Saturday, September 22, 2012

PM’s assurance

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has rightly spoken to the people of India and told them why big economic reform measures were necessary to be introduced to keep away the worsening economic situation like we had experienced in 1991 when no nation was prepared to give even small amount of money in loan. The credit goes to the PM for introducing economic reforms in India to take the nation out of the grave economic crisis in 1991. The budgetary and current account deficit gap had widened to the extent that the nation had left with the foreign reserve of 7 days to import any goods in 1991. The same situation will have to be faced by us if we did not take preventive economic measures. Presently, the nation has foreign reserve to sustain import for not more than seven months. The worsening economic situation demands earnestly on the government to take hard steps to offset it to take over us. That is why UPA Govt. has taken tough economic decisions to keep nation's future bright. Every time when the government carries economic reforms forward to improve the economic situation, there is stiff opposition from all the opposition parties. The coming of computer and opening up of telecom sectors for private players was fiercely opposed and it was said by the opposition parties that these measures would render crores of people jobless. But what happened is all before us. Our nation emerged as economic power and crores of jobs were created. The disinformation campaign about economic reform measures was proved wrong by none other than the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the capacity of Finance minister in the Narsimharao's Council of Ministers in 1991. Dr. Singh is an acclaimed authority on economics not only in India but all over the world. Deteriorating economic situation started drawing flak from all over the world. The major economies of the world and their newspapers and magazines started taunting our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about his competency in carrying forward economic reforms. He has strengthened the Indian economy that has withstood and warded off any impact of the downturn of the western world. As far as economy of the nation is concerned, no person at least in India claims to have better knowledge of it than Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He knows better than anyone else how to improve the economy in the age of economic globalization. By telling the nation why he allowed 51 percent FDI in multi-brand retails, hiked diesel price by Rs 5 per litre and put cap on LPG Cylinder and assuring the people of improving the economy, Prime Minister cautioned them not to be misled by the protests of opposition parties and launching of disinformation campaign.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Avoid mid-term poll

The nation is not in a position to bear the burden of expense of a mid-term Lok Sabha poll two years before its schedule in 2014. Economy is in disarray. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh after being criticized by national and international media for policy inaction, he has mustered courage to again initiate economic reform measures firmly to boost economy. UPA’s most formidable ally TMC’s supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee has reacted very sharply in opposition to UPA Govt.’s decision to allow 51 per cent FDI in multi- brand retails and made announcement of withdrawal of support. In the given fluid political scenario, the Congress-led UPA must behave responsibly and sincerely and exhaust all options to avoid mid-term Lok Sabha polls in the situation arising out of Trinamool Congress decision to withdraw support from it. Trinamool Congress with 19 MPs has withdrawn support to the UPA government. Party leader Mamata Banerjee declared in Kolkata that she could not support the Centre’s “anti-people decisions” to allow FDI in multi-brand retail, raise the price of diesel, and cap the subsidy on cooking gas. With the declaration of decision to withdraw support and handover the resignation of all ministers from the TMC quota on Friday at 3 PM in protest against the UPA's recent economic decisions, the Congress-led UPA government of Dr. Manmohan Singh has slid into minority, though up till now it has the outside support of SP and BSP that can keep it going firmly. It is every likelihood that UPA-2 will run its full course anyhow but one thing is also certain that with its most vital ally TMC's decision to withdraw support if UP did not retract on all reform issues, it certainly has lost the confidence of the people a little bit. UPA can also not be dependent on SP and BSP as no party would like to be seen with the government sinking day by day. Though it was most urgent for the UPA government to act on economic policies and take reform measures that could be hard enough, it would also be imprudent on it to go back with its decisions of economic reform measure. It will be better for the Government politically and economically both to implement FDI in retails firmly, honestly and sincerely and ensure that its benefit must reach to the last poor man in our society. That is why economic reforms so far have not brought expected benefit and whatever benefit has come from them has centred in the hands of a few. The rich have become richer and the weak have become weaker. If the Congress-led UPA succeeds in doing away with pro rich impression about economic globalization and giving human face to its economic reforms, it will certainly weathered away all opposition in the remaining two years term of its government.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anti-US sentiment on rise

