Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Captain’s replacement is necessary

The total wash-out of Team India outside home in two series of 8 tests amply reflects that some mess has set in it. Captain being the head of the team, the greater responsibility of the worst-ever debacle of Team rests with the Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has taken right decision by showing readiness to quit captaincy in favour of better replacement.
The individual performance of Team India Captain first in England and then in Australia has been worse than ever. Captain is expected to lead the team from the front. Dhoni has completely failed in this task.
Team India known for world famous batting line-up fell flat on the cricket pitches of England and Australia. The spectacle of its batting on TV screen appeared that the Indian batsmen did not see the ball and they were so fearful of English and Australian pacers that they ran for cover.
It is correct that Team India has some ageing batsmen who are on the verge of the end of their career. It is also true that age is no bar to excellence. What mess it is that has set in the team suddenly when they were in England and Australia. After the wash-out of Team India in England, they had comfortably defeated the West Indies in the home serious. But again in Australia, none of the senior batsmen of Team India played up to their potential. They played so badly that the team would like to forget the humiliation suffered in England and Australia.
The time has come for senior players to make honourable exit. The senior batsmen like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Lakshman have contributed to Indian cricket immensely. So, they must be given the chance of honourable exit. There is also one thing that if they had scored well in the series, the question of their being aged did not arise. As far as the form of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Lakshman is concerned, it is a matter of time. They can regain their form anytime. Undoutedly, they are world’s best batsmen. Virendra Sehwag who is younger of the three senior most batsmen too did not do well with his bat nor did his opening parter Gautam Gambhir who is of much younger age. Sehwag is presently the vice captain of Team India and the most suitable replacement of Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, though his record of captaining the team in absence of Dhoni is also not very good.
Due to his pathetic failure with the bat, Dhoni has failed to exude confidence among the teammates. So, his replacement is necessary. Team India is dire need of a captain who could infuse confidence among the younger players and take advice and suggestion from the senior players. Worsening position of Team India in test series in England and Australia has also given rise to differences among teammates. So, it is urgent need to give the team a new leader.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Congress and BJP are marginal political entities in UP

Congress and BJP are marginal political entities in UP. Despite UP being the largest state of India and politically most important that alone sends 80 Lok Sabha members, the ruling and the opposition political parties- Congress and BJP- of the nation have remained marginal forces in the state. These two are making only tall claims. Though they may claim of their victory in the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, they are only going to increase their vote percentage and nothing more than that.
Congress party had made remarkable turn around in its fortune in UP in the last Lok Sabha elections in which it won 21 Lok Sabha seats while it has been out power in the state for the last 20 years. The credit of improving the position in Lok Sabha goes to Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi MP who had campaigned very hard in the state during Lok Sabha elections. This time Congress has aligned with Ajit Singh’s INLD to improve prospects in some of the Jat dominated assembly constituencies of western UP.
Rahul Gandhi has been vigorously campaigning for his party in the assembly elections. He has been electioneering for the last two months continuously for the party in the state. In absence of any leader of stature in the state to lead the Congress party and due to the dilapidated condition of the party organization, the hard labour put in by Rahul Gandhi is not going to yield expected results.
To retrieve its pre-eminence, Congress Party will have to groom a leader in the state to lead the party from the front and overhaul the organizational bodies from state capital to the village level. UP Congress leaders fail to convert the crowd at Rahul election meetings into votes.
As far as BJP is concerned, it is no better. It has almost become faceless in UP. State party leaders do not see eye to eye that has weakened the party very badly; however, the state had played the most vital role in bringing the BJP on the centre stage of power. It is the credit of UP that BJP-led NDA got power at the Centre in 1998. It is because of the failure of state leaders that national leadership had to bring fiery Uma Bharti to take charge in UP elections. But this is also not going to catapult the party anywhere near power. Despite tall claims, the BJP is also not going to do more than slightly improve the vote percentage in the assembly elections.
The battle of UP is mainly between the ruling BSP and the opposition Samajwadi Party. Both have secured vote banks. Yadavas , some section of Muslim voters, some backward castes and some of the upper castes are secured voters of Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party. Scheduled caste in entirety, some sections of Muslims, Majority of OBCs and some upper caste votes are secured for Chief Minister Mayawati’s BSP. Chief Minister Mayawati is also facing anti-incumbency hurdle in her way to return to power. The fight for the seat of power in Uttar Pradesh is between Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav, though the outcome will be a hung assembly and marginal political forces will take sides in formation of government to promote their interest.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Take pledge to abide by Republic

