Thursday, April 29, 2010

Callous negligence in DU lab

With the origin of the Cobalt- 60 established and reflected clearly that how callously the so dangerous sustance was lying in the Department of Chemistry unused for the last 25 years and sold through auction without taking into consideration its implications if lapses were committed due to ignorance of its effect the scrap dealer of west Delhi in Mayapuri, it is now the responsibility of the Delhi government to take preventive measures against radiation in future. The ridiculous thing is that all this was done by none other than the organisation known for using Cobalt - 60 very carefully by the experts of the members of Chemistry department of Delhi university. Though the Vice-Chancellor Deepak Dental has taken moral responsibility of the radiation, DU must make thorough inquiry about how it took place and why it was lying unused for so long a time uncared. It must ensure that such types of incident may not recur in future. The impact of the radiation of Cobalt - 60 is so deadly that in absence of treating the desease caused by exposure to it for the lack of expertise in government hospitals make the incident horrible.The origin of radioactive Cobalt-60 found in west Delhi’s Mayapuri, which led to the death of one person, has been traced to Delhi University’s Chemistry Department where it was lying unused since the last 25 years. The Cobalt-60 was in a Gamma Irradiator, which was bought in 1968 from Canada The scrap dealers dismantled the equipment and in the process, the lead covering on it was pealed off leading to radiation exposure.The equipment was in use till 1985 and after that it was lying in a room unused. Govt has rightly decided to train doctors in treatment of radiation cases. It is good that in the wake of radiation at a scrapyard, Delhi Government has decided to chalk out a programme in consultation with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to train its doctors for such emergencies.Health Minister has assured that the Delhi Government hospitals would be trained to treat patients affected by nuclear, biological, chemical or radioactive material.It has also decided to set up an isolated ward at a city hospital to offer treatment in such cases.Govt. must follow the guidelines and recommendations of NDMA to meet the challenges of any such incidents.If the the Delhi Health Minister is to believed, the government is highly concerned about the incident of radiation leak and will put its best effort to ensure that no such incident happen in future.The radiation, which has taken life of one man, if not checked in future and the Delhi Government and Delhi University continued to be casual and callously negligent in keeping Cobalt- 60, it may lead to catstrophe in the national capital Delhi.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cut motion defeated, but not the issue

As was expected, the cut motion was defeated by a massive margin courtesy to the alleged deal with UP Chief Minister and BSP supremo who extended support to the UPA government on the issue. The cut motion was sponsored by the main opposition BJP-led National Democratic Alliance and the Left against the government on the issue of sky-rocketing price of essential commodities and the excessive hike in the price of petroleum products. The opposition leader Sushma Swaraj and CPI MP Gurudas Das Guptpa move the cut motion in Lok Sabha on price rise of all commodities and fertilizers, which was defeated by a massive margin. If the cut motion was passed in the Lok Sabha, the UPA government would have been to resign. But the opposition must have thought that Congress-led UPA would at no cost let its act of Giridhar Gomango repeated by the opponents who tried to do with Jharkhand CM Sibu Soren, who made the U-Turn by going with the UPA government in Lok Sabha despite the fact that he was heading JMM-BJP coalition government. The a day after the voting on cut motion, BJP withdrew support to Soren govt. in Jharkhand.It clearly reflects that the Congress party has got mastery in floor management and smoothly arranging to thwart any attempt to topple the government in the House as far as the number game is concerned. It has already acted the role of master juggler in the art of numbers in the past also. Though by defeating the cut motion the UPA has assured the nation and the world alike that the government is stable, which is a good sign in the given situation of economic revival after the worldwide economic slump, the sky-rocketing price of all commodities, especially the food items is alarming and that must be halted. The back breaking price rise is hurting all economic categories of soceity and the poor are badly hit. So the UPA government must not celebrate the victory in Lok Sabha and its top priority must be to address the issue of price rise. If it fails to act before the situation goes out of hand, it is bound to get befitting reply from the people of the country in next general elections. UPA govt. has defeated the cut motion by a massive margin as 246 MPs voted against it and 162 voted in favour with SP and RJD MPs abstaining from voting. The opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the Left parties moved cut motions in the Lok Sabha against the Budget proposals to hike prices of fuels and fertilisers but the govt. comfortably passed the test of strength.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Issue of Indo-Pak bilateral talk

