Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good move to abolish ministers' discretionary powers

The Government is doing good by abolishing a wide range of discretionary powers enjoyed by ministers at the Centre. It has reportedly been disclosed by the Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.
The elected representatives in state assemblies and Parliament have allegedly been found either misusing the discretionary powers or making them a source of money, which is totally ille. Mukherjee, who chaired a Group of Ministers (GoM) on dealing with corruption, said that the group had submitted its recommendations which were now now being processed for implementation by the Ministry of Law and Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT).
The discretionary powers of ministers that have been given up include discretionary funds at the hands some ministries like the Social Welfare Ministry.
Discretionary allotment of gas pumps and issue of gas coupons have already been done away with.
It has been experienced that Ministers, MPs and MLAs' discretionary powers were mostly availed of only by their henchmen. The common people always remain deprived of availing their discretionary powers as their elected representives are out of reach because they are only seen at the time of elections.
Not only the ministers but all the MPs and MLAs must be stripped of all discretionary powers. Abolition of their discretionary powers will go a long way in fighting corruption. Their discretionary powers give birth to corrupt to practices the moment they be come elected representatives or ministers. The discretionary powers also put extra burden on public exchequer for no benefit of common poor people.
The government has clarified that the quota of government of India in medical seats for students from countries like Bhutan and Nepal and appointments of non-official directors of banks did not not fall under the discretionary powers of ministers but collective decision making of the government through the Appointments Committee of Cabinet.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lokpal Bill gets Cabinet approval

The much talked about Lokpal Bill will be introduced in the Lok Sabha by 3rd August and it will be government’s endeavour to ensure its early passage, if possible in the month-long Monsoon session itself.
The Government draft of Lokpal Bill to be introduced in Parliament on Agust 3 in the coming monsoon session has at last got the Cabinet approval. The another draft of Janlokpal Bill made by the Civil Society under the leadership of social activist Anna Hazare has only some of the clauses incorporated in it.
On the whole, it can be said that if the draft under discussion is passed by the Parliament and the Lokpal was was left independent, over four decades old cherished goal of the common people will be fulfilled at least a little.
The credit of compelling the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government to act on the Lokpal Bill goes solely to civil society members under the leadership of Anna Hazare. They have done a great service to the society, especially the unprivileged section of people all over the country. They did by declaring the war against corruption on full scale.
It would be better for team Anna to make a tour of all the corners of the nation and brief the general people living in far-flung villages about the deficiencies in the Lokpal Bill approved by the Cabinet and how the Government is cheating the people as they think instead going on hunger strike at Jantarmantar in New Delhi from August 16, causing law and order and security problem in national capital. their briefing the general people will show result in general elections in 2014.
As far as the Government is concerned, it has to ensure that no law and order or security proble occur in Delhi. That is why it has imposed 144 from Aug 1 to September 16 and nothing much should be read between the lines.
Anna Hazare has galvanized the people all over the country against corruption. So, if again Anna sits on hunger strike, there is every possibility that people in large number would throng to the venue of his hunger strike. To avoid over crowding at Jantarmantar during the Parliament in session may cause security problems in view of threat perception of VIPs in New Delhi and because of avoiding such risk, Delhi police has imposed 144 in the city.
There is enough scope for modifications in the Bill by sending the suggestions whatever by the civil society and others to Parliamentary Standing Committee . First let the Bill passed and be enforced.
Prime Minister and Judiciary have been kept out of the purview of the Lokpal Bill, though PM was voluntarily prepared to come under it. Cabinet overruled his suggestion and approved the Bill by overwhelming majority.Lokpal Bill must see the light of the day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

India should express displeasure with Pak

The first woman and youngest Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar arrived in India on Tuesday to have talks with her Indian counterpart External Affairs Minister S M Krishna. But she committed a blunder by meeting separatist leaders Syed Ali Shah Gilani and Mirwaiz Omer Farooq of Jammu and Kashmir before her official talks and meeting with Indian counterpart and other political leaders. Were separatist leaders of Jammu and Kashmir assigned duty to brief her before official level talks by the government of Pakistan? India must seek explanation from Pakistan. It has been the tradition with all the high Pakistani dignitaries to have meeting with seperatist Hurriyat leaders but after the official level engagement and not before that.
The talks between Krishna and Khar were held in cordial atmosphere and they have declared in the Joint Statement they have been positive and forward looking. Khar has declared: “New era in relationship begins”.
The ministerial level talks lasted for over half an hour but from Indian side Krishna neither expressed displeasure over her meeting with separatist leaders or India’s dismay over the revelation by FBI by arresting Ghulam Nabi Fai, a paid agent of ISI and head of Kashmiri- Americal Council in US to propgated and influence American opinons against the Indian territory (State) of Jammu and Kashmir.
By merely expressing bad idea over Khar’s meeting with separatist leaders can not serve the purpose. The tone and tenor of External Affairs Minister at the time of reading out joint statement and his body language amply reflected the lack of India’s assertion by him before his much younger counterpart of Pakistan. The language of the joint statement also clearly reflected that India and Pakistan both are under pressure of the US to keep talking. India appears to be more pressurised by the US.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Food Security Bill is a must