We are celebrating 63 rd Republic Day with all pomp and show. We became Republic on January 26, 1950. It means a political system or form of government in which people elect representatives to exercise power for them. We celebrate Republic Day every year since January 26, 1950 on this day.
On this auspicious Day, we display our military prowess and assess our military strength in the presence of the supreme commander of our army the President of India. It shows how hard our military personnel of all the three wings of our army keep vigil on the nation to keep its unity and integrity intact. The display of our military prowess on Republic Day shows that if ever the enemy cast its eyes on us, we are prepared to give befitting reply.
Our Constitution was implemented on January 26, 1950 and we became a republic. It establishes the rule of law and vests sovereignty in the people of India. Our Constitution bestows on every citizen of India the right to franchise i.e. right to vote after attaining the age of 18 years. Our fundamental right is enshrined in our constitution. It is a rule book by which our elected representatives exercise power for us.
Our Constitution makers have kept the interest of every citizen of India safe and intact. Our Constitution is considered to be the best in the world. It is because all the best features from the constitution of different countries of the world have been incorporated in our constitution.
Republic Day must make all the political representatives aware of their constitutional responsibility and they must adhere to the rule of law without violation of any constitutional norms. They must also take pledge to keep the interest and feeling of every community of India intact.
Constitution has given us right to free speech. On the one hand we celebrate 63rd Republic Day with gusto and enthusiasm, the world renowned writer of Indian origin Salman Rushdie has not even been allowed to address the distinguished literary gathering at Jaipur Literary Festival being held in Jaipur. The international literary award winning writer was first opposed to participate in the literary festival by top Islamic seminary Darool Uloom of Deoband because his book The Satanic Verses has been alleged to have blasphemous content towards Islam. Though the book had already been banned in India in 1989 just a year after its publication, the right to expression has been choked at world famous Jaipur Literary Festival under pressure from a community in pursuit of getting its vote in the elections. The essence of our Republic has been crushed by none other than our elected representatives who are in power in Rajasthan. Rushdie had to cancel his address to Jaipur Literary Festival through video link because of the inability of the Rajasthan Government to provide security at the festival venue. This type of incident where right to speech is throttled under the pressure of vote bank politics completely violates the right which we have got the day we became Republic. We must pledge on 63rd Republic Day to abide by our Constitution in all matters of affairs.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

India’s concern over development in Afghanistan

US backed peace talks with ousted and out-lawed Taliban, who represent the dark forces of terrorism, are a matter of serious concern for India. It is not surprising if we look back at the development in Afghanistan when the Taliban were nursed and nurtured by the US for driving Russian troops out of the country 70s. Finally, Russians troops were pulled out of Afghanistan and Taliban emerged at the centre stage of power there. Ultimately, Taliban also turned the US that resulted in the tragedy of 9/11. After 9/11, the US had to declare unilateral war against Taliban in Afghanistan and throw them out of power and the country. But it failed to wipe out the last vestiges of Taliban.
Taliban had taken strong root in Afghanistan mainly because of the support they enjoyed from the US. When the US finally failed to finish Taliban in Afghanistan and they started resurfacing with doubly force, it is offering them the olive branch. It is only inviting bigger danger to peace and security in the region. US must not forget that Taliban are like serpents. They bite first who offer them milk their favourite drink.
If the US backed peace talks with Taliban get success, the phase of terrorism not only in Afghanistan but also in the entire region would resurface. India is rightly concerned over the development in Afghanistan and has asked the US to take cautious approach in dealing with Taliban. India and the US are the champions of democracy. So, they are natural allies. They have also close friendship and both want development, peace and stability in Afghanistan.
At the cost of human lives and economy, India has undertaken a massive exercise for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. With the resurfacing of Taliban openly through the US-backed peace talks there, India will be greatly concerned over the increase of terror activities in the region. India’s interest in Afghanistan as a friendly neighbour will be hurt with the rise of Taliban again in Afghanistan.
US as a friend of India must not back any talk of peace with Taliban in Afghanistan. The purpose of establishing peace can not be achieved with the inclusion of the party, which stands discredited. It is certainly going to be a futile exercise. Taliban are the enemy of peace, harmony and amity. Any talk of peace with them will be treated as the US defeat.
US must stand firm in the interest of peace, stability, democracy and development. Any leverage to Taliban will destroy all the efforts to reconstruct Afghanistan. Though India also believes that finally the lasting peace lies in political settlement, the time is not ripe for starting talks with Taliban. On account of the geo-strategic importance of Afghanistan, India would not approve of any talks with dark forces of terrorism that pose security threat to it. US must take serious note of India’s concern over development in Afghanistan. India's total assistance totaling to Afghanistan so far has been over USD 2 billion, which has been guided by the priorities of the Afghan government and people.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Team Anna must seek clarification