Though Foreign Secretary Nirupma Rao has said that
there is no bilateral meeting scheduled between Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistan counterpart
Yusuf Raza Gilani , India’s previous attitude despite
Pakistan’s repeated reluctance to address its
concerns about terrorism, that is being sponsored
from across the border, is to be taken in view there
is every possibility of bilater talks between the two
neighbours on the sidelines of Saarc meeting in
Bhutan next week. Talks between the two are good but at the same time
it must be result-oriented in a positive way. India
has sent dossiers after dossiers to Pakistan to act
against those involved in Mumbai attacks but it has
never been seriously taken up from the other side and
always defend them about the innocence of the
accused. One thing that makes the possibility of
starting bilateral talks is also the American
pressure that is being put on both India and
Pakistan. Because the US wants both the countries to
be always involved in talks to avoid any ugly
incident of terror. The matter of the fact is that the democratic regime
of Pakistan is so weak that it can not rein in Jehadi
elements who have full backing of their military
establishment and ISI. This has been the tradition
of Pakistan since its inception. Until and unless the
democracy in the country is strengthened, terror
elements would continue to act against India from the
soil of Pakistan. When Rao during her press conference herself has
expressed her view that there has been no change in
the perception of Pakistan and it failed deliberately
to act even after handing over three more dossiers
handed over to it during the Foreign Secretary
meeting of the two neighbours, why does she talks of
no scheduled bilateral meeting?The US is always trying to get entangled both the
countries in bilateral talks, no matter whether it
yields result or not so that it may not be
embarrassed to decide to go with which country if
ever any tension develops as it tries to keep both
in good humour.Every one in India knows that the talks are useful in
establishing friendly relations between the two
neighbours and common people of both the countries
are in favour of peace and development of the
country. But the Pakistani military establish, ISI
and Jehadi elements in Pakistan deliberately create
tension by carrying out terror acts in India. They
are bent on destablising India by desturbing its
secular fabric through continuing acts of terror. In
the given circumstances even if Indo- Pak bilateral
talk takes place , it can not be fruitful as the
outcome of several bilateral talks is before us. Pakistan has pledged umpteen times to rein in terror
elements operating against India from its soil but
has never kept them.But to score diplomatic points
over Pakistan, India must not be rigid for bilateral
talk if it gets the offer.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gadkari's first big show of strength

BJP president Nitin Gadkari has shown the strength of party by successfully organising a massive rally against price rise at historic Ram Lila Maidan in Delhi. Gadkari after being appointed its president in December last the party has for the first time came out on the streets in the capacity of a responsible main opposition against the sky-rocketing price of all essential commodities in the sixth consecutive year of the UPA regime. Gadkari has given the direction to the party and it appeared that there was no opposition party to the government because it was itself involved in internal bickering just after losing power. The back-breaking price-rise of all essential commodities, especially food items, is the burning issue of the day. So far it was seen that there was no pressure of any sort of the main opposition BJP on the UPA government for its anti-people policies and it was going all-out for only economic reforms to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Before the coming of Nitin Gadkari on national political scene as the president of BJP, the party had forgotten its role in vibrant democracy of the country. The people were crying in the pain of price- rise and there was no opposition political party to hear them. But the massive rally against price rise of all commodities at Ram Lila Maidan by the BJP has exposed the Congress-led ruling UPA that how callously careless it was for the people of the country. The sharp rise in food inflation is the total failure of the Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar whom the prime minister can not take to task because of the coalition arithmatic of the government and its mismanagement of economy. The people in the country are on the verge of hunger death due to continuing steep rise in the inflation of food items on the one hand and the government is blindly emulating the management style of the US economy for the sake economic reforms. The country where more than half of the population is below poverty line, what is economic reform meant for them? Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA government should first ensure that the benefits of opening -up of economy must reach to the ground level of Indian villagers, where the majority of poverty stricken people live. Otherwise, the unchecked price rise has assumed so vicious shape that the day is not far off when the common people of the country will rise in revolt against the incompetent governance andpolitical class . The BJP anti-price rise rally in Delhi is a grand success and the massive crowd of more than three lakh BJP rallyists at Ram Lila Maidan is a wake-up call for the government. The rally has clearly given out the massage to the government that now enough is enough and people are no longer in a mood to tolerate the mal functioning on the front of price- rise.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IPL is the route of betting and money laundering

