Monday, November 30, 2015

Save the earth and humanity

The climate risk grows day by day and world leaders have been unable to reach an agreement, which should be binding and acceptable for both developed and developing nations, after one Climate Summit after another. Lessening the temperature by cutting the emission of Carbon Dioxide is the toughest challenge before the world. Nation works for development for its people. When their very existence is in jeopardy, what use is that of the development? The Paris Climate Summit - Conference of Parties 21, is very important as it comes close on the heels of United Nations warning that 2015 is set to be the warmest year. The first and foremost task before the world leaders gathered in Paris to participate in conference of Climate Change is to development unanimity between developed, developing and under developed countries. Paris Climate Change Summit is one of the biggest gatherings of world leaders out of United Nations General Assembly. With participation from 190 countries in all, the summit will be attended by 40,000 delegates, journalists, observers and exhibitors. They have assembled in Paris to reach a deal to reduce global temperatures. The developed nations have greater responsibility to save the world as well as humanity from the growing climate risk. They must deliver on the promise they made of contributing 100 million dollar to developing nations and they are also required to provide all technological help to developing nation in procuring clean energy. Their approach towards the developing country must not be discriminatory. It is only due to the all our race for industrialization in developed countries that the temperature of the earth has risen alarmingly. As far as India is concerned, it has the capability and the biggest democratic to show the world a vision how to deal with the growing challenge of cutting down of the emission of carbon dioxide on the earth. It is only because of deforestation for the sake of industrialization that the hills are melting and there occur landslide, abnormal rain, drought, rising sea level and the temperature of the earth. If the emission level of carbon is not checked without any loss of time, the existence of all living beings will be wiped out from the earth. There is high expectation from the Paris Climate Change globally. If we did not learn from the natural calamities in the recent past that how they harmed the living beings, it would be our gravest folly. World leaders pledging for immediate action, calls that time is running out, International bodies urging nations to wake up and act and summits over summits, nothing has really turned out to be effective at least that's what the data says. World Meteorological Organization's conclusion that Greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere reached a record high for the 30th year in a row clearly shows ineffectiveness of the measures taken over the decades. Unwillingness of developed countries to do more for cutting emissions and the dilly dallying towards contributions for funds they pledged in 2009's Copenhagen summit to help developing nations is key to the trust deficit. Developing countries are demanding a robust agreement that expands economic opportunities, not one that erodes their interests even as climate risks grow.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Evolve consensus for constructive session

The winter session of Parliament begins from Nov. 26. The monsoon session has already been sacrificed at the altar of Vyapam and Lalit Modi scandals. The crores of public exchequer were wasted. No problem confronting the nation was discussed and debated to find out the solution. Neither the treasury nor the opposition bench budged from their stated stand, resulting in the total deadlock in Parliament. All democratic norms were thrown to the winds. Some of the important bills necessary for parliamentary approval to carry forward the economic reforms in the country are to be discussed in this winter session. It is necessary for the economy of the nation to be brought on fast track for creation of new jobs for youths. Both the ruling and the opposition know it well. But due to the vested interests of the both for political reasons best known to them, they are not prepared to evolve consensus in Parliament even in the interest of the nation. It is true that the govt. has greater responsibility to run the Parliament smoothly for the development of the country. It does not mean that opposition has no responsibility in running the Parliament. It too should be flexible in the interest of nation and co-operate with the government, especially, on those bills which even the opposition leaders think them necessary to be passed for carrying forward the economic reforms in interest of the people. Govt. should also be receptive to the demands made by the opposition for discussion on the issue confronting the nation. It must also give impression that it is not escapist on any issue raised by the opposition. The most important thing is that the Parliament must not be used to promote certain political agenda by treasury or opposition bench either. Parliament must not be converted into a fish market where no constructive business is possible. With the telecasting of parliamentary proceedings live, some of the ruling and the opposition party MPs deliberately behave in an ugly manner or rush into the well of the house so that they could catch the attention of camera to show them to their constituency members on TV. They do it deliberately at the cost of parliamentary business only to be in the limelight of the media. Parliament is the temple of democracy and the highest seat of debate and discussion of the issues confronting the nation. People elect their representatives to Parliament with the hope and aspiration that they would discuss and debate the issues that they are confronting in rural and urban areas. They do not elect them for creating bedlam and forcing adjournment of Parliament. The time of the Parliament is very precious. It must not be wasted. Both the treasury and the opposition benches must take considered view of the issue sans any party political interest. Nation hopes that this winter session of Parliament will be constructive and fruitful. The bills related to economic development are expected to be passed after thorough debate and discussion. Both the treasury and the opposition benches must set an example before the country that how they work together inside the Parliament in the winter session.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

