Wednesday, August 31, 2011

True colours of some aged ministers

The stiff resistance from some aged Union ministers, who happen to head the sports organisation especially Cricket under BCCI, that faced the National Sports Bill in Union Cabinet and ultimately rejected shows the true colours of some senior cabinet ministers. It clearly reflects that despite whipping up of politicians in general and ministers in particular during the Anna campaign against corruption, they have learnt nothing. Their deceptive action is sure to invite more public wrath in recent days.
Union Sports Minister Ajay Maken had no intention to put Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) under the Government control. The Bill only intends the accounting of the BCCI to be made public under RTI as it avails facility provided by the Government of India.
The Union Sports Minister has rightly hit out at the BCCI that the People have every right to know how it uses Cricket ground as the venue of the match in different cities of India and how it get the players to play at home or abroad as the Cricket Team of India. That is why BCCI must be accountable to the nation.
The question here does not ariseof putting BCCI under Government control that some ministers associated with BCCI and other state cricket organisations and other sports organisations need to fear of stripping off their privilege and perks that they continue to enjoy and get their political interests served. The Bill only intends to make BCCI accountable to the nation. And this is nothing wrong.
As far as the Bill puts an age bar of 70, what wrong is there with it? When every public servant except the politicians have age limit to retire, what is the problems with politicians associated with sports bodies. The Bill envisages 25 percent seats for former players in the administration of sports bodies. There is no wrong with it as it make the administration amenable to the players.
Senior ministers like Sharad Pawar, Farooq Abdullah, C P Joshi, Vilarao Deshmukh, Praful Patel and others were reportedly seen very vocal against Bill in the Cabinet that led to its failure to clear National Sports Bill. Its primary aim is to regulate the functioning of BCCI, which has so far been unbridled with the blessings of some powerful politicians.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good move to bring BCCI under RTI

Why is Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI) opposed to the introduction of National Sports (Development) BIll 2011? It is only because if all its functioning and all other national sports federations are brought under one umbrella, it would make them transparent. That at least BCCI does not like. It feels that it is government in itself on accounts of its unaccounted money flowing into its coffers constantly.
The BCCI is an opaque body of sport. It is also the richest of all sports bodies. The question here arises why is it opposed to be brought under Right to Information? When it has enormous income, why can its income not be audited by the agency of Government of India? why the audited account be not uploaded on internet to make it transparent and information of all sorts reachable to the general public under RTI.
BCCI is also the richest of all the international bodies of the game of cricket in the world. It has unaccounted money and is governed by influencial politicians and business houses. They have made it their grazing ground. Any interference by the government in its functioning is seen by it as encroachment on their self-made fundamental right to control it as according to its likening, blatantly ignoring national interest and prestige involved with it.
Presently, Union Agriculture Minister and NCP boss is the Chief of International Cricket Council (ICC) and before assuming this coveted post, he was Chairman of BCCI. Barring BCCI, all the sports bodies of the country are more or less transparent in their functioning. As other sports bodies in our country are not affluent enough, even then the politicians get attracted towards them, though completely not keeping themselves aloof. Some of the sports bodies other than cricket are still under the control of politicians and to know about them in a better way, we will not have to go very far if we look at the CWG mess under the leadership of a politician, who is presently in Tihar jail.This is the sorry state of affairs of all our bodies. All, including BCCI need to be overhauled under the competent government agencies.
So far the veteran ex-cricketers have been kept out from the decision making body and those vital positions have always been taken by politicians and corporate houses in BCCI. They have made it a money miniting machine and paid little attention on the welfare of players and promotion of the game of cricket with an eye on future. The disastrous performance of Team India in England has awakened the government of India and rightly decided to tighten screw,nuts and volts of BCCI to make it transparent and get the body freed from the hands of Czars. Government must introduce National Sports (Development) Bill 2011and cleanse the mess in BCCI as soon as possible.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Victory of democracy

The nation has rightly celebrated the victory of democracy after the Parliament finally resolved to incorporate 3 vital points- lower bureaucracy withing the ambit of Lokpal, Citizens Charter of Demand, Lokayuktas in state- of Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare and his team to weed out rampant corruption in Government departments from top to bottom, and eventually it led to the end of Anna’s 13 day-old fast unto death protest, which has galvanised the entire nation against corruption.
The way democracy has come out victorious and the supremacy of Parliament and Constitution remained intact would go in history of all democratic countries of the world as the most important moment. The main characteristic of Anna’s protest was its non-violent nature and principle. It is exemplary.
Though some speakers on the Podium of the protest at Ramlila Maidan were carried away with emotion before the mammoth crowd and uttered unparliamentary languages against the parliamentarians in general, They must not have lost sense common courtesy and civility. On the whole the protesters maintained civility.
Film personality Om Puri and retired IPS officer Kiran Bedi, Core Group member of Anna Hazare’s protest, crossed the line of civility and courtesy while attacking the parliamentarians and politicians from the dais. Their diatribes must be condemned and members of Parliament have rightly moved the motion of privilege against these two persons in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha respectively, which has been sent to Privilege Committee of the House for its perusal.
As far as the Government is concerned, it has shown complete lack of foresightedness in judging the anger among the people all over the nation against the growing corruption of colossal magnitude. That is why it completely failed in properly handling the situation and calming down the public anger. When it realised its inherent weakness, the imbroglio was resolved amicably and the nation felt relieved.
Now, the government must expedite the procedures of Standing Committee to show its sincerity by passing a strong Lokpal Bill as early as possible to weed out corruption.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nation needs Anna’s service

