post of prime minister.
Because of Modi’s hardline image, his acceptance is confined to Gujarat only and that can not propel him on national scene as a strong candidate for prime ministership. But one thing is also clear that among the second generation of BJP leaders, Narendra Modi is the most formidable.
By claiming that Mehbooba Mufti praised Narendra Modi, Sushma Swaraj has tried to send a message among the muslim minority that he is of liberal and friendly nature, and he has also secular bent of mind.
But the ground reality is still the same in Gujarat and elsewhere in the country about Modi . He is charged with involvement in the worst ever riot of 2002 in the state. Refusing to wear skull -cap offered by a prestigeous Muslim saint as reported by the media, Modi at last has given a true account of himself. Gujarat CM is riding on the back of lion. Once he tried to get off it, he will have to pay the price in the annoyance of hardline Hindu voters. The controversy over Muft’s statement is only to distract the attention from Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s failure to makeover his hardline image through 3-day Sadbhavna mission.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

People’s protest over N-Plant

The N-Plant of Koodankulam in Tamil Nadu is under contruction and one of its units are to go dry runs shortly. The people of the areas surrounding the under-construction N- Plan are on fast to protests against it. The protest has overwhelming support of the local population of Koodankulum that made the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jailalithaa move to write a letter to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, echoing the demand of the protesters to halt the project immediately.
The protesters are terrified and fearful in the wake of Japan’s earthquake in recent past that caused the nuclear disaster. They also demand the resolution of the issue by the Assembly in regard to the halt of the plant. It is a widely accepted fact the electricity is indispensable for development and its demand can be met by nuclear plant. So, electricity being the main propeller of development, N-Plant is also inevitable and requirement of the time.
But after considering the apprehension of the people of impending danger of Koodankulum N-Plant, prime minister has rightly sent his emissary V Narayanswami, minister of state in PMO, to explain in detail about the preventive measures for safety against any of their apprehending danger about it.
This Koodankulam N-Plant is being constructed in collaboration with Russia. It is considered to be the most sophiscated and advanced N-Pant of the world. So, before taking any step all aspects regarding it must be kept in view.
Nuclear plant is the need of our country because it is already power-starved. Without the production of adequate electricity, no developmental project is possible. But at the same time, life and property of the people also must not be lost sight of. Because it is precious.
High profile activist Medha Patkar has also joined the protests of the villagers and has rightly raised the fishermen apprehension of losing their livelihood if the N-Plant becomes operational. Narayanswami as the emissary of prime minister should make the protesters understand the requirement of N-plant for the nation and at the same time Govt’s resolve about the safety of the local population in all respects .

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nature’s fury

A powerful earthquake rocked eastern India and Himalayan state Sikkim, which also bore the maximum brunt of the nature’s fury. As the epicentre was near Sikkim across its border in Nepal, the earthquake caused great havoc, shocks and fear among the affected people, who left their homes and came out in open for safety. Power supply, telephone and mobile connections were badly affected virtually for some time. Peril was at its highest point.
At least 50 people in Sunday's evening earthquake, including 23 in Sikkim, have been killed. It also triggered widespread landslides and road blockages making rescue work on Monday more difficult in the worst-hit Himalayan state.The overnight toll climbed to 50, with 23 people being killed in Sikkim, six in West Bengal, seven each in Bihar, Nepal and Tibet.
Over a hundred people have been injured in the quake which has left a trail of devastation in Sikkim, causing hindrances in relief work because of landslides and road blockades.
The Indian states which fall within the seismic zone are always most vulnerable to earthquake. It is known to the government. That is why Disaster Management team must be prepared in advance to face any eventuality very quickly. There may not be any prior indication of earthquake but enough research work has determined the areas under seismic zone. Meteriological department must also be equipped with the most advance equipment to assess the loss very quickly.
A few months back, earthquake of very high magnitude had rocked Japan causing great loss to life and property. It may be more vulnerable to earthquake than India but it is definitely under its danger always. It is God’s grace that we have not experienced the earthquake of that magnitude and intensity.
Earthquake is the worst kind of nature’s fury. We need to be prepared in advance to face the natural calamity of worst kind. To assess the loss of life and property immediately, we still not have the equipment, and are dependent on foreign countries. But we claim to have achieved tremendous scientific advancement. We also do not have quick response service mechanism.
The massive landslides due to earthquake and rains delayed the rescue team in reaching the badly affected areas in time. The landslides are normally caused by deforestation on massive scale for setting up of industries under economic reform policy. Setting up of industries is also a necessity but the loss caused to natural resources must be compensated in due course. Besides deforestation, there is cutting of trees and jungle on large scale that results in massive landslides. This must be stopped to lessen the intensity of pain caused by natural calamities.
The natural calamities catch unawares and unlike others earthquake gives no prior indication. Natural calamities like floods, cloud bursts and tsunami give enough time to take precautionary measures but the earthquake gives no time in advance to alert. As vast portion of India is in seismic zone, Government of India needs to establish a separate cell of disaster management for earthquake to deal with any disaster caused by it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modi's image make-over attempt