The Food Security Bill to be introduced in the coming monsoon session of Parliament will prove to be a landmark achievement of UPA-11, which has so far been in mess of corruption, and finding itself to come of it. Though the UPA has also taken credit for National Rural Employmement Guarantee Programme (NREGP changed to MNREGP) and Right to Information Act and Right to Education (RTE). They have strengthened the confidence and empowered the weaker sections of society who before the enactment of these Bills felt powerless.
The data may project exaggerated percentage of people above the poverty level but in reality about half of population has still not been able to have their stomach full with even bread and twice a day. Thousands of farmers commit suicide in different parts of the country not because they are living in abundance but because they are forced to live in abject poverty and when poverty and indebtedness becomes unbearable, they take such step in desperation.
National Food Security Bill, which would entitle every below poverty line family access to foodgrain at subsidised rates, would be tabled in parliament’s monsoon session beginning August 1.
The legislation will also be used to bring about broader systemic reforms in the public distribution system.
The rural population is still desperate of poverty. They have been badly stricken by it and the government is blind to their proplem of poverty. It has kept itself so absobed in economic reforms on the dictation of the capitalist nations that it has forgotten the plight of the poor living rural villages.
Whatever GDP growth rate may be shown by the government and on the basis of inflated income of middle class, it claims to have achieved marvellous growth in economy. But the matter of the fact is that there is still more than one -third of population living in abject poverty in rural India.
Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Ganfhi has played a pivotal in convincing the government that Food Security is the need of the hour. That is why if anybody takes credit for this, it is Sonia Gandhi for her realisation of the poverty being faced by the poor people in the country.
As Food is the most essential edible item for human beings and all other living beings to keep them alive, the National Food Security Bill will be the milestone of Manmohan Singh-led UPA-II government.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Not in the interest of education

The sacking of Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi as Vice-Chancellor of Darul-Urool Deoband University by Majlis-e-Shoora is the stark example of politics in educational institution of India. Darul-Uloom Deoband University is the most prestigeous institution of Islamic learning and culture in India. It is a world renown centre of Islamic learning and culture and education. Vastanavi was sacked because he was voted out in Majlis-e-Shoora. Eight out of 13 voted against him and only five voted in his favour. He is a forward looking academician of comparatively younger age. He could make great contribution to the institution as V-C. He gave focus on all round development of the students and the community as well and they were reportedly very happy over his being the V-C. But a section of Shoora members were against him and because of political reasons, he was removed. As the Darul-Uloom Islam Deoband University is an autonomous institution, the government has no business to interfere in its functioning. But the general students have to judge whether Vastanvi as V-C was beneficial to him in learning that could bring them on par with others in this completetive world. Man of outdated belief, short-sighted and has a religeous bent of mind can not give priority to the contantly changing priority in accordance with the requirement of students in education. So, it is for the students of Darul-Uloom Deoband University to react to the sacking of V-C Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi in their own way without allowing any political influence to guide them from outside the university campus. The way Vastanvi was removed amply reflects that how education in India is run by the Committee of the institution. Its dictat is final and no body has right to question its resolution. It is more interested in cultivating its political interest than making arrangement for imparting better and standard education to students. Students must request Shoora to reconsider its decision. Vastanvi had praised the Narendra Modi Government of Gujarat, saying that muslims were also benefited from development initiatives taken by it. It is quiet natural that in secular India and composite culture that we have the state government of any ideological belief can not exclude any particular community from taking benefit of development initiatives introduced by it. It was his only fault that he praised Gujarat Government and for that he had to pay the price. The decision taken by the Majlis-e-Shoora about the sacking of Vastanvi is not in the interest of education. It is a politically motivated decision. So, untill and unless educational institutions are kept apolitical, V-Cs like Vatanvis will continue to be sacked for no fault of their own.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fight terror together

