Monday, November 30, 2009

Make fullproof security arrangement at all nuclear installations

In the given security scenario in the country, there must be fullproof security arragements at all the nuclear power installations. Any accident at the atomic power plants could cause loss of lives and property on large scale. The authority at Kaiga power plant has reportedly said that radiation leak by contamination of drinking water cooler with vials of heavy water is the handiwork of some disgruntled employees of the state owned Kaiga power plant in Karnataka. The Minister of state for atomic energy Prithviraj Chavan has described the radiation leak as an act of sabotage and ordered an enquiry into the leakage. Some employees have also fallen ill after drinking the contiminated water, though they were released from the hospital after first aid and returned to duty. India is regarded as the responsible nuclear power nation and the world is reassured about the safe upkeep of all the nuclear power stations. The radiation leak at the Kaiga nuclear power plant has taken place due to lapses by its employees. This is a great cause of concern for the nation, though Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has himself reassured the country about the safe custody of all nuclear installations, including Kaiga. There must be the thorough probe into the incident and if the employees were found involved in the sabotage, deterrent punishment must be awarded to them so that there never be recurrence of radiation leak or anything thing of serious harmful happening be possible. In the given security environment in the country due to the sponsorship of terrorism by Pakistan, our vigil must not be lax at any nuclear plant. Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Anil Kakodkar said the contamination was an “inside job”. But by merely saying that contamination is inside job can not serve the purpose. As boss of the atomic energy, he must act firmly and decisively to expose the saboteurs before the country. When it is the inside job and some disgruntled employees are suspected to be involved in the incident, they must be spotted out and be put behind bars. The radiation leak is not only concerned of the nation but it is also the question of image of the nation so far as the upkeep of the nuclear installation among the international community.Radiation leak at Kaiga power plant must be taken seriously and all steps must be taken immediately to plug all loopholes left in the security of nuclear power plants in the country. The probe must be done also to detect the cause of desgruntlement among some employees allegedly involved in the radiation leak.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

India taken a right stand vienna

India has rightly defended the IAEA censure of Iranian nuclear programme by voting against Iran in Vienna. It is India’s consistent approach as it had also voted against Iranian nucleat programme in 2005 and 2006. At that time India had faced opposition from Left Parties as they were supporting the UPA government from outside at that time. Iran has been stealthily building nuclear weapons from the help of Pakistan and China. India is against the nuclear proliferation and a forceful advocate of disarmament in the world for establishing peace, though it is not signatory to the NPT as long as it is discriminatory. Iran has been censured by 25-3 votes at the IAEA of the 35 Governors. Pakistan, Malaysia and Brazil have abstained themselves. All the six world powers- US, France, Britain, Germany, Pakistan and China- have endorsed the IAEA censure of Iran and India has gone with them. India can not live in isolation and it is its sovereign decision in the changed world scenario. It has not kowtowed the US line. It only sees its own interset. At present, the world is unipolar and the US is the sole super power after the end of the cold war. India still has independent foreign policy as it had during the time when the world was divided between two blocs-one led by the former Soviet Union and the other by the US. At that time India was one of the chief advocates and founders of non-aligned movement and it still pursues that policy and takes its own independent policy. In the changed world scenario being the emerging global power, India can not live in isolation and to safeguard its own interest it acts to suit the situation. Iran is also a sovereign country and it has right to have enriched uranium but at the same time it has to meet IAEA obligations which it has flouted by taking help stealthily from Pakistan and China in building nuclear weapons. IAEA should also have asked one of the big world powers China and Pakistan that why are indulging in proliferation of nuclear weapons. India has no option but to go with IAEA cesure resolution against Iran. India does what needs to be done in the given situation. India is also against acquisition of nuclear weapons but it must possess them through fair means without violating the IAEA norms. Iran is an old friend of India but on the issue under question it has taken the right stand.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Move to build pressure on India

After the pledge of US and China about cutting the emission of greenhouse gas before UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen to beging from December 7 has put pressure on India to disclose its intentions on the vital issue of climate change. The US has pledged to cut emission of greenhouse gas by 17 per cent from the level of 2005 by 2020 and 83 per cent by 2050, while just after a day of US disclosure on the issue of Climate change convention China has also pledged to cut 40-45 percent by 2020, compare to the level of 2005. US is also the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide and China is also one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gas. The last convention on Climate Change failed to reach any decision because of the biased approach of the rich nations and their intentions to impose considerable restrictions on only the developing countries. While the ground reality demands that the developed world must come forward and cut Carbon emission considerably and their approach must be to provide the clean and healthy environment of the world. They must must not adopt any bias. The last convention on Climate Change was stalled by India and China because of their blunt opposition to the biased and highhandedness of the developed countries led by the US.Now when US and China have disclosed its intention of cutting carbon emission, it is for India to come with considerate approach. Before the convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Commonwealth Group of Nation of 53 countries comprising developed and developing ones are holding a meeting to decide their resolution of Climate Change to be pursued in Copenhagen. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is participating in the meeting of (CHOGM) . The issue of climate change is going to dominate the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has already made it clear that India will not be a deal breaker but deal maker. But the Copenhagen convention is also a test for Ramesh to put India’s stand on cutting of emission of carbon reasonably and it is also required on India to mobilise support among the developing nations so that the developed countries could not act arbitrarily as far as cutting of carbon emission is concerned.It must be very clear that the developed nations must cut carbon emissions much more than the developing nations as they are the largest emitters of carbon also.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Remembering 26/11 on first anniv

Mumbai in particular and the nation in general is commemorating the 1st anniversary of Mumbai attacks that took place on this day last year. It was not only Mumbai but the nation was under attack last year on this day. Near about 200 hundred innocent lives were lost that include the brave security forces and the innocent general people. We are handicapped that despite knowing full well that the perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage of 26/11 are sitting across the border in safe havens, we can not do anything to punish them because of deliberate non-coperation. The geo-political environment is also such at present that we can not go for war directly with our hostile neighbour despite the fact that we can never have the offer of even help from them to bring the perpetrators to justice. In the given scenario, our political leadership of the nation alongwith the people must take resolve that Mumbai type carnarge could not take place again. For this, we need to forge the unity of purpose in every section of the society. First of all, on the issue of fighting terrorism political parties of all spectrums must unite and there must not be any attempt on the part of any them whether ruling or opposition to score political brownie points. We must also take lesson from the US that it prepared itself so soundly that 9/11 could not be repeated, though we can not act as the US against the suspects of terror unilaterally. By merely remembering and paying tribute to those who were killed in the terror attacks on the first anniversary day can not serve the purpose if we fail to take resolve to wipe the scourge of terrorism. Pakistan exporting terror into India is now open and we can expect only cosmetic measure from across the border. To show the world that it is prepared to act against the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks, Pakistan court on the eve of 26/11 charged LeT operations commander Zakir-ur- Rahman Lakhvi and six others for 26/11 attacks but doing nothing against the mastermind LeT founder Hafiz Sayed who is in comfortable zone of safe haven in Pakistan. So we must believe in ourselves and always keep our intelligence and security agencies prepared to face any eventuality at any point of time. Our intelligence agencies must not be found complacent in its vigil to thwart the evil designs, that are carved across the border, on our nation. Mumbaikers deserve all praise for their show of fortitude after dastardly attacks on their city. As Mumbai never stops and always is on move, the city dwellers ensured its movement as usual and showed the world that they have enough courage to face any tragedy bravely.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

