Friday, February 25, 2011

Mamata sets her eyes on WB Assemly elections

Mamata Bannerjee’s Rail Budget for 2011-12 has undobtedly put no burden on Aam Aadmi for the third consecutive year by not hiking passengers’ fares and freight rates. But she made no mention what about the budget proposals she had introdued last year . Many of the last year's rail budget proposal remain untouched and swept under the carpet of Rail Bhavan.
For the third successive year, the Railway Budget for 2011-12 spared the passengers of any increase in fares and proposed no hike in freight rates while introducing 56 new trains, including nine non-stop Duronto trains and three Shatabdis. Presenting her third budget in UPA-II in the Lok Sabha, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee announced a slew of concessions including reducing the eligibility age of senior women citizens from 60 to 58 years and the fare concession for men above 60 from 30 to 40 per cent.Apparently with an eye on the coming assembly polls in West Bengal, where she is projected as the Chief Minister candidate of Congress-Trinamool combine, she came out with a number of projects for the state, including a metro coach factory in Singur, Rail Industrial Park in Jelligham, an integrated suburban network for Kolkata and 34 new services for the Kolkata metro.
Her announcements for the state evoked protests from members including those from Bihar, UP and Kerala, but she appealed to them to be patient for her other announcements.
Mamata's Rail Budget 2011-12 also reflects that it is based on the move that could take her to Writers’ Building after the West Bengal Assembly elections.There is no doubt that she is very much concerned about the plight of common men . And that is why she is the number one political enemy of the ruling CPI(M) in West Bengal. She has the political will to unseat the Left in WB from power.
As the West Bengal Assembly Elections are going to be held this year, she has shown enough magnamity towards Bengal in her rail budget as it has been the most beneficial state during railways ministership. It is another matter that she has stronghold in West Bengal and her political outfit Trinamool Congress has political potential under her leadership to bring down the fort of the Left but as railway minister she represents the entire nation and as such she should have taken concerns of other states equally in rail budget proposals. Her Rail Budget 2011-12 is entirely focussed on West Bengal.
It is also true that West Bengal apart from being her home state, she has also political necessity there this year to take extra care of the state. But at the same time, politics must not be played with government of India property in which every state has equal stake.Although considering the shape and size of the country, the rail is doing commendable job by connecting each other and giving the nation a united face under all circumstances. That why its security must be taken uppermost. Indian rail is the carrier of about 2 crore people every day on an average. So the safety and security of its passengers must be given top priority, which no rail budget in recent years has shown sincerity and seriousness about safety measures for the passengers.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Setting- up of JPC

The Parliament had been mortgaged for the entire Winter Session over the opposition’s demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee in 2G Scam. Winter Session was not allowed to function as the ruling benches refused to concede the demand of JPC. Undoubtedly, 2G Scam is of collossal amount of government exchequer worth Rs 1.76 lakh and it must be investigated thoroughly and properly, though the minister allegedly involved in the scam had to go.
A Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the 2G spectrum allocation issue has been set up amid charges and countercharges between the Government and the Opposition. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee moved the motion for appointment of the 30-member Committee to look into the telecom policy pursued from 1998 to 2009 including the allocation and pricing of telecom licences and spectrum.The Committee will also examine “irregularities and aberrations, if any” and the consequences thereof in the implementation of government decisions and policy prescriptions.The Committee, which will give its report by the end of the Monsoon session of Parliament, will make recommendations to ensure formulation of appropriate procedures for implementation of laid down policy in the allocation and pricing of telecom licences.
Constitution of the JPC, with 20 members from the Lok Sabha and 10 from the Rajya Sabha, formally ends the deadlock over the issue which had washed out the entire Winter session of Parliament.
At the first instance, it also appears that the Manmohan Singh -led UPA government due to compulsion of coalition politics it was lax and complacent in taking action against the corrupt persons. But when the apex court intervened in the matter and directed the government to act, it had to set-up a Supreme Court monitored Enquiry to go into 2 G Scam and that showed immediate result in CBI raids at various places belonging to those who were accused in it. CBI Enquiry was put under the lense of the apex court.
On the other side, the Opposition put up a united posture in their demand of JPC as it was meant to go into other aspects in the 2 G Scam than the criminality. Because a report came into the light that a woman named Nira Radia, a P R Consultant of a Corporate company and lobbyist, was lobbying for corporates by establishing close links with the minister, journalists and bureacrats. It was also reported that she also exerted extra-constitutional influence on the UPA Government for choicest allocation of portfolio of telecom to former minister under scrutiny. It is correct that this nature malaise can only be probed correctly by JPC. That why though belated, the Government has now done the right thing, that also paved the smooth running of Parlianment.
Now when the Manmohan Singh Government conceded JPC, it is the responsibility of all the 30 MPs who constitute to go into the scam thoroughly and sincerily so that the guilty could be brought to book. Otherwise, this will also prove to an another opportunity for some selected MPs to drain away government exchequer.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