The western nations propmtly stood in line in condemnation of twin
terror attacks that killed 91 innocent people in Norway. The dastardly
act of terror must be condemned worldwide in strongest possible terms.
The twin terror acts are Norway’s deadliest tragedy since World War II. The entire world must stand with Norwegian people in this hour of
tragedy. The cruel act of violence is not acceptable in human
civilization. The scourge of terror that has spread its tentacle with
its epicentre in the nebourhood of India, that is known all over the
world, must be wiped out with firm determination and togetherness.There is no difference in right wing, left wing, religion-based,
community-based and region-based terror as it has neither any religion,
caste, region or community. The terror is terror and it must be dealt
with iron hands.Terror act is the worst form to vent anger at innocent people and kills
them for no vault of theirs. It is madeness and senselessness. The terror attacks on youth camps and government headquaters in Norway
clearly give message to the powerful western nations and rest of the
international community that terror can reach and execute their
senseless violent acts anywhere in the world. It also sends message to
them that while dealing with terror there must not be favouritism
towards one country over the others and also must not be allowed
friendship with the countries charged with providing safe heaven to
terrorist on their soil. This is the reason that enables them to go
soft on the accused even if they are primarily responsible for
senseless violence. Unitill and unless the act of favouritism towards friendly countries or
conniving with their guilt, terror acts all over the world will
continue to take place and common, general people will continue to fall
to its prey. So, without any loss of time, the powerful western
countries and rest of the world must sit together and take a unanimous
decision to combat terror at all costs. No single country can fight
terror on its own.

Friday, July 22, 2011

FBI reveals ISI’s evil design on India

First of all, it is the responsibility of the US administration to act according to its law of the land after the FBI files charge-sheet, depicting in minute detail that how ISI, notorious Pak Intelligence Agency, running Kashmiri-American Council there under the presidentship of Ghulam Nabi Fai, an Indian Kashmiri Muslim, through whom it routes its money to lobby American lawmakers and Kashmiris to form an anti-India opinion on Jammu and Kashmir and thereby disintegrating it. US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has exposed ISI's evil design and arrested its main agent Ghulam Nabi Fai. The FBI also charges Kashmiri Council with being an outfit of Pakistan's ISI. So, if the US has to be our friends as it professes to be, President Barack Obama must take seriously FBI's revelation about the anti-India campaign being run on the money of ISI and act on it immediately. The Ministry of External Affairs must also lodge protest against anti-India Kashmiri-American Council.As the number of Pakistanis is 10 times as high as the Kashmiri Pandits of Jammu and Kashmir living in America, the former's anti-India voice is propogated by ISI-funded Kashmiri-Council very strongly. Fai used to invite Indian liberals, including leading journalists to attend the Seminar in US frequently. The some of the Indian invitees used visit US to attend the Seminar at his expense and accepted gladly without considering its purposes and motive of the organisation. According to FBI accusations reportedly, the different faction of separatist organisation All-party Hurriyat Conference of Jammu and Kashmir is also funded and its leaders attend the Seminar in America at the invitation of Ghulam Nabi Fai.It is for the Government of India and the Ministry of Home at their levels to investigate first that who were these Indian liberals and journalists, attending anti-India Seminar in America and ensure that their liberalism does not cross the Lakshman Rekha.Unity and integrity of India is of paramount importance for every Indians, living in the country or abroad. Whoever speaks at any international forum that could help propate anti-India feelins first explain to the authorities concerned in Indian Government. No one has any business to undermine the unity and integrity of Indian nation.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lokayukta’s stinging indictment of Karnataka CM

Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santosh N Hegde has reportedly said that he has given substantive and voluminous evidence against the Chief Minister and others in the illegal mining in the state. In the face of it, the main opposition party Bhartiya Janata Party must ask its Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yedurappa to resign immediately.The illegal mining has caused the loss of state exchequer to the tune of rupees 1800 crore. This paints the picture of our political class that in the matter of corruption all political parties except the Left are strikingly painted with the same tainted brush. This is the reason the governments act on corruption only under the pressure of apex court's invention. This shows the gloomy state of affairs. Lokyukta Subhash Hegde is reortedly submitting the report figuring the name of CM,four of his ministers, leader of JD(S) and a Congress MP in the illegal mining in Bellary in the state of Karnataka.Though the reoprt is yet to be made public, the Karnataka government and two of its Cabinet ministers - Bellary brothers- who are dealing in mining also with the overt and covert support of the Chief Minister Yeddy and some of the top leaders of BJP in Delhi, which is already in public domain.It shows clearly that the lust for power and money has gone so high among our political class that they have forgottent all moral values.The moral degeneration has set in political class and politicians across the party line have let themself down before the nation. As the country’s atmophere is surcharged with corruption of different nature in the UPA-II government, the alleged involvement of BJP’s CM in corruption has demorlised the party. It must ask Yeddy to resign to uphold moral political value. Otherwise, its attack on the government may backfire on itself. The Lokyukta report would make no impact on BJP. If the Supreme Court intervened,took the hard stance in the case and asked the BJP leadership to get its tainted Chief Minister resigned, only then it would wake up to act.BJP has to play very important role in the position of nation’s main opposition party. It has to act and hold the political and moral value high as the nation requires on it to act and set the example. Untill the BJP seeks resignation of CM Yeddy, it has no moral right to attack the coalition government at the Centre on the issue of corruption. Lokayukta is a constitutional body and its indictment must be taken seriously.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Historic agreement

