Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cleansing process set in motion

With the arrest of CWG sacked Organising Committee Chief Suresh Kalmadi by the CBI in CWG scam, it seems that the Manmohan Singh Government has started the cleansing process. As the public perception was developing about the government being surrounded by corruption charges of various nature, it had become difficult for the main accused to escape the net of law.
Undoubtedly now it can be said that the government is serious to root out corruption and punish those who are involved in corrupt practices. Government is duty bound to stop swallowing up of public exchequer by anyone. But still the long fight is yet to be fought. And many more involvements in CWG Scam need to be exposed and those found guilty must be punished without any loss of time.
Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has said that the Delhi Govt would soon send a detailed response on the Shunglu Committee findings on Commonwealth Games irregularities to the Home Ministry and ruled out action against anybody without a thorough probe. Shunglu Committee findings have been contested by the Delhi government. Because it has raised the questions of irregularities relating to infrastructural developments in Delhi. It has sent its responses to Shunglu Committee to Home ministry. It must be probed thoroughly.
It is good that the sacked CWG Organising Committee Chief Suresh Kalmadi has been arrested by CBI on charges of cheating, conspiracy and corruption in connection with awarding some Games contracts and the ruling Congress wasted no time in suspending the Lok Sabha MP.
First of all, the government must make a statute prohibiting politicians of doubtful credibility to head the sports bodies of the nation. Mostly politicians who liken to be in limelight and believe in pomp and show have been found to head the sports bodies. In the given situation, they breed corruption in sports organisation. So, politicians, whose public life is not above suspicion, must be prohibited from heading the sports organisation. They make no contribution in the development of sports organisation they lead but only busy with self aggrandisement exercise. Govt. must continue its spree against corruption and bring all corrupt practioners to book.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Embodiment of divine qualities

The death of Sathya Sai Baba has saddened the lakhs of devotess at home and abroad. Lakhs of devotees from home and abroad are pouring into Puttaparthi to have a last glimpse of Sathya Sai Baba whose body has been kept in a hall.
With grief writ large on their faces, the devotees, both young and old, made their way to the Sai Kulwant Hall at Prashanti Nilayam Ashram to have a darshan of the 85-year-old Sai Baba’s mortal remains.
The body will lie in state at the hall till Tuesday to enable devotees pay their last respects.
Sai Baba will be buried at the Sai Kulwant Hall on Wednesday in line with the practice adopted for spiritual leaders in India, contrary to the Hindu custom of cremating bodies.
Sathya Sai Baba was a spiritual leader who inspired millions to lead a moral and meaningful life even as they followed the religion of their choice.
Sathya Sai Baba was the embodiment of divine qualities whom the devotess hold in the highest steem. He was no less than a god for his devotess. He was also considered as the incarnation of Sai Baba on the earth.
It is a matter of faith of the people who paid obeisanceto him like god. He taught the people how to live the life of high values, brotherhood and affection irrespective of the caste , creed and community they belong to.
Sathya Sai Baba in his earthly life of 85 years has done yeoman’s service for the poor people in the field of education and health. In Puttaparthy of Andhra Pradesh, he has established his Ashram where people from all corners of the nation and across the world flock to seek his blessing. He has opened super speciality hospital, school , college and university.
His devotess have unshkeable faith in him. The blessings he gave to his devotess always turned out to be true. That is why they treat him as living god on the earth. He was above everything and always worked for the upliftment of the poor people, though among his devotees come big, famous and general people .
After the month long illness, he died on Sunday. He was so respected and revered personality that his death plunged all his devotess into gloom. Some of his devotess still believe that Sathya Sai Baba would again re-appear among them and continue to guide them all their life. We pay highest respect to Sathya Sai Baba. We have been deeply pained by his death. Sathya Sai Baba is in our heart.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Urgent need for fair play

