Thursday, December 31, 2009

It is good to strengthen ties with Japan

The visit of Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to India will strengthen the bilateral relations between the two. But rightly resisting Japan’s push for signing Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), India has made it clear that the onus of taking the lead in this regard lies with the US and China which are yet to ratify the pact. After his talks with Japanese counterpart Yukio Hatoyama during which non-proliferation and civil nuclear issues were discussed, Prime Minister Minister Manmohan Singh has rightly said that India is deeply interested in working with Japan and other “like-minded” countries for “the cause of universal, verifiable and non-discriminatory disarmament.” As Japan is the most vocal country to halt the race of amassing nuclear weapons in the world, it wants India to sign Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) but during the talks with Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has made it clear that India can not consider it unless the US and China ratify the CTBT. Though so far India rejected any suggestion to sign CTBT, it has this time soften it stand a little. Apart from Japan's endeavour to establish peaceful world order, India has always remained to be in forefront to establish a nuclear free world. It has already unilaterally declared moratorium on nuclear tests. Japan continues to seek cooperation from India for “total elimination of nuclear weapons. The Japanese Prime Minister remains non-committal on civil nuclear cooperation with India although he observed that it would be an important agenda for future.As CTBT and NPT are discriminatory, it has always rejected out of hand to sign it.India is also the first country in the world to declare no first use of nuclear weapons after undertaking the nuclear tests and becoming the responsible nuclear power. India has a very good relations with Japan and if the two countries come closer to each other, it will be of great help in establishing peace and achieving development in Asia. Japan is a very important country in Asia and so is India. Japan can also help a great deal in India becoming the world economic power. With improved techonology in several field, Japan has also a lot of avenues to invest in India. It is a welcome sign that Japan has relaxed Hi-tech trade curb on India. Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hayotama’s remarks that the atmosphere in India is not very conducive to multi-nationals to invest here must be taken seriously by the government of India and work hard to build up atmosphere to attract investment. As Japan finds its Buddhist root in India, it can be its natural allies.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New law must come on sex offences

In view of the public outcry and intense media focus in Ruchika molestation case, the Union Government has been forced to think of promulgating new law on sex offences. Union Government even pushes for death sentence to retired DGP SPS Rathore of Haryana in Ruchika molestation case. After 19 years of trial, Rathore was let off lightly for the heinous crime he committed by molesting the 14 years old girl Ruchika Girhotra that led to her suicide in 1993. She was driven to suicide by his molester Rathore because the entire police machinery, political leadership of Haryana helped him weaken the case against him. It was only because of intense media campaigning and public outcry at the meagre punishment to Rathore for his heinous crime of molestating the young and promising girl nineteen years ago, fresh serious initiatives have begun to put the accused Rathore behind bars. The two fresh FIRs have been lodged against Rathore and it is most likely that he will be arrested soon and every aspect of the case would be looked into afresh against him. It is no doubt that Haryana government was shielding the influencial police officer because the victims Girhotra family had no political god father. Ruchika molestation case also exposes how politicians exert their influence to shield the corrupt and criminal officer. Rathore deserves to be punished regorously for the crime he committed 19 years ago. He should have been dismissed from police service and put behind the bars immediately. But due to the deliberate laxity of the Haryana police, it took nine years in lodging FIR against the accuse ex-DGP Rathore. What the Haryana government was doing all these years. The Union Government must also take this deliberate laxity of police machinery of Haryana seriously. How cruelly the policemen behave can be seen in the harrassment of Ruchika Girhotra family by them under the instruction of the accused police officer. They lodged several false FIRs against Ruchika’s brother Ashu who was only 16 years old at that time.All credit go to social activists and intense media coverage that awakened both the Centre and the state to act afresh against the accused Rathore. The Policemen are considered to be the protector of citizens. But it is beyond imagination that when they turn the killers themselves, what will happen? The police will continue to behave inhumanly as long as their nexus with political masters is in place. So, the need of the hour is to break the nexus between politician and police. There are innumerable number of girls in the country who are suffering like Ruchika at the hands of monstrous policemen but as those cases go unnoticed, their crimes remain under the carpet. But this only becomes possible because of the nexus between politicians and policemen in the country.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Belated, but right initiative

The Union Home Ministry has woken up after intense media pressure on it that how the Haryana Police took nine years in lodging FIR against their own boss the then Inspector General of Police SPS Rathore for molesting the 14 years old girl the budding Tennis player Ruchika Girhotra and their alleged complicity in his crime. Ruchika was molested in 1990 and FIR was lodged in 1999 after the court order.This negligence of police officials in lodging the FIR in Ruchika molestation case made the Union Home ministry to issue circular for police stations to treat all complaints as FIRs. The police always show reluctance in lodging FIR, especially against high-ups, because they don’t want show the actual number of crimes committed in their areas. They record most of the complaints in their diary and dispose them off arbitrarily. But now with the issuance of the circular,the Station House Officers will have to ascribe reason for registration and non-registration of FIRs. Though police is a state matter and Centre can not interfere in it without amending of CrPC, the state governments must also take the circular seriously and act on it positively by issuing order to treat every complaint at police stations as FIR. The circular has been sent to all states and Union Territories. It is because of inexplicable delay in lodging FIR in Ruchika molestation case that the justice had been miscarried due to callous negligence of the police in lodging FIR promptly and investigating it properly. The complicity of police in the crime with the alleged molester Rathore provided safe passage to get away all these nineteen years. It is allright to instruct the police station to treat every complaint as FIR but at the same time there must be a provision for the SHO to get the case investigated before acting on the FIR. Otherwise, several frivolous and false complain would pour in police stations resulting in another farce. To make the police sensitive and prompt in entertaining the complains of the people, there must be provision of good training which could ingrain in the minds of policemen that their first and foremost duty is to protect life and property of the citizens. They are meant for serving the people and to bring the breakers of law to book. If the police had realised their responsibility, there would have been no Ruchika molestation case. It only shows that politician-police nexus has given birth to a new system of society wherein only strong and powerful have their own way and rule of law is wantonly thrown to winds. Ruchika molestation case must open the eyes of not only the state government but also of the Centre to amend the 150 year old IPC so that the case of urgent nature should be tried fast and justice could be delivered in time. It is only because of the inordinate delay in justice to Ruchika that she committed suicide.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Great embarrassment

