Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome verdict

By staying the Allahabad High Court verdict, which was to be delivered on Sept. 24, by a week, the Supreme Court has brought relief to the common people of India.It is a welcome verdict. Religious groups of both parties were involved in surcharging the nation with religious beliefs to disturb the communal harmony . The religious and political parties should be aware of the fact that the situation has drastically changed and economy has the primacy over anything else in day to life day. The people are now much more awakened and conscious about the economy and health issues than they were 20 years back. As the common mass has nothing to do with the judgement on 63 years’ long outstanding dispute over the ownership on the right of land on which Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid stands in Ayodhya, the politics over secularism and communalism makes the issue with the sole aim of vote bank politics. The Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS), which is the doting parent of Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP), Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrandal, was mainly leading the chaged mob of thousands of Kar Sevaks to demolish the Babri- Masjid on December 6, 1992. This was the blackest day of the nation. The communal violence that followed the demolition all over the country took the innocent lives of thousands of people.This trgic situation had not come if the then government of late Prime Minister Narsimha Rao at the Centre acted in time. It was because of the total laxity of the Central government that such tragic incident took place and all secular-minded Indians had to hang their face in shame. VHP, BJP and other Hindu chauvinists had charged the nation with religion that also proved to be the black spot on secular character of the nation. As BJP is the political wing of RSS, it grew from strength to strength by polarising the Hindus for political benefits in elections that followed the demolition by promising the people that if they were voted to power, they would build the grand Ram Temple on the disputed site of Ramjanam-Bhoomi Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The Hindu chauvinists became successful with their tricks and came to power in 1998 after Mid term Lok Sabha elections. But they did not keep the promise as it was impossible in secular India.They remained in power for 7 seven years but they did nothing because their political benefit was in lingering the matter as long as possibe and because of the fact that they represented the coalition government all these years. The Supreme Court has stayed for a week the Ayodhya title suit verdict that was due to be pronounced by Allahabad High Court on Friday and will hear the plea for deferment of the judgement on September. The Supreme Court’s decision came after an appeal to the stay on the judgment, saying the matter could be settled out of court.The court also issued notice to all the parties to the title suit and asked the attorney general to be present in the court when the case is heard on September 28. The Central government has rightly been on alert for any fallout from the verdict, appealing for calm. It banned public meetings in the state and bulk mobile text messages that could be used to spread rumours and plan riots.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reflection of CWG mess

The crashing down of overbridge outside Jawaharlal Nehru, filthy, unhygienic and unliveable condition in apartments of Games village meant for living the foreign atheletes and officials vividly describes about inept, corrupt, inefficient and callous functioning of government of India, Delhi Government and Organising committee . Whatever happens during preparations of the Commonwealth Games, 2010, which is to be held in Delhi from October 3, reflects mess that has set in our government's work culture. The head of the entire nation hangs in shame when the foreigners criticise the filthy, dirty and unliveable Games Village. The nation is facing the same due to the callous and corrupt government and organisations involved in the preparation of the Games. CWG is held in Delhi but it is the prestige of the entire nation. Scotland, Canada and Newzealand have expressed concerns about the facilities for staying their players in the Games village. UK and Australia have also expressed reservations. It becomes more pathetic when we claim to be the emerging super power on one hand and present before the world audience as under-developed country on the other. The disastrous situation where stray dogs are moving in the bed rooms meant for foreign atheletes and even lying on their beds has come before the foreigners is only because of the corrupt, callous, inefficient and inept government. Because ultimately, Government of India is responsible for everything. When the charges of corruption in the preparation of the CWG emerged from all quaters, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh personally intervened and deputed Cabinet Secrtary to oversee the preparations. He also assured that whoever would be found guilty in corruption would dealt be dealt stringently. UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi also clearly told that no body would be spared and the charges of corruption would be looked into after CWG. But there is every possibility that after the CWG the charges levelled against the persons will be awarded for successful holding the world show. The date of completition of the preparation had been fixed but it failed several times. CWG is only 10 days away and overbridge near Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium collapses when that stadium is the main venue. If the overbridge collapsed during the Game, had India been able to see its face to the world. About 30 labourers have been injured and few of them seriously but the Game Organising Committee officials say that it is not a matter to be ashamed of and it is a minor thing. While Chief Minister Sheila Diskhit said that the overbridge was meant for ordinary. It means that Sheila Dikshit Government has no concern for the lives of ordinary people. She must know that whether the lives are of ordinary or VIP people, there are the same. It shows Delhi CM's insensitivity to the lives of ordinary people. Multiplicity of agencies involved in the preparations of Games provide the authorities to pass the buck from one to another. No agency is prepared to take responsibility of utter neglect in preparation work. Some of the roads in Delhi are still in the worst shape and the excessive rains have exposed the callousness, corruption and inefficiency set in the governance of the country. Crores of rupees have been spent to groom the national capital Delhi for the Commonwealth Games. Major portion of them has allegedly gulped by the Organising Committee. Though the need of the hour for all of us is extend co-operation for the success of the Games, every charge of corruption against the authorities concerned with the preparations of the Games must be thoroughly probed and whoever found guilty must be punished. Otherwise, tradition of corruption and inefficiency in our governnance would continue to flourish.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All-party Party Delegation shows magnanimity without replication in J & K

