Thursday, December 23, 2010

JPC or PAC is no public concern

The entire Winter Session of Parliament was wasted over the Opposition demand of Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the 2G Scam. However, the treasury becnches were rigid on not conceding the JPC demand. They are ready for Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to look into CAG report on the irregularities in the allocation of 2G licences. The Opposition parties are of the view that JPC is like mini Parliament. As Parliament can not run so long, JPC will do the purpose to probe from all angles, especially political thoroughly. The Opposition rigidity with JPC demand has been described by the ruling party as political blackmail. Opposition says that PAC will examine the CAG report, Supreme Court monitored CBI enquiry will look into criminality angle of the scam and JPC will look into political angle of the scam. As there has been startling revelation about the nexus between corporate, politician and journalist to influence the allocation of ministerial birth through the telephonic talks of corporate lobbyists Nira Radia, the demand for JPC is not out of place. This telephonic talks were tapped and leaked to the media. If these telephonic talks are true, there has been the infringement on the prerogative right of the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. That must be investigated thoroughly. Prime Minister has announced that he has nothing to hide. PM's integrity and honesty is beyond doubt. He has also declared that he is prepared to face the PAC. Now the question arises when the PM is of clean image what holds him not to concede the Opposition demand of JPC, which has already cost the winter session of Parliament. While the Opposition and ruling parties make allegations and counter allegation of corruption, the general common people have no concern but they only want the person found guilty of corruption must be awarded deterrent punishment. There must not be wastage of invaluable parliamentary time over the controvery of JPC or PAC. This is political drama. Still, if the mood of Opposition leaders are anything to go by, the Budget Session of Parliament would meet the same fate. The common people wish saner sense would prevail on opposition as well as ruling to find a way out for the unanimous forum to probe the 2G Scam. In this process, the ruling party has greater responsibility to ensure the functioning of the Parliament. Otherwise, democracy would be in danger. Though JPC in the past has not yielded any result, what prevents the ruling party from accepting the JPC. It is also clear that PM's image is clean and he is prepared to appear before PAC. If he is called by the JPC, he should have no fear in appearing before it.

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