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh must know that by merely exhorting the officers of Civil, Foreign, Police Services (IAS, IFS IPS) to act honestly and set an example before their juniors to follow them and never bow to pressure and temptation of political executives can not serve the purpose of fighting corruption boldly. There also is no doubt about the honesty and integrity of the PM in the country. No body even his opponents raise question on his honesty and integrity.
But there a notion developed among the people that the class he represents is thoroughly corrupt. And the first crying need before the nation is to clease that corrupt class.
They are few civil servants in bureaucracy who can show courage and refuse to bow to the wrong dictats of their political boss. Because in democracy, political executives head the bureaucracy. They make plans and programmes and bureaucrats have to implement them. They make law and police officers have to implement them. So, untill and unless political executives irrespective of their political affiliations start cleansing themselves, the system of corruption that has taken deep root in every department of the government can not be checked.
One development that has taken place among the civil socieity is praiseworthy. It is awareness and vigilance. The people have become conscious of rooting out corruption by lagislating new bill, and this is the result of Anna Hazare’s hunger strike and thereafter the formation of Joint Drafting Committee for the Lokpal Bill to be drafted in the monsoon session of the Parliament.
It has become very difficult now for corrupt persons in the government to escape from the prying eyes of media and civil society. But it will be better if the political class takees initiatives in fighting corruption. Because bureaucracy is a group of government servants and government is the members of political parties elected by the people.
Admitting that there is little public tolerance now for the prevailing state of affairs on the issue of corruption, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that his government is committed to face this challenge boldly as people expect swift and exemplary action. But the need of the hour is to translate high moralistic words into action.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Need of development with human face

Every citizen of this country wants development in their day to day life as early as possible. But at the same time no citizen will want development at the cost of his existence.
Jaitapur nuclear project is being vehemently opposed by the local public there because of the fear of being displaced with its installation and of nuclear disaster caused by earthquake and Tsunami in Fukushima in Japan. The region in Maharastra in which is Jaitapur is in moderate seismic zone. So, the apprehension of the people can not be outright rejected and it can not be said misplaced one.
The natural calamity of earthquake and tsunami has caused havoc among the people when they hear about the nuclear disaster in the developed country like Japan. So, first of all, government must take all preventive steps and precautionary measures to meet any eventuality like earthquake and Tsunami if ever they strike in future at any point of time around the nuclear project region. Government’s first priority is to remove fear from the minds of the people who oppose the project on this ground.
Undoubtedly, the five units of Jaitapur nuclear projects are estimated to produce 9990 MW of power, which would be of great use in the development of our nation. Presently, we are power starved. And untill and unless there is the supply of enough and uniterrupted power, no imagination of development can be possible. At the same the public who are displaced must be adequately compensated in time.
Enough care must also be taken about the impact the nuclear project would make on the environment and bio-diversity in the region. All systems necessary for the safety and security of the people in the region must be in place. There must not be any politics over the nuclear project.
It is completely improper and imprudent on the part of the opposition party in Maharastra to oppose the project through violent ways, while they had taken initiative for installing industries in the area when they were in power. Government needs to make the people aware of the benefit from the nuclear projects that would be of immense importance in the development of our nation. No nation can develop without adequate power. It is our urgent need.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recommend with responsibility, but not alarcrity

Before becoming the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Ikbal Singh was a Congress party Rajya Sabha MP and lokking after party’s affairs in Bihar. During his Bihar assignment, it is natural for him to come in contact with several state leaders of the party and Amlendu Pandey was one of them. Pandey approached Singh for the recommendation for the passport for the alleged tax evader Hasan Ali reportedly on the ground that his relation is seriously ill in some foreign country so he has to go to provide him help and see the patient.
Ikbal Singh has already denied having known to the accused in multi-crore money laundering scam of the country Hasan Ali. It might be possible. Because the political leader has professional responsibility to work for the people in need and win their support. But it does not allow the political leaders without knowing the people for whom they working.
It is the responsibility of the political leader to know that the influence he is exercising must be for genuine people and justified work. Political leaders in genral and MP, MLA and Minister in particular must not exercise their influence for some anti-social, crminal and kidnapper who want to use it for their criminal activity.
Ikbal Singh may not have done anything wrong intentionally or for any other motives but what he has done under the influence of the Bihar leader Pandey exposes how carelessly the political leaders exercise their day to day business. PMO has rightly given its nod to ED to question Puducherry Governor Ikbal Singh because it is also not possible that unless and untill without the blessings of some powerful political leaders, the money laundering scam of this magnitude as committed by Hasan Ali can not be possible. There must be thorough probe into Hasan Ali’s tax evading activities and his modus operandi of stashing away thousands crores in foreign bank. Hasan Ali may have stashed black money in foreign banks belonging to others for whom he might be working. All aspects must be probed thoroughly.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Timing of CD intentional

