Wednesday, May 31, 2017

E-Rickshaw driver’s opposition to urination at the roadside cost his life

The way E-Rickshaw driver was beaten to death allegedly by a group of educated young men merely because he opposed the two young men urinating for urinating at the roadside near Metro station in Delhi is an inhuman act for revenge. He asked them to use the public convenience nearby. They took it as an issue of affront. And with the sole intention of taking revenge against the E-Rickshaw driver named Rabindra, the two young men came in the group of around fifteen with a bundle of the pieces of bricks and stone reportedly to beat Rabindra to death. They allegedly crushed Rabindra's face with the pieces of bricks. And ultimately poor E-Rickshaw driver died. According to the local people the two young men whom Rabindra asked not to urinate at the road side were seen purchasing the beer from the nearby liquor shop. They also appeared to be drunk. The young Rickshaw driver Rabindra lost his life for keeping the place around him clean. He was conscious of cleanliness. His beating to death by none other than the educated young men is a black spot on the face of Delhi. He was a true soldier of Swakshta Campaign, one of the favourite campaigns of Prime Narendra Modi. Delhiites' heads hang in same over the beating of E-Rickshaw driver Rabindra to death for keeping the city neat and clean. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is abroad in Germany has also condemned the death of Rabindra and directed the authorities concerned to take action against thperpetrators of the crime. An announcement of monetary help was also made. Information and Broadcasting and Urban Development Minister Venkaih Naidu has also swung into action and asked the Delhi police to bring the culprits to book immediately. He also visited the residence of the deceased and met his kith and kin. The beating of Rabindra to death is also the lapses of Delhi police. As reported, a group of young men came and beat him to death, but police did not have any scent of it in advance. When this tragic incident occurred near Metro station, there must be CISF personnel besides the beat constable of Delhi police. Nearly two years have elapsed since the Swakshta Abhiyan was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a broom in his hand. But as far as the cleanliness and civic amenities are concerned, no impact has been felt in Delhi. The city is still as dirty as it was before the Swakshta Abhiyan was launched. The reason behind it is the lack of awareness among Delhiites. An event of a day or two cannot be of any purpose if the concerted effort is not made by the govt., people and municipal corporation to create awareness to develop civic sense among the Delhiites. The tragic death of Rabindra must be taken seriously to bring the culprits to book as early as possible. A deterrent punishment must also be awarded to all those who are responsible for the death of young E-Rickshwa driver . Delhi police also take cognizance of dirt and garbage on city roads and take appropriate action against all those who are responsible for them. The tragic death of Rabindra for the cause of cleanliness in the city must not go waste. A provision should be made to take stringent action against all those who don’t follow the norms of keeping the city neat and clean. It is for the Delhi police to find the young people who beat Rabindra to death. If the people involved in beating Rabindra remain at large, nobody would dare oppose the polluters.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Cattle market regulation

The cattle market has been regulated by the promulgation of a new rule under which seller or buyer cannot buy or sell cattle for the slaughter purpose. They have to ensure the purpose of selling or buying the cattle. The rule has been made to strengthen the prevention of cruelty to an animal. Undoubtedly, this move of the Modi govt. would affect the economy of the people who are engaged in selling and buying of animals. The recent order against selling cattle has been taken as an indirect ban on beef. To oppose this move, the Beef party has reportedly been organized outside the college in Trivandrum by the students' Union of the Left parties. It has also been reported that a calf was allegedly butchered in the open on the street by some Youth Congress men to protest govt. rule, though the party has denounced the incident of the butchering of calf and completely disassociated with it. The cow is the most sacred animal of Hindus. They worship cows. They have treated cows as mothers. In the given situation, killing of calf openly on the street will definitely hurt the feeling and religious sentiments of crores of Hindus in the country. So, Congress party has promptly taken action against the party men, who have been charged with butchering the calf. The opposition BJP has also issued a photograph of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi with the Kerala Youth Congress man who is allegedly involved in the butchering of a calf in Kunnur of Kerala. This is not the way of opposing the order of the govt. against the sale of cattle in the market for slaughter purposes. Some students of IIT Chennai numbering about 15 have also reportedly organized beef party festival to oppose the govt. order against the sale of cattle. The Modi govt. should also have consulted the state govt. before passing the order against sale of an animal in the cattle market for slaughter purposes. The federal character of the constitution must be respected. Here the Modi govt. has violated federalism; however, in speech this Modi govt. appears to be the greatest exponent of federalism. Kerala Chief Minister Pinyari Vijayan has rightly written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding that the order against the sale of animal for slaughter purposes must not be implemented in the state. There is no ban on cow slaughter in Kerala and some of the north-eastern states. Any law regarding the cow must be made after taking into confidence all state governments of the country. A law must not be made with an aim on polarizing the majority Hindu community for the sake of vote bank purposes. What to eat wear and where to move is a personal matter of an individual. The govt. must not have anything to do with it. Modi govt. says that the aim of the rules is very specific. It is only to regulate the animal market and the sale of cattle in these markets, and ensuring welfare of cattle dealt in market. And the rule provides for a strict animal monitoring committee and animal market committees at the local level.The seller and buyer both have to ensure that the cattle is not being bought or sold in the market for slaughter purposes. The rules also state that the purchaser shall not sacrifice the animal for any religious purpose or sell it to a person outside the state without permission and must keep in with the state's cattle protection laws.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Oppn huddles to take on NDA jointly

The term of office of the incumbent President Pranab Mukherjee expires in July. Before July 25 a new President has to be elected for the next five years. So, in view of the Presidential elections, Congress-led Opposition parties have held a meeting on the initiative of Congress President Sonia Gandhi over the lunch to reach a consensus candidate to take on NDA nominee jointly for the post of President. The main opposition Congress is seeking a larger unity among non-NDA parties ahead of the presidential election which could be taken forward to the upcoming assembly polls in states like Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka, besides the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Before the Oppn meeting yesterday in which 17 political participated, a series of parleys have already happened between these leaders on the issue of putting up a joint opposition candidate to take on the official NDA nominee. Though the number clearly appears to be in favour of BJP-led NDA candidate in elections for the post of President, the Opposition is not prepared to let the ruling establishment go uncontested. They are also preparing ground for the alliance for the coming assembly elections in Karnataka, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh and finally for the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. The Congress-led opposition meeting of 17 political parties failed to reach on a unanimous candidate, but the ball has been set rolling. The ruling BJP-led NDA does not appear to be in a mood to support the incumbent President Pranab Mukherjee for the second term in office. They want their own party affiliated candidate for the highest constitutional post of the nation. However, Congress and most others in the opposition parties are prepared to support incumbent President Pranab Mukherjee for the second consecutive term. Though neither the ruling establishment nor the opposition camp has declared the name of its candidate for the presidential elections, both wait for the other to declare the name of a candidate. Opposition is playing a wait and watch game. They hinted that let the ruling BJP-led NDA announce the name of the candidate for the Presidential elections. The opposition wants a personality of secular and liberal credentials and background for the post of President to keep the Constitution and secular fabric of the nation intact. While the BJP-led NDA wants the candidate for the post of President of their leaning to maintain smooth co-ordination with the govt. As the number is in favour of the ruling BJP-led NDA, their candidate may easily sail through. More than a unanimous candidate for Presidential election, the opposition wants to show their solidarity against the NDA in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Congress appears to have realized that it cannot defeat Narendra Modi-led BJP on its own. So, it has taken lead in uniting all opposition parties against the ruling NDA. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has done it before and she can also do it again. Undoubtedly, the Congress has weakened considerably and is shrinking day by day. So, it is utmost necessary for it to cobble up an alliance to give a stiff fight to Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA. Being the biggest political party among the opposition, it has to work hard to bring all small and big opposition parties on board. Whoever may be decided for the presidential candidate by ruling or opposition parties, one thing must be kept in mind that while choosing for the post of President of India, he or she must be renowned and illustrious in the field of his or her activity. The post of President is the highest of the land. So the candidate must match the dignity, magnificence, and grandeur attached to the post of President of India.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Too early to pass judgment on Yogi Govt