The verdict of Supreme Court in a Gujarat riots case has been termed by BJP as clean chit to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi Chief Minister. Reacting to SC verdict, Modi tweets,'God is great’. This amply reflects that he has felt relieved by the verdict.
However, the SC has only sent back the case to trial court of the magistrate concerned. It did not give either clean chit or indictment to any party involved in the case. It has followed the due process of law. Now, CM Narendra Modi and the BJP have launched a propaganda campaign, describing the verdict as clean chit to them.
The Sadbhavana Mission under which CM Modi has undertaken 3-day fast from Sept 17 for peace, unity and communal harmony at Gujarat University Convention Centre with pomp and show. The day also coincides with his 62nd birth day. As the SC verdict being interpreted by BJP as clean chit to Modi, the way has also opened for him to stake his claim of national leadership. Whether the BJP accepts it or not, one more formidable party candidate for the post of Prime Minister in Narendra Modi is certain.
Though the party is itself grapples with the claims for the top leadership among the second generation party leaders, Modi’s Sadbhavana Mission clearly reflects his inner desire for the post of PM. Because Modi knows well that unless and untill he establishes as liberal leader, he can not compete for prime ministerial candidate in secular India.
Undoubtedly, Narendra Modi is one of the tallest leaders of BJP and no other leader from the second generation of the party matches his charisma, though it is confined to the state of Gujarat only.
Undertaking fast for self purification or fulfillment of demand or for peace and harmony is a good idea. No body should have any objection to it. Congress leader from Gujarat Shankar Singh Vaghela and Modhvadia have also started fast to counter Narendra Modi politically. Congress terms Modi’s fast as Five Star and Gimmicry. Vaghela and Modbhadia has sat on fast before Shabamati Ashram at a footpath. It is foregone conclusion that competitive politics is bound to take place between BJP and Congress.
As far as Modi’s fast is concerned, there is no need to undertake it at the cost of public exchequer running into crores of rupees and in a pompous way to send the message of unity, peace and communal harmony after 9 years of the worst communal riots of Gujarat. He could observe fast from his residence and that could reflect more sincerity and commitment to the cause for which he has undertaken it. His fast at GU Convention Centre only attracts publicity and incurs crores of rupees on state exchequer.
No doubt, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has got a shot in his arm politically after SC verdict to establish himself in Delhi as the candidate for Prime Minister as and when situation arises. In his address to the audience at the venue of his fast, he said, ‘the pain of any body in the state is his pain’. It is a grand idea but it has descended on him very late when damage already done to his image. He has given a good message of fostering peace and communal harmony but this high grandstanding has come to his mind after 9 years of the dance of drama that was enacted in the state of Gujarat under his Chief Ministership. It is nothing but his prime ministerial ambition, which has inspired him to undertake Sadbhavana Mission.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Check price hike and let the people live