The fifth ODI between Sri Lanka and India in Delhi at Feroz Shah Kotla had to be abandoned after 23.2 overs due to unplayable condition of the pitch. Delhi is the national capital of India and has prestigeous place among the world capitals. There is every possibility that Kotla fiasco will keep out of contention for Test match with South Africa.Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the richest in the world of cricket boards. Then the question here arises that it is only concerned with making the money and has no regard for the prestige of the nation and sentiment of the thousands of spectators. It is because of DDCA and BCCI that the nation had to hang its head in shame. It was already known that the pitch of Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi was not fit for playing the international match. The world famous cricket players like Virendra Sehwag, Ricky Ponting and Gautam Gambhir had already expressed reservation about the fitness of pitch at Kotla ground. But neither the officials and the men involved in the preparation of Kotla pitch nor the BCCI took any notice of players’s reservation. In India, the cricket match is considered as one of the most important festvals. The sepectators book ticket with their hard-earned money to watch the match but the BCCI and DDCA show no regard for their feelings, wastage of time and money. They only want to make money out of the matches. Twice during the international matches at Eden Ganrden in Kolkata, the electricity went off but the BCCI did nothing. The officials of both BCCI and DDCA appear only to be involved in making money at the cost of national prestige. The cancellation of the fifth ODI between Sri Landa and INdia at Kotla ground may result in the banning of World Cup 2011 matches in Delhi. It has sent out very bad message about the misnagement of BCCI. The entire world cricket playing countries must be smiling mockingly at India and the circumstances under which the match were abandoned in Delhi may have negative impact on the impression worlwide of preparation for Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi next year. The mismanagement of BCCI and alleged corruption in DDCA need the government of India to intervene because national prestige is also involved and it has been jeopardised . If the pictch was not fit for the play, why the DDCA officials did not refuse to hold the game at Kotla. They should have written earlier to BCCI that they are unable to hold the match or the BCCI itself inspected the pitch whether it was playable or not. But as they are little concerned with anything else but making money, they ignored the pitch condition. Now only resigning by two or three officials of DDCA responsible for the under preparation of pitch will not serve the purpose. DDCA needs to be overhauled and BCCI must be held accountable for this sameful act. ICC is likely to take the matter seriously but may let off BCCI lightly by giving it only warning because its being the richest cricket board in the world. But as the matter is of national importance and the sentiment of the cricker lovers are involved,BCCI and DDCA owe explanation to the nation. So the government of India must intervene and act to ensure that such shameful fiasco coud not be repeated.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Soren set to become CM of Jharkhand for third time

As JMM supremo Sibu Soren is set to become the Chief Minister of Jharkhand in alliance with BJP and AJSU after staking his claim before the Governor, he lured BJP to support him to form the new government. Since the state of Jharkhand was created nine years ago, it has seen five chief ministers and the government has always been instable. Instability and corruption have also been the bane of Jharkhand. This time also, the state has thrown up a hung assembly as no political party or alliance has got majority. Corruption tainted former Chief Minister of Jharkhand Madhu Koda has already hogged the national dailies for many days and now he has been cooling his heels in jail for his involvement in multi-crore scandal. Madhu Koda being an Independent MLA became the Chief Minister of Jharkhand only because of the hung assembly, and he allegedly involved in one of the biggest scandals in the country. The state of Jharkhand is in urgent need of stability, credible and corruption free government. Though presently the CM in-waiting Sibu Soren has been absolved of all charges against him in Chirudih murder , Shasinath Jha murder case and JMM bribery scandal, he is also not a clean slate nor is his past record as CM is bright. BJP has supported JMM supremo Sibu Soren to form the new government only to come out of the demorlised situation since it was humbled in the last Lok Sabha elections. But being the national opposition party, it has also responsibility to provide stability and corruption free government to Jharkhand.Jharkhand Governor K Sankaranarayanan has asked JMM chief Shibu Soren to produce a list of MLAs supporting him as BJP gave enough indications of backing his claim to form a government. In the 81-member Assembly, JMM and BJP have 18 MLAs each, while JD(U), an ally of BJP, has 2 MLAs and All Jharkhand Students Union five - adding to 43.Congress was also exploring options of forming a government in the state, where the assembly elections threw up a hung house and holding talks with the All Jharkhand Students Union.The greater responsibility lies on the two national political parties -Congress and BJP to ensure that Jharkhand gets clean and stable government. BJP has moved forward to do its job by giving support to Soren to form government. The alliance between JMM, BJP and AJSU is expected to provide a stable government.But as far as the corruption free dispensation is concerned under Soren, there is scepticism in the minds of the people. Being the alliance partner of JMM in government, BJP will also have to be responsible ensure that Jharkhand gets a clean government.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Politics of resignation over Telangana

The people of Telangana has been demanding for a separate state in Andhra Pradesh for more than four decades. The demand was raised mostly during the time while Congress was in power. Congress has always adopted dilly-dallying tactics on the issue. Even after having incorporated the demand for a separate Telangana state in UPA-1 manifesto and K Chandrashekhar Rao, supreme leader of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), joined the UPA-1 government at the Centre but walked out of it when he found that the UPA is not going to concede his demand. Even late Andhra CM and prominent leader of the Congress Party promised TRS of creating the separate Telangan state before the assembly elections but after winning the elections, he too did U-turn. And as he was a prolific Congress Andhra Chief Minister, he successfully managed to sweep the demand under the carpet and kept the party in the state united. After his tragic demise in plan crash, K Rosaih succeeded him but he is not as strong and dominating as his predecessor. Finding the weak leadership of the Congress Party in state, TRS supremo vigorously launched the agitation for a separate state of Telangana and sat on hunger strike. The chaos and anarchy enveloped Andhra Pradesh as students of Osmania University and the agitationists for Telangana went on rampange, throwing life out of gear. When TRS supremo K CR 's hunger strike entered11th day and his condition of health deteriorated alarmingly and situation appeared to be going out of control, the UPA government hastily took midnight decision of conceding a separate state of Telegana and assured of initiating the process by introducing a proposal to this effect in the assembly. But as Rayalseema and Adhra region are opposed to the division of Andhra Pradesh, division in the Congress Party came to the fore. The Congress party in Andhra Pradesh is completely divided that was even seen in the winter session of Parliament. But when the party itself faced with resignation galore of Andhra MPs, MLAs and ministers over the support and opposition of Telangana, Home Minister P Chidambaram made a U-turn by stating that the creation of Telangana needs wider consultations. Chidambaram’s statement favouring need for wide ranging consultations over Telangana issue, 70 MLAs cutting across party lines, two TDP MPs and 13 Ministers resigned from their seats. Congress party needs first to evove unanimity on the issue among the partymen in Andhra. By adopting dilly-dallying tactics, it is now only viciating the matter. Either it initiates process for creating a separate of Telangana or evolve nationwide consensus against not any further division of any state in the country.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Soren and Marandi vying for CM's chair

