Thursday, April 12, 2018

Politics of fast

The opposition Congress Party observed fast to express sympathy for Dalits, which the nation witnessed how they made a mockery of it. BJP appears to have realized that Dalits are not happy with its government at the Centre. So, to please them they decided to follow Mahatama Gandhi’s, the Father of the nation, belief, and conviction by observing fast to protest against the wash-out of Parliament by the opposition Congress party. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his Council of Ministers, MPs, MLAs, leaders, and workers went on fast today in their respective areas or constituencies to protest the wastage of 127 hours and some minutes of parliamentary time by the opposition parties. BJP alleges that Congress is still not in a position to digest the humiliation in one election after another. That is why it is still trying to establish its dominance by disrupting the Parliament. It is good to move by the BJP to make the people aware of the parliamentary behaviour of MPs and MLAs belonging to opposition parties. But the ruling BJP also cannot be absolved of all faults. Their MPs and MLAs also cannot be given clean cheat and only opposition members will not be held responsible for washing out of Parliament and state assemblies by the ugly behavior of its members. The clapping cannot be possible by single hand. It requires both the palms to strike each other. It is also not correct to say that BJP had never been in opposition role in the past. It has also a long experience to be in opposition. Here it would also be better if it had introspected itself about its role when it was in opposition. It also created hurdles, caused disruptions, staged walk-outs and its members rushed into the well of the House over trifle. To run Parliament smoothly, the ruling political party has a greater role to play than the opposition. It is its responsibility to take initiative in running the Parliament swiftly. BJP blames Congress for all the ills in the country while the latter attacked the former for taking the country backward. Both are mostly engaged in the blame game. They are only busy with scoring political points over each other. Today's fast of the BJP is also aimed at assuaging the hurt feeling of Dalits because of the dilution in SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act by the Supreme Court. Mahatama Gandhi observed fast for the benefit of the people against the British misrule. He was also considered to be very close to Dalits. He had space in his heart for them and always stood in their support. The role of the opposition is to oppose the ruling bench on the basis of the importance of the issue. It must be constructive. Opposition for the sake of opposition must not be done. Fast is also not new to the country. First of all, Mahatma Gandhi used fast as a weapon against the mighty British rule. As he was opposed to violence, he observed fast many time in the recent past. The political class or party of today’s only follow him to win people’s favour with the nearing of elections

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Arrest the culprit of Unnao rape

The incident of the alleged rape of 18-year-old Unnao girl by a ruling BJP MLA named Kuldeep Singh Sengar and the subsequent death of her father in jail have been hogging the headlines of the newspapers of the nation for the last three days. But no action has yet been taken against the rape accused by the UP police. The rape survivor also accused the district administration of keeping her and her family in confinement. This is the position of law and order in UP under CM Yogi Adityanath. It has been reported that even the FIR has not been lodged against the accused MLA. He wields so much influence in the areas that the police dare not touch him. They are even not prepared to lodge FIR against him as stated by the rape survivor. She accused BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar and his associates of raping her last year. As the MLA has political and muscle power, he got the rape survivor's father jailed and allegedly beaten him so mercilessly that he died, though autopsy reports suggest infection in wounds as the cause of death. Sengar's brother has been arrested, but he himself is at large. Yogi Aditynath government of BJP boasts of dealing with criminals very strictly and police have been given go ahead signal to do encounter with criminals to finish them without any reservation, but when CM's own party MLA is allegedly involved in the rape case, no action is taken. It is nothing but the mockery of law and order in the largest state of UP, which has perennially been defamed for crimes. If the BJP govt. and the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's statement had matched his action, the rape accused BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar would have been arrested immediately on the day the rape survivor came to immolate herself in front of CM's residence in Lucknow. CM Yogi should have immediately taken cognizance of her attempt to immolate herself because police had refused to lodge the complaint against the rape accused MLA. On the one hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives a long speech and attractive slogan for encouraging and promoting girls in the country and they are raped by none other than the BJP MLA in UP on the other. It is the most shameful incident and all of us hang our heads in shame. The UP police must arrest the accused MLA without waiting for the SIT investigation report. There must be a thorough investigation into the incident but at the same time, the situation demands that the accused MLA must be arrested immediately. All claims of CM Yogi Adityanath govt. appear to be hollow. The state govt. appears to be helpless before the criminal, who is an MLA. There must be rule of law in the state. The people voted BJP to power with a massive mandate in UP. They hoped that it would finish goondaraj from the state. But in return what they have got is only the goondaism. The BJP must also expel the rape accused MLA immediately from the party to set a record. It is baffling that what weakness is there behind not arresting the rape accused MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dalits' assertion and aggression