It is too early to pass a judgement on Yogi Aditynath govt. in Uttar Pradesh in view of the deteriorating law and order in the state. Though law and law has deteriorated sharply, govt. needs time to eradicate deep-rooted malaise of 15 years from the state. People voted overwhelmingly to BJP to drive away all criminal and corrupt elements from the state. They expect prompt and swift action against the wrong doers in the state. The rule of law has to be established at all costs. The perpetrators of the crime must be brought to book without any discrimination and partiality. Whoever breaks the law must be dealt with severely. Whether it is MP or MLA of the ruling party, he or she must be punished for his or her crime. If Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath had taken action against BJP MP Ram Lakhanpal for alleged ransacking of Sharanpur SP’s residence, the message would have gone loud and clear that Yogi tolerates no nonsense. He failed to act against his own party MP. Yogi Govt. is only a two-month old. People of the state have high expectation from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He is considered to be a tough task master. He tolerates no nonsense. Whether it is a one-day government or a year old, its writ must run large in the state. But the rerun of Bulandshahar horror yesterday demolished the rule of law in the state. It appeared that criminals were ruling the roost in UP. It took place yesterday in which a man was shot dead and 4 women of his family were allegedly gang raped for three hours off the Yamuna Expressway. A family from Jewar village of Greater Noida was going to Bulandshahar in a Maruti car. The car was stopped and occupants were taken out by a gang of criminals. They took them aside in a field and gang-raped the four women. Police did not turn up on the spot of crime immediately. Had the police come in time, the women would have been saved from being raped. This shows that Yogi govt. has so far failed to overhaul the police administration. Even 100 number also doesn’t work promptly. Apart from the gang rape and murder off Expressway near Bulandshahar, the murder of the business man in Mathura and elsewhere in the state shows that Yogi govt. has failed to make any impact on the people. Undoubtedly, UP is a big state so the problem here is also big and deep rooted? It requires time and energy to cleanse the mess of the last 15 years. The govt. has also unlimited power. It requires only the will to cleanse the state of all criminal elements. It is also alleged that in the state of UP the members of an outfit named Yuva Vahini having allegiance to the ruling BJP also create law and order problem. As Yuva Vahini has been founded by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself, its members feel empowered with his becoming CM. Gua Rakshaks (Cow vigilantes) have also created problems for the Yogi govt. by taking law into their own hands. As they feel that they are the offshoots of the ruling BJP in the state and at the Centre, no state administration will do anything against them. It means Yogi also faces problems with his own party. Apart from the law and order problem in the state, caste and cauldron are also plaguing the state. The clashes between Dalits and Rajputs in Shabbir village of Saharanpur in the state are taking dangerous shape. On May 5, one person was killed and 16 people, including a head constable, were injured in clashes between the Dalits and the Rajputs in Shabbirpur and Simlana villages.Reports said that the police stopped the Maharana Pratap procession after some Dalits informed them. This angered Rajputs, who allegedly resorted to violence. In the wake of clashes between two communities in Saharanpur, yesterday, the Yogi Adityanath Govt transferred 174 Sub-Divisional Magistrates.The MHA also asked the Uttar Pradesh Government to submit report on the recent worrisome clashes in Saharanpur. Clashes occurred on Tuesday also after BSP)supremo Mayawati’s visit to Saharanpur, where one person was killed and several others were injured. It is said well begun is half-done. Here the beginning is itself marked by a question. So, Yogi govt. must deal stringently with the lawbreakers without taking into consideration their political affiliation. Otherwise, the same people, who have voted the BJP to power, will take no time in voting it out.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Major Gogoi’s presence of mind saved EC staff and mob in J&K

Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi’s act is commendable, though it may appear as violation of human rights in accordance with international convention. The brave Major used his presence of mind to save the local mobs and Election Commission staff from stone pelters by tying up a civilian Farooq Ahmad Dar to the bonnet of his jeep to use him as shield against them. Dar was allegedly instigating the stone pelters to attack Election Commission officials.This incident took place in Jammu and Kashmir’s Budgam last month. The Army has rightly recognized his action and given him Commendation Card for his sustained distinguished service in counter insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir.Major Gogoi said that he had caught Dar instigating a group of stone-pelters therefore decided to make him an example to others from doing the same. Dar appeared as the leader of stone pelters. Undoubtedly, Major Gogoi is a brave and brilliant army officer of the nation. He tied Dar to the bonnet of his jeep with the sole intention of saving the Election Commission staff and mobs from being attacked by stone pelters. Jammu and Kashmir is a trouble-torn state of India. Army officers and Jawans are doing commendable job there. It is because of Army's sense of service that its jawans and officers sacrifice their lives to keep nation's boundary protected. There is war like situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Army must be given free hand to take the call whenever necessary. There should be no politics over the role of army officers and jawans in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in the country. By putting their lives at stake, Army jawans and officers fight against the Pak-sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the quality of the training given to Indian army jawans and officers that they take utmost care of the civilian population while carrying out the tasks assigned to them. They also exercise maximum restraint to save the civilian population. To fight terrorism sponsored by Pakistan and keep the infiltrators at bay is a very difficult task that our army officers and jawans carry out successfully. The entire nation is proud of them. They are on duty for hours in difficult terrain to keep the borders of the nation protected and fortified. So, it is the duty of all Indians to keep the morale of our army officers and jawans very high. It is the politicians of the nation who are always on lookout to politicize the matter even related to national integrity and security. They also change their colour like chameleon. Because when they are in opposition, they take stand on any issue for the sake of opposition and when there are in govt., they support whatever it does. Army is an apolitical organization. It has nothing to do with politics. It serves the country with utmost dedication and devotion. Army officers and jawans’ sincerity and intention must not be questioned. Major Gogoi intention behind tying Dar to the bonnet of his jeep was to use him as shield against stone pelters to save EC staff and mobs from being attacked. As his action appears well-intentioned, military court of enquiry has also reportedly given him clean cheat. Major Gogoi must be commended for his presence of mind

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

International community must make concerted effort immediately to wipe out terror

