Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kiran to check Jagan

Kiran Kumar Reddy was chosen as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh by Congress High command to check Party MP and late charismatic leader YSR son Jaganmohan Reddy. Kiran’s successor was asked to go because he was unable to check growing aggression of Jaganmohan Reddy to build pressure on the Central Party leadership to give in to his ambition of Chief Minister of the state. Jagan is running a TV Channel for his political aggrandisement and telecasting stories against Party High command to warn them that if he was denied the post of Chief Ministership of the state, he would rebellious. CM Kiran Reddy’s predecessor K Rossaih was old enough to deal with young and dynamic Jagan Reddyand the Telengana Movement, which is to be raised after the submission of Sri Krishna Report on it in December. Kiran Reddy has two immediate tasks on his hands. On the on hand he has to successfully checkmate Jagan’s anti-party activities and deal with Telegana agitation. The state of Andhra Pradesh is the most important for the party as there are 33 MPs from the state. That counts much for Congress-led UPA government at the Centre. Immediately after, Kiran Reddy was sworn in as CM, the senior most leader and Union Minister Jaipal Reddy has strongly criticized Jagan’s anti-party activities. It means the party is going to whip Jagan if he crossed the line of indiscipline any more. Kiran Reddy is relatively of young age of only 50. He is the fourth time MLA and was the Speaker of the state assembly before being elected as CM.. He has also been the loyalist of former Chief Minister and charismatic Congress YSR Reddy. So, it is natural that he would also have close links with Jagan’s followers whome can easily win back to his side and thereby to the mainline party organization. Kiran Reddy has also clean image and has been the Ranji player. His father was also a Congress leader and very close to former prime minister late Indira Gandhi. Kiran is expected to deliver good administration and carry forward the development projects initiated by the previous Congress governments and give charismatic leadership to the state of Andhra Pradesh and strengthen party organisation like late YSR.

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