UNSC must mount pressure on Libya

People’s uprising in Libya is on. UNSC's action against the repression of Libyan protesters by Col. Gaddafi regime has not been visible, so far. Libyans are protesting the 41 yearsof authoritarian and corrupt rule of Maummar Gaddafi. UNSC must increase pressure on Col. Gaddafi to act sensibly and judiciously.
The spark of discontentment among the people first appeared in Tunia and now it appears that it has engulfed the entire Arab world. The main cause of people’s protests in Arab countries is the demand for establishment of democracy in full form. Egyptian people have already shown the light how peaceful protests make the authority to bown down before them.The authoritarian rule of Egypt ended with the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. He ruled the country for 32 years. He had to surrender before peaceful protesters. The Egyptian people always took non-violent procession.
The same method is being adopted by Libyans against the regime of Moammar Gaddafi. But the Gaddafi regime used repression and violence against the people. So far 300 libyans have been killed. It has also been reported that war planes are also used against the non-violent protesters in Libya.
International community must mount pressure on Libya to address the legimate demands of Libyans and stop using force against them. The libyans demand for the establishment of democracy is in no way out of place. Libyans are protesting against the 41 years’s regime of Gaddafi.
India alowngwith 14 UNSC members have rightly asked Moummar Gaddafi to address the legitimate demands of Libyans. The UNSC has rightly sought an immediate end to violence in Libya that has killed hundreds of civilians. Though UNSC has rarely been seen of acting swiftly, it has condemened the violence and use of force against civilians, deplored the repression against peaceful demonstrators and expressed deep regret at the deaths of hundreds of civilians.The world body has also welcomed the statement issued by the Arab League, which barred Libya from its meetings until it stopped attacking its own people.The international community must unite in condemnation of such acts and make unequivocal commitments to ensure justice is rendered to the thousands of victims of this repression.Following the overthrow of regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, large-scale protests have erupted in several countries in the region including Libya, Bahrain and Yemen. Libya, however, has responded with an extreme show of force.
If the Col. Gaddafi does not stop using force like war planes as reported against the protesters and does not address their legitimate demands, the UNSC must think of some hard measures against his corrupt, callous and dictatorial regime.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hang Kasab fast

With upholding the death sentence of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab by Bombay High Court, the Mumbaikers along with the entire nation went ecstatic and wanted him to be put to gallows very fast. Kasab is the lone surviving attacker of Mumbai on 26/11.His involvement needed no witness as he publicly displayed brutality and wanton killings of children, youth and aged ones. He is a man eater and his case is shut and open. That is why he must put to gallows without any loss of time.
But as ours is a constitutionally bound and democratically elected government, we arranged the fair trial of even the condemned accused without any discrimination.With the upholding of Kasab’s death sentence by Bombay High Court, a suspicion among all Indians immediately is bound to arise that it may meet the fate of the death sentence of Afjal Guru involved in the conspiracy of attack on Parliament. Even after the highest court of land upheld the death sentence of Afjal Guru, the UPA government is deliberately delaying his execution because of the vote bank politics. Observing the overwhelming national outrage for the immediate execution Ajmal Kasab, the UPA government this time is not expected to adopt delaying tactics by telling the nation that he is also in queue.
This time the national outrage at Mumbai attacks of 26/11 is so sharp that if the Government at the Centre played politics to delay Kasab’s hanging, there will pernicious repercussions all over the country. Kasab is Pakistan based Lashkare-e-Toiba terrorist. It is beyond any doubt that the conspiracy was hatched and plot was made in Pakistan under the direct supersion of Army and ISI. So, by hanging Kasab will not end animosity but it will strike fear among the hired terrorist of losing life if they were caught in encounter.
As far as Kasab is concerned, he has clear case of displaying brutality before public glare by firing indiscriminately on the crowds of Mumbai for three days. The nation was taken aback and Kasab indescriminately continued firing at the instruction of his masters sitting across the border. Entire Mumbaikers were witness to his black deed. So, he must be put to gallows immediately.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Annulment is right, but belated

Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government unlike 2G Spectrum Scam has rightly annuled the controversial S-Band spectrum deal between ISRO’s commercial arm and a private company on grounds of strategic interest, though belated. Though the government has acted in the advanced stage of the contract, Devas Multimedia had paid large amount of contract. So, on this ground, it has option to move the court.
The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, decided to annul the contract Antrix, the commercial arm of ISRO, had entered into with Devas Multimedia underwhich it was to lease out 90 percent transponders on two of ISRO’s satellites GSAT-6 and GSAT-6A.
Government says that it has already plugged all loopholes to close the option of going to the court by Devas Multimedia for redressal.The government action may send message among the foreign investors that if any underhand dealing is committed even if by government's representatives, the contract would be cancelled.Atleast, the the Government has acted immediately after media had brought to its notice about the alleged scam.
But it does not approve bribery and corruption in the government because it is in race for competition with the developed countries by going all-out for economic reforms. It is quite natural that any private businessman would always try to make profit by hook or crook. It may be decsribed as boon for economic reforms, no matter impact its makes on the general public.
It is because of galore of corruption in the government that public perception has been created that something is wrong with the government. Either Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is weak and indecisive because his personal integrity and honesty is unquestioned or the compulsion of running the government smoothly with allies.
In the corruption galore, if any political party makes loss, it would be the ruling Congress Party at the Centre. Because corruption and price rise are the two issues that are directly faced the the common people all over the country.
performance failures/service interruptions.
Devas has so far made a payment of Rs 58.37 crore as upfront capacity reservation fee for the two satellites.
The launch of GSAT 6 has already been delayed by at least two years and ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan had said that the satellite was yet to be integrated.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lanka must restrain its Police & Navy

To maintain good neighbourly relations with India, Sri Lanka must restrain its police and navy from detaining Indian fishermen who inadvertently strayed into Sri Lankan waters. These poor fishermen belong to Tamil Nadu villages.Fish catching is their livelihood. They are innocent and have no ulterior motive.
Sri Lankan Police has detained another 24 Indian fishermen, taking the total number of Tamil Nadu fishermen in their custody in the past two days to 136.
A group of local Sri Lankan fishermen was apprehended the Indian fishermen along with their seven boats and handed them over to the Ilawalai police in northern Jaffna peninsula.A group of local fishermen had apprehended 112 Indian fishermen who had allegedly strayed into Sri Lankan waters, triggering protests in Tamil Nadu, where the fishermen hailed from.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rightly said that India takes a very serious view of the Sri Lankan Navy apprehending Indian fishermen and would be taking up the matter with the Lankan government. Sri Lankan government has already been told in strong terms that such a behaviour was not acceptable.India had last month accused the Sri Lankan Navy of killing at least two Indian fishermen.
Sri Lankan Police and Navy must know that Indian fishermen have strayed into Sri Lankan waters inadvertently. They have no criminal background and they are only catching fishes in the waters of sea to earn their livelihood.
Sri Lankan Police and Navy have acted in a manner that could trigger tension between the two countries. The political parties of Tamil Nadu have already mounted pressue on Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to raise the issue of Indian fishermen detention by Sri Lanka. There are large number of people living in coastal areas in Tamil Nadu and other South Indian states and fishcatching is their main profession to earn livelihood. So, it is natural that there would be politics over the issue in Tamil Nadu.
India has always been at the receiving end with its neighbours. A few years back,when there was NDA regime at the Centre and Atal Behari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, Bagladesh army personnel had killed Indian Border Security personnel, who were carried hanging into India like animal corpse. And India did nothing except lodging grievances.
The senseless act of Sri Lanka must be served with stern warning that if in future their Navy and Police acted in inhuman manner, India would loose no time in giving befitting reply. The root problem lies with professional rivalries between Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen. Sri Lankan fisherment are always on the look out to inform Police and Navy whenever, even if , inadvertently strayed into Sri Lankan waters.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

