Thursday, January 31, 2013

Allow screening of Vishwaroopam

There must be not any ban on the film by filmmaker and the painting by the painter only because they hurt the religious sentiment of a small group of people of a particular community on the ground that if they were allowed to be screened and displayed, it will disturb law and order. Law and order is a state subject and it is the responsibility of the state government to maintain it. It must not take revenge on the filmmaker under the excuse of law and order. The government of the state can not be run according to the whims and fancies of a small group of people. Vishwaroopam is a big budget film directed and produced by a famous filmmaker and actor Kamal Hassan. It had already been given the go-ahead signal by the Film Censor Board of India. In the given situation, if the Censor Board had found anti-Muslim content, it must not have allowed it to be screened. This should be taken in top consideration that the unnecessary controversy being created over the film which has already been approved by Censor Board. The creation of an artist must not be left at the mercy of a small group of people under apprehension that if it were allowed to be displayed, it would create law and order problem. Vishwaroopam Director and Producer Kamal Hassan has mortgaged all his assets on making of the film and if it was further delayed in screening, financial pressure would automatically increase on him. India is a secular country. Its secular fabric must not be disturbed at any cost but at the same time any artist’s art should also not be made sacrificial lamb because of vote bank politics. The state government must not take the step of banning the film or any creation of the artists to appease the religious sentiment of a community. Filmmaker Kamal Haasan's relief over securing a favourable verdict from the Madras High Court on screening his film Vishwaroopam was short-lived as a division bench of the court set aside the decision Wednesday, and the few theatres willing to show it either backed out or stopped mid-way apparently due to pressure from authorities and the threat of violence. Though Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalaliththa has said that she has no grudge against Kamal Hassan because he espoused aspiration about a TN political leader opposed to her to become PM of the nation, every one knows that it is the responsibility of the state government to maintain law and order. Law and order must not be as fragile as to be broken by broken by the small group of people's demonstration against a film. This is also not the first time that the film has been banned in apprehension of law and order breakdown by a small group of demonstrators against its screening on the one ground or the other. The government of the day must maintain law and order but not at the cost of banning the film or creation of an artist because it purportedly hurt the religious sentiment of a small group of people of a particular community.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Rajnath-Modi confabulations

The meeting between newly elected BJP President Rajnath Singh and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi assumes significance in view of the Lok Sabha elections slated to be held in 2014 and latter’s claim for BJP's prime ministerial candidate. Rajnath Singh's first and foremost task is to strike balance between Narendra Modi, other senior party leaders and the oldest ally JD(U), which has already put the BJP on notice in case it propped up Modi as prime Ministerial candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha. It is Rajnath Singh's second time to become the party president and he is more formidable and heavy weight than the outgoing president Nitin Gadkari. He is also nursing the ambition of Prime Minister if ever the party won in 2014. The relation between the two heavyweights of the party has been hot and cold. Rajnath Singh is also favourite of the deciding factor in the BJP the RSS. It is also a fact that Narendra Modi's one-up manship is not liked by the RSS, the doting parent of the BJP. It is the RSS which has kept the BJP together. Otherwise, there are as many prime ministerial candidates in the party as its leaders. As far as the meeting between Rajnath and Modi is concerned, both have said to the media that apart from courtesy call, they discussed elaborately about 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Modi must have sought Rajnath’s opinion about his role in Lok Sabha elections. Modi would always like to have unchallenged role. It is extremely problematic for any party president. After recording three consecutive victory in Gujarat, Chief Minister Narendra Modi must have impressed upon Rajnath Singh to publicize his good governance in the state and in return the mandate of the people. It is also a fact that Modi is the most popular leader among BJP workers all over the nation. It is also not only Gujarat BJP unit which wishes to serve the nation. State units of all political parties wish to serve the nation. It is also not only Narendra Modi of BJP who is known for good governance but also the CMs of Madhya Pradesh and Chattishgarh Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh respectively known for good governance. One thing is also tested that Narendra Modi may have established his magical touch in Gujarat Assembly elections thrice in a row but at the same time he has made no impression in any election campaigning outside Gujarat. Rather wherever he campaigned outside his own state, the BJP has suffered mostly. Rajnath and Modi duo may look effective but it can give birth to fresh internecine war in the party. It is crystal clear that there is no unanimity on any national leader under whom the BJP could fight Lok Sabha elections in 2014. To wrest power from the Congress, the BJP needs to keep the NDA united. Only united NDA could give formidable challenge to the Congress-led UPA, which is shaky because of corruption and price rise. One thing is also clear that the moment BJP announced the name of Narendra Modi as party's prime ministerial candidate, its most formidable and oldest ally would take no time in severing ties with it. It is also a fact that India is a very big country and Gujarat is one of the 28 states. So, the performance of the leader in a state can not be the barometer for prime ministerial candidate of the nation. Prime ministerial candidate of any party must be of unquestioned secular credentials where Narendra Modi falls short.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No religion to terror

