Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make concerted effort to keep the Mother Earth safe

The entire world must take pledge to keep the mother earth safe to avail the developments made by us in all spheres of life . The earth gives us life and does the job of our mother. So, we have prime responsibility to keep her safe and sound. The industrialised and the developed countries deliberately blame India and China for the deadlock of deal on climate change. The matter of the fact is that it is because of self-centred move of the US, which also emits cabon highest per capita , and also leads the industrialised and developed nations to put pressure on India and China to cut carbon emission, while the carbon emission by India and China is much less than the developed coutries. Environment Minister of India Jairam Ramesh has rightly observed that India is deal maker, and not the deal breaker. India has been always the part of the solution at international level. And this time also India is even prepared to cut its carbon emission per capita despite being already emitted much less to meet the target by 2020. If the industrialised nations of G-7 and developed world really have concerns for increasingly global warming which has necessiated a world conference on climate change for better future, they must act to cut their emmission first and lead the world by example.As long as they continue to go all out for industrialisation, showing no cocern for the damage they are makig to the environment, the world is set to meet its doomsday.India has always been in forefront of any move towards solving the world problem in the interest of humanity. Glaciers are melting at large scale because of rising temperature of the earth and sea water level is rising to engulf the mother earth. But they have little care for that, and only trying to build pressure on the developing countries to cut their carbon emission drastically. It is sheer injustice and India can not tolerate it at any cost.Although India is prepared towards reducing its per capita carbon mission,if necessary, it has not caused the global warming problem. Climate Change Summit at the UN, which was attended by more than 100 world leaders, was convened to mobilise political will ahead of the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen scheduled to be held in December this year.The Indian negotiators stressed that India’s per capita emissions are only around 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent per annum, which is a quarter of the global average and half that of the developing countries as a whole.Under this approach India would pursue unilateral voluntary measures for the year 2020 at national level.India has always been a part of the solution. Developed countries must make substantial emissions cuts for 2020 target. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has rightly lauded India's commitment towards reducing emission and he is optimistic about achieving a deal on climate change at the Copenhagen summit in December.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cong, NCP are natural allies in Maharashtra

Congress and NCP must fight Maharashtra assembly elections together. Congress and Nationalist Congress Party are natural allies in Maharashtra as well as the entire country. Both are also part and parcel of the UPA government at the Centre. NCP has never shown any reservation in accepting the Congress party as its big partner. NCP has born out of Congress over the issue of foreign origin of the Congress President Sonia Gandhi, which has no relevance now. Maratha strongman Sharad Pawar , Former Lok Sabha Speaker P A Sangama and some other leaders parted ways with the Congress Party over the issue of foreign origin of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. After parting ways , Nationalist Congress was formed under the leadership of Maratha strongman Sharad Pawar. But NCP’s influence remained cofined virtually to Maharashtra and the issue over which it was formed has already fizzled out. It has nominal presence in other states of the country. But in Maharashtra it is a force to reckon with. Congress appeares to have finalized almost all the 174 seats it plans to contest in the 13th October Maharashtra polls but did not rule out exchange of few seats with NCP for the 288-member assembly. As there is already Congress-NCP coalition government under the Chief Ministership of Congress leader Ashok Chavan and the coalition is in place for the last 10 years. There is no sense for the Congress to go alone in the assembly elections next month. Because it has also to fight out anti-incumbancy factor to return to power. Any division division of secular votes may cost dearly both for the Congress and NCP. As far as the mood of the people in the coutry is concerned, the recently held by-elections for 52 assembly seats are enough to gauge. The wind is not blowing in favour of Congress and the rising prices of essential commodities have broken the back of the poor people in the country. The prices of edibles and vegetables are sky-rocketing and if they could not be checked immediately, the Congress boat may be rocked in the elections.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pak's nuclear notoriety exposed

It is no secret that the father of Pak nuclear bomb A Q Khan was carrying on nuclear proliferation activities stealthily on behest of Pakistan goverment and military. Now, it has been exposed by him that how he on behalf of Pakistan was deeply involved in passing on nuclear know-how, blueptints and drawings for Iran, N Korea and Libiya.It is an aknowledged fact that there is a deep nuclear nexus existed between Pak, China, Iran, N. Korea and Libya for a long time. When it was exposed that Pakistani Nuclear scientist A Q is involved in nuclear business with Iran, N Korea and Libya, he was put uder house arrest by the Musharraf regime on the US pressure because the US apprehended that Nuclear weapons might fall into the hands of dreaded terrorist organisations based in Pakistan.The disgraced atomic scientist A Q Khan says the government and the military had a hand in the country’s nexus with the controversial nuke programme of Iran, North Korea and Libya. Khan has been dubbed a key player in the global nuclear black market. He has also claimed that former premier Benazir Bhutto had asked him to hand over the know-how to Iran.Despite the US so-called strong advocacy for NPT, it did not put pressure on Pakistan to award strigent punishment on Khan for his passing on of nuclear know -how to rougue countries like Iran, N Korea and Libya. A Q Khan has now publicly exposed and blew the lid off Pakistan’s neck-deep involvement in nuclear proliberation. He exposed it in a letter written to his Dutch wife in December 2003 how Benazir Bhutto government was advised by her defence advisor late Imtiaz Ahmed to pass on nuclear know-how to Iran. The content of the letter has been made public by A Q Khan’s journalistic contact Simon Anderson in the The Sunday Mail. Khan asked his wife to expose Pak’s nuclear bluff if it tried to get ride of him. India appears to have been trackig the movements of A Q Khan for a long time and during the present period his activities have excellerated that has given birth to suspicion of his nuclear proliferation business stealthily on behalf of Pakistan. Khan's letter also makes it clear that the recpient of the money accrued from nuclear proliferatin was none other than Pakistan and he was merely living on his fixed pension. China is very closely associated with Pakistan in the business of nuclear proliferation . India has rightly demanded that IAEA must probe the expose made by the disgraced nuclear scientist about Pakistan- orchestrated nuclear busiess and closely monitor the movemenrt of A Q Khan. It has been also reported that Washington was well aware of Pakistan’s nuclear business, which was going on stealthily. The US must have taken serious note of Pakistan’s nuclear proliferation among rougue states, which could be very dangerous for the world peace. If Pakistan is so reckeless that it employs its leading nuclear scientist in the business of nuclear proliferation with the rougue states, the international commuity must be united against this type of violation . It makes the fear correct that the day is not far off when Pakistani nuclear weapons will pass on in the hands of dreaded terrorist organisation based in Pakistan. So, India must also launch vigorous diplomatic offensive against nuclear proliferation by Pakistan and act for building up a world opinion against it. If proved guilty, tough action would be taken against Pakistan. A Q Khan's revelation strengthens India's biggest fear that Pakistan might misuse nuke weapons against it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

