Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Belated action against price rise

Manmohan Singh-led UPA government in its last six and half years has failed to contain price rise of essential commodities. The onion prices have broken all previous records. Onion is indispensable with bread and salt for the poor. But now they will be deprived of onion only due to inefficiency, lack of foresight, negligence and callousness of the UPA government. How long does it want to test the patience of the poor people? Now enough is enough. When the people would be forced to die due to the unchecked price rise, the result would be vicious and normalcy would be restored only after the bequeathing of the UPA government.UPA has failed on the issue which hurts the common men most. Congress-led UPA always say that they are with Aam Admi and the symbol of Congress Party hand is with the people. But its rule tells a different story that the poor for whom the UPA is shedding crocodile tears is unable to get the food with hand as there are acute artificially created scarcity all around. The sky-rocketing price of onion and all other essential and edible items has broken the back of the poor. The price rise is so sharp that now it is even difficult for the middle income group people to get a square meal a day, let alone the poor. The onion price rise has toppled two governments in the past. One is the BJP's Sushama Swaraj-led government of Delhi in 1998 and the other is Non-Congress government at the Centre in 1980. So, the time has come for the UPA government to think seriously how to contain sky-rocketing prices of every essential commodity to escape the wrath of the poor people. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia have been assuring the people for the last year that the price rise will be checked in two to three months. Now one year has passed but no result has come out on the front of price rise. It has been going up and up and the concerned ministers very irresponsibly tell that they are not astrologers that they would predict when the prices of essential commodities come down. They also give advice to the people not to take sugar because it causes diabetes. Their answers reflect their callous negligence and insensitivity to the pain of the people caused by price rise. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress President and UPA Chairperson must intervene immediately and ask ministers seriously to act. Otherwise, UPA boat is bound to turn turtle in the sea of people. It has also been seen that when the water flows to the roof, UPA awakes. When the price of onion touched Rs.100 per Kg, the government started raiding godowns and taking other measures that have stated showing results.

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