22 innocent people, including children were killed and around 59 injured in the ghastly terror attack in Manchester arena of Britain. A suspected ISIS suicide bomber reportedly detonated at the concert while people were leaving it. It was the concert of US singer Ariana Grande. Manchester Arena terror attack is one of the bloodiest ones in Britain since 2005. Though all heads of prominent and powerful nations of the world have condemned the dastardly terror attack, they have failed so far to put up united posture to combat it despite its occurrence umpteen times . The scourge of terrorism must be wiped out from the face of the earth with united effort. US President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, German Chancellor, France President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Theresa May, Russian President Putin and several other world leaders have condemned the ghastly terror attack in Manchester Arena in one voice. But to combat terrorism anywhere in the world, the superpower of the world will have to take lead from the front against it. US is the sole super power of the world. So, it has greater responsibility to combat terrorism sincerely and impartially. It is also necessary for all the nations of the world to rise above their individual interest. The speech and the action of all nations in regard to terrorism must also be the same. India being the largest and second most populated country of the world, it has always stood to fight terrorism with full force at its disposal. It has also borne the brunt of terrorism most as its sanctuary is at its backyard in its hostile neighbourhood. It is also no longer a secret that the epicentre of terrorism is in India’s neighbourhood. The terrorism anywhere in the world is suspected to have its root in Pakistan. So, whether it is US or China, all will have to rise above their individual interest to wipe out terrorism from the face of the world. Terrorism has neither any religion nor ideology. It is the enemy of humanity. If that was not so, what harm a child had inflicted that he or she was killed in terror attack in Manchester. It is also necessary for the international community to realize that by mere condemning the incident of terror attack in the strongest possible words, it cannot be fought in true sense of the term. The time has come for the international community to sit together and make a definite programme and policy how to deal with this scourge of humanity. The US being the sole super power of the world, it must take lead in the fight against terrorism. The country which supports, aids and abets must be punished irrespective of its friendship or alliance with the powerful nation of grouping against terrorism. It is also important not to differentiate terrorism between bad and good. Terrorism has no colour, caste, community and creed. So, it must be treated as such. The entire international community stands behind Britain in this hour of tragedy. Now, the time has come to be decisive to take action against terrorism by the international community. The humanity suffers every day because of terror attack in one corner or the other of the world. So, terror attacks against any country must be treated as attacks on humanity. The big and powerful nations of the world have bigger responsibility to combat terrorism for the sake of humanity. The need of the hour for international community is to take a vow to fight terrorism to finish within a fixed time frame. With united effort of the world community, it can be combated very soon. But the ritualistic and routine practice of condemning the terror attack in one voice one day and forgetting everything the other day will serve no purpose. So, the international community needs to act unitedly against terrorism without any loss of time.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Don’t ignore and avoid Dalits’ upsurge; they are no longer subservient to upper castes

The thousands of Dalits from Bihar, UP, Haryana and Punjab assembled at Jantar Mantar under the banner of Bhim Army to protests the atrocity on them by upper caste people in a village of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. In the clash between Dalits and Upper caste people, a man was allegedly killed and several other injured. According to a report several Dalit houses were allegedly burnt and vandalised by the upper caste people. Dalits allege that the police favour upper caste people. To protest the atrocity at Shabirpur village in Saharanpur of UP, a large and assertive crowd of Dalit youths under the leadership of Bhim Army founder Chandrashekhar Azad, who is reportedly accused in Sabirpur village violence, congragated at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Bhim Army is led by a young man of promise. His name is Chandrashekhar Azad. Mahesh Jingani, who had spearheaded the protest against the flogging of Dalits in Una, also attended Dalits’ protest at Jantar Mantar. The crowd of Dalits at Jantar Mantar mostly comprised youths. It clearly appeared from the behaviour of Dalit youths at the protest site that they were no longer dependent on the old Dalit politicians in different political parties to espouse their interests and causes. In the present day politics of the country, we see three towering leaders of Dalits. They are BSP supremo Mayawati, Lok Janshakti Party Supremo Union Minister Ramvilas Paswan and Union Minister and Republican Party (Athwale Group) supremo Ram Das Athwale. Up till now, they have used Dalits to get political prominence, prestige and posts in the country and based their politics on them. But they have done no substantial work for them. They have only given to Dalits the false promises and when the question of benefits arose, they turned towards their brothers, sons and daughters. The ground reality in villages of the country about Dalits is that they have not even availed the reservation benefits so far. The reservation benefits either have been availed by the sons, daughters, brothers and other relatives of Dalit leaders or by those who are well off in the society among them. With the formation of Bhim Army, the Dalit youths are no longer dependent on their traditional leaders. Now, they themselves assert to get their due. The large participation of Dalit youths in the protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi amply reflects their upsurge and assertion. They are no longer prepared to be dependent on political leaders of their community. Bhim Army had not invited any Dalit leaders of any political party to address them. As far as the media is concerned, it clearly appears that it overlooks the interest of the people who are on the margin in the society. Dalit youths had held protest in the heart of national capital, but media almost over looked it willfully. The English electronic media almost blacked Dalits’ protest at Jantar Mantar out. Hindi news channels played the news about Dalits’ protest a little. Media must not play a partisan role. It is seen that if any incident good or bad involving celebrity occurs, TV news channels play the news about it for 24 hours. This shows that Media too are on the side of the people who are well off in every respect. The Bhim Army is an eye-opener for Dalit leaders of different political parties. It also appears that the Dalit youths have realized that without asserting themselves before the government, they cannot get their due. So, it is good that society is changing and the voice of Dalits can no longer be suppressed. This is transformational period and Dalits are also on upward movement. Some of the Dalit youths are well educated and vocal enough to present their demands before the government of the day. The established Dalit leaders like Mayawati, Ramvilas Paswan and Ramdas Athwale can no longer use them for the sake of votes only.

