Thursday, June 12, 2014

Glimpses of statesmanship

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first speech in Parliament to the debate on President's address to the joint session on his government's agenda clearly reflected that he is not as painted by the opposition but believer in the principle of working together for the development of the nation. Modi showed his commitment to fulfill every promise made in the agenda of his government which was told in President's address. He spoke in a way that clearly showed that a little bit of statesmanship had dawned on him with becoming the Prime Minister of India. He dwelt on every issue that the country is facing these days. First and foremost thing in his speech was that he pledged to take along the opposition in running the government despite its negligible presence in Parliament. Modi spoke about co-operative federalism without which the Union of India cannot achieve the desired goal of development. Adopting big brotherly attitude towards the states ruled by opposition parties will result in confrontation and that will mar the pace of development. So it is very good that Prime Minister has said about promoting co-operative federalism. PM Modi's commitment to the development of the poor makes the opposition charge against him hollow that he is working only for the benefit of Corporate and Industrialists. Modi lauded the role of labourers in the development of the nation. This is praise worthy. His first speech in the Parliament makes it clear that he is very much interested in working for the all round development of the nation with the weaker section of society on top of his priority. For that he rightly asked for support from all corners. There was not even a single sentence in his speech that could antagonize any section of society. With landslide victory and single party majority after 30 years given to BJP by the people of the nation, it is clear that the nation wants decisive and action-oriented government for development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also dwelt on how to do away with the criminalisation of politics. He rightly said that his government would request the Supreme Court to decide the culpability of any member of Parliament against whom there is a case within a year. If the MP is freed of all charges, he or she would sit in Parliament and if found guilty he or she would be in jail. It would be a very good move to deal with the criminalisation of politics. The most important thing that PM Modi said is that like Mahatma Gandhi's movement for freedom, there is a need to launch movement for development by all of us. His speech is full of positivity and in his first speech in Parliament he appeared to be committed for the development of the nation.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Worsening power situation in Delhi

National capital Delhi has been facing the worst type of power crisis when the heat wave in the city is at its peak. As Delhi is under President’s rule and Lt. Governor is head of the administration in the national capital, the Centre government can not evade from its responsibility. There have been more than 15 hours power cuts in almost all parts of Delhi. The people of the city in different parts have come out on the streets in protest against the long power cuts when the summer is at its peak. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s slogan of good days is about to come has started pinching the Delhiites most in the first place. Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal has blamed the previous Sheila Dikshit government for the long power cuts in the city. But the ground reality tells just the opposite to what he says or blames. It is during the Congrerss regime of Sheila Dikshit government that power supply in the city was well maintained. There was uninterrupted power supply to Delhi for 24X7. Delhiites were misled which the Congress party failed to counteract and it was badly defeated. Delhiites voted for the BJP overwhelmingly in the hope that it would provide better government. Though its coming to power is only a matter of days, blaming the previous government for power cuts can not be the excuse. The government of the day at the Centre must take serious note of long power cuts in the national caspital Delhi and act without any delay to plug all the loopholes in the supply of electricity to the city. Delhiites did not vote for Sheila Dikshit government because they were displeased, disillusioned and dissatisfied with it. They gave votes to BJP and sent all its seven candidates to Parliament not for living in darkness and sweltering heat. The condition of national capital Delhi has become worse than that of a country side village in terms of electric supply.Central government is partly responsible, if not wholly, for it. Delhi is not an ordinary city but it is the nation capital of India. If the condition of electricity and other civic amenities continued to deteriorate with the change of government at the Centre, it would send a very bad message about the newly elected Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre. A well-planned campaigning against the Congress-led UPA government was launched by the BJP in the just concluded Lok Sabha elections. Congress was badly defeated by it. Narendra Modi-led NDA government was formed at the Centre with promise of good days. But in contrary to the promise of good days, Delhiites are facing the worse days under his government. Union power minister Piyush Goyal has blamed the Sheila Dikshit government for the power crisis in Delhi and assured that the situation will improve in the next two weeks. It is nothing but ridiculous in its crudest form of explanation by the Union Power Minister.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rising crimes against women in UP

It is not only Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh where two Dalits sisters were gang raped and murdered but also the north eastern states of Meghalay where some GNLA militants blew up the head of the woman because she resisted their rape attempts. The all time greatest playwright Shakespeare had rightly said in 16th century that the frailty thy name is woman. Shakespeare’s saying about woman is being exemplified in the 21st century. The way woman is treated in society by man as a very soft target to satisfy his bestial instinct is very bad. That is why the crime against women is rising. The UP govt. has totally failed to take any stringent measure to check crime against women, which is a serious cause of concern for the society. It is not only Uttar Pradesh where crime against women is committed without any fear of the rule of law but the other parts of the country also can not claim to provide full proof security to women against crime of any type. A woman who is sexually assaulted and killed in many cases might be anyone's sister, mother, daughter and wife in the society. If by launching awareness in society that the woman whom one amongst us sexually assault and murder may be our sister, daughter, mother and wife, it might be possible that the realization would prevail and crime against women would come down itself. As far as the rule of law in Uttar Pradesh is concerned, the lawlessness has been the hallmark of the Samajwadi Party in the state earlier also. And Akhilesh Yadav government of Samajwadi Party is no different from others of its ilk. So, we would be foolhardy to talk about the lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh as long as SP government of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is in the saddle there. UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s defence of his government is that it is media which highlights the crime against women while it does not do in the case of other states. It is no excuse that the crime against women is rising in Uttar Pradesh because the situation in other states is no better. It is a ridiculous explanation from the CM of a state. Women are raped and murdered and then hanged from the tree in UP. The entire state of Uttar Pradesh is in the grip of criminals and they make women their prey at will. It clearly appears that there is no fear of law. Lawlessness is at its lowest ebb. In the worsening law and order situation in the biggest state of the nation, the Centre can not sit as a mute spectator beyond a limit. In the given situation Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bhar has rightly raised the issue of rising crimes against women in UP in Lok Sabha. Time has come for the Centre to intervene in UP’s deteriorating law and order affairs and ask the Akhilesh Yadav government either to enforce rule of law in the state or face the wrath. Union water resources minister Uma Bharti has rightly that there would be a debate in the Lok Sabha on rising crimes against women and the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh.