Saturday, January 20, 2018

Setback for AAP

Election Commission has recommended disqualification of 20 Aam Aadmi Party MLAs for holding Office of Profit as Parliamentary Secretaries. It has sent its recommendation to President for his approval. President will only send the recommendation to the Ministry of Home. With the disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs, a mini-election in Delhi for these seats is to be held within 6 months. The disqualification is a foregone conclusion. It has reduced the AAP MLAs strength in Delhi assembly from 66 to 46, though Arvind Kejriwal has still the majority. So, technically there is no threat to Kejri govt. This by-election in 20 assembly constituencies will give the opportunity to the opposition parties- BJP and Congress- to show its strength. The performance of the AAP govt. in the last 3 years will also be tested. AAP will have to prove its grip on the electorates of Delhi by retaining the seats. BJP will get the chance of consolidating its position and Congress will get the chance of recording its presence in Delhi assembly. Presently, Congress has no MLA in Delhi assembly despite ruling the city till 2013. As far as disqualification of AAP MLAs is concerned, it was a foregone conclusion. Before AAP MLAs’ disqualification, former Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi had also faced the wrath of disqualification for holding Office of Profit. So, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal should have thought twice before appointing his 20 party MLAs as Parliamentary Secretaries. He had done only for appeasing and satisfying them by providing govt. perks and facilities to win their loyalties. Kejriwal came to power on an anti-corruption plank. And it is the catharsis that his own half of the Cabinet Ministers had to go on the charges of corruption. Holding Office of Profit by his party MLAs is also a type of corruption. So, the plank of corruption on which Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal came to power boomerang on him itself. Congress and BJP demanded the resignation CM Arvind Kejriwal. They say that he has no moral authority to rule Delhi. One thing is crystal clear that CM Kejriwal had promised Delhiites to provide them a responsive government different from others. He also promised that he would start different political innings in Delhi. As far as development in Delhi is concerned, it is still at the same point where former CM Sheila Dikshit had left it. AAP govt. only kept the promise on reducing the water and electricity bill with some riders at the cost of public exchequer. CM Kejriwal has done nothing different from any other political leader of any other political party. The by-poll in the 20 assembly constituencies may prove to be an eye-opener for Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. One can mislead the people once, but not all the time. Delhiites have seen through his temptations and misleading statements.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Provide full-proof security to database

Right to privacy must not be breached. As Addhar database details contain the records of private information of the people, it must be kept safe and secure. There must be a full proof security of Addhar database details. Government or any organization has no right to know about the private information records of the individuals. The media report that one can have access to the data base of a billion Addhar details for just Rs. 500 may not be authentic, but the Government of the day at the Centre is required to show it publicly that the private details of people recorded by UIDAI are safe, secure and intact. It will exude confidence among them. How a person could get access to the database of a private individual for just paying Rs. 500 and he got its print-out for another Rs. 300 is a matter of investigation. The news had also appeared in the recent past about the leakage of private information by managing to get access to Addhar database, but the Govt. had refuted it very strongly. There must be a thorough probe into the leak of the private information. If the Govt. did not pay immediate attention and plug the loopholes if ever exist anywhere in the database of the Addhar, there is every possibility that it would be abused. Authority of India (UIDAI) has denied the media reports which said that one could have access to a billion Aadhaar details for just Rs. 500. UIDAI has called it a case of misreporting and assured that there has not been any data breach. The Authority has said that the reported case appears to be an instance of misuse of the grievance redressal search facility and assured that it maintains complete log and traceability of the facility and any misuse can be traced and appropriate action is taken. It has reiterated that the grievance redressal search facility gives only limited access to the name and other details and has no access to biometric details. It also stressed that mere availability of Aadhaar number will not lead to financial fraud as for a successful authentication fingerprint or iris of an individual is also required. A day after the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) denied that there was any breach of the Aadhaar database, American whistleblower Edward Snowden has hinted that Aadhaar is open for abuse. Though UIDAI has put forward several facts in support of its claim that there has not been Addhar data breach and it has also said that merely getting information about a private individual cannot lead to financial fraud, a suspicion among the people about the safety of their private information has arisen. It is required on the part of the govt. to display publicly how safe is the Addhar data base. An impression has to be made by the government among the people that it has provided proof security to the Addhar database, which contains the record of private information of the people.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tighten law and order machinery

