Monday, December 27, 2010

Gujjars should end their agitation

Gujjars should end their agitation in the interest of the nation. It is also in the light of court verdict that they should end their agitation and the government of Rajasthan should go into all aspects of Gujjars' demand. Gujjar agitation for job 5 per cent job reservation is going on with no initiative to break it from any side. The Gujjar agitation has entered 8th day and caused great hardship to rail and road passengers and enormous loss to transport and other industries. Honourable court has also rightly said that reservation can not go beyond 50 per cent and if the Gujjars are given 5 per cent reservation in job, it would go up to 54 percent that is against constitutional provision. So, the Court has given one year time to study the various aspects before deciding 5 per cent job reservation for Gujjars. Now, it is the responsibility of Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan to take initiatives and mobilise Gujjars so that in national interest, they should call off reservation. The agitation on any issue has become the way of life in our country. The highest court of the country should be requested to deliver judgement about banning the agitation if it was not launched after the marathon talks between the government or management side had failed to reach the settlement. Though it is a democratic right to launch the agitation for fulfillment of the demand by the people, it is also not the democratic right to cause enormous problems by agitations to the people who have nothing to do them. As we see here due to the blockade of rail and roads for days, several trains have been called causing enormous difficulties to the passengers. Gujjar agitation has also caused enormous financial loss to the government as well as industries.Gujjar agitators continued the bockade of many rail and road routes in Rajasthan and jammed the Jaipur-Ajmer highway on Monday as their agitation on the job reservation issue entered the eighth day."The stir is causing a loss of around Rs 20 crore per day and has hiked rates of commodities by five to ten per cent. Bookings have been cancelled as most of the drivers are not ready to go through the stir affected areas. The issue of job reservation is a weapon that is used by politicians irrespective of their political affiliations. Neither it benefits the needy nor do have brought in any change in society since it was introduced. The better way is to do away with the policy of reservation so that there could be no space for politicians to encash it politically. Every one should be treated equally where merit or skilled is required to be tested. The government must do away with the policy of reservation.

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