Jharkhand assembly election results have yet again thrown a hung assembly with Sibu Soren’s JMM emerging as the sigle largest party and Congress-Babulal Marandi as the single largest alliance in the house strength of 81. Both Sibu Soren and Babulal Marandi comes from Santhal region and both are arch rivals in state politics of Jharkhand. Sibu Soren alias Guruji is an old veteran JMM boss and adept in cobbling up support for government formation and he is better placed with tribal population of the state. He has declared that he wants to be king himself, and not the king maker. It makes his intention amply clear. While Babulal Marandi is much junior to him in state politics and has formed his own political outfit after breaking with the BJP. He is said to have built his political career on association with BJP’s doting parent the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS), though now he professes belief in secular principle and has alliance with Congress. Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD has also secured 8 seats in the House of 81 and he advocates of forming the secular government. Congress-JVM alliance has won 25 assembly seats and with the support of Lalu and Independents who have won considerable number of seats, there might be possibility of forming the secular government under the leadership of JVM boss Babulal Marandi.If that is a possibility, this will be the second stint of Babula Marandi as the Chief Minister of Jharrkhand. He became the Chief Minister in the BJP-led government for the first time after Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar. It was also a coalition government. The unfortunate thing in Jharkhand is that the stability has always eluded it since it was formed 9 years ago. Given the hung assembly, Sibu Soren with 18 MLAs is adamant on becoming the Chief Minister by either aligning with Congress or with BJP alliance which has won 23 assembly seats. He has no reservation in aligning with the BJP for becoming third time lucky as the Chief Minister.As Jharkhand is the richest in mineral resources state of the country, a stable government is needed for the development of the country as well as the state. So if Sibu Soren becomes able to form government with the support of BJP this time, it is expected to last its term.As far as the aspiration of the original inhabitants- the tribals- is concerned, Sibu Soren is best suited. It will also be his last term to lead the state. Because now he is more concerned with the political future of his son than of his own. As he is adamant on getting the Chair of Chief Minister, the Congress-led UPA can not accomodate him in Union Cabinet to barter for CM’s chair. That is why BJP is likely to extend support to Soren to form the government. Whichever groups form the government, they provide stability to it in the interest of the state.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tardy trial and meagre punishment

The retired Director General of Police of Haryana SPS Rathore was handed down meagre punishment of 6 months of jail term and a fine of Rs. 1000 in the 19 years old Ruchika molestation case. There is a charge of molesting the budding 14 years old Tennis player Ruchika Girotra in 1990 against Rathore. She had to commit suicide in 1993 because of severe mental agony ,unbearable sufferings of her family and delayed justice. Ruchika's brother was falsely implicated in several cases and with the help of Haryana bureaucracy, Rathore became able to lengthening the trial inordinately. On the one hand Ruchika family was suffering, S P S Rathore was getting promotion at regular interval.This tells a sorry state of affairs of successive government in Haryana. At last the case was handed over to CBI and the court handed punishment to Rathore. The crime that Rathore committed hangs every Indian’s head in shame and it becomes more so shameful when it was committed by the man who is entrusted with the task of keeping women safe against crime in the state. His punishment is too little and too late. It also reflects very badly on the judicial system in our country. The entire nation is outraged at the verdict of the CBI court and demands the re-opening of the case. The act of DGP Rathore is bestial which has echoed in streets and Parliament alike. Our political parties which were in power continued to give promotion to Rathore while there was a case of this nature was pending against in the court of law. This reflects the insensitivity of the state government also.Rathore was also the President of Tennis association during which he committed the crime against the budding Tennis player Ruchika. All credits go to Aradhana, a friend of Ruchika, and her parents who fougth all these years on her behalf and became able to bring the matter to this stage, which attracts the national focus. Media have also played vital role in highlighting Ruchika molestation case. The political master of Haryana at the time of the bestial act was committed should not have shown any leniency towards the culprit Rathore. If the government at that time took the matter seriously, SPS Rathore would not have been able able to get away with the crime. He should have been dismissed immediately after his criminal acts came to light. The inordinate delay in trying the Ruchika molestation case needs reforming our 150 years old India Penal Code to speed up the functioning of the judiciary. If the Court verdict had come in time, Ruchika would have not committed suicide. The court of law must try Rathore again,keeping in view that it is Rathore who drove Ruchika to commit suicide. He must be charged with abetting suicide.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Need to act on report

After every scam, scandal and big terror attack, the probe committee is formed. But in every case, the findings of the committed are thrown in the dustbin and no action is taken on its recommendation to plug the loopholes. That is why the same thing happens one after another.It has been rarely seen that a probe committee has held the political master solely responsible for the lapses. While the matter of the fact is that officials act on the instruction of their political masters.The Pradhan Committee report on 26/11 Mumbai attacks that has cited non-adherence of Standard Operating Practice (SOP) was tabled in Maharashtra assembly. In a severe indictment of the Maharashtra government, the Ram Pradhan Committee, that probed the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, said the administration failed to act on repeated intelligence inputs on possibility of a strike on the Metropolis and the top brass of the police department had failed to provide visible leadership during the crisis, even as it criticised the system of handling ‘alerts’. In its stinging indictment,Pradhan Committee has held systematic failure that has resulted in mishandling of 26/11. It has also exposed the callous negligence in properly abnalysing intelligence alerts about terror attacks on Mumbai. It has also held Mumbai police inability to repond properly to prevent 26/11. Three alerts were given on three dates about the impending terror attacks, though specific date was not mentioned. Mumbai police machinery was held totally responsible for mishandling the process of taking preventive measures and their action to fight terrorists was a total confusion. As there was no planning how to face the impending terror attacks, Mumbai police machinery in absence of an efficient and brave controlling officer was groping in dark on one hand and terrorists were involved in wanton killings on the other. Though Chief Minister Vilas Rao Deshmukh and Home Minister R R Patil had to resign from their posts, there must be overhauling of the Mumbai police so that they could never again ignore the intelligence alerts and inputs. Police officials are as much responsible for inept handling of the grave situation as are their political masters. Though the Pradhan Committee has rightly said that Mumbai police Quick Response Team was ill-eqipped to successfully grab terrorists, they must have taken the alerts very seriously and if there was inability of the state government, it should have sought help from the Centre immediately to prevent one of the worst terror acts of 26/11.