The famous Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare has been sitting on fast unto death at Ramlila Ground in Delhi for the last twelve days for Jan Lokpal Bill to root out all pervasive corruption from the government departments, prevailing from top to bottom. Keeping his deteriorating condition of health as his fast enters 13th day today, the entire nation requests him to give up his fast unto death so that the nation could avail his invaluable service for many more years.
The spontaneous support of the people from all corners of the nation against corruption at the call of Anna Hazare made the UPA Government at the Centre nervous.Lakhs of people assembled at the Ramlila to support his nation’s cherished cause against corruption.
Initially, the Government failed to read the writing on the wall but later on when the number of people continued to increase at Ramlila against corruption to support his Gandhian and peaceful protest, the good sense prevailed on it and started the process of dialogue with Anna representative. Team Anna represents a civil society and it is also a fact that there are a number of civil societies in our country. But the civil society that Anna has formed enjoys unprecedented support of the masses. The three key demands of Anna Hazare are -- appointment of Lokayukta in states, bringing lower bureaucracy in the ambit of the proposed Lokpal Bill and citizens’charter in all offices to make officials work in a time-bound manner.
Many other civil societies such as of Aruna Roy and Jai Prakash also claim to have drafted Lokpal Bill of their own versions as has done team Anna to root out corruption form the entire government department.
We are a largest democracy of the world and Parliament is its biggest temple. It is supreme and before it no civil or any other societies can challenge its supremacy. At this point, Anna and his team drifts away and try to dictate the Parliament, which stands unchallenged from the outside and inside, though the three points that Team Anna has raised are uncompromising and is really the backbone of any anti-corruption mechanism to make it a success.
But the parliamentary process can not be bypassed and these three points of Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal Bill will have to go through it. Giving the utmost importance to Anna Hazare and people's sentiment against corruption under his leadership, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in his statement in the Parliament saluted him for his honesty, integrity and credibility in public life. He along with entire House appealed Anna Hazare to give up his fast. The discretion demands that Anna Hazare should have reciprocated the Parliament's gesture and given up his fast. He has missed that opportunity. If he had reciprocated and given up his fast, It would have added one more feather to his cap.
Anna’s fast is the serious concern of Parliament about his health and the government has already initiated the three points of Jan Lokpal demands for discussion is underway and the Parliament is likely to adopt the Lokpal Bill containing these three points from Jan Lokpal of Anna and send it to Standing Committee for further debate and discussion in order to complete the formality of parliamentary procedures. After this, the Govt would send a letter of resolution by the Parliament to Anna Hazare so that he could break his fast as the nation needs his invaluable for many more years.We again salute Anna Hazare and request him to give up his fast.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Respect PM’s grand gesture

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh alongwith the entire House has urged the fasting Gandhian and social activist for introduction of his version of Jan Lokpal Bill to break his fast unto death, which is entering 11th day today. Prime Minister has saluted his resolve, determination and indomitable courage to fight corruption. He has also assured him full consideration of his version of the bill, Aruna Roy's, a renowned social activist and member of NCPRI, version of bill and alongwith Govt’s Lokpal Bill in Parliament.
Prime Minster has created a history by showing a grand gesture to a Gandhian of high morality ,integrity and honesty to break his fast immediately. Because nation needs his service for many more years, he must keep his health robust and healthy. The Gandhian in true spirit must consider the concern of PM,Parliament and the nation about his health. He must end his fast immediately in national interest.PM's appeal amply reflects that the government is seeking a credible solution to the Lok Pal logjam. There is need to collectively find credible solutions to corruption. The Govt is committed to a strong and effective Lok Pal Bill and is open to suggestion from all sections. Dr Singh said the Standing Committee will give its full consideration to all drafts on Lok Pal Bill including that by Team Anna.
Dr Manmohan Singh also appealed to Anna Hazare to end his fast. Speaker and other members of the Lok Sabha also joined Prime Minister in his appeal to Anna.
Team Anna must also know that in whichever country of the world Lokpal or Ombudsman has been appointed to check graft, the supremacy of the Parliament has nowhere been challenged. The the importance of the greatest institution of democracy, that is Parliament,must be kept intact. Its consent any bill of national importance has always been of paramount importance. So, keeping in view the concern of the nation about his deteriorating health, he must immediately break his fast and guide the nation for many more years.
Whether it is Sweden, Finland, UK, Hong Kong or Indonesia, everywhere parliamentary democracy has been kept above everything else. The office of the Chief Executive of the nation has been kept unchallenged. The importance of Parliament in democracy is amply reflected in the speech given by Sharad Yadav,JD(U) boss,inside it, has been eloquent so far. He has dwelt enormously on the utility of Parliament and its vital role in representing the wishes and aspirations of all sections of the people of India.
Anna Hazare must adopt rational approach and break his fast. The situation demands that he must listen to Parliament, the temple of democracy.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