India-US bonhomie

The warm welcome accorded to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh by the US President Barack Hussain Obama at the White House allayed all apprehensions of any strain in the strategic partnership of India and United States. Both President Obama and PM Manmohan Singh in his joint press conference reiterated the commitment of strengthening the relations between the two great democracies of the world. It is satisfying that Obama has himself admitted that this is the defining strategic parnership between US and India of the 21st century. Both are natural allies and both promote pluralism, peace and development all over the world. President Obama has also reaffirmed his commitment to fully operalise the Indo-US civil nuclear deal and he has also recognised India as a responsible nuclear and rising global power. He assured the Prime Minister that during his presidency he would operalise N-deal fully that would create exports and jobs in both US and India. Prime Minister had a talk with US President on host of issues like-Climate Change, issue of terrorism , Health, Education, Nuclear proliferation treaty and the nuclear deal. He was reassured of all co-operations by Obama to India. As far as India’s position on all these issues is concerned, it is well-known to Obama. The most important issue before the sole super global power and emerging global power is the issue of terrorism which emanates from Pakistan and its epicentre. President Obama has rightly admitted that the US erred in its policy on Pakistan that it strengthened its military rather than its civil society. Strengthening of Pak military poses danger to India. To assuage the feeling of India regarding the terrorism that is sponsored from across the border, Obama has assured it of persuading Pakistan to act against terrorism more sincerely.The sour that had developed between the relation of the two countries because of giving China by Obama in his recent visit to Beijing the supervisory role in South Asia did not come up during the talk between President and the Prime Minister rather kept completely apart to show that India has special place in the US scheme of things .President Obama has left no stone unturned in convincing India that the US keeps it uppermost and attaches utmost importance to its strategic partnership. But India must be alive to the world-wide developments and must no show flexibility on its stated position on a number of issues under any pressure.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Attempt to throttle media

The attack on media must stop. The vandalism by the Shiv Sainik goons at the IBN-Lokmat offices at Vikhroli in Northeast Mumbai and Pune is the open display of goondaism. In democracy, press is the fourth pillar of the government.
After the humiliating defeat in the just concluded Maharashtra assembly elections, the Shiv Sena is acting in desperation. The IBN-Lokmat office was attacked for the anti-Bal Thackeray reportage. It means voice of dissent is completely intolerable for the Shiv Sainiks.
One the one hand the Shiv Saina claims to be the champion of Marathi manoos, they attack Marathi and Hindi channel and Marathi staffers only because they are performing their professional duty honestly and sincerely. Shiv Sainik goons entered the IBN-Lokmat office and pulled woman receptionist by hair and broke her hairclip. They broke the TVs and other instruments in the office and started scuffling with the staffers in the newsroom. Is this the way of protecting and espousing the cause of Maharashtrians?
It is not the first time that Media have been targeted by the Shiv Sainiks. In the past, they have attacked Marathi channel of Zee TV, Star news Channel and several others in Mumbai. And if the past is anything to go by, the recent attack on the prominent media house will be treated softly by the state government. But the assurance given by the Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan to media persons that the government will not spare any one who promotes violence in the society. It will not be a mute spectator. His assurance has given hope to media persons that the government this time will act against the hooligans. So far 17 Shiv Sainiks were arrested and all were remanded to police custody.
But the government must brought the ring leader who inspired violence against the media house. Ring leader of the Shiv Sainik goons is reportedly Saina’s mouthpiece Saamna Editor and MP Sanjay Raut’s brother Sunil Raut, who had unsuccessfully contested in the recently concluded assembly elections. The Police are on look out for him. He must be brought to book at all costs and government must make arrangement for security of the media establishments in the country. Press is the voice of the people and journalists deliver their duty honestly by presenting the true picture about any incident and development without any bias before the people. That is why they are the mirrors of society. Display of fascism by the Shiv Sainiks must stopped by the government. The state government must not show any leniency in dealing with the Shiv Sainik goons and their ring leader. How nonsensical the Shiv Sainiks talk when they say that the attack on IBN-Lokmat office is the spontaeneous reactions. They can neither tolerate criticism of Shiv Saina nor of their supreme boss Bal Thackeray.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Farmers' protest is justified

Thousands of farmers mostly from western Uttar Pradesh descended on Delhi to protest against sugarcane price. The western UP is the stronghold of RLD leader Ajit Singh and he did not fall behind to exploit the farmers anger against the central government to his political benefit.It is usual that every year with the beginning of winter session of Parliament, people from different corner of the country come to Delhi to lodge their protests. It is only to bring the attention of the government towards their problems. It is also fully justified and to agitate peacefully is the legitimate right of the people in democracy. But it does not mean that they should hold the national capital Delhi to ransom.The traffic in the city was thrown out of gear. Delhiites had to face a lot of problem on the roads and there was traffic jam everywhere in the city. The thousands of farmers converged on city roads and behaved unruly. The police forces were mute spectators. There was free for all and it appeared as if there were no rule of law in the city. The opposition also did not allow Lok sabha to transact its business and the government was brought on the mat. It is good that the opposition showed the facade of unity inside and outside the Parliament to ghareo the government and compelled it to be on backfoot. Manmohan Singh-led UPA government was so far acting without any resistance from the opposition parties as they were badly disunited. But they have united over farmers’ sugarcane price issue. The central gorernment has announced a price of Rs.129.85 per quintal for sugarcane during the 2009-10 crushing season under the Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) system, while the Uttar Pradesh State Advisory Price (SAP) has been set between Rs 165 and Rs 170 per quintal.In case a state government fixes SAP higher than the FRP, it will have to pay the difference.Farmers want Rs 280 per quintal for their produce.In the face fierce opposition on the streets as well as inside the Parliament, the Centre had to relent and it had to assure the farmers of considering their demand. Though Parliament was stalled on Friday also and adjourned till Monday, Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh has called the all-party meeting to discuss the farmers’ issue. Apart from skyrocketing sugar price, the price of all essential commodities, especially edible items, are running away unbridled. It appears as if there were no government and there is no body to look after the poor people. Neither the ruling parties nor the opposition appeared to be concerned about the rising prices. The farmers have given any opportunity to the opposition to unite and grill the government on rising prices.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back channel diplomacy should go on Kashmir