Terror must not be attached to any religion. All religion condemns terrorism. No matter which religion the terrorists belong to, they must be awarded stringent punishment. There also must not any sort of politics over terrorism. The issue of terrorism is a matter of great concern for the nation. Congress and BJP are at war in blaming each other for promoting terrorism to create their respective vote banks. Both of them are least interested in combating terrorism. There must not be politics over Hindu or Muslim terror. Terror has no religion, caste and creed. It is the enemy of humanity. Undoubtedly, India has borne the brunt of terrorism most. But it does not mean that either the ruling party or the opposition should blame the particular religion or faith for terrorism. Congress and BJP both are playing vote bank politics. The statement of Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde in his address to party workers and leaders in Chintan Baithak at Jaipur that the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh and the BJP are running camps to promote saffron terrorism has made them furious. He has also cited the terror acts such as Bomb blasts in Samjhauta Express, Malegaon and Mecca Masjid in which the investigators have pointed clearly the alleged involvement of Saffron activists. On this count, the position of RSS and BJP appears to be shaky. There might be the possibility of some Hindu hardline elements' involvement in these terror acts. But it does not mean that the entire Hindu region should be blamed for promoting terror. This statement has upset both BJP and RSS. The BJP has even demanded the resignation of Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. Can any religion sanction the bleeding of innocent persons? It is non-sense to implicate religion in terror act to defame the rival political party. Government needs to act firmly and decisively against all those who are involved in terror acts, no matter which religion they belong to. No religion teaches violence. Terror is the handiwork of misguided and fanatic elements. Terrorists have no respect for humanity. Shedding the blood of innocent persons is against the precept of all religions. No religion promotes terrorism. Politicizing terror for the sake of vote bank politics is against the interest of the nation.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cong’s trump card

It was a heartening and unifying moment for Congress when Rahul Gandhi delivered his speech to thank the party for elevating him to No.2. Rahul Gandhi was made Vice President of Congress party at its Jaipur Chintan Baithak. It was the cherished dream of the youth wings of the party. His speech has not only left indelible imprint on the minds of Congress workers and leaders but also the entire countrymen. His speech was lashed with emotion that choked everybody’s throat with love and affection for him. It also brought tears in everybody’s eyes out of love and affection for the youthful leadership that he is now going to provide to the Congress. Congress party workers, leaders and crores of general common men certainly have emotional touch with Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. When the supreme sacrifices made by the family are reminded, tears spontaneously come in the eyes of the people. The forceful, committed and emotional speech that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi gave at the Chintan Baithak has left a long lasting effect on the Congress workers. It has infused courage and moral uplift to defend the party and work for the people. With the coming of Rahul Gandhi on the centre stage of the party, workers and leaders have been galvanized to work for the party with doubly force. There is no doubt that by bringing Rahul Gandhi on the Centre stage of politics, the Congress Party will certainly establish a direct rapport with crores of youths of the nation. He will provide youthful leadership to them. His conscience is clear and intent is focused. It is his innocence that he himself said in his speech that there is no system in Congress party and it is run without any rules and regulations. By becoming the Congress Vice President, he has accepted a great responsibility to strengthen the party and bring it to power for the third consecutive time in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. It is also true that by giving only idealistic speech after coronation, everything will not become all right itself. At present, Congress is passing through its bad days. Price rise and corruption issue is troubling the people most. The Congress party must realize that and if the government failed to check these issues promptly, no youthful leadership of the party can save it from defeat in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. So, Rahul Gandhi’s first and foremost duty as party vice president is to put pressure on the government to act firmly in this direction without any loss of time. As far as Congress position in the two most important Hindi heartland states- Uttar Pradesh and Bihar- is concerned, it has got weaker and weaker, and it has been out of power for more than two decades there. And the most pathetic thing is that it is getting weaker and weaker there because of organizational set up lying almost dead there. Congress Party organizational units in these two states and other bigger states are gasping for breadth. Now, with Rahul Gandhi at the helm of affairs of the party, he urgently needs to connect with the people who were Congress party vote banks in the past. He should direct his youth brigades to look into the grievances that had manifested on the streets of Delhi and other cities of the youths of middle class. Rahul will now have to do the politics of 24X7 and he can not afford to turn away his face from the vital issues of the common men and middle class.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Need for result-oriented action