The Indian Premier League’s formation by the top
ranking BCCI’s officials is aimed at only earning
money under the cover of most popular game of cricket
in the country. It has virtually turned out to be a
safe route of betting and money laundering. The
franchisees of IPL teams are earning unaccounted
money. As there is everything opaq in its dealings,
every transaction made in it is known. Black money
has been used in it because it finds easy route of
money laundering. The government has taken the right steps first by
showing the door to Union State Minister for External
Affairs Shashi Tharoor for his alleged involvement in
IPL controversy over stake-holders in newly formed
Kochi Team by IPL . Tharoor is alleged to have
exerted his influence to get stake-holding in Kochi
Team for his girl friend. So, the government first
needs to make provision in such a way as to be every
investment and investor's source of money
transparent.Government has clearly assured in Parliament that no
guilty or wrong doers will be spared and the
department concerned has already started to probe the
alleged route of IPL through which money laundering
and betting are going on unchecked. The nation has the right to know where the money
comes from and who has bought certain owner and stake
holders in the IPL team. BCCI is itself the richest
cricket organisation of the world. It is an
autonomous body so the government does not interefere
in its functioning. But as excessive money is being
earned through the game of cricket, the government
and the nation must know its details.IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has already come under
the scanner of Income Tax authorities. Income tax
authorities have asked the Board for Control of
Cricket in India (BCCI) to respond by April 23 to 10
queries, including the one on income from IPL and its
structure. Since Modi revealed the IPL Kochi stakeholders’ names
on this social networking site, it opened a can of
worms, leading to union minister Shashi Tharoor’s
exit from the goverment and Income Tax raids in IPL
office in Mumbai. The serious question that arises here why Lalit Modi
singled out Sunanda Pushaker, girl friend of the Ex-
Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi
Tharoor, to reveal her name on his social networking
site. Why did he not reveal the details of his family
members (relations) alleged to have stake in the team
Rajasthan Royal of IPL. Every thing must be clear so that murkey financial
deals in the name of the most popular game cricket
should be checked immediately. Lalit Modi is cricket
Czar in India and he can not be absolved of
responsibility of making the IPL a route of betting
and money laundering. The government needs to make
indepth probe and whoever, howsoever, powerful and
well-connected politically must be awarded deterrent
punishment to keep the IPL clean and away from

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cong takes moral high ground on Tharoor-IPL issue

Congress has taken high moral ground on the issue of Union Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor for his alleged involvement in Indian Premier League controversy by showing him the door as it did with its senior leader and Ex-Foreign Minister Natwar Singh over Iraq Oil for Food scandal to maintain probity in public life and uphold the moral values in politics, which have deteriorated alarmingly in recent days. As Parliament is in session and the opposition demanded nothing short of Tharoor’s head over his alleged involvement in week-long IPL controversy over newly formed Kochi team, the Congress party rightly impressed upon the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to seek Tharoor’s ouster to cool down opposition’s heat to run the House as several important bills are to be approved by it. The united opposition stalled the Parliament and did not allow to speak Tharoor to defend himself against their allegation that he influenced by using his office for stake-holding in Kochi IPL team for his girl friend Sunanda Pushkar. The way his friend Sunanda was given equity share of Rs. 70 crore by Redevenzous Sports in IPL Kochi team smacked of some malpractices. The Congress Party President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s stance since she joined politics has been upholding moral values and maintaining probity in public life in politics and she never ignored shoddy affair wherever it appeared in the organisation as well as government.Before the IPL controversy Tharoor had tweeted several times, causing embarrassment to the party and now it was enough to him the door.Sonia Gandhi gave only five minutes to Tharoor present his case during his meeting before the arrival of PM and after that it appeared certain that he would have to go despite his own denial to resign and brilliant academic and foreign service record. Ultimately, the entire top brass of the Congress party, including Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee was for removal of Tharoor to avoid the clash with opposition in the House, leading to its stalling during the most important period for the government. Government has assured the nation that no wrong doers will be left to go unpunished. Here on the issue of taking high moral ground in politics, the ruling Congress party has scored over the main opposition BJP as they have miserable failed to act against the mal-practicenor withing the party and in the state where they are in power. BJP also must rise to the occasion and look into Bellary brothers episode in Karnataka. The deneration has set in political class so deeply that honesty and integrity have no longer any consideration for politicians.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Evolve unanimity over Maoist issue