React positively The ruling BJP leaders and Ministers must make positive reaction to the statement made by any of the celebrity, writer, artist and scientist on the growing intolerance in the country. It is true that intolerance has grown fast since Narendra Modi-led NDA came to power. After Bollywood super star Shahrukh Khan, another super star Aamir Khan has also stated about the apprehension developing in the mind of his wife to the extent of leaving the country because of growing intolerance. He says that he also cannot deny it. It should be taken seriously instead of treating it as his individual outpouring against the government. Near about 70 writers, artists and scientists have returned their awards to government in protest against the growing intolerance in the country. The ruling establishment should have thought that the incident of Dadri lynching, burning of two Dalit children alive, blackening the faces of writer and MLA in Mumbai and Delhi respectively clearly reflect the growing intolerance. All these reflect that the tendency is growing among a section of the people closely linked to ruling party in society to muzzle the voice of dissent. They want to physically remove all those who oppose them. They speak against their opponents in filthy languages. In the prevailing situation if Aamir Khan's wife expressed fear for her son about which he stated at a function, what is wrong in it? Aamir's wife has expressed the ground reality. The ruling BJP should have acted to assuage the hurt feeling of a section of society instead of charging them of raising voice about intolerance at the instigation of the opposition party. India is a democratic secular republic where the people have got freedom of expression. What to eat and what not to eat or how to dress is a personal affair of the people. Govt. has no business to interfere with the personal affair of the people. Indian Constitution has given right to expression to the people and there can not be any discrimination against any Indian on the basis of religion, colour, caste, creed and community. It does not behove of a governor of a state to say that India is only for Hindus. The post of Governor is a very high constitutional post. Modi government should have immediately taken serious note of anti-constitutional statement like this made by none other than the governor of a state . The statement like this creates fear in the minds of the people of other religions in the country. Rastriya Swayangsevak Sangh (RSS), the doting parent of the ruling BJP, has also raised the issue of constructing Ram Mandir at the disputed site in Ayodhya , which it describes as the best true tribute to the late International President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Ashok Singhal. BJP is the political arm of the RSS. Converting secular democratic India into a Hindu Rashtra is its main conception. Raking up the issue of constructing Ram Temple by none other than RSS boss Mohan Bhagwat on the occasion of paying tribute to Late VHP boss naturally creates fear in the minds of minority. Instead of addressing the issue of intolerance, Modi govt. sees the clamour over it as a conspiracy against it.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Samajwadi birthday bash in kingly style

Samajwadi Party supremo and one of the senior most political leaders of the country Mulayam Singh Yadav's birth day celebration was celebrated at his home village of Safai with all fanfares, shows and lavishness, throwing all norms of socialism to winds. It is the new definition of Samajwad that Mulayam gave by holding his 76th birthday celebration in kingly style. He has reportedly himself said that socialism no longer is the symbol of poverty. With the dominance of capitalism, if Mulayam’s birthday bash is anything to go by, socialism has now also started believing in luxury and lavishness at the cost of state exchequer. All the prominent Samajwadi leaders,his Chief Minister son Akhilesh Yadav, ministers, Bollywood stars and all VIPs have participated in Mulayam's birthday bash, and all sorts of expensive entertainment programmes were organized for the guests. Safai was done up like a bride at the cost of state exchequer. It is nothing but the mockery of all principles of socialism. This extravaganza is being displayed in the state where more than 50 of its districts have been announced drought-hits. Farmers are committing suicide and the state accounts for 22 percent of the population of the poor in the country. Recently a report appeared in a news paper which depicts the condition of unemployment in the state where for the vacancy of more than three hundred posts of peon were notified , and among candidates who applied against the vacancy were graduates, post graduates, Doctorate and Engineering degree holders. This is the condition of the state on one hand and display of dazzling light and lavishness on display in Safai on the other hand. Uttar Pradesh is the biggest state of the country. But it also leads the nation in illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and under-development on one hand and the tallest leader of the state ruling party is squandering crores of rupees on the birthday bash on the other. What is this? This is sheer misuse of public money and self-aggrandizement. Samajwadi stalwarts like Jayprakash Narayan and Ram Manohar Lohia might be feeling unrest in their graves over the extravaganza displayed on the birthday bash of one of their disciples. Mulayam Singh Yadav should have realized that the people in the state are struggling to meet their both ends on the one hand and the display of a lavish party on his birthday is in no way justified on the other. His grand birthday bash also sends the message out among the people that the leaders of the ruling party consider the state as his/her fiefdom. Ruling party leaders do all this to show that they are in command of the state and the people are their subjects, not masters. In the prevailing situation of famine in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the extravaganza on the birthday bash of the most powerful leader of the ruling Samajwadi party shows how they made mockery of the problems being faced by farmers and labourers . The people of Uttar Pradesh are watching the misuse of public exchequer silently and they will give their verdict in the coming assembly elections in 2017.