People’s euphoria is no panacea

The euphoria of anger and frustration with the government in power created on streets among the people all over the country for the last five days under the leadership of famous Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare, who is sitting on fast unto death at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi against rampant corruption at all levels of government departments and making a Jan Lokpal. Government’s changing colours like chameleon from the morning to evening on the August 16 by first arresting Anna for peaceful protest and then releasing the Gandhian under immense public pressure was witnessed all over the country and abroad, and the UPA government turned out to be a laughing stock. Team Anna is vehemently opposed to Government's Lokpal Bill, which is lying before the Parliamentary Standing Committee. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, law and Justice looking into the Lok Pal Bill has invited suggestions from individuals and organisations. The Committee headed by Abhishek Manu Singhvi has decided to invite memoranda containing views, suggestions from the individuals and organisations interested in the subject matter of the Bill and also to hear select oral evidence on the subject matter of the Bill.Those select oral evidence on the subject matter of the Bill. Those desirous of submitting memoranda to the Committee have been asked to send letter within fifteen days of publication of the announcement.The Committee has also asked for those, who are willing to appear before the Committee for oral evidence besides submitting the memorandum, to indicate the same. The corruption has taken so deep a root in the successive governments that it can not be removed by agitating a month or more and by bringing the entire country on streets. The first step towards adopting meaningful measure to deal with corruption is to start dialogue by the government with Team Anna and all political parties on one table. The corruption is an issue that touches emotional chords of the people instantly because that vice has deprived the millions of their due life-long. But by holding the nation to ransom, the problem of corruption can not be removed nor the Janlokpal Bill could become a reality. Every issue needs to be talked out in a vibrant democracy like ours.As far as anti-corruption agencies are concerned, there are several in place at the central and state level. But the result we see is that instead checking corruption, it increases very fast. It means untill and unless the degenerating moral value set in every sphere of life is not removed, no measure will prove effective to check corruption.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Need for improving education

The apex court order in regard to minimum eligibility percentage for admission in central universities for OBC category should be at most 10 per cent less than that the general category students is good, but at the same time the standard of education at primary and secondary levels in our country, especially in the rural areas, is worse. School teachers willfully keep themselves absent from duty by greasing the palms of education deparment officers of the areas and victims of their negligence in duty are none other than the students. The building built on weak plinth is bound to fall under pressure. And that happens in the case of weak students at college and university levels. Therefore, the prime necessity is to improve the primary and secondary education in right earnest.
The Supreme Court has held that the minimum eligibility percentage for admission in central universities for OBC category should be at most 10 percent less than that of general category students.
A bench headed by Justice R V Raveendran said that the eligibility criteria for OBC category students should not be decided on the basis of admission given to the last candidate in general category.
The bench, however, clarified that there would be no disturbances in the admissions which have already been done by the universities for this academic session.
The court’s clarification has come a petition filed by a former professor of IIT Madras, seeking its direction in the light of discrepancies in implementation of OBC quota in different educational institutions.
Majority of students irrespective of OBC and general categories do not have access to good education either because of the shortage of good teacher or of lax administration, resulting in absenteeism among them. The administration of education department at lower level needs to be overhauled. Otherwise no reservation would help students any more.
Even if the students get admission in colleges under central universities on the basis of reservation, would they be able to withstand the pressure of standard education if their school education has not been upto mark? So, the prime necessity is to improve the level of primary and secondary education all over the country.
Socially and economically backward students must be given adequate privilege to bring them on equal footing with the rest of the society, but it does not have any meaning if they are not taught well at school level. The root must be strong.
Without improving the standard of education, no reservation for any category of student would be of any help.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miscalation of public disenchantment over corruption

The entire ruling establishment of UPA badly miscalculated the gathering public anger day by day over growing corruption with them . The mishandling of Anna Hazare peaceful protest and fast against corruption rampant at every level of government department by UPA has also shown that it has no strong political leadership to take political decision when required urgently. The position it changed dramatically between the period and Anna's arrest in the morning and release in the evening under intense public pressure with epicentre in Delhi has exposed its directionlessness and headlessness.
Famous Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare’s peaceful protest and fast against corruption and for bringing Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament as he and his team wishes to curb growing corruption have undoubtedly become the symbol of hope and aspiration of the people of the nation. Anna and his team of civil society have drafted Jan Lokpal Bill.The Government has drafted Lokpal Bill, which was introduced in Parliament and lying before the Standing Committee.
There is major difference between Anna’s Jan Lokpal Bill and Govt’s Bill. Anna’s Bill is more effective to curb the rampant corruption from top to bottom than the Jan Lokpal drafted by the government. Team Anna has never challenged the supremacy of Parliament and the government must not hide behind Parliament.
First of all, Anna Hazare’s fast unto death protests in April at Jantarmantar in Delhi forced the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government to think of Lokpal, which was hanging in balance for the last 42 years, and they started to draft it and introduced in the first week of monsoon session of Parliament as promised to Anna Hazare and his team at the time of ending protset and fast.
As Government drafted bill was vehemently opposed and criticised by Team Anna because of its ineffectiveness in checking corruption , Hazare prepared for peaceful protest and fast unto death from August 16 as promised to the people. Manmohan Singh Government and Congress party completely failed to see the writing on the wall and tried its best to defame Anna Hazare by using power to repress the constitutionally and democratically guaranteed right to every citizen of non-violent protests. As the UPA lacks complete political farsight, Delhi police arrested Anna Hazare from his home before starting fast unto death against corruption in apprehension of breaking down law and order. When the need was to take political decision, government took help of law and order. It is its absolute failure and its endeavour to hide behind Delhi police aggravated the anger of already disenchanted people with growing corruption and that brought the entire country out spontaneously on the streets in support of Anna Hazare protest against corruption.
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh need not tell that Parliament is the sole body to frame laws as every citizen knows it, notwithstanding the law makers. Hazare has never challenged the supremacy of Parliament. If the people in whom soveignty resides supports Anna Hazare, what problem has the government in introducing Jan Lokpal bill drafted by Team Anna. Parliament is supreme, so the decision has to be taken by it about Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill. So, still there is enough time for Prime Minister Singh to undergo penance for lack of political insight by fresh channels of talks with Anna Hazare to root out corruption in the best possible constitutional and democratic way. UPA Government did right by waiving all conditions and kneeling down before Anna Hazare to respect the mass movement.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Govt's lack of understanding over Anna's arrest and release order

The arrest of renowned Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare and some of his team members in

the morning and their release in the evening under intense public pressure shows that how the

Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government mishandling the issue of corruption and civil liberty.