It is not good to be either always belligerent or jingoistic. The peace with the neighbour must be the ultimate aim but the anger prevailing over the gruesome killing of two Indian soldiers and beheading one of them is totally justified. The hurt and bruised sentiment of the nation over the brutal killing of its soldiers must be mollified with suitable action against the enemy soldiers. The soldiers who have lost their lives in service of the nation must not be allowed to forget. It is also good that Pak, though belated, agreed to participate in the Brigadier level Flag meeting to restore peaceful atmosphere at the LoC. But the inhuman act of Pakistan soldiers unforgivable. The prevailing situation earnestly demands that India must take result-oriented action so that the message could go out among the public that the Government of the day is really serious. Despite showing naked evidence about the involvement of LeT Chief in the conspiracy of Mumbai attack, Pakistan always refused to act against him on the ground of it being insufficient and would fail to stand in the court of law there. The government of India must understand that it is no sense being involved in peace talks with Pakistan on one hand and the ceasefire, Loc violation and killing of our soldiers taking place on the other hand. It has been the practice of Pakistan to be always in denial mode about all its deliberate mischief with the full backing of its military, ISI and religious fundamentalist on which it is based. Firstly, India must ensure that there would be no casualty of its soldiers on LoC and there would be no sponsorship of terrorism against it from across the border. It is Shiv Sena workers today and tomorrow there would be entire nation in protest against any sort of relation with Pakistan. Shiv Sena workers have rightly protested the inclusion of four Pakistani players in the Mumbai team of the Hockey India League (HIL).They have rightly said that Pakistan killed two of Indian Armymen at the LoC last week. How can their players be allowed in our country? The brutal killing of two Indian soldiers and beheading one of the two have shocked every Indian. This sort of inhuman act is intolerable. Even Army officers at LoC are reportedly facing tough time to keep jawans calm. They are deeply agitated and ready to take revenge on Pak soldiers for their barbaric act. India needs to impress on the international community by launching vigorous diplomatic campaign to expose Pakistan’s notoriety with it. The way Pakistan army battalions acted and killed two Indian soldiers are against all military conduct, civility, discipline and decorum.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Defuse tension, but prepare to face any eventuality

