Monday, December 13, 2010

Yet another shame on Delhi

National capital Delhi has been shamed again within two weeks by another gang rape in moving car in Sultanpuri area. It would not be wrong to characterise Delhi as rape capital. With assuming the post as Delhi Police Commissioner, B K Gupta made his first announcement that safety to women would be his top priority. But just after his assuming the charge, gang rape of a young lady took place in East Delhi. And just after that a Manipur girl employed with BPO was gang raped in a moving pick-up van by five men, which hogged the headlines for days as the accused were nabed after weeks. It clearly denotes the utter failure of Delhi Police.A 18-year-old girl was reportedly gangraped in Sultanpuri on Saturday, Dec 11 night while going to pick-up her mother who works in a nearby factory. Police has arrested four people in connection with the rape.The girl was abducted from Sultanpuri, North-West Delhi, and was raped in a moving car. The new gangrape case popped up just two weeks after another girl raped in the Capital. The 30-year-old BPO employee from Manipur was abducted and raped in a moving car while returning from job. In a month 4 gang rapes have taken place in national capital Delhi. The shocking incidents of gang rapes have made the women fearful in our national capital. And it appears to be completely unsafe for women. Police Commissioner of Delhi had a meeting with beat constables a days before the Sultanpuri gang rape. Would he ever ponder over the impact his meeting made on his sub-ordinates? It means the Commissioner has also failed to establish his authority on his juniors. The police in Delhi is totally lax and complacent. Delhiites have been forced to think how and under whom the police is functioning in the city. Who is after all responsible for the law and order of the city? Delhi police is not under Delhi Government. They come under Union Home Ministry. And L-G is the Centre's agent to report about law and order condition in the national capital. The total failure of Delhi Police means the failure of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram in improving the performance of Delhi Police. Home Minister has stated in his attempt to cover his own failure and has passed the blame for growing gang rape cases on migrants in Delhi. It means he wants to blame migrants from UP and Bihar for growing crime against women. His statement is very unfortunate and does not behove of a Union Home Minister of India to cover his own failure by holding responsible for crime against women in Delhi the population of a region of the nation. The laxity and complacency of Delhi police have been aptly characterised by National Commission for Women Chairperson Girja Vyas when she reportedly narrated that when she herself made a move in Delhi at night she noticed one PCR van in four hours. It means no Delhi PCR van moves in the city at night promptly. It also means that most of the constables of Delhi Police are involved in Hafta Wasoli from roadside Panwala, Chaiwala stalls at the cost of his duty to move in colonies and Bus stops to infuse fear among criminals and anti-social elements in their attempt to check crime. There must be speedy provision of deterrent punishment to rapists so that there could be no recurrence of this most shameful acts. It is a national capital and one of the metros. People from all over the country come to earn their livelihood in the city. Now the question arises that when the women are not safe here, what about them in the distant corner of the country. But they are safer in other metros and parts of the country. One rape take place daily on an average in Delhi. It is shocking if the Crime Bureau Report is anything to go by.The incidents of gangrape in Delhi have revealed that the Capital city is not at all safe for women.

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