The Bhima Koregaon violence led to the death of a 28-year-old man and left four others injured. The violence spread in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra. The troublemakers in the state must be dealt with stern action by the Maharashtra government irrespective of their affiliations. The law and order is a state subject. So, it is the duty of Maharashtra government to contain violence and damage to the public property immediately. People protest following the Bhima Koregaon violence, which resulted in road blockades and vandalized city buses near Pune Station on January 2, 2018.It is alleged that right-wing Hindu leaders orchestrated the violence in Pune district that caused the death of a 28-year-old man during bicentennial celebrations of a British-era war. Hindu leaders were alleged to have stoked the violence. Gujarat MLA and SC/ST face in the state Jingesh Mevani and JNU Left-wing students’ leader Omar Khalid also allegedly made controversial statements. Whether it is right-wing Hindu leaders or SC/ST or Left-wing leaders, the law and order machineries must do their work to maintain peace, tranquility and harmony among different sections, castes and communities in the society. The social fabric must not be allowed to be torn for the sake of promoting political interests of any group. BJP is ruling in Maharashtra and at the Centre. Being the ruling party both in the state and at the Centre, the responsibility to maintain peace and harmony rests with it. But since the BJP came to power, social balance appears to have gone awry. A general perception among the weaker section of society is evolving that the BJP protects and promotes the interest of the upper castes and the well-off section in the society. This impression must not be allowed to exist. The state government in Maharashtra must act apolitically by setting up an enquiry committee to go into the whole affairs and whoever is found guilty must be punished stringently. It has also been experienced that some Dalit leaders become over-enthusiastic, aggressive and excited unnecessarily and sees every action of the Narendra Modi-led Government at the Centre as going against them. It is required in the prevailing situation in Maharashtra that no political party should fish in troubled water. The first and foremost responsibility of the state administration and political parties is to work together to restore normalcy as early as possible in the state. Maharashtra govt. must also act swiftly so that the situation may not go out of control. Mumbai is not merely a Metropolitan city but also the commercial capital of India. If the violence spreads in other parts of the state, a message would go out that India's commercial capital is not safe for doing business. So, it is the responsibility of social, political activists and state government to work together to restore normalcy immediately. No leader is above the law of the land. Whoever stokes violence or makes a controversial statement must be brought to book. More than 40 vehicles were burnt or damaged and several houses and shops torched at a time when hundreds of thousands of Dalits were visiting Bhima Koregaon to celebrate an 1818 war between the Peshwa and British. Many believe Dalit soldiers in the British army helped defeat the Peshwa, who was said to have instituted oppressive caste practices. The violence by anyone in society is not permissible. Caste and communal discord should be handled astutely by the govt.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Realization dawns on the US belatedly

When the US President Donald Trump realized that it was wrong on the part of his country to patronize, protect and promote the interest of Pakistan by giving it 33 billion dollars in aid over 15 years, he began 2018 with the first tweet, giving a stringent message to it. Trump used his first tweet of 2018 to tear into Islamabad. He tweets, "The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools". "They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!" Trump's tweet rattled Pakistan so much that it summoned the US ambassador. Trump's allegation that Pak is safe havens for terrorists has upset Pakistan. The US President also appears to have felt that India was right when it called Pakistan a terrorist state. President Trump has rightly said that when the US was in the hunt for terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan instead of acting against them, it provided state patronage. Washington and Kabul have long accused Islamabad of supporting terror groups including the Taliban. There is no stronger proof than the presence of the US's most wanted and world's most dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden in the safe haven of Pakistan. Though ultimately the US SEAL killed him in Abbottabad near Pak army's headquarters where had been living for the last ten years. Osama was ultimately killed in 2011, and till then Pak was in the good book of the US and in the denial mode about Laden’s presence on its soil. The US should have realized at that time itself that Pak cannot go against terrorism as it is its backbone. Pak army gives all kinds of patronage by putting pressure on the govt. of the country. One thing should also be kept in mind that since the inception of Pakistan, it has been under military rule for half of the period of its existence. To break the back of terror, it is utmost necessary for the US to act against Pak military. The democratically elected government in Pakistan has been the puppet in the hands of the military and whenever confrontation arose between them, the military takes no time in staging the Coup. So, with the arrival of New Year, President Trump mustn’t only tweet and lash at Pak, but he is required to take action on the ground. Pak cannot act against the Mumbai bomb blast mastermind Jamma-Ud-Dawa- boss Hafiz Sayeed nor can it do anything against LeT, JeM and others. All these terror outfits have taken strong roots in Pakistan. So, the US must not lose any time in acting against Pak for its act of promoting terror not only against India but all over the world also. Pak is a rogue state and it deserves to be treated as such. Sense cannot prevail on it. The time has come for the US to put all kinds of sanctions on Pakistan and thereby stopping all aid in the hope that it would act against terror. It will be foolery for the world to believe that Pak will act against terror. It cannot go against terror as it is its instrument of state policy. President Trump must translate his tweet against Pakistan on the ground to the world that how serious he is against terror, which is the No.1 enemy of humanity.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pak duplicity exposed