Hafeez Sayeed, LeT boss and mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai attack, had reportedly visited the LoC four days back and delivered religious sermons about Jehad against India to the Pakistani soldiers. It is a serious concern for India but he will do it as usual. It is our responsibility how befitting reply we give to them instantly whenever we are provoked from across the border. Indian military unit jawans must be instructed that whenever the ceasefire violation is committed from across the border, they must give reply with doubly force instantaneously. It is the practice of Pakistan to always be in denial mode. After every mischief committed by its military at LoC, the civilian government of that country come forward in its defence. Because the military, ISI and jehadi elements reign supreme in Pakistan. No civilian government since its inception ever asserted to establish democratic value and the dominance of civil society there. Whenever it did, it faced a stiff opposition from its military establishment and at last either it had to bow down before their pressure or be thrown out of power by staging military coup. As far as the anti-India sentiment is concerned, Pakistan is based on it. The security of the Indian soldiers must be of prime concern for India. It must not always approach Pakistan with conciliatory stance even after its soldiers are butchered in the cruelest way. The Indian jawans deputed on the border to protect the nation are burning with the fire of revenge against the Pakistani soldiers who killed two jawans from among them and mutilated their bodies. One of the jawans was also beheaded and it has been reported that there was joyous over this dastardly act across the border. Indian military officers have a tough time on the border to pacify their infuriated jawans. They are seething in anger to take revenge of the beheading of their jawans by Pakistani soldiers. So, the Government of India must provide full proof security to the jawans posted on the border because border skirmishes have become routine affairs with Pakistan. So, why do Indian soldiers not move forward with full preparedness so that they could suffer no casualty? The heightened tension on the border must be defused but if the situation goes beyond control due to the notoriety of Pakistan, Indian soldiers must be allowed to retaliate any firing from across the border. An uneasy calm prevailed on the Line of Control (LoC) and no new violation of the ceasefire was reported. The Indian Army rightly called for a Brigadier-level flag meeting to resolve the escalation of tensions after Pakistani army regulars brutally killed two Indian soldiers in the Mendhar sector. But it is the highhandedness of Pakistan to summon the Indian High Commissioner to protest against the killing of a Pakistani army soldier in cross-border firing, though India refutes the charge.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A barbarous act

The brutal killing of two Indian soldiers by Pakistani army personnel is a dastardly act of the cruelest nature. The act of beheading two Indian soldiers and mutilation of their bodies is against all norms of military convention, civility, discipline and decorum. The beheading of the soldiers — one of the heads was taken away by the raiders — has caused outrage in India. LoC and Ceasefire violation is committed off and on by Pakistani army battalion deputed on the border. It is a continuing phenomenon. The ceasefire is deliberately violated to provide the cover to non-state actors (Infiltrators) by the Pakistan soldiers to cross over the border and create mayhem in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in India. It is not new. And it is the weakness of Indian establishment of not raising the issue strongly with Pakistan to stop this deliberate act pushing terrorists into India. The beheading act amply reflects the involvement of Jehadi elements along with Pakistani solders in their attack on Indian Soldiers. Military establishment in Pakistan has always controlled the civilian government. It always backs up the jehadi elements . It is itself full of radicals. Government there can not restrain military and ISI under any circumstances. Military, ISI and Jehadis hold the key in Pakistan. The attempt to increase border skirmishes is deliberately undertaken to bring the issue of Jammu and Kashmir into focus and thereby unite govt, military, ISI and jehadi elements in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s clear attempt to internationalize the issue of J & K by suggesting to make an enquiry into all that have happened on LoC by UN observer. India has rightly rejected it out of hand. It is a bilateral issue. And solution is to be found bilaterally. To make it multi-lateralism is out of question. Under the cover of firing, Pakistani soldiers entered 600 meters inside India and took position to attack Patrolling Party of Indian Army. The two soldiers who were killed in firing were taken unaware from the behind. As far as the anger in India over the brutal killing of two Indian soldiers is concerned, it is totally justified. India must tell the international community to make Pakistan realize its own strength before violating LoC and ceasefire. As US has been the mentor of Pakistan, and it has also come closer to India in recent past, it must be told in clear terms that either it contain Pak or be prepared to face the disaster of worst kind. The entire international community is well aware of the fact that India will never attack its neighbour first. But they must be told in clear terms that if its patience was broken deliberately, it could act against its enemy with fiercest force. India army needs to take into serious account the entire border skirmishes with Pakistan and ceasefire violations in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the most serious cause of concern for India. India needs urgently to put its army on highest alert on the border one hand and make aware the international community, especially the US, about Pakistan army’s notorious and devilry act of beheading two Indian soldiers.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hate speech givers are anti-nationals