In less than three months in office, Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Bannerjee fulfilled the promise she had given to Gorkhaland Janmukti Morcha at the time of assembly elections two months back by signing a tripartite Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) agreement. GJM (Gorkhaland Janmukti Morcha), which broke away with GNLF of Subhash Ghising three years ago, got almost everything except the separate statehood of Gorkhaland. The three signatories to this agreement are the Central and the West Bengal Governments and GJM. The GJM has been given vast power like finance, development and others, but not the home. State and Central governments have given whatever was due to GJM to establish peace. People all over Darjeeling hill areas are very happy at the agreement. It will usher peace and development in three decades of the trouble-torn Darjeeling. The Centre will give Rs 200 crore very year for 3 years besides the West Bengal Government. A tripartite agreement has conferred wide ranging autonomy on the people of Darjeeling region in West Bengal.The signing of agreement with GJM in Darjeeling may open a Pandora’s box also as demand for separate statehood is rising in different parts of the country. The agreement of GTA also gives clear signal to the agitators in different corners of the country for separate statehood demand that it is difficult to be conceded by the Centre. The original demand of GNLF-led Subhash Ghising has been separate Gorkhaland since 1980, which was not feasible. Instead of that the Darjeeling Hill Council was formed but it did not work well. The signing of tripartite agreement at the initiative of Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee is a great success for her government and it has added a feather in her cap just in the beginning of her innings in West Bengal. Her clout with the Centre is very strong, reflecting in the presence of Home Minister P Chidambaram at the Pintail Village where the agreement was signed. The hill people are jubilant and especially the school, college and university going girls and boys are extremely happy at the agreement. Because during three decades of strike and Bandhs almost on daily basis had jeopardised their career. Now entire Darjeeling areas have got autonomy and they would develop in their own way.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blot on democracy

The cash for vote scam that was exposed by a news channel through a sting operation on the very day the UPA Government was seeking vote of Confidence in Parliament on the issue of Indo-US Nuclear Deal in 2008 is a blot on democracy. Three BJP MPs alleged that expelled Samajwadi Party General Secretary Amar Singh’s aide Sanjib Saxena allegedly gave them a bribe of rupees one crore to support the government on Confidence Motion. Wads of notes were displayed in full view of the MPs and national and international media in Parliament. It was badly shamed.Though the allegation most immoral democratic practice of purchasing MPs for survival of the government is not new to the ruling Congress Party, it has already shown expertise in this practice but escaped unscathed so far. In 1993 Congress Government of Narshimha Rao had allegedly bribed JMM and Janata Dal (A) MPs to defeat the No Confidence motion moved by Opposition parties against his government.That case also became famous as JMM Bribery Case. The investigating agencies and the Court did not find anything against Congress Party. But whatever the final findings of Delhi Police might be , the picture of wads of notes being waved by the BJP MPs in Parliament in session alleging that it was the handiwork of Congress Party. It is the black spot on democracy. It is also the most unethical acts in the country of the largest democracy. Whichever political parties allegedly conspired, plotted and committed the acts of bribery must be condemened in the strogest term. In an exercise to remove the slur from the face of democratic system of our country. the guilty howsoever powerful might be must be punished without any loss of time. Cash for vote scam cash was handed over to Delhi Police to go into it but it had done nothing and when the Supreme Court pulled it for their tardy investigation and callous approach four day ago, they swung into action and arrested the first accused Sanjb Saxena. Though this is the tip of the iceberg. If the Delhi Police investigated the matter sincerely, many more skeletons might fall. As the apex court has ordered Delhi Police to present the status report with action they have against the accused, panic has run through political class. The serious question that arises in common citizen that why Sanjib Saxena gave cash to three BJP MPs and what was his personal interest involved in it. It is a common apprehension that he might be working at the behest of interest of some big and powerful political leaders across the partyline. The cash for vote scam has let down political class so low that it is very tough for them get over the insult.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spectacular achievement