Though the Congress Party has promptly reprimanded its General Secretary Digvijay Singh for airing differing views in public with Home Minister P Chidambram on the issue of tackling naxal insurgency, Singh has raised vital aberration in HM’s handling of the situation. Neither Maoist insurgency is a law and order problem nor could it be dealt with agression. The problem virtually is a socio-economic and it should be dealt with that perspectives. Congress Party General Secretary has delineated his point of views how to tackle naxal insurgency very finely which totally differs with Home Minister approach of using agression to crush it. It is not good that the ruling Congress party is divided on the burning issue of the day, though the Home Minister has full backing of the party as it was clearly reflected in the rejection of his resignation in the wake of Dantewada massacre of 76 CRPF personnel by Maoist insurgents. Though Chidambram is the most sincere Home Minister in UPA government and he has been delivering since he was appointed Home Minister, he is no doubt intellectually arrogant, which is evident in launching Green-Hunt operation to clear the jungles of naxals. But he must understand that all tribal population is not maoist and force can be used against maoist insurgents only, that can be only possible through encouraging the general tribal population of the country in government’s development programmes. In the prevailing naxal insurgency, Digvijay Singh is absolutely right when he says through his newspaper article that the participation of tribals in government’s development programmes for them is a must and HM is intellectually arrogant and rigid . When the ruling party is itself divided over government policies to deal with naxal insugency, what to talk of opposition. However, the main opposition BJP has shown co-operation and suported the government on this most vital national problem. It is the urgent need of the country that the ruling coalition of UPA must show unanimity to wipe out the enemy of humanity - the maoist insurgents. And Maoist problem can only be solved by undertaking development and starting talks and not by only the absolute use of force.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

IPL row over business interest

The ongoing spat between the Minister of state for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor and Indian Premier League boss Lalit Modi is nothing but the clash of business interest for their friends and family members respectively over the purchase of Kochi team in IPL. Rendezevous Sports bought the Kochi team and IPL Commissioner Lalit disclosed the names of share holders in it through a blog on Twitter. Modi’s blog reveals that one of the share holders in Rendezevous is Sushan Puskar , a close friend of Tharoor, and because of that he has exerted influence as Union Minister of State for External Affairs for her business interest in buying the Kochi team in IPL. She holds 18 percent share in Rendezevous Sports. According to the report, the Minister got upset over Modi’s revelation and alleged that he had brought disrepute to the IPL by pressurising the winning consortium (led by Rendezvous which owns the Kochi team) to abandon its bid in favour of another city. He asked Modi to disclose the names of share holders of other IPL teams because his brother-in-law is reportedly holds share in them. Tharoor has denied that he had invested or gained personal benefits for his membership to the team. He has also alleged that various attempts were made by Modi and others to pressure the consortium members to abandon their bid in favour of another city in a different state. The main cause of the row between the two is the disclosure of the names of owners of the Kochi team and their shareholding stakes. Tharoor says that it is an extraordinary breach of all propriety in publicly raising issues relating to the composition of the consortium (of owners) and about him personally. He denies all allegations against him. But one thing is certain that Tharoor knows Shusan Pushkar very closely.Rendezvous Sports World bought the franchise for the IPL Kochi team for $333 million. Kochi is one of two new franchises which will join the IPL from 2011, taking the total number of teams to 10.The Rendezvous consortium had earlier issued a legal notice to the BCCI, terming the share-holding pattern posted by the IPL chairman as false. The opposition BJP also tries to fish in troubled water by demanding that tharoor should be sacked immediately for abusing his power as minister. Observing that the IPL row between Tharoor and Modi is getting serious day by day , the BCCI has also stepped in and described the BJP demand to sack Tharoor as absurd. Financial interest is the main behind the launching IPL on the model of English league teams of cricket of 20 overs. It has become clear now that there is primacy of money over everything else in IPL.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obama's assurance to Manmohan

