Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Victory of development in Bihar

Nitish Kumar-led JD (U)-BJP alliance has swept Bihar in assemble elections. All credit goes to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of bringing back the alliance back to power with the victory of 3/4th majority in assembly elections. This a historic victory for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The people of Bihar irrespective of caste, creed and community have given their mandated to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to continue his all round development work with doubly force and sincerity. This is the victory of good governance, improved law and order, peace and communal harmony and above all development, though a lot more has to do on development plank in Bihar. Five Years back in 2005, Nitish Kumar led JD(U)-BJP alliance was voted to power , the first and foremost duty before the Chief Minister was to take Bihar out of dark ages which Laloo-Rabri duo had created. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar did that job well. He first concentrated on governance and improving law and order, which was in disarray. Bihar had come to a standstill by the misdeeds of 15 years' regime of Lalu-Rabri-duo . Before Nitish Kumar took charge of Bihar, the jungle raj was prevailing all over the state. Only the industries of kidnapping, robbery, murder and rape were flourishing. It was a tough task for any one to take on them. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar showed courage and determination and started to beef up civil and police administration that showed immediate result. Anti-socials and criminals were rounded up systematically and an atmosphere of safety and security was ensured for the people of Bihar. It could be possible only because of good governance delivered by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Economy also started looking up and Bihar recorded 11.03 percent growth rate under the Chief Ministership of Nitish Kumar for the first time.. It is only second to the developed state of Gujarat which has recorded 11.05 percent. During the Lalu-Rabri duo of 15 years in Bihar, all its roads had badly broken and no construction work was ever initiated by the Lalu-Rabri duo regime in those 15 years while Lalu Yadav had reportedly claimed of making the Bihar roads as smooth as the cheek of a film heroine. The people of Bihar felt cheated. Lalu is a great political joker. His joke now only caused laughter that the people understood. And now the people of Bihar can no longer be cheated by merely telling them in rustic language to show closeness with them. Despite getting immense opportunity of developing Bihar, he failed completely. Though Lalu is credited with giving voice to the voiceless and dignity to the people of the lower strata of society, he failed to utilise the ample opportunity to give them power through development and education . That is why Lalu's RJD has been decimated completely in assembly elections.As far as Congress Party is concerned, it can not win elections in the politically most conscious state of Bihar by the presence of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi only in the time of electioneering in the state. Its organisation is in mess and it has no face in Bihar. The faceless Congress in Bihar can not win assembly elections on the charishma of Nehru-Gandhi family. So, Congress should look into itself and build the party organisation from the grassroot to state level under the able and dynamic leader. The Bihar assembly results show that the people of the state have tasted development and now no political party can win elections without talking about and acting on development work. Nitish Kumar-led JD(U)-BJP alliance talked of development and acted upon it. That is why people have given them overwhelming majority in the assembly elections. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is rightly regarded as the Vikas Purush of Bihar. His win of 3/4th majority has raised enormous expectation of people from his government. So, Nitish Kumar has now to put in hard work to fufill the aspirations of the people.

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