Team Anna must campaign in poll bound states to uncover all the political parties equally in regards to containing corruption. It has rightly sought clarifications from all the major political parties on their role on Lokpal Bill during discussion and debate in Parliament. Almost all political parties across the party line are neck-deep in corruption. The question here is that it is a very difficult task to single out the most corrupt. All have to be targeted by Team Anna among the electorates. Team Anna must appeal to the electorates during their campaign to give their votes to those candidates who have clean image and social service record irrespective of political parties.
Team Anna has rightly written letters to Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Congress General Secretary and MP Rahul Gandhi, BJP President Nitin Gadkari, BSP supremo and UP Chief Minister Mayawati and Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav to clarify their stand on Lokpal Bill. The way they spoke outside the Parliament and the way they acted inside both Houses in different mode made it amply clear that no political leaders sincerely wanted to pass the anti-graft Lokpal Bill. They were only enacting drama. Even the main opposition party BJP’s action did not support their pledge for supporting Team Anna on the issue of anti-corruption Lokpal Bill.
Team Anna is prepared to campaign in some of the poll bound states for anti-graft Lokpal. They are doing the right job by enlightening the electorates about the importance of their votes. The right to vote is very precious. Team Anna must appeal to voters not to come under the influence of caste, community and muscle power. They should give vote to the candidate on the basis of honesty and clean image.
Team Anna is doing the right thing in a right way in parliamentary form of government. They are required to impress up on the people in an apolitical way. All political parties are tarred with the same brush of corruption. None of them has come forward sincerely in support of the strong Lokpal Bill in its entirety.
Politically, Uttar Pradesh is the most important state of India. Assembly elections are also going to be held there along with four other states. Its results will decide the nature of government at the Centre to be formed after Lok Sabha elections in 2014. As far as the issue of corruption is concerned, charges against the Mayawati government are also numerous. How Mulayam Singh and BJP Governments functioned in the past during their tenure should also be brought out before the people by Team Anna. They should also tell how casual and non serious in practice they are about the Lokpal. Because in the last 21 years, there have been rules of Mulayam Singh Yadav of Samajwadi Party, BJP and Mayawati of BSP in Uttar Pradesh. So, if the Team Anna holds that Congress has bigger responsibility to pass the strong Lokpal Bill because of its being in power at the Centre, they should also canvass among the electorates of UP about the roles played by all other opposition parties. The more they are apolitical, the more would be listened sincerely during their campaign.
Team Anna must understand that no political leaders across the party line would ever like any body to control and keep supervision on their functioning.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pak Govt avoids confrontation with military