Whatever may be the cause behind the reported killing of US Ambassador to Libya and three embassy staff, one thing is certain that the anti-US sentiment is gaining ground and spreading fast in Arab world. On the surface, it is apparently clear that the US anti-Islam instance is the main reason behind attacking the ambassador in Libya. The US is loosing clout among Arab world dictators and much of the ground in Middle-East has shifted away from it. It was seen earlier that whenever any anti-US protest was launched in Arab world, it was muzzled by the dictators there. The US clout was so strong that it could count on Arab world dictators to silence the voice of dissent against it. Now come to the subject of the reported killing of US Ambassador in Libya. The US anti-Islam film which denigrates the position of the Prophet Mohammad has outraged the religious sentiment of Muslims all over the world in general and in Arab world in particular, and their anger is manifest in the killing of US Ambassador to Libya. The protesters deemed US film blasphemous to the Prophet Mohammad. In the given situation, it is natural that it would cause outrage among the followers of Islam all over the world. Every religion of the world must be given due respect and the film makers all over the world must be instructed clearly that while making film on religious theme, they must take all precautions not to hurt sentiment of any community of the world. The lives of US ambassador and three other staff were taken away for no fault of their own. It is the film that has caused so much anger among the protesters not only in Libya but also in Egypt, Yemen, Cairo and other places in Muslim world. US President has immediately reacted to the killing that he would bring the perpetrators to justice in the same vein and tone as his predecessor George W Bush had announced just after the 9/11 attack and invaded Afghanistan. The consequence of his revengeful action is here before the world. So, it is advisable for US President Barack Obama to act for reconciliation to establish peace and order in the world instead. The assault has followed a protest in neighbouring Egypt where demonstrators scaled the walls of the US embassy, tore down the American flag and burned it during a protest over the same film which they said insulted the Prophet Mohammad.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Narendra Modi makes his intention clear

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s Vivekananda Yuva Vikash Yatra is seen as the beginning of the campaign of Gujarat Assembly elections, which is to be held anytime in December this year, and an attempt to politicize one of the greatest Indians for his party’s political gains. He has also made his intention clear through this yatra that he is ahead of all others in his party in reckoning for Prime ministerial candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Two senior BJP leaders-former party president Rajnath Singh and leader in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley- flanked his Yatra. It is a month-long Yatra. But on the first day itself, he has made it clear that his eyes are set on the Centre. Vivekananda is a world renowned personality and any Youngman can emulate him. He has set example before the youth of the world. By accepting Swamy Vivekananda as his role model, Narendra Modi tries to polarize the youth of not only Gujarat but also of the whole nation in his favour. As the youth population of the age from 25 to 35 years constitutes 60 percent, their role certainly matters most in any coming elections in India. He has launched Vivekananda to counteract the appeal among the youth population of Congress Party youthful leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Modi should also know that his party has no patent right on Swamy Vivekananda that he is politicizing his name to win the favour of the youth. Vivekananda believed in universal brotherhood. He respected every religion of the world. To depict him as Hindu icon is the handiwork of BJP. Modi has targeted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and called him to follow the development of Gujarat Model. He says the Gujarat is 'Shining' while the nation is being taken to dark ages referring to the northern grid failure a few months back. But it appears that he has forgotten that his party Prime Minister Atal Behari-led NDA government was thrown out of power in 2004 Lok Sabha elections by the people despite its slogan of 'India Shining'. As history repeats itself, his boastful claim of development of Gujarat might meet the same fate as his NDA met in 2004 Lok Sabha elections. Modi says that the Time Magazine called Prime Minister 'Underachiever' while it carried the story about the development of Gujarat prominently. Again he suffered from amnesia. The story of 2002 Gujarat riots, which took place under his Chief ministership, was also carried by almost all national and international dailies, weeklies and fortnightlies prominently and painted him as an accomplice in them. His month-long Vivekananda Yuva Vikash yatra is nothing but to make his Prime ministerial candidature in 2014 Lok Sabha elections stronger and unquestioned in the party at the national level.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Drop sedition charge against Cartoonist

