Friday, October 25, 2013

Honesty unquestioned, but failed to act

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s honesty and integrity is unquestioned. No charge can be slapped against him for any of the scams that have surfaced in his government. Mr. Singh has said that he is prepared to face the CBI as he has nothing to hide in Coalgate, which surfaced when coal ministry was under his command. His preparedness to face the CBI if required itself reflects that he is nowhere involved in Coal scams. The entire nation considers Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as the man of honesty and integrity. But at the same time, it is his inaction that has resulted in a number of scams like 2G Spectrum, CWG, Coal and others. Prime Minister is head of all the ministries of the government. He should have close vigil on the functioning of every ministry in his government. He is the head of his Cabinet. Which Cabinet minister is doing what must be in the knowledge of Prime Minister? No scan can take place in a day or two. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is honest and no body questions this, but it does not mean that all his ministers are honest. If that was so, there could be no scam. Prime Minister is the prestige of the nation. He must not be quizzed by the CBI in Coalgate. But his lethargic attitude and gentlemanliness had been exploited by his ministers and bureaucrat in the government. And for that, there may be penalty against him.Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is a world-renowned economist and not only in India but all over the world his authority on economics is unchallenged. Before being the finance minister in the Narshimha Rao government in 1991 for the first time, he had been teacher and governor of Reserve Bank of India. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is also called the father of economic reforms in India. It is he who had been credited to bring a turnaround in economy in 1991. No charge has ever been levelled against him. It is innocence that is reflected in his statement that he is prepared to be questioned by Coalgate under the instruction of Supreme Court. If he had been watchful of the activities going in different ministries and taken action immediately, this situation of loss of face would not have occurred for him. It would be totally unjustified for the opposition to demand CBI investigation into the role of prime minister in the Coalgate.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

BJP’s face in Delhi

At last, the BJP president Rajnath Singh announced the name of Dr. Harshavardhan as the party’s Chief Ministerial candidate for Delhi, which goes to poll on December 4. BJP made Vijay Goel the Delhi party unit president in February and since then it was in the air that he would most likely be the party’s chief ministerial candidate assembly elections. Goel himself considered as the face of Delhi in the coming elections. He posed himself against Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. But as his style of functioning and track record caused discontentment among the Delhi BJP leaders, the party realized that it might missed the bus if it made Goel as the Chief Ministerial candidate. Vijay Goel also has no support from party’s doting parent the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, which matters most in the BJP. And that is why BJP chose Dr. Harshavardhan over Goel for its face in Delhi assembly elections. As BJP is the main opposition party in Delhi and it is fighting to oust Congress Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit from power on the issues of increasing corruption and price rise, its previous record in power and presently in MCD can not be considered as above board. But as far as corruption, infighting and groupism in party are concerned, Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel's credential is not unquestioned. This year’s Delhi assembly elections assume special significance. This is because for the first time the contest is going to be triangular with the entry of the newly founded political outfit Aam Aadmi Party led by former bureaucrat-turned social activist Arvind Kejriwal. The AAP has decided the issues of corruption and price rise in this year’s elections in Delhi. It is posing challenge to both the ruling Congress and the opposition BJP in the same way. It is equally cutting into the vote banks of both the parties. It has gone from strength to strength in its yearlong life. It is holding both Congress and the BJP equally corrupt. BJP considers that AAP takes away its votes and makes its path of defeating the ruling Congress in Delhi very tough. As Harshavardhan is known for honesty and integrity and favourite choice of RSS, he is considered by the party as most suitable anti-dote for Arvind Kejriwal’s campaign against rampant corruption in Sheila Dikshit govt. APP has already described Dr. Harshavardhan as Dr. Manmohan Singh of Congress to be made bulwark against BJP’s corrupt practices like Congress. Harshavardhan is also a veteran organizer and also known for starting anti-polio campaign when he was the Health Minister in Delhi Government in 1993-98. While Vijay Goel is neither enjoying clean image in Delhi nor has he the quality of carrying all sections in the party together.

Friday, October 11, 2013

God bids adieu from Test cricket

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who is considered as god of cricket by his fans, has announced that he would retirement after 200th test against West Indies in November. Sachin Tendulkar has been a legendary figure of cricket since his advent in the cricket test match series against Pakistan 24 years ago. He has been extra-ordinary and exemplary in the game of cricket. From the first day onwards, the way he played against the world famous pace batteries of Pakistan clearly reflected that one this tiny boy of 16 would grab all the fame and records of cricket, leave all great players of the present and the past back, and emerge as the greatest of all time to come. Sachin’s reflexes and footwork may have slowed down in the last two years and because of that the series in the last two years, he has failed to come up to the expectations of cricket fans. His performance on the field has always been scintillating since the beginning of his cricketing career. The passion he has showed for the cricket has been exemplary. And it is his passion that has made him the greatest batsman of the world. It is now almost impossible in the century for any batsman of the world to equal his record 100 century in the international cricket. The cricket fans all over the world have always given him standing ovation in the beginning and the end of his innings. Sachin Tendulakar has made us proud with his bat in the world of cricket. The beauty of his batting lies in playing the most dreaded fast bowlers very easily with sending their bowls for four and six fluently. He strikes awe in the rival team as long as he was on the wicket. The legendary batsman like Sachin Tendulkar does not emerge in every century. He is god-gifted Indian batsman whom all the players and fans worldwide have always held him in the highest esteem. The consistency in performance with his bat sets him apart from all other batsmen. To maintain consistency in performance, fitness on the field and electrifying response with bat has been his hallmark. Sachin Tendulkar is the symbol of pride for Indians. His devotion to cricket has been superb. He is unmatchable and unique. With retirement after his 200th test, cricket fans all over the world will miss the magician of cricket. Tendulkar, who has scored a monumental 15,837 runs in 198 Tests at an average of 53.86, said it was hard to imagine a life without playing cricket. Tendulkar, who has already retired from the ODIs last year, thanked the BCCI for its support throughout his career and for allowing him to walk into Test sunset at a time of his choosing.