It is a foregone conclusion that the civilian government of Pakistan can not antagonize its military establishment. It avoided confrontation with its military. Pak leadership of the democratically elected government can not have the influence so strong and abiding on the people of Pakistan that it could draw strength from them. Its leadership is itself on week wickets. That is why it had to back track after asserting for a few days because of the eruption of Memogate scandal over its military.
Pakistan military has always enjoyed strong backing from the hardliner section among the people. The Pakistan government has no intention of taking any action against army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the country's top law officer informed the Supreme Court against the backdrop of a standoff between the civil administration and the military.
Pak military can not remain aloof from the activity of the government. It has strong say, especially, in the formulation of policies in regard to India. Pak-India relation occupies the major portion of Pak foreign relations. Pakistan Government can not take any decision in relation to India without taking into confidence its military leadership. And it is because of this that despite making serious effort by the civilian governments of both the neighbouring countries, relations between the two have never been smooth and friendly.
The importance of the army in Pakistan can be gauged from the fact that even the judiciary leans favourably towards it. Pak Chief Justice has directed the Attorney General to seek instructions from the government and to file a reply on the matter in two weeks. The Chief Justice further observed that the situation should "move towards an improvement". The Prime Minister had recently sacked Lodhi, a confidant of the army chief, on charges of gross misconduct and creating misunderstandings between the government and the military. Lodhi has challenged his dismissal in court, saying he was given no opportunity to explain his position.
The institution of army in Pakistan also occupies the most important place in the country. Though the Attorney General Anwar-ul-Haq has informed a three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry of the government's position while responding to a petition that had asked the apex court to restrain the civilian administration from taking any action against the army chief, it clearly reflects the leniency of judiciary towards the military establishment of Pakistan.
If the Pak military had been subservient to the civilian government, terrorism and militancy would not have come up on this scale there to create violence and disturbance in the neighbouring country. Terrorism had not been made the instrument of state policy in Pakistan at the behest of its army in regard to India. Why did memo gate sandal take place in Pakistan after the killing of Osama bin Laden? Because the Pak civilian government of Asif Ali Zardari sent message to US through his missive to rein in military as it ignores its order. It is because of the shelter provided by Pak military to Osama bin Laden that he was living in Abbotabad where he was killed. Pak civilian government has no guts to go against the wishes and desire of its military. Pak army has stronger say in any matter of the nation than its civilian government.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heavy blow to Modi Govt

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra tried to shatter all constitutional machineries and establish himself as invincible, but the verdict of High Court in regard to the appointment of Lokayukta is a serious setback to him. By upholding the appointment of Gujarat Lokayukta R A Mehta by the Governor Kamla Beniwal, Gujarat High Court has given the right and welcome verdict. HC has dismissed the plea of the state challenging it.
The post of Lokayukta had been lying vacant in Gujarat for the last 8 years because of the dilly-dallying tactics of the Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
This is a serious setback for Narendra Modi Government. The Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court had sent the name of retired justice to appoint Lokayukta but Modi government did not accept the name for the post.
The deadlock with the Chief Justice was deliberately created by Chief Minister Narendra Modi because he in the capacity of the CM of state thought himself to be the law unto himself. He tried to undermine Chief Justice and it appeared that he thought to be accountable to none.
It seems that the power has blinded CM to reasoning and he appears to have lost the sense of reasoning and logical thinking. He describes the interference of Governor as a Congress conspiracy because of its being power at the Centre. When the deadlock arose between Chief Justice and Chief Minister over the appointment of Lokayukta, Governor in the capacity of constitutional representative of the Centre had rightly stepped in to appoint Lokayukta. Under the given circumstances when the intention of the Council of Ministers appeared to be suspect, Governor’s action is constitutionally valid in restoring the primacy of judiciary by appointing judiciary without their aid and advice.
Lokayukta in the state is appointed to rein in corruption. Modi Government had no Lokayukta for last eight years. If the Modi government has nothing to fear, why had it been deliberately lingering the process of the appointment of Lokayukta in the state? Now with upholding of the appointment of Lokayukta R A Mehta by HC, why is CM Narendra Modi opposed to him and has moved to the Supreme Court against High Court? Mehta is a retired justice and of impeccable integrity and honesty.
The unfolding political war of words between Congress and BJP over Lokayukta and Lokpal is going to be everlasting. Finally, as far as the issue of corruption is concerned, both the political parties have same line of action against corruption. The Gujarat High Court, in a majority decision has upheld the appointment of Lokayukta by the Governor.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keep literature festival above controversy