Monday, December 21, 2009

White Paper Railways exposes Lalu's jugglery with data

By presenting the White Paper on the present status of functioning of railways in Lok Sabha, Union Railway Minister Mamta Bannerjee has given a lie to the tall claims of record profit of her predecessor RJD boss Lalu Prasad Yadav. Lalu’s in his five years tenure as Union Railways Minister never tired of boasting record profit in railways, which was uptill now running in losses be he assumed charge. He painted his performance as railway minister so brilliantly that he came to be considered by the world famous business schools as management wizard. He was invited to address their students to tell them how he brought the railways on record profit platform in India. According to White Paper the performance of railways was “below par” during 2004-05 to 2008-09 when the RJD chief was at the helm of affairs.The White Paper says analysis of Ithe overall growth of railways during the period shows that the performance was below par if the normally accepted growth elasticity of 1.25 is reckoned.The losses from passenger operation were almost Rs 14,000 crores in 2008-09, the document said a new form of presentation of accounts was started during the Lalu regime which projected a concept of cash surplus before dividend which made the Railway finances “look good”.If these presentation changes had not been done, the accumulated surplus of Rs 89,000 crores during the five-year period would come down to Rs 39,500 crores. On the basis of his so-called brilliant performance as Union Minister of Railways, he was considered even in the country as the best union minister in UPA-1 period. Though his brilliant performance in the railways surprised everyone in the country, especially those who have experienced his worst regime of 15 years in Bihar. Rabri-Lalu duo ruled Bihar for 15 years and pluged the state into anarchy, mismanagement and misrule. His regime in Bihar is known as Jungle Raj where neither any development nor rule of law was seen during the period. The question then arises from where he got the magic wand that turned around the fortune of railways in five years, which he could not do in Bihar in 15 years. Now with the presentation of White paper on railways in Lok Sabha by his successor Mamta Bannerjee throws enough light on the present status of the functioning of railways, especially during the Lalu’s regime of 2004-05 to 2009 to expose his his jugglery with data to paint his false performance in brilliant colour that attracted the best business schools like Wharton and others all over the world. As White paper is the government statement of the fact in Parliament, its correctness of facts can not be disputed. It means he has misled the country by presenting the record profit of railways during his tenure through bungling of accounts. The Government must take appropriate action on the officials concerned for miscalculating the profit of railways.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

BJP President is development-oriented

The generational shift at the top in BJP is complete. Sushma Swaraj succeeded L K Advani as leader of opposition and Maharashtra BJP boss Nitin Gadkari succeeded Rajnath Singh as BJP President. Both are in fifties and as according to the wish BJP doting parent RSS they are younger in age than their predecessors. Though Sushma Swaraj's capability as administrator was tested when she was made Chief Minister of Delhi and during her short tenure the BJP was dethroned in the Delhi assembly elections, Nitin Gadkari's record of administration as minister in Maharashra Cabinet during Shiv Sena-BJP regime in Maharashtra is bright and Prime Minister Sadak Yojana is also stated to be the brainchild of Gadkari when he was the Chairman of Road Construction Development. After being appointed as the BJP President, Gadkari has said that politics is not his career but a medium of serving people and uplift the downtrodden. Nitin Gadkari is the choice of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh of which enough hint has been given by it long ago. As strong opposition is the need of the hour, the new leadership of the BJP has to work hard to come up to the expection of the people. The Vajpayee-Advani era has ended but the leadership that they provide to the BJP is invaluable. The new leadership will have to imitate their predecessors but they will have to be careful that the issue of development is never lost sight of and harline Hindutva politics might not over take it. Because the time has completely changed. The people have nothing to do with the issue Masjid and Mandir. They only want development. BJP has been in the grip of internal bickerings among their second generation leaders since the party lost badly in 2004 General elections. Advani's grip loosened and voice were raise freely against him to make way for second generation, which was totally supported by BJP doting parent RSS. The internal bickering had become so intesnse that the RSS had to announce that Rajnath will be succeeded by the leader outside Delhi durbar. And that has finally happened. Though Nitin Gadkari has the full backing of the RSS and he is himself very tactful to deal with the internal bickering and not a man of vaulting ambition, he will also have to be very careful in chosing his team. He will have also tell the party workers to concentrate more on developmental issue than on religious ones. workers

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Separatists must condemn dastardly act

At the slightest suspicion of culpability of the security forces in any untowards happening even if they have nothing to with those, the harliners and separatists bring the life in the Valley to a halt and when there is a clear case of militants’ cowardly act , they have kept mum. It clearly hints at their connivance in militants’ violent acts. An innocent 20 years old girl has been gunned down allegedly by militants in Shopian district of Kashmir, neither the separatist conglomerate Hurriyat Conference nor any other of its fringe group have spoken a single word to condemn the dastardly act. This is third killings of innocent girls in the Valley. On the one hand the separatists took no time in rejecting the CBI report on Shopian double murder only because it absolved the security forces of the crime , and the CBI said that both Nirlofer and Aiasha were died of drowing. It means that they were not raped and murder. Chief Minister Omer Abdullah had the same line initially but later on under the pressure of violent agitations of the separatist forces, he hastily suspended for security forces and instituted a commission of enquiry. The CBI has handed over its report to the High Court. Now it high court to take action , whichever it considers fit, on it. Separatists’ protest of the Shopian double murder and rape case led by Hurriyat Conference and its faction which became so violent and long that the life in the Valley was thrown out of gear for 49 days this summer. This is the double standard of the separatist Hurriyat conference that when the innocent girl has been killed by shooting her down from point blank range in the presence of her father, it has kept silence only because it is the misdeed of militants. And militants act in the Valley at the instruction from across the border. It is also open secret that separatists in the Valley who constitute the Hurriyat Conference are on the payroll of Pakistan and they dare not raise the voice that affronts it. Central Bureau of Investigation is a premier and credible agency of the government of India. When it was handed over the case to probe, which it has submitted its report to the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, it has done its duty. Whatever findings it has submitted to the high court would be examined by it. As the separatist and secessionist forces in the Valley have deep-rooted prejudice against the government of India that whatever it does go against their pre-determined thought, they go against it. They only harbour anti-India sentiment at the behest of Pakistan and plays separatist and secessionist drama in the Valley at the instruction of Pakistan. They have opened a shop in the Valley from where it sells Pak-manufactured separatist slogan.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Evolve consensus to protect humanity

With the biased attitude adopted by the rich and industrialised countries to cut carbon emission substantially as they are the largest emitters of carbon, arbitrary imposition of their dictate on the poor and developing countries where industrialisation is in nascent stage is totally unjustified. Group-77, India and China have been rightly demanding the adoption of the proposal wherein the rich countries should pledge to cut carbon emmission in proportion to their emission. The poor and developing countries should also cut carbon emission in proportion to their emission and in place of that they are to be provided clean technology and financial assisstance to compensate their development endeavour. The rising emission of greenhouse gas is very dangerous for the humanity. Here the question arises that development for whom? If the earth will be destroyed by excessive emission of carbon, the existence of human beings will be impossible. Due to the unchecked emission of carbon, glaciers are melting at great speed, sea levels are rising menancingly, heavy rain falls alarmingly and disastrous flood being experienced by the human beings on the earth. In the given situation running of industry for the sake of development is also necessary but it must be within some limits so that it could cause no harm to climate of the region. India, China, Brazil and South Africa alongwith the G-77 group of countries are adamant to oppose any Draft at Copenhegan which aims at favouring the rich and developed country. It is sad that consensus eludes negotiators to stitch an equitable and just accord on climate change in the last lap before the summit with no headway being made to iron out sticking points on carbon emission cuts, mitigation targets and long-term financing. The Group comprising India, China, South Africa and Brazil is united and they reiterate that they want an equitable and fair agreement to emerge out of Copenhagen. But if for some reasons there are disappointments, BASIC will not be to blame.Efforts to reach a climate change deal in Copenhagen have receded further with a new draft text of a potential treaty reflecting the deep divisions between developed and developing countries and a consensus on all major issues remaining elusive. There must the greater responsibility on the rich nations to be generous to make a justified and equitable Deal at UN Climate Change summit at Copenhagen in the interest of humanity. They must prefer human life to blind race for development.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Petition to impeach Justice Dinakaran