The timing of surfacing the controversial purportedly Senior Lawyer, former Union Law Minister and Co-chairman of newly constituted joint Drafting Committee for Lokpal Bill, SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav that his son Prasant Bhushan, also SC lawyer and member Drafting Committee appears to have been the handiwork of vested interest to put a spike in anti-corruption move.
Because the CD is not new nor has it any authencity. On the basis of the reputed labaratories it has been proved that the CD is doctored. Prashant Bhushan has already lodged a complaint with the police and there is every possibility that he would move to the court of law to prove the conspiracy of the vested interests to malign the clean image of the civil activists. CD is carrying purported telephone conversation between Shanti Bhushan, SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh was doctored. The CD has been subjected to forensic tests in two laboratories one in the US and other in Hyderabad and both the laboratories have confirmed clear signs of doctoring.
It is also a fact that the government has not on its own formed the Drafting Committee for Lokpal Bill to be tabled in the monsoon session of the Lok Sabha. It was put under immense pressure by the civil activists under the leadership of Gandhian Anna Hazare, who sat on hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, which drew the spontanaeous support of the people all over the country that bowed the government to concede their demand.
So, if the apprehension is expressed that the attempt might have been made from the government side or civil society side to temper the CD by cutting and pasting it in such a way as could serve the ulterior motive, the truth must come out immediately by putting it to test its authencity at the best possible Centre in the world.
Government is also required to get the CD investigated thoroughly and whoever is found guilty must be awarded deterrent punishment.

Friday, April 15, 2011

India must be wary of growing Sino-Pak ties

China has been keeping Pakistan in good humour and extends help in its nuclear development programmes and other fields for a long time despite knowing well that its help might be used against India. First of all, China considers India as its formidable rival in Asia while the later always tries to improve relations with the former. It is also a fact that India is not a country to be subservient to any others in the world, no matter what size and economically and militarily big they might be. India is itself emerging as the super economic power of the world and its size in terms of population is only second to China. It is also an eye-sore to big and hostile powers. The rapid development of India in all fields are seen by some other big powers of the world as challenge to their supremacy. China also has been harbouring grudge against India since it provided asylum to the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, who has been fighting to get free Tibet from the shackles of China.That is why in retaliation, China has created dispute over boundary between the two. Since the birth of Pakistan by carving out of India, China found it a good bet to keep India entangled in neighbourly quarrel so that it could not develop fast. One thing also to be kept in view by India that some big powers are jealous of its fast development and would always place hurdles in its way. So, India always needs to be wary of close co-operation between China and Pakistan, though India has already expressed concerns over the development.Because hostility between India and Pakistan can be used by China to its benefit by disturbing India. If incident in the past is anything to go by, there are a number of examples when Pakistan has ceded India territory to China only to get it engaged with China in dispute. Though Pak Foreign ministry has said that there is no reason for any country to be threatened by its ties with China, it can not keep history under the carpet. It is correct that Pakistan-China relations are time tested and they have an all-weather friendship.At the same time, it is also time-tested that growing friendship poses danger to India. On the recent incident of brief detentions of each other’s High Commission employees by Pakistan and India, China has spoken in favour of Pakistan that it is focussed on ensuring friendly relations with India. On the issue of detaining Pakistani national named Abdul Rauf in Chile, who has been allegedly linked to the 1999 hijacking of an Indian Airlines plane, China says that it is not a matter of one individual. There are a few individuals claiming to be Pakistanis who have been arrested in Chile for some visa related issues. These Chinese views apparently goes in favour of India. So, it is indicative of the fact that India must be alive to the growing Sino-Pak ties and put preparation in place to face any eventuality that comes in the way.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Probe the fresh revelation in 2G Scam