The hike in prices of fuels and food items at frequent interval clearly reflects that Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA government is loosing control fast on its functioning. It also appears that there is no mechanism with this UPA government to control the prices of essential commodities. Now, it has lost the moral authority to rule because of its failure to check price rise and rampant corruption, which has made the life of Aam Admi very difficult to survive.
The slogan of Aam Admi given by Congress is proving hollow and deceiving. It has committed fraud by telling the common people of the country that its hands are with Aam Admi. Congress Party’s hand symbol is turning out be to be a death trap.
It is correct to say that the prices of fuel are guided by the international market oil price, but it does not mean that the oil companies in India should be left free of any government regulations and control. Even if the oil prices are governed by oil market and the government has nothing to do with it, can it say how many times the oil prices have been brought down when they come down in international market? So, its explanation is irrelevant and attempts to make the poor people fool.
Petrol price was freed from the govt. control in June last year but the retail rates have not moved in line with cost as high inflation rate forced the oil companies to seek advice from parent oil ministry before revising rates.
This is the eleventh time in a year that Government oil companies have hiked petrol price by Rs 3.14-3.32 per litre after decline in rupee’s exchange value increased the cost of buying crude oil and widened losses from fuel sales.
Fuel is imported at high cost. It is understandable. What about the Milk price? India is regarded as the largest producer of milk and even then its price is being increased every two months. The same case is with green vegetables and all edible items. What is this? Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee owe explanation to the nation behind their excuse of rising prices.
It appears that the Manmohan Singh Government is both blind and deaf. It does not see either the problems being faced by the people because of life taking price rise on ground or hear the crying and groaning of common people.
The situation has come to such a passé that it has become very difficult for the poor people to fill their stomach with bread. The uncontrolled food inflation has caused immense trouble for the poor people.
Public outcry and disenchantment on the streets against the government, which has crossed all limits of sensitivity, are clearly visible. The cause of Govt.’s total failure in checking price-rise is its economic mismanagement. The situation of hopelessness has arisen out of the all-round rising inflation. Congress party will have to pay the cost of public anger in 2014 Lok Sabha elections if it failed to put a break on UPA government's economic mismanagement.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Take action against corruption, not measures

Whether the measures for curbing corruption announced by the government is Anna's impact on it is right or wrong is for the people to judge but one thing is clear that Anna has awakened it for action. There is urgent need for prompt action against the rising corruption in all government departments from top to bottom.
As the rot starts from the head, there is immediate need for overhauling the bureaucracy by punishing the corrupt and inefficient officers and their staff. Successors learn from the predecessors. So, the successive governments have failed to curb corruption. All have left it unbridled.
Since the country got independence, government job has been considered as the first option for the employment seekers. Because the government gives guarantee once they entered in it despite being negligent and corrupt. The wellfare government also provides enough room for redressal of its employees' grievances and in most cases it has seen the beneficiaries are the guilty government employees. So, first of all, the government is required to set up enough fast track competent bodies to despose off the cases of corruption within the fixed period of time. There must be time bound delivery of judgement in the corruption cases. As it is not the matter of judicial analysis, it must be dealt administratively.
To clean up the administration, the exercise must start from the top - PM and Ministers- so that officers and staff under them could umulate them and practise honesty and promptness in their day to day official duty. There is no dearth of measures to stop corruption in government department already in place. It is the latches of the government that it has failed miserably to check corruption and subsequently it has become all pervasive, making the life of the common people difficult to live.
The govt has announced a series of measures to expedite corruption cases against public servants includes setting up of 71 fast-track special CBI courts, fixing a limit of 3 months to grant sanction for prosecution and strengthening the vigilance admin.
The decisions, which would be implemented soon through issuance of government orders, were taken on the basis of the recommendations of a Group of Ministers (GoM) to curb corruption, headed by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.
It has also decided to bring a new policy and a bill on public procurement in the Winter Session of Parliament to tackle corruption and make the procedure more transparent.
Mere announcement of slew of measures can not be of any worth if these are not implemented properly and followed strictly in all government departments from bock to secretariate level.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remove the economic disparity to end left-wing extremism