It is good that Union Home Minister P Chidambram has already announced that the Centre is prepared to talks all sections of Kashmiri groups, including those which are out of the mainstream of state politics, to solve all outstanding issues. To resolve the issues of Jammu and Kashmir, back channel diplomacy by Indian and Pakistani officials are going on in Bangkok. The talks have been kept out of the public domain. Track 11 is underway. There is need to be sincere for all parties concerned in the resolution of Kashmir. The Chairperson of the moderate wing of the separatist conglomerate Mirwaiz Omar Farooq is involved in talks with the Home Minister P Chidambram. But the problem in resolving the Kashmir issue is the difference of opinions among different secessionist groups. All are more or less dance at the tune of Pakistan.The unfortunate thing is that Mirwaiz is himself not on strong wicket. His other coalition allies like Shabir Shah and Nyaz Khan are differing with his stance. So they have demanded discussion on the issue within the Hurriyat Conference.Tahreek-i-Hurriyat boss and hardliner secessionist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani is fiercely opposed to direct talks with Centre, and advocates only the merger of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan. Moderate Hurriyat Chairperson Mirwaiz is also talking of tripartite talks among India, separatist outfits of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan. While the Centre has already made it clear that inclusion of third party is out of question. One thing that the Centre does not attach any importance is the participation of Kashmiri Pandit grups in the talks regarding the resolution of the outstanding issues of the state. While matter of the fact is that Kashmiri pandits have born the brunt most in the violence perpetrated by the secessionist and separatist forces in the state. They were forcibly driven out of their homeland by the secessionist elements. So Centre first seek the views of Kashmiri Pandits who have kept the Indian flags aloft even during the turmoil in the state in early 90s. The two important state political entities National Conference and People’s Democratic party are more or less espousing the cause of only muslim majority polpulation and demanding autonomy. Involving Omer Mirwaiz Farooq in talks behind the screen is good but Home Minister must be aware of the fact that he changes colour like chameleon. After returning from New Delhi, Mirwaiz changed his tack and he has made unreasonable demand of withdrawing security forces from civilian areas and withdrawal of AFSPA . The root of the Kashmir problem is secessionist and separatist leaders, who dictated from across the border. Untill their across the border channel is cut off, the problems remain be in Jammu and Kashmir.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama's bid to please China

On the one hand the US holds India as strategic ally in Asia and brings China in the picture to extend support for improving the relations between India and Pakistan unnecessarily.It has upset India because question here arises that who is US to say that China should play a role in bringing peace between India and Pakistan and stability in South Asia. While India has already made clear that the role of third party between India and Pakistan is out of question. Both India and Pakistan are capable of resolving all disputes bilaterally. In his current visit of the US President Barack Hussain Obama to China has recognised China as the biggest power in Asia and goaded it to be a player in establishing peace between India and Pakistan, while being well aware that India has stated position that any matter between Pakistan and India can be only discussed bilaterally . India can not tolerate any outside interference in the peace process with Pakistan. India is very clear on the issue. US also knows that China is also playing major role in Pakistan. China extends vital support to Pakistan in its armament and building of nuclear weapons. It is also no secret that China is one of the two giants in Asia. It is not that China is supreme in Asia and it has competitor in India. India has rightly told the US that China is not needed in South Asia.US President Obama has stated that Tibet is the integral part of China, ignoring the violations of Human Rights in Tibet brazenly by it. China has annexed Tibet by the might of its military, and thousands of Tibetans and their spiritual leader Dalai Lama have been forced to flee Tibet. Uprisings in Tibet were crushed forcibly. Obama has not made any mention of the thousands Tibetans who have been living in India as refugees for years. It is only because the US wants to keep Beijing in good humoour so that it could face no opposition in establishing its presence in Asia. Obama's remarks that US and China would support any move that leads to the establishment of peace between India and Pakistan have upset India. His remarks are uncalled for just before the visit of the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to US. It is well known that India has a principled stand of bilateralism in regard to any talk with Pakistan.India must lodge displeasure with the US for the irrevelant remarks.Though India has come closer to US these days, it must always be alive to its double dealing when its own benefit comes up. US also knows pretty well that it can not have smooth interference amidst the growing Chinese influence on Pakistan. The US must understand that it can not take India for granted. India can not compromise with its principles and opinions on any issue. US always keeps its interest uppermost and when there is a clash of its interest, it can sacrifice any friend however close it may be. So, India must always be alive to US move.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stop playing the competitive politics of parochialism

Shiv Sena's big boss Balasaheb Thackeray is expressing his desperation over his humiliating defeat in the just concluded Maharashtra assembly elections and the challenge he is facing from his nephew MNS boss Raj Thackeray, who founded his own outfit after breaking away from the parent body Shiv Sena. He faces challenge from two sides and he has come to realise that it is difficult for his son Udhav Thackeray, who is his apparent heir, to face them successfully. That is why he has come out to play his politics of regionalism by arousing the sentiments of Marathi manoos. His son Udhav Thackeray has also failed so far to face the challenges being thrown by his cousin Raj Thackeray. The cut throat competition of the paroachial politics between Balasaheb and Raj Thackeray is going on . Raj Thackeray’s has done much better than Shiv Sena in the just-concluded assembly elections in Mumbai. Both indulge whole time in the competitive politics of parochialism and regionalism and both try to establish themselves as the champion of Marathi manoos. The way SP newly elected MLA Abu Azmi was assaulted by MNS MLAs inside the assembly while he was taking oath in Hindi. Raj Thackeray had issued his dictate to all MLAs to take oath in Marathi in Maharashtra assembly. Hindi is our national language and the nation is above the state. MNS goondaism was only enacted to show the Maharashtrians that they were the only ones who espouse their cause. Though on this issue Shive Sena has criticised MNS, it was in look out for the issue to outscore MNS in competitive politics of narrowness. Balasaheb found the issue in cricket icon and pride of the nation Sachin Tendulakar when he replied to a question of journalist during the celebration of his 20 glorious years of playing for Indian Team. Sachin is entirely correct in saying that Mumbai is for all Indians and I am a proud Mahaharashtrian but I am Indian first. Balasaheb picked up the issue and started playing it wrongly. In a letter to Sachin Tendulkar written in Shiv Sena Mouth Peice Saamna by him unnecessarily advising Sachin to play only cricket and not politics. He wanted to communicate through his letter to Sachin that his remarks are uncalled for and they have hurt the feelings of Maharashtrians. He also brought to Sachin's notice that even when he was not born, 105 Maharashtrians sacrificed their lives for getting Mumbai in 1950. There were killed in police firing when Morarji Desai was the Chief Minister. Though Sachin has nothing to do with the politics of either Shiv Sena and MNS and he is the pride of the nation far above their narrow thinking, the way the nation has reacted to Balasaheb Thackeray’s letter and criticised him may prove to be an eye opener for him. Across the party line, all have criticised him vehemently. And the nation has come to know finally that Shiv Sena and MNS are only involved in competitive politics of paroachialism. They can not even spare the pride of the nation. Not only in India but all over the cricket playing nations, Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is being loved and admired profusely.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mulayam is groping in dark