US pressure on Pak is an eye-wash

Union Home Minister P Chidambram’s US visit has brought colour in putting pressure on Pakistan to lodge cases against the Jud-u-Dawa chief Hafiz Sayeed for his involvement in Mumbai attacks of 26/11. But Pakistan has lodged two FIRs against him for his philosophical speech to wage Jihad against the infidels. A day after Pakistan charged Hafiz Saeed under the anti-terror act after succumbing to US pressure, he’s still to be arrested and now people are questioning whether it’s just an eyewash. The mastermind behind 26\11 will get away yet again like he has done on several occasions in the past because the case against him is weak.Hafiz lawyer's has rightly rubbished the two FIRs saying the charges levelled against Saeed are ridiculous.He says that the two FIRs against Saeed do not even fall under the provisions of the Anti-Terror Act. Chidambram has sent 6 dossiers to Pakistan as evidence against Hafiz Saeed’s involvement in the Mumbai attacks of 26/11, though Pakistan has been dismissing all these dossiers as insufficient to nail Hafiz. India has sent six dossiers to 16 countries, including the US. It appears that Chidambram in his recent visit to the US has impressed on the authorities concerned there about the involvent of Hafiz Saeed and Pakistan’s lack of sincerity in acting against its citizens involved in the Mumbai attacks. The US, undoubtedly, uderstands Pak intransigence in not only Mumbai attacks but also in almost all terror attacks in India. But it has its own geo-strategic concern that hold it back from acting against Pakistan. Stable Pakistan is in the benefit of US and the entire South Asian region. India too wants stability in Pakistan.US also understands that Pakistan is the epicentre of terror and all terror attacks in India as well as the world are one way or the other linked with it. Pakistan has become the safe haven of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. When Pakistan is forced by the international commuity to act against Taliban, the trouble arises there. US also assists Pakistan financially to fight against Taliban and terrorism, though it diverts US fund to arm itself against India. The two FIRs which have been lodged by Pakistan against Hafiz Saeed are weak and they are not supposed to stand the trial of court. The clergy and military have strong say in the government of Pakistan, no matter there is a civilian or military rule there. Both military and the clergy are sympathetic to militants and Islamist forces. India has provided clear evidence of Hafiz Saeed’s involvement in Mumbai attacks of 26/11, which the Pakistan does not deliberately recognise. The case framed against Hafiz Saeed is so weak that it would fail to stand the judicial trial. Two FIRs lodged against him are based on filmsy ground. Home Minister P Chidaram is himself a Harvard -trained lawyer and he sees major substance for prosecuting Hafiz Saeed in the evidence provided by India to Pakistan. Now it is for Pakistan judiciary to look into matter with prying eyes. It is also a fact that if the US put actual pressure on Pakistan to act, it has to act. The huge US funds pumped into Pakistan are keeping the country stable. Otherwise, it is economically so shattered that it wopuld cruble down and that is in no body’s favour. But for the proper use of US financial assistance in Pakistan, there must be accountability attached to it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Assembly by-polls clearly reflect the public mood

The results of by-elections held in Gujarat, Bihar and Delhi for assembly seats have sent a strong message to the ruling establishment at the Centre as well as the ruling political parties in Bihar and Delhi that if they did not look into the causes of their dismal performance,which is complete reversal of their stunning performance 5 months back in the Lok Sabha elections, they are doomed to failure. Gujarat has given strong indications that Lotus is again blooming to its full strength and the BJP in that state has improved remarkably on its lacklustre showing in the last Lok Sabha elections. The by-election results are a warning for the Centre that if they continued to conduct in this way , they have to pay the price for it. The Centre must not take the mandate of the people for granted. The performance of BJP in the by-elections in Gujarat under the leadership of Chief Minister Narendra Modi once again lifted up the morale of the party workers all over the country. By-polls are also indicative of the callousness set in ruling alliance at the Centre, and they are more interested in cheap polpularity than in real work for the people at the grass root level. The main reason behind the rout of the Cogress in by-polls is because of back breaking price-rise. The common people of the country have been hit hard by sky-rocketing price-rise. The price has risen the moment Congress-led UPA government took charge for the second consecutive time. The anger of the people on account of price-rise has been amply reflected in the by-poll results.As far as the rout of Congress in the by-poll for the two assembly seats-Okhala and Dwarika in Delhi- is concerned, the rising infightig in the Delhi Cogress party, the defects in electricity electronic meter , removal of subsidy from electricity and steep rise in its cost and sky-rocketing price rise have resulted in its defeat in both the seats after having washed-out 7-0 only five months ago in the Lok Sabha elections. It is a great humiliation for Delhi Congress. Sheila Dikshit had recorded execellent performance in the Last Lok Sabha elections by winning all the 7 parliament seats for the party from Delhi. But after that the Congress party and its regime became callous and insensitive to the problem of Delhiites. The Congress has lost the two seats to opposition parties where it had performed exceedingly well in the last Lok Sabha polls. In Bihar also despite bringing about renaissance in administration of the state after decades of stagnation by the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, his JD(U) and BJP alliance has been a looser in the by-polls for the 18 assembly seats, which were also called mini-assembly polls. The Bihar assembly is due to go to polls next year. Under the progressive leadership of CM Nitish Kumar, the JD(U)-BJP alliance had won 32 Parliamentary seats out of 40 from the states. But in the by-polls only after five months of LS election, the ruling alliance has won only 5 seats while the opposition RJD-LJP alliance has won 8 assembly seats and Congress two. The resurgent Lalu’s RJD and Ram Vilas Paswan’s LJP have shown the clear sign of strong return in the state and the by-poll results are reiforcing the view that RJD boss Lalu Prasad Yadav still holds enough political space in the state and he can never be politically written off. Both Lalu and LJP supremo Ramvilas Paswan are in upbeat mood over the by-poll results, and this rings alarm bell for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. To check Lalu in his tracks is not an easy task. He still has his hands on the pulse of the people of Bihar.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Attacks on Indians abroad must stop

Due to the weakness of our government,it appears that a conception has been created all over the world, especially in western world, that Indians are an object to beat. Apart from the continued attacks on Indians in Australia for the last three months, the Indians were earlier attacked in America and Canada. And an Indian family has also been attacked in Ireland. The continued attacks on Indians abroad were only due to the soft peddling of the issue by the Indian government. So, now enough is enough. The government of India must stand and lodge strong protest, with a warning that if the attacks on Indians were not stopped immediately , the repurcussions to them in India against the foreign citizens will be their responsibility, especially the countries where Indians are attacked.Indians in Australia are under attack for the last three months. Lodging only protest with Australian government by India does not work in any way and Australians appear to have uderstood the inherent soft attitude of India. They also think that India being a soft state, it can not bluntly oppose our racially motivated attacks on them. Indian students are studying in Australia in large numbers and they contribute greatly in the economic growth there and other Indians are earning their livelihood there. The responsibility of safety and security of all Indians lies with the Australian government. The attacks on three Indians after a brief lull has deeply hurt the sentiments of all Indians. But it is for the first time that it has been admitted by none other than the Victorian Premier that these are racial attacks and are unacceptable. The three Indians have been attacked in a sub-urban city of Melbourne. This is a serious matter that the racial attacks on Indians have taken place only in one Australian state of Victoria in the Melbourne city. What the Melbourne police and the Australian governmentare doing. Either the Austrralian government has miserably failed to the policing of Melbourne or are they deliberately looking the other way whenever the attack takes place on Indians. The racial prejudice is steeped in Australians if the dwell between Indian star spinner Harbhajan Singh and Australian alrounder Symonds during the cricket match between India and Australia is anything to go by. And it is no longer a secret that westerns have racial superiority. Primarily, the government of India is responsible for the safety and security of its citizens wherever they are living in the world. They can lodge strong protest with the Australian govt. to stop racial attacks on Indians immedsiately. And if they ignore the concern of India, it must withdraw its High Commissioner from Canberra for some time to give the message world across that how naked racialism is practised in Australia.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Police force in Union Territory first set an example

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has for the first time spoken the truth about the state of affairs in regard to police force in different states of the country. He has rightly said that Police officers have been reduced to football to be kicked from one post to another. It is no secret that the political masters in the state treat police force as their personal militia, and those police officers who do not serve their vested political interests are arbitrarily tranferred or shunted to demorlise them. As the police is a state subject, the Centre can not interfere in the management of police organisation in the state except in the case of external aggression and internal disturbance. The Home Minister has rightly asked the state Director General of police while addressing them that why you do not oppose the frequent transfer and posting of your officers despite knowing the fact that this is being done because of the vested political interests of the political masters. DGP in the capacity of the leader of police organisation has every right to speak o behalf of their officers to uphold their morale. If they are found silent, it means they are also culpable. Though the Home Ministrer poited out UP and Punjab where police organisations are poorly administered and they are ahead of ther states in respect of frequent posting and tranfers of police officers, the police organisations in Union Territories are direct under the control of his ministry. He can lead there from the front in reforming the police organisation . Country’s premier police organisation Delhi Police is uder his control. He must form Police Establishment Boards (PEBs); one for below the rank of SIs and other for above the rank of SIs to deal with their transfers and postings as has been also directed by the apex court of the country. And he must start from the national capital Delhi. These boards should also be impowered to keep watch on the corruption in police organisation and high-handedness of police offers while they are on duty. Union Home Ministry must infuse among police officers a sense of protecting the life and property of all citizens without any bias of caste, creed, commuity and colour. The PEBs also should be vested with the power of disciplining the police force and nip in the bud wherever scent of politicising them comes from. The politicisation of the police organisation in states has been its bane and it must be finished. In recent years, the nexus between police, politician and criminal has developed and this is a very bad omen for law and order situation in the country. Until and unless the police organisation is made immune to any sort of polical influence, police officers can not deliver their duty honestly and impartially. The disease is in system so it must be overhauled. The police force can not be 100 percent professionals as long as political influence will continue to be exerted. So Home Minister P Chidambaram must make the police organisation in Union territories the role model so that the states should be asked to follow them.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fennell's apprehension must be taken seriously and act fast

CGF Chief Mike Fennell has expressed apprehension about the timely completetion of the preparations for Commonwealth Games 2010 to be held in Delhi. He has also expressed reservation about the capability of Delhi to compete with the preparation of Commonwealth Games held in Manchester and Melbourn. His apprehension is not altogether out of place because it has also been corroborated by CAG's aspersion on the preparations in time for Commonwealth Games in Delhi next year. Though Fennell's reservation may have been the result of West’s innate sense of pride in its superiority and and their congenital habit of looking down upon the Asians. He has also reportedly written a letter to the Organisig Committee of Commonwealth Games to make annarrangement of his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to apprise him of the tardiness in preparations of the games as only 12 months are left to go to them. He will also tell him to step in to expedite the preparation. It is also correct that so far no political initiative at the highest level has been seen to be involved in the preparation for one of the biggest sports extravaganza of the world to be held in Delhi. Commonwealth Games 2010 is not only a world sporting event but also build global image of India. India has already organised the Asiad Games 27 seven years back very successfully, and that sent the message world over about the capability and potential of the country in the world. 27 seven years ago when Asiad Games were held, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had taken active interest in the preparations for the Games. That type of interest from the highest political leadership of the country is seen nowhere in the preparation for Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 . On the cotrary, the preparations for the games have been set aside and the tussle is going on for the take over of Municipal Corporation of Delhi by the Delhi Government. While the situation demands that all agencies concerned must make together concerted efforts in the timely completition of preparations for the games. The prestige of India is at stake for holding the Commonwealth Games successfully. We have to give the message world across that we are not inferior to any western country of the world and we have also resources, expertise and potential to hold world jamborree either of sports or any events of international stature successfully. By holding the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 successfully and not in any way behind the games held in the past in Manchester and Melbourn, we want to give the message that we are no longer the country of snakes and superstitions as was painted by British historian. So, the apprehension of CGF Chief Mike Fennell must be taken seriosly and the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, UPA Chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi with his young brigades and all opposition leaders must take the special initiative to make the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 a grand success.Though a day after Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) chief Michael Fennell expressed scepticism over India’s ability to host the 2010 Games, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Organising Committee (OC) chairman Suresh Kalmadi downplayed the apprehensions, saying that India will host a “highly successful Games. Fennell's apprehension is not found out of place if any one from outside the country visits Delhi to make assessment of preparations for the Commonwealth Games. So, no stone should be left unturned it making the Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi a grand success.

Monday, September 14, 2009

SC directive to UP Govt was utmost necessary

The directive given by the Supreme Court to the Mayawati government of UP to stop the construction work on the sites of memorials of the ruling BSP mentor Kanshi Ram and Mayawati herself within six hours has been welcomed widely in the country. The political degeneration has so awfully set in our democratic system that we need the judiciary to set the things right in place. Uttar Pradesh is not only the biggest state of India but also one of the most ill-admiistered. It is hit hardest by poverty and illeteracy. And it is only because of narrow politics being played for self-aggrandisement in the state for the last 15 years. UP, Bihar, Rajashthan and Madhya Pradesh were described as BIMARU states or sick states some time back. But apart from UP, all the three are no longer Bimaru states. In the neighbouring state of Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has set the motion of good governance into action through good administration and development-oriented initiative. However,despite having got the majority on its own, the ruling BSP is wasting the golden opportunity of developing by involvig itself in self-aggrandisement and glorification through wasteful expenditure of state exchequer. The construction sites, where work has been stopped on the order of the apext court, were estimated at the public exchequer of Rs. 26, 000 . The memorials and statue of Dalit icon Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar, BSP founder Kanshi Ram and Chief Minister Mayawati can not fill the empty stomach of lakhs of Dalits in UP itself who sleep empty stomach most of days nor their statues and memorials will make them literate. BSP in its defence puts forward the reason that hudreds of projects have been named after Gandhis of Congress and no objection was raised and when we try to remind the Dalits about their heroes, hue and cry is raised. But the BSP forgets that those projects which have been named after Gandhis are meants of the development of the common people. The expenditure of public exchequer on the construction of statues and memorials for self-aggrandisement and glorification of either a person, political party and commuity must be stopped. It is sheer nonsense and naked display of wasteful expenditure. The entire country is reeling uder severe drought and crores of rupees are drained on self -glorification. The Cogress-NCP ruling alliance is going to construct the memrials of Chatrapati Shivaji which will cost the state exchequer Rs. 350 crore o the eve of Maharashtra assembly elections. Does it make any sense in the state where thousands of starvation deaths were recorded ? And the state exchequer is spent for gaining political mileage of Maharashtrians. The Centre must make consensus to stop this type of activities by the different state governments and if anywhere necessary the state government must take permission from the Centre. UP chief minister Mayawati is losing the opportuity of providig good governance and bringing the state on the path of development. This may prove costly for Mayawati politically.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tragedy strikes Delhi Govt school children

Five innocent children of Delhi Government school Khajuri Khas have lost their lives and 25 were seriously injured in the stampede. The lost their lives only because of the total negligence of school administration. First of all no school building irrespective of government or private run schools have all the safety measures in place as istructed by the apex court of the country. The position of the government schools is even worse despite the expenditure of crores of government money. There is complete lack of basic amenities in government schools in Delhi despite the fact that the future of the country is being taught and groomed up in these schools. This is the position of national capital. Now it can be easily imagined what will be the position of government-run schools in the far-flung area of the country. The Thursday's tragedy that took place in the school was due to the complacency and negligence of the school authorities.Initial reports said a rumour about electric charge in water led to the stampede, but locals refuted it saying that the area had no power supply at the time of the incident.The stampede took place when students were trying to make their way up and down a narrow staircase when they were asked to shift classrooms flooded with rain water during an examination.Around 1,300 students including boys, had come for the examination in heavy downpour. It is terminal examination season in Delhi government school. On Thursday the weather was inclement and it was raining incessently for the last 12 hours and water had collected in the school ground as usual. Which is why it was instantly announced by the school authority about the change of seats of student and in haste for finding seats there started unruly rush and there was no teacher deputed to control the crowd of students. In the meantime, there was a rumour that water logged in the school is electrocuted and that resulted in the stampede leading to the deaths of 5 students. In government-run school, there is a feeling among teachers and principals that they are not accountable to any one. No principal of the Delhi Govt school takes the concerns of the parents or guardians of the students seriously nor treat them well. It is only because the government pays them handsome salary without fixing any accountability to the upkeep of the schools and proper care of the students. Chief Minister Sheila Dixit must act to remove the complacency from among the teachers and make them accountable to what they teach to the studets and to the concerns of the guardians of students. CM has promptly ordered a high-level probe. By merely announcing the compensation of 1 lakh rupees to the kith and kin of those died and Rs.50,000 to the injured can do nothing to them. The Delhi governmet must learn a lesson from Khajuri Khash School tragedy and make arrangement so full proof that in future the children in schools must not fall prey to the ugly stampede.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jet Airways Management should bend to break stalemate

The strike by Jet Airways pilots has turned into a clash of ego between the Mamanagement and the striking pilots. Jet They appear to have little concern for the harrowing time the passengers have been passing for the last three days. In the last 13 years, the Jet Airways have progressed by leaps and bonds. The management must understand that it is because of passengers that their aviation company has reached so high. So, they must take utmost care of the concerns of passengers. Jet Airways boss Naresh Goyal appears to be strict more than required in dealing with the striking pilots. He also appears to be opposed to unionism in his aviation company. While it is fudamental right to association of the citizens of the coutry. It is also natural for the staff of any company to damand more and more. And it is the responsibility of the management how to deal with employees’ demand amicably and run the company smoothly. No where in the world, the management of aviation company has opposed the formation the union of pilots. Jet Airways has reported to have sacked the two pilots because they took active interest in the formation of Union. The pilots have gone on strike in the Jet Airways against this arbitrary action of the management. The main demand of striking pilots is reinstatement of the two sacked pilots. But the two warring camps are waitig to see who blinks first on the one hand and holding the passengers to ransom on the other. It will show the Jet Airways in very poor state. Jet Airways Management must have anticipated the turbulence in view of the pilots going on strike and taken step earlier to avoid the huge inconvenience being faced by the passsengers. They must have acted sincerely to avert the strike. The company can not be run arbitrarily and the Management has to bend before the employess if they want to run their business smoothly and make progress. The striking pilots must also maintain the discipline, decorum and norms of the aviation company. The association between pilots and the mamanagement is not of a day but of years and both have laboured very hard to take the company to this stage. So, they must not take a step that could jeopardise all their efforts made in the past. The Jet Airways boss must call the striking pilots for talks and both should sit at a negotiating table and resolve the issue amicably. The Management must take conciliatory measures immediately and the pilots must respond positively to end the stalemate and the ordeal of the passengers they have put in. The veild warning of the management to the striking pilots will make only the situation worse. Jet Airways boss must act without any loss of time to end the strike.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It is a naked cruelty of Gujarat Police

The judicial probe into Gujarat police encounter in which Isharat Jahan and three others has revealed as fake encounter and planned and stage mamanged by the Gujarat police themselves to again accolades from the state government. This has taken aback the people of Gujarat in particular and entire country in general. Neither the fake police encouter in Gujarat and nor in other parts of the country is no longer new. India is itself rated number 1 (One) for police encounter all over the world. Police encounter never happens anywhere in the world. While it is frequently committed in India. Though in Gujarat itself there have been a number of fake police encounter in which the innocent persons have lost their lives, it has encreased under Narendra Modi regime particularly against a particular minority community. The police of Gujarat appear to have clear instruction to be biased against the Muslim minority specially after infamous Godhra train coaches burning and the susequent Gujarat riot. There is no doubt that until and unless the police get favourable hints from the state to act with a bias against the minority community to consolidate the majority community in favour of the ruling political party, they can not act in such a way as they have killed Isharat and three others reportedly in a fake encounters. The police team that was involved in the alleged fake encounter must have committed it to gain favour from the state government of Gujarat. The Gujarat govt. must own responsibility and bring the culprits of fake encounter to justice. No civil society will tolerate the killing of 21 years old innocent girl and three others in the alleged fake encounter staged by the police. The police give the reason of encounter that is completely not plausible. They say that Isharat and three others were on a mission to kill Gujarat Chief minister Narendra Modi. They have not sustanciated the charge , and for that they were killed in encounter with the police personnel. It is also no secret that Narendra Modi government of Gujarat has anti-Muslim agenda only to get polical benefit at the cost of secular credentials of the country. The civil society and the Human Rights Activists in the country must not take the fake police encounter lying and fight for their rights tooth and nail. The political agenda of a particular ruling political party in the state must not be allowed to achieve . It must be opposed by all the secular-minded people of the country and the government at the Centre in New Delhi must intervene in the functioning of any state, irrespective of the affiliation of the political party ruling there, to keep the secular character of the country intact.The police organisation is meant for providing the people protection against anti-socials,criminals and terrorists. Their main duty is to protect life and property of the people.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kapil Sibal's path breaking initiative in secondary education

Union Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal has taken a revolutionary step to ease the pressure of examination on the students and made the system not examination centric but knowledge centric. To get academic education is to acquire knowledge and knowledge is not gained by only scoring high percentage of marks by getting the syllabus by heart. Knowledge is nothing to do with high percentage of marks. By introducing grading system from class X this year itself, the responsibility of teachers has increased because now they are to teach the students so comprehensively that could fill their minds with knowledge. And students must be trained to get knowledge ,and not for scoring high percentage of marks. During examination period, the students have been seen to be under tremendous stress and grading system will destress them. Examiation system has mechanised the minds of the students and they study with only one aim of scoring high percentage of marks where as in gradig system their all round performance is taken into account while granting marks.By making class 10th exams optional from 2011 and introducing the grading system from this year itself, HRD ministry has taken a remarkable step to ease mounting pressure on lakhs of students sitting in board examination for class X conducted by the CBSE.It is a path-breaking move that will cheer lakhs of students across the country. The Class X examinations of the CBSE will be optional from the next academic year (2010-11) while the grading system will be introduced this year itself. Over eight lakh students appearing for their class X exams in March 2010 have to take Board exams for which the results will be declared through grading system.From 2011, the grading system will continue but the Board exams will become optional.The Class X examinations of CBSE will be abolished from 2010-11 while the grading system will be introduced from 2009-10 (current academic year).After the Board examination is abolished in 2011 (for class X), students will have choice to take the Board exam on demand for transfer (to another school) or entry into pre-university institutes.The exam on demand is also available to students who want to continue in the same school. Under the new system, students who wish to continue in the same school after class X, need not take Board exam from 2011.The grading system will be a continuous, comprehensive evaluation, which will be good for the students. However, along with grades, students can also ask for their percentage. The education must not be solely dependent on scoring only marks. Its main objective is to gain knowledge.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Anti-India sentiments are being fanned in Nepal

India must be wary of pro-China Maoist groups' anti-India activities in Nepal. They are fanning anti-India sentiments in the country. Their rising anti-India activities and drifting towards China are the result of a long-drawn plan by India’s restive neighbour. India had very cosy and traditional relationship of friendship with Nepal during the period of kingship there. As long as kingship was there, India was considered to be the closest neighbour of Nepal and it was always prepared to provide all kinds of help to Nepal whenever asked for. Before the establishment of democracy in Nepal, there never arose any type of friction between the two neighbours- India and Nepal. India is very shocked over the beatig of India priests deputed in Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal by pro-Maoist group. The government of India has lodged protest with Nepal. And Nepal has swung into action to assuage the ruffled feathers of India immediately. Before the dawn of democracy in the country, Nepal was the only Hindu Rashtra in the world and as India is a Hindu majority country, though its secular credibility is unquestional, the people to people contact between the two countries was on large scale. There is relationship between the people of two countries on large scale. So, on government level also, there were several friendship treatries between two countries put in place. Since the enthronement of king Gyanendra, the relation between the two countries started becomig sour as his accession to the throne was also shrouded in mystery and on a very tragic note in the aftermath of the tragic murder of King Birendra Vikram Shah and all his family members allegedly by his son crown prince Deependra if the murder plot is to be believed. King Gyanendra was also inclined more towards Beijing than towards New Delhi against the established tradition of his country. When there was a transition of power and kingship was ceased to exist and Maoist supremo Prachanda was elected prime minister of Nepal, Beijing became his first destination and he started to be influenced more by China than by India. China in return reciprocated the favour of Maoist-led coalition government. Parchanda made first foerengn visit to Beijing that amply reflected Maoists inclination and preference. Maoists clearly prefer China to India. India must give all types of support to Nepal to strengthen democracy in Nepal so that the Maoists could not grow strong. China showed keen interest in the growth Nepal Maoists, and is also keen interest in striking friendship with Nepal.Maoists extend help to their Indian counterparts to pose threat to internal security of India. China is also prepared to help Nepal monitorily on large scale so that Nepal could be completely destracted and cut off from India. China is very inclined to make a strong base in India’s backyard Nepal and encircle India on all sideds. As far as beating of Indian priests are concerned, the Madhav Kumar Nepal-led government of Nepal has assured security and protection of priests in Nepali shrines. It is a tradition of Nepal that the retuals related to worship in the shrines of Nepal are carried out by Indian priests. Though External Affairs Minister S M Krishna has sought to playdown the alleged incursion by a Chinese helicopter in Ladakh, saying that there is an inbuilt mechanism to deal with it. But the Minister must not forget that under the cover of Hindi-China-Bhai-Bhai attacked India. These days, Indian airspace violation and the violation of International of Control are brazenly committed. Chinese troops have repotedly entered nearly 1.5 kilometres into the Indian territory near Mount Gya, which is recognised as the international border by India and China, and painted the word ‘’China’’ in Cantonese on the boulders and rocks there with red spray paint. The incursions were reported from the area generally referred in the Chumar sector in east of Leh. In view of anti-shrill in India in Nepal, in addition to Pakistan, India is required to be always alive to the situation prevailing in its neighbourhood.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jagan Reddy is set to become AP CM

After the tragic and premature demise of AP Chief Minister YSR reddy in Chopper crash, the question has naturally arisen who will fill in his shoes to take command of Andhra Pradesh. Through emotional wave, the unanimity is being built up over YSR son Jagan Reddy in the race of chief ministership of Andhra Pradesh. Undoubtedly, the Congress party is findig very difficult to find the suitable leader to fill the vacuum created by the demise of the towering leader YSR.YSR was the uchallenged leader of Congress party in Andhra Pradesh. He had single handedly brought the Congress party in the stae back to power in the state.His historice Padyatra of the state in 2003 is solely reponsible for the revival of Congress party in AP. His personality was so dominant that there was no place of dissent in the AP Congress. Though Congress high command hurriedly gave green signal to the senior most cabinet minister of state and trusted Congress old hand Finance Minister K Rossaih to take oath of office of the CM for the time being and by then Congress central leadership expects the emotion will subside and they would be able to gauge the situation judiciously. Though majority of party MLAs and MPs from the state have started voceferously advocating and building pressure on party high command facilitate YSR son Congress MP Jagan Reddy to take over the mantle of his father and take care of his legacy, he is a first time MP and has experience of only 100 days in Parliament.YSR’s loyalists have been raising the tempo for the installation of his son Jagan Mohan Reddy as chief minister, to New Delhi. Jaganmohan’s supporters - comprising mostly of young legislators handpicked by YSR - are said to be working overtime to promote him. The MLAs are said to have launched a signature campaign and claim that about 148 MLAs are behind him. Their contention is that Jagan enjoyed the support of the masses and was acceptable to all sections, just like his father. . But the ground reality prevailing in the state can not be denied that the strong wind of emotion over the tragic death of YSR is sweeping the state, and that goes strongly in favour of his son Jagan Reddy to take over the throne of Andhra Pradesh. Though the names of Finance Minister K Rossaih, Union Miister Jaipal Reddy, State Congress chief D Shriniwas are doing round in race for Chief Minister, YSR son’s name is on the top of the list of aspirants for the post of chief minister of the state. As far as the question of dynastic rule in democracy is concerned, the Congress party is itself based on the theory of dynastic rule. So the question of imposing dynastic rule on the state need not arise if YSR son Jagan Reddy takes over the charge of CM after the sad and tragic death of his father. What political and administrative experience had Rajiv Gandhi when Mrs. Indira Gandhi was killed and he was immediately sworn in as the prime minister of India. So, it is natural phernomenon that responsibility gives ability. In addition to that the emotion in Andhra Pradesh is so strong over the death of YSR that Congress party dare not go against it only because Jagan Reddy is inexperienced hand to rule the state. But whoever takes charge of seat of power in the state will have to work hard to come to the expectation of the people that YSR had raised among them. YSR Reddy had direct liasaion with the rural mass and he had initiated a number of development projects in rural area and because of that he had become the household name in the state.

Friday, September 4, 2009

India must act to stop infiltration

The infiltration from across the border into Jammu and Kashmir is a regular phenomenon being carried out by Pakistan military establishment to create mayhem in the Indian state. It has alarmingly increased in the last two months-July and August. India must act immediately to stop infiltration. The Pakistani soldiers violate the cease fire declaration deliberately to push militants into the state of Jammu and Kashmir to disturb peace there. Before the onset of winter, the infiltration from across the border is carried out with the full assistance of Pakistani army in a planned way. The Pakistani soldiers reportedly chalk out a plan to violate cease fire so that the trained hard-core militants could cross over into India under the cover of firing. They had enacted Kargil misadventure in the same way as they have been doing for the last two months in regard to infiltration. Army Chief Deepak Kumar has rightly spoken in strong words against the infiltration from the other side under the cover of firing. If the cease fire is violated from the other side, India must not be hesitant in answerig the violation in the same coin. The Indian Army Chief has also alerted the country about Pakistan amassing nuclear arsenals more beyond the minimum deterrence required for the country. If a country amasses weapons of mass destruction when it has no danger from its neighbour nor it is solvent enough to spend on arming itself lavishly, it means it harbours nefarious design on its next door neighbour. The US scientist has also reportedly said that Pakistan is acquiring nuclear weapons more than it required. It is also no longer a secret that the economic assistance provided by US to Pakistan to fight against the Taliban and terrorism is openly diverted to arm itself against India.If the US sincerely wants peace between India and Pakistan, it must ask Pakistan to give all accounts of the monetory assistance given to it. It must also keep supersion on how Pak spends money given to it to combat terrorism and Taliban. Indian Army Chief Deepak Kumar has rightly said that militants are trying to infiltrate across the LoC before the onset of winter but our soldiers are alert to foil their infiltration bid.India must exercise maximum restraint due to ceasefire violation, but must also retaliate to the firing. India needs to check on the status of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons before deciding what to do.The US must understand that the continued economic packages pumped into Pakistan to fight Taliban , terrorism and for alleviating poverty among the large section of the population are wilfully diverted for arming itself against India. When a man has no money to feed his family, how can he be expected of having a foreign-made Revolver gun. If that is so, the neighbour of the man must be war of him. So, India must always wary of its neighbours- Pakistan and China.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

CM YSR Reddy's tragic demise is a great loss to nation

The sad demise of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YSR Reddy in a Chopper crash is a great loss to Adhra Pradesh and Congress party in particular and the entire nation in general. He was a true mass leader who had only one mission, that was serving the people. Under the dynamic and courageous and youthful leadership of YSR Reddy, the Congress party threw TDP Chief Naidu out of power by defeating his party in assembly elections in 2004. The sole credit of bringing the Congress party back to power in Andhra Pradesh goes to YSR Reddy. After winning the Assembly elections in 2004, he was sworn in as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. He remained the chief minister for full term of five years and again the assembly elections in 2008 , the Congress party fought uder his leadership and won the elections. YSR Reddy was again sworn in as the Chief Miniister of the state. The chief characteristic of his personality is his direct laison with the people of the state. He wanted to bring the state of Andhra Pradesh on top of the list of states in the country and to record it as the best administered state. YSR Reddy always kept his hands on the pulse of the people. It is also the credit of the dyamic and courageous leadership of YSR that the Congress party won 33 parliamentary seats from Andhra Pradesh that greatly contributed to the formation of the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre for the second consecutive time. YSR had also commanded great respect among the central leadership of the Congress party in Delhi. He was no longer a state leader but counted among the top leaders of the Congress party in the country. The tragic demise of YSR Reddy is a irrepairable loss for the Congress and it would be very difficul for the party to fill the vacuum created by his sad death.He is irreplaceable. YSR Reddy was the true representative of the Congress in terms of its ideology. He had great faith in secular politics and was a great patron of minority interests in the state. YSR always set his eyes on the development of the poor and downtrodden. The connection of CM YSR Reddy with the people of the state was so strong that he comfortably beat the anti-incumbancy and the campaigning by bollywood stars for the opposition parties in the assembly elections last year. Despite the temptation given by the opposition political parties to the people that they would give them colour television if they voted them to power, the people of the state did not desert YSR Reddy. YSR Reddy was a charishmatic political leader of the Congress party. He was one of the few political leaders of the country whose death is being mourned by his own political party the Cogress as well as the opposition parties equally. The death of YSR Reddy has also exposed that we have still not achieved the desired communication network to have access to every nook and corner of the country. Because the ill-fated Chopper carrying YSR flew off Hyderabad in the morning at 8.30 AM and it lost touch with the radar after 9.30 AM and and the country was in dark to know about YSR Reddy's well-being and about his whereabouts for 26 hours and it ended when the crashed site was sighted by Air Force Helicopter over hilly terrain in Nallahmalah forest region. It is a large tract of land and the ill-fated Chopper was bound for Koonoor village where Chief Minister YSR Reddy had to attend a Public Contact Programme. The inclamant weather was possibly the reason behind the Chopper crash atop hill. Soon after the Chopper went missing, the biggest ever search operation was launched together by Andhra Pradesh government and the Govt. of India and they continued to seach for 26 hours. All the resources of the country was put into seach operation only because a large tract of land in the country is still not covered by any communication network. The Govternment of India must take it seriously and develop the communication network so pervasive that no part of the country reamains untouched. And that will be the true homage to YSR Reddy who was known for the development of the state. He was a visionary leader of great commitment to the state of Andhra Pradesh as well the entire country.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rajasthan govt asks bureaucrats to be in prostrate position before MPs and MLAS

The recent circular of Rajasthan government for bureaucrats that they should behave with MPs, MLAs and other public representatives in the way the courteors of the medieval period used to used to behave with the kings, though it is not clearly written but sum and subastance of the circular is like this. It is totally unethical of administrative norms and democratic system in an independent country. After 62 years of freedom, it is very ridiculous that in the democratic system of governance the government of Rajasthan had to issue circulars for bureaucrats about how they should behave with the public representatives-MPs and MLAs- when they go to meet them in their office in connection with some public work. The bureaucrats are well-trained how to give basic respect to the public representatives. When any public representative goes to meet a bureaucrat, he usually stands up to receive him and he see him off well after the talks are over with him. As far as respect is concerned, it is commanded and not demanded. Till 60s, public representatives maintained courtesy and decorum at all costs and they commanded respect from all corners of society, including bureaucracy. They had the stature that automatically raised a sense of respect among bureaucrats for MPs, MLAs and other public representatives. During that period, politicians stood unscathed in every matter and there antecedent was beyond any question.But from the beginning of 70s, there has been much degeneration among politicians and most of them have been involved in unsocial activites. Most of the politicians have also been involved in scams and corrupt practices of various nature. The man of criminal antecedent entered politics in large numbers after 70s. Some MPs and MLAs have also been found allegedly slapping bank officials and police personnel. When they visit government offices to meet bureaucrats, they are accompanied by their hunchmen of tough nature. These types of conducts of MPs and MLAS have caused deterioration in their respect in the eyes of bureaucrats and general public. In the prevailing situation, the circular of Rajasthan government to bureaucrats is nothig but asking them to be servile before MPs and MLAs. The circular is also meant for bureaucrats to be crawled before MPs and MLAs and always be in prostrate position. It is surprising that in 21st century, this type of circular, which smacks of feudal tendency medieval period, is being issued by the government in democratic system. The bureaucrats always give basic and due respect to the public representatives. It is not only the Rajasthan government only which has issued circular but also the Orissa government has done the same thing ealier The ridiculous thing is that our public representatives care little for development but are very conscious of the behaviour being meted out to them by bureaucrats. This a sad reflection of our democratic system and the government of India must take serious note of the state governments issuing such types of circular as to reflect the demand of servility from the bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are not the slaves of the government. They are public servants to serve the people of India and this type of circular will only have demorlising impact on them, and that will mar their functioning.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Civic Authority must cover the killer man-holes on Delhi roads

It is a complete disregard of the civic authorities in Delhi that the uncovered man-holes on the roads of the city are taking lives of Delhiites. So far this year, there have been five deaths due to man-holes in the city. Does the eyes of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and the Delhi government have shut to the prevailing ground realities in the cities. Delhi being the national capital of India, it must look different from the state capitals of the country in respect of providing civic amenities to the citizens. But the fact is that the state capitals provide civic amenities to their citizens than what Delhi provides to Delhiites. It must be the matter of shame for MCD and Delhi government as both are responsible for providing civic amenities to Delhiites.The civic authorities in the city are so careless and negligent to their duties that take the toll of the lives of innocent Delhiites.If the report of prestigeous English daily is anything to go by,the civic authorities are so deeply involved in corrupt practices that they care little for the civic amenities for Delhiites. Every rainfall takes a heavy toll of trees in Delhi. The root of trees have become so weak that they are easily uprooted by the impact of strong wind in rainy season. But neither any official of department concerned of Delhi government nor of MCD takes any notice of the fall of trees.The civic facilities in the city is so delapidated that even a light drizzle brings the city to a standstill. When the attention of the Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit brought towards the worsening condition of the city after rain, she promptly said that it was bound to be affected because of the heavy rains, and they can not be stopped by the government. Everyone knows that the force of nature can not be stopped but Mrs. Dikshit fails to realise that it is because of the negligence of the civic authorities that every drain in the city is choked and water does not flow out of the city. To provide civic amenities to the residents of Delhi is the prime responsibility of Delhi Municipal Corporation but it always miserably fails to deliver its duty. In view of the worsening condition of civic amenities, to claim about making Delhi a world class city by none other than the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is nothing else but hoodwinking the innocent Delhiites. Delhi is going to hold Commonwealth Games next year and there would be jamboree of sportspersons and sports lovers from all over the world in the city. So, Delhi Government and Municipal Corporation of Delhi must put their act together to give the city a world class look in the remaining one year. Civic amenities in the city must be improved. Otherwise, they will pose a great embarrassment during the Commonwealth Games. So without any loss of time, Delhi government must act to improve the civic amenities in the city.