Govt. reflects its directionlessness, indecisiveness and arrogance. From the beginning to the

end, the government has changed stances now and then in regard to Anna Hazare and his team’s to

introduce the Lokpal Bill as drafted by it and thereafter his arrest from the residence in Mayur

Vihar Phase -I in apprehension of breaking law and order if he sat on fast unto death at JP Park

the morning of Aug 16 and releasing him in the evening under intense pressure of his aides

increasing minute by minute all over the country.
It is the common knowledge that the essence of democracy is the right to freedom of expression

and peaceful protest as enshrined in the Constitution of India. Famous Gandhian and social

activist Anna Hazare and his team of civil society members had already staged a fast unto death

at Jantar Mantar in the heart of Delhi for making a Jan Lokpal to eradicate corruption in April

itself. His protest ended peacefully in a Gandhian style.
Every one is aware of the fact that corruption is rampant in every government department from

top to bottom and the helpless peaople are seething in anger at the plight for no fault of theirs

but due to corruption. That Dr. Manmohan Singh-led Government failed to guaze the people’s anger

which Anna Hazare knew in a better way and emerged the rallying point of lakhs of people of

By arresting Anna Hazare under the cover of law boomeranged on the weak and indecisive government

as the sovereignty resides in the people of India and neither in government nor in its office

from top to bottom demands bribe openly . The common villager and the town dwellers are asked for

the graft to move their file. That why the million of supporters from every corner of the nation

spontaneously responded to Anna’s call out of their desperation with the corrupt practices being

practised from the lowest to the highest levels in all government departments.The standoff in

Tihar Jail likely to be over with Anna Hazare set to come out of the prison after a night-long

protest demanding that he be allowed to launch his indefinite strike from a venue of his choice

in the capital.Hazare, who was ordered to be released on Tuesday night after a day-long detention

before he was to begin his fast demanding strong Lokpal, had refused to come out of the prison

unless he was allowed to protest from JP Park without conditions.
There is no doubt that corruption is rampant at all levels of government departments. As the rot

starts from the head, so is the position of Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA-II Government at the

Centre if we go by the scams like 2G Spectrum, CWG, Adarsh Hosing Society, NTRO, Space and

others. The allegation that this government is neck-deep in corruption is not out of place. Anna

Hazare’s declared protest against corruption by sitting on fast unto death from August 16 in

Delhi is his constitutional right and no government can stop him from doing so.
Anna Hazare is a Gandhian and social activist of the high moral standard. Not only he but also

the all Indian citizens have constitutional right to protest in a non-violent and civilised way.

That vital thing government willfully lost sight of.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Protest is right, but way uncivil

There is no doubt that corruption is rampant at all levels of government departments. As the rot starts from the head, so is the position of Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA-II Government at the Centre if we go by the scams like 2G Spectrum, CWG, Adarsh Hosing Society, NTRO, Space and others. The allegation that this government is neck-deep in corruption is not out of place. Anna Hazare's declared protest against corruption by sitting on fast unto death from August 16 in Delhi is his constitutional right and no government can stop him from doing so but at the same time he must be knowing Gandhian philosophy that a person's freedom ends at the point it violates another's freedom. To keep the freedom and right of all intact, the police administration has the responsibility to maintain law and order and they arrested Anna in apprehension of breaking it.
Anna Hazare is a Gandhian and social activist of the high moral standard. Not only he but also the all Indian citizens have constitutional right to protest in a non-violent and civilised way. Hazare had announced several days ago that he would sit on fast unto death in demand for making Lokpal as he wishes to curb corruption. He along with his so-called civil society associates sat several times with Government representatives to draft a Lokpal Bill. But the difference persisted between the government and Anna side and both drafted their own Lokpal Bill.
Anna Hazare and his team of so-called civil society members drafted Jan Lokpal Bill and presented it to the Government representatives -headed by Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to present before the Union Cabinet for approval to be introduced in Parliament. Government panel of five representatives also prepared a Lokpall Bill to be presented before the Cabinet. And according to the Government side, Union Cabinet approved their Lokpal Bill in which they had incorporated 34 clauses out 40 from the Jan Lokpall Bill drafted by Anna and his team.
Government introduced the Lokpall Bill in Parliament, which has been sent to Standing Committee to elicit different shades of opinions on it from different sides and individuals for improvisation of the Lokpall Bill under consideration. Anna and his team described Government Lokpal Bill as fraud. They say it is an eye-wash and nothing else.
One of the civil society members was even heard saying on Television News Channels that the Lokpall Bill introduced in the Parliament is nothing but a Corruption Promotion Bill. Team Anna was so much angry at the introduction of the Lokpall Bill in Parliament that they burnt its copies at different places. Since then it was certain that if the Government did not agree to Anna and his team members view and if the Jan Lokpal Bill prepared by them was not introduced, Anna Hazare would sit on fast unto death till indifinite period in national capital Delhi as it is his democratic right to stage peaceful protests. It is their fundamental right and no body has any dispute on this. But it is also the constitutional responsibility of the administration to maintain law and order and ensure hassle free life of the common Delhiites.
The police administration of Delhi allotted Anna Hazare Jai Prakash Narayan Park in North-East Delhi to sit on fast unto death for not more than 58 hours, not more than 5000 people, 50 cars and 60 motorbikes and loudspeakers not after 9 PM. Anna and his team refused to abide by these conditions laid down by police to maintain law and order. Instead, they dared the entire administration and announced of going ahead with their programmes, come what may. Immediately after this , the Delhi police imposed 144 prohibitory order in and around JP Park.
As Anna was adamant to sit on fast unto death against corruption today’s morning from 10 AM at JP Park, the Delhi police arrested him and some of aides before 8 in the morning itself from his house and produced before the court for bail. The designated court sent Anna Hazare and his aides to Tihar Jail for 7 days under judicial custody as they refused to accept the bail. Anna must protest against corruption as it eats into the vitality of the nation very fast. Corruption is more dangerous than cancer. So, he and his team must protest but with high standard of civility as he is known for setting highest standard of probity in public life. Delhi is a national capital city so any message message from here goes out world- wide faster. So, it would be better for team Anna to select a place of protest in any area adjascent to national capital.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Restrain the police and stop their atrocities

