Monday, September 20, 2010

Motive to create panic in Delhi

The firing at the historic and highly respected religious place Jama Masjid Gate No. 3 by unidenfied motor-cycle borne Sten Gun wielding two assailants fired at Tourist bus, injuring two Taiwanese tourists and hours later the explosion in the parked car, exposes the loopholes in national capital's security measures at the time when Commonwealth Games is going to be held here from 3rd of October.Delhi Police are ruling out the role of any organised terror group but intelligence experts insist that it could be the handiwork of outlawed Indian Mujahideen, which was behind a series of blasts in several cities, including Delhi. The Indian Mujahideen had claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened terror strikes during the Games saying the incident was to coincide with the second anniversary of Batla House encounter. The city police suspect that disgruntled youths or a gang of local criminals could be behind the incidents. The motive appears to be to scare people ahead of the Commonwealth Games, they said, adding the attacks do not show signs of involvement of terrorist outfits like Indian Mujahideen. The prime motive of the attackers was to create panic among the people to give the world a message that Delhi is not safe. The incident also points clearly the finger at Delhi Police failure to pre-empt the incident while they were informed earlier by Intelligence agencies that this kind attack may take place here on the eve of the world sporting extravaganza. This attack also reflects the complete failure of co-ordination between Delhi Police and Intelligence Agencies. Either Delhi Police are casual and callous in their approach or inefficient to meet the secirity reqirement of the national capital . Because this is not the first time that the attack of this nature has taken place in national capital Delhi.To disturb the communal harmony in the country may be a possible motive behind the firing at Jama Masjid as the verdict is going to be delivered on longstanding Ram-Janam Bhumi- Masjid dispute by Allahabad High Court on Sept 24. So, there is urgent need for the Delhi government and Goverment of India to review the security measures in Delhi and instruct the security official concerned, especially Delhi Police, to tighten their belt and never take the issue lightly. There are many questions which puts in Delhi Police the dock. Why was there no CCTV at the crowded and so important place like Jama Masjid area? Why was there no PCR Van, which is there daily at Gate No. 3 as just beside the place of occurence Imam Bukhari also resides? The safe and security of the so important historical place like Jama Masjid is primarily the responsibility of the government. Delhi Commonwealth Games is the issue prestige for the nation. The world dignitaries, officials and sports persons are descending on the city during the event. Delhi Government as well as Government of India is seriously involved in grooming the city to register before the international community about country’s advancement in all spheres of life.Though Delhiites too should co-operate with the Delhi Police and Government for the grand success of the world event, ultimate responsibility rests with the Government and Delhi Police. But so far they have failed miserably on all fronts and aslo have lost the confidence of Delhiites and countrymen.

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