Government of India has tried its best to assuage the dicontented feelings of Kashmiris, especially the youth,who have come out on streets for more than three months. During this period of violence on the streets in the Valley more than 100 innocent lives were lost. Though separatist leaders at the instigation from across the border encourage and inspire the youth to throw stones on security personnel , Government of India has the prime responsibility to restore peace and normalcy in the strife-torn state of J & K. And for that immediately goal to achieve, army is most essential there to stay with full legal protection. Dr. Manmohan Singh -led UPA government rightly sought first the consensus of all national and state political parties on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.It was rightly decided to send a all-party Parliamentary Delegation to know the ground realities of strife-torn state. They have visited the state but the song was sung by separatist and secessionist leaders on their old usual tune. Hurriyat Conference Chairman Mirwaiz Omer Farooq, bereakway Hurriyat harliner Syed Ali Shah Geelani and JKLF boss Yasin Malik boycotted the meeting with Parliamentary Delegation and rejected the invitation of talks outright. But the Parliamentary Delegation showed magnanimity and went in groups to meet these three leaders at their respective homes. As they are tutored from across the border, they did not budge from their stated stand of Azadi, which is well nigh impossible. The question here arises why New Delhi attaches so much importance to these separatist and secessionist leaders. Instead, the Government of India must try to get in touch with the general and aggrieved Kashmiris. The Parliamentary Delegation should have met first on priority basis the parents who have lost their sons or relatives in the more than three month long violence in the Valley. They should have asked about their aspirations and desires. They should also be convinced that they are privileged Indians and New Delhi does nothing to alienate them. They are Indians like all others. The Parliamentary Delegation should have ignored the secessionist and separatist forces in Jammu and Kashmir. As they are dictated by our hostile neighbours, they will do what the instructions come from across the border for them. No parent in Jammu and Kashmir would never like that their children do not attend schools and colleges for months as the state has been on edge for the last three months. The common and general people of the state must be made aware of the fact what New Delhi is doing for them in terms of economic package for the allround development of the state. They should also be convinced that army is their to protect them from terrorists and infiltrators from across the boder. Their presence is necessary as the state of Jammu and Kashmir shares boder with hostile neighbour like Pakistan and competitor like China. As army needs legal protection for delivering their duty fearlessly and sincerely, AFSPA is essential to staty there. The Kashmiri youth must not be allowed to be misguided by the separatist leaders that India is their enemy. The state of Jammu and Kashmir comprises Jammu and Laddakh. These two regions Jammu and Laddakh are always in favour staying with India. Then, how the demand of separation by separatist and secessionist leaders from India can be considered. The Parliamentary Delegation must make clear that the demand for Azadi is out of question and the state of Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and will remain so. They also must make clear to separatist and secessionist leaders that talks will only be held with them under the ambit of Indian Contitution. Separatist and secessionist leaders are not bigger than India and the disrespect they have shown to all-party Parliamentary delegation is condemnable by all Indians. The main question here is when the Moderare Hurriyat Conference leaders say that majority of Kashmiris want separation from India on their call, why do the separatist leaders contest elections after elections conducted fairly by the Election Commission of India. As long as the separatist leaders are dictated by Pakistan, they will continue to sing the same tune to keep their shop running.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Motive to create panic in Delhi