Freedom of expression can not attract charge of sedition against the person who expresses freely and in a non-violent way. The expression which does not incite violence can not attract sedition charge. What fault is of Freelance cartoonist Aseem Trivedi that he has been arrested by Mumbai police on the charge of sedition? He drew a cartoon that parodied national symbols and emblems not with the intention of degrading national honour but to show the instrumentality of the honourable members of Parliament that has resulted in such a worsening state of affairs. He has only expressed the anger of the people with them through his cartoon. All freedom loving people appreciate the creativity. Creativity of the artist is the mirror of society. Artists, writers and cartoonists present the true picture of society through their creativity as well as the nation. Freedom of expression is the fundamental of democracy. Without this, any growth of democracy is impossible. National symbols and Emblems must be respected, but the members of Parliament must also uphold the prestige and honour of the nation. With day in and day out, scandal after scandal is surfacing but no act of sedition has ever been imposed on those high-ups in the government accused of involvement in it. Freedom of expression must not be curtailed and censorship from back door must not be imposed. In democracy, everyone has right to express freely. If the freedom of expression is throttled in this way, an atmosphere of fear will prevail throughout the country. And in the given situation, all voices of dissent may attract charge of sedition. So, the Government of Maharashtra must withdraw the charge of sedition against the cartoonist Aseem Trivedi without any delay. As voices of protest against his arrest has grown, Maharashtra’s Congress-NCP government too seems to be distancing itself from the police action.Trivedi has been arrested in a December 2011 case against him for his cartoons parodying national symbols. The case was registered at the Bandra-Kurla Complex police station following a complaint.Trivedi has been accused of putting up “seditious” banners mocking the constitution during Anna Hazare’s campaign in Mumbai last year and posting the same on his website.He has been arrested under IPC Section 124 (sedition), Section 66 A of Information Technology Act and Section 2 of the Prevention of Insults to Nation Honour Act. Assem Trivedi’s arrest smacks of intolerance. It signals a very dangerous move to curtail the freedom of expression. Drop sedition charge against him and protect the freedom of expression.

Friday, September 7, 2012

UPA Govt’s suicidal move

Any further hike in the prices of fuels by the UPA government would only take it near to its doomsday. Rumours are rife that the UPA government is going to further hike the fuel prices to lighten the burden on the oil companies. People are already facing backbreaking price rise. The price of all the essential commodities, including food has been going higher and higher for the last two months and the government so far has miserably failed to check it. If the UPA government dared to hike price of fuels, it will be opposed fiercely not only by the opposition parties but the people also. The poor are already under immense pressure because unbridled price rise. UPA must know that GDP growth can not fill the stomach of the hungry people. Because of rising food inflation, more than half of the population is unable to manage both ends meet. Any hike in petroleum products will have cascading effect on all commodities. In the name of bring back economy on the track, UPA government must not allow the oil companies to raise prices of fuels. Though the price of fuels is decided by international market and on the basis of that oil companies put pressure on the government to allow them to increase price, the ultimate power lies with the Government. The main business of the government should be to keep the price of all essential commodities within limits so that the poorest of the poor could afford to buy them and live on minimum subsistence. If the government is really concerned about the worsening economy of the nation, it must provide clean administration. It is because of rampant corruption at levels of government departments and surfacing of a galore of scandals prices of all commodities are going up and up. The price of petroleum products is hiked at frequent intervals to minimize the loss of oil companies by transferring the burden on the poor people. Nation is unable to understand with what logic the UPA government is running. Though the Govt. has ruled out hike in price of fuels in immediate future, it has expressed concern over the plight of oil companies. It amply reflects that Govt. is more interested in protecting their interest than relieving the poor people of price rise. Govt. may take some difficult, painful decisions as oil companies are facing severe constraints owing to under recoveries. Govt. says that oil companies are selling fuel at highly subsidised rates and losing 550 crore rupees everyday on under recoveries as a result of higher crude oil prices. Govt. always speaks as spokesperson of oil companies and it is bent on sucking the blood of people.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Western media's deliberate move