Monday, May 22, 2017

EC’s credibility is unquestioned

The Election Commission of India has finally thrown challenge to all the 16 political parties, which had cast doubts over its credibility and impartiality by attributing the victory of BJP to the tampering of EVMs, to hack EVMs. AAP and BSP were in the frontline among political parties, which alleged the tampering of EVMs. Bahujan Samajwadi Party and Aam Aadmi Party both were vocal in their allegations of hacking EVMs. They did not accept that they were rejected by the people. But the ground reality is that people in the recently held elections in five states, Rajourigarden by-poll and MCD elections rejected AAP. AAP was rejected in Punjab and Goa by the people whereas BSP was badly decimated in UP assembly polls. BJP got resounding victory in UP, Uttarakhan and MCD polls in Delhi. It is because of the astounding victory of BJP, both BSP and AAP alleged that EVMs were tampered. The allegation against EC about tampering EVMs is totally unfounded and baseless. AAP took the lead in alleging that EVMs were tampered. Delhi Chief Minister and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal called a special session of Delhi assembly mainly for displaying and demonstrating how EVMs could be hacked easily. AAP MLA Sourabh Bharadwaj, who is an engineering graduate, demonstrated on a dummy EVM as to how it can be hacked so easily and quickly. He displayed and demonstrated that the hacking of dummy EVM in Delhi assembly, though from the day one EC has been rejecting the allegation outright. EC says that EVMs are full-proof and its security is immaculate. Its programming cannot be emulated nor can one hack it only because one has done so with dummy EVM. As many as 16 opposition parties held meeting with Election Commission and asked it to clarify their doubts and suspicion about the tampering of EVMs. Election Commission is one of the most trusted, credible and impartial organizations of the country. It has got laurels from world leaders for holding free and fair elections in India, which is the largest democracy of the world. Before this, no political party has ever blamed that it is partial and favourably bent towards a certain party. It is one the most important constitutional bodies of the nation. To cast doubt on its functioning is like putting our democracy to jeopardy. Without ascertaining the full proof security check of the EVMs, EC cannot use them. The most ridiculous allegation about the tampering of EVMs is that the opposition political parties like BSP and AAP have also won massively in the elections in which the same EVMs were used to conduct them. Mayawati’s BSP had won UP assembly elections with overwhelming majority in 2007. Kejriwal’s AAP won the Delhi assembly elections in an unprecedented way. It won 67 assembly seats out of 70. The same EVMs were used to conduct the elections. So, it is ridiculous to allege the tampering of EVMs in the just concluded assembly elections. EC has rightly thrown the challenge date, which is June 3, to the 16 opposition parties to show how to hack EVMs. EC is a constitutional body. It has rules and regulations and political parties have to accept them. The poll panel has rightly said that the EVMs need to be picked from its warehouses in Delhi at parties’ own cost. It also said that if a party fails to report at the allotted time, without prior intimation or approval, their challenge shall be cancelled. It said each political party will get to pick at least four EVMs of their choice from any four polling stations out of the five poll-gone states. The EVMs involved in the election petition or those sealed will not be allowed in the hackathon. The poll panel said that if the EVM becomes non-functional after the tamper attempt or if the tamper result is same as the one put out by EC or if the challenger violates the rules-set, the challenge will be struck down. Now, AAP says that EC has put forth restrictions with its challenge date. It is the prerogative of EC to take decisions to keep its credibility intact. It is a dangerous proposition that when political parties have been rejected by the people, they allege that they were defeated by tampering the EVMs on the behest of ruling political party. The behaviour of political parties will be rejected by the people. Otherwise, it portends bad omen for democracy.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

NIA investigation of Hurriyat’s funding by Pak

funding The funding of separatist (Hurriyat ) leaders to incite the youth in Kashmir to pelt stones on security forces, damage public property and promote subversive activities by Lashkar-e-Toiba Chief Hafiz Sayeed and other Pak-based terrorists requires to be investigated quickly and thoroughly by NIA to expose their credentials before the common Kashmiris. The hurriyat leaders like Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Naeem Khan and others are the prominent among those who are funded heavily to incite youth to create disturbance in Jammu and Kashmir. Almost all Hurriyat leaders have allegedly been paid agents of Pakistan. It is also not new that they have allegedly been getting financial help profusely from Pakistan since beginning. It provides them funds for fomenting trouble in the Valley through its point man LeT boss Hafiz Sayeed. So, it is good that probe into the alleged funding of Hurriyat leaders by NIA has been ordered. All Hurriyat leaders are reportedly dictated and instructed by Pakistan to act against the unity and integrity of India. Pakistan has always been hell-bent to disintegrate India. It has been active to do so since it was incepted. But all its nefarious moves have so far gone in vain. The common Kashmiris have been yearning for peace and development. They don’t support separatist and secessionist leaders. They are looking for avenues of livelihood. The tourism industry in Kashmir Valley has been badly affected by the day to day disturbance in the state. No common Kashmiri had ever supported separatist leaders. It is a handful of misguided youth who participate in stone pelting at the call of Hurriyat leaders in the state. The common Kashmiris have always participated in the electoral processes conducted by Election Commission of India despite the call to defy them given by Hurriyat leaders. It amply reflects that the common Kashmiris have nothing to do with rebellion incited by Hurriyat leaders in the trouble-torn state. All the Hurriyat leaders act like anti-nationals. So, they must be treated as such. JKLF boss Yassin Malik misbehaved with a media person only because his organization exposed how they are receiving money from Pakistan. The Hurriyat leaders are playing with the future of the youth in the state. They call up on them to pelt stones and not attend schools while their own sons and and daughters are settled abroad or studying somewhere outside the state. NIA must make thorough investigation into the funding of Hurriyat leaders by Pakistan. It must expose their modus operandi. As long as the Hurriyat leaders continue to get funds from Pakistan for inciting violence and disturbance in the state, the normalcy cannot be restored. Creating trouble and keeping it up is the source of earning for Hurriyat leaders. The time has come to bring all Hurriyat leaders to book. While Hurriyat leaders and separatists have been telling Kashmiris to not send their children to army-run schools, alleging that these institutions were weaning the next generation away from their religion and culture, the family members and children of many of these have got the best education, settled abroad and eventually led a luxurious life. Slew of documents that have reportedly been accessed cite that the nexus between Pakistan and the separatist leaders is responsible for instigating the youth to conduct violent acts in the conflict-ridden state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Govt. of India must act and expedite the NIA investigation into funding of Hurriyat leaders by Pakistan to expose their true colour before the Kashmiris.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Pak’s lies exposed at ICJ before the world

The International Court of Justice has pronounced that Pakistan cannot hang Kulbhushan Jadhav for now. ICJ ordered Islamabad to give consular access to Jadhav.ICJ judge Ronny Abraham has clearly and unambiguously said that Pakistan shall take all measures to ensure that Jadhav is not hanged until a final decision by the court. The ICJ judge has also said that the circumstances of his arrest are in dispute and India should have been given consular access as per Vienna Convention. The judge also pronounced that ICJ had jurisdiction in the matter. It is natural for India to rejoice at the order of International Court of Justice to Pakistan that it cannot hang India’s former Navy officer Kulbhushan Yadav pending the final verdict. Now, Pakistan military court cannot execute Kulbhushan Jhadav. All pleas taken by Pakistan were rejected by the top UN court at The Hague. Pakistan was exposed before the world. Its lies and notoriety were also exposed before the world. Now, if Pakistan refused to abide by the order of International Court of Justice, it would have to pay a heavy price for it. The Kulbhushan Yadav’s case has been concocted by Pakistan military establishment to show the world that India is creating trouble in Balochistan by slapping the charge of espionage against him. The military court of Pakistan tried the case summarily and gave the verdict of death sentence. Even the natural justice was denied to Kulbhushan. Consular access was not given to him despite 16 attempts made by India. The natural justice allows the accused to have advocate to defend his case in the court of law. India had provided the facility of defence to Kasab the dreaded terrorist involved in Mumbai attack. He was caught alive by the Mumbai police. He was given all legal recourses before being hanged. The stay order on the execution of Kulbhushan by ICJ is a moral victory for India. Kulbhushan left Indian Navy and started his own business. In connection with his business, he went to Iran and from there he was abducted and taken to Pakistan. Pakistan military put him in custody on the charge of espionage. All this is false and fabricated. The govt. of India made a shrewd move by going to International court of Justice at the Hague to get reprieve for Kulbhushan Jhadav from death sentence awarded by Pak Military court. Indian legal luminary Harish Salve represented India for Kulbhushan Jhadav at the ICJ. His brilliant, intelligent and weighty arguments exposed Pakistan before the ICJ. It is also India’s legal, diplomatic and moral victory. And the credit for all this goes to Harish Salve, the legal luminary of India. Pakistan is a rogue state. It has the habit of always being in denial mode. ICJ rejected Pak’s plea that it has no jurisdiction as it is a matter of its national security. Now, India needs to follow the case seriously to take it to its logical end successfully. India must also start diplomatic offensive against Pakistan about its duplicity on all international forums. ICJ is the legal organ of the United Nations. All the members of United Nations Organization are bound to abide by its verdict. India did a commendable job by moving to ICJ to get reprieve for Kulbhushan Yadav. Well begun is half done. Pak track record is so tainted before the world that no country believes it. All presume that there must be some duplicity in its action. The motive behind Kulbhushan Jhadav’s death sentence pronouncement by Pak military court on the charge of espionage is to show the world that India creates trouble in Balochistan by sending its spies. But its plinth made on false ground is bound to fall. So, finally it would happen with Pakistan at ICJ.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Abolish the practice of Triple Talaq immediately