People'victory in Egypt

After 18 days of people's protests and loss of lives against the rising prices, unemployment and inefficiency of the Egypt Government,President Hoshni Mubarak bowed to their pressure and resigned. This is the historic victory of people's power of Egypt.
The 18 days of protests at Tehrir Square liberated the country from the dictactatorial of 30 years of Hoshni Mubarak. There is an urgent need of establishing genuine democracy in Egypt, which could take care of the aspirations of the lakhs of Egyptians.
This Egyptian protests of the people against the government, which has been in power for 30 years is also an eye-opener for the heads of government to take care of people's aspirations. Immediately after the news of Mubarak's resignation came, the lakhs of people assembled at Tahrir Square went into ecstacy and jubiliation. It showed how much the people of Egypt were aggrieved at the state of affairs that was going on their for the last 30 years.
Egyptian upheaval also shows that people's power is supreme and whichever ruler failed to respect them is bound to go. Entire world leaders have hailed the resignation of Hoshni Mubarak.
The jolt any country got from the development in Egypt is none other the US, which was its ally.The people's uprising that began with Tunisia entered Egypt and has shaken the corrupt and inefficient government in the entire world. As Egyptians were facing soaring prices and unemployement, people chose the right path of non-violent agitation, though alteast 300 people have lost their lives.
Military Council has taken over the power and it is expected that the free and fair elections would held in time. Muslim Brother has led the protests in Egypt. They are expected to practise secular practice and cast off its fundamentalist thinking if ever elected to power after the elections.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Talks must continue

There is no reservation in anyone's mind about continuing talks with Pakistan to resolve all outstanding issues. But if any lndependent observer asks what outcome a series of talks held so far held between the two countries achieved except the three wars. The answer will be nothing. Why these talks failed so far. It is because of the vital role played by the Pak military behind the scene that never wants good relation between the two countries to demean its own influence.
In the true sense of the term, democracy has never been established. Even the duly democratically rule regime in Pakistan has been controlled by the military establishment whenever issue with India to be talked arose. Present government is even weaker than the all democratically elected governments in Pakistan.
So talks would yield no result but they would only keep the two hostile neighbours engaged for a good cause. Pakistan notorious ISI and Army had allegedly hatched conspiracy to carry out Mumbai attacks. Pak based Lashker-e-Toiba was engaged to attack Mumbai, which has been proved by India and sent several doosiers to Pak as proof of their involvement but under pressure from the army, Pak regime has never accepted the truth.
To keep the issue of Jammu and Kashmir alive, Pak army-trained terror outfits infiltrate terrorists whenever they get opportunity into the state to create mayhem. Though the large number of people in Pakistan are in favour of friendly relations with India and they have no enimical view towards it, a section of hardliners there with the full backing of army never allows the ruling establishment to act judiciously and resolve all issues with India through talks.
Inspite of all these irritants on the side of Pakistan, India must continue talks. It is good that India and Pakistan have agreed to resume dialogue on all issues and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi will visit New Delhi by July to review progress in the parleys. The decision to resume the dialogue, suspended by India in the wake of the 2008 Mumbai attacks carried out by Pakistan-based Lashker-e-Taiba, was made during talks between the Foreign Secretaries of the two countries on the margins of a SAARC meet in Thimphu. Talking at regular interval is good for both sides.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Protector turned devourer in UP