SP boss Mulayam Singh Yadav is groping in dark and has become nervous. After the humiliating defeat in Ferozabad Lok constituency and 31 assembly seats which went for by-polls, SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav is wooried how to refurbish his image of front ranking secular leader, which has come under suspicion. SP is getting weaker and weaker in its bastion of Uttar Pradesh. After a humiliating defeat in By-elections in 31 MLA constituencies and the prestigeous Ferozabad Lok Sabha seat, SP boss Mulayam Singh Yadav parted ways with his former UP Chief Minister Kalyan Singh to regain the Muslim support. Because the Muslims hold Kalyan Singh solely responsible for the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayadhya . He was the BJP Chief Minister at that time in UP and had taken undertaken in Supreme Court and National Integration Council meeting of protecting the structure of Babri Masjid. He had failed to protect it from the assault of Hindu Chauvinists. At that time Mulayam had taken the cudgel in favour of Muslim community to restore confidence in them and won their heart. People all over India used to call him Maulana Mulayam. Muslims in UP became unflingchingly loyal to him, and that made him one of the important regional political forces in the country. When he shook hands with Kalyan Singh and made him his ally, was he not aware of his credentials and what impact would his alliance have on the Muslim voters in the state? His daughter-in-law Dimple Yadav’s defeat at the hands of his former associate and Congress candidate Raj Babbar in Ferozabad gave a clear signal that Muslims were no longer with him.They have understood his petty political Maneuvreing and they are no longer prepared to be trapped by him, even though he has broken all relations with Kalyan Singh. On several occasions, Mulayam has shown crass opportunism. He betrayed VP Singh government and became instrumental in toppling it. He supported Chandrashekhar to form government at the Centre with Congress support from outside in 1990. When the issue of supporting Dr. Manmohan Singh-led government regarding Indo-US deal in Parliament arose during Confidence Motion, he broke old ties with the Left and supported the Congress-led UPA and saved the government from falling in 2008. He ditched the Left and shook Congress to keep his interest protected in the face of ruling BSP supremo's onslaught against him in UPApart from his petty political maneuvreing, he has also appeared to be the champion of pursuing dynastic politics. As many as four members of his family reportedly are the members of either UP assembly or Parliament. Ferozabad was also his family borough and it was vacated by his son Akhilesh Yadav as he had won from Kannauj parliamentary seats also. Mulayam Singh Yadav and other Khatraps of other state politics must understand that they can not mislead the people on the issue of caste, creed, religion and region. They must know that there has been enough awakening among the masses and they want only development.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

FBI must allow Indian intelligence officials' accessibility to Headley

David Coleman Headley is a Laskar operative and has international network with India as his prime target of attack. He was arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation of the US, and FBI has disclosed after interrogating him in detail that after 26/11 Mumbai attacks, he had plotted to attack two prestigeous Indian Military Acdemies and two premier Boarding Schools in India. After FBI disclosure, Indian agencies too made indepth analysis of Headley’s movement and found that he had done recce of Delhi, other Indian cities and visited Mumbai too and stayed in the Taj Hotel in March 2008. Headley is Pakistan-born US-based LeT operative and he also did recce to Karachi several times. He was always in close touch with Lashkar supremo to take direction what he has to do. His close associates are Tanwaar Hussain Rana and Illiaysi Kashmiri who are notorious for terrorism. Their main points of attack was India, while Headley first wanted to attack a newspaper Office in Denmark. But as he was remote-controlled by Pak-based LeT, they wanted him to create mayhem India. Pakistan is in D-mode as it is always found to be. It denies any information about Headley, Rana and Kashmiri. It is not new on its part because when it initially denied that Mumbai attackers were Pakistani nationals, it can go to any extent. As India has come closer to US in recent days and issue of terrorism is of prime concerns for both of them, it must insist on it to extradite Headley so that Indian intelligence sleuths could interrogate him thoroughly. It appears baffling that why FBI is not allowing the accessibility of Indian intelligen agencies to Headley when he is in their custody. The action of FBI clearly indicates that the US still wants to save Pakistan from embarrassment because if Indian Intelligence agencies got access to Headley, they would interrogate him thoroughly and there is all likelyhood that then Pakistan will be exposed before the international community. This type of attitude adopted by the US when the issue of terrorism involves Pakistan would serve no purpose which is why we have not been able yet to crush this scourge of tesrrorism. Indian connection of Headley must also be probed thorougfhly and wherever any doubt arises on any person, howsoever high he or she may be must be awarded deterrent punishment. The news has also appeared in different newspapers that a Gynm Instructor in Mumbai named Rahul has been friend of Headley and he reportedly used him as his cover in Mumbai.Rahul is reportedly the son of a famous film Director. What role he has played with Headley is a matter of probe by intelligence agencies. Headley's movement in India and his stay in Delhi and Mumbai must be thoroughly probed from all angles. The innocent must not be harassed but at the same time the guilty must not be spared at any cost.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Partial impact, but utmost necessary

