Monday, November 29, 2010

Last effort to break logjam in Parliament

Now, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar is making the last ditch effort to break the logjam in Lok Sabha by calling all-party meeting today. Winter Session has transacted no business since it opened. It is the 12 the day continuous disruption in running the both houses of Parliament. Opposition BJP and all other parties demand Joint Parliamentary probe into 2G Scam. Government is in no mood to concede the demand, resulting in the logjam of Parliament. No parliamentary business has been transacted in the winter session of Parliament. While the crores of public money have been drained down. This is the longest logjam of Parliament. Government has made several efforts to break the logjam to run the Parliament. But all went invain. The united opposition is adamant on nothing less than probe into 2G Scam. Though the former Union Minister for IT and Telecom had to resign over the allegation of misappropriation of Rs 1.76 Crore of public money in the 2G Scam, the opposition parties are not satisfied with merely resignation of the alleged minister from the Cabinet and they demand nothing less than JPC probe. Though CBI enquiry and hearing Supreme Court are going on and the Government is of the view that these are enough to investigate the allegations effectively, it is for Opposition how they believe the government. If the Opposition is so adamant on the demand of JPC, what reservation has the treasury benches in not agreeing to their demand. Government is also of the view that JPC so far has not been very useful in investigating the matter if the previous experience is anything to go by. That is why they are opposing it. Now the condition in Parliament is so bad and disturbing that Speaker Meira Kumar herself has taken initiative by calling all-party meeting to break the logjam in Parliament. The continuing uproar in the House paints a sorry state of affairs. It appears as if no sense is prevailing among the MPs on both sides why they are squandering public ex-chequer. Though it is the prime responsibility of the treasury benches to ensure the smooth running of the House to transact business for which it has been called, they fail to convince the opposition. As 2G Scam is the biggest in Independent India, it is natural that it has hurt the public sentiments very badly and damaged the image of entire ruling parties. The reason for calling all-party meeting by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha Meira Kumar is expected to prevail on both sides and pave way for running both Hoses of Parliament. The scene of the Lok Sabha and Rajya reflects that the Speaker and Deputy Chairperson are acting like very reponsibly in accordance with the dignity of the House to establish peace but no MPs are prepared to listen them. That is why Parliament, these-days, sends out no positive messages to the people as the time of their representatives is passed in tu tu mai mai only.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kiran to check Jagan

Kiran Kumar Reddy was chosen as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh by Congress High command to check Party MP and late charismatic leader YSR son Jaganmohan Reddy. Kiran’s successor was asked to go because he was unable to check growing aggression of Jaganmohan Reddy to build pressure on the Central Party leadership to give in to his ambition of Chief Minister of the state. Jagan is running a TV Channel for his political aggrandisement and telecasting stories against Party High command to warn them that if he was denied the post of Chief Ministership of the state, he would rebellious. CM Kiran Reddy’s predecessor K Rossaih was old enough to deal with young and dynamic Jagan Reddyand the Telengana Movement, which is to be raised after the submission of Sri Krishna Report on it in December. Kiran Reddy has two immediate tasks on his hands. On the on hand he has to successfully checkmate Jagan’s anti-party activities and deal with Telegana agitation. The state of Andhra Pradesh is the most important for the party as there are 33 MPs from the state. That counts much for Congress-led UPA government at the Centre. Immediately after, Kiran Reddy was sworn in as CM, the senior most leader and Union Minister Jaipal Reddy has strongly criticized Jagan’s anti-party activities. It means the party is going to whip Jagan if he crossed the line of indiscipline any more. Kiran Reddy is relatively of young age of only 50. He is the fourth time MLA and was the Speaker of the state assembly before being elected as CM.. He has also been the loyalist of former Chief Minister and charismatic Congress YSR Reddy. So, it is natural that he would also have close links with Jagan’s followers whome can easily win back to his side and thereby to the mainline party organization. Kiran Reddy has also clean image and has been the Ranji player. His father was also a Congress leader and very close to former prime minister late Indira Gandhi. Kiran is expected to deliver good administration and carry forward the development projects initiated by the previous Congress governments and give charismatic leadership to the state of Andhra Pradesh and strengthen party organisation like late YSR.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