The world famous Jaipur Literature Festival scheduled to be held from Jan 20 to 25. The festival must go on without any controversy. The participation of world famous author Salman Rushdie is opposed by a community because of his book The Satanic Verses, which is alleged to contain blasphemous content. The book has already been banned in India.
The Satanic Verses was published in 1988. Rushdie is a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and the government cannot prevent him from coming to India.
The Satanic Verses had sparked outrage in the Muslim world and a fatwa was issue against the writer Salman Rushdie by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran, on 14th February, 1989.
Salman Rushdie has penned several world renowned novels. As he is a person of Indian origin, he needs no visa to travel India. The top Islamic seminary Darool Uloom of Deoband has demanded that the Indian Government must not allow Salman Rushdie to come India to participate in Jaipur Literature Festival. Muslim community and its religious leaders have every right to oppose his views, which he has expressed in the novel.
Salman Rushdie in the capacity of an author also must not be punished for expressing his views, which he considers to be his thinking and feelings, in Satanic Verses.
In a secular democratic country like India where there is a freedom of expression, no one must be threatened to be physically eliminated for his views. Though his views must be opposed if they hurt the feeling any community or individual, he must not be prevented from participating in the event of the standard of Jaipur Literature Festival.
As far as the opposition of the aggrieved community to Rushdie’s participation is concerned, it is for the Government of Rajasthan to ensure peace and tranquility in the state during literature festival. The state government can not take refuge in a certain community’s opposition to prevent Rushdie’s participation. Literature Festival is organized to throw light on the prevailing condition in society and to remove the narrow feelings from the minds of the people. Literature is the mirror society. It teaches us the merits of pluralism and how to live peacefully in a secular society.
Authors and writers are free to pen on any issue and theme but they must ensure that their comments do not hurt the religious sentiments of a community and individual. If a section of Muslim community holds Salman Rushdie responsible for writing blasphemous literature, they have every right to write literature in opposition to his feelings and expressions to counter his views. By preventing the world renowned Author Salman Rushdie from participating in Jaipur Literature Festival, neither the Rajasthan Government nor the aggrieved comunity is doing any to good to literature in its entirety.
Jaipur Literature Festival holds special significance for litterateur like Salman Rushdie in particular and the literary community in general. Rajashthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot must not evade responsibility from maintaining law and order and holding the literature festival peacefully. He must not play vote politics by appeasing the particular community, which opposes Rushdie, and place its anger as hurdle in the participation of world renowned author to keep it in good humour.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Keep morale of Army high

The controversy over Army Chief General V K Singh’s date of birth at the last stage of his illustrious career appears to be belittling the institution of army by the government. The ministry of defence has awakened to the discrepancy in the date of birth after 36 years of Gen Singh’s career in army.
The date of birth recorded in the certificate of matriculation has been recognized as final by none other than the highest court of law of the nation. The ministry of defence pleads that in the entrance form for NDA (National Defence Academy) Examination the date of birth of Army Chief Gen V K Singh has been entered as 10th May, 1950 while it is recorded as 10 May 1951 in matriculation certificate.
During his illustrious career in army, 1971 Indo-Pak war scarred Gen Singh has got several promotions but at no point of time the objection to difference in date of birth recorded at two different places was raised by the ministry of defence. Dragging the Army Chief in age controversy by the ministry of defence will certainly the lower the morale of 13 lakh Indian army personnel under him. Though the Government has filed a caveat in the Supreme Court against any ex-parte order on the petition of Army Chief Gen Singh challenging the decision over his date of birth, Gen Singh has rightly moved the apex court to set the matter right to keep his honour and integrity in tact.
An application was filed by the Ministry of Defence urging the apex court not to pass any order on Singh's petition without hearing it. Gen Singh had taken the unprecedented step of dragging the government to the Supreme Court on his age row saying it was an issue of his honour and integrity.
He has filed a writ petition in the apex court after exhausting all statutory options within the Defence Ministry which had recently rejected his contention that he was born in 1951 and not 1950.
The petition challenges the 21st July 2011 order of the Defence Ministry which fixed the date of birth as 10th May 1950 and the 30th December 2011 decision by which his statutory complaint was rejected. He has sought a direction for declaring 10th May 1951 as the correct date of birth. Army Chief Gen V K Singh took the unprecedented step of dragging the govt to the Supreme Court before which he has challenged its decision over his date of birth that will mean that he retires in May next.
Making it an issue of his honour and integrity, Gen Singh filed a writ petition in the apex court on Monday after exhausting all statutory options within the Defence Ministry which had recently rejected his contention that he was born in 1951 and not 1950.

It is for the first time that the Army Chief has to go to Supreme Court to protect the prestige and honour of the Indian Army. The army personnel keep the honour of the nation above everything. They sacrifice their lives to keep the honour of the nation intact. To keep army in its pristine glory, the Government of India must take initiative to settle the age controversy immediately.
As in the matter of service the matriculation certificate age is final, Gen Singh must be allowed to retire according to it. It gives him only a year of service. Gen Singh must fight the legal battle to keep the morale of army personnel under him very high. He has served the nation with dedication and devotion not found in most of the civil servants. The ministry of defence may treat the discrepancy in his date of birth as typing mistake. There is every likelihood that the date of birth in the form of NDA for entrance test may have been mistyped, resulting in the mistake. Honour of Army must not be affected at any cost.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Prospects in UP elections