It is very sad that there have been incidents of rape of mostly dalit women in Uttar Pradesh when it is ruled by Dalit woman Chief Minister Mayawati, who is otherwise known for strict administration. When the protector turns devourer, who can save the dalit women. It is tragic that in the state where there dalit chief minister Chief Minister, who also never boasts of claiming to be the champion dalits, the dalit women are raped without any fear of law. The saddest thing is that the law makers of the ruling BSP have become law breakers in the state. Police and administrative machinery are inefficient and reduced to buffonery. Mayawati is also the boss of her party Bahujan Samaj. More than three and half years back when she had come to power with thumping majority, it was only on the slogan of giving Samman to Dalits and improving law and order. But she has completely failed on both these counts and her administration is like her personal court. Former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi party was defeated on the issue of law and order as it had gone worse at that time. Presently, there is worst law and order condition.Uttar Pradesh is the politically most important state so it is natural for all political parties to play politics. But the fact is fact that UP tops the list in the assault on Dalit women in the country. It also tops the list of cases of rape. Assembly elections are due to be held next year in UP. The state appears to have gone into dark ages where there is no law and order and jungle raj in true sense prevails in UP. Even the Ministers and MLAs are allegedly inolved in rape and murer. Dalits are the worst sufferes in this lawlessness. With elections coming closer, Chief Minister Mayawati has started touring the state. But her position is like medieval king who is surrounded by the army of bureaucrats who have gone so low that if the picture that had been played on news channel is to be believed, Chief Minister Mayawati's Security Officer are are seen dusting off her sandles when she alighted from the helicopter. Chief Minister Mayawati appears to have become blind with power and thought that the post of chief ministership is her ancestral poperty. But time is not far off when the people of Uttar Pradesh would ask her what were you doing when five rapes were committed in 48 hours? Law and order in UP is at the lowest ebb. Mayawati police must stop rape galore of dalit women.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Life saving pill for Congress in AP

With the merger of Cheerajivi's Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) along with18 MLAs merging with Congress Andhra Pradesh, the Congress Party has succeeded in off setting former Congress MP and son of former charishmatic Chief Minister late YSR's son Jagan Mohan Reddy's plan of dislodging the party government in state.
Jagan has the support of 25 MLAs defected from Congress. As Congress Government of Kiran Kumar Reddy has wafer thin majority in Assembly, the party needed urgent support of some MLAs that it got from Cheeranjivi. Cheeranjivi's is a popular film star of South India and has enormous influence in some of the Andhra districts, though he had failed to make any mark of strength in the Last Lok Sabha. He is also not as charishmatic as late NT Rama Rao was in Andhra Pradesh.
Cheeranjivi is right in his thinking that the Congress party can become his most natural ally. He is fighting for social justic and for that sake he has joined politics.Andhra Pradesh is the strongest hold of Congress in the present condition. It is in no way in a position to loose the state. 33 MPs of the Congress Party come from that state. So, it has managed to rope the support of 18 PRP MLAs.
The prime need for the Congress not in Andhra but all over the country is to overhaul its organisational set-up so that it could connect itself with the people on the ground. There has been disconnect between the people and the party because of weak organisational set-up. The party has failed to reap the benefits from the projects and programme it launches among the people because there is no party organisation at Panchayat or Block level to propogate that the benefits that have come to the people are from the Congress party initiated scheme.
Nearly 30 months after launching his party with much fanfare, Praja Rajyam chief Chiranjeevi has announced its merger with Congress, which is trying to counter the possible threat posed by Y S Jaganmohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Corruption is cancerous

There is an urgent need at the top in Government to make a sustained effort to combat corruption. Because it is spreading very fast and has become all pervasive. Corruption is like cancer, which cuts the life of all government activities. It affects growth and development and its main casualties are the poor people of the nation. Merely expressing anguish over rising corruption and doing nothing tangible to remove it make no sense.As the rot starts from the head, it is the first duty of the government to act decisively against the persons involved in corruption at the top in government.In the given situation of rising corruption and price due to the inefficiency and complacency, all activities of the government are seen with suspicion. An atmosphere is created that whatever progressive step the government may initiate gives the impression among the people that it has been done to siphone off public exchequer by politico-bureaucratic nexus. The rising corruption in government of India rightly demeans its position before the international community. But the question here arises who is responsible for the corrupt practices that are being carried out without any fear. As politicians are masters in government and they rule over the country through the army of bureaucrats, it is their responsibility to declare war on corruption.No wing of the government is left untouched by corruption. There must be a politician-bureaucratic and judicial accountibility. Every wing must be made accountable to their action. With his government under attack over various scams, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rightly spoken out against corruption by saying that it strikes at the roots of good governance, dents the country’s international image and demeans the government before our own people. He also rightly said that this is a challenge which has to be faced frontally, boldly and quickly.Corruption impedes all developmental activities of the government. There must be sincerity and determination on the part of all wings of the government to strike at the roots of corruption so that it could not raise its hydra-headed face to eat into the vitality of the nation