Triple Talaq must go. It is a curse for our Muslim sisters in their community and it is practiced only to establish the supremacy the religious clerics like Maulvis and Maulanas in the society. Triple Talaq is a nonsensical practice by which divorce is given by merely uttering the word Talaq thrice. It makes the sacred institution of marriage in Muslim society meaningless. It is sheer injustice and atrocity on the Muslim women in their society. Triple Talaq is infringement on the fundamental right of equality. Human rights are violated openly by practicing Triple Talaq in Muslim society. When Constitution has granted equal rights to men and women in society, why is Triple Talaq a prerogative of man in Muslim society? Triple Talaq is the product of medieval mindset. It is not practiced in about 25 Islamic countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh of the world. It means Triple Talaq has nothing to do with Muslim religion. It is also said by several Muslim scholars that there is no specific mention of Triple Talaq in the most sacred book Quran of the religion. The practice of Triple Talaq is against Muslim women's dignity, prestige and empowerment. Why will Muslim women live as subservient to Muslim men in society in the fear of Triple Talaq? It is a curse on them in the society. Either through Parliament or Supreme Court this evil practice must go. If the Supreme Court, which is hearing the case related to Triple Talaq, invalidates or declares it unconstitutional, the govt. would enact a law through Parliament. Only Maulvis, Maulanas and AIMPLB in Muslim society advocate for the continuity of this evil practice in society. AIMPLB consists of only conservative minded Muslim scholars and Maulvis. On merely getting a scent of a little difference between a Muslim husband and wife, the Maulanas loose no time in interfering with it to take advantage of Halala. Triple Talaq has neither religious legitimacy nor any legal sanctity. It is only the the practice supported by Maulanas in the Muslim society to establish their supremacy. Is there any sense that a Muslim husband can give divorce to his wife due to a little difference over Phone or through SMS? It is a sheer injustice against the Muslim women. No modern society can tolerate this evil practice. Most of the educated Muslim women have come out in the open against the evil practice of Triple Talaq. The evil social practices like Sati Pratha and Devdasi Pratha were abolished. Likewise, Triple Talaq also must be abolished immediately. It is good that Narendra Modi govt. has taken initiative to start a national discourse against the Triple Talaq. The Govt. had already made its opinion against the practice of Triple Talaq. Marriage is considered as most sacred bondage between man and woman. How could it be possible to break it by only uttering the word Talaq thrice? It is most conservative practice, which has no taker in the 21st century. First of all, when the Muslim religion has nothing to do with Talaq, doing away with it will have no religious ramifications. On the contrary, the Muslim women would be relieved of the pain caused to her by Triple Talaq. It is against all norms of humanity. Muslim women must not be treated as toys by men that they play with them as long as they want and after that they throw them away at their will. Triple must stop forthwith. It is infringement on fundamental right granted by the Constitution to Muslim women.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Law must be allowed to take its own course to uncover the corrupt

BJP-led NDA government is completing its three years in power on May 26, 2017. It was on this day that Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India. The BJP-led NDA got massive mandate in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014 under his leadership. Undoubtedly, there was an atmosphere of disillusionment and desperation among the people due to the policy paralysis, scandals and scams in the previous UPA govt. With the massive victory of BJP-led NDA, a hope aroused among the people. But that too remained for a short while. People had great high expectation of the new govt. at the Centre. They thought about the Narendra Modi govt. to be the panacea of all problems. But that did not happen. With media on its side, Narendra Modi govt. never falls short of beating the drum about its achievement. But as far as the ground reality is concerned, there has been no change in it. Instead of creating 2 crore jobs every year, they are shrinking year by year in the Modi government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives pep talks to the people that certainly give solace to them, but momentarily. On the eve of completing three years in government, CBI, IT and DRI have raided some opposition party leaders’ premises. The two prominent opposition leaders whose premises were raided are RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress veteran and former Finance Minister P Chidambram and his son Kartik Chidambram. CBI raided the residence of P Chidambram and his son Kartik Chidambram in Chennai. Though Chidambram and the Congress party both described the raids as political vendetta and witch hunting of opposition leaders to defame them among the public, Govt. must act to uncover the misdeeds of political leaders irrespective of their political affiliations. But at the same time, it must not also be the tactics of Modi govt. to divert the attention of the people from the day to day problems that they face. IT and DRI officials raided at 22 premises of the people related to Lalu Yadav in Delhi and Gurugram. Lalu's daughter's establishments- farm house and buildings were also reportedly raided. What incriminating documents the IT and CBI officials got at Delhi, Gurugram and Chennai during their raids have yet to come to light, but one thing that the ruling establishments achieved is the publicity that Narendra Modi govt. has zero tolerance to corruption. This is nothing but the political drama. Neither Lalu nor Chidambram will be made liable to be punished for their ill gotten money. Media attention will also automatically divert from the issue and govt. too will sweep the mater under the carpet. All must be equal before law. Whether it is politician or a common man, all should be treated equally and all should go through equal trials and tribulations for their wrong doings. It is the primary responsibility of IT and CBI officials to take all raids to their logical ends. Otherwise, a message will go loud and clear among the people that they are nothing but a political propaganda on the instruction of ruling party to defame opposition leaders. Former Chief Minister of Bihar and RJD supremo Lalu Yadav has been facing the charge of corruption in fodder scam for about 20 years. Despite having tainted political record, Lalu Yadav is still the single most popular leader of Bihar. In the Nitish Kumar govt. of Mahagathbandhan, Lalu's RJD is the largest partner. It is possible only in political democracy that in the fight for eradicating poverty, politician can become a millionaire. If the Narendra Modi govt. is interested in rooting out corruption, it must start first with political class.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Kejri fell in the self dug ditch