The firing at the historic and highly respected religious place Jama Masjid Gate No. 3 by unidenfied motor-cycle borne Sten Gun wielding two assailants fired at Tourist bus, injuring two Taiwanese tourists and hours later the explosion in the parked car, exposes the loopholes in national capital's security measures at the time when Commonwealth Games is going to be held here from 3rd of October.Delhi Police are ruling out the role of any organised terror group but intelligence experts insist that it could be the handiwork of outlawed Indian Mujahideen, which was behind a series of blasts in several cities, including Delhi. The Indian Mujahideen had claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened terror strikes during the Games saying the incident was to coincide with the second anniversary of Batla House encounter. The city police suspect that disgruntled youths or a gang of local criminals could be behind the incidents. The motive appears to be to scare people ahead of the Commonwealth Games, they said, adding the attacks do not show signs of involvement of terrorist outfits like Indian Mujahideen. The prime motive of the attackers was to create panic among the people to give the world a message that Delhi is not safe. The incident also points clearly the finger at Delhi Police failure to pre-empt the incident while they were informed earlier by Intelligence agencies that this kind attack may take place here on the eve of the world sporting extravaganza. This attack also reflects the complete failure of co-ordination between Delhi Police and Intelligence Agencies. Either Delhi Police are casual and callous in their approach or inefficient to meet the secirity reqirement of the national capital . Because this is not the first time that the attack of this nature has taken place in national capital Delhi.To disturb the communal harmony in the country may be a possible motive behind the firing at Jama Masjid as the verdict is going to be delivered on longstanding Ram-Janam Bhumi- Masjid dispute by Allahabad High Court on Sept 24. So, there is urgent need for the Delhi government and Goverment of India to review the security measures in Delhi and instruct the security official concerned, especially Delhi Police, to tighten their belt and never take the issue lightly. There are many questions which puts in Delhi Police the dock. Why was there no CCTV at the crowded and so important place like Jama Masjid area? Why was there no PCR Van, which is there daily at Gate No. 3 as just beside the place of occurence Imam Bukhari also resides? The safe and security of the so important historical place like Jama Masjid is primarily the responsibility of the government. Delhi Commonwealth Games is the issue prestige for the nation. The world dignitaries, officials and sports persons are descending on the city during the event. Delhi Government as well as Government of India is seriously involved in grooming the city to register before the international community about country’s advancement in all spheres of life.Though Delhiites too should co-operate with the Delhi Police and Government for the grand success of the world event, ultimate responsibility rests with the Government and Delhi Police. But so far they have failed miserably on all fronts and aslo have lost the confidence of Delhiites and countrymen.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

JD(U) dictates BJP in Bihar

In the light of open differences over campaining by star BJP campaigner Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Bihar between the two ruling alliance partners, the seat sharing adjustment is not going to be smooth one. Because JD (U) being the dominant partner and coalition government is being led by its leader Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, it continues to repeat the old coalition modalities with BJP and they are determined to dictate the terms and condition of coalition. JD (U) would not tolerate any alteration in the 2005 arrangement. To keep his secular image intact, Chief Minister is openly opposed to capaigning of Nararendra Modi, which he has already made clear twice i.e one in June last during the BJP Executive Committee meeting in Patna by cancelling his scheduled lunch with top BJP leaders because of display a poster posing him hand in hand with Modi and other on speculation in BJP over campaigning by Modi in Bihar. Though Narendra Modi may be star campaigner of BJP and party’s Prime Minister’s material, he can certainly not influence the Bihar voters as people there are politically very conscious and would never tolerate to disturb the secular fabric of the nation. Because Modi is known for hardline Hindutva ideology. Bihar is also a caste ridden society and caste factor is virtually determines the election results mostly. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s popularity among the people is at the top of political leaders irrespective of party affiliation. That why is JD(U) will naturally have the upper hand in seat sharing agreement and this time also it will surely be the repeat of 2005 arrangement. BJP has no option but to follow JD(U)’s dictat to be in reckoning in the important state like Bihar. Seat-sharing between BJP and Janta Dal (United) for Bihar assembly elections has been nearly finalised and a formal announcement is likely in a day or two. Elections are round the corner in Bihar. Talks are in progress between the two parties in matter of seat sharing and a broad agreement has reportedly been reached. It has already been discussed and a decision is expected soon. An announcement is likely in a day or two.In the 243-member Bihar Assembly, the ruling parties JD-U and BJP have 81 and 54 seats respectively. RJD is the second largest party with 56 seats. Ramvilas Paswan-led LJP has 12 seats and Congress has 10.JD-U had contested 138 seats in the last assembly election in October 2005, leaving 103 for BJP. The two parties had friendly contest on two seats. Over all impression in Bihar is that CM Nitish Kumar is the first choice of the people in Bihar in present day Bihar politics. BJP in Bihar has no option but to respect the sentiment of JD(U).

