Thursday, December 16, 2010

A matter of serious concern for India

The US aid to Pakistan for fighting Taliban and other terrorist groups is being diverted against India. It has been brought to the top US leadership. Union Defence Minister AK Antony has rightly said that India would continue to take up the issue of Pakistan diverting American military aid against it with the US till the time there was a final solution to the problem. American military aid is being diverted against India openly. The military weapons which are meant to fight Taliban on the western frontiers is diverted to eastern frontiers against India. It is a well-acknowledge fact that US which keeps Pakistan running with pumping of economic and military packages is mainly used against India. But the question here arises that if the aides provided by US to Pakistan are not used for the purposes they were meant, has the US ever taken notice of the misuse of its aides by Pakistan? The US has interest in keeping Pakistan running and it keeps its interest uppermost, no matter how much does it hurt others. In recent years, India has also come closer to US. So, it is time for it to raise this issue very strongly with US leadership to find solutions to the serious problems being faced by it for no fault of its own. India should not have any objection to US aid to Pakistan but at the same time it is very important and serious matter for India to see how these aides are diverted against it by Pakistan. Though the US may have come closer to India, it is impossible for the US to ignore Pakistan because of its geo-strategic position in South Asia. India also must know that if the US gives cold response and becomes indifferent to provide aid to Pakistan, China is there in the region to provide all sorts of help to it. That the US knows it very well. And that is why it never falls short of Pakistan expectation. Keeping in view the interest of the US in Pakistan, it requires concerted effort on India to convince the US about reality of facts about its aides to Pakistan. A K Antony has rightly observed that the past experience and track-record shows that instead of using the American military aid in the fight against Taliban, Pakistan is diverting it against India.This is a matter of serious concern.

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