The move to file petition signed by 50 Upper House members across the party lines for impeachment of Justice P D Dinakaran, Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, is a welcome move. When the Union Government and the senior most 5 judges of apex court tacitly dropped the move to appoint Dinakaran to Supreme Court, the MPs have felt their constitutional duty to remove Justice Dinakaran and it can only be possible by impeachment. There are several allegations of corruption against Justice Dinakaran. He is allegedly involved in land scam and several other malpractices. Even amidst the atmosphere of corruption around us, judiciary at top level was considered to be above any corruption . The Collegium of Supreme Court and the Union government have taken the right step by dropping the idea of promoting Justice Dinakaran into the apex court.A petition seeking to launch impeachment proceeding needs to be signed, under the law, by at least 50 MPs of the Rajya Sabha or 100 MPs of the Lok Sabha. After securing the required signatures, the petition is to be submitted to the Rajya Sabha chairman or the Lok Sabha speaker, as the case may be.Once the Rajya Sabha chairman gets the signed petition, he/she is required to constitute a committee of three people - a sitting Supreme Court judge, a high court chief justice and a jurist - to inquire into the charges and submit their report to the house.If they find the judge guilty and recommend his removal, the matter is sent for voting to parliament where it has to be approved by a two-thirds majority of each house (present and voting) and an absolute majority of the total membership of each house.In the infamous failed impeachment motion in 1993 initiated for removal of Justice V. Ramaswami, a three-member committee of Justice P. Sawant, Justice D. Desai and jurist Chinappa Reddy conducted the probe and indicted the judge for corruption. However, when the matter was put to vote in the Lok Sabha, the Congress party abstained.Thus, the impeachment motion failed because it did not have the support of the house majority. Though at the lower level of judiciary in the District Courts justice is allegedly on sale, it is necessary for the Union Government to act against the tainted justices through proper channels. That is why the MPs of the Upper House have initiated the right step. It is the responsibility of the judiciary at the top level to act strigently against all cases of corruption to restore the confidence of the people in it. As corruption is rampant at all levels of government departments, it is only judiciary to which the people move for redressal of their grievances. The question arises here that when it would itself indulge in corruption, how can it redress the people’s grievances in the country. The move in Rajya Sabha to impeach Justice Dinakaran must be supported by the members of the Lok Sabha to get him removed. It is the constitutional duty of all MPs to help judiciary at the top level to keep its house clean. If Justice Dinakaran is impeached, it would send a message that there is some constitutional body in the country to act against even the tainted judges at the top level. As Chief Justice is himself very concerned about the prevailing corruption in lower courts of the country about which he has aired his disgust on several occasions, it would be in the benefit of the people if he constituted a competent body comprising judges known for his honesty and integrity to look after the day to day functioning in lower courts.All political parties must co-operate with each other to get Justice Dinakaran removed through impeachment. And apart from removing Dinakaran, a provision must be made by the Parliament to make the functioning of the judiciary transparent and occular judgement should be scrutinised.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Headley's revelation befor FBI vindicates India viewpoint

David Coleman Headley has revealed before Federal Bureau of Investigations that serving Pak army officials are helping and working with Pakistan-based India specific terror outfits to execute their nefarious design on India. It may be new for FBI but it is well known to India. India has always been raising the voice of Pak involvement in carrying out mayhem through its terror brigades against it for a long time. It has been revealed during FBI interrogation that Coleman David Headley alias Daeood Gilani is a Lashkar operative and he was in the control room in Pakistan and guiding the terrorists executing their terror acts in Mumbai on 26/11,2008 through telephonic talks. It means that Headley and his associates Tanwaaur Hussain Rana and Illiash Kashmiri were the prime plotters at the instructions of LeT founder Jama-ud-Dawa Chief Sayed Hafiz of 26/11 with total support from some serving Pak officials. FBI is interrogating Headley and after his revelation that he was in control room and talking to terrorists in Mumbai on 26/11 is a matter to be taken seriously by the US. Indian intelligence agency has rightly sought voice sample of Headley to get it confirmed. The FBI interrogation of David Coleman Headley alias Daood Gilani has, for the first time, confirmed what India has always known that a section of serving Pakistan army officers” are working in collaboration with India-specific jihadi groups like LeT and JeM. It has been reported that this was revealed by Headley to his FBI interrogators in what is the first confirmation by an independent probe agency of the involvement of Pakistani army officers in planning and executing terrorist operations against India. The officials identified by Headley were working with Lashkar on ‘Karachi project’ as part of a larger campaign against India. This project involves using jihadi fugitives from India sheltered in Pakistan to draw in vulnerable Indian Muslim youth. The Indian intelligence agencies have also sent a well-prepared questionaire to FBI to ask Headley during their interrogation to peel off more beans on the incident and expose Pakistan before the world. Now, it is for the US to be convinced that Mumbai attacks were definitely carried out by Pakistan and as President Obama has already said in his new stragegy on Af-Pak that Afghanistan and Pakistan is the epicentre of terror, it must act against Pakistan without any loss of time. Though it is understandable that Pak being the nuclear power state it can not be so easy to invade it like it did in Afghanistan just after 9/11. But befor clearing Pakistan of terror and jehadi elements, it must first take seize of its nuclear custody and after clearing it of terror elements, it can handover in the hands of civilian rule in Pakistan. By doing that the US can also catch hold of its most prized target Osama bin Laden who is most probable in hiding in Pakistan. Because it is also clear that the present civilian rule of Pakistan is so weak that it can not the terror onslaught in the country and the day is not far off when the terror and jehadi elements with the help of Pakistan military establishment will take control of the government. If that happens and nuclear weapons come in their control, it would certainly be disastrous not only for Sounth Asia but also the entire world.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Evolve consensus over formation of state