Friday, November 20, 2015

People’s expectation is very high in Bihar from CM Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar has been sworn in as the CM of Bihar for the fifth time. The just concluded assembly election was a litmus test for him which he passed with distinction. He led Grand Alliance, which decimated Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA in Bihar. PM Modi, who is not only the most popular leader of BJP but also of the country, was Nitish Kumar's number one rival in the elections. It was the development image that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar achieved in the last 10 years of his regime proved to be extremely beneficial for him in the just concluded assembly elections. It was his development image that crippled all opposition, howsoever formidable it might be. He was the face of Grand Alliance comprising Lalu's RJD, Congress and JD(U) and the opposition NDA comprising BJP, LJP, HAM and Kushwaha's party. NDA was led by PM Modi and the Grand Alliance was led by CM Nitish Kumar. Despite addressing a number of mammoth rallies, PM Modi did not make much impression on the people of Bihar to vote NDA. The development oriented CM Nitish Kumar became able to impress on the people that he would work for the development of the state with doubly force if re-elected to power. The people of Bihar reposed faith in him and voted his grand Alliance to power with overwhelming majority. This is the third time in a row that the people of the state recognized his vision, development-oriented policies and programmes. CM Nitish Kumar is counted among the honest political leaders of the country. Despite being Chief Minister of the state for nearly about 9 years, no charge of corruption has been leveled against him even by the opposition party. He has an unblemished political career. He has not only been a successful CM of Bihar but also a shrewd politician to make a winning strategy. He is also well-educated and engineer-turned politician. Now Nitish Kumar govt. has been formed, and his opposition propagated during the campaigning of assembly elections that if GA came to power, its govt. under Nitish Kumar would be remote controlled by RJD boss Lalu Prasad Yadav. Opposition propagated that in the Nitish-led GA govt. in Bihar, there may be Lalu's two sons in his Cabinet as ministers. And they would place hurdles in Nitish's development programmes and act for their political agenda as the opposition thinks. But the opposition must know that first of all it is 2015 and not 90s and it is Nitish Kumar not Rabri Devi who was allegedly remote controlled by Lalu Yadav . It is CM Nitish Kumar who always stood for a principled politics and good governance. Lalu Yadav has also realized that the massive mandate that the GA got is because of the development-oriented face of CM Nitish Kumar. It is correct that Lalu's RJD as emerged as the largest political party in the state but it is at the same time appropriate to say that on the issue of development, clean, good governance and rule of law, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar can not compromise. Development, clean,good governance and rule of law are much more endeared to CM Nitish Kumar than power. People have a very high expectation from his government in this stint. CM Kumar would have to work hard to come up to people's expectation. The people of Bihar also pitch forked CM Nitish Kumar on the national politics and there is all possibility that Kumar may emerge as the rallying point of all political leaders who are opposed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If the presence of a number of CMs and national political leaders of different parties at his today’s swearing-in ceremony, Nitish Kumar is sure to emerge as a strong contender to power of Delhi in 2019.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Not enough to exude confidence among the masses

Diversity is India's specialty and it has tremendous social strength, including pluralism. This is the comment that Prime Minister made in the world's prestigious Magazine Economists. But if he had taken hard measures against his own party leaders who made statements which acted like fuel to fire, the situation of intolerance would not have reached to this level in the country where more than 70 writers, artists and scientists returned their national awards to protest it. This is the third time that PM Modi has talked about tolerance, pluralism and our unity in diversity. We have to keep them intact. Unity in diversity is our specialty and valued legacy which we have to keep intact at all costs. It is our age-old specialty for which India is known all over the world. Prime Minister may give grandstanding statements and views delineating the importance of our legacies such as unity in diversity, pluralism and tolerance but his lecture did not make any impression on the fringe group within his political party BJP. The BJP leaders have in a planned way allegedly given inflammatory speeches against a section of society and of a particular community after the incidents of Dadri lynching by a mob over the rumour of slaughtering of calf and eating beef and the burning of two Dalit children alive to polarize the society for political benefit in Bihar elections, which were underway. That PM Modi failed to stop. Prime Minister Narendra Modi being the leader of the nation must take the divisionary voices of BJP leaders seriously and act against them immediately. No BJP motor mouths have been punished so far. The productivity and development have come to a standstill under the prevailing circumstance. There appears to be an atmosphere of fear all around the country. It is natural for the people to have very high expectation from the Narendra Modi government. But when the country’s attention is grabbed by divisionary and troublesome statements, the tempo of development is bound to be affected. People have voted overwhelmingly in favour of PM Modi with an expectation that he would bring relief to them in all aspects of life. On the contrary when the people see nothing on the ground in the name of improvement; they are bound to be disillusioned, which has been clearly reflected in the Bihar assembly results where BJP has been decimated. PM Modi has to take stringent action against the BJP motor mouths so that a message could go out in society that he not only speaks in favour of pluralism and diversity but also act against all those whose speech tears the secular fabric of society. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in May 2014 with massive mandate from the people, a new hope arose among them. But in the last 17 months the one tragic incident after another and no relief on price rise front have disillusioned the people with NDA govt. It is not only Economist but also almost all news magazines and news papers of national and international repute wrote highly of him. But only after 17 months, all have started writing stingingly against his government and consider Bihar assembly defeat as the defeat of Prime Minister Modi. So Prime Minster should know that merely taking high moral ground, keeping silent on the burning issues that confront the nation and failing to act against the fringe BJP leaders can not serve any purpose.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Need of united effort to deal with terror menace