BJP loses moral plank on corruption issue

Bhartiya Janata Party claims that it a party with difference. But in the season of corruption in the political class as well as government, the BJP is no different from others. It has been seen that it is even more compromising with corruption than others. By not seeking resignation from the BJP Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa for his alleged involvement in land scandal and Bellary brothers, who are ministers in Yeddyurappa government for their alleged involvement in mining scam, it has lost the moral plank. Yeddyurappa denotified the government land and allegedly sold to private companies in which his sons’ interests are involved. BJP had to give in to the threat of Yeddyurappa rebellion. Karnataka CM refused to resign and reportedly asked the BJP high command that if he was was forced to resign, he would also make public the alleged connection of Party leader Sushama Swaraj in Parliament with Bellary brothers and senior party leader Anant Kumar’s undue interference in Karnataka to serve his personal political interest. Yeddyurappa openly defied BJP highcommand and stayed as CM. On the other hand Congress has shown to the public that once the charges of corruption are levelled against any of its leader however powerful and big, the party has acted promptly and booted out the tainted leaders. It has also set example recently in the issue of Adarsh Society and CWG scams.As far as corruption is concerned, there must be one yardstic for all political parties. It is not that only Congress should act against corruption and BJP should look the other way. By not getting the resignation of Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, the BJP has reflected that when the issue of corruption has to be dealt with by it, it fails to act and let it take deep root in the government and party. BJP is not allowing the Parliament to transact its business because its demand of JPC probe in 2G Scam is not conceded by the government. It has no morality to act in this manner in Parliament when it is itself not clean and perfect. Public exchequer is wasted as there has been deadlock in Parliament since the beginning of Winter Session. BJP must introspect itself so far the issue of corruption is concerned and let the Parliament run its business. It is required up on BJP to first come clean itself. As it is the main opposition party in Party, the nation is watching its action very seriously. Opposition must be constructive and above board in democracy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Victory of development in Bihar

Nitish Kumar-led JD (U)-BJP alliance has swept Bihar in assemble elections. All credit goes to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of bringing back the alliance back to power with the victory of 3/4th majority in assembly elections. This a historic victory for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The people of Bihar irrespective of caste, creed and community have given their mandated to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to continue his all round development work with doubly force and sincerity. This is the victory of good governance, improved law and order, peace and communal harmony and above all development, though a lot more has to do on development plank in Bihar. Five Years back in 2005, Nitish Kumar led JD(U)-BJP alliance was voted to power , the first and foremost duty before the Chief Minister was to take Bihar out of dark ages which Laloo-Rabri duo had created. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar did that job well. He first concentrated on governance and improving law and order, which was in disarray. Bihar had come to a standstill by the misdeeds of 15 years' regime of Lalu-Rabri-duo . Before Nitish Kumar took charge of Bihar, the jungle raj was prevailing all over the state. Only the industries of kidnapping, robbery, murder and rape were flourishing. It was a tough task for any one to take on them. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar showed courage and determination and started to beef up civil and police administration that showed immediate result. Anti-socials and criminals were rounded up systematically and an atmosphere of safety and security was ensured for the people of Bihar. It could be possible only because of good governance delivered by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Economy also started looking up and Bihar recorded 11.03 percent growth rate under the Chief Ministership of Nitish Kumar for the first time.. It is only second to the developed state of Gujarat which has recorded 11.05 percent. During the Lalu-Rabri duo of 15 years in Bihar, all its roads had badly broken and no construction work was ever initiated by the Lalu-Rabri duo regime in those 15 years while Lalu Yadav had reportedly claimed of making the Bihar roads as smooth as the cheek of a film heroine. The people of Bihar felt cheated. Lalu is a great political joker. His joke now only caused laughter that the people understood. And now the people of Bihar can no longer be cheated by merely telling them in rustic language to show closeness with them. Despite getting immense opportunity of developing Bihar, he failed completely. Though Lalu is credited with giving voice to the voiceless and dignity to the people of the lower strata of society, he failed to utilise the ample opportunity to give them power through development and education . That is why Lalu's RJD has been decimated completely in assembly elections.As far as Congress Party is concerned, it can not win elections in the politically most conscious state of Bihar by the presence of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi only in the time of electioneering in the state. Its organisation is in mess and it has no face in Bihar. The faceless Congress in Bihar can not win assembly elections on the charishma of Nehru-Gandhi family. So, Congress should look into itself and build the party organisation from the grassroot to state level under the able and dynamic leader. The Bihar assembly results show that the people of the state have tasted development and now no political party can win elections without talking about and acting on development work. Nitish Kumar-led JD(U)-BJP alliance talked of development and acted upon it. That is why people have given them overwhelming majority in the assembly elections. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is rightly regarded as the Vikas Purush of Bihar. His win of 3/4th majority has raised enormous expectation of people from his government. So, Nitish Kumar has now to put in hard work to fufill the aspirations of the people.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SC questions CVC appointment