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BSP boss Mayawati has announced the list of candidates for 403 assembly seats in UP. The BSP list of candidates amply reflects that CM Mayawati has repeated the social engineering which she had built in 2007 elections and won the majority on her own for the first time.
Mayawati adopted Sarva Jan Hitay, Sarva Jan Sukhai theory in 2007 elections that yielded very good results. But after the results came, the implementation of the theory was confined to CM’s files only and flourished only corruption everywhere in her government and instead of being Dalit messiah, Mayawati started ruling the state like an autocrat.
Mayawati government has miserably failed to deliver. And Dalits of whom CM Mayawati claims to be the champion have suffered immensely in her regime so far. She did not come up to the expectation of the people. The promises made by her to the people of the state remained unfulfilled. The hope of the people from her government was dashed to the ground. The corruption became the hallmark of Mayawati government. Several of her ministers were dismissed on the charges of corruption and MLAs were expelled for indulging in criminal and corrupt activities. The massive mandate that the people of the largest state of India gave to Mayawati to rule and bring it on the path of development has been frittered way. Chief Minister Mayawati must understand that people can not be taken for granted time and again and they are clever enough to see through her dubious game plan.
The second most formidable contender for power in UP is Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party. It had very good equation with Muslim and Yadav vote bank but due to some political reasons there appeared a little apathy with SP among them. So, it is not on as strong wicket as it to be in the previous elections. Its image is already of giving protection to goonda and criminal elements.
Third contender is Bhartiya Janata. Due to the prevailing intra-party fight and weak organizational set up in the state throughout, BJP can not expect anything positive in the result of UP assembly elections for it. The point it had scored over the issue of corruption was lost because of giving shelter to the dismissed BSP minister Babu Singh Kushawaha on the charges of massive corruption, though his admission in the party remains in suspension because of public and media outcry.
The fourth and the most sincere campaigner in UP assembly elections is Congress party. Congress General Secretary and its future Rahul Gandhi MP is going from one corner to the other in UP for electioneering for almost a month. He has undoubtedly galvanized the state party machineries, leaders and workers to retrieve the party’s pre-eminent position of pre ‘90s. He may not get miraculous success but it is certain that he is going to bring the party in a position of exerting considerable influence in the case of hung assembly which is most likely to be thrown out after this election.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Team India’s worst performance

Team India has been outplayed so far in Australia in every department of the game. It is facing its worst there. All its batting strength has been pulverized by Australian pacers. It appears that batsman of the stature of Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehwag, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman scampers for cover from the Australian fast bowling attacks.
The famous Indian batting line-up has fallen like a pack of cards and no batsman has shown courage and guts to challenge Australian bowlers. Bowing department is also not giving any extra-ordinary performance.
India’s world famous batting line-up is facing worst in Australia. Team India has already lost the first two tests very badly in the four match series against Australia being played there. After Melbourne and Sydney, the innings defeat is staring in the face of India in the third test match of Perth.
It appears mysterious that the Indian batsmen whether it is Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, Virendra Sehwag or Gautam Gambhir, all have fallen headlong on the fast pitches in Australia in all the matches played so far in this ongoing series. It is not that they have not performed tremendously on the same pitch and against the same country. It is perhaps because either they are now past their prime or something other that holds them from performing and making team effort. No player in this Indian squad appears enthusiastic to perform.
BCCI must take the performance of senior players in the team seriously and prepare their exit path with honour and respect and open to make way for new and young talents in the team squad. Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman have certainly played their prime. And downhill trend has already set in their performance on the field. Sehwag may get back his prime touch in batting anytime but he is also not going to maintain his performance for more than two years. So, the BCCI must chalk out a plan of action to revamp Team India with young blood.
India were 88 for four at stumps in their second innings on the second day of the third cricket Test at WACA ground in Perth. India now face the possibility of another innings defeat as they trail by 120 runs with six second innings wickets in hand after Australia had made 369 all out in their first innings, riding on David Warner's blistering 180.Australia, on the other hand, are on the verge of claiming the Border-Gavaskar Trophy with a possible win of the third Test inside three days to go 3-0 up in the four match Test series.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Social sites must abide by law of the land