In the wake of ISIS attack in Paris that killed 140 innocent people and injured, it is necessary for all countries, especially India which has born the brunt of terrorism most, to keep themselves in preparedness to thwart any terror attack. ISIS is one degree upper than Al-Qaida. Al-qaida, Taliban, Lashkar, Jaishe Mohammad and others of the same ilk may pose danger anytime anywhere in the country. In the recent months, on every Friday after the Nawaz congregation in Jammu and Kashmir, the flags of ISIS, Pak are being waved openly. It indicates that ISIS and Pak-based terror outfits are on look out for opportunity to strike. Our central intelligence agencies must share information with the state intelligence agencies and vice versa. The government of India must make sure that should be no lacunae in coordinating with one another for gathering information. Either the intelligence failure or not acting on it has been the main reason behind failure to thwart the terror attack. It was the sheer failure of intelligence report due to which the French police failed to have a scent of the terror attack in advance. To wipe out terrorism from the face of the earth, it is necessary for the entire world to share single platform, intelligence, thought and view how to achieve the desired result for peace and progress of the people. There should be a campaign against terrorism without any discrimination and bias. Terror is terror. It can not be good. It is always bad. The terrorist attack in any country and the killing of the people in any country must be treated equally. It is completely unjustified that if the terror attack takes place in the powerful country, it is serious and if it takes place in the developing country, it is normal. Until and unless the terror is treated equally with iron hand, it can not be wiped out. First of all, there should be singling out of all those countries, howsoever powerful they might be, which are involved in abetting, financing and sponsoring terror to serve their vested interest. Whichever country is found to be involved in promoting terror to hurt its enemy must be thrown in isolation and all sources of terror funding must be cut off immediately. One thing is crystal clear that no religion teaches intolerance and killing of the innocent people for its sake. Every religion is pious, sacred, perfect and benevolent. ISIS misguides the youths all over the world that they are fighting on the call of their religion. It is for the sake of religion that they are fighting. Whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Budhdhist or Jainism, no religion permits the shedding of blood. The killing in Paris terror attack must be condemned in the strongest possible term by the entire world. And every nation has the responsibility to impress on its youths not to be misled by the terror organization. Both hard and judicious majors need to be taken to wipe our terrorism. No community can be held responsible for the terror attack in any nation. It is some misguided, disgruntled and frustrated people who have adopted terrorism. Terrorism is the number one enemy of humanity.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

President's disapproval

President Pranab Mukherjee has rightly said the awards should be cherished and valued by those who receive them. He has disapproved the returning of awards by a section of writers, artists and scientists over growing intolerance in the country. Those writers, artists and scientists who have returned their awards should know that this honour has been given by the nation, and not by any government. The nation has recognized their work, merit and contribution to the promotion of literature, arts and science and that is why they have been awarded. The growing intolerance is nothing to do with the returning of the awards. It is the failure of the government to contain it. Prime Narendra Modi has developed a habit of keeping quiet over the burning issue confronting the society. The way Iqlakh was lynched by a mob in Dadri is a stark example of intolerance. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not open his mouth on the tragic incident, and only referred President's statement to keep country's legacy of unity in diversity, secularism and tolerance intact to follow after 10 days during an election campaign in Bihar. It shows how lightly PM takes the issue, which directly linked to our country's valued principle. Undoubtedly, the growing intolerance is perceptible in every sphere of life under the dispensation of the govt. of the day. With the tacit support from a political section connected with the government, the voice of dissent is being crushed in the country. This may have angered the writers, artists and scientists and because of that they returned over the failure of the govt. to protect the voice of dissent in the country. President has rightly said that sensitive minds sometimes get disturbed by some incidents in society. But, expression of concern over such events should be balanced. Emotions should not overrun reason, and disagreement should be expressed through debate and discussion. President advice to the returnees of awards is correct, but at the same time the govt. of the day has responsibility to look into why they did it. There must be appreciation and criticism with open mind. Prime Narendra Modi has not spoken a single word on the returning of awards over growing intolerance. His govt. has so far made no initiative to invite them for talks. Every problem can be solved through debate, discussion and talk. At least 75 writers, historians, filmmakers and scientists have returned prestigious awards to protest what they say is an attempt by right-wing organizations to muzzle free speech and individual rights, citing murder of rationalist MM Kalburgi, mob lynching of a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh over rumours of beef consumption and murder of two Dalit children in Faridabad. The returning of awards has also come under criticism from within the intelligentsia. The feeling of the intelligentsia may have been hurt by growing intolerance which compelled them to return awards in hopeless situation created with the help of the powers that be. It is the responsibility of Narendra Modi govt. to look into the reasons and think why they are returning the awards. The returning of awards by the intelligentsia of the society is their disgust in the prevailing intolerant situation in the country. President Pranab Mukherjee's valued advice must be considered seriously by the intelligentsia so that there could now be no return of award.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Unprecedented reception

It was an unprecedented welcome to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Britishers as well as Indian diasporas at Wembley in London. After the US, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to UK is hogging the headlines of national and international news papers. Undoubtedly, his visit to almost all foreign countries have been successful barring in our backyard Nepal where despite tumultuous welcome to him, it provides space to China to our annoyance and blames India for blockading the supply of petroleum products like, diesel and LPG and giving support to Madhesis. So, instant media focus on PM’s foreign trips and their wide coverage of the jamboree of Indian diasporas to welcome him on foreign land make no meaning for the nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is first to address British Parliament, though it was not in session yet all MPs were in attendance. It is also true that he has put a sense of nationalism among the Indian diasporas living in different countries. The people of Indian origin in the US at Madison Square welcomed Prime Minister Modi very warmly and he with his excellent oratorical quality made them hilarious and infused a sense of help to the country of their origin. The way Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given rousing welcome with red carpet laying all around for him in England, which had ruled on us, is unprecedented. British Prime Minister welcomed PM Modi with open heart and heaped praise on him profusely. He assured him of helping India in its attempt of making Digital India and Skill India a total success. Britishers have been our masters and we have got freedom from them. But we have felt nowhere uneven behavior on the part of either the Queen Elizabeth or British Prime Minister David Camron with Prime Minister Modi. As India has a very big market and it has also immense potential with being the third largest economy, all the western countries prefer to look towards India. Market has been the deciding factor in determining and establishing relation. The down turn in China and economic upward of India have changed the world perception on economic front. India is also an emerging economy and there seems no sign of world-wide economic slump on it. It has resilience to weather off any economic downturn at any point of time. Trade and business have been the main theme of the talk between PM Modi and his British counterpart Camroon. British PM Camron's body language while exhorting the Wembley crowd to welcome PM Modi clearly reflects that he needs Indian market as much as India needs British investment. Despite being a successful Japan, China, US, UK etc. visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and singing of agreements in regard to business, trade and investment with them, nothing is perceptible on the ground. Undoubtedly, PM Modi has raised India's image abroad as foreign countries have realized that India too wants business and it has finally put its feet on the path of economic reforms very strongly. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent the Friday morning at Chequers where he continued his discussions with his counterpart PM David Cameron.The two leaders took a walk in the compounds of Chequers Court which is the country house retreat of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It has been the private retreat of the Prime Minister since 1921. The two leaders also planted a sapling to mark the visit.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Bihar is verdict against intolerance, price rise and false promises