With the corporate lobbyist Nira Radia reportedly linking Union Agriculture Minister and NCP boss Sharad Pawar to 2G Scam-tainted DB reality during her interrogation by CBI, a fresh controversy has arisen. She made this alleged link before the CBI, though denying anything to back her allegation. Her statement is part of the CBI charge sheet but she has herself made it clear that it is the perception in Mumbai that she is talking about and she has no documentary proof to back it.Radia has alleged that scam tainted DB Reality boss is known to Pawar. What is big thing in it. Baramati has been strong political hold of Sharad Pawar as it has been his parliamentary constituency and the DB Reality boss’s father has set-up a big milk processing unit there . In the given scenario, it is quiet natural Pawar may know them. It is a matter of serious investigation but one thing is clear that all the politicians can not be called corrupt and dishonest, but few among them may have been neck-deep in it and there can not be any corrupt practices in the government without the help from politicians in power. It is an indisputed fact that the democracy can not suirvive without political class but it does not mean that the corruption should be allowed to flourish day by day under its cover . Though Maratha stallwart has trashed Nira Radia reportedly linking him to DB reality, it is up to him to come clean by the way he feels appropriate. It is also true that making allegation against anyone is very easy but at the same time it is very difficult to collect the evidence to prove the allegation. It may be possible here that as Nira Radia is a corporate lobbyist, she may have dragged the name of big and powerful politician to distract the attention from the main guilty person. 2G Scam is the biggest in the history of our nation. There has been allegation of scandal worth Rs1.76 lakh. So, it must be thoroughly probed within a fixed time and deterrent punishment must awarded so that there could never be a repeat of scam of 2G magnitude. But in democracy, as long as the nexus between politician-bureaucrat- businessman continues to flourish, the corruption in government department can not be checked.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

India’s accusation vindicated

Tahawwur Rana’s, a key accused in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case, startling revelation amply vindicates India’s accusation against Pak nationals and government about their involvement in the Mumbai attacks. Not only the US but also the entire world has condemned the heinous act of terrorism carried out against the innocent Mumbaikers on 26/11/2008. The US has also publicly committed that those who are responsible for the attack must be brought to justice. India had already made it clear to the world in general and Pakistan in particular that on the basis of concrete proofs all fingers of suspicion about Mumbai attack points at the involvement of Pak military establishment, its notorious intelligence agency ISI and its home grown terror outfit Lashker-e-Toiba.The most important role here to play is for the US that if it is true friend of India it must seriously two Pakistani expat foot soldiers' startling revelation. If Rana's revelations are true, the US must act without any loss of time.There is no doubt, Pakistan has special place in the heart of the US since its inception. But in the fast changing world scenario and improvement of relations with India, it can not afford to look other side when the question of punishing the Mumbai attackers arise. It has to act against Pakistan, no matter how close it is with it. Now it is for India to launch vigorous diplomatic campaign to mobilise the major world powers besides the US to put pressure on Pakistan to act and handover the accused of Mumbai attack to India. India has to assert its position before the US and must ask it to compel Pakistatani government to act immediately on the dossiers sent by India in connection with the Mumbai attack. Though the process of talks that has to be set in motion must continue but not at the cost of any laxity in view of the statling revelations made by Rana. David Headley aka Daood Gilani and Tahawwur Hussain Rana, the two Pakistani expat foot soldiers who allegedly planned and conducted the Mumbai recce before the 26/11 terrorist carnage have implicated the Pakistani government and its intelligence agency ISI in the ghastly attack. India has rightly said that it will take up with Pakistan claims made by Tahawwur Hussain Rana, a key accused in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case, that he had acted at the behest of Pakistan government and ISI and not terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba. India must raise the issue of Rana’s revelations with Pakistan. Rana’s disclosures have brought to the fore India’s suspicion that Pakistan’s government and the ISI had a role in the 26/11 attacks that left 166 dead. At the same time, the dialogue process with Pakistan should go on.These are two different aspects. Peace talks and process of bringing the guilty of Mumbai attacks to justice must go on and simultaneously.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BRICS should play pro-active role