Kudos to scientists associated with this mission and for putting in the hard labour, knowledge, technalities and scientific excellence for the successful launch of the nation’s latest communication satellite GSAT- 12 on board a powerful variant of homegrown Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, PSLV- C-17 from the spaceport in Sriharikota on Friday.GSAT-12, is aimed at augmenting the capacity in the INSAT system for various communication services like tele-education, tele-medicine and Village Resource Centres, would be co-located with INSAT-2E and INSAT-4A satellites. To increase the capacity of various communication services, especially, at village level is its landmark achievement and it will prove to be a milestone in the all-round development of the nation. This was the second time in its 19 flights that the PSLV has been used for launching a communication satellite after Kalpana-1 in 2002. This is one of the most important scietific achievements for the development of the entire nation, especially the rural belt where still, there is great difficulty in availing the smooth communication facilty easily. The successful launching of GSAT-12 will bring about revolution in the world of communication and rural and urban areas will be put on the same map. The Indian space scientists have shown to the world umpteen times that India does not lag behind even the most developed western countries in the field of science and technology. ISRO has played a pivotal role in the successful launch of GSAT-12. The entire nation is proud of the scientists’ spectacular achieve and thankful to them. This is India's latest communication satellite and many more still to be achieved. The Government of India is also required to be attentive to the needs of scientists. They must be provided facilities similar to international standard in the laborataries where they do their research work very strenuously and stupendously.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bihar deserves Special Status

Considering the size, population, backwardness, economic position and its importance in national development, Bihar deserves special status without any delay. The bad days of the state began from 1975 and got worse and worse during the 15 years from 1990 to 2005 under the regime of Lalu-Rabri duo. The message was sent out the state that Bihar is synonymus with poverty, lawlessness, Jungle Rajya and the non-Biharis used to see Biharis with sarcasm and hatred and had made them the laughing stock.This had become the position of the state which was best administered in the country till early sixties. Nitish Kumar-led JD(U)- BJPcame to power in 2005 .
With Nitish Kumar becoming the Chief Minister after the defeat of Lalu’s RJD in 2005 assemly elections, there came a turnaround in Bihar. And that is continuing strongly. The State is being brought on track by overhauling all the departments by CM Nitish Kumar. There has been tremendous improvement in roads and law and order The rule of law has been restored. It is all visible on the streets of Bihar. As the Chief Minister Nitish kumar is handicapped for want of resources the state experiences since the state of Jharkhand was carved out of it. The united Bihar was rich in resources as they were in abundance in its Southern region, which has now become a separate state of Jharkhand and divided Bihar was left with nothing but only floods and famine. This is the position.
Because of the sheer want of resources, howsoever hard Nitish Kumar-led JD(U)-BJP government in Bihar may try for its all-round development, it fails to pick up. As there is complete dearth of natural resources in the state, it fails to attract the attention of investors from outside despite its campaign of progress and development. The sick industries based on agricultural products are being revived. But in view of the requirement of the state, it fulfils paltry requirment. Bihar needs more.
Politically, if the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi showed their magnanimity and granted the long-cherished demand of Special Status to Bihar, it would certainly stand the Congress Party in good stead in the state, which is presently in a shamles.The people of Bihar would be thankful to their obligation. As Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is leading the JD(U)-BJP government in the state, he is in the forefront of the campaign for Special Status of Bihar. But as far as the question of political benefit on the issue is concerned, Congress would get the most if it supports whole-heartedly. It is in dire need of external help to revive itself, which is lying on death bed for want of able state leadership. It is also a heaven sent opportunity for the ruling Congress party at the Centre to grab it by according the Special Status to Bihar. National development lies in the all-round development of Bihar.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Total failure of police and intelligence agency

It is a little more than two years since Mumbai was rocked with
worst-ever terror attack by Pak-based terror outfit LeT with the total
support of ISI and Pak military establishment from behind the scene,
killing 166 innocent persons and injuring several others, again the
financial capital was bled with three blasts- Zaveri Bazar, Opera House
and Dader- killing 21 persons and injuring 181within minutes. Most
among them the injured are lying in serious conditions in different
hospitals of the city. It is the most deplorable acts of terror. The entire nation is terribly
shocked and full of grief for the victims of dastardly acts of terror
bent to caste evil design on India's unity, integrity and rapid
prosperity. We all are proud of Mumbaikers' resilience, boldness and
dash with which they have overcome the shocks and losses sufered in the
previous bigger attacks. They have shown united front in this hour of
tragedy. The Govt. of India, especially the Home Minister P Chidambram, has
shown promptness in responding to the tragedy and ordered for immediate
arrangement of everything possible to help the injured and probe the
blasts from all angles. There may be any motivation behind this despicable act. It might be
possible that to derail the ongoing Indo-Pak official level talks. It
is also possible that the evil design and destablisation of India may
be behind this Mumbai blasts on Wesdnesday’s evening. Whatever may the
motivation of terrorists against India, one thing is crystal clear that
neither the Mumbai Police and the Maharashtra Govt nor the Govt. of
India and its intelligence agencies learnt anything from the Mumbai
attack of 26/11. That is why they were found unprepared to take any
preventive measures and the nation witnessed the maiming of Mumbaikers. Mumbai blasts also clearly signals that the Government of India has no
clear-cut policy on terror. It is involved in identifying communal and
secular terror only to score political points. Govt. must have only one viewpoint if it has combat terrorism
sincerely that there is neither saffron nor any other terror but only
the terror which has no principle, belief and religion. This terror has
to be eliminated and wiped out from the country without any loss of
time. The international community has unitedly condemned Wednesday’s blasts
in Mumbai but here in our country because of politicisation of the
issue in question, is it possible for political leaders across the
party to sit and act together to show united front against the
scourge of terrorism?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A missed opportunity