The bid to gain world-wide praise and acclamation through duplicitous action by Pak boomeranged on it. Pak arranged a farcical meeting between Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is undergoing imprisonment in Pak and facing a death sentence for allegedly spying for India, his mother and wife. But it was a sham to hoodwink the world outside of itself. Kulbhushan met them sitting across the glass wall. They were separated by a glass wall. They talked through the intercom. They were not allowed to meet face to face. They were separated by a wall of glass. Kulbhushan's mother and wife were put to all types of humiliations and insults in Pakistan. They were asked to take their Mangle Sutra, Bindis and bangles off and change their attire before the meeting. Pak media was allowed to ask them undesirable questions. It was a farcical meeting between Kulbhushan's mother and his wife arranged by Pakistan. Pakistan described it as its humanitarian move. It was all done to show the International Court of Justice and the rest of the world that how serious Pak was and what a great human approach it adopted. Even Kulbhushan Jhadav was tutored by Pakistan authorities to speak before his family members. Pak not only tortured two Indian women but also hurt their cultural and religious sentiments. Its action is intolerable for India. Pak duplicity was exposed when Kulbhushan's mother and wife related everything to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and other officials. Pakistan military court sentenced Kulbhushan to death, but International Court of Justice stayed the death sentence and the matter is sub-judice there. Pak has woven a false case against Kulbhushan, who is an ex-Indian Navy Commander, of spying for India against Pakistan as a RAW agent. But the truth is that Kulbhushan Jhadhav was kidnapped from Iran by Al-Qaeda men and taken to Pakistan. Kulbhushan was in Iran for personal business dealings. Pakistan Military court is trying his case. He was also not allowed consular access even after India's pleadings umpteen times for that. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must ask External Affairs Ministry to go the whole hog internationally against Pak duplicity and farcical meeting that it arranged between Kulbhushan and his mother and wife. The photo of the meeting between Kulbhushan and his mother and wife with a wall of glass in between them has surprised not only India but the entire world at Pak's bestial behaviour. Pakistan's insensitive treatment of the mother and wife of Kulbhushan Jadhav is not acceptable. The meeting was conducted by Pak to bolster a false and unsubstantiated narrative of his alleged activities. Also, Jadhav, who is on death row in Pakistan on charges of alleged spying, seemed to be under stress and speaking in an atmosphere of coercion.Kulbhushan Jadhav is a retired officer of the Indian Navy and was kidnapped from Iran. Although Pak claims that Jadhav was arrested from Balochistan. The Pakistan military court has sentenced him to hang on charges of espionage. To save Jadhav, India moved the International Court of Justice, which ordered Pakistan in May to stay his execution.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Loss of public exchequer and interest