The primary duty of the government both at the Centre and in the state is to restrain the police and stop their atrocities on unarmed and innocent public.The excessive force used by Pune police on unarmed farmers is shameful in any civilised society of a democratic country.The police firing on farmers in Pune district dominated the proceedings of both Houses of the Maharashtra Legislature with the Prithviraj Chavan government ordering a judicial probe into the incident that left three dead. But it is too little and a lengthy process to punish the errant policemen.
The Assembly saw five adjournments after the issue was raised through an adjournment motion and debated. In the Council, there was only one adjournment when Opposition members shouted slogans against the Congress-NCP government over the “killing” of innocent farmers during a protest at Maval near Pune .
The police firing killed four farmers and injured several. Though the police version is that the firing was first made from a private vehicle on them and in retaliation they fired on the farmers demonstrating against Congress-Shiv Sena government for acquiring their land for Expressway, can the police say that why did they broke the parked motor cycles and other vehicles of the farmers demonstrating there? Is the Video showing police aiming to shoot farmers wrong? Is It not the unnecessary use of excessive force by the police against unarmed and peaceful demonstration of farmers? Under whose order did the police fire which killed four farmers? The police have to give reply to the people. Is there political pressure on them to go against the farmers or were farmers instigated by opposition parties that led to firing?
Whatever may be the cause of action by the police, it is unfortunate and whoever is guilty must be awarded deterrent punishments.
The killing in police firing is not new in India and greater number of innocent lives have been lost several times in the past. The political party in power is accountable to the people. So, it is thepr first duty to punish the guilty police officials stringently. The police and public relation have been strained and the later has been fearful of the former in our country.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Screening of Film Arakshan must go on

Amitabh Bacchan - Saif Ali Khan starrer film Arakshan is to be released on Friday August 12. The film has been directed by Prakash Jha. The main theme of the film is commercialisation of education. How the education has been turned intoiving business by education mafia.
All time super star Amitabh Bacchan has acted up to his potential in the film and in a superb fashion as a principal of an institution . It is enough for a film watcher how interesting and important message the film would send to the society in which the greatest film personality of the contemporary era has played the main role.
Arakshan means reservation which is a Constitutional reality and no one can deny it despite whatsoever slogan is launched in a sarcastic way anywhere.
The Mayawati Government of UP has banned the release of the film Arakshan for two months in the state for avowed reason of law and order problem. The UP Government is of the view that screening of the film will create law and order problem in the state as some of the dialogues of the film are objectionable.
Taking cue from the UP Chief Minister Mayawati, Prakash Singh Badal Government of Punjab has also banned the realease of the film Arakshan attributing the reason to triggering of social unrest due to some objectionable dialogues, which hurt the sentiment of a section of society. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes has also forwarded to the Censor Board “some objectionable” dialogues from the Amitabh Bachchan-Saif Ali Khan starrer ‘Aarakshan’, asking it to take a call on their inclusion.
The ban order of the film Arakshan by UP and Punjab is nothing but guided by narrow political benefit in view of the assembly elections in two states next year . P L Punia is the Chairman of National Commission of Schedule Caste and is Congress MP and comes from Uttar Pradesh. He is opposed to some of the dialogues in Arakshan and that is why he also advocates for some cuts in the film. In apprehension that the Congress Party could not score point over her casteist politics among the schedule caste voters, UP Chief Minister Mayawati has taken a politically guided decision to ban Arakshan.
The final authority to decide whether a film deserves U/A certificate to release is the Film Censor Board . It has already given the film Arakshan U/A Certificate without any cut.
The political parties having no will power to resolve the burning problems of the day are indulging only in throttling the right to expression. Every artist’s artistry gives constructive, instructive and positive message to society. The artists also throw light on how to solve if the society is confronted with the problem. The decision of judging the film must be left to movie watchers and Censor Board, which is consisting of eminent personalities in their respective fields.
If any state government apprehends that screening of the film cam create law and order proble, what is it meant for? It is the duty of the state government to tighten the law and order machinery if it has apprehension breaking of it due to release of certain Film. UP and Punjab Govt. must not ban the film Arakshan purely for political reasons.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London police failure to stop rioting

There have been several racial riots in various cities of Britain in the past but this London

riot, which has spread to different cities and London suburbs can not be attributed to a certain

factor. Though London on the fourth day of rioting remained largely quiet with a heavy police

presence on the streets but unrest spread across central and northern England on a fourth night

of violence that has blighted the David Cameron Govt’s image and ability to hold the 2012 London