Haste makes waste. Centre's hasty announcement of conceding the demand for a separate Telangana state has given fillip to the demand for separatism in different corner of the country. The case of Telangana may be special and deserve to have separate state out of Andhra Pradesh but the same is not with the all other demands for separate states in other parts of the country.The ruling Congress Party at the Centre and in the state of Andhra Pradesh should have initiated first the debate and discussion for forming a separate state of Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh among all political parties. Though it is convenient to provide better administration in smaller states, it also gives encouragement of separatism. For the present, the demand for smaller state within the bigger ones is growing but if this tendency is not discouraged, the country will be divided into small parts. Though the demand for smaller states is raised within the ambit of constititution of the nation, it may lead to the demand for sovereignty from the nation as separatist and secessionist outfits are demanding in northeast and state of Jammu and Kashmir. At present, the nation is facing serious disturbances and chaos in Andhra Pradesh for the creation of a separate state of Telangana. Almost all national parties except the CPI(M) are agreeable to the formation of a separate state of Telangana. The Centre has become nervous over the continued strike by TRS in Hyderabad ,and to douse the fire there, it hastily agreed to concede the demand of Telangana without taking into consideration the pros and cons of its announcement. MLAs resigned in enmass over Centre’s announcement of initiation the process of the formation of a separate state of Telangana. Coastal Andhra and Rayaseema are up against the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. TRS supremo sat on hunger strike and when his hunger strike entered 11th day, his health deteriorated in the hospital followed by violence by protesters and students of Osmania University in Hyderabad for a separate state of Telangana. The way the Centre bowed to the pressure of violance and anarchy for the separation of state is not proper. This tendency will give shot in the arms of activists for the formation of states like Vidarbha, Coorg, Mithilanchal, Harit Pradesh, Budelkhand, Gorkhaland and others. Though the demand for a separate states arises out of the bad governance but its remedy is not to form too many governments and little governance. TRS supremo has taken advantage of the weak governance of Chief Minister K Rossaih. CM has given a new twist to the formation of Telangana by saying that resolution to this effect is not going to be presented in the assembly as he has received no direction from the Centre. As many as 130 legislators of the Congress, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) have submitted their resignations to the speaker to protest the decision to carve Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh. Centre must act judiciously on the issue of formation of new states.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

First provide service

MCD has proposed to impose professional and property tax on Delhiites one one hand without giving any assurance to improve the worsening condition of civic amenities in the city and spends 200 crores of tax payers' rupees on the payment of salaries to the 22,000 ghost employess on the other. MCD has lost moral authority to tax Delhiites untill it comes clean on the corruption allegations. It has been alleged that has been reported frequently in newspapers that there is rampant corruption at levels in MCD. There is also a strong nexus between officials and contractors to swindle the tax payers' money.A new ‘professional tax’ for those having an income of more than Rs 30,000 per month, five per cent hike in property tax rates and imposition of 20 per cent tax on “high-end non-residential” properties like high-class hotels, malls, AC gyms and clubs having swimming pools have been proposed in the budget.The MCD must ensure that the citizens of Delhi are not burdened any more. First they provide better and efficient service, then burden the Delhiites with further taxes.The steep rise in property tax with the spiralling prices of all essential commodities, edibles and vegetables have already broken the back of Delhiites. MCD is responsible for providing better civic amenities to the people. But being the national capital of India, the condition of civic amenities in Delhi is worse than that of a muffasil town of the country in distant corner. Taxing of high income group is relevant but at the same they must be given service in return. MCD has spelt no word on the betterment of the civic amenities. MCD has become the den of corruption and it is not doing its duties sincerely and honestly. Though the Congress, which is in opposition, has opposed the proposed tax of MCD, the ruling BJP has kept mum. 50 per cent rise in taxes in the given situation of sky-rocketing prices is completely senseless. MCD is draining the crores of rupees on ghost employess through corrupt practices on one hand and increasing taxes on the people on the other. If the MCD provided better civic amenities and assured the people to provide satisfactory services , the imposition of taxes on high income groups would not have been pinching.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time to act immediately

Hyderabad is burning and both the Congress regimes in the state as well as at the Centre has adopted the wait and watch policy. TRC Chief K Chandrashekhar Rao has been on hunger strike for the separate Telegana state out of Andhra Pradesh. The movement for Telegana separate state is not new and the Congress at the Centre has always been in waiting mood to subside the movement as this dilly-dallying approach has been beneficial to it. In 1969 also, a massive protest was organised in Hyderabad and more than 300 protesters were killed but Congress at that time won away M Chenna Reddy from the movement into party and made him Chief Minister. Indira Gandhi was the prime minister at that time. Her political manoeuverability worked and movement for Telagana receded. TRC supremo was in Telgu Desham and when it opposed the demand for the separate state of Telegana by carving out Andhra Pradesh, K Chandra Shekha Rao broke away with Telgu Desham and formed Telegana Rashtriya Congress, and its main plank is the formation of Telegana state. As KCR's hunger strike has entered 11th day and he is in hospital, Hyderabad is burning and there prevails chaos all over Andhra Pradesh. KCR's health is deteriorating and the doctors attending on him fears the worst as he is in urgent need of solid food. He is also reportedly not co-operating with the doctors in the hospital. The students of Osmania University Hyderabad are on rampage for the separate state of Telangana. All colleges and university have been closed and the university campus has turned into barracks. Police are taking preventive arrests of students and protesters in view of today's call of Assembly Challo by Telegana supporters. Andhra Pradesh is a big state and due to the administrative neglect by successive state governments,there has been unequal development of Telengana region. People are disillusioned and adamament on their demand of a separate state of Telengana. From administrative point of view also, the demand for small state is not inappropriate. UPA in its first term of office and the Andhra Pradesh government were in agreement of conceding the demand of Telengana but after the conclusion of assembly elections, the Congress in the state took U-turn on the issue that forced TRC chief K Chandrashekhar Rao to sever his ties with the UPA at the Centre. Now Hyderabad is on the brink, the situation urgently makes demand on the Congress-led UPA government to immediately form the sevcond state re-organisation committe to form the state of Telengana out of Andhra Pradesh. The Centre must also do its immediate job of breaking the hunger strike of KCR. Because if anything untowards happens with him, the situation in Hyderabad will definitely go out of control.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A futile debate

Liberhan probe took 17 years and spent Rs. 8 crore and disclosed what is known to every Indian. The findings are of no importance for the general public and only have given only time to politicians to settles scores with their rivals and keep the issue of Babri demolition alive to make last attempt to yet again exploit it to their political benefit while the ground reality is telling the different story. All know the movement for construction of Ram Temple was launched by Sangh Parivar and as BJP is its political wing , it spear headed the movement. Almost all the leaders of the BJP exhorted the Lakhs of Kar Sevaks to assemble at the dispute site of Babri Mashjid which they call tthe birth place of Lord Ram. But they deliberately failed to prevent the damage of the Babri Masjid.Though the matter of Babri Masjid Ram Temple dispute is subjudice in the apex court, the entire Sangh Parivar tried to build the temple forcibly and they succeeded in demolishing the Babri Masjid. Rashtriya Swayam Sevalk Sangh, the doting parent of the BJP, and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad made all out effort to demolish the fabric of secularism in the country because the BJP government of Kalyan Singh in Uttar Pradesh at that time had taken undertaking to prevent Kar sevaks to damage the structure of the mosque in the Supreme court and before the National Integration Council, but it deliberately connived with its constitutional responsibility and thrown the country into communal cauldron in the aftermath of the demolition. It was the saddest day in the history and there was allround condemnation of this black deeds carried out by Hindu chauvinists reportedly at the instigation of the top leaders of the BJP at that time. And these simple things were known to every body. That is why what new had Justice Liberan has in his findings that the BJP makes so much hue and cry in the Parliament. Outgoing BJP president Rajnath Singh made a forceful statement, defending his party’s remote control the RSS and pledging again the to build a grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya. This is BJP’s political ploy to mislead the people yet again but the time has changed now and people are no more interested in Mandir- Masjid because it was the totally different situation 17 years back. The BJP must understand that the people are not only interested in development and peace and nothing else. The need of hour for political activists to isolate all disruptive, communal, separatist, secessionist and sectarian elements in the country and keep nation's secular fabric,unity and integrity intact.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Long cherished dream fulfilled