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh missed an opportunity to refurbish the image of his government, which is in the thick of corruption charges even by reshuffling his Cabinet . PM's Tuesday’s exercise was not a reshuffle but a shuffle. It was his work in progress about the Cabinet rejig which he had told the top selected editors in a meeting with them a few days back. His Cabinet reshuffle makes no positive impact on the image of his government, though it is his prerogative.Cabinet reshuffle was a long-awaited shake-up of the government to infuse hope among the disappointed countrymen. But in reality, it was a lack-lustre formal govt. function in which 7 were dropped and 8 new were inducted, besides a few more transfer of protfolios here and there. Infrastructure earning ministries were left untouched and adequate number of younger leaders were not inducted and the PM failed to give his Council of Ministers a youthful image as half of our country’s population is young.Though Uttar Pradesh- the largest populated and politically most important state- was taken into consideration in view of assembly elections next year there, Bihar remained unrepresented in Manmohan’s Cabinet despite the fact it is second to UP and Congress is in worst shape.This Cabinet reshuffle amply reflects that this government is passing the time till 2014 and Prime Minister is making his way out for Rahul Gandhi after 2014 if ever Congress-led UPA came back to power. Accusations of corruption against Manmohan Singh government is mountain high, though the PM’s personal honesty and integrity is unquestioned. But they have reached to his door. This Cabinet re-shuffle was a golden opportunity for the PM to boost his government’s image, which has become tainted,shaky and embarrassed among the public. He could have given a development oriented, yuothful, reforms driven and action savvy look through the Cabinet reshuffle. But he has adopted a very defensive approach and please all tactics,sending out no positive signal among the people. It is also a fact that in the age of coalition politics the PM like Dr. Manmohan Singh is best suited, though the nation remains in loss. Barring his personal academic qualities, he is neither assertive nor has guts to take his own decision. By undertaking his last Cabinet re-shuffle before 2014, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has failed miserably to give a face-lift to the government.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Embargo US military to Pak

US has taken very positive step by putting embargo on the military aid to Pakistan until it goes full throttle war against terrorism.India has rightly hailed the US move withdrawing USD 800 million military aid to Pakistan and termed the it as a positive step.US suspended a USD 800 million military aid to Pakistan.The suspended aid, which is about one-third of the USD 2 billion in annual American security assistance to Pakistan, includes about USD 300 million to reimburse Pakistan for some of the costs of deploying more than 100,000 soldiers along the Afghan border to combat terrorism.It also comprises millions of dollars in training assistance and military hardware.It was US whose eyes were shut to the diversion of its military aids given to Pakistan by Pak itself for promoting terrorism across the border to disturb India. Despite the avowed announcement being made to fight terrorism without exercising any sort of favouritism towards any country howsoever close, the US realised only when its Navy personnel killed its most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden in Abotabad of Pakistan that it was unable to spot the serpent in the grass that Pakistan is. India had been impressing upon the US and raising voice that Pakistan was hand in glove with terrorism, and it has borne the most at every international forums. It also always charges Pakistan with diversion of US military aids to fight terrorism into aiding and abetting it. It may be new to US but for India it was taking place right under its nose and had experienced its pain a number of time. Though the US move is belated, which has caused enough damage to life and property all over the world, it is hailing. But the US must stick to its embargo decision until Pakistan comes on right track. Duplicity has been the hallmark of Pakistan since it was carved out. It always says one thing but does the opposite. It is good that US lawmakers have also supported Obama Administration on this issue. It is too early to comment for how how long this embargo will continue.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Deaths on rail tracks