Olympics safely.
With 16,000 police officers deployed in London, the streets remained calm after three previous

nights of rioting. But there was unrest in Manchester, Sanford, Liverpool, Wolver Hampton,

Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham with shops being looted and set alight. According to the

report, so far 768 people have been arrested and 105 charged in connection with violence in

Economic recession and racial discrimination might be the prime factors but the way Britain

police mishandled the riots have made them worse. The riot was triggered by the killing of a

Nottingham youth in police firing while he was traveling in a taxi. The London Police reportedly

fired on the youth on the suspicion of his being a drug lord gagster. Nottingham area is

inhabited by poor middle class non-whites population who are in majority. They have grievances

against the police that they discriminate against them. This much feeling sparked off instant

worst-ever riot. The youths of Nottingham came out on London streets in groups and started

rioting and looting shops of electronic goods, designer cloth shops and set the motor vehicles

parked on the roads indiscriminately. Londoners are shocked and shuddered at the terrible sights

of rioting and looting.
Communication facilities fuelled the riots and lootings from one area to another. Blackberry

played the most destructive role in fanning the unrest in different cities where the police were

caught unwares. The situation became so alarming that the Prime Minister David Camroon had to cut

short on his holiday in Italy and got back London. As Parliament is in recess these days between

the Budget Session, the British Prime Minister has called the emergency session of Parliament to

take stock of the situation of London riotings.British PM has also reinforcements of police on

London streets as they were unable to control the rioters. The worsening situation requires hard

police action to control immediately the rioters.
The image of metropolis like London has taken a severe beating as its police dealt with rioters

with soft hands, while to keep law and order they had to be hard and strict. Camroon government

failed completely to restore peace in time.
The people of the lower middle class and the lowest strata of society among the non-whites have

more unemployment and the problem is getting bigger and bigger that has sown the seeds of

disgruntlement among them. Cameroon Government of Labor party must address to this burning

problem. The Camroon government has cut on welfare measures that also contributed to blood-shed

and looting on the London streets.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FM's defence of growth must be based on solid ground

Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee says that India’s fundamentals are strong and its growth

story is intact in his bid to allay the fears in Indian markets. He also says that Indian economy

is placed in a better position than other countries to meet the challenges that may arise

globally in the wake of downgrading of US credit rating from AAA+ to AA+ by S & P (Standard and

poor’s) Rating Agency.
But a few years back the US economy boasts of being the largest in the world that must not be

lost sight of in the context of its downgrading. If the US economy could fall headlong, why not

ours if its plinth is based on the same economic theory as of the US. So, though Finance Minister

is himself a prestigeous economist, it would be better if he had given us fullproof assurance the

influence of outside factors on our economy.
It is good thing that Mukherjee has asssured the country about Govt’s prepapredness to face the

challenges if ever the US downgrding had its impact on our economy. But almost all the economic

analysts and instituions don't altogether rule out no impact on Indian Market. It can also not

be rejected that our economic growth has slowed down in the last two years,though 8.2 growth is

respectable, while we require above 9 per cent in this competitive economy world.
Government has some political compulsions that hold it back from taking quick decision on the

issue of economic reforms. A lot of investment is needed in energy and infrastructure

development. Land Acquisition Act has to be put in place to expedite the economic reforms process

as now it is almost impossible to go back on them.
The hurdle in speedy reforms to be removed to achieve the desired energy production because it

has to satisfy first the people of the nation by solving environment problems. The environment

activists and the people oppose vehemently if attempts are made to increase coal productions and

installations of nuclear power projects on the plea that they destroy ecololical balance

resulting in pollution and hazardous activities. As we are a vibrant and largest democracy, the

government must take the people of the nation into confidence before embarking on any economic

policy and the benefit accruing from it must reach to the bottom in far-flung villages and urban

areas of our nation. Then only it would be called sustainable economic growth.

Monday, August 8, 2011

GCC concerns over Syrian blood-shed

Syria must take up serious and necessary reforms immediately to douse the fire of anger by

anti-regime demonstrators. The violent act by the Syrian military and police against the

agitators that have resulted in the death of more than three hundred people in the last three

months must stop.The Gulf countries have already expressed their grief and concerns over the

deadly suppression of anti-regime protests as Syrians rallied in cities across the country again

and the US advised its citizens to leave the country because of the growing unrest.
The international community must prevail on Syria taking into serious consideration of the

concerns of GCC to resolve the crisis and stop violence. Resorting to violence can not solve any

problem and no civil society in the world would ever approve it. Talks are the best way to solve

any difference between the government and its people.The Gulf bloc has expressed deep concerns

over the death toll growing day by day because of the ruthless military crackdowns on civilians

in different parts of the country. The Gulf countries also pledged to support security and

stability in Syria, but called for bringing concrete reforms as soon as possible to “protect the

rights and dignity of the Syrian people.”
The wind of reforms is blowing in some of the West-Asian countries and that has be gladly

accepted by the rulers of these countries. Otherwise, their doomsday is not faraway. The best

ruler is one who has his hands on the publse of his people and know in advance about the demand

to be made by them, and he starts towards that direction.
The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has rightly demanded immediate end to violence and bloodshed

in Syria and asked Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to introduce serious and necessary reforms

that would protect the rights and dignity of the people.
The GCC has rightly asked Damascus to adopt serious reforms, guaranteeing full civil rights to

the Syrian people.
The GCC consists of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The GCC states have been

the biggest supporters of Assad since he assumed power in 2000. They stood by Assad during the

most difficult years of 2005-2010, when Syria faced growing international isolation following the

assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. Mr. Assad must rewind all the

co-operation he got from GCC when he was passing through difficult times. He is provided good

advice from the GCC to address the people's demand of civil rights that are being presently

supressed by his regime.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A warning to Indian economy