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has rightly said that left wing extremism poses a major threat to our nation and is the most violent movement the country faces today.
Inaugurating a national workshop on development strategies for implementation of rural development schemes in 60 naxal affected districts under the Integrated Action Plan, Chidambaram has rightly said that the greatest challenge is to establish governance in areas affected by Left wing Extremism. But he missed the vital point that is economic disparity in society to illustrate and without bridging the gulf between the rich and the poor, Left-wing extremism can not be controlled.
Without acting on the ground level and monitoring the developmental projects under way in villages closely with honesty and sincerity by both Central and state governments, the left -wing extremism will continue to rise and the time is not far off that if the way economic disparity is growing out of the government’s all out move for economic reforms, the situation may go out of control, though the government machinery is fast loosing control over their bloody activities.
There is no doubt that economic development has taken place because of economic reforms but the beneficiaries are very small in number and the larger population who lives in villages has been left unaddressed economically due to massive corruption from top to bottom in the government. The money which comes from the projects set up because of economic liberalisation is gulped largely by top-heavy bureaucracy and reached the appropriate place in nominal amount. It gives birth to discontent among the deprived section of society and thereby that section is compelled to tread the path of violence, though it is anti-national,unconstitutional and undemocratic.
Left-wing extremism has borne out of poverty and misery. The poverty-stricken people have deep grudge against the few people of their surroundings in whose control there is all wealth of the locality. This disparity gives birth to violence. That is why the number of people killed in left-wing extremist violence exceeds the number than that of communal and terrorist violence.
The question here arises when the Union Home Minister feels that the left-wing extremist is the biggest threat that the country is facing today, why has he not till now chalked out a plan of action? The speech of only high moral standing can not end the left - wing extremism. It needs a plan of action in co-ordination with the extremist or naxalite affected states properly and sincerely. And the most important thing is that the police and civil administration must show human touch dealing with the left-wing extremism. Economic development at ground level with hard measure with human can end left-wing extremism.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Due process of law

The Supreme Court decision is based on due process of law in Gujarat riots case. It is neither victory nor defeat of any party. As court has nothing to do with party politics, SC verdict on Gujarat riots cases is welcome.
It is no doubt that the nation has witnessed the worst-ever communal riots in 2002. Chief Minister Narendra Modi is alleged to have made favour to the majority community for political benefits that he reaped in the subsequent assembly elections in Gujarat. Because of political benefit, the allegation and propaganda about Naredra Modi gains ground. The BJP has to clear this doubt to prove itself unbiased and impartial so far as governance is concerned.
The riots cases have not reached to its final conclusion in 10 years due to the delayed process of law of the land.
The BJP poses Narendra Modi as its poster boy and terms the Supreme Court verdict as great relief to it. It interprets it as opening the gate for Narendra to enter national politics. While SC by following the due process of law sent back the case to the magistrate concerned and asked to look into the sealed report of SIT and amicus curea and decide on the merit of the case. It means the apex court has neither given clean chit to Chief Minister Narendra Modi nor has made any remark on the merit of the case.So, this is not the proper way to interpret in way as to suit own interest.
One thing is clear that being the Chief Minister of the state Narendra Modi failed to act in time to contain post Ghodhra riots that killed more than 2000 persons. It is despicable for any civil society and an act against humanity. Whether the CM had any role in riots or not is matter of court and it is to be decided by it based on the merit of the case. But if any one asks, what he was doing as head of the government when innocent persons were being butchered by the alleged Hindu fanatics, what would be his answer?
The state police were looking the dance of murder and killing as mute spectators and majority community were left free to vent their anger at minority community after Ghodhra train burning to win their favour.
The BJP was ruling both at the Centre and in the state and secular character of our nation was being torn. And nothing was done to stop the mass murder in Gujarat immediately either the state or central governments. There had been world-wide condemnation of Gujarat riots of 2002. So, BJP must not rejoice at SC verdict as innocent blood was bled in the riots.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Politics of yatra

To retrieve the pre-eminent position in his party and

national politics to realise the prime ministerial ambition,

BJP top leader L K Advani has announced to embark on Yatra

against the rampant corruption in the UPA government from top

to bottom. He would have lesser appeal as his party itself is

not spotless nor he himself to his credit the impeccable

administrative record as Union Home Minister in NDA

Although Advani has expertise in embarking on Yatra to

polarise the public on emotional theme, this time he is

making desperate attempt to pitch-fork on national political

scene. This time the burning issue of the day the

corruption, which has already been taken up Gandhian and

social activist Anna Hazare who has galvanised the entire

nation against rampant corruption from top to bottom in all

government departments.
Being a veteran politician L K Advani and one of the senior

most leaders of the opposition has realised correctly that it

was their call of duty as a responsible main opposition that

civil society out of political space has taken up the issue

of corruption very strongly and compelled even the Parliament

to respect their protest for Jan Lokpal to combat corruption

effectively. His proposed Yatra is an attempt to earn some

credit on the issue politically and an appropriate way of

being in reckoning in the prime ministerial race whenever it

comes up. This is his main motive.
As the BJP itself is not above the board on the issue of