The skyrocketing prices of essential commodities and edibles are breaking the back of the common people and it has become more painful with the steep rise in bus and Metro fares in Delhi. UPA-led Congress government at the Centre and Sheila Dikshit -led Congress government in the City are boastful of claiming that Congress is for Aam Admi. But the ground reality tells altogether a different and painful story. They say that they working for Aam Admi, while the common people whom they call Aam Admi are taking their last breadth under the situation of unchecked price rise of all commodities. The Opposition BJP in the City as well as in Parliament is itself confused what to do and passing through the worst phases of leadership crisis since the party took birth in 1980. It has become directionless of which the ruling Congress is taking full advantage . In the absence of formidable opposition , the Congress government of Sheila Dikshit is functioning according to its whims. It has little care for Aam Admi so is the position of Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre. Whenever the Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar is asked of the skyrocketing price rise of editible items, he says that the situation will remain the same untill the kharif crop and doing nothing at administrative level to check it. The poor common people have been forced by CM Sheila Dikshit to leave Delhi as they are unable to live and have both ends meet. Her claim of espousing the cause of Aam Admi is completely false and misleading. She knows well whatever her government is doing is being accepted by the common people as there is no formidable opposition against her. The Opposition BJP in Delhi has become complacent and the need of the hour for them is to wake-up and rein in this unbridled government of Sheila Dikshit. After a long time, Delhi BJP has come on the streets against skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, edible and rise in bus and Metro fares, though the Bandh call given by it has made little impact. Though the BJP-sponsored Bandh against price rise kept the essential and transport services out of the purview of the Bandh, it is good that it has shown the government that it is fully prepared to come out on the streets against its anti-people policy. BJP had also not made ground work for the Bandh call to make it a complete success. It must have tried to mobilise all opposition parties against the price rise to paralyse the government.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Money and politics play role

The money and politics have played a vital role in granting parole to Manu Sharma. The controversy surrounding the granting of parole in brazen violation of norms and its proper application is rufusing to die down, especially, after it came to light that Delhi police had objected parole to him. The way Manu Sharma,convicted killer of model Jessica Lal, was granted parole by the government clearly smacks of favouritism towards him by the Delhi government. Manu’s parole also reflects that the rich and well connected , especially, politically convicted killer can get parole at his will. The three grounds Manu Sharma’s put forwarded to grant parole does stand the test of reason and all are flimsy ones. He took parole on the grounds that he had to attend the rites of his granmother, attend to his ailing mother and look after his business which needs his urgent attention.One by one all his grounds have been found false. His grandmother died in 2008 itself, his mother is in good health and paricipating in her routine business and in his absence his business empire is unaffected. Delhi police made enquiry into his grounds of parole and found all are false. Which is why they had objected to his parole. As Chandigarh is the home turf of Manu Sharma and his father is an important politician of Haryana, Delhi government deliberately got Chandigarh police and to report from there and they gave report in favour of parole to him.Sheila Dikshit government went by the Chandigarh police report and granted parole to Manu Sharma after doing the paper work very hastily. It clearly shows that the rich and influencial people can get away from the clutches of law any time. Thousands of applications for parole by the convicted persons undergoing imprisoment for months and years are lying but no action is taken only because neither they are rich nor are they politically well-connected. The granting of parole to Manu Sharma by Sheila Dikshit clearly shows how political influence is stronger than the rule of law. Though the parole is the right of the convicted persons, it depends on the circumstances and how urgent it is for them to go out of jail. It is the media of the country that compelled Manu Sharma to surrender to jail authorities before the expiry of his parole. As he was found in a club partying, media brought his activities and how he misuse his parole to light that compelled him to surrender and get back to Tihar jail. If there was no influence exerted on Delhi government to grant parole to Manu Sharma, why did it not consider the objection raise by Delhi police to his parole. When the papers of parole were forwarded to Lt. T Khanna for his apprioval as he is the final authority in the matter, he should also have used his discretion and sent them back to Delhi government to review. Sheila Dikshit government has committed the brazen violation of all norms and procedures in matters of parole and obliged the influencial Congress leader of Haryana in granting parole to his son Manu Sharma. All credit goes to media that it compelled the convicted killer to surrender to the jail authorities before the expiry of his parole.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cong to re-gain its pre-eminent position

After 20 years of lacklustre performance, India’s oldest political party the Congress is moving towards regaining its pre-eminent position the indication of which has been clearly given in the victory Ferozabad parliamentary seat.The by-election to Ferozababad parliamentary constituency because it was vacated by Akhiklesh Yadav of Samajwadi party as he had won the Lok Sabha election from two constituencies Kannauj and Ferozabad in Uttar Pradesh. Ferozabad was considered the family borough of Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav. And Akhilesh Yadav is his son. He wanted to keep the Ferozabad parliament constituency within the hold of his family. Which is why SP gave ticket to Mulayam’s daughter in law Dimple Yadav. She is the wife of Akhilesh Yadav. Congress candidate Raj Babbar defeated Dimple convincingly. The result of the Ferozabad parliamentary seat clearly reflects one very important thing for the Congress party that the Muslim community has started coming back to its fold. They were supporting Mulayam Singh Yadav blindly for the last 20 years and he was so polpular among them that he was called Maulana Mulayam. He also exploited his popularity among the community to the hilt for his political gains. But loss of Ferozabad to Congress is a severe jolt to SP . Politically, Uttar Pradesh has prime position and its role in competition for power at the Centre is vital. UP also sends 80 MPs to Lok Sabha. It was Uttar Pradesh where Congress became very weak and it appeared that it had negligible presence in the state before Lok Sabha elections. But since the results of Lok Sabha elections, Congress is going from strength to strength and it is only because of Muslim minority, which was Congress party old vote bank, is coming back to its fold. And alongwith Muslim Minority, the upper caste( Brahmins) , Scheduled caste and tribes are also returing steadily to Congress fold. The credit of moving towards gaining the pre-eminent position goes to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her son Congress General Secretary and MP Rahul Gandhi who have campaign hard to rejuvenate the party. But still the Congress needs to do a lot on organisational front in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Because BSP’s supremo Mayawati still reigns supreme in the all important state of Uttar Pradesh if the result of By-polls in MLA constituencies are any thing to go by. Congress has won 10 MLA seats out of 31 seats for which elections have been held in UP and other states. Samajwadi Party and Bhartiya Janata party have been decimated. The Left have been routed in its bastion of West Bengal and Kerala by Trinamul-Congress and Congress respectively. The Bengal Tigress TMC supremo and Union Railways Minister Mamta Bannerji has inflicted severe jolt to 31 years of Left’s rule in West Bengal and the result of By-polls is a clear indication for the Left that What is in store for them in the assembly elections to be held in 2011. BJP and the Left are suffering from the same disease of self political aggrandisement without the reading the writing on the wall.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Govt must act against MNS goondaism