Whatever situation the US economy is passing through the present time clearly reflects that the recession might return there very quickly if some solid measures are not taken in time to prevent the worsening situation. Though the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has described the downgrading of the US government by credit rating agency as a grave situation,which needs to be analysed, it would not be wise to cover-up the lapses in economic policies adopted by us for the last 20 years.
The US’ downgrade, the S&P said, reflects its opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan which Congress and the administration recently agreed to “falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government’s medium-term debt dynamics.
Other prominent credit rating agencies - Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings - have affirmed their AAA credit ratings even as President Barack Obama signed a bill that ended the debt-ceiling impasse that pushed the Treasury to the edge of default.
The blood bath in global market on Friday is a bad omen for global economy. The situation must be tackled at the earliest so that there must not be further downsliding of global market.
In an unprecedented move, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the US governments ‘AAA’ sovereign credit rating - a development which raises concerns that investors will lose confidence in its economy. This comes a day after a bloodbath was witnessed in the global markets including those in Asia.
All the developed and developing economies of the world must sit together and take a unanimous decision about the merits and demerits of economic globalisation that we all have experienced in the last 20 years or more.
One thing is also crystal clear that no developing country of the world can pursue its economy in isolation. These-days, there is no taker for closed economy. So, openness of market is a pre-requisite for any developing economy.
In india, the BSE sensex also plunged more than 700 points before recovering partially with investors selling across the board. Allaying domestic fears, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has said that this is due to domestic factor as he rejected the charge of opposition about the back-breaking price rise of essential commodities by saying that it is due to the influence of external factors of recession. But this much logic does not hold water so far as sky-rocketing price rise is concerned.
According to the finance minister , the stock markets have fallen due to global factors like weak recovery in US and spread of debt burden in Eurozone. Current volatility is temporary.
Market regulator Sebi has also assured that there is nothing for the people to worry because our risk management system is working perfectly. All the settlements are taking place.RBI has, however, has said that India will have to learn to live with volatility in the global economy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rein in inflation immediately

By holding debate,discussion of high standard and debaters having academic authority on Economics belonging to both treasury and opposition benches can not give relief to the common poor people living in the far-flung villages. Though that poor section of society living in rural villages is in majority and not knowing anything about economics and its data but only feeling the bitter pinch of unbridled inflation for the last two years.
It is a matter of academic concern that price rise is an international phenomenon and in this changing economic scenario under globalisation, India can not live in isolation. So, it is natural that its economy would be affected by the economic crisis in the western and other developing countries, though it is credit for our economic managers found out ways to come out of economic downturn. But this means nothing for the poor who are facing backbreaking price rise of essential commodities and unbridled food inflation. Their relief lies only in bringing down of prices immediately, no matter what compulsion is gor government with its economic policies.
The achievement of more than eight per cent of GDP growth rate can not be an excuse of the government for rise in prices of essential commodities,which are left unchecked to break the back of the common people who constitute one-third of the population of the country. It is sheer absurdity and complete failure of economic managers to handle the situation in a balanced way.
Every country would like to have robust economic growth but at the same time the balance between the growth and inflation must be maintained. Otherwise, it would prove to be a disastrous for the democratically elected government of a nation. It is absolutely correct that the prices of petroleum products are controlled by international market. So, whenever there is a rise of their prices, we have to do so. But the government must also think that rise in prices of petroleum products has cascading impact on the prices of all essential commodities. Therefore, it is the bounden duty of a welfare state to minimise the price rise impact on the common people. Otherwise, government’s failure to curb the price rise is bound to reflect the wrath of the people against it in the elections.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Delhi CM must clarify her role

The severe indictment of Delhi Government and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's role in the CWG by

the Comptroller and Auditor General of India for her ill-conceived and ill-planned projects can

not be treated lightly. The CAG report points to avoidable use of very expensive material in

street-spacing and street lighting as a cause for the losses.Contracts were given at exorbitant

average costs of Rs. 4.8 crore/km and were “awarded and executed in an ad hoc and arbitrary

manner,” leading to “waste of public funds totalling Rs.101.02 crore.” It clearly reflects her


Though the Delhi CM refused to comment on the leaked CAG report untill it is tabled in Parliament

and comes in the public domain, the mounting pressure on her is natural.CAG has also reportedly

changed her with irregularities.The report is expected to be tabled in the ongoing Parliament


Delhi CM's only explanation was that whatever she did was for national interest and prestige. If

she is so concerned with the prestige and interest of the nation, why has she not made any

arrangement for sheltering the poor patients who come Delhi for expert treatment in hospitals. If

the photographs of two patients who have come to treat the deadly diseases in the nations most

prestigious hospital All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, the photographs

clearly depicts how were living in sub-human condition in roadside urinals near the it. The

credit goes to the national daily that carried the photos of the patients which speak about the

prestige of the nation and how the poor are treated by the people in power.

The Delhi Government has allegedly gulped the hundreds of crores of public exchequer in the name

of hosting CWG, and that can not be connived under the excuse of national interest and prestige.

Undoubtedly,Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010 (CWG) were turned into a resource centre of public

money. The opposition BJP has quickly demanded the resignation of the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila

Dikshit in the wake of CAG indictment. Before the CAG, PM-appointed Shunglu Committee also points

to wheeling-dealing by Delhi CM in CWG.