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rahul's support for J & K CM

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has backed the beleaguered Chief Minister and his friend Omer Abdullah, ending any speculation in the wake of Mehbooba Mufti’s meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia about any new political alighnment in strife-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir. Rahul may support Omer Abdullah but the ground reality in the state and his poor performance demands his immediate ouster. J & K CM appears helpless in containing the three-month long violence in the Valley. The situation there is going from bad to worse. Today, the youth have come out on streets in full strength with stones and if any corrective measure is not taken immediately, it is no suprising that they could come out with guns to attack the security forces. Congress is the alliance partner of ruling National Conference-led coalition government of Jammu and Kashmir. Three generations of Abdullah family have ruled Jammu and Kashmir but never connected with the common people of the state. They are no longer democrat but have become aristocrat. Their body language itself speaks that they are no longer fit to rule the state. CM Omer Abdullah is young, but the youngsters do not find him affabable because he never endeavoured to know the ground reality in the state. It is not the question of Congress and National Conference but of all political entities in state and at national level to help restore peace and amity Jammu and Kashmir. It also does not matter who supports and backs Jammu and Kashmir CM to be in power but foremost important thing for the state is that if the replacement of CM would help restore peace, there must be that sort of effort by all right thinking political leaders in state as well as nation. It is beyond any dispute that Omer Abdullah as Chief Minister has completely failed and the overwhelming population in the state of Jammu and Kashmir wants his immediate replacement, though at present with Congress backing he is safe in the saddle. Union Environ Minister and J & K CM Omer Abdullah’s father Farooq Abdullah is lobbying hard with PM Dr.ManmohanSingh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi for his son. But the general perception in the Valley is that CM must go. That is why Congress must think seriously on the issue of replacing Omer Abdullah with some one more suitable, acceptable and popular political leader of Jammu and Kashmir. And for that matter in the interest of the nation if Congress required change of partner, it must go for that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All-party meet sends out confused message

All-Party meeting to discuss the worsening situation in Kashmir and to guage the mood of the nation on CM Omar Abdullah's demand to dilute AFSPA was held at the call of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in New Delhi. Only BJP, the main Oppositio Party, took the clear and no-non-sense stand that there must be no dilution of AFSPA as it would demorlise the morale of security forces and talks must be within the ambit of Indian Constitution. PM and Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi gave grandiose speech that the talks were the only way forward for the solution of Kashmir problem by respecting the sentiments and caring the aspirations of Kashmiris. As the strife-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir has been burning for the last three months, PM rightly called the all-party meeting to discuss this burning issue facing the nation. But the meeting on the whole sent out often said messages. While the need of the hour is to normalise the situation first there and for that the nation's political leader must act first. The situation in Kashmir is going from bad to worse and in the last three months more 90 than civilians mostly youth have been killed in the firing by security forces and the state police. Separatist leaders have found enough space in the state because of the total failure of the state mainstream political leadership. The hope of Kashmiris in Omar Abdullah with his swearing in as the Chief Minister of the trouble - torn state has dashed to the ground. There has been great trust deficit between government and the people. CM is totally disconnected with the people. And separatists have captured the vacant space. In absence of able state leadership in the state, people vexed with political problems have been left with no choice but to embrace and follow separatist leaders who at the behest of Pakistan create disturbances all over. New Delhi must support the Omar government at this time of crisis and Parliamentary delection which to visit the state shortly as decided by All-Party meeting to make the on the spot study of the siotuation in Jammu and Kashmir must consult all the local political leaders about the situation prevailing there. Otherwise, this Home Minister-led parliamentary delection will be repetition of previous ones. Undoubtedly, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is alarming and if the national leadership of the nation continued to make only grand statements about the situation in the state and see only spectre of burning Kashmir, where even children are seen demanding Azadi, separatist and secessionist forces with full support from across the border would over take the entire political space. New Delhi through political initiatives first win the confidence of the masses and impress upon Kashmiris that they are Indians and Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and will remain so.This impression can only be set in the minds of misguided youth by removing the sense of alienation that had set in the minds of Kashmiri youth by separatist and secessionist leaders. They are only incited by separatist and secessionist leaders to come out on the streets and throw stones on security forces as they have been deployed by New Delhi.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Congress Party reinvents itself