Supreme Court has rightly questioned the appointment of PJ Thomas as Chief Vigilance Commissioner. It is natural how a person can be expected to work impartially and honestly who is himself tainted with corruption case. A corrupt can not be expected to root out corruption. CVC is the top most anti-corruption watch dog. In the scenario of corruption charges against the government and the questioning of the appointment of CVC by the highest court make the situation grim. P J Thomas had been allegedly involved in Pamoleine export case when he was Food and Civil Supplies Secretary in the Government of Kerala when K Karunakaran was the Chief Minister. Thomas’ name also came up for the Chief Secretary of Kerala but CM Achyutanandan objected his appointment as Chief Secretary. PJ Thomas had been Secretary of the department of Telecom and he did not prevent 2G Spectrum Scam. This is reportedly the profile of our CVC. The person considered for the post of CVC must be of impeccable in his service record. There must not be any charge or misbehaviour during the period of his or her service. The view of the Attorney General that it would be very difficult to find the person of impeccabe service record is ridiculous. It means there is no one in Indian bureaucracy of clean image. This is a naive handling of the matter. Opposition leader Sushama Swaraj of BJP had already objected to the name of PJ Thomas for the post of Chief Vigilance Commissioner. The committee comprises Prime Minister, Home Minister and Opposition leader recommends the appointment of CVC. But the objection of the leader of opposition was overruled and PJ Thomas was appointed CVC. But the appointment of CVC is suspect. So, the Congress-led government of Dr. Manmohan Singh which is already facing plethora of charges of corruption in CVC, CWG and Adarsh Society Scam is giving the nation a message that it is unable to fight corruption.. The Government is required to look into all the records of the person whom is going to appoint CVC to fight corruption. If it has failed to do so and deliberately appointed the tainted person to that post, it means it is itself promoting corruption.Now, it is the responsibility of the government to satisfy the Supreme Court's questioning. As it is a matter of corruption, it must be dealth with immediately. It is also required upon the government to satisfy the queries made by the highest court of land.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let the Parliament function

The winter session of Parliament so far has not transacted any business and there is complete deadlock over the demand of Opposition parties for Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe in 2G Scam. The tainted minister A Raza has already shown the door. The case of 2G Scam is subjudice as Supreme Court is hearing the case. CBI enquiry is also going on and Directorate of Enforcement is also investigating the matter. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report regarding irregularities in 2G Spectrum has already been presented in Lok Sabha. Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is to analyse the CAG report and to give its opinion. PAC is headed by Opposition party. As treasury bench is opposed to the opposition demand of JPC, the opposition parties are adament on nothing less than the JPC. The result is deadlock in Parliament. It means no transaction of business in the interest of the people is done and public exchequer is drained over the tamasha of ruling and opposition MPs. As far as the JPC probe is concerned, it is not expected that it would find out any huge irregularities that the different constitutional agencies already going into the 2G Spectrum Scam would not do. Even conscience of the opposition parties do not allow them to doubt the integrity and honesty of the Prime Minister. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and trouble shooter of the Manmohan Singh government has been pressed into service to talk to opposition parties. He has called an all-party meeting but no positive results have come out. The opposition parties do not budefe from their stand of JPC probe in 2G Scam. But the matter here is of national interest. On the one hand the precious time of Parliament is wasted and the demand for LPC probe in 2G Scam of 1.76 lakh crore