It was a long cherished dream of India to be number one cricket in the world that was filled by winning Mumbai test against Sri Lanka. India won the series by 2-0 and became No. 1 in test ranking of the world cricket by ICC. It was the most glorious moment for Team India. Entire nation is proud of the Team India members and their supporting staff. It was a team effort that made India number one. Now after becoming number one, the responsibility has increased on Indian team to maintain their position in the world cricket. In the batting line-up, India undoubtedly four best batman of the world in the team. With the trio of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Lakshman and incomparable star opening batsman Virendra Sehwag, India deserved the position of number one and that they got under the able leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Though all credits go to the leadership of Dhoni for achieving the numero uno position, the contribution of the former captain Sourav Ganguly is also immense in moulding the team into unbeatable position. It was Sourav Ganguly who caused hunger for victory among his team mates. He laid the team from the front and encouraged the players to play their potential. He infused professionalism into his teammates. The contribution of Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid also can not be under estimated. They all contributed immense in bringing the Team India to the stage of becoming number one. Dhoni's team is undoutedly the brightest and best in the world today. Mahendra Singh Dhoni carried his illustrious predecessors' contribution further high and converted it into an unbeatable team. The major contribution to Team India in becoming number one was made by Nawab of Nazabgarh Virendra Sehwag. As far as bowling deparatment of the Indian team is concerned, Harbhajan Singh has topped the bowling list and taken highest number of wickets since 2008 in the duration of 25 test matches and Speedester Zahir Khan comes after him.Now Team India will have to make greater effort and professional ism to maintain their top position. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has has also given inspirational leadership and seen to be always spurring his teammates to do better and better. He has shown respects and regard for seniors and affection to their junior teammates. A tremendous quality of leading the team was reflected in him. His own individual performance has been exemplary and whenever the team was plunged into crisis he led them from the front and took them out of it successfully. His performance behind the wicket and infront of it has been exemplary.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Missing history

History was not created today, it would be certaily made tomorrow. So the cricket fans need not be sad, Sehwag will certainly entertain spectators again with his yet another explosive innings.India’s star batsman, Nawab of Nazafgarh and Shehensah of cricket Virendra Sehwag missed to create history by missing unfortunately to make triple century when he was caught and bowled by the wizard of spin bowling Murlidharan of Sri Lanka on the morning of third day’s play in Braborne Stadium in Mumbai. Sehwag is a match winner, and it is recognised all over the world that on the day of his own no bowler can get him out. He made sparkling 293 and when the entire nation was in celebratory mood of his third century to surpass all time cricket great Sir Donald Bradman and Brian Lara, he was out on 293. Sehwag has his own style of batting and it does not for him which is bad ball to hit and which is good ball to leave. It is the quality of his batting that it depends on him to hit the ball for four or sixer. He is an entertainer in the game of cricket, partlicularly in the deparment of batting. He has scored 17 century and six of them are double centuries and two are triple centuries. It is also the singular characteristic that only Sehwag possesses that he never allows the bowler to dominate him. He always dominates the bowlers and always hits at will. It matters little whether he is to face fast or spin bowler, he mauls every one with equal brutality. India is on the brink of No. 1 in Test ranking in world cricket. If India beat Sri Lanka in the third test match of the three test match series in Mumbai, of which there is every possibility, today by establishing 2-0 series win over it, India will become the No.1 team in test ranking of the world cricket. The contribution of Sehwag in achieving this historic position is immense. Sehwag is undoubtedly the best opening batsman of not only India but of the world also. It is his quality that if he stays at the crease even for two to three hours, there is always a chance of India’s victory. It is because of the way he makes runs very fast by wielding his bat in complete control by hitting the ball in all corners of the field, he reigns supreme in the field. Sehwag has the guts and courage to maul any bowlers of the world. All bowlers in the world pay respect to Sehwag's batting. He always plays his natural cricket, no matter what condition is there in the field. He lifts the ball so cleanly that it falls across the boundary line and hits so timely that it appears that the ball has come out of his bat like cartride of the gun and cross the boundary line in the wink of eye . He still has much more cricket left with him. He is only 30 and he is going to play for India for a long time. He has to create many more records to bring many laurels for India.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ray of hope in northeast

With handing over of ULFA Chairman Arbinda Rajkhowa,deputy commander in chief of military operations and 9 others and government preparedness of starting peace talks with them, the ray of hopes of ending the decades long violence has dawned on northeast. Bangladesh under Prime Minister Sheikh Hassina has been very co-operative in detaining Arbind Rajkhowa and handing him over to BSF on Indo-Bangladesh border in Meghalay and from there they were brought to Assam to be produced in court. Nabbing of Arbinada Rajib Rajkhowa is a prize catch of India with the help of Bangladesh. Ulfa top brass had made Bangladesh a safe haven and from there they were operating against India. Sheikh Hassina’s predecessor whose government was in power on the basis of support from hardline regious parties which harboured ill will against had given full support to Indian separatist and secessionist outfits to operate against India. But it is the co-operative and friendly attitude of Sheikh Hassina that the arrest of Rajkhowa could be possible. Arbind Rajkhowa is one of four founding members of ULFA in 1979 of Assam. They perpetrared violence on the innocent citizens of northeast and demanding sovereignty of Assam . Union Home Minister has rightly said in Rajya Sabha on wedenessday that if the ULFA abjures violence and there is no demand of sovereignty, government is prepared to take forward peace process with them. Arbind Rajkhowa has always been in favour of starting talks with the government but the Commander-in-Chief of ULFA Paresh Baruah who is still at large has always been reluctant to peace talks with the government of India. He is reportedly somewhere in southeast countries. Government preparedness to start negotiation with ULFA for peace and development of northeast is good move but at the same time it must not lower guard because in the past whenever the government offered olive branch and relaxed military operations against the banned outfit ULFA, they took advantage of it in grouping themselves. It is also correct that ULFA is in dissaray and divided but the government must be wary of Paresh Baruah’s militant activities. It has also been reported that government offer of talks has been informed to Baruah through Rajkhowa and he has reportedly declined the offer. Even if that is so, government should not leave its effort to start negotiation with the ULFA leaders headed by Rajib Rajkhowa. The weakened and divided separatist and secessionist groups are beneficial to India. The Centre must start peace initiatives in northeast with whichever separatist groups who are ready to abjure violence, leave the demand of sovereignty and pledge faith in the Constitution of India.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Re-modelling Af-Pak policy