It is western media’s deliberate attempt under the pressure of their government lobby to tarnish the image of Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh at international level. People know that this is the same media which had profusely praised him when he got the Indo-US Nuclear Bill passed in Parliament. So, their criticism should not be treated seriously. They are poking him to go all out again for economic reforms to their countries’ benefit. The crony capitalism can never be beneficial for the country like India. The benefit of economic reforms so far in India has not filtered down to the lower strata of society and concentrated in the hands of a group of business houses. With the slowing down of the economic reforms process in India and PM's failure to introduce FDI in retail by hook or crook for the benefit of western economy, which sees India as the largest market potential for them, they have started a campaign of running down to build pressure on him to go for economic reforms with doubly force. Before the prestigious Washington Post, US Times Magazine has already called Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh as Underachiever, who is unable to stick out his neck. Now, the Washington Post has called him silent and a tragic figure. It is to be seen how deftly the western media had eulogized him as the man who brought India on the path of prosperity, modernity and made it an emerging economic super power when economic reforms were in full swing under him. But at the same time, they now describe him as silent, dithering and tragic figure. Washington Post casts aspersion on him by saying that he is ending as a failure and presiding over a corrupt government. It has also described him as intellectual bureaucrat when he was steering reforms process very speedily, but now when his coalition government failed to maintain the speed, it has described him as ineffectual bureaucrat. No section of western media has ever carried a story that economic downturn in the west has badly affected the Asian economy, especially of India and China. Government has strongly objected to a remark by Washington Post made on Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the incumbent Central government. The opposition BJP appears to have no policy and programme except the demand of PM’s resignation every now and then. Instead, it must present before the nation its policy, programme and leader so that the people could think whether it has the ability to replace the ruling Congress Party in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The Washington Post in an article has said that Dr. Manmohan Singh who ushered India into a modern and prosperous country may end going down in the history as a failure.The article goes on to say that the image of Prime Minister is slowly changing from a humble and intellectual technocrat to a dithering, ineffectual bureaucrat presiding over a deeply corrupt government.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Take action against Raj’s anti-Bihari comment

This is not the first time that MNS Chief Raj Thackeray has spoken in a non-sensical, foolish and unconstitutional way, which amounts to anti-national, by branding Biharis as infiltrators and threatening them to drive out of Mumbai. Thackerays must know that Biharis have lived in Mumbay for years and contributed immensely to its development. They are living there as Indians and will continue to settle in Mumbai. And what to talk of Raj Thackeray, no power on this earth can prevent any Indian from settling anywhere in India. Constitution of India and its parliamentary democracy have given permission to all Indians to settle anywhere in the nation they like and earn their livelihood. India is a Union of states consisting of 28 states and 7 Union Terrories. Raj Thackeray has spoken against all Hindi speaking Indians, including Biharis a number of times in the past and the state Government of the Congress Party has never taken any action against him. It means that the Maharashtra Government of Congress Party either dare not act against him or has tacit agreement with him. Thackeray is speaking against Biharis times and again to polarise the Maharashtrian voters in favour of his political outfit MNS. Even rat considers itself as lion in its hole. His behaviour is similar to it. If he has guts to speak against the Hindi-speaking people, he should come to national capital Delhi and speak against them, including Biharis. Undoubtedly, he will learn a lesson that he would never forget in life. Has he ever thought about the lakhs of Maharashtrians living outside the state in India? If the same speech is delivered to insult them, how will he react. His comments against Biharis are narrow and reflect clearly his anti-national behaviour. Chief Minister Prithvi Raj Chavan must take stern action against him for his lunatic comment against Biharis. Raj Thackeray must also know that Biharis are fearless and bold enough to retaliate any attack on them in a non-violent way. The transfer of Mumbai Police Commissioner for the vandalism of Amar Jawan Jyoti at Azad Maidan on the demand of Raj Thackeray at the massive meeting, which he held after the protest to show solidarity with the Muslim victims of Assam and Myanmar riots, has emboldened him on one hand and exposed the timidity of Chavan Govt to act against him on the other. Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh has rightly said that the Thackeray family itself belonged to Bihar and had settled in Dhar in Western Madhya Pradesh from where they migrated to Mumbai.It is established as per law that whenever the police from a state goes to another state to arrest somebody, it has to inform the local police and then produce the arrested person in local court from where he can be taken elsewhere only after getting transit remand. Mumbai police did not follow the established law and picked up suspect vandalizing Amar Jyoti from Simarhi of Bihar. Chief Secretary of Bihar has raised the issue with the Maharashtra government. What is wrong in it that Raj Thackeray has commented in a very unconstitutional way against Biharis.