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Silence is questionable

Corruption has become the biggest issue of the day. It is matter of grave concern for the nation. Corruption pervades everywhere in society. Entire nation is amazed at the 2G Spectrun Scam of 1.76 lakh crore. It is the mother of all corruptions in Independent India. Prime Minister is head of his Council of Ministers. Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) must be aware of all activities going on in every ministry. The irregularities in the allocation of 2G Spectrum licences have not been committed overnight. They been going on for more than a year. PM has the prime responsibility of overseeing the work of every ministry. If he oversighted the irregularities committed in IT and Telecom ministry, he has to explain before the nation why he did so. The people of the nation have nothing to do with the compulsion of coalition politics. UPA government-headed by PM Dr. Manmohan Singh can not be condoned of inaction in corruption cases only because of the coalition nature of his government. According to the media reports, PM’s suggestions on 2G Spectrum had been deliberately ignored by Union Minister for IT and Telecom A Raza. PM’s role has been here of mute spectator, which makes his position questionable. Prime Minister should have acted the moment the irregularities came into his knowledge. United Opposition demands for Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the alleged 2G Scam so that every aspect of it could come to light. Nation wants to know why Prime Minister delayed the action against the former Union Minister R Raza charged for alleged 2G Spectrum Scam of 1.76 lakh Crore. Mere resignation of the tainted minister can not solve the problem. Authorities however powerful they are must be punished. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should have immediately responded to Supreme Court’s observation on delay in taking a decision on the plea for sanction for prosecution of former Telecom Minister A Raja in the 2G spectrum allocation issue. The Supreme Court rightly has asked asked some embarrassing questions about the lengthy delay on the part of the Prime Minister in taking a decision on a plea for sanction of prosecution of the former Telecom Minister in the controversial 2G spectrum allocation issue.There is deadlock in Parliament over the opposition demand of JPC probe in 2G Spectrum Scam. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest issue of corruption. So, what compulsion is there for the government to institute JPC probe? It must be time-bound. Manmohan Singh government should accept Opposition demand of JPC probe to make way for smooth running of Parliament.Is it in anyway justified that the sanctioning authority should sit on the complaint? The corruption has now become an important issue as three major scams have surfaced. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh must explain the circumstances before the nation why he delayed in taking action against the former IT and Telecome Minister A Raza .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sheer negligence of Police, MCD and Delhi Govt

The sheer negligence of MCD , Delhi Govt., Police and DDA officials has caused the four-story building collapse in East Delhi Laxminagar area that has resulted in the tragic death of 66 persons. Several persons have suffered serious injuries.All government authorities have neglected their responsibility, resulting in the loss of innocent persons. They are responsible for the macabre dance of murder. It is not a disaster but the tragedy invited by all the authorities concerned with giving permission to builders to contruct death prone buildings. After the tragedy, all political leaders, including Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit, Urban Development Minister of Delhi and local MLA A K Walia and East Delhi MP Sandip Dixit visited the spot and shed crocodile tears on TV news screens. But never missed to play blame game. The vital question arises here who gave clearance certificate of constructing four-storey building to the builders in Delhi? Who is ruling Delhi. If for excuse the ruling establishment says all the agencies are not under it, did it ever put the matter of illegal construction before the Central government as Delhi is the national capital.Why the Delhi Police did not stop the coming up of four-story building. Chief Minister Sheila Dixit must give answer to all these questions of Delhiites as they have fallen prey to their sheer negligence and callousness. CM has already put blame on MCD as it is run by the BJP. In retaliation, BJP has put blame Delhi Jal Board for the tragedy as water was logged in the basement of ill-fated building for the last 3 months.After routine retiual and making announcement of compensation, Delhi CM never said that what the agencies under her government were doing at the time of illegal constructions were coming up. All the killed persons in the building collapse were belong to the lower strata of society. They had come to national capital Delhi from the far-flung areas of the country to earn livelihood. But the prevailing condition in the so-called world class city, the poor persons are compelled to live like animals. Because of nexus among Govt, MCD, police officials, builders and contractors, the human tragedy has taken place in Delhi. No safety measures were taken in any of the illegally constructed buildings in Delhi. Rescue operations were also not taken quickly. It was the local people who started rescue and relief operations immediately. They first took the injured to the hospitals. Delhi CM visited the tragic spot after 14 hours of the tragedy and announced her routine official business of compensation. Can compensation announced by the government replace the pain of tragic death of innocent persons. No political leaders or parties have the guts to break the nexus among political leaders, Govt, MCD, DDA, Police, contractors and builders in national capital Delhi as it is deep-rooted. By shedding crocodile tears at the time of tragedy can do no purpose. But it is a wake-up for authorities concerned with giving permission to builders in Delhi.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