Mr. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, you must hear the voice on the streets about the

burgeoning corruption is accumulating during your dispensation and the prey to these mouting

corruption is none other than the common people.

CWG Organising Committee (OC) Chairman and Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi and other officials are

already cooling their heels in Tihar Jail for their alleged involvement in swindling of hundred

of crores of rupees of public exchequer.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Economy of downturn

Despite being the largest economy of the world, US has just come out of its worst crisis of

credibility. The western economy is on fragile base and whenever pressure is put on it, it breaks

into peaces. So, it would be better for the emerging economies like China and India not to go

whole hog after western economy. It is the economy of light and colour which can not face all

weathers for a long time. The glaring example of this state of affairs of the US economy.
US has got temporary relief only after President Barack Obama signed into law a bill that

raises the nation’s borrowing limit and avoids a possible debt default after it was passed by the

Senate to avert a major economic crisis at the last moment. The urgency was such that the signing

of bill came within hours of the Senate passing the austerity plan that seeks to reduce the

deficit by USD 2.4 trillion.This gave the US Treasury Department an immediate authority to borrow

USD 400 billion. But raising the debt ceiling means a severe economic disruption has been

avoided, and the accompanying deficit reduction deal is an important step toward fiscal

The government had hit its debt limit of USD 14.3 trillion on 16th May and has since been

operating through spending and accounting adjustments.
The US has been the most vocal exponent of economic globalisation, which prevailed over the world

and the country which was reluctant to accept it in the beginning failed to keep itself united

due to economic crisis. The economic globalisation displayed pomp and show that attracted many

developing economies, including India and China. Before the advent of economic liberalisation in

India, its economic policies were based on Gandhian and Nehruvian and moving around socialism,

where the poorest of the poor should be benefited most through their skill and domestic

Economic hardship is the biggest threat to the individual and the country as a whole. For the

last many years, US is passing through economic slump and the US economic managers have failed so

far to overcome it the country has been facing for the last few years. US economy is not long

lasting and has proved to be the economics of downturn.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mobilise the people in larger numbers

Civil Society activist Anna Hazare and his 5-member team of civil society has undertaken self-initiated referendum in Chandani Chowk of Delhi- the parliamentary constituency of Telecom and HR&D Minister and member of Draft Bill on Lokpal Kapil Sibal from government side to be introduced in Lok Sabha on August 3. Overwhelming number of people about 85 percent rejected Government’s drafted Bill, favoured PM to be brought under the purview of Lokpal and approved the Janlokpal drafted by Anna and his team.
The volunteers of ‘India Against Corruption’ (IAC) visited ten localities in Chandni Chowk and distributed a two-page questionnaire having eight questions to voters in the constituency.
To undertake opinion poll and referendum on issues of public concern is the democratic right of the people and the government should have no objection to this. But it does not mean that a group of five members of civil society represent the wishes and aspiration of the people of entire nation and the government should do what they dictate it, undermining the importance of Parliament. It is absolutely impossible for any government at the Centre regardless of political affiliations in vibrant democracy like ours.
Parliament is the highest institution of democracy and the people who elect it is the real master. So, the candidate of a political party elected to the Parliament by the people represents their wishes and aspirations and none else. So, Parliament is supreme and whatever suggestion Anna and his team want to give, they can give to the Standing Committee of Parliament that to itself seek suggestions for modification in the Lokpal to be presented Parliament to gets its final approval.
Anna Hazare and his team can mobilise the people all over the country in favour of Janlokpal and Prime Minister be brought under the purview of Lokpal till the general Lok Sabha elections take place in 2014 which would decide which side the people of the country is.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Not less stormy and worthless

Monsoon Session of Parliament began with customary obituary references to the sitting and former members, who died during inter-session, of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha by the Speaker and the Chair Person respectively. After the entire House paid tribute to the departed members, the House was adjourned for the day. The tone, tenor, mood and the issues to be raised by the Opposition parties are anything to go by, this monsoon session is not going to be less stormy and the worthless than the previous budget session.
Parliament is the biggest platform in democracy. Despite being the largest democracy of the world, the Parliament is treated by the parliamentarians with disdain by turning it into the ground of accusations and counter accusations between the treasury and opposition benches and never initiate a structured and constructive debate and discussion on any burning issue facing the nation.
The previous budget session has been shortest in the recent past. There are several issues which need to be discussed sensibly and sincerely and as many as 80 bills are to be introced in Parliament this monsoon session.
The important issues are: Corruption, Black money, CWG scandal, 2G Spectrum Scam, Lokpal Bill and the most important of all that directly attack the common poor people is unbridled rise in prices of all essential commodities and edible items.
But what the representatives of the people do in Parliament to solve their immediate problems is that opposition and the ruling are only seen in scoring political points over each other by making charges and counter charges vociferously, and especially the opposition MPs compell the Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairperson of Rajya Sabha because of indifferent treasury benches adjourn both Houses to avoid any more ugly scenes in both the Houses. Main opposition BJP and other parties on Monday forced a brief adjournment of the Rajya Sabha by creating uproar over several issues including the 2G spectrum scam. Would it be inappropriate if we name the parliamentary session adjournment session instead calling budget , monsoon and winter sessions? Because in every session, there has not been seen any productive and positive result.
We as a citizen of the country request all the honourable parliamentarians not to squander crores of public money and the invaluable time over unseemly behaviour, and doing nothing to solve the problems facing the poor people and the nation as well.