Thursday, November 25, 2010

BJP loses moral plank on corruption issue

Bhartiya Janata Party claims that it a party with difference. But in the season of corruption in the political class as well as government, the BJP is no different from others. It has been seen that it is even more compromising with corruption than others. By not seeking resignation from the BJP Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa for his alleged involvement in land scandal and Bellary brothers, who are ministers in Yeddyurappa government for their alleged involvement in mining scam, it has lost the moral plank. Yeddyurappa denotified the government land and allegedly sold to private companies in which his sons’ interests are involved. BJP had to give in to the threat of Yeddyurappa rebellion. Karnataka CM refused to resign and reportedly asked the BJP high command that if he was was forced to resign, he would also make public the alleged connection of Party leader Sushama Swaraj in Parliament with Bellary brothers and senior party leader Anant Kumar’s undue interference in Karnataka to serve his personal political interest. Yeddyurappa openly defied BJP highcommand and stayed as CM. On the other hand Congress has shown to the public that once the charges of corruption are levelled against any of its leader however powerful and big, the party has acted promptly and booted out the tainted leaders. It has also set example recently in the issue of Adarsh Society and CWG scams.As far as corruption is concerned, there must be one yardstic for all political parties. It is not that only Congress should act against corruption and BJP should look the other way. By not getting the resignation of Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, the BJP has reflected that when the issue of corruption has to be dealt with by it, it fails to act and let it take deep root in the government and party. BJP is not allowing the Parliament to transact its business because its demand of JPC probe in 2G Scam is not conceded by the government. It has no morality to act in this manner in Parliament when it is itself not clean and perfect. Public exchequer is wasted as there has been deadlock in Parliament since the beginning of Winter Session. BJP must introspect itself so far the issue of corruption is concerned and let the Parliament run its business. It is required up on BJP to first come clean itself. As it is the main opposition party in Party, the nation is watching its action very seriously. Opposition must be constructive and above board in democracy.

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