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Belated action

CBI has taken belated action against former telecom Minister A Raza by arresting him and two of his close aids in 2G Spectrum case. Manmohan Singh government has failed to act on time. Because the 2G Spectrum Scam broke out in 2008 and Prime Minister did not take cognigance of the matter.It is the media and public outcry that compelled the government to act against the persons involved in 2G Spectrum scam.Raja's arrest has been rightly described by the opposition as too little and too late.
Manmohan Singh UPA government has been rocked by corruption in the last 6 months and it has dented its image very badly. There is deadlock in Parliament over the opposition demand of JPC probe into scam, which the government has been consistently refusing. Winter Session has already been washed away and the issue of JPC stands as it was.Budget Session is to begin from the third week of this month.
To lighten the opposition attack and create an atmoshphere among the public that government is in no mood to tolerate corruption, CBI has been given go ahead signal to arrest the 2G Scam accused Ex-telecom minister and his two aids but the CBI has done nothing against the private companies reportedly involved in it.
Raja has been charged with favouritism and corrupt practices in allotting 2G Spectrum licences to private Companies. The CBI is silent on what it is doing against them. Nira Radia, PRO Consultant and lobbyist, has been reported to have close connection with the former minister and she played pivotal role in deciding the mechanism and bending the law to allot licences in favour of her client companies. It has also been reportedly alleged that Nira Radia played extra-constitutional role in formation of the Manmhan Singh Council of Ministers and deciding the allocation of portfolios, which is the prerogative of the Prime Minister.This necessiates JPC to probe into 2G Scam.
Former telecom minister A Raja was in the ministry from DMK quota in the UPA. And this is the main reason that delayed the action against the minister due to coalition compulsion. Raja is a Dalit face of DMK in Tamil Nadu, where assembly election is to be held in few months. That is why DMK has backed him. Throwing its weight behind A Raja, the DMK on Thursday said his arrest does not prove his guilt in the 2G spectrum scam and accused opposition parties of targeting him to "malign" the party. As is the saying late comer must suffer, so the nation has already suffered a loss of Rs.1.76 lakhs in 2 G Scam.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Animal treament

Radio ankle monitor is nothing less than putting the Indian students in shackles by US for no fault of theirs. They are niether criminals nor involved in any terror activity. On the one hand Indian students have been duped by the sham US Tri-Valley University and they are herded by using radio ankle monitors on them on the other. It is totally unjustified.
The question here arises when the Indian students have no criminal background nor are they involved in any such activities in the US, what is the need of monitoring their movements. Is it not that US tries to establish overlordship on other nationalities?
The US says that this is widespread across the United States and standard procedure for a variety of investigations. It does not necessarily imply guilt or suspicion of criminal activity. But whatever US says is not correct because it is improper to harrass the innocent.
After the attack on Indian students in Australia,they have now been targeted in the US. It is very humiliating that the Indian students have been treated like animals in the country where freedom is kept uppermost while students are not at fault in any way. What the US would have happened if the American students had been shackled anywhere in the world.
The duped Indian students have no fault.The use of radio ankle monitors may be justifiable for the US but it is inhumanitarian and direct attack on the freedom of individual. This type of treatment is highly condemnable and the Government of India must take the issue seriously.
As far as the issue of immigration and visa fraud is concerned here, it is for the US to take whatever action is necessary against its own sham university. It can not transfer punishments on others for no fault of theirs. It reflects that the US considers Indian students studying there the soft targets. The United States can not justify the use of radio ankle monitors on some students of a sham university in California, 95 percent of them from India.It their business to take the charges of visa fraud in whatever manner they consider suitable. But one thing is certain that the US act is in no way justifiable.