Presently, the world is uni-polar with the US sitting above all. It has competitor on the horizan to challenge its moves anywhere. It has few western powers to play its tailist role. And all its moves wre aimed at fullfilling its own interest, which is always uppermost. So, the world is in dire need for a third force to give constructive challenge to it. BRICS have the capabilities and resources to play that required role very sincerely.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has left for China to attend the BRICS summit where he intends to discuss issues related to fresh uncertainties that have emerged in Gulf and North African countries and make a strong pitch for coordinated efforts on major issues like energy and food security.The BRICS summit, whose theme is ‘Broad Vision and Shared Prosperity’, is significant as the five nations will discuss state of the world economy and the contribution which the grouping can make in sustaining the process of global economic and financial recovery.Noting that all BRICS countries are members of the G-20 and the United Nations Security Council and they have the experience of working with each other in these forums, which has been positive and holds promise.The Summit is expected to discuss the volatile situation in Gulf and North African countries, including Libya, considering the feeling of uncertainty it has created with regard to energy supplies and prices.Libya is an extremely important issue as it affects all the BRICS nations and is expected to be deliberated upon.India looks forward to a wide ranging exchange of views with BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) leaders on the state of world economy and the contribution which BRICS can make in sustaining the process of global economic and financial recovery.The time has come for BRICS to show the light and play a leading role in tackling economic and energy problems to combat poverty, illiteracy and economic disparities that prevail in the region most. The situation in Gulf and North African countries is in doldrums that require immediate attention of BRICS. As western big powers have failed to do anything constructive, India and China among the BRICS are Asian giants that can play a pivotal role to stem the situation of uncertainties in Gulf and North African countries. As far as economic issues are concerned, the crisis has gripped the industrialised and developed western powers more badly than India and China among Brics. They have faced the slump in economy very tactfully and come out of it, while western powers are still grappling with it.By strengthening themselves with extrovert approach, Brics can give the way out of the prevailing problems. To solve any international problems, they first need to develop consensus on the theme of Bricks, that Broad Vision and Shared prosperity.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Strong wave of nation-wide support for Hazare

Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare has shown the nation a ray of hope and shaken the government by the demand of formation of a joint Draft Committee consisting of 50 percent from civil society to be headed by an eminent person of imppecable integrity to head it and give their recommendation for Jan Lok Bill within the stipulated time. Anti-graft crusader whose fast unto death strike at Jantar Mantar has entered the 4th day, building enormous pressure of the people on the government to act speedily on his demand so that he could break his fast. Otherwise,ground swelling nation-wide support for his cause for the people is bound to damage the credibilty of government beyond any repair and ultimately may cause its downfall. Undoubtedly, growing corruption in all government departments has made the life of the common people very difficult to live. By taking the issue to streets, Anna Hazare has instilled hope among the people all over the nation. In the past few months, Manmohan Singh-led UPA government has been rocked by one scam after another, making its position tenable. Feeling the nation-wide impact of Hazare’s hunger strike, Congress President, UPA Chairperson and mover of the UPA government Sonia Gandhi has intervened and made fervent appeal to Anna Hazare to break his fast, agreeing with his concern over corruption and showing government’s intention to fight it out. Though Hazare has welcomed her appeal, refused to end the hunger strike untill and unless the government notifies the formation of joint Draft Committe headed by a person from civil socieity for Lok Pall Bill within a time frame.In the midst of continued stand-off between the government and civil society activists on the proposed Lok Pal Bill, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met President Pratibha Patil and briefed her about the efforts being made to resolve the issue. The Prime Minister briefed the President about the efforts being made by the government to resolve the differences with the civil society activists on the proposed Lokpal Bill. It is Hazare’s selfless service to the people who feel themselves left alone in this den of corruption.The people are spontaeneously coming out in support of Anna in every corner. They feel that another Gandhi has descended and he will liberate from corrupt politicians and official by making his hunger strike successful like Mahatma liberated us from British rule.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cong’s staright attack on Left