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Convener Arvind Kejriwal has got mastery in making allegations against his political rivals without substantiating them. But this time he has himself been trapped in the net of his own making. It was his main instrument in politics. He also painted himself as the only perfect, pure and incorruptible politician in the country. He made allegations against former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and most of the Congress ministers in previous UPA regime. He is making allegation against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He demanded explanations from the rival political leaders against whom he made allegations. But now when his own former minister and AAP MLA Kapil Mishra alleged that Kejri took Rs. 50 Crore from his own Cabinet colleague Satyendra Jain before him, he kept silent and not yet responded. Besides the allegation of taking Rs. 2 Crore., Kapil Mishra has alleged at his press conference that 16 Shell Companies gave crores of rupees to AAP, which it neither declared before Election Commission nor the Income Tax. The allegations are grave and serious and required to be contradicted with solid proof. Otherwise, the message will go loud and clear that Kejriwal is no longer incorruptible. A battery of AAP leaders came out to refute all the allegations made by Kapil Mishra and said that he was working as the agent of BJP. AAP leaders say that BJP is using Kapil Mishra as Shikhandi to attack AAP. They have alleged that BJP is trying to finish AAP and that is why Delhi BJP delegation had met EC to deregister AAP. Whatever may be the truth behind Kapil Mishra’s allegations against AAP and Kejriwal, but one thing is clear that they require to investigated thoroughly by a competent body. It is also clear that the allegations against Kejriwal has been made by none other than his own former trusted associate. Kapil Mishra had been blue-eyed boy of Kejriwal before his dismissal from Delhi Govt. Kapil Mishra’s allegations are grave and serious. By keeping silent, Arvind Kejriwal is losing the perception. The perception is vital in politics. It is perception of being a man of honesty and integrity about Arvind Kejriwal among Delhiites that his AAP had won 67 seats out of 70 in Delhi assembly. By merely diverting attention of the people from the issue of allegation about corruption against him and his party’s other leaders, Kejriwal is not going to score even a point. Rather, his party’s popularity in Delhi is going down and down. It is because of Kapil Mishra’s allegation of corruption against Kejriwal that his party MLA Sourabh Bharadwaj raised the issue of EVM and demonstrated in the Delhi assembly how it can be hacked very easily. It was AAP’s diversionary tactics. But Delhiites have seen through all its tactics. It is will be better for Kejriwal to come before the media and refute all the charges made against him By Kapil Mishra one by one. The more Kejriwal avoids the media, the greater the suspicion would grow about his credibility among Delhiites. If all the allegations are false and fabricated, why does he not come out to deny them? It is the matter of investigation to know the truth about the charges. But one thing is clear that there is no smoke without the fire. Anti-corruption plank had been the hallmark of AAP. So, the charge of corruption against it demolishes all its claim of playing clean politics. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal must come out and speak to Delhiites that the charges made against him are false and fabricated. Otherwise, AAP is losing the perception day by day.

Friday, May 12, 2017

BSP is heading towards the end

Bahujan Samajwadi Party founded by late Kanshi Ram was committed to uplifting the Dalits, downtrodden and weaker sections of the society. It believed in the principle propounded by Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Amedkar, the maker of Indian constitution. BSP’s main plank was the creation of Bahujan Samaj. But in contrary to its avowed policies and principles after the passing away of Kanshi Ram, BSP under former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati pursued her own personal, political agenda and interest above everything else. As Mayawati was second in command in BSP when Kanshi Ram was its supremo, she naturally became all in all of the party after his death. In the beginning, BSP appealed to the weaker section of the society very much. And on the basis of this appeal among Dalits and weaker section of society, Mayawati adorned the post of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh four times. She had raised a hope among Dalits, minority and weaker section for a better future. But all their hopes were dashed to the ground. Only one thing remained visible during Mayawati’s regime was her personal aggrandizement and enormous increase in her wealth. But after losing UP assembly elections in 2012 and her subsequent eviction from power, BSP got weaker and weaker. Except a little tighter law and order in her regime, corruption ruled the roost. Instead of improving the economic and educational condition of Dalits and the people of weaker section in society, she concentrated her attention on building vast and big statues of Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram, BSP’s election symbol elephant and of herself in the park in Lucknow, which is specially meant for that. As long as Mayawati was in power, she was rule and regulation in herself and no party leader dared speak before her about what is right or wrong. She was always surrounded by a team of buffoon. As far as amassing wealth is concerned, BSP supremo has reportedly tops all other political leaders. Though she had come from a poor family, she started living a royal life after coming to power. If the news paper report is anything to go by, the property of her brother increased many folds. Her own property has reportedly increased more than hundred times. All this shows that BSP supremo Mayawati forgot the main principle of the party to uplift the poor, Dalit and downtrodden in the society. She forgot even the principles of Kanshi Ram and Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar. The top ranking leaders of BSP left the party one by one with the approach of assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. All those senior leaders who either left the party or were expelled from it alleged that Mayawati gave ticket to fight assembly elections after taking money. They have alleged that Mayawati sold tickets. The senior most leader to leave the BSP first was Swamy Prasad Maurya. He resigned from BSP and joined BJP before UP assembly elections. Now the Muslim face of BSP Naseemuddin Siddqui was expelled from the party. He alleged that Mayawati demanded Rs. 50 Crore for party from him. Siddqui’s son was also expelled. BSP is passing through one crisis after another. It is also clearly seen that after three consecutive defeats, the party is facing existential crisis. It is also clearly visible that BSP has lost connectivity with its vote banks- Dalits and Muslims. They are disillusioned with BSP’s performance. Swamy Prasad Maurya and Naseem Siddqui were two pillars of BSP. So after their exit, BSP supremo Mayawati will have to reconnect with her vote banks to bounce back in the reckoning of UP politics. Otherwise, BSP is doomed to finish.The BSP in the recently concluded Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections faced a humiliating defeat. The party managed to secure only 19 seats out of the total 403 seats.In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the party failed to win even a single seat. The falling graph of the BSP raises question about the possibility of its existence, and if this diminishing trend continued to go on, it is bound to be finished without turning the dream of Kanshi Ram and Baba Saheb Ambedkar into a reality .

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The killing of Lt. Ummer Fayyaz is a dastardly act