The way Dalits all over the country showed their anger on streets against Supreme Court order regarding the dilution of SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act amply reflects their assertiveness. Their assertion to protect their rights in the society is absolutely justified, but the violence and the damage of public property during their protests must not be allowed by the administration in different states of the country. There must not be any modification in SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act for its dilution, but at the same time violence has no taker. In all 9 innocent lives were lost in the clashes between Dalit protesters and the police in different parts of the country. Our Constitution doesn't allow violence at any cost. Political colours were also given to the call of Bharat Bandh by Dalit activists and the ruling BJP was pushed on the back foot. Supreme Court rightly said that mere filing case against anyone under SC/ST act will no longer allow the police to arrest him or her. There cannot be instant arrest the moment the case under SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act was filed. The arrest will only be possible after investigation and that the charges were proved to be true. Dalits account for more than 20 percent of the country's population. That is why they political significance in the politics of our country in a major way. But the matter of the fact is that Dalits were blackmailed by their own community leaders. They have also been exploited as a vote bank by the political parties since Independence. All claim to the Messiah or Champion of Dalits. All political leaders for the sake of building votes claim to be the true followers of Dalit icon Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar. No so-called Dalit leaders of our country are less than the worth of crores. Mayawati, Ram Vilas Paswan, Jitan Ram Majhi and others claim to be the true representatives of Dalits, but all of them are very solvent in every respect. The violent Dalit protest that witnessed the country yesterday damaged BJP's credibility among them. A perception has been created in the minds of Dalits since the BJP came to power that it is anti-Dalit. The incidents of Rohit Vemula's death in Hyderabad, flogging of 4 to 5 Dalit young men in Una of Gujarat and several other heinous and sexual crimes against Dalits are enough shreds of evidence to corroborate the charges that the BJP is anti-Dalit. The law and order is a state subject. Yesterday, most of the state government failed to act against the lumpen elements. Though all opposition parties have condemned the violent acts during the Bharat Bandh, it appears that they provided overt or covert political support to their violent protests. The coming together of all the opposition parties against the Narendra Modi-led NDA govt over Dalit protest has worsened the situation. All have constitutional right to protest, but peacefully. Whether there is Dalit or no Dalit, no one can take the law into one's own hands. The violent Dalit protests caught the police off guard. Dalits' assertion and aggression with violence on streets have no takers. Protests must be sans violence. Violence has no place in our Constitution.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Total failure of CBSE and HRD ministry

The future of about 28 lakh students depends on the functioning of Central Board of Education (CBSE) as it conducts their 10th and 12th class examinations. Students put in hard labour into their preparation for the examination. But the board which conducts it behaves and functions so irresponsibly that the education mafia gangs get the question paper leaked. What were CBSE, HRD Ministry and the Govt. of India doing when the issue of examination involved the future of about 28 lakh students? When sordid incident of question paper leaks was in the knowledge of CBSE one day before the examination itself, why did it not act then and there? Is there a government in place in the country or not? HRD Minister Praksh Javedkar has completely failed to act in time. He must take moral responsibility and resign from the post immediately. On the one hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives tips to the students how to cope with examination tension through his book Examination Warrior and his HRD Ministry and CBSE act in such a way as to create tension for them on the other. CBSE is considered to be one of the most prestigious examination boards in the country. But it is perhaps for the first time in recent years that the CBSE 10th class Mathematics paper questions and 12th class economics paper questions were leaked despite the claim of full proof security. After the admission of question leaks of 10th Class Mathematics and 12th Class economics by the CBSE, it has cancelled the examinations of these two papers. CBSE question leaks reflect that education mafia is active and the CBSE Board and HRD Ministry are inactive. The students are traumatized, dejected and depressed for no fault of theirs. The number of students appearing at the CBSE board examinations of class 10th and 12th together is more than 25 lakhs. It means the cancellation of examinations by CBSE causes the adverse impact on their future. If the question leaks and other malpractices in the examination are not stopped immediately, the future of the country will be destroyed. The incident of CBSE question leaks has happened despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi had himself given tips in detail how to face the examination without any tension to the boys and girls of class 10th and 12th only last month. Though he has taken the issue of CBSE question paper leaks very seriously and instructed the Union Human Resources Minister to act immediately to plug all loopholes, the loss of confidence and precious time of students has already been inflicted. HRD ministry and CBSE must ensure that there would be no question paper leak in future to restore the confidence of crores of students in the examination system. Otherwise, the future is doomed to fail.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Data leak is an attack on privacy