The Left in India has been passing through trying times. The assembly elections in Left-ruled West Bengal and Kerala are litmust test for them. Its prestige is at stake in West Bengal where it has been ruling continuously for 33 years. It is the fort of Left. But the challenge to them by the rising Trinamool supremo Union Railways Minister with the support of Congress is very stiff.
Unleashing a fierce attack on the CPI(M), Congress President Sonia Gandhi said Left was a party that always lagged behind time and stunted Kerala’s growth in the last five years under the LDF rule.
If the campaign by Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Kerala for United Democratic Front (UDF) in the ensuing assembly election is anything to go by, it is amply clear that the Congress is in no mood to be lenient with the Left any more. Attacking the veteran Communist V S Achutanadan -led Left ruled Keral government, she says in clear terms that it is riddled with scams and scandal and it has lost moral ground to rule the state.
It has always been the tradition of Kerala that here the political party in power changes at every alternate assembly elections. So, this time it is due for the Left to make way for the opposition UDF.
Congress President has also bitterly criticised Left ideology, saying it is running behind the time. It means that Congress supremo has drawn the battle line clearly and there appeared no meeting between the two parties on any issue in future also.While the country as a whole kept up the growth trend under UPA-I and UPA-II in spite of global financial meltdown, Kerala had suffered under LDF rule
Scams after scams have taken place under the LDF rule in the last five years. Liquor, land and lottery syndicates are behind the government. These corruption charges will certainly have negative impact on Left performance.
LDF is also facing the anti-incumbancy factor. But the most important factor which goes against them in this assembly elections is the infighting the entire country saw among the Left leaders of Kerala during their last five years of rule. Factionalism is at its best, which is alleged to be fuelled by anti-CM lobby in Delhi. That is why in the first place, the CM was denied ticket but it was his strong standing among the cadres that bent the leadership in Delhi.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

War against corruption must go on

These-days, corruption is all pervasive. No area of activities are free of it. Whether it is government organisation, political or social organisation, every where corruption rules the rust. The main victim of this cancerous disease is none other than the poor common people of the nation. The political class which rules the country since Independence has never paid any serious attention towards this cancer. It grows from strength to strength. Whether it is Congress, BJP , Left or all other small political organisations, all deliberately evade to fight out corruption, eating into the vitality of the nation. Anna Hazare, a great social activist and frontline torch-bearer of society, is doing a great service to the nation by raising voice against corruption and mobilising civil societies nation-wide to join him in his crusade. He is getting overwheming response from all over country.Hazare has begun his hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi for enactment of anti-corruption bill the Jan Lok Adalat. It has entered second day. He has got tremendous support all over the nation. He is rightly demanding the constitution of draft committee consisting 50 of government officials and fifty percent of eminent citizens from civil society.But the government is saying altogether a different story despite it is corruption and scandal ridden. It says that Hazare's hunger strike against corruption is pre-mature. But when it says at the same time that it is open to all suggestions, what compulsion it that holds it back from drafting the committee first as Hazare pleads for . The Lok Bill has a very old story and it has been introduced 8 times in Parliament since 1968 but it has never seen light of the day for one lacunae , political differences and will power or the other. Lok Bill must be introduced in Parliament and thereafter pass in its true spirit and Lok Yukta must be introduced in all states of the country. Lok Pal must also be independent and need not take permission from any authority to lodge FIR against the corrupt and it must try the case within a year so that the guilty could be punished in time. Lok Pal must be independent as our SC and HC judges and all other anti-corruption agencies must all be subsumed. Anna Hazare is a great reformist and the nation pins hope on him to liberate the nation from corruption by compelling the government to introduce and enact Lok Bill.It is the courage, determination and guts of Anna Hazare that he has declared an open war against corruption. The entire civil socieity now has obligation to give full-fledged support to the great social activist. The time has come for the nation to stand behind Hazare's fight for the people's cause. Otherwise, the day is not far off when we would be devoured by corruption.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mr. Shahid Afridi,listen to Gary Kirstan

After having lost Semi Final match of the World Cup, 2011 to India, Pakistani Cricket

Captain Shahid Afridi changed his tone when he went back to his country, though while in

India he behaved in a sportsman spirit way. He has said that Indians are not as

large-hearted as we Pakistanis are, howsoever much we may try. His statement in Pakistan

clearly shows that he did it please hardliners there who are dominant.
Afridi's statement about India is unfortunate and also does not behove of a sportsman of his

calibre to speak in such a way as to sour the relations between the two neighbours, though

try hard to improve. He should have kept at the back of his mind that what impact it would

create on crores of Indians. Government of India must call up on Pak to ask its cricket to

take back his unsavoury remarks about Indians.
The way Indian Cricket Team Coach Gary Kirsten has showered praise on Indians and India

while saying adiue to the team he nurtured three years, serving out a successful term during

which the Indian team reached the pinnacle of Test rankings besides lifting its first World

Cup title in 28 years last week. He became so much impressed with the affable nature of

Indians that he described his decision of leaving the team as well as India as the hardest

