Friday, August 18, 2017

Bihar floods wreak havoc

It is not the first time that the flood has devastated, demolished and destroyed Bihar. Floods in the state are its perennial problem. The successive govt. in the state has only been active when the loss of lives and property on the large scale are recorded. The Kosi is called the sorrow of Bihar. The neighbouring country Nepal also adds woes to the flood affected people of Bihar by releasing excess water from its barrage during the period of floods. The successive govt. at the Centre also did not talk to Nepal seriously on the issue of floods in Bihar to resolve the problems amicably between the two neighbours. The state of Bihar is already underdeveloped and the floods of this magnitude would certainly ruin it. Farmers and the poor in the state are the most affected entities. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi have conducted the aerial survey of some flood affected areas in the state. The aerial survey conducted by CM and his ministers is the routine practice of the govt. irrespective of its political affiliations. When water will enter their govt. Bungalows and pose threat to their life and property, only then the ground reality at the time of floods in rural and far-flung villages would be realized by them. They are living in the palatial buildings on one hand and the poor people surrounded by water and poisonous insects on all sides during the time of floods on the other. All know that natural calamity does not strike by giving information in advance. It does not take permission from anyone to show its macabre dance of murder. The govt. of the day irrespective of its political affiliation should have taken preventive measures against the floods. As flood is a routine phenomenon of Bihar, why does govt. not take steps in advance to alleviate the pain of the people caused by the devastating floods? The flood and the drought have been the bane of Bihar. It is because of hard labour put in by Biharis that the state is moving towards progress and development. The people of Bihar are labourious, intelligent, diligent, self-dependent, industrious and always be in front to face the problem with full confidence. The floods have caused havoc in the state. The people of the state witnessed a few days back the heavy rains without any break for three days. The situation was alarming in the state because the devastating floods and heavy rains and the ruling JD(U) was busy with its internal bickering between party supremo and CM Nitish Kumar and former party president and senior leader Sharad Yadav. To provide relief to the flood affected people in the state must be the prime responsibility of the Bihar govt. The govt. come and goes but the people remain in their place. CM Nitish Kumar must ask govt. officials to expedite relief operations among the flood affected people. Floods have washed everything in the affected areas. The people in the state are in great distress. Bihar govt. with the help of Centre must ensure that death, destruction, and devastation caused by the furious floods will not recur again. If the govt. had remained vigilant and sincere during the rainy season, the problems caused by the floods could be easily minimized. But for this, govt. have to be active, alert and responsive so that it could take steps in advance to lessen the pain caused by floods. Bihar floods continue to wreak havoc, 106 dead so far. The flood fury continues as increasing water levels of Koshi, Mahananda, Bagmati and Gandak are inundating new areas, displacing a large number of people. Over 96 lakh people spread over 16 districts are reeling under the impact of unprecedented floods. 106 people have so far died in the flood-related incidents. All schools in the flood-affected areas have been closed for this week. The state government has pressed into service 50 rescue teams comprising columns of the Army, NDRF, and SDRF, which include around over 2,100 trained personnel in the affected districts with 276 boats.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

PM’s address on I-Day laudable

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a laudable address to the nation on I-Day from the ramparts of the Red Fort. This is a memorable day for all Indians. India got freedom after a great sacrifice by its men and women in their fight against the imperialistic power. They drove out Britishers and made India free on August 15, 1947. PM Modi in his laudable address from the ramparts of the Red Fort rightly vowed to fight against corruption, poverty, terrorism casteism and communalism. He again rightly warned all those committing violence in the name of religion. He has also rightly said that the social fabric must not be disturbed. India is known for peaceful co-existence. In the given situation, if anyone tried to disturb the social fabric, he would not be allowed to go unpunished. Prime Minister Modi also sent strong message against terrorism and said that it would be dealt with sternly and heavy hands. PM Modi also threw enough light on the work done by his govt. in the last three years. He said that the issue of One Rank One Pension of army men was stuck for 30-40 years, but his govt. resolved it successfully. This shows NDA govt.’s sensitivity towards the army men of the nation. PM also praised his pet decision of demonetization and said that due to it, crores of rupees was deposited in the bank and came to the knowledge of the government. It is a step towards wiping black money out. PM also talked of GST, which has recently got parliamentary approval and put into force. He said that GST would promote co-operative federalism. As usual, Prime Minister Narendra Modi looked confident, decisive and spoke for the poor of the country. PM also spoke on the issue of trouble-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir and vowed to make it heaven on earth again. He advocated for embracing Kashmiris to resolve all issues and rejecting ‘Goli’ and ‘Gaali’. He appeared to be interesting to invoke former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Insaniat, Jhambhoriat and Kashmiriat to resolve Kashmir issue. PM Modi appears to have realized that Kashmir issue cannot be resolved with bullets. Kashmir has been badly disturbed for a year now. Since the militant commander Burhan Wani was killed in an encounter with security forces, the entire Kashmir Valley has been on boil. The govt. of India needs to take urgent notice of the deteriorating situation in Kashmir. Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. has not been constant on Kashmir issue. Its flexible approach has made the matters worse there. Kashmir needs immediate attention of the nation. BJP should also sever ties with the PDP and come out of the govt. The recent tragic death of 60 children due to govt. apathy in BRD hospital Gorakhpur has not got enough space in PM Modi’s speech. He compared Gorakhpur tragic incident with natural calamity. How he evaded the issue of urgent attention is praiseworthy. He did so because his party is ruling the state and UP CM is handpicked by him. He did not even reprimand the CM for UP govt’s failure in maintaining the supply of oxygen. It is alleged that 60 children died only because the supply of oxygen was stopped. It was stopped because payment was not made by the Yogi govt. to the supplier. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should have assured the nation at least from the ramparts of the Red Forte that such criminal negligence by the state govt. would not occur again in the future. If the children continued to die in this way, how he would make a New India by 2022.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The death of innocent children due to Govt. apathy