The Centre was already on look out for a cause to prosecute 21 social networking sites, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, for offences of promoting enmity between classes and causing prejudice to national integration. It has got the opportunity in Delhi court to proceed against them. Social site companies are foreign based but they must abide by the law of the land where they operating. Court order must be executed whether it is in regard to the freedom of speech or any other right which has been found to be misused.
It is correct that these social sites have provided great opportunities to the people to express their views or opinions on any social, national and international developments but it does not mean that they should a means of maligning and spreading canard against any individual, organisation and community to cause danger to peace and national integration. By giving these facilities, the social sites companies do not have got license to host objectionable contents to hurt the feeling of others. The reasons put forward by the social site companies about their inability the post screen objectionable matters, numbering several crores may not be out of place but it is their responsibility to cause no danger to national peace of the country in which they are operating. In failing to do that, freedom of speech is brazenly misused. There is no doubt in it. And the order of the honourable court is in no way out of point.
The court may order china like law in regard to social site companies and act against those who fail to compliance its order in India. But the freedom of speech that has been granted to Indians by the Constitution of India is not granted to Chinese by the Constitution of China. So, freedom of speech can not be restrained in India but it must be regulated so that it must not encroach up on the liberty of others.
India is the largest democracy of the world while there is communist dictatorship in China. Opposition to government action is intolerable and is crushed at any cost in China. So, the way China acts can not be followed in India.
Though a Delhi court has rightly issued summons to various foreign-based social networking sites, including Facebook and Google, to face criminal charges for allegedly hosting objectionable contents and directed them to appear before it on March 13, it should condone them if they take undertaking of trying the best possible means to post screen the matter to delete objectionable ones. Recently, Union Telecom Minister had pleaded for directing social sites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and others to post screen the uploading matters. It was vehemently opposed and seen in the attack on freedom of speech. The government move was swept under the carpet in view of the massive opposition by the people.
The court has rightly asked the Ministry of External Affairs to get the summons served on these companies. The court direction came after the counsel, appearing for Facebook India, said over ten out of 21 companies named as accused in the case were foreign-based and that the court would have to issue process to serve the summons on them. The court was hearing a private complaint filed by a journalist against these firms for allegedly web-casting objectionable contents.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Open confrontation between Pak Govt and military

In the fast changing scenario all over the world about popular democratic movement, Pakistan can not keep itself aloof. So, the time has gone when military had their way in affairs of Pakistan. The mindset of Pakistani people appears to be in favour of democracy and they not shown shrill in opposition to the democratically government.
So, to stage a military coup without the support of general Pakistanis in the prevailing situation is a distant possibility. The tension between Pak Army Chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and President Asif Ali Zardari over memo scandal is the manifestation of the ongoing tussle between the civilian and military establishments.
The assertion of democratically elected Government can be seen in the sacking of Defence Secretary, who was considered close to Kayani, by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani over submission of affidavit in the Supreme without taking permission of the Government. It might be possible that the Army brought in Brigadier Sarfaraz Ali as the new commander of a Rawalpindi-based army unit that has traditionally played a vital role in military coups. And this has given credence to rumours that Pakistan is heading towards military coup, though it has been done as routine affairs.
Gilani has described the act of Kayani and ISI Chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha as illegal and unconstitutional for pursuing the case over memo scandal in the Supreme Court. Gilani has also asserted, saying the every institution has to run under the democratically elected government. He has also said that democracy is the destiny of Pakistani. This is a good signal.
Army and ISI are miffed at the government over memo submitted to US asking it to rein in the both after the killing of Osama bin Laden. This is the root at the tension brewing between the two institutions.
Though the US says that the present tension between Pak military and civilian government is to be settled by Pakistan itself, it has supported the democratically elected government and at the same time it has maintained that it also enjoys good relation with Pak military. So, there does not seem that military coup is in the offing in Pakistan.
Pak government may not be very popular but the situation has not reached to a stage where military could get open support of the people. Judiciary in Pakistan also does not appear to be as fair as it should be. Its bias can be seen in its promptness in hearing the case against government over memo scandal and corruption cases against President Zardari.
First of all, it is in interest of the people of Pakistan to back their democratically government and if it is found to be corrupt and inefficient, they can throw it out of power in elections due to be held at scheduled time as has been told by prime minister Gilani. Military must be opposed to take over the democratically elected government.
Apart from itself, democratically-elected government is in the interest of peace and development in the region and the world as well. Pakistani military establishment has also been dominated by hardliners and because of that militants get favour from them. The situation there is not the same as it was when former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf had staged coup and threw out Nawaz Sharif government. There was strong discontentment among the people with the government at that time due to rising corruption. Musharraf got support from common Pakistanis. The situation is not the same at present. So, military coup is not easy now in the changed aspiration of the people for democracy in Pakistan. Analysts have projected three scenarios that can emerge from the situation under which Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari steps down and announces early polls, the ruling PPP replaces Gilani as Prime Minister or Kayani spearheads a military takeover.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Regional political assertion for space

