Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reflection of CWG mess

The crashing down of overbridge outside Jawaharlal Nehru, filthy, unhygienic and unliveable condition in apartments of Games village meant for living the foreign atheletes and officials vividly describes about inept, corrupt, inefficient and callous functioning of government of India, Delhi Government and Organising committee . Whatever happens during preparations of the Commonwealth Games, 2010, which is to be held in Delhi from October 3, reflects mess that has set in our government's work culture. The head of the entire nation hangs in shame when the foreigners criticise the filthy, dirty and unliveable Games Village. The nation is facing the same due to the callous and corrupt government and organisations involved in the preparation of the Games. CWG is held in Delhi but it is the prestige of the entire nation. Scotland, Canada and Newzealand have expressed concerns about the facilities for staying their players in the Games village. UK and Australia have also expressed reservations. It becomes more pathetic when we claim to be the emerging super power on one hand and present before the world audience as under-developed country on the other. The disastrous situation where stray dogs are moving in the bed rooms meant for foreign atheletes and even lying on their beds has come before the foreigners is only because of the corrupt, callous, inefficient and inept government. Because ultimately, Government of India is responsible for everything. When the charges of corruption in the preparation of the CWG emerged from all quaters, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh personally intervened and deputed Cabinet Secrtary to oversee the preparations. He also assured that whoever would be found guilty in corruption would dealt be dealt stringently. UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi also clearly told that no body would be spared and the charges of corruption would be looked into after CWG. But there is every possibility that after the CWG the charges levelled against the persons will be awarded for successful holding the world show. The date of completition of the preparation had been fixed but it failed several times. CWG is only 10 days away and overbridge near Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium collapses when that stadium is the main venue. If the overbridge collapsed during the Game, had India been able to see its face to the world. About 30 labourers have been injured and few of them seriously but the Game Organising Committee officials say that it is not a matter to be ashamed of and it is a minor thing. While Chief Minister Sheila Diskhit said that the overbridge was meant for ordinary. It means that Sheila Dikshit Government has no concern for the lives of ordinary people. She must know that whether the lives are of ordinary or VIP people, there are the same. It shows Delhi CM's insensitivity to the lives of ordinary people. Multiplicity of agencies involved in the preparations of Games provide the authorities to pass the buck from one to another. No agency is prepared to take responsibility of utter neglect in preparation work. Some of the roads in Delhi are still in the worst shape and the excessive rains have exposed the callousness, corruption and inefficiency set in the governance of the country. Crores of rupees have been spent to groom the national capital Delhi for the Commonwealth Games. Major portion of them has allegedly gulped by the Organising Committee. Though the need of the hour for all of us is extend co-operation for the success of the Games, every charge of corruption against the authorities concerned with the preparations of the Games must be thoroughly probed and whoever found guilty must be punished. Otherwise, tradition of corruption and inefficiency in our governnance would continue to flourish.

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