Gary Kirsten has also been a former South African cricketer of international stature. He

held all spellbound with the description of affinity and affection he got from Indians. He

also narrated his tour of India all around and felt affinity of every Indian that was

Pakistan Captain Shahid Afridi should have listened to Gary Kirsten and learnt the lesson of

issuing statement as a sportsman of international standard. No right thinking Pakistani

would also ever agree to his views that he has expressed about India.
It is need of the hour to organise more and more sports events so that our neighbourly

relations could be improved through sports and culture.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Greatest achievement

First of all, many, many congratulations to Captain M S Dhoni and Team India for winning the World Cup 2011 in marvellous style and fashion.To win the World Cup after 28 years and become the world champion of cricket is a matter of monumental glory and pride for the nation. It was made possible by Team India under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Team India played brilliantly like a champion in the final of the world cup in Mumbai against Sri Lanka and won the Cup for the nation convingcingly. Though they were the strong favourite of the Cup, they played marvellously throughout the World Cup matches and every decision taken by the Captain was bold and proved to be right in the end.
Team India also played unitedly and appeared to have made a mission to win the World Cup to realise the dream of master blaster and greatest batsman Sachin Tendulkar. He had to wait to the sixth world cup of his cricketing career to realise the dream. He also played masterly innings till the Semi Final and scored the second highest runs of tournament, though dashing opener Sehwag and he himself got out cheaply in the final. Sehwag also till the Semi Final played his natural game and created havoc in opposition teams and hit the highest 175 runs in an innings of the tournament.
India won Final against Sri Lanka and have become champions on the basis of the brilliant innings played by Gautam Gambhir , Virat Kohli and Captain Dhoni. The real fightback after the cheap dismalls of priceless wickets of the opening Sehwag and Sachin was started by Virat and Gambhir both played brilliantly and made 83 runs in the paternership after that Captain Dhoni came on the crease and made captain’s knock with Gambhir playing as a seaoned batsman at the other end. There was a partnership of more than 100 runs but Gambhir missed the Century by three runs as he was out on 97. After that, Dhoni and Yuvraj took control of the situation and Captain Dhoni hit the winning six and India’s score crossed over Sri Lanka’s 274 and won the World Cup Final by 6 wickets. Dhoni has been the most successful captain of India who won T20 World Cup, took Test team to No. 1position and now the world champions. He has also kept the team united and been very popular among all his team mates.
It was a glorious mement for all Indians when Captain Dhoni alongwith the entire team held aloft the World Cup. Now, the responsibility on Team India has increased many fold to main their stature of being at the top of the world.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cricket opens floodgates of opportunity for peace between India and Pakistan

The game of Cricket has given an opportunity of fine setting to start peace talks between

the two countries. It is the strength of cricket that loosing captain Shaid Afridi of

Pakistan has said in a poser to journalists,"why do we hate India?". This statement of

Afridi has great significance in establishing peace and amity between the two hostile

neighbours.It also speaks his great sense of sportsman spirit.
In the Semi Final Match of the World Cup against Pakistan by inviting Pakistan Prime

Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to see the match, Prime Minister has shown maturity, shrewdness

and diplomatic skill for establishing peace and amity between the two hostile neighbours.

Pak PM responded to the invitation promptly and graced the occasion of Mohali Semi Final

bwtween India and Pak and talked to his Indian counterpart Dr. Manmohan Singh in a cordial

atmosphere. They must have talked about how to resolve outstanding problems between the two

countries as they are not expected about knowing cricketing nuances.
Sports and Cultural activities have the great power of giving healing toutch, no matter how

old the wound is. The Mohali match is also a testimony to the fact that common people of

both the countries have nothing against each other. They want more and more sports contests

between the two neighbours, no matter which country loses or which wins. It is a sport one

side has to lose.
Buoyed by his cricket diplomacy, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rightly said that India

and Pakistan should put their ancient animosities behind them and work for a permanent

reconciliation and cooperative solutions to their problems.It is a matter of great

importance that PM Singh has said this during the dinner meeting with Pakistani counterpart

Gilani. Poverty, illiteracy and diseases are the problems confronting both India and

Pakistan. So, if we forget the past and face these existing problems unitedly on one hand

and encourage people to people contacts on the other by holding combined sports and cultural

contests, our relations are bound to improve.