Now only India has to follow the US and the US is to follow Pakistan if President Obama delivers on the assurances to it about allowing its access to David Coleman Headley, LeT operative and one of the prime accused of Mumbai attack and reining in Pak to stop promoting terrorism in India. Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh has clearly conveyed India’s concern over terrorism to US President Barack Hussain Obamathat, which is emanating from Pakistan and its inaction in bringing the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks to justice to in his 45 minutes talk with him at Blair House in Washington. Normally prime minister appears to be soft towards western powers, especially the US, but on the issue of terrorism, which is being sponsored by Pakistan against India, and of access to the LeT operative and one of the masterminds of Mumbai attacks David Coleman Headley, he got tough and clearly sent India's serious concerns across the table. It is satisfying that President Obama shared India’s concern and assured PM of extending all help in bringing the perpetrators of 26/11 to justice and allowing India direct access to Healey, who is presently in US custody. On the issue of supplying arms to Pakistan, President Obama said that the US was constantly monitoring its use by Pakistan. As far as the issue of India re-starting composite dialogue is concerned, the US as well as the world knows why India stopped it. India stopped it just after the Mumbai attacks and has decided not to re-start unless and untill Pakistan acts against the perpetrators. Not only the US President Obama but also the entire international community is seriously concerned over the terror being operated by Let , Jaish-e-Mohammad and other outfits from the soil of Pakistan. India is itself seriuos of establishing a friendly and good neighbourly relations with Pakistan. But whenever it extended the hands of friendship, they were met with increased terror activities with the full backing of Pakistani military establishment and its notorious ISI. Democratic government there is spineless and can not stand to military. That should be taken into account by the all western powers, especially the US. India wants to see developed and prosperious Pakistan and the US must always monitor not only the arms it supplies it but also pumping the billion of dollars at regular interval. US undoubtedly is its mentor and once it got tough with Pakistan, every ill there would be removed.Noting that shared Singh’s vision for South Asia, Obama said he understands India’s interest in Afghanistan and recognises its role. He expressed support to India’s continued assistance programme in Afghanistan. But has misrably failed to explain why the US sidelined India's role in Afghanistan. President kept mum on this issue. As regards Indo-US counter-terrorism cooperation, the US was working through legal systems for provision of access to Headley. President Obama is supportive of India’s request for provision of access.On the front of US military supplies, it is sensitive to these worries and it is satisfying to know it that it would monitor the end use of the material given.The US President wants the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill be passed by Parliament as expeditiously as possible. It is also a matter of concern for India that why the US sidelined its role in Afghanistan, matter of the fact is that it has played a vital role in the re-construction of Pakistan.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Belated decision to combat sky-rocketing prices of aricultural goods

When much water has flown down the Yamuna, Manmohan Singh- led UPA govt. has woken up to take decision to combat shooting prices of all commodities. PM sets up three working groups of chief ministers. The decision to set up the working groups was taken after the meeting of core committee comprising 10 chief ministers, senior Cabinet ministers and Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia.The Centre has also decided to involve the states in dealing with the price situation at a time when the both are blaming each other for rising food inflation, which soared to 17.70 per cent.The first working group on agriculture production will be headed by Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and will comprise chief ministers of Punjab, West Bengal and Bihar.Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will head the working group on consumer affairs. It will have Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh chief ministers as members.The third working on food and public distribution will be headed by Ahluwalia and will include chief ministers of Chhattisgarh, Assam and chairman of Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC) C Rangarajan as members.The working groups will submit their reports in two months.When the opposition BJP announced of holding nation-wide rally against the shooting prices of all edible and agricultural goods, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has held a high-level meeting on alarming price-rise and chalked out with the chief ministers of states a plan to contain it before it goes out of hand. If the people continued to suffer back-breaking price-rise of all edible and essential commodities without any viable measures to check them by the government, they might translate their anger at its total failure on the front of sky-rocketing prices into their anti-ruling party voting in coming general elections.At last, the opposition BJP has cast off its lethergy and complacency to give direction of its policies and programmes as the main opposition party has also decided to attack the government to soothe the painful feeling of the people caused by sky-rocketing prices and win their confidence. The setting up of working group of chief ministers to combat shooting prices of agricultural commodities is good but one thing is to be ensured that these decisions must not remain confined to office file and speeches of ruling party leaders. There is urgent need for the govt. to act to give results and that should be clearly visible on the ground. The Centre and the states must co-ordinate with each other smoothly to fight run away prices of all commodities. The Public Distribution Systems in the country are in a shambles. The black marketeers, profiteers and hoaders are ruling the roost. Several state governments deliberately ignore to conduct raids at their godowns because of some vested interests. The Centre has also the responsibility of smoothly monitering the supply and demands of the market.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A new chapter of neighbourly relation