The deaths on rail tracks are not new to us. If ever one thing is the cheapest in our country, it is the life of poor common people. In the span of less than fifteen days more than 100 lives have been lost in rail accidents. There have been two rail accidents- one in UP and the other in Assam on Sunday. The Kalka Mail derailed between Fatehpur and Kanpur railway stations, resulting in the death of more than 70 and the Puri-bound Guwahati- Puri Express derailed in the Kamrup district of Assam due to blasts by suspected militants on rail tracks as the reports pour in.As routine affairs, the amount of compensation to the kith and kin of the deceased of the Kalka Mail Delhi-bound train was announced and a probe was ordered immediately. The cause of the accident is not officially known but if the media reports are to be believed, the Kalka Mail was at great speed and derailed due to application of emergency brake by the driver. A few days back, a rail accident had taken place due to unmanned gates (Rail Gumti).At this point of time, There are 1453 unmanned railway gates. At all these gates, accident may occur at any point of time.But no attention has been paid by successive Central governments for a long time. Railway is the largest government organisation and connects the country from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. It is the most striking symbol of our unity in diversity. It is the carrier of crores of Indians and foreigners daily. Railway has also given largest number of employments and has been most profitable. At the same time, the guarantee of lives of million of rail passengers depend solely on it during their journey. So rail safety measures must be of the paramount importance for both the railways and the government. But here in our country, these areas are most neglected due to the callousness of the government and rail ministry.Since the former Union Railways Minister took over the charge of chief ministership of West Bengal, the most important ministry has been headless. It has been left to the fate by the UPA-II. And what can be expected in the country where Chief Executive is directionless,helpless,spineless and completely incapable of taking any decision. The UPA-II must awake. Otherwise, its dooms day is not far off.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Revoke closure announcement of News of the World

Press is held in high esteem by the public and society. It is the
fourth pillar of democracy. Society believes in news that makes them
abreast of everything. Pressmen form opion and always keep the society
alive to the developing situation and the functioning of the government
of the day in democracy. Press is the voice of the people and the greatest weapon to fight
injustice through non-violent means. The entire mediapersons world-wide
are shocked at the announcement of the closure of News of the World. The most prestigeous Britain's168- year-old largest selling Sunday
Tabloid- News of the World- will have to be shut because it was charged
with committing unethical act of phone hacking for the news stories. When its scandalous practices came to light, the public got excessively
infuriated and the management was forced to announce its closure.
Though James Murdoch, Chairman of News International has admitted that
the Company made mistakes and announced the closure of the 168 year-old
Tabloid at the Centre of the row, the damage has already been done. It
was Britain’s best-selling Sunday Tabloid. News Papers’ credibility are its invaluable property and once its
credibility is lost among its readers in particular and society in
general, everything is lost. In a race to go ahead of all in popularity
and TRP ratings of electronic media companies, publicity and
advertisements, most newspapers start filing sensational news stories
without verifying the authenticity and the modus-operandi of the
reporters who have brought the reports.James Murdoch is the son of media baron Rupert Murdoch and after making
the announcement of closure, he is repenting. That is of no use if the
closure decision is not revoked forthwith. The phone hacking scandal that forced management to take such drastic
step is suicidal and bolt from the blue for jounalists and other staff
working for Sunday Tabloid News of the World. The management should
have dismissed the Editor during whose period the phone hacking took
place and sought apology from the readers and public. If they had used
professional approach and resolved the issue of phone hacking with
public and the readers, they would not made this sordid announcement.
The entire media world implores upon senior and juniors Murdochs to
revoke the decision forthwith and let the invaluable legacy- News of
the World- run with doubly force with unwavering commitment to
journalistic ethics.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Belated action

At last under media pressure and ultimately the charge of CBI that the high-profile Union Textile Minister Dayanidhi Maran forced a Chennai-based Telecom Promoter C Sivasankaran to sell his stakes in Aircel to a Malaysian firm in 2006 during his tenure as Telecom Minister in UPA-I, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had to seek his resignation. But how the UPA-2 is captive and dictated by its tainted sothern ally the DMK can be seen in Maran’s resignation that he resigned only after getting order from the DMK patriarch M Karunidhi. DMK is the largest alliance partner of UPA-2 and Maran is its second casualty of the multi-crore 2G scam of 1.76 lakh crore. This very clearly reflects of inaction by the PM in 2G Scam, which is the mother of all corruption. Undoubtedly, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is honest, a man of integrity, fine gentleman, world renowned economist and the father of economic globalisation in India but at the same time the wave of scams that have swept the UAP-2 has taken place right under his nose and he miserably failed to check them due to inaction.When pushed to the wall in the 2G spectrum allocation case, high-profile Maran had to resign from the Union Cabinet. Maran’s continuance in the Cabinet became untenable after the CBI in its status report on the 2G scam case charged him with pressurising a Chennai-based telecom promoter to sell his stakes in Aircel to a Malaysian firm in 2006 during his tenure as Telecom Minister in UPA-I. Maran, son of late Union Minister Muralosi Maran, is a grand nephew of Karunanidhi. With this, Maran becomes the second DMK minister to step down for alleged involvement in 2G scam. Former Telecom Minister A Raja was also forced to resign in November, 2010 when the CAG indicted him in the scam. Karunanidhi’s daughter and DMK MP Kanimozhi and Raja are currently in Tihar jail for their alleged involvement in the scam. The CBI, in its report, also said that during 2004-07 when Maran was telecom Minister, Sivasankaran, was forced to sell the stake in Aircel to a Malaysian firm Maxis Group. It is alleged that the Karunidhi family-owned Sun TV received pay-offs from a Malaysian firm in return for the spectrum alloted to it during Maran’s tenure surfaced. All these developments amply indicate that DMK quota minister of telecom was carrying his personal and party property promotion through telecom ministry since long and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and his Cabinet remained a mute spectator to the misappropriation of public exchequer worth 1.76 lakh crore due to compusion of coalition politics. It is nothing but the helpless and inaction of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A big blow to UP Govt

