Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Laudable initiative in Bihar

After taking oath as Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has pledged to deliver his promises made during the election campaigns recently. He was elected with overwhelming majority in the just concluded Bihar Assembly elections with hope that he would excellerate his mission of all round development. Besides improvement in all areas of governance, it was alleged that corruption had grown by leaps and bounds in Bihar during the last five years. On the issue of rooting out corruption, Bihar government is going to confiscate the disproportionate property of the corrupt government officers and a provision would be made of trial for them by special corrupt. And the disproportionate property would be converted into schools where the children would be taught. If this comes into reality, it would be a great achievement of Nitish Kumar. Bihar has always been the trend setter for the nation and if Nitish Kumar's initiative fructified, it would be his another exemplary work besides provision of 50 percent reservations for women in Panchyat elections. The way Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has taken out Bihar from dark ages, thrown into by Lalu-Rabri duo regime of 15 years, has been highly appreciated not only by the voters of Bihar but also all over the nation. Nitish gives the credit for huge mandate to the people and not takes it for himself. His determination to work harder and harder for all round development of the state is laudable and his quality and sicerety for the progress of the state will certainly pitchfork him on the national political arena and certainly place him in the race for the post of Prime Minister in 2014 mid-term elections. The chief characteristic of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is that during his regime of last five years, he has roused hope among the people with all sincerity and promptness. People have voted him back to power with overwhelming majority to turn their hope into reality in the coming five years and take Bihar on top in the country. As corruption has taken the form of cancer, which has spread very fast in every sphere of life, Nitish has rightly declared war on it. Sooner it is rooted out, faster would be the development. CM Nitish Kumar in accordance with the promises made to the people of Bihar is going to introduce Right to Services Bill in the next assembly session. In a bold move to weed out corruption, the Bihar govt will soon enact a law, making it mandatory for state agencies to extend services to people within a stipulated time frame. The Right to Service Bill must be brought so that the government and its agencies extend services to people within a stipulated time frame. The proposed legislation would come in handy in weeding out red-tape and corruption. The new legislation will fix accountability and responsibility of officials for reaching the services required by the people.The sense must prevail on bureaucracy that it is the right of the people to avail services to be provided by the state government and its agencies and lapses on the part of officials in discharge of their obligations will amount to violation of proposed act.

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