Congress General Secretary, Party MP and its future hope Rahul Gandhi is reaching out to the people in all corners of the country. It is a very good sign for the party to get back its pre-iminent position.Rahul Gandhi had visited a few days back the poll-bound Bihar and made it amply clear to the electorates there that the Congress would go it alone in the coming assembly elections in October- November. Wherever he visits, people come out spontanaeously to listen him.Presently, Rahul Gandhi is on a three-day visit to West Bengal to galvanise the Congress Party to face assembly elections next year there and give tough fight to the ruling Left Front.Rahul Gandhi has also given clear signal to his dominant alliance partner Trinamool Congress in West Bengal that his party can not compromise with dignity at any cost. He also reported to have said that his party can extend hand but can not bow head.This much assertion from none other than Rahul Gandhi is enough for over assertive Trinamool Congress Chief and Union Railways Minister Mamata Bannerjee to understand the language of her alliance partner, though she herself has been an ex-Congress leader. Rahul Gandhi has asked party activists to strengthen the party in West Bengal so that it could be a deciding factor in the forthcoming elections and said he wanted an alliance with the Trinamool Congress on honourable terms. Congress General Secretary intends to give the clear message to the countrymen that the Congress party is prepared now to retrieve its pre-iminent position that it has enjoyed since Independence in the country. One thing also appears clear all over the nation since Rahul Gandhi joined active Congress politics that party’s old vote bank of Brahmins, SC/STs, minorities and other weaker sections of socieity has become again favourably bent towards it. In Rahul Gandhi, tribals, poor section of socieity and Muslims see hope. Congress Party needs to be overhauled. Its organisational units from Block to State level are in mess in most of the states. Rahul Gandhi needs to rejuvinates the organisational set-ups from top to bottom in states. Old guards who have outlived their time must be honourably shown the door and young and promising with mission to serve the socieity must be taken into Party fold. Though there is softcorner for Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty in Indian psyche since the days of Feedom Struggle, it must be availed of. Rahul Gandhi has become competent politically to read the writing on the wall . That why he is touring every nook and corner of the country.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Take serious note of Security Forces' view

Unable to reach at a consensual decision on the issue of dilution of AFSPA in Jammu and Kashmir at the CCS meeting, govt. was left with no option but to call an all-party meeting to know the views of all political hues on the issue of national security. As Air Chief Marshal has already clarified security forces' view that they need legal protection while delivering duty to protect the country from anti-national elements.The main opposition party Bhartiya Janata Party is against the withdrawal of AFSPA and Manmohan Singh Government and the ruling Congress Party are itself divided over the issue. Defence Minister A K Antony is also with the army and against the withdrawal or any sort of dilution in AFSPA in Jammu and Kashmir. The BJP has rightly said that no decision on this vital issue of national security and integrity should be taken to benefit the ruling coalition politically. Groping for a response to deal with the Kashmir unrest, the Centre has hoped to enlist support of all political parties at a meeting today for a strategy that could include phased withdrawal of AFSPA, an issue on which the Armed Forces still voiced reservations. Apparently wanting to move quickly to defuse the situation, the Cabinet Committee on Security(CCS) is also likely to meet for the second time in three days after the conclusion of the all-party meeting which is expected to deliberate on the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act(AFSPA).Defence Minister A K Antony has said that important decisions have to be taken after carefully assessing all aspects before takling a final decision. Govt. will take into confidence all the major parties so that everybody is involved.In a clear indication that he was with the Army on the AFSPA issue, IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal P V Naik has rightly said, which must be appreciated and taken into view by the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government, that a soldier, to perform his duty efficiently, deserves all the legal protection that he could get. The Omar Abdullah government is pressing for the phased withdrawal of AFSPA after the situation in the valley took a turn for the worse yesterday when 17 persons were killed in violence in one single day.The meeting could have divergence of views among the political class on how to tackle the situation with the main opposition BJP making it clear it was against dilution of the powers of the Army. All-party meeting must take national opinion into consideration first before suggesting any concrete resolution to the Manmohan Singh government. The national opinion is that situation in Jammu and Kashmir is going from bad to worse. That is why AFSPA must stay there with all legal protection and moral support from the government and all political entities in the country.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stop tinkering with AFSPA in J &K