The agreement to establish hotline facility has been signed by Foreign Minister S M Krishna and his Chinese counterpart Yang Yeichi. This is undobtedly a very big achievement of Krishna's visit to China this time, though it was decided by both Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao in their meeting in Russian city of Yekaterinburg in June last year. China being the first country with which India has established hotline facility. China is undoubtedly the Asian Giant and one of the super powers, India is a little behind it in achieving economic development. It is on the verge of emerging as the economic super power of the world, if its economic strides are taken into consideration.In the fast changing scenario of the world, the cordial relation with the two big Asian nations - India and China- is the need of the hour. External Affairs Minister SM Krishna's visit to China that both the countries want good cordial and friendly relations to exit for ever. If the might of both the countries are put together, no non-Asian countries would dare caste their evil eyes on Asia.The need of the hour for China not to be misled by the forces enimical to India.Establishing hotline is a significant step in taking their bilateral relations to a new level.Under the agreement, dedicated phone lines will be set up in the Prime Minister’s office of the two countries.This would enable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao to hold direct conversations whenever they want.This has been one of the highlights of my visit and it is fitting that the two countries were able to do it during the celebrations of 60th year of establishment of diplomatic relations.India wants to have cordial and friendly ties and lift the bilateral relations to a new level of strategic cooperation and partnership.The trade between the two countries will touch USD 60 billion.Cordial and friendly relations are beneficial for both India and China. Cordial and friendly relation can be shown by China to India by exerting its influence to rein in terror outfits based on the soil of Pakistan to carry out mayhem in India. Though Pakistan is also neighbour to both India and China, the later has deep influence on there and on several occasion Pak is seen to seek Chinese support and it is duly obliged that boosts up its anti-India activities. So besides strengthening bilateral relations with India in different fields, China should show benevolence in holding Pakistan back from sponsoring terrorism in India.

Open challenge to state

This is the worst-ever display of butchery and mayhem of innocent CRPF personnel in the jungle of Chaththisgarh by the enemy of the nation.Maoist rebels killed at least 75 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel by setting off explosives and firing from hilltops around dense forest in Chhattisgarh.This is the naked challenge to state by Maoists and total failure of intelligence machinery of the country. The intelligence agencies of both state and the Centre had even not got any scent of this worst massacre in advance, when the nation is under threat from them.Only a day before the worst ever-tragedy carried out by Maoists in Chaththishgarh, the Union Home minister is reported to have described them as the country’s biggest enemies. He had also visited Midnapur in West Bengal two-three days ago where in February last this year 25 security personnel were killed by Maoists.As maoism is the biggest threat to the country and it is becoming unbridled and wants to grab the power from barrel of the gun completely in line with the belief of Chinese leader Mau Tsung even in democracy of 21th century in India. Though they are day-dreaming, their dream must be broken to pieces urgently through brute force of our nation's brave armed forces.Maoists are feeling encouraged only because of unprepared security establishment and the lack of political will in our government.It is not that all the demands of Maoists are ingenuine but their resorting to sheer violence is completely unacceptable and they desrve to be crushed ruthlessly. The problem of maoism has become so vicious and violent as if maoists are waging war against their own nation. They deserve to be given befitting reply in the same coin and fight them to finish. But what lacks the successive government at the Centre is strong resolve and failure to understand the magnitude of the problem.Maoists must be taught a lesson so that they could dare not rise in arms against the state. At the same time, the state and the central government must implement various development projects in the naxal and tribal dominated areas. Because mostly in these areas people are living in abject poverty, resulting in their feeling of alienation and neglect from the state. Though several crores of rupees have been allocated for this purpose, it is generally seen that neither they are properly spent nor are the authorities concerned sincere to the development of under-privileged and uncared. Development and security preparations must go side by side with all sincerity to fight out maoists urgently. Maoist problem is no less serious than the problem of terrorism. One is internal and the other is external threat to the nation.Take firm resolve and fight maoists to finish.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebrities' private life in public domain

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are sportspersons of international stature of India and Pakistan respectively. One is a Tennis and the other is a cricket star. Both are celebrities. So, even their private life becomes the interest of the public. That is why it is in public domain. They are not ordinary sportspersons that Media would ignore to highlight their activities even if they are of purely private nature. Media is doing only its job of making the countrymen aware of their activities. Neither it is pre-judging nor peeping into their private life un-called for. A few days ago, the Indian Tennis ace Sania Mirza annouced that she was going to marry Shoaib Malik a veteran cricket player and former captain of Pakistani Team. Soon after her announcement of marriage, it turned out to be a major controversy, with the disclosure of a Hyderabad girl Ayesha Siddiqi that Shoaib Malik had married her and in support of her claim she also produced Nikahnama duly singned by both Shoib and herself and two witness, though he denied at first and later said that his sinature was forged. Ayesha also lodged FIR with police against Shoaib, harrassment, coercion and breaking of contract of marriage. In the given circumstances, it is natural for Sania- Ayesha- Shoaib marriage controversy to come in public domain and more so when there are involvement of two neighbours and arch rivals India and Pakistan in it. The people of both the countries have became curious to know the truth Ayesha-Shoaib marriage episode. Ayesha also claimed that she had lived with Shoaib together in a Hyderabad Hotel for a few days also. She also said that she had miscarriage. On the other hand after the flip-flop at first, Shoaib Malik has reportedly confessed that the Nikahnama was conducted on telephone, and he is the victim of mistaken identity that he was not shown the photo of this Ayesha who claims to have married him. The police have interrogated and impounded his Passport and he has been asked to stay in Hyderabad till the investigation is completed. As they are celebrities, media cover their marriage controversy minutely and extensively. As far as investigation is concerned, it is for police to do but the media has also responsibility to paint before the public the true picture of the controversy. Who is right or wrong is to be decided by the court of law. But at first glance Shoaib’s marriage episode with Ayesha appears full confusion and contracdiction. If any one asks Shoaib why does he say that his signature on the Nikahnama is forged and she not that Ayesha whose photo he was shown before at this point of time when Ayesha has claimed that Shoaib married her , what will be his answer? That Media tries to know from Shoaib. It can not pre-judge as delivering judgement is the job of court of law. Sania Mirza has already announced the date of her nupital with Shoaib Malik. But one thing is cerytain that untill and unless he comes clean on Ayesha cjarges and the court of law permits him to marry Sania, he can not not marry her.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tussle between Alagiri and Stalin over succession issue

Veteran DMK patriarch and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunidhi has already made it clear that party will decide succession issue, the tussle over which is to take place between his two sons. With the announcement of M K Alagiri that he would not accept leader after Karunanidhi may result in war of succession between his the two siblings - Alagiri and Stalin- in DMK, though they must understand that any internal differences in the party between two bothers will prove to be detrimental for them. The dynastic war of succession is not new in Indian politics. Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and Union Environment Minister Farooq Abdullah also faced problem in eastablishing himself as the heir apparent of his father and former J&K CM and party boss late Sheikh Abdullah from his brobther-in-law GM Shah, who also snatched Chief Minister's post for sometime through politicking from him. But after a very short time, Farooq Abdullah completely established himself as the true successor of his father and remained a supreme leader of his party National Conference. In Haryana also, after the death of veteran leader and deputy PM Choudhary Devi Lal’s death, the war of succession raised between his two sons but in the end the elder Om Prakash Chautal emerged as the supreme leader of his father’s political legacy and became the chief minister of Haryana. In southern states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, there was also a war of succession. After the death of the veteran AIDMK leader and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M G Ramchandran, there also took place the war of succession between his political heir apparent J Jaylalitha and his natural heir apparent his wife Janaki Ramchadran but here also MG’s political secretary emerged victorious and permanently establish herself as the unchallenged leader of AIDMK and became the Chief Minister of the state and presently she is the opposition leader. In Andhra Pradesh also, after the death of Telgu Desham supremo and former Chief Minister AP N T Ramarao, there statred skirmishes between his son-in-law and former chief minster Chandra Babu Naidu and his wife Parwati and here emerged his son-in-law victorious in war of succession and settled himself as the undisputed leader of his political legacy.Presently, he is Telgu Desham boss and leader of opposition in AP assembly. Now, it appears that the succession of M Karinidhi will not be smooth as both his sons are of vaulting political ambitions. Alagiri is organisation man while Stalin is administrative leader. The plus point that goes in favour of Stalin, which makes him heir apparent, is that he is closer to his father and more loving as he respects his sentiments and carries out his wishes promptly and and sincerely. Presently, he is only second to his father in party hierarchy also. As rural-face ed Alagiri has reach to the grassroot party workers, he can pose problem to Stalin in his smooth succession to the post of Chief Minister. After six decades of political career, Karunanidhi is on the verge of retirement from politics and succession battle may follow between his siblings.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Food Security Bill- UPA's flagship of social sector