The spectacle of the assault of Abu Azmi by MNS MLAs in Maharashtra assembly over his taking oath in Hindi on the TV news channels has hurt the feelings of every Indian. It is also the open display of parochialism for only reaping political benefits. Abu Azmi was assaulted only because he defied MNS Chief Raj Thackeray’s dictate to all legislatures, who have been elected in the recently concluded assembly polls, to take oath in Marathi. It appears that MNS is bigger than the government of India. Merely expressing condemnation of MNS' action by the Centre can not do the purpose. It also reflects Congress-led leniency towards MNS for political reasons. Centre must act stringently against goondaism of MNS. India is a Union of states and it is a secular democratic country. The question then arises whether the state is bigger than the nation that Maharashtra-based regional outfit behaves in this bestial manner. Even the aspirations and desire of a state must not have preference over national aspirations and desire for petty political gains. In India, the language and the religion are the personal matter of an individual. No body has right to dictate his terms on others to suit his political aspiration. All are Indians and all are bound to respect the national language, though all are free to speak their mother togue. In Maharashtra, Marathi language is the mother tongue of Maharashtrians and that does not mean that the people from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other states, who have migrated there should be compelled to use only Marathi. Though local culture, tradition and language must be respected, it does not mean it should be kept above national culture, tradition and language. What wrong SP MLA Abu Azmi committed by taking oath in Hindi that he was so badly attacked by MNS MLAs inside the assembly. MNS MLAs and cadres are behaving like goondas and gangsters. So, law must take its own course against them without taking into account its political fall-out. We all are Indians first and then Marathis, Biharis, UPites and South Indians. Regional chauvinism is absolutely unacceptable. The Centre must act swiftly otherwise people will think they are hand-in-glove. It is a different matter that the four MNS MLAs have been suspended for 4 years from the Assembly but there must be an investigation.The way MNS MLAs have behaved inside the assembly of Maharashtra is a brutal attack on democracy. They are only intended to show that they are the champions of Marathi manoos to exploit their feelings in their favour and outshine its immediate regional competitor and earstwhile parent body Shive Sena. Without taking account the political fall-out of the action against MNS in Maharashtra, the Centre must take stringent action against regional chavinism of MNS and its goondaism.

Monday, November 9, 2009

BJP’s K'nataka drama ends for now

The BJP central leaders were engaged in resolving the Karnataka’s crisis, arising out of Reddy brothers rebellion against the Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. Reddy brothers- Janadana and Karunakarna- who are ministers in Yeddyurappa Council of Ministers, demand the ouster of the Chief Minister. They claimed that they had the support of 60 MLAS out of Party’s strength of 117. The compromise was thrashed out between Reddy brothers and Yeddyurappa by the party leadership in Delhi under which CM Yeddyurappa had let a key aide, Rural Development Minister Shoba Karandlaje, go.Shobha’s resignation was accepted. Shoba Karandlaje is the protege of Yeddyurappa and according to newspapers' report it was because of her interference in different ministries that the Reddy brothers rose in revolt. As they are mining barrons, there is no dearth of money power at their disposal.The state has been wrecked by the devastating floods in which a considerable number of human lives were lost and huge property of the people was destroyed. Thousands of people were rendered homeless by the devastating floods. Instead of paying proper attention towards relief operation in flood affected areas among the people, the Yeddyurappa-led BJP government was engaged in internanal bickering and left the people to flounder. Bellary Reddy brothers are mining magnates and they reported to have used money power to topple Yeddyurappa government as they had done at the time installing it after assembly elections , but now they were adamant on nothing less than the ouster of CM BS Yeddyurappa. This shows the character of BJP in particular and political class in general.As Yeddyurappa had the support of the BJP’s mentor and doting parents the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh(RSS), it backed him to the hilt. Which is why a compromise formula has been struck with the dissidents leaders to keep CM’s Chair intact for Yeddyurappa, atleast for the present. The BJP’s Karnataka crisis and RSS Chief’s Monhan Bhagwat’ statement that the successor of Party President Rajnath Singh, whose term expires in December, will be from outside Delhi coteries reflect the authority the RSS exercises on the BJP. The name of Maharashtra BJP President Nitin Godkare has been reported to have come up as the successor of Rajnath Singh. Two points that go in favour of Nitin Godkare are- he is only 50 years old and being the inhabitant of Nagpur, he is very close to RSS. RSS has also reportedly announced that L K Advani,leader of Opposition, will retire in February, 2010 to make way for new face of relatively younger age to counteract the rising popularity of Congress General Secretary and MP Rahul Gandhi among the youths of the country. The patch-up that has been done with the Reddy brothers to avoid the replacement of CM Yeddyurappa for the present may have been achieved but the way dirty linen washed by the BJP in public has already damaged its image further. And Karanataka crisis also reflectly poorly on the party' state of affairs in Karnataka. The people are in crisis and there is going on internecine battle between the party’s dissident MLAs and Chief Minister’s camp. It also reflects the degeneration set in our political class.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Banning pre-paid mobile phone facilities in J&K is not at appropriate time

Due to security reasons, pre-paid mobile phone facilities were banned in Jammu and Kashmir by the government of India. Security of the people , undoubtely, is of paramount importance for the government. But the decision of Centre banning pre-paid mobile phone facilities of the people of the strife-torn state has been taken otherwise by the people than the security reasons as put forward by it.
People of the state at the instigation of separatist forces see the decision of banning pre-paid mobile phone facilities as mistrust of the Centre. Though the militant violence in the state has come down and a ray of hope of peace and development appears to be downing on the strife -torn state of Jammu and Kashmir. The recent visit of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh,UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi and other ministers of the Union Cabinet to inaugurate the rail link from Anantnag to Quazigund had strengthened the trust between the people and the Centre. It became more so apparent when Prime Minister also invited even the separatists, who have nothing to do with vioence, for talks.
But the Centre’s move to ban pre-paid mobile phone facility in the state gave an issue to the two prominent state political parties- PDP and National Conference- to exploit the decision to extricate political favour for them. Though banning Pre-paid mobile phone facilities has hit hard atleast 20,000 people who were engaged in the business of providing this facility and through which they were earning their livelihood, 3.8 million people have been deprived of availing the facilities.
From security point of view, the government of India has taken the right step. Because this facility has contributed to several militant violences in Jammu and Kashmir. Several connections of prepaid mobiles have been taken by militants on the fraud name of local inhabitants. Kashmir’s opposition PDP activists led by president Mehbooba Mufti has undertaken a peaceful march to Lal Chowk to protest the decision to withdraw prepaid mobile phone facilities in the state. She has dubbed the banning decision a shadow of doubt on the entire population of Jammu and Kashmir Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah of the state’s ruling National Conference has also criticised the decision, saying that it was tantamount to treating every citizen of the state as a militant.
The decision of banning the pre-paid mobile phone facilities in Jammu and Kashmir has given the ruling NC as well as Opposition PDP a fillip in their arms to mislead the people. They see it as an opportunity, especially PDP, to get the people of the state agitated against the Centre. The Home ministry must make the appraisal of the situation on the ground and impact of the decision of banning pre-paid mobile facilities among the people. It must look at the decision from political angle also for the time being, though security concern must be of paramount importance.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Team India choked-up in the last