corruption, Advani’s proposed Yatra against it can not match

his previous one of Rath Yatra to build Ram Temple at

Ayodhya, which was loaded with religious emotion of the

majority community in contravention of the secular character

of our nation. If BJP’s Karnataka chapter and its lead role

in the NDA Government at the Centre are anything to go by,

Advani’s Yatra is bound to be a damp squib.
As far as Advani's prime ministerial ambition is concerned,

the deep internecine in his party at top level clearly

reflects that he can not be projected as prime ministerial

candidate of the party in 2014 general elections.He is also

no longer appealing to the general voters nor is he

charismatic. It would be better for BJP politically to adopt

more liberal views on all issues and Mr. Advani being the

senior most leader of the party should work to remove the

infighting among GenNext leaders and pose a united posture

before the people.
The people in general are no longer interested in Yatras or

protests if they are in no way related to their economic

upliftment. The issue of corruption has already taken up by

Anna Hazare and his team that has drawn immense support

because of the clear reflection of objectivity and sincerity

with a sense of selflessness in them.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Federal structure must be kept intact

The federal character must be kept intact and the Centre must always try to strengthen it. Centre must not be allowed unwarranted interference through any mechanism in state governments ruled by the political party opposed to it . The proposed Communal Violence Bill has caused uneasiness not only among the states ruled by NDA but also the ally of UPA itself and BJD. UPA ally TMC has also strong reservation about it. And they have already expressed in National Integration Council.

The proposed Communal Violence Bill has run into trouble with NDA-ruled states and Congress ally Trinamool Congress opposing it as dangerous legislation and arguing that it would hurt the federal structure of the country.

At a meeting of National Integration Council (NIC) where the issue was on the agenda, NDA and Chief Ministers of the states ruled by it — Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Punjab — expressed opposition to the draft legislation in its current form.

Any bill which is enacted into law must be not be moulded in such a way as to create another problem of big magnitude. It must be adopted through consensus so that its benefits could be realised to its full potential.

The state governments that oppose the Bill have main objection to interference of the Centre through back-door channel. The most objectionable section in the Bill is reportedly that as raised by Bihar Chief Minister’s representative has raised at the National Integration Council Meeting in New Delhi that it holds the majority community responsible for communal violence. Here the essence and motive of the Bill is itself ill-conceived.

First of all, in a secular, democratic country there must not be privilege of any kind to any community on the basis of religion, caste and creed. The disparity in privilege for fulfillment of political goal by the ruling political party to strengthen its vote politics is very dangerous. It also gives birth to animosity among the unprivileged against the privileged. So, in a secular democratic republic there must not be any action on the part of the government that reflects any kind of favouritism on the basis of religion, caste and creed.

The Government should only provide relief to all irrespective of religion, caste and creed. As far as the opposition of state governments ruled NDA and other UPA ally, their objections to the bill must also be addressed first.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Terror strikes Delhi again

The Govt sleeps and the innocent people are killed by terrorists. Is this not the callous negligence of our security establishments, including security and intelligence agencies that despite given opportunity,they have failed to learn any lesson. Govt. appears helpless and police machinery is incompetent to combat terror.
Only four months ago, there was bomb blast at the same place, the Delhi High Court situated in the heart of Delhi. The bomb that was in briefcase was blasted at the reception counter, killing 12 and critically injuring more than 80. This is a dastardly act and the entire nation condemns terror in one voice.
Govt. and all political parties condemn the dastardly act in the same way and the media cover the terror act for a day or two 24x7 extensively. Government announces the amount of ex-gratia to the kith and kin of the deceased and after that all forget till the other terror strike takes place. This has been the tradition so far.
Neither the ruling nor the opposition political parties initiate the debated and dicussion as to how to stop the senseless killing of the innocent people by terrorists. How to tighten our intelligence agencies and security personnel who are entrusted with the safety and security of the people. Why they fail to co-ordinate among themselves for the nation.
Have the government ever taken the concrete measures to galvanise our security forces? Have they ever gone into the causes of the lapses being made by police and intelligence agencies that lead to the killing of the countrymen at regular interval.
When the government knows as Union Home Minister P Chidambram has himself said in the Lok Sabha on the bomb blast at reception counter of Delhi HC that it is an attempt to destablise the nation, why did he not presented the roadmap of the measures by which the nation will fight it out? Because this is not the first terror attack. Would he start any consultation process with all political parties and the people known to be expert on security affairs how to combat terror?
Now, terrorist acts have crossed all limits. The people are no longer have any faith in the ability of the police force. Despite being the best police force of the nation, the Delhi Police track record in taking preventive measures against terrorist acts have been ridiculous. If they had lived up to their reputation, no terrorist acts would have been repeated after the terror attack on Parliament on December 13, 2001. The most important thing against terror is to launch an awareness campaign all over the country without any politics. Playing politics by ruling as well as opposition political parties after every terror act by dividing it into Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh terror causes immense damage to the spirit of combating terror.
India must learn a lesson from the US that after 9/11, there has been no terror act there. How could it be possible there? It is also a democratic country and there are different shades of opinions there also but one of its chief characteristic is the show of strong unity on the issue of terror in national interest. Our politicians must learn a lesson from US and put aside party political interest and keep the national interest uppermost. Only then, the scourge of terrorism will be removed.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Farmers’ interest uppermost

The Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh has introduced the long-awaited Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation And Resettlement Bill, 2011 in Lok Sabha. The acquisition of land by the government for itself and private companies on the basis of out-dated and confused Land Acquisition Act 1894 has created unrest among the farmers and land owners recently in states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and several other places in the country.
The Land owners and farmers deep disgust over government's high-handedness that led to their protests in several parts of the country have necessitated the replacement of old laws with farmers and land-owners’ centric land acquisition act. This is a right move of the govt.
The livelihood of farmers,land owners and labourers is mainly dependent on land. So, it is invaluable for them. In addition to that, they feed the entire nation by farming the land.Because despite setting up of industries on large scale, the human beings have to take food and for this food grain is most essential.
while acquring the land, the government must clearly spell the purpose to land owners and farmers and keep their interest uppermost. Multiple-crop land must not be acquired unless and untill most important national purposed is served. The first priority must be to acquire waste land.
Though the synopsis of the bill is in the interest of land owners, farmers and labourers, all problem arise when it is interpreted by the vested interests at the time of land acquisition. Whatever may be the urgency of the land for the government or industry, the consent of the land owners, farmers and labourers must be pre-requisite.
The land is the most precious property for the farmers. They never like to lose land. Because it is deeply attached to their sentiment. One thing also is most important that food grain is the first necessity for human being and more than 70 percent of our population is still dependent on agricultural land.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BJP's double standard

The way Bhartiya Janata Party supported the fast unto death protests for Jan Lokpal to root out corruption by Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare, it appeared to the general people that it is the political party completely free of any type of corruption. But its falls facade was exposed when the Karnataka powerful BJP leader and minister G Janardan Reddy and his relative Sriniwas Reddy were raided by CBI and sent them to judicial for their illegal mining of iron ore in Bellary of Karnataka, which is adjacent to Andhra Pradesh. It is a common thing that before charging the rival political party, which happens to be a ruling one, the BJP should have clean its own house so that its charges must not be ridiculous and seen as political opportunism. Illegal mining is not a day's development. It was going on for than 10 years by Reddy brothers in Bellary. They had also strong political clout that benefited the BJP.
Reddy brothers of BJP were looting the natural resources of the nation and were allegedly the main financiers of the party. It is not that only Reddy brothers of Bellary have been the beneficiaries of illegal mining, some the top Central leaders are also reportedly enjoying their hospitality and they were taking financial help from them.
The Reddy brothers were very strong in Karnataka Government led by Yeddyurappa. At one time, they threatened rebellion and toppling of the government and the then CM B S Yeddyurappa had to eat crow.
CBI has seized 3 Kg of gold, Rs. 4 crore, and several several papers, indicating about their incriminating avtivities. Though the allegation that Reddy brothers of BJP in Karnataka have been in illegal mining and they are mining barons, no moral compunction by any of the central BJP leaders about the corrupt practices they carrying openly.
With the raiding of Janardan Reddy and Sriniwas Reddy , the BJP on the national level has been pushed into a corner on the issue of corruption. The issue of corruption with the BJP become more serious when its shows the facade of honesty and nationalism. Is it nationalism that the BJP men were looting nation’s natural resources in a state ruled by them. Their loot of national resources was in the knowledge of the party central leadership and they were handicapped to act against them because they were themselves paid agents.
All these charges do not give the certificate of honesty to the ruling party. It is also in one way or the other party in the loot of iron ore but the main opposition BJP needs to give lot of explanation to the nation. On the issue of illegal mining in Bellary, it can not escape the blame either way .

Monday, September 5, 2011

Let Parliament function

The issue of appointment of Lokayukta in Gujarat by Governor without taking advice from the state council of ministers may appear to be an act of biased manner, affronting the state Cabinet but whether the Governor’s action is right or wrong is to be decided by the court of law and for that reason parliamentary business must be jeopardised.The BJP has been disrupting the House since August 30 accusing the Gujarat Governor of acting without the aid and advice of the state Cabinet while appointing R A Mehta as Lokayukta. The BJP has been demanding recall of the Governor.
The Narendra Modi government of BJP in Gujarat sees the act of Governor as unconstitutional under the direction of the UPA government at the Centre. There is no doubt that Governors in the state are virtually the agents of Central government irrespective of political affiliations, and not of the President. There is regular allegation from different states that Governors are not doing according to the wishes of the Cabinet. The charge of acting partially disrespecting the Constitution against the govcernors is not new.
Generally, the post of Governors is meant for either defeated politicians of the ruling political parties at the Centre or the retired top bureacrates of government leaning. So, their being fair in action is always suspect.
The enormous amount of public ex-chequer is spent on the post of governoprs. It is a ceremonial constitutional post that is generally used by the Centre to keep control on the opposition ruling party in the state. This practice has been adopted by all political parties that have come to power at the Centre till now.
BJP itself is not above the charge of this nature when it was in power at the Centre .So, it makes no sense that Parliament should be rocked over the action of Governor in the state while the proper place to address this type of constitutional violation is the court of law and not the Parliament. Parliament has been rocked for the third consecutive day on the issue of undemocratic appointment of Lokayukta in Gujarat as BJP members, with support from Left parties, created pandemonium leading to repeated adjournments.
BJP being the main responsible opposition party must not hold up important parliamentary business for the action of Governor in the appointment of Lokayukta in the state of Gujarat.The main opposition party has also important role in the smooth running of Parliament in the interest of the nation. Parliamentary business is directly related to the problem of the people and nation as well. So, in the interest of the nation, all opposition parties must help get the House and let the business completed .
But at the same time, the wrong doing of the government must be taken to appropriate platform to set it right.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Take it in a liberal way

The privilege notices have been received by Anna Team membersKiran Bedi and Prashant Bhusan and famous Film Personality OmPuri for making derogatory remarks at Ramlila Ground in Delhibefore the mammoth crowd before the mammoth crowd during AnnaHazare fast for Jan Lokpal Bill to combat rampant corruption.
As atmosphere there at the ground was surcharged with anti-parliamentarians’ sentiment built up by popular Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare and his team members,including Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi against corruption prevailing in every government department from top to bottom,they lost the sense of their own.
Social activists Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan were carried by crowd and in order to generate more and more aversion against parliamentarians, they spoke against them in a derogatory manner and style, which they should not have done.
In order to show support with civil society, famous film personality Om Puri also spoke from the podium at Ramlila ground, hitting the parliamentarians below the belt. The word he used must not have been used by the person of his stature. Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan did the same thing by pouring venom at parliamentarians.The words they used against MPs do not behove of them in any way.
First of all, when they are working under the leadership of man like Anna Hazare who claims himself to be a Gandhian must know that hatred can not be won over by hatred. It means team Anna members were not behaving in the Gandhian way. Secondly, the Parliament is supreme and its members are privileged ones which they have not endowed on themselves but by the maker of our Constitution Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar.It is their privilege that their action, behaviour and speech within the Parliament can not be challenged in any court of law, and that is only because they are elected by the people in whom sovereignty resides. But an ordinary citizen of the country can not behave awkwardly in public place.
This is the difference between the elected members and ordinary people.This should be understood by the eminent people like Om Puri, Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi. They should also not have spoken in the language they used against the parliamentarians. At the same time, the MPs too should not have taken their Ramlila speech so seriously that they have used the right of privilege against them by sendindg privilege notices them. MPs must have shown magnanimity and the leniency towards them because they also enjoy prestige and honour in civil society. Forget and Forgive formula is the best way that the MPs should have adopted and scored points over them. Confrontationist behaviour between the electors and elected is in no way correct in the parliamentary democracy.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Check price-rise with urgency