US president Barack Hussain Obama has announced to send 30,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan to clear it of resurging Taliban and Al-Qeada. After eight years of the mismanagement of Afghan Affairs, President Obama chalked out a new strategy to clear the malaise set in there in only 18 months as he announced after that the withdrawal of soldiers would begin from Afghanistan.But President Obama must ensure peace and the finish of Taliban and Al-Qeada before the start of the withdrawal process of soldiers from Afghanistan. It may be possible that the Taliban and Al-Qeada may shift their activities to Pakistan for the period soldiers stay in Afghanistan. At present also, Afghan-Pak border area is the hub of terror practised by Al-Qeada and Taliban. And this area is the epicentre of terrorism, which President Obama has also accepted in the policy statement on Af-Pak. After one year of presidency, Obama has come to realise that the epicentre of terrorism is Afghanistan-Pakistan and from here the plot to attack US and other countries were hatched, and it is being practiced presently also. Al-Qeada and Taliban are always on look out for nuclear weapons and Pakistan is a nuclear power state. It is also a fact that the abortive attempts by Taliban and Al-Qeada have been made to attack Pak nuclear installations.Pakistan is itself facing danger from these rougue elements. So, the entire international community is apprehensive of passing Pak nuclear weapons into the hands of Taliban and Al-Qeada elements. The US must take lead in removing this apprehension by crushing the scourge of terrorism without any loss of time. With the reinforcement of 30,000 US soldiers, its number has gone up to 100,000 and they have only eighteen months of time to do their job, which the US and its other allied soldiers have not done. While US military commander in Afghanistan had asked for 40,000 more soldiers. So far the US military operation in Afghanistan has been a failure. When Obama assumed the office of US presidency, it was expected that he would do something different in Afghanistan from his predecessor George W Bush. Because Bush had been a failure there. But only after a year he had also to tread the same path. He has said about the training of local Afghans in security and instructed President Karzai of delivering good governance. Obama wants the participation of local Afghans in the military operations against Taliban and Al-Qeada. But he has completely lost sight of the fact that the task which the US-led allied forces could not do in eight years, how will it be done in 18 months? Here it is every possibility that the Taliban and Al-Qeada would lie low for the eighteen months and after that they would appear in full strength.Though Obama this time announcing the new strategy on Af-Pak has consulted the major world powers,including India, he must concentrate on Pakistan to ensure that it acts against the militants sincerily. Otherwise, Obama's new Af-Pak strategy with meet the same fate.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kashmiri groups' response is positive , but handle them with care

It is good that the quiet talks have been going on between Kashmiri separatist groups and the Home Minister P Chidambram . The response of the groups is positive. This has been said by none other the Home Minister himself. Chidambram has said while answering the supplimentaries that the government is ready to talks to all shades of opinion in Kashmir. It is even prepared and will not shy away from talking to the groups which are demanding self rule or self determination. Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah is on the side of the government in quiet talks with Kashmiri groups. The talks have been going on away from the media glare and it has been kept quiet for obtaining better result. But Home Minister P Chidambaram must be alive to the divergent views developing within the separatist Kashmiri groups on the issue of quiet talks with the government of India. First of all, it must be kept in view that separatist groups in Kashmir are not the single party to the problem of the strife-torn state. Apart from them, there are displaced Kashmiri Pandit organisations and the groups of Laddakhis. All have to be given due space in the talks with government of India towards the resolution of the problems of Jammu and Kashmir. If the past experiences are anything to go by, the separatist and secessionist outfits are solely guided by their masters sitting across the border. Their track record is that they always dance at the tune of the countries which harbour ill-will against India. Recently, Omer Mirwaiz Farooq, Chairman of the moderate wing of Hurriyat Conference, has aired his voices of Chinese participation in the talks for the resolution of the Kashmir issue. It is his effort to internationalise the Kashmir issue fruitlessly, while India has already it clear umpteen times that the third party participation is out of question and the UN has also opined that the issue of Kashmir has no international relevance.As far as bilateral talks with Pakistan is concerned to resolve the Kashmir issue, India will not talk to it unless it brings the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks and dismantles the terror infrastructure on its soil. The separatist and secessionist groups in Kashmir are living in illusion that the government of India will accede to their demands of separatism and secessionism if they continued to play their Pakistan cards. But they must understand that no power on earth can take away Kashmir from India. Jammu and Kashmir is the soul of India and it is its integral part and will remain so. It will be better for the separatist and secessionist groups to pledge faith in Indian constitution and participate in the electoral process in the state by joining the mainstream politics and then make genuine demand on the government of India to concede for the development and peace in the state.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sheer neglect of people’s interest

The absence of MPs who had given notice to ask questions during the Question Hour in the Paliament shows the callous and careless behaviour of our MPs to the interest of the people they represent. Question Hour is the most important part of our parliamentary procedure. It is during the Question Hour that MPs can ask question to the minister concerned to know about the government activities on the burning issues of the national and international importance. It is the most regrettable thing in the history of the functioning of our Parliamentary history that the Question Hour was to cut short due to MPs’ absence. 34 MPs across the party lines had given notice to ask question but out of the 34 only two MPs were found present. It is nothing but the sheer neglect of their parliamentary duties. It also shows how careless and callous they are towards espousing the cause of the people whom they represent.The people send MPs to Parliament to raise their problems in the highest body of democracy. When the MPs do not understand the significance of Question Hour in Parliament, it would better in the interest of their electors to make way for others to do the job honestly and sincerely. The absence of MPs during Question Hour reflect why there is provision of Re-call in the parliamentary system of the US. Because after being elected, the majority of MPs think that they become masters and they would do what they like, flouting all norms of their parliamentary duties and their obligation to the people who have sent them to Parliament. MPs must understand that the voters are sovereign and they are their masters. MPs have to serve the people. The absence of MPs also shows disrespect to the Parliament. So every political party must rise above political affiliation and must make all their MPs present in Parliament when it is in session.And their presence in the Lok Sabha must be ensured if they had given notice to ask question during Question Hour. Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi has reportedly taken serious notice of skipping the Question Hour by her Party MPs. They were among the 34 MPs with questions listed against their names who were not in the House during question hour on Monday. The behaviour of the MPs in Parliament requires the provision of Re-call in our Constitution also like USA. Though our parliamentary democracy is based on West Minister Model of Britain, it does not function in reality on that line primarily because of the unparliamentary behaviour of MPs. This a matter of serious concern for all of us. The political parties must also issue whip to their MPs to ensure their presence when the Parliament is in session.