One of the best One Day innings of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar

went in vain when the Team India under the captaincy of M S Dhoni

choked-up in the last innings of the Match in Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi

Stadium against Australia and got defeated by 3 runs. Though in the

beginning it looked that India would buckle under pressure of the

mammoth score of 350 of Australia, the innings begun by Sehwag and

Sachin Tendulkar and gave enough indication that they were going to

take the challenge of 350 runs very seriously and their momentum of

scoring runs, especially of Sehwag in with the first ball itself reflected that

they would achieve the target of 351 runs to win the 5th ODI and go up in

series 3-2 over Australia in the 7-match series.
But Sehwag could not last long and his breezy innings ended at 38 runs

in 30 balls. Just after Sehwag was out, Sachin came into his natural self

and played with his mastery of cricket. He presented an extra-ordinary

display of stroke play and hit the ball in all corners of the field and

showed the crowed and his opponenbts why he is the greatest player of

the game of cricket in the world.
With completition of his 17000 ODI runs with a natural flick, he opened

the face of the bat and struck the ball at will. He mesmerised the

spectators as well as fielders with his master display of stroke play.He

completed his century in only 80 balls and made 175 in 140 balls. He took

the team single-handedly at the door of victory, but unfortunately he was

out for a very poor ball. He was amply supported by Suresh Raina but he

became also out when it appeared that India would definitely win. After

the exit of Suresh Raina and Sachin Tentulakar , the remaining batsmen

failed to stand the test of mental toughness. And Which why it is very

difficult for India to be at number one position in the world despite having

the woeld’s bestman like Sachin Tendulakar in the team.
If Captain Dhoni and Vice-captain Yuvraj supported a little to Sachin

Tendulkar, India must have won the match easily, no matter how huge

target they had to achieve. The game of cricket is not only played on the

field but it is also a mind game in which Australia is far ahead of all other

teams of the world. Which why they are the world champion.
Though Virendra Sehwag is an excellent batsman and when he is in

hisownself no bowler of the world can keep him in check , he should have

played a little bit patiently in the beginning because the target before the

team was huge.
Dhoni's team flaundered in the dying stages to succumb to a three-run

defeat and give the visitors a 3-2 lead in the series. Team India needs to

learn how to cope with the tough mental situation and pressure . The half

of the team floundered when they were placed under pressure. Until and

unless the team is accustomed to bear with the dying situation in the end

of the innings, they can not become world champion.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life is precious

The life of the people is more important than the security arrangement of
any VIP in the country. We are saddened by the news of the death of
Sumit Verma only because he could not reach PGMIR Chandigarh in
time. Why he could not reach. It is because of Prime Minister’s security
cordon as he was going to adress the convocation at the premier institute
of Chandigarh. The sad incident only reflects that the
security of VIPs in the country is more important than the precious life of
the common people. Though Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has
expressed his sadness in his letter to the family of the deceased, the VIP
for whom security cordon is arranged must be judicious , conscious of the
inconenience to the people caused by his movement by roads. The
security personnel are unnecessarily shows over vigilance resulting in the
great inconvenience of the common people. The security must be given to the VIPs and they must be protected. But
it does not mean that this should be done at the cost of the lives of
general people. The authorities concerned at the PGIMR Chandigarh and
the security personnel must have anticipated that during the address of
the PM at the convocation , there might come patient to admit in the
emergency ward. Sumit Verma had severe kidney ailments and he was
crying in pain and even in that condition the security personnel at the
gates asked them to go through one gate from another. And in the
meantime, he breathed his last as doctor at the institute declared him
brought dead.The sad incident at PGI paints the picture of sorry state of affairs in our
country. Though PM deserves to be given highest grade of security, the
security provision is generally linked to status symbols among political
class. This must be stopped and security perception must be overhauled.
It must be ensured that the security cordon for VIP should cause
minimum inconvenience to the general people and it also must be
ensured that emergency services should not be obstructed because of
the visit of VIPs. The security personnel must also be trained in such a manner that they
could not forget to apply humanitarian approach when they faced with the
cases like Sumit Verma. It is because of them that he could not get
medical aid in time that resulted into his sad demise. The best apology to
the family of Sumit Verma by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would
be that he gets the security personnel engaged in providing security to
VIPs overhauled and trained in the way that they could apply their
judiciousness to minimise the inconveniences of the general people.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grim scenario in Pak

The powerful bomb blast near Army Headquaters in garrison city of Rawalpindi in Pakistan that killed atleast 34 innocent persons and injured several others clearly reflects the daring acts of wanton killings by Taliban. They have shown how easily they undermine the might of Pakistan army, once they were nurtured by them. On an average , there have been killings of over 300 persons in the bomb blasts in the last month itself in Pakistan. Pak army is on war path with Taliban in South Waziristan with Taliban which have become a great threat to the existance of Pakistan. The instability in Pakistan is not only dangerous for its next door neighbour India but also the entire world. So, India is very much concerned over the developing situation in Pakistan. The modus perandi of the suicide bombers has the imprint of none other than the Taliban. Tehrike-e-Taliban has become a great threat to the country. Though the US secretary of State Hillary Clinton had visited Pakistan and on the day she arrived in the country, she was greeted by suicide bomb blast that killed over 100 and wounded hundreds. What is this? This is an open challenge to the US. Though she has uttered a few words of praise for Pakistan for fighting terrorism, she had bluntly said that Al-Qaeda is still in activity in the country. All know that Taliban is the creation of Pakistan with full support of the US but now they have become the great enemy of their own creator. Taliban are like Witch who when not finding blood anywhere, they start sucking their own blood. And that is happening in Pakistan. The Mumbai attacks of 26/11 were planed and its strategy were made in Pakistan with the full assistance from its notorious ISI and Pakistan continues to make one excuse after another to act against the perpetrators and have given all state patronage to its mastermind Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed. India has already submitted six dossiers of the involvement of Hafiz Saeed and other Pakistani nationals in Mumbai attacks. Despite all this, Pakistan is doing nothing. India has sent dossiers to sixteen other western powers , including the US. There has also been reported by the intelligence agency of India that Mumbai type attacks may be repeated, though Union Home Minister P ,Chidarambam has very boldly said that the Mumbai type attacks if ever took place again, we would give befitting reply.