The Supreme Court has upheld the Allahabad High Court order quashing the acquisition of over 156 hectares of land from farmers in Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh and allotting it to builders. The court also imposed Rs 10 lakh as cost on the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) and directed it to hand over the land to the villagers and farmers. The Honourable Supreme Court is requested to take notice of the plight of 6,500 persons investing their life-time hard-earned money estimated about 100 crore rupees for a roof over their heads. There must be a provision for returning their hard-earned money through proper channel immediately after scapping of IGNA land. They are general Delhiites. The Supreme Court verdict has been hailed not only by the farmers and landowners of UP but by farmers, landowners and common citizens whose livelihood is solely dependent on land for ordering Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA)and builders to handover their land. First of all, the Land Acquisition Act of 1894 enacted by Britishers is now outdated. Because of that there is urgent need to introduce Land Acquisition Amendment Bill immediately in the Parliament. As land is a state subject, the different states mould the land acquisition act to suit their political interest. So did the BSP government of Chief Minister Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh. The term public purpose in the act is also interpreted by different states differently to suit their political interest. This has been blatantly misused. With the opening market in the age of economic globalisation, big industrial, business and corporate houses, besides several multinationals started setting up industries all over the country. And for that land is their primary need. To acquire land by making agreement with state governments by hook or crook, they wilfully took over the fertile lands of big, medium and small farmers at a throwaway prices as state and Central governments are always on their side. Singur and Nandigram in West Bengal are the shining examples of high-handedness of the government and industrialists concerned are all before us. No farmers and landowners would ever refuse to give their land in national interest and for their all-round development. The meaning term public purpose is development of the common and general public and nothing else. The apex court has given a great relief to the farmers and land owners all over the country. Farmers and landowners are the sole masters and proprietors of the land and nonelese. Their interests must be kept uppermost by the government while introducing the Land Acquisition Amendment Act.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disgraceful act

The disgraceful act committed by the Indian atheletes has brought shame to the nation. And this is not the first time that the dope test affairs involving Indian atheletes has arisen, a lot had been written about it in late 80s. But no action was taken by the authorities concerned.Taking serious note of the dope scandal in athletics, the government on Tuesday cracked the whip by sacking India’s foreign athletics coach Yuri Ogrodnik and formed an inquiry panel to probe the fiasco. Sports Minister Ajay Maken held the officials and coaches, apart from the athletes, responsible for bringing shame to the nation. The eight atheletes who have been tested positives are all quartermilers of CWG and Asian Games. The immediate responsibility of keeping the players protected against any evil habits is and must be of their Coach. The Coach is the inspirational force behind the players' performance in the field. His or her guidance plays very vital role in players' performance. So, the Coach must be held accountable first if the players playing under him are tested positive. That the sports ministry has done. The Sports Minister Ajay Maken has rightly sacked India’s foreign atheletics coach Yuri Ogrodnik of Ukrain. It might be possible that the players might be unaware of what is being given to them for eating and drinking. Their main job is only to play well and win the medals for themselves and the nation. Now doubt, sportspersons do pride for the nation and all Indians feel eleated at players’ good performances at national and international stages. But at the same time, their being tested positive when they are put to undergo dope test, nation’s head is hung in shame. The steps taken by Sports MinisterAjay Maken has taken a very small one. Only by only sacking the coach, all ills that have taken deep root can not be removed. He has let down our country in the world of sports and, this is the darkest stain stuck to our altheletes that, too, can not be easily washed. The need of the hour is not to wash dirty linen in public but take concrete action against those sports officials who are either found guilty of negligence that led to this shameful position of the nation in sports loving nations. All officials and staff attached with atheletics must be overhauled. Finally, the minister has swung into action immediately and constituted a probe committe to find the guilty.