India's stature as world power

US President Barack Hussain Obama has recognised India's stature as world leader. US President has also said that India not emerging but has emerged as super power. But his eulogy for India might be a little bit of exaggeration because of his country's necessity of economic help from India.. And one most vital thing is that the government of the day in India must not lose sight of how can the country deserve to be a super power where more than 47 percent of children is mal-norourished and the death of half of the women population takes place in the country at the time of delivering child. More than one-third of population faces starvation and a little more than that are illiterate. So, the first and foremost duty of the government is to act seriously on these problems and then feel elated at the praise by none other than the President of USA Obama.Undoubtedly, President has impressed Indians and won their hearts in his three-day visit to India. Though President’s own prime interest was to extract as much as possible to bost his flagging economy at home from India, he never lost sight of satisfying Indian interests by backing India’s permanent seat in the UN Security Council and telling Pakistan from the Indian soil that safe havens for terrorists are unacceptable and Mumbai attackers must be brought to Justice. He has said these things during his address to Indian MPs in the historic Central Hall of Parliament amidst thunderous applause. On the first of US President’s visit in Mumbai, it appeared that he had only his own interest in mind and also appeared very diplomatic by not mentioning Pakistan even once. But with arrival in Delhi, President Obama changed his tone and tenor and shown all affinity and warmth toward India that it was expecting from him. As America is the oldest democracy and India is the largest, both have similarity in the functioning of respective governments. So, both can certainly be natural allies. Obama backs India’s quest for permanent UNSC seatPresident Barack Obama has announced support for India’s quest for permanent membership of a reformed UN Security Council (UNSC) . The announcement is seen as a diplomatic gesture although it was clear that the reform of the Security Council is going to be a long and tedious process. On the whole, US President's Obama's three-day visit to India can be described as a grand success. No American President in previous years since 1959 appeared to be so forthright and frank in India during their visit as President Obama. President Obama also mixed with Indian psyche more freely than any of the US President during their visit to India.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Silence means acceptance