If the price rise and corruption are not checked with urgency by Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government, these two burning issues are bound to prove nemesis for it. Famous Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare-led anti-corruption campaign, which has galvanised the people all over the country against corruption, forced the government to act on anti-graft Lokpal Bill efficiently and honestly.
The common people are hit hard by back-breaking price-rise and cancerous corruption. The corruption is eating into the vitality of the nation. Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has also described the food inflation entering into double digits as disturbing. Mr. Minister, you need not be disturbed because the price of food items and all other essential commodities have not risen today. The trend of rising prices has been set in motion that the people the poor people go hungry for the last two years. The people of this nation want to know if there is anything in the name of government in place here. What compulsion has it that prevents it from checking the price rise and corruption.
After gap of over five months, food inflation entered the double-digit zone at 10.05 pc for the week ended 20th Aug, with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee describing the trend as disturbing and experts saying RBI may go in for another rate hike.
The weekly food inflation, measured by Wholesale Price Index (WPI), went up from 9.80 percent on account of expensive onion, vegetables, fruits and protein-based items. The last time food inflation crossed 10 percent was in the week ended 12th March.

Now enough is enough. The sky-rocketing prices of all essential commodities are going up and up and no government measure has been seen on the ground to check them. The price rise is the issue that hurts directly to the people of all sections of society. So any sensible government in parliamentary democracy would treat the issue with all seriousness. What is use of economic policy that makes a few people rich the richer and vast majority of the people poorer. If this policy needs to be revisited to check the price rise, it must be done so. The total failure of the UPA government on price rise issue amply reflects that either its world class economic managers mismanages the economic policy or requires revisiting it. Price rise must be checked urgently.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Unnecessary and un-called for

The politics over matter of legal importance is dangerous to democracy, and in the given circumstances, it would be very difficult to maintain freedom of four independent pillars - Legislature, Judiciary, Executive and Press- of parliamenatary system of governance. To show sympathy with the people of their state, region and community by setting wrong tradition, all political entities in order to score political point over each other have passed a resolution in Tamil Nadu Assembly unananimously on the issue of amnesty for the three killers of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The question here arises that when the court of law has delivered the judgement of hanging the killers, why all political classes in unison seek clemency for them. The court has found them guilty and appropriately punished them. There is nothing wrong with it when the law is already in place.No political class of a particular state or region should be allowed to build pressure on the highest authority in the under question to overturn the judgement of the court of law where the murderers of Ex-PM are involved. The Tamil Nadu Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution for amnesty of three killers of Late PM Rajiv Gandhi for absolutely political reason. JD(U) has rightly taken a dig at its NDA ally BJP for raising objections over Omar Abdullah’s remarks on the issue of execution of Afzal Guru, asking why it had not raised eyebrows when the matter relating to Rajiv Gandhi’s killers had come up.What Omar Abdullah is saying is correct. What is wrong in saying that there would have been an uproar if resolution had been passed on amnesty to Afzal Guru by the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly?Abdullah had tweeted that if J&K assembly had passed a resolution against the death sentence given to Guru as was done by the Tamil Nadu Assembly for the killers of Rajiv Gandhi, the reaction would not have been as muted as it is now. Objecting Omar's tweet would have been relevant if BJP had raised this issue earlier when the Tamil Nadu Assembly had passed the resolution on amnesty to Rajiv Gandhi’s killers. Or when the Shiromani Akali Dal (another NDA ally) was opposing the death sentence to Devinder Singh Bhullar.Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has rightly tweeted ,raising the question that if Jammu and Kashmir Assembly had passed the unanimous resolution for Amnesty of Parliament attack accused Afzal Guru, would they have muted response? As Tamil Nadu Assembly has passed the resolution only because the three killers belong to that state and if the same tradition would be followed by other states, there would be no meaning of judicial verdict . In this way our judicial system will have no importance because the judgement pronounced by the court of law would be put to the test of politicians. So, this tradition of making judicial verdict a mockery must be stopped.