The Bihar verdict has given a clear message against growing intolerance, price rise, politics over beef, uncalled for statement on reservation by ruling BJP's doting parent Mohan Bhagwat that it is to be reviewed and the false promises made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the last Lok Sabha election campaignings as Prime Ministerial candidate. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made tall promises to the people during Lok Sabha election campaigns that if he was elected to power, his govt. would give relief to the people on all fronts. He had promised to bring down prices of the essential commodities, including food items, which was very high during the last phase of the previous UPA govt., and bring back black money stashed in foreign banks within hundred days. PM Modi had promised that the amount of black money was so heavy that after bringing it back, his govt. would give 15 to 20 lakhs in the account of every Indian. He said that he would fulfill his promises in 100 days only. 17 months have elapsed neither any black money was brought back nor Rs. 15 to 20 lakh was deposited with any Indian bank account holder. Instead of any ease on any front, the prices of all essential commodities rose higher and higher without any check in with his coming to power. The pulse and onion prices broke the all previous records. That is why Biharis rejected the BJP in this state assembly election. Bihar verdict may be described as the victory of pulse over beef. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the single face of the BJP in the state of Bihar. He had held about 40 election rallies and entertained the audience a lot. But what his party got in return is all before us. The killing of Iqlakh over mere suspicion that he slaughtered calf and at beef, blackening of the faces of writer Sudheerendra Kulkarni in Mumbai for organizing the book launch of Pak foreign minister Mahmud Kasauri and J& K independent MLA Rashid Engineer in Delhi for holding beef party allegedly by Shiv Sainiks and Hindu Senas respectively clearly shows the growing intolerance in the country with Narendra Modi-led NDA govt coming to power. No secular Indian can tolerate these acts. Our Constitution does not permit any body to control and direct the people as to what to eat, how to dress and which religion to adopt. Bihar is testimony to the fact that it has never supported sectarian, divisive and communal agenda with which Modi-led NDA govt. tried to go ahead. It would reign in unbridled BJP motor mouths. Biharis too had overwhelmingly voted to BJP in the last general elections but when they found that PM Modi believed only in tall talking and doing nothing on the ground, they showed their displeasure in the just concluded Bihar assembly elections. Undoubtedly, the criteria for voting in Bihar has been caste since the first elections and it has increased election after elections, but this type of massive victory recorded by the Grand Alliance of Congress, RJD and JD(U) under the leadership of CM Nitish Kumar can not be possible with only caste-based voting. CM Nitish Kumar-led Grand Alliance has swept the elections and pulverized the rival PM Modi-led NDA in Bihar. And Bihar verdict would have far reaching political consequences on national level. It has also shown that PM Modi-led NDA is no longer invincible. It has given an impetus to the opposition. Bihar verdict itself shows that the people irrespective of caste, creed, community and region voted for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is development-oriented. Biharis reposed faith in him very strongly. No political leader can stand up to CM Ninish Kumar at this point of time in the Bihar. This verdict may pitch-fork him as a contender to PM Modi at national level. The time is running out for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and if he failed to read the writing on the wall and continued to keep himself silent on various tormenting incidents in the country, the people would no longer hear his grandstanding speeches.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Don't see the prevailing situation with jaundiced eyes

Undoubtedly, Anupam Kher is a famous Bollywood actor, but the march for India against intolerance led by him to counter protests by writers and artistes against "rising intolerance “lends little credence because of his being close to the ruling party. He also happens to be the husband of BJP MP Kirron Kher. So it is natural that he would speak for Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. The counter march taken out by film actors and writers, who support BJP, reflects that they have chosen the path of confrontation. It would be better for the country if Anupam Kher had taken initiative in arranging talks between Modi govt. and writers, film makers and scientists who have returned their national awards in protest against growing intolerance in the country. Instead of mollifying them, BJP supporter writers and film personalities have aggravated the situation by taking out march for India against intolerance to counter protests. Anumpam Kher says that award Wapsi is to defame the country by projecting a wrong picture of the situation. It appears from his statement that he is blind to whatever is happening all over the country in pursuit of establishing the supremacy of the religion of the majority. What is Dadri lynching over the suspicion of Calf slaughtering and eating beef? Why was Akhlaq killed on mere suspicion that he slaughtered calf and ate the beef? It is the naked example of intolerance. The situation of intolerance has reached to such a pass that the news about it is being made headlines even in prestigious foreign news papers and News magazine. The blackening of writer Sudheerendra Kularni only for organizing the launch of Pak foreign minister Mehmud Kasauri's book launch in Mumbai allegedly Shiv Sainiks and the blackening of the face of independent J& K MLA Rashid Engineer allegedly by Hindu hardliners after being thrashed in the assembly by BJP MLA for holding the beef party clearly reflect that there is no freedom of expression and personal liberty. The killing of writers and rationalists allegedly by Hindu hardliners, who are bent on establishing the supremacy of Hindu religion over others, clearly reflects that there is no space for sense of reasoning. Food choice is a matter of personal affairs. What we should eat or what should we not eat can not be decided by others. What do we call this type of situation? It is nothing but intolerance. Anupam Kher has led a march to Rashtrapati Bhavan alleging that the "award-wapsi" campaign was to defame the country by projecting a "wrong" picture of the situation. It clearly appears that he sees all things with jaundiced eyes. At least 75 members of the intelligentsia have returned national or literary awards in an escalation of protests by writers, historians, filmmakers and scientists over "growing intolerance", voicing fears that the country's robust democracy might be "coming apart" in the current atmosphere. Instead of inviting writers, film makers and scientists, who have returned awards in protest against growing intolerance, for talks to know their point of view, the BJP-led government has dismissed the protest as "manufactured rebellion" and "politically" motivated.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Pay immediate attention to Nepal