The killing of a young Indian Army officer Lt. Ummer Fayyaz by the terrorists is dastardly and cowardly act. He belonged Jammu and Kashmir. The entire nation is shocked and sad at his death. This cowardly act must be condemned in the strongest possible term. At the same time, the behaviour of a group of misguided Kashmiri youths, who pelted stones on the army men in his funeral, is condemnable and deplorable. Jammu and Kashmir police failed to provide security to the young officer who had come to his home on the first leave from the army to participate in the marriage ceremony of his cousin. He was abducted and killed by the terrorists. His killing also shows the complete failure of both police and intelligence machineries in Jammu and Kashmir. If the both were alert and cautious, the brave young life wouldn’t have been taken away. Lt. Ummer Fayyaz was a brave young officer, who participated in different activities during his training at Khadakvashla and Dehradun before being commissioned as Lieutenant of the Indian army. He led from the front in every activity. His killing by the terrorists clearly reflects that they wanted to deter brave Kashmiri Youths from joining state police and army. There are several Kashmiri youths, who have excelled in different competitive examinations of state and national levels in the past. They have also brilliantly performed in sports like Hockey and Cricket. This is the ground reality in Jammu and Kashmir that a vast majority of brave and brilliant youths intend to join the national mainstream by participating in different activities at state and national levels. The killing of brave and young Indian army officer Lt. Ummer Fayyaz shows the abysmal level of bestiality the Pak sent terrorists can go to strike fear among Kashmiri youths. He was targeted by terrorists to give the message to the Kashmiri youths that if they joined national mainstream, they would also meet the same fate. In the death of Lt. Fayyaz, Indian army has lost a brave and brilliant officer and India has lost her brave son. Fayyaz was the brave son of India and he represented Kashmiriat, Jhambhooriyat and Insaniat, and because of this he became an eye-sore for separatist, extremist and terrorist elements of Jammu and Kashmir. No separatist leader has opened his mouth to condemn and criticize the gruesome murder of Lt. Ummer Fayyaz. If a Kashmiri stone pelter had died in firing by the security forces, separatist leaders would have lost no time in coming out on the streets against India. Lt. Ummer Fayyaz and several other Kashmiri youths, who have competed in UPSC, Engineering, Medical and several other examinations conducted at state and national levels and participated in different sports and represented at state and national levels, should be role models for the common Kashmiri youngsters. Lt. Ummer Fayyaz shows the Kashmiri Youths that they have also the merit to compete in any examination at state and national levels by joining the national mainstream. Lt. Ummer Fayyaz was cremated with full military honours in Sursun, Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. The body of the young officer draped in the tricolour. He was part of the Hockey Team at NDA, an excellent volleyball player and physically tough. He was commissioned on 10th December 2016 from the National Defence Academy and was set to head for the Young Officers Course in September this year. The outstanding performance of Lt. Ummer Fayyaz in every field during his training as army officer at National Defence Academy shows that the Kashmiri youths are not lagging behind their fellows of the same age group from any part of India. They also yearn for opportunity to prosper. It is separatist and secessionist elements at the behest of their leaders create disturbances in the trouble-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir. They must be quelled without any loss of time.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

AAP diversionary tactics

By demonstrating the mock poll on dummy EVM to show how it can be easily hacked in Delhi assembly, which was specially called for a day for this purpose, Aam Admi Party has adopted a diversionary tactics to turn away the public attention from the charges of corruption against Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Convener Arvind Kejriwal. Though Election Commission has immediately refuted the AAP’s charge of tampering with EVM. AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj being an engineering graduate, he demonstrated in Delhi assembly with dummy EVM to show how he can tamper with it in 90 seconds. He says there is a secret code that plays all in tampering the EVM. But as our Election Commission is one of the most trusted, credible and prestigious organizations of the country, it is difficult to believe what AAP MLA Bhardwaj says about the EVM. EVMs have been used in elections for than a decade and half. EC has been conducting elections in India, the largest democracy of the world, for which it has got applause by the world leaders also. Its credibility is beyond any doubt. EC reputation has been very high. It must have secured full proof security of the EVMs before using them. It would be very bad precedent if the political party, which looses elections, would blame EVMs for its defeat. They are technically sound and perfect with extra-ordinary programming that to think of hacking them is out of imagination. The demonstration of mock polling on dummy EVM by AAP MLA Sourabh Bharadwaj is nothing but to divert the public focus from the charge of corruption against supremo and CM Kejriwal. AAP has been facing one crisis after another since the results of 5 assembly elections were announced. AAP lost Punjab and Goa very badly. BJP won UP and Uttarakhand with massive mandate. The first opposition leader who raised the issue of tampering EVMs is BSP supremo Mayawati whose party was decimated in UP assembly elections. AAP's humiliating defeat in Rajouri Garden assembly by-poll and MCD was allegedly attributed to the tampering of EVMs by Delhi CM Kejriwal. The issue of tampering EVMs in MCD elections was raised by Delhi CM Kejriwal. Though EC has come out and refuted all charges of tampering with EVMs, it is also required upon it to look into charges to clear the doubts, if any, in the mind of the people about them to bring greater transparency. AAP's endeavour is nothing but to divert attention of Delhiites from the charges against Kejriwal of taking Rs. 2 Crore from his cabinet colleague. This charge was also leveled against by his former Cabinet colleague. The way Kejriwal wants to avoid media on charge of taking Rs. 2 Crore clearly reflects that he is not allowing anything to focus on corruption against him. While claiming that the machine used by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to expose the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) rigging is not the same which the Election Commission (EC) uses, it has belittled and weakened the whole case against the tampering row. EC reportedly said the AAP demonstrated in Delhi Assembly on prototype Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and not on Election Commission of India Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). All this is nothing but yet another drama being played by AAP in Delhi. AAP played one drama after another by adopting confrontationist approach against the Centre and Delhi’s Lt. Governor. Now, it has chosen ECI under the cover of EVMs. AAP’s viewpoint about hacking the EVM has no base.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Delhi CM’s claim of probity in public life exposed

It is well known to Delhiites as well as the people of this country that Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Admi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal came to power on anti-corruption plank. But only in two years of power, allegation of taking Rs. 2 Crore from his Cabinet Minister Satyendra Jain was made against him by none other than AAP MLA and his former minister Kapil Mishra. If the allegation is true, it is Kejri’s breach of trust with Delhiites. Kejriwal was the most trusted lieutenant of anti-corruption crusader, social activist and veteran freedom fighter Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption 4 years back. It was Anna's movement against corruption out of which Arvind Kejriwal emerged in political realm. Kejriwal formed AAP against the wishes of Anna. He was power hungry and ambitious since the days of Anna's agitation against corruption. Despite being authoritarian, power hungry and ambitious, he was considered as a man of integrity and honesty. Delhiites believed him blindly that he would give a corruption and nepotism free governance, and he would develop an atmosphere of clean politics. That is why they voted him overwhelmingly. The victory of AAP in the last assembly elections was historic and unprecedented. 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi assembly were won by AAP. But within a little more than two years of Kejriwal's regime, all charges of corruption against his government have surfaced. All types of corruption charges have come up against his govt., some ministers, party leaders and MLAs. At last, the charges of corruption have been leveled against Delhi CM Kejriwal personally by none other than Kapil Mishra, who was in Kejriwal's Cabinet two days ago. Kapil Mishra alleged that he saw Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain giving Rs. 2 Crore to Kejriwal. Mishra has said that he has seen with his own eyes. It is a very grave charge of corruption against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has been known as the symbol of anti-corruption. It was the hallmark of his political career. The charge made by Kapil Mishra against Kejriwal needs to be investigated without any delay. There is hardly any top political leader either of Congress or BJP against whom Kejriwal has not slapped unsubstantiated allegation of corruption of this type or that type. He considered himself only sacrosanct. CM Kejriwal has not given any rebuttal, but his deputy Chief Minister said that the charge was baseless and was not worth answering. Kejriwal's high idealistic and grandstanding get murky day by day if he doesn't come before the media to rebut the charges leveled against him by none other than his former minister. More than half of his MLAs and Ministers have been facing charges of corruption, and criminal cases. It clearly appears that all the high ideals of which Kejriwal always talked about appear to have been forgotten. If the election results of Punjab, Goa, Rajouri garden by poll and MCD are anything to go by, AAP must know that the Delhiites have seen through its duplicity. As far as the question of probity in public life is concerned, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal must come before the media and explain in detail about the veracity of charge against him of taking Rs. two crore. from his minister in presence of his minister Kapil Mishra. As long as no rebuttal to Kapil Mishra's charge comes from him, a message will go out loud and clear that he has betrayed the people. The Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. is at the Centre. The BJP is ruling there. CBI, ACB and Delhi police all are under Central govt. Why is there any delay in giving order of investigation into the charge against Delhi CM Kejriwal? Who is speaking true or false is a matter of thorough investigation, but one thing is certain that now Delhi CM Kejriwal has also lost the war of perception in politics also. Now, no Delhiite will believe CM Kejriwal. And he will also be responsible for causing death to the movement against corruption. Had Lokpal been in place in Delhi, all those MLAs, Ministers and CM Kejriwal against whom there are charges of corruption would have been shown the door. The charge against Kejriwal made by AAP MLA and former minister Kapil Mishra must be thoroughly probed immediately.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Adopt tit for tat policy in regards to Pak