Winter session of Parliament is already shortened. It started late by almost a month. It convened on December 15 and since then what is witnessed by the people of the nation in Parliament is uproar, chaos and bedlam. No parliamentary business of public interest has been transacted. It starts in the morning and after the hour or two when the chaotic condition created by both Treasury and Opposition benches becomes unbearable, the Speaker adjourns Lok Sabha and Chairman adjourns Rajya Sabha for the last 5 days. Parliament functioned only on the first day of the winter session. Disruption in parliamentary proceedings appears to be the hallmark of our MPs. Both the camps ruling and the opposition are rigid on their stand. Congress demands an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his statement that former PM and his predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singh attended a seminar hosted by expelled Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar in which former Pak foreign minister and other dignitaries participated to hatch an anti-India conspiracy. PM Modi made this allegation against his predecessor at an election meeting to polarize the majority community in the favour of his party. Now when the Parliament convened for Winter Session, Congress party demands an apology from PM Modi by making the clarification that he had alleged against his predecessor involving Pakistan to win Gujarat assembly elections. The BJP rejected Congress demand outright and Rajya Sabha Chairperson Venkaih Naidu said that as PM made allegation outside Parliament, he would give no apology. Congress members are adamant on PM's apology. In the war of word between opposition and ruling, the helpless public suffers most. The boisterous nature of both the BJP and the Congress is hampering the parliamentary proceedings. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to be the most reasonable and responsible leader of the nation. But to win an election, he should have also not made this type of allegation against his predecessor like Dr. Manmohan Singh whose stature is of a fine gentleman. He is an economist par excellence, besides being the former PM of the country. Despite several allegations of corruption against his previous UPA govt., no one makes any personal allegation against him. So, PM Modi's innuendo against him of colluding with anti-nationals doesn't hold any water. Disrupting Parliament is not a good idea. Congress should demand an apology from PM by holding meetings and rallies. But stalling Parliament merely for an apology from the PM has no justification. PM Modi appears to believe that everything is right in war and love. He had to win Gujarat elections. So, he made an allegation of this type. Ruling dispensation has a greater role in ensuring that Parliament is run smoothly. The ruling BJP must make effort to resolve the issue amicably and run the Parliament smoothly. Several Bills of Public interests are awaiting the nod of the Parliament. Disrupting Parliament over trifle will not be condoned by the people of the country as they are watching Parliament functioning on their TV sets. Crores of rupees are spent a day on the running of the Parliament. It is taxpayers' money. MPs must know that the people will ask them why they have turned Parliament into a fish market. People don't witness any reasoned debate on any issue of public interest in Parliament in the recent past. Key legislations on the agenda during the session are the followings: -- The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill to criminalise triple talaq -- The Constitution (123rd Amendment) Bill to give constitutional status to National Commission on Backward Classes -- The GST (Compensation to States) Bill -- Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill -- The Consumer Protection Bill -- The Financial Resolution & Deposit Insurance Bill for creating a framework to oversee financial institutions and stock exchanges in case of insolvency -- The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill -- Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill -- The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill -- and the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Inquire and act immediately

Delhi Metro rail is the Lifeline of Delhiites. Any sort of negligence in the running of Metro rails and of its staff can cause an immeasurable damage in terms of human lives and property. Negligence, callous and careless approach of the staff must be dealt with stringently. Despite the high fair of Metro rail, a large number of people ride it only because it is swift, punctual and safe. But the yesterday's incident in which a Metro rail crashed into the wall at Kalindi Kunj depot while on trial puts a big question mark on its running and the functioning of the staff. Metro train was reportedly allowed to run without checking its brake system. It is purely a human error caused by the human negligence. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has done right by ordering a high-level inquiry into the incident. The report of the inquiry must be completed within a fixed time. It should also recommend an appropriate action so that there could be no recurrence of the incident like this. Metro in Delhi is the most convenient mode of conveyance in the city and NCR. Majority of the office goers in Delhi go to their offices by Metro rails. It is only because of its fast, prompt and safe service. Providing better Metro rail service will help reduce the pollution level in the city. By giving comfortable, fast, punctual and sincere service to the Delhiites, Metro rail will certainly attract even the car owners to ride it. But at the same time, it is of utmost importance to take care of the safety Metro rail riders. Metro trains run so fast and swift that Delhiites can go one corner to another in the city in less than one hour. It also gives hassle-free service. There is no issue of red light signals at traffic crossing points with Metro. Metro train saves time and provides hassle-free service. Being the most popular mode of conveyance, DMRC has rightly swung into action immediately after this incident of ramming of the Metro train into the wall at Kalindi kunj depot. Metro is the first preference of Delhiites among the public transports. So, its sincere surveillance is necessary to keep Delhiites safe. DMRC has ordered a high-level inquiry into the incident in which a metro train crashed into a wall yesterday at the Kalindi Kunj depot while on a trial run. The three-member committee consists of Executive Directors Rolling Stock (Project), Rolling Stock (Operations and Maintenance) and Operations. The DMRC said, prima facie it appears to be a case of human error and negligence and appropriate action will be taken after the inquiry. A trial train was moved from the workshop without testing the brake system as a result of which, while the train was moving up the ramp for washing, it rolled back and hit the adjacent boundary wall. No person was injured in the incident. The Metro train which rammed into the wall was reportedly driverless. It is to be made public that on whose order the Metro was allowed to move driverless. This aspect must also be inquired into. Whoever is found guilty must be punished without any loss of time. A message must go out that malfunctioning in the upkeep or the running of Delhi Metro will not be tolerated at any cost.