The strained relation with Nepal is not good for India and vice versa. A misunderstanding has developed in Nepal that the scarcity of petroleum products in the country is being deliberately created by India. As India's response to the newly chartered Constitution has been lukewarm, Nepal took it otherwise. India openly expressed its reservation on the failure of Nepali Constitution maker s to incorporate proportional representation for Madhesi population of the country. Madhesis have been excluded from the high posts like President, Prime Minister and High Court judges. It is nothing but sheer injustice. But the situation is required to be dealt with tactfully by prevailing on Nepal that the constitution must be inclusive in democracy. And no section of society should feel alienated. The recent death of an Indian student in police firing in Nepal and India’s angry response to it has also made the situation worse. Madhesis have been agitating against the adoption of new constitution, which they describe as discriminatory, for several months. Police had suppressed their agitation time and again. There are people to people relation between Madhesis and Indians. They are very much similar in nature and practice to Indians. As China has always been look out to distance India's neighbouring country as they have done with Pakistan, they grabbed the opportunity and supplied diesel and petrol to meet the requirement of Nepal. India failed the gauze the situating developing in Nepal in time. It is nothing but the failure of India's foreign policy. Nepal has been our traditional friend. Both India and Nepal are close-door neighbours and enjoyed very good relation. Nepal's two third of trade is with India. India is the best destination of Nepalese for livelihood. A largest number of Nepalese lives in India. China and Pakistan are their least concerns. In the given situation, Nepal’s bonhomie with China is nothing but the failure of India's foreign policy. Nepal was dependent on 67% of petroleum consumption on India but when it found that there had been blockade on its supply. So, Nepal looked towards China for petrol, diesel and LPG, which is very bad signal for India. But at the same India also can not bear with Nepal govt. discrimination with Madhesis population. So, India required dealing with the situation tactfully and diplomatically. With Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister of India, he made two quick visits to Nepal and his govt.'s instant response with relief material to its earthquake, which caused wreckage, brought Nepal closure to India. It is the newly chartered constitution which has caused strain between the two countries. Though China can not continue to supply petroleum products like Petrol, diesel and LPG due to difficult road route, India must start sending trucks of essential commodities and petroleum products to Nepal. It is India's success in its foreign policy if it keeps the neighbours in good humour. The good relation with neighbour would not allow any other nation to set its foot in our backyard.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Reign in motor mouths

The way Super star Shahrukh Khan, who is also lovingly called king Khan, was attacked by BJP motor mouths- Kailash Vijayvargia, Yogi Aditya Nath and others of the same ilk - merely for expressing disgust over the increasing intolerance in the country on his 50th birthday is a cause of great concern for the entire nation. He has rightly said that religious intolerance will take us to dark ages. He has made India proud with his extra-ordinary cinematic, artistic and entertaining skills. And all Indians are proud of him. PM should reign in his party motor mouths to keep our country’s chief characteristic -unity in diversity- intact. Shahrukh Khan is one of the most popular Bollywood actors of our country. He is popular not only in his own country but also the world over. He earned pride, glamour and prestige for the country. His Indianness can not be questioned. Comparing Khan with the dreaded Pak-based and India's most wanted terrorist Hafiz Sayeed by the BJP MP is a great disservice for the nation. BJP leaders, MPs and Ministers are habituated to asking all Indians who ever raised voice against the Narendra Modi government at the Centre to go Pakistan. They even said that Khan spoke in the language of Hafiz Sayeed and accused him of treason. What is this? It is completely nonsensical behavior towards our luminary. BJP and its leaders must know that the father of Shahrukh Khan was a veteran freedom fighter. His father became freedom fighter at a very young age. Khan's family had migrated to India from Pakistan after the partition. So his nationality and patriotism is unquestioned. He is known world over as one of the biggest Bollywood stars with innumerable number of fans in India as well as abroad. The way Dadri lyching and blackening of Sudheerendra Kulkarni's face in Mumbai for organizing the launch of Pak former foreign minister Mehmud Kasauri’ book and Independent J&K MLA Engineer Rashid's MLA in Delhi for organizing beef party by the Hindu hardliners is nothing but increasing intolerance in society. Engineer Rashid had already been manhandled by BJP MLA in J&K assembly itself. The situation becomes dangerous when BJP and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi's warning to party leaders not to make statements that encourage intolerance and create division in society have fallen on deaf hear. The motor mouths of BJP continued to shoot whenever any opposition political leader or celebrity expressed his or her view on increasing intolerance in society and against the government. Why did the Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. instead of describing the return of national awards by several writers, scientists and celebrities of different fields in protest against the intolerance as manufactured act not call them for talks to know their point of views? The killing of rationalists- Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare - and renowned literary personality Dr. Kalburgi - allegedly by the Hindu hardliners who are bent on establishing orthodox social order even in 21st century is nothing but a naked example of intolerance . Prime Minister Narendra Modi should realize immediately that now the time has come to reign in his party's unbridled leaders and minister, who compare the two Dalit children who were burnt alive, with dogs. It shows their insensitivity to the people who belong to weaker section and religious minority. India is a secular democratic republic. The govt. can discriminate against the people who belong to minority community. India's secular fabric must be kept intact.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lowest level of political discourse in Bihar elections