Keep Vande Mataram above controversy

Vande Mataram was incorporated in the novel of Bakimmchandra Chattopadhya in 1881. It was accepted by the Indian National Congress in 1939 and after Independence, it was accepted as the national song of India. As India is a secular democratic country, the national song of the country must not be made controversial. It must not be seen as a symbol of any religion but of the nation. India is the nation of all communities, castes and creeds. Vande Mataram is neither pro- Hinduism nor Un-Islamic. It is pro-nation.It has been written by the great writer to symbolise the greatness of India. National song unites the nation. So, it must not be seen from any religious angle. The Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind (JEU) at its 30th General Assembly has adopted a resolution, describing Vande Mataram as Un-Islamic and asking the Muslim community not to sing it. Though Islamic scholars at Jamait-i-Hindi in Deoband seminary adopted the resolution describing Vande Mataram as Un-Islamic, it would be better for them to leave the symbol of nationhood untouched and left it to the descretion of the community to do what they like because it was not imposed on anybody to sing it. It is our tradition in the country to begin any work with the recitation of national song the Vande Mataram. Scholars of an Islamic group passed an edict banning Vande Mataram, saying it is against their religious belief. Islamic scholars hold the view that in Islam there is only one god whom we call Allah. While Vande Mataram according to them asks for worship of the nation as mother goddess. They say that they believe in monotheism and Vade Mataram is against their religious belief. They love the country but not worship it. They worship only one god that is Allah. Though Union Home minister P Chidambram has participitated in the 30th General assembly of Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind and lauded its resolution against terrorism, he should not have participated in any assembly that is conducted on religious lines because his participation as Union Home Minister weakens the secular committment of the government of India.He should neither paricipate in Muslim religious assembly nor Hindu in the capacity of Union Minister of the Government. The Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind at its national convention in Deoband, saying Muslims should not sing the national song as some verses of it are against the tenets of Islam. It does not mean that they are anti-nationals. They are as much nationalists as the persons of any other religion of the nation.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grim scenario in Pak

The powerful bomb blast near Army Headquaters in garrison city of Rawalpindi in Pakistan that killed atleast 34 innocent persons and injured several others clearly reflects the daring acts of wanton killings by Taliban. They have shown how easily they undermine the might of Pakistan army, once they were nurtured by them. On an average , there have been killings of over 300 persons in the bomb blasts in the last month itself in Pakistan. Pak army is on war path with Taliban in South Waziristan with Taliban which have become a great threat to the existance of Pakistan. The instability in Pakistan is not only dangerous for its next door neighbour India but also the entire world. So, India is very much concerned over the developing situation in Pakistan. The modus perandi of the suicide bombers has the imprint of none other than the Taliban. Tehrike-e-Taliban has become a great threat to the country. Though the US secretary of State Hillary Clinton had visited Pakistan and on the day she arrived in the country, she was greeted by suicide bomb blast that killed over 100 and wounded hundreds. What is this? This is an open challenge to the US. Though she has uttered a few words of praise for Pakistan for fighting terrorism, she had bluntly said that Al-Qaeda is still in activity in the country. All know that Taliban is the creation of Pakistan with full support of the US but now they have become the great enemy of their own creator. Taliban are like Witch who when not finding blood anywhere, they start sucking their own blood. And that is happening in Pakistan. The Mumbai attacks of 26/11 were planed and its strategy were made in Pakistan with the full assistance from its notorious ISI and Pakistan continues to make one excuse after another to act against the perpetrators and have given all state patronage to its mastermind Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed. India has already submitted six dossiers of the involvement of Hafiz Saeed and other Pakistani nationals in Mumbai attacks. Despite all this, Pakistan is doing nothing. India has sent dossiers to sixteen other western powers , including the US. There has also been reported by the intelligence agency of India that Mumbai type attacks may be repeated, though Union Home Minister P ,Chidarambam has very boldly said that the Mumbai type attacks if ever took place again, we would give befitting reply.There is urgent need for the international community under the leadership of the so-called sole super power the US to intervene in Pakistan with their military might to stop the bloodletting scene there and finish Taliban's montrous acts. If Pakistan was left on its own to deal with the situation, it is sure that it will become grimer and grimer.

Monday, November 2, 2009

BJP may lose Karnataka

Karnataka is the first southern state under BJP rule for the first time. So, the BJP is expected to do everything possible to solve the issue of rising dissidence in the party’s legislative wing. The two Reddy bothers, who are ministers, have risen in revolt against the Chief Minister B S Yeddurappa. They are adamant on nothing less than CM’s ouster. They are also mining barrons and claiming to have the support of 60 MLAs out of the party’s total strength of 117 MLAs in the assembly. The BJP central leadership is itself passing through the most critical phases since its inception in 1980 and the woes of the party have increased much after two successive defeats in LS and assembly elections respectively. The situation in the BJP reflects, regarding the Karnataka government, that it is also going to lose its entry in South India to rule because either it has to oust CM Yeddurappa under dissidents' pressure or let them the rebel MLAs desert the party. Most deplorable thing is that even in the face of crisis, BJP central leadership is itself divided. It has been reported that Advani, Sushma Swaraj camp is in a mood to give Yeddurappa marching order while Rajnath Singh and RSS are in favour of continuation of the Chief Minister by checking the dissidents. Advani camp wants speaker Jagdish Shettar to replace Yeddyurappa because the CM is alleged to be running the administration through coterie. The coterie culture has become the bone of contention among BJP MLAs.The two Reddy brothers-Janardana and Karunakar- are also reported to have been in touch with Congress party in the state. They have strong clout in the state and because of mining contracts' flourishing business is also under their domain. They are also capable to use money power to topple Yeddyurappa government. Yeddyurappa is belonging to Lingayat community and Lingayats have strong political say and on the basis of his being Ligayat, Yeddyurappa out-raced one of the central leaders from state in chief minister . Undoubtedly, Yeddyurappa is on strong wicket in the state and there is all probablity that he may be forced by the BJP's central leadership to go. Because Bellary Reddy Brothers appear to be political heavier than Yeddyrappa.