The allegation of Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad against Congress that it is going to take the help of the tainted Consultancy firm named Cambridge Analytica in terms of data to win elections in 2019 sounds ridiculous. Cambridge Analytica has also alleged to have helped US President Donald Trump win the elections by influencing the voters in his party's favour through the personal data manipulation of the people. It is alleged that it has already influenced election from the US to Syria. Cambridge Analytica has reportedly taken data from FaceBook. Leaking data to Cambridge analytica as alleged to have been done by Facebook is nothing but make it public. It is an attack on the privacy of the people in India in connivance with the FB. FB has the largest number of users in India. It may be possible that after going into the profile of the people on FaceBook, Cambridge Analytica may have known about their interest, taste and political choices and after that, it may have tried to influence them by repeatedly showing their likening. It is an attempt to subvert democracy by the political parties in India only to win elections. It must stop forthwith. But the list of Analytica clients which has appeared in different newspapers clearly shows that BJP, JD(U) and Congress were among its clients. It has also been alleged that BJP had asked Cambridge Analytica to work for it to achieve the majority mark of 272 members in Lok Sabha in 2014 elections. Congress has also alleged that JD (U) had taken help from this tainted organization to win Bihar Assembly elections in 2010. Congress also alleged that BJP had engaged Cambridge Analytica to win elections while BJP alleges that Congress does this. The allegation and counter-allegation make no meaning. The allegation of the senior BJP leader and Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also lacks credibility in view of his own party’s record. His allegation against Congress is based on newspaper reports and he has failed to corroborate his evidence with solid proof. So, it lacks credibility. Taking help from the foreign data company to subvert democracy by any political party is not only a serious crime but also an anti-national act. This must be investigated thoroughly. FaceBook must also be asked to protect the data of all Indians. Otherwise, the Govt. of the day would not hesitate in taking action against it. The millions of innocent facebook users remain oblivious to the fact their data is used to benefit the political party in the time of elections. It is nothing but an act of subverting democracy. Election Commission also must act against the outsiders who try to exert their influence on the electoral process in the country. The fallout of the Facebook data leak expose and its misuse by an election consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 US Presidential elections allegedly in the favour of Donald Trump has reached Indian shores. The day saw the BJP accuse the Congress of having ties with Cambridge Analytica while the Congress did its own finger pointing back at the BJP. Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has rightly been put on notice by the govt. if the personal data of over 200 million Indian Facebook users has been similarly misused.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Let Parliament run in people's interest