The mutilation the bodies of two Indian soldiers, who were killed in an ambush, by the Pakistan army is unsoldierly, dastardly and despicable act, though the Indian army has vowed to give befitting reply. The two Indian soldiers were killed in the ceasefire violation in Jammu and Kasmhir’s Krishna Ghati sector. This is not the first time that the bodies of Indian soldiers have been mutilated after being killed by the Pakistani army. The example of beheading Lance Naik Hemraj and mutilating the body of Army officer Sourav Kalia is all before us. As far as the response of every government whether it is of Congress or BJP at the Centre is concerned, it has always been the same that our sacrifice would not go in vain and we would respond to Pakistan appropriately . But nothing is done to give befitting reply. India is required to adopt tit for tat policy in regards to Pakistan to teach it a lesson. The entire nation is outraged at the dastardly act of Pakistan army. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must stop tall talking and start acting against Pakistan immediately to assuage the hurt feelings of the people. When the BJP is in opposition, its leaders roar at Pakistan's mischief and its cowardly action. It appears that if they had been in power, they would have taught a lesson once and for all time to come. But contrary to this when they are in power, they too only talk of action without doing anything on the ground and their mimicry like rats start. Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his election campaigning as Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP in 2014 Lok Sabha elections never tired of mocking the UPA regime for its failure in dealing with Pakistan, and assured the nation that if he was voted to power, he would give it a befitting reply. But on the ground it can be clearly felt that the terror violence has sharply increased during Modi regime and our brave jawans and officers are killed at regular intervals. The state govt. in Jammu and Kashmir has completely failed and President's rule needs to be imposed in the state forthwith. Indian army commanders must be given free hand to deal with the situation suitably. Army jawans cannot fight terrorism to finish in Jammu and Kashmir with their hands bound. They have been clearly instructed to exercise restraint while dealing with stone pelters in the state. After the surgical strike in September last by the Indian army across the border, killing near about more than 20 terrorists, Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. never tired of beating drums. But even after surgical strike, the notoriety of Pakistan army never stopped. Surgical strike appeared to have made no impact on it. If it had struck fear in Pakistan army, the attack on army camp in Kupwara and mutilating of two soldiers by Pakistan army and terrorists sent by it would not have happened. Unless and until the Indian army keeps up pressure on Pak army, they would continue to do mischief with India. As far as the problem of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is concerned, the main role in creating it is of Pakistan army. Since the inception of Pakistan, its army is always in offensive mood despite being defeated thrice by India in war. Since the days of Nehru to Manmohan Singh, no Prime Minister of India has got any success in eliminating terrorism sponsored by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir and teaching a lesson to it. Pakistan has never understood the language of civility and nobility. Pakistan is a rogue state. So, it only knows the language of roguery. Now the time has come for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to act and stop tall talking.

Monday, May 1, 2017

No excuse left for Kejriwal

The Aam Admi Party was borne out of agitation against corruption in public life. The exponent of nation-wide agitation was veteran social activist and freedom fighter Anna Hazare's. His first advice of not forming any political outfit was ignored by Arvind Kejriwal and the principle on which AAP was founded was pushed on back burner. The main founder of the political outfit AAP is Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He is its convener. The movement against corruption was spearheaded by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal was his most tried and trusted lieutenant in the beginning. The Anna movement caught and stirred the imagination of the entire country, and a hope was raised among people, who involved in it, that it would give the nation a new direction free of corruption, nepotism and mal-administration. As Kejriwal was most trusted lieutenant of Anna, people also saw hope in him. He has also mastery in hoodwinking the people at first sight. Against the wishes of Anna, Kejriwal founded Aam Aadmi Party to give the people of Delhi an opportunity to vote for alternative politics as promised by him. AAP under the leadership of Kejriwal fought its first assembly elections in Delhi in 2014 and won it, but remained little short of majority. And ultimately formed the govt. with the outside support of Congress party against which he had fought elections and pledged not to not to do so. But he did and formed the government. Here begins his journey of going back to his promise. Anna Hazare's movement's main demand was the appointment of Lok Pal. As Anna Hazare was anti-corruption crusader, he wanted anti-corruption watch dogs Lokpal at national and Lokayukta at state levels. Kejriwal introduced the Lokpal bill in assembly, knowing full well that even his supporting party Congress would vote against it and his govt. would fall. Finally, his govt. fell on the Lokpal Bill. He did it to tell the Delhiites that he forgo his government for Lokpal. That appealed Delhiites very much. So, they voted him to power again in 2015 Delhi assembly elections with overwhelming majority. Delhiites voted him to power with a brute majority. AAP won 67 out of 70 in Delhi assembly. It was unprecedented and Historic. The people of Delhi hoped and aspired that Kejriwal govt. in Delhi would give a new direction. But what Kejri did in the last two years for Delhiites is all before us. This unprecedented victory only gave birth to vaulting ambition in Delhi CM Kejriwal. Kejriwal started a politics of confrontation with Lieutenant Governor of Delhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and forgot what he had promised to Delhiites during the assembly elections. Kejriwal started to put himself on equal footing with PM Modi. His decision to fight in Punjab and Goa at the cost of governance in Delhi clearly reflects AAP national expansion and Kejri's ambition. In both Goa and Punjab, Kejriwal fell headlong. He was rejected by the voters of Punjab and Goa very badly. And at last, in the just concluded MCD elections the way AAP has been decimated by the BJP is a clear signal that Delhiites have seen through his move. They have become convinced that to govern Delhi is beyond the capacity of CM Kejriwal. So, as he has once again tried by begging excuse from Delhiites is not going to be entertained. Kejriwal has said that he would introspect his party’s humiliating defeat in MCD. Several senior leaders of his party have criticized his style of functioning. The humiliating defeat of AAP in MCD elections has exposed the hollowness in CM Kejriwal's statements and total disillusionment of Delhiites with his government. So, there is no longer any taker for his excuse in Delhi.