The present internal tussle Congress party with its allies is the manifestation of growing regional political ambition.Congress-led UPA alliance is under pressure from two of its close allies Trinamul and NCP. Both are the breakaway groups of Congress party.
The third important ally is southern regional political outfit DMK which is also smarting under some grievances with the Congress. All these three Cong allies in the UPA government at the Centre try to assert themselves by bringing it under pressure. They want to keep it on tenterhooks.
West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamul supremo Mamta Bannerjee has been breathing out fire against the Congress for some time. The state Congress party is adamant not to play subservient role to the Trinamul Government and let its own interest go into other’s fold.
Though the Central leadership from both sides Congress and Trinamul downplays the rift in the state, there is unease with both the parties at state level that could burst apart any time.
Observing the ongoing Congress bashing by West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee despite the alliance is in place, NCP in view of the local bodies elections in Mumbai appears to be asserting itself, and showing no concern for the future of the alliance. The tone and tenure of NCP leaders clearly reflects that they too feel that the Congress is not in a position to retaliate in the same vein due to compulsion of coalition politics.
Congress being the leader of the UPA alliance, it must take care of all its alliance partners. It must ensure that the no alliance partner should feel ignored. It is the political need of the nation. Neither mid-term Lok Sabha election can be thrust on the nation nor can it afford it. If any of the two alliance partners out of three withdraw its support, the Congress-led UPA may fall. And because of this the Congress party has tolerated the undue flaunting of support of its alliance partners.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vote bank politic overshadows corruption

On the issue of corruption, all political parties are evasive, protective and patronizing for the sake of vote bank politics. BJP’s action in UP reflects these characteristics. The main opposition party BJP which had been vociferously attacking the ruling Congress party at the Centre for promoting corruption has itself taken into its fold the expelled and dismissed tainted BSP ministers Babu Singh Kushwaha and Badshah Singh only because of former being the backward caste leader and the later being Thakur leader. BJP hopes to increase its influence among OBCs and Thakur with their joining the party.
To strengthen its grip on backwards in the poll-bound UP, BJP did not show any moral compunction in taking the leader accused in multi-crore rural health scheme scam against whom CBI probe in going on. Did the BJP ever give any thought that what repercussion Babu Singh Kushwaha and Badshah Singh, who was dismissed from the Mayawati ministry on the recommendation of Lokyukta, inclusion would have among the public?
By taking the indicted BSP former ministers into its fold, the BJP has blunted the edge of its attack on the Congress party on the issue of corruption. It is not that the corrupt political leader of other parties would soon become purified from all charges the moment they joined the BJP. This reflects that corruption matters nothing to our entire political class. The caste equation is every thing that overshadows all other vices whether it is corruption or anything else.
There are strong rumours that the BJP is itself divided over the joining of tainted Kushwaha. Central Parliamentary leaders like leader in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, leader in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitely, parliamentary party chairman and top most leader L K Advani are disliking the joining of tainted BSP ministers whereas BJP president Nitin Gadkari and former party president Rajnath Singh and state party leaders have favoured their joining the party in view of the coming elections next month in the state of UP.
So, the conclusion is that not only the Congress but also all the other political parties treats corruption very lightly and if they oppose, it is only for avowed reason. In the face of vote bank politics, every other consideration takes back seat. The BJP is not the sacred river the Ganga in which the corruption will be washed off by taking a dip into it rather the party is itself full of dirt that reflected from its action in view of UP elections. It also shows BJP’s nervousness about facing the UP elections. Its action has also sent the message out that it is not different in any way from others so far as corruption is concerned. Finally, the support it gained through attacks on Congress on the issue of corruption has been lost due to its giving shelter to tainted BSP ministers in UP.