With taking charge as Chairperson of National Advisory Council for the second time, Congress President Sonia Gandhi began her initiation to get Food Security Bill passed by the Cabinet and then by Parliament to fulfil her promise made in the Congress led UPA manifesto in the General elections. As she as the Chairperson of NAC during the tenure of UPA 1 landmark scheme of National Rural Employment Scheme get passed and implemented which proved to the flagship of UPA in social sector area, this time she is committed to get the Food Security Bill Bill passed and implemented in its original form and shape to give guarantee to the poorest of the poor of food at the nominal price available. The sincerity of Sonia Gandhi to UPA become the face of Aam Admi is unquestionable. She always goads the Manmohan Singh -led UPA government to pay maximum attention towards social sector. The Right to Education for as every child as fundamental right has been enforced a few days ago just after the announcement of her being reinstated as Chairperson of NAC amply reflects that Sonia Gandhi's vital contribution to the landmark achievement of the UPA government in the field of social sector. NAC comprises distinguished professionals drawn from diverse fields of development activity such as Aruna Roy, Jean Dreze, C.H. Hanumantha Rao and N.C. Saxena. Through the NAC, the government had access to their expertise and to a larger network of research organisations, NGOs and social action and advocacy groups. Sonia Gandhi's special characteristics is that as the supremo of Congress party, she works rising above the vested political interest to reach the benefits provided by the government to the poor and needy. That is why she single handedly brought Congress-led UPA government to power for two consecutive terms without aspiring for any post in the government. It made recommendations to the Centre and provided feedback on the impact of action initiated in various sectors.The NAC had played a notable role in the enactment of the Right to Information Act, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) and the Rs 70,000-crore loan waiver scheme for farmers. In its new avatar, it is poised for a bigger role because Mrs Gandhi is said to be keen on monitoring the Congress’ big ticket programmes like the Food Security Bill, the Right to Education Act, the NREGS expansion and major schemes on health and water. The BJP’s charge that Mrs Gandhi’s position in the NAC had undermined the Prime Minister’s authority may seem exaggerated. However, one cannot rule out the possibility of growing tension between the party and the government which needs to be avoided.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Historic day in education

It is a historic day that Education has become the fundamental right of every children irrespective of caste, creed community and social category. With the address to the nation, it has already been enforced. Though it was a long-awaited necessity for the all round development of the country, its proper implementation matters most.When anybody saw the children of weak economic category, working with different category of hazardous industries, shops, tea stalls and as domestic servants, the head hung in shame and all claims of development of the country appeared hollow. Million of chidren are seen loitering at the red lights traffic points on roads in different big cities and they are economically exploited , which is most abominable. The poverty of the parents of these categories of children is the cause of their painful life. At the age when they should be at schools, they are migrating to cities for filling their stomachs. To satisfy their hunger,they become prey to despicable abuses because their parents are almost pauper. Their immediate need is to satisfy their hunger. With making education a fundamental right to every child, the government must make arrangement of free meal, school books, uniforms, quality education and other necessities required for them and only then they can avail the right. Both the Centre and the state have to act sincerely and responsibly to make this right a historic opportunity for children . Otherwise, it only will only remain on government paper. Education is power and it can not be bought in the market. It is also the best source of empowering the weaker and uneducated sections of society. In the present period, youths account for more than 50 percent of the nation’s population and they are our future. Providing education to children is building bright future of the nation as they are our future. Imparting quality education to them is utmost necessity to build the nation strong and solvent. The education is also no body’s exclusive right. whoever irrespective of caste creed, community and economic categories gets better education will excell in life. To make the right to education a fundament right of every children a success, the government and civil socieity will have to wake up those sections of society to the importance of education for their children. The government also must ensure that the schools should be accessible to all children all over the country. In the backward regions of the country, the distance of schools completely hampers the accessibility of the children. So there must be schools in every village in proportion of population there. The state government should also appoint well-eductaed and well-trained teachers to teach the children through the easiest process so that they should no feel burdened with school education and drop out of it. School drop-out chidren are enumerable in the country. As education is in current list, both the Centre and the states must ensure that the fundamental right given to the children is not violated.