Hate speech givers irrespective of caste, community and religion must be treated as anti-nations and be punished as such. There must not be any leniency because of political reasons towards anyone who delivers hate speech to disturb communal harmony. Political, religious and spiritual leaders who deliver hate speech irrespective of party and religion must be awarded deterrent punishment and treated as anti-nationals. It is no matter the leaders belong to Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Christian if they have been found guilty of advocacy that endangers unity and integrity of the nation must be awarded stringent punishment. They deliver hate speech to polarize a particular community in their favour and spread poison in society to disturb the communal harmony. In the name of religion, they befool their brethren and take political advantage out of it. The government of Hyderabad has rightly arrested Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi for delivering hate speech that posed danger for keeping the unity and integrity of the nation. He is facing multiple cases for his alleged hate speech, and remanded to 14 day judicial custody by a magistrate in Nirmal town of Adilabad district. Whether the leader who delivers hate speech belongs to majority or minority community, he must be punished stringently. It is not only the leader from among the minority community who delivers hate speech to promote his politics of vote but also the leaders from among the majority community do the same thing. Before Akbaruddin Owaisi, several leaders from majority community have given hate speech and the law of the land has been applied against them. Secular character of the nation can not be compromised at any cost. No leader or individual should be allowed to tear the secular fabric of the nation at any cost. Hate speakers must be throttled immediately. Fanning religious discord and promoting regionalism must be treated as anti-national acts. Owaisi, the floor leader of his party in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, is facing a case against him in Adilabad for alleged provocative speeches regarding the disputed Bhagyalakshmi shrine in the Charminar area.Complaints have been filed against him in regard to the same speeches in various police stations in Hyderabad and other parts of the state. Hate speech is a challenge to the nation and the state is required to take immediate action against the speaker. The punishment against the hate speech must be so stringent, deterrent and harsh that no body could dare do so.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nation in shock, leaders and spiritual guru in preaching mode

The political leaders and religious gurus have followings in society. Their statements make deep impact on their followers. If the way political leaders and spiritual gurus continued to deliver such retrograde statements, only God can save our society and thereby the nation. The nation is still to get over the shock caused by the death of Dec 16 Delhi gang rape 23 year old victim on one hand, the political leaders across party line and self-claimed godman are busy with preaching the females in our society to do this and that to keep themselves protected from rapists. Their statements clearly reflect the patriarchal and regressive mindset of orthodox society. These statements reflect that gender discrimination rule supreme in our society. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagvat has given statement that the marriage is a contract between man and woman where man provides safety, security, food and lodging to woman and in return she gives him sensual and physical pleasure, though he has made this statement in the context of western marriage system. His statement purely reflects male dominance in society and trivial thinking about women. If this is the thinking of RSS boss, the impact it makes on society is very dangerous and painful. It means that women are treated as commodity. It also means that feminine gender is meant for only using. The shocking reasoning given by Asharam Bapu to the victim to protect herself from being gang raped and killed that if she had called one of the rapists her brother and hold his hand to save her honour, she could have saved herself from them. He also said that if she had taken Diksha from him and recited that Mantra, God would have saved her. He has also reportedly said that no incident can not happen one sided. It means he holds the victim as much responsible as rapists. Asharam Bapu's preaching reflects not only his medieval and sectarian mindset but also an attempt to make his disciples. One Cabinet Minister in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh Government reportedly stated that the girl should not cross the Lakshman Rekha. She should be within Maryada. If she crosses Lakshman Rekha, Ravan is there across to kidnap her. These types of retrograde and regressive mindsets of the leaders and spiritual Gurus make dangerous impact on society. If their thinking is so regressive, it is to be imagined what dangerous impact it would make on their followers. Self-claimed godman Asharam Bapu has lakhs of followers in India and abroad. He should have thought before delivering this type of retrograde sermons among his followers about the impact it would make on the bereaved family. The statements of some political leaders and preaching of spiritual guru like Asharam Bapu are deeply shocking for the father and the mother who have lost their promising daughter so cruelly and brutally.