Stalling Parliament has become a fashion among politicians of both ruling and opposition parties. The fracas between the MPs' of two sides over the issues with which the common people have nothing to do with cause the loss of precious time of Parliament. Crores of rupees are spent on the running of the Parliament for a day. Stalling Parliament is also not a new development. It has been going on for more than 20 years on regular basis. It is frequently stalled. It shows the degeneration in the behavior of our politicians irrespective of their affiliation with the party. Both the ruling and the opposition behave in the same way when the question of creating bedlam in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha arises. It is nothing but the mockery of democracy. Parliament is the highest platform in democracy. By stopping it from transacting its business, the highest democratic institution is weakened. Today Congress is in Opposition and the BJP is in power. But there has been no change in their goal post. Congress is doing the same as the BJP did while it was in opposition. Both have a responsibility to run the Parliament. Undoubtedly, the treasury bench has greater responsibility to run Parliament. After the Parliament reopened on March 5, 2018, not even a single day it has transacted its business smoothly. Even the Finance Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha without debate and discussion on the basis of the brute majority of the BJP-led NDA Govt. at the Centre. Parliamentary democracy in the country has come under the threat. The trend that emerges in Parliament is that both the ruling and opposition parties vied for scoring political points over the rival political class. Neither the ruling nor the opposition MPs ever tried to run the Parliament. Parliament is the centre of discussing people's problems by their representatives there. But in reality, their representatives in assembly and Parliament are only interested in catching the cameras of Television crew. They have no concern for the problem of the people in their constituencies. It is now 15 days that Parliament has not transacted any business in the real sense of the term. Belittling the importance of Parliament, even the Narendra Modi govt. got the Finance Bill passed on the basis of its brute majority in the Lower House. It is perhaps for the first time in India's parliamentary democracy that Finance Bill was passed without any debate and discussion. It has also been experienced in the last few years that Parliament, which is the biggest platform of resolving people's problem in democracy, is used for personal and political aggrandizement. Both the ruling and the Opposition are equally responsible for this sorry state of affairs. As the political scenario of the ruling BJP at the Centre is not very good, its own ally TDP of Andhra Pradesh quit NDA and initiated Motion of Confidence against Narendra Modi govt. TDP quit NDA because of the denial of Special category status to Andhra Pradesh and the other one which is one of its oldest allies Shiv Sena has announced that it would fight Lok Sabha elections on its own. So everything is not well about the ruling BJP. The common people of India are nothing to do with Congress and BJP. They only want Parliament to run smoothly.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Delhi CM Kejriwal surrenders meekly

Delhi Chief Minister and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal has meekly surrendered to former Punjab Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majithia because of his unfounded allegation against him. Kejriwal had alleged that Majithia was involved in Drug trafficking, which he has realized now that it was unfounded. That is why Delhi CM tendered an apology to him. The Delhi Chief Minister had settled the defamation case filed against him by the former Punjab revenue minister and said that he has learnt that the drug trade allegations were unfounded. Kejri said it was a political statement that he alleged Majithia was involved in drug trading. It was election time statement and it must not be taken so much seriously. In reaction to Kejriwal's unsought apology, AAP Punjab unit President and MP Bhagwat Mann has already resigned from his post. He said that Kejriwal did not discuss the issue of apology with any party functionary of the state. His "meek surrender" had drawn flak from AAP's Punjab unit leaders who termed Kejriwal's step a "letdown". Leader of Opposition in Punjab Assembly and senior AAP leader Sukhpal Singh Khaira said he was appalled by the apology. The realization of talking too much appears to have dawned on Kejriwal that led him to tender an apology to Bikram Singh Majithis. But it would have suited his political stature if he had leveled allegation with any authenticity. Kejriwal is not a layman. He is the CM of Delhi. He must issue statement responsibly. Politics is not a child's play that it is played by whim. It is a serious field of activities so every politician must think twice before opening his or her mouth against a political rival. Kejri is habituated to talking tall but in the same way unable to collect evidence to corroborate his allegation. The defamation case was already slapped by Majithia against him. It appears that it is out of fear that Delhi CM apologized to Majithia. He feared that if the case continued, it might be possible that he would go to jail. It is also clear that Kejri speaks without a shred of truth in it. So, he apologized to Majithia in haste. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely has also filed a defamation case against Delhi CM Kejri in a Delhi court. It is expected that Kejriwal would tender apology also to him. Kejriwal may face a rebellion within his party over his tendering unsought apology. Kejri must think twice before leveling charges. By slapping unfounded charges, he has cut a sorry figure in Delhi among his supporters and sympathizers. Now, there is every possibility that Arvind Kejriwal would tender an apology for alleging him of corruption in DDCA. Kejri has the habit of talking too much. He is loquacious. He forgets about himself while making a statement before the people. Kejriwal now need not be introduced. Provide him a platform to speak, he would start blaming others for messing up everything. His main idea of politics is to defame one and all except himself. But now his idea is exposed before the people of the country.