It is surprising that neither Congress President Sonia Gandhi nor the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh even hinted at their action against their allegedly corrupt party leaders in AICC meet. AICC met during the time when charges of corruption against Party Chief Minister, MP and a minister in the Congress-led UPA government have been rocking and shaming the nation. Their silence at corruption in their AICC speech clearly reflects that they are accepting the charges against party leaders. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan must have given the message to the nation through party workers and leaders of their determined effort to root out corruption by acting against the party office bearers and CMs against whom there are charges of corruption. These charges of corruption are of serious nature, which are shame for any nation. Adarsh Housing, CWG and 2G Spectrum scams are haunting the nation. But no top leaders of Congress Party made any mention of corruption as if they treat it as their hallmark. Though entire national polity is indulged in corrupt activities, Congress Party is in power at the Centre so it is primarily responsible to tell the nation what action it is going to take against corrupt leaders. AICC meet has failed the nation. Undoutedly, Congress is the oldest party of the nation. It has led the freedom movement from the front and won it for the countrymen. It has also ruled the country more than 50 years out of 64 years of indepence. It is also the only political party which is in every nook and corner of the country. The Congress has also given great political leaders to the country, who have done tremendous job for the nation. But presently, no political party is in a position to be called clean on the front of corruption and nepotism. The matter of the fact is that Congress also leads them in this shameful act. Adarsh Housing Society in Mumbai Colaba area was primarily meant for Kargil heroes and martyres. But the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan allegedly changed its bylaws to allot flats for his relatives, bureaucrats and top brass army personnel. And this could only be possible by the nexus of politicians, bureaucrats and top brass army personnel. Though nexus among politicians, criminals and bureaucrats have been formed all over the nation, participation of top brass army personnel in this nexus as allegedly evident in Adarsh Society Housing Scam is very worrisome for the nation. After the Adarsh Society Scam broke out, Chief Minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan came to explain his position to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and tendered his resignation to her. But Sonia Gandhi adopted the delaying tactics over the issue of corruption by entrusting Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Defence Minister AK Antony to look into the Adarsh Society Housing Scam and submit the final report to her. This has clearly given the message that she wants to let the charges of corruption against her party chief minister subside. AICC should have given the message to the nation that party would award stringent punishment to corrupt leaders.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Punish the corrupt

The Adarsh Housing Society Scam reflects one thing clearly that corruption has overpowered all government activities. The involvement in the scam is not of signle party or of any individual only but of all political entities, bureaucracy and a section of the top army brass. The close and corrupt nexus among politician, bureaucracy and army has come to light in the Adarsh Housing Society Scam. It is a very dangerous trend. This sort of corrupt nexus will sap our democratic system. Whoever is found guilty must awarded stringent punishment. Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan has tendered his resignation as CM to Congress President Sonia Gandhi in the wake of Adasrsh Society Scam. She asked him to do so to save the party from embarrassment. But Congress President must not do delaying tactics in replacing Chavan.Scam and scandal is not new in a Maharashtra.Scandal and scams have surrounded the successive Maharashra Congress Chief Ministers and it has been party’s hallmark in the state. From VP Naike to the present Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, almost all have been charged with one scandal or the other scam. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh are known to be persons of integrity and honesty. One is leading the party and the other is leading the government. So they must take the issue seriously and start doing exercises to salvage the party's image. Two of the former Maharashtra Chief Ministers Vilas Rao Deshmukh and Sushil Kumar Shinde are also allegedly involved in Adarsh Society Housing Scam as they were also allegedly alloted flats to their relatives and close ones. They are presently Cabinet Ministers in the Union Government of Congress-led UPA. The same charge of corruption is against Chief Minister Ashok Chavan. The land of Adarsh Society was basically meant for Kargil war heroes. But the genuine Kargil heroes were not alloted the flats. Instead of them, the top brass of army have also got allotment for themselves and their relatives through fraudulent means. Flats were alloted to bureaucrats, politicians and top army brash. The army has already started the enquiry. Chavan offered to resign during a meeting with Gandhi in connection with the controversial Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society which was supposedly meant for widows and veterans of the Kargil war.There are reports that more Congress and NCP leaders including three former Maharashtra Chief Ministers Union Heavy Industry Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, Union Power Minister Sushilkumar Shinde and current Revenue Minister Narayan Rane and Maharashtra minister Ajit Pawar, nephew of NCP supremo Sharad Pawar, had links with the controversial upscale project.Congress supremo have entrusted the Adarsh Society Housing scam issue to a two-member committee of Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Union Defence Minister A K Antony to go into it and report to take the final decision about the fate Chavan Government. But more the Congress party delays in relieving Chavan of Maharashtra CM chair, the more harmful it proves politically for the party. So to save the Congress Party from futher embarrassment on the issue of corruption, Sonia Gandhi must give nod for replacement of Chavan with some known face of honesty and integrity.