The people have witnessed the lowest level of politics by both the contenders of power in Bihar. Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA is pitted against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar-led Grand Alliance in the ongoing Bihar assembly elections. The fifth and final phase of election comes to an end on Nov.5 and counting of votes will be held on Nov. 8. Both the contenders of power claim of their victory. This Bihar assembly election is the most keenly contested one in the history of independent India. It is the day of result i.e. Nov 8 on which people will come to know who won or who lost. Whichever side wins, the margin of victory will be very thin. There is neck to neck fight between NDA and GA. NDA is led by PM Modi while GA is led by CM Nitish Kumar. PM Narendra Modi himself is the face of NDA while GA has projected CM Nitish Kumar as its face in Bihar assembly elections. PM Modi has been the single star campaigner of NDA. He has broken all previous records of campaigning in assembly elections in a state by any other former PM. He has held more than 40 rallies in the ongoing Bihar assembly elections. His prestige as PM is at stake in this election. As the result of the assembly elections will have far reaching political ramifications both at the Centre and in the state, both sides have put everything at the stake to win. There is do or die situation for both the contenders. Both NDA and GA avowedly say that they are fighting elections on the agenda of development and good governance but neither of them allows the issue of religion, caste and community go untouched. Since 1952 elections, Bihar has always witnessed as caste being the single most important factor in casting of votes. The same situation of caste-wise voting has taken place in this ongoing Bihar election. As the people of Bihar are politically very conscious, it is difficult for any analyst or pollster to make prediction. The ramifications of Bihar assembly election result will put question mark on unquestioned leadership of PM Modi in NDA if it looses. If the GA looses, there will be the end of Lalu’s political career, question mark on Nitish political future and hopeless in Congress with the leadership. The Bihar assembly elections show that the politicians are only interested in power and they have nothing to do with development. It also shows that even the leader of the stature of Prime Minister can go to the lowest level of politics. It is no matter whether it is communal, caste or religious issue, politicians can focus on any of these three issues to garner votes. Grand Alliance under the leadership of CM Nitish Kumar is the conglomeration of secular democratic politics whereas NDA under the leadership of PM Modi represents the right of the Centre. Not even a single day has passed in Bihar poll campaign on which the leaders from both sides have gone all time low. Grand Alliance has edge over NDA certainly in one area. It is the leadership of CM Nitish Kumar, who has been a development-oriented politician and on this count he is unmatched in the state. No political leader across the party line stands up to Kumar in Bihar. It is because of differences within the Bihar BJP that the central leadership did not project any party leader in the state BJP as its chief ministerial candidate. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is himself the sailor of Bihar BJP boat to the shore. Now only three days are left to go when we would come to know who emerged victorious in nation's one of the most keenly contested assembly elections.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Check sky-rocketing price If one thing was behind the disillusionment of the people with the previous UPA government, it was the run away price of all essential commodities, including all food items. And because of its failure to check the rising prices, the people saw hope in the promises made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha election campaigns as prime ministerial candidate of BJP. The common people and the youths of the country were completely carried away by his grandstanding slogan. It is not only the price rise but also communal harmony, creation of jobs and peaceful co-existence on which Modi govt. has failed to deliver any result. The common people of the country are finding extremely difficult to fill their stomachs. Their back is being broken by the unbridled price of essential commodities, including food items. The price of green vegetables is going up and up. Onion is already bringing tears to the people eyes. The price of Pulses has broken all previous record and presently they at all time high. Some raids in different parts of the nation have also exposed the level of black marketing and hoarding by business men. It is true that inclement weather has also contributed to price rise of food items. The question arises now that the price of food items largely depends agricultural production, which is mostly dependent on rain, and if that is the ground reality, what was the need for making tall promises. The price of Arhar pulse has crossed Rs. 200 a Kg and onion Rs. 80 a Kg. Both pulse and onion are the staple food of the poor. But in the given situation of price rise, they can not afford to buy pulses and onion. Prime Minister Modi is an excellent orator, but he never mentions nor does give a hint at price rise issue during his month-long Bihar poll campaigns. The ruling BJP says that during its rule, the prestige of the country has gone high abroad. But what does it mean for the poor who are struggling hard to meet their both ends. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised during his Lok Sabha poll campaigns that if he was elected to power, he would bring the black money stashed away in foreign banks back, and the amount is so high that every India would have Rs. 15-20 lakhs in their bank accounts. But it has so far proved an eyewash. If the result of Munuicipal elections in Maharashtra and Panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh is anything to go by, the hopelessness with Modi-led NDA govt. among the people is clearly reflected and it also shows the sharp fall in PM Modi’s popularity . If a global account report on price rise is to be considered, it is higher by 18 percent than that of the price rise in Pakistan. On the price rise issue, Modi-led NDA govt. has left Pak behind. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also failed to push forward the reforms process and check the rising intolerance in society. If the intolerance would be dismissed as manufactured by the Modi govt., the foreign investors would certainly think twice before investing in India.