AFSPA is no doubt a draconian law. But why this should not stay in the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir where disturbancesare prevailing. Secession and separatism are at its height there with full backing from across the border . The situation is even worse than it was 20 years back. Anti-national forces have grabbed the agitations with full support of separatist and scessionist leader in the state. Army in Jammu and Kashmir is doing commendable job for the nation and it foils any disruptive attempts of anti-national forces in the state . Its role can not be underestimated. The demand for dilution of AFSPA is only made to let succeed the secessionist attempt to destablise and disintegrate the nation. There must not be any kind of politics at the cost of the nation. The nation wants army to stay alert wherever the disturbances are created in the nation. It does not matter whether it North-eastern states or Jammu and Kashmir. To dilute AFSPA means surrendering before the separatist leaders. The strife-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir has been in the throes of uprising for the last three months and 69 civilians have lost their lives despite army’s utmost attempt to do minimul collateral damages. The Kashmiri youths are misguided by separatist leaders , who are considered to be the paid agent of Pakistan to create trouble in the state. It is non-sensical on the part of Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah to demand for repealing AFSPA in some districts in Kashmir. And it becomes more non-sensical when Congress top leaders sit to comply the demands of CM in the prevailing continued uuprisings in the Valley.The State of Jammu and Kashmir comprises Jammu, Laddakh and the Valley. Whole of Jammu and Laddakh are in favour of continuation of AFSPA in the state and only the Valley demands its dilution. How can it be possible to consider the demand of diluting AFSPA only by separatists elements in the Valley?The need of the our is not to tinker with AFSPA in the Valley as it would lead to deterioration of the morale of armed forces on the one hand and the situation there going from to worse on the other. Though amid continued unrest in Kashmir, top leadership of the Congress, including party chief Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh discussed ways to deal with the situation ahead of the Cabinet Committee, any favour in dilution of AFSPA in J & K would prove to be suicidal for the nation. The discussion assumes significance as it comes against the backdrop of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s insistence on amendments to AFSPA or its partial withdrawal from the state.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Regressive step

Union Cabinet has given its nod for caste census, which will start from June next year. It is regressive, retrograde and politically motivated step. It will give birth to sharp division in society on caste lines. UPA government must rethink on the issue to save society from breaking up into pieces on caste lines.When the world is moving forward, we are going backward because of the shortsightedness of our political leadership. The division created by political parties on caste, community and religious lines weakens the country. They do it to build up vote bank.Our political leadership also cares little about what our great social reformers would be thinking over their action guided by vested political interests. This is the first time after Independence to have undertaken Caste census. All political parties including BJP and the JD(U) have reacted cautiously to the Cabinet’s decision to carry out an independent caste census, while the Congress welcomed the move saying it is with the government on the issue.RJD chief Lalu Prasad described as a ‘victory’ of the political parties which pressed for it. Congress is of the view that casteism is the reality of India. If the government of India has recognized this reality and agreed to inclusion of caste in census, nobody should have any objection. It means that our great social reformers fought against reality. And if the reality breeds evil elements, should we allow to continue? Is this the belief of the Congress Party?, which is boasting of having a young leader like Rahul Gandhi to lead the party and the government, whenever possible, in 21st century.The BJP has also said it would have been happier had the caste been included in the on-going census process.The caste must not be mentioned at any level of census. As our nation is secular and all citizens are free to practise the religion of their likening and all are free to adopt the caste they like, there must not be any government’s binding on the matter of caste and religion. Government has nothing to do with any body’s caste , creed and religion. All are Indian and should only be registered in National Political Register as such for which the nationwide census exercise is going on. It is only the political ploy of casteist parties like SP, RJD and BSP which advocate strongly for the inclusion of caste. But now the Congress or the BJP are behind and all appear to be in unanimity on the issue for political reasons.The castes in our country are expoilted to the hilt during elections from Panchyat to Parliamentary level for political benefit. As long as the successive Central governments continued to play the politics of reservations on the basis of caste, the state level political parties which are basically dependent on their fellow castemen to be in political reckoning must be discarded. Caste, creed and religion are the matter of individual and personal likening. As to live in society is necessity, so it is to run on caste and religion without any interference from the government in a secular nation. The foremost duty of the Union government is to see that every religion is respected in a secular country.The last caste census was carried out in 1931. The political parties are groping in dark for issue, which could yield them votes without doing anything for the people. And the UPA government is doing the same thing.