60 children have reportedly been died at BRD hospital in Gorakhpur due to non-supply of oxygen there. It is nothing but the criminal negligence. Gorakhpur is not an ordinary town of Uttar Pradesh. It is the parliamentary constituency of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He has been representing Gorakhpur in Lok Sabha for the last 25 years. It has been the bastion of BJP for more than 35 years. Yogi Adityanath had also been the Manhanth of Baba Gorakhnath Mandir before being elected as CM. In the given importance of Gorakhpur, when the criminal negligence of such magnitude can be committed in the hospital there, what can be expected of other hospitals in Uttar Pradesh? The death of children is not new to BRD hospital Gorakhpur. Children have have been dying of encephalitis there for the last 30 years. But this is the first time that innocent and poor children died due to the cutting of oxygen supply to the hospital. It is also surprising that CM Yogi had visited the BDR hospital Gorakhpur on August 9. He had reviewed the functioning of the hospital. Why was the shortage of oxygen supply not brought to his notice? Oxygen supply was stopped because of the non-payment of the dues of the company with the govt. Why was payment not made in time to avoid any shortage of oxygen? All these things must be investigated thoroughly and awarded deterrent punishment to all those who are found guilty. It appears to be the case of criminal negligence by the state health ministry and hospital authorities responsible for ensuring the supply of oxygen. When media highlighted the tragedy and inefficiency of the Yogi govt. for their failure to pre-empt it, Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath along with his Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh and Medical Education minister held press conference to present govt. side of the story. They blamed media to highlight the tragic death of the children in an exaggerated way and made jugglery of statics to show that in the month of August in the previous govt. there had been much more number of death of children. UP Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh's insensitivity also came to the fore when he said Children had to die in the month of August. Most of the time in CM's press conference was passed in praising the promptness shown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in asking him to take stock of the situation. It clearly appeared from CM Yogi's press conference that he was more interested in praising PM than taking action to ease the pain of the mothers who have lost their children. Prime Minister Narendra Modi likes tweeting on every incident of importance or concern in the nation, but he has not tweeted even a single word on Gorakhpur tragedy as it has taken place in the regime of his party and the CM of the state, also happens to be his lieutenant. This is nothing but the apathy of UP govt. and hospital authorities that the 60 children died. Gorakhpur hospital's tragic incident has exposed the inefficiency of the Yogi govt. To cover up govt. failure, CM and his ministers tried their best to put blame on media and the month of August. But the ground reality tells a different story. The children died of non-supply of oxygen. They were killed. A case of criminal negligence must be instituted against the authorities concerned in UP govt., health ministry and hospital staff. CM Yogi must ask his Health Minister to resign because he has completely failed in running his ministry efficiently. His statement that children have to die in the month of August clearly reflects his insensitivity to the loss of lives of poor and innocent children. The guilty must be punished as it is a case of murder.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Quit India Movement's 75th anniversary

The nation is celebrating Quit India Movement's 75th anniversary. Parliament also witnessed the grandstanding speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to commemorate it. Congress President Sonia Gandhi also spoke full-throated in her veiled attack on the government that there are some organizations in the country which had no role in Quit India Movement, rather they had opposed it. She also blasted the government and said that free speech and secularism are in danger these days in the country. She resolved to preserve them at all costs. PM Modi had rightly said that the Quit India Movement launched on August 9, 1942 by Mahatma Gandhi to throw out Britishers imperialism from the country and make India free. Thousands of freedom fighters had participated in the Quit India Movement and some of them even sacrificed their lives also. Undoubtedly, Congress had led the Movement, but it does not mean that the members of other political organizations did not participate in it. Some organizations or political parties had opposed it because they had ideological differences. Not mentioning the name of our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru along with the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi in any speech on freedom struggle will be absolutely injustice to him. PM Modi did not mention the name of Pt. Nehru while speaking on 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement, while Nehru was one of its leading lights. He was a front ranker among participants in Quit India Movement. Without remembering Nehru, no speech on freedom struggle movement can be presented in right perspective. Nehru was not only the first Prime Minister of the country, but he also worked shoulder to shoulder with Mahatma Gandhi in all freedom movements. He had undergone imprisonment for the longest period during freedom struggle. So, his contribution to freedom struggle is invaluable. And he must be remembered for that by any leader irrespective of his political affiliation while delivering speech on any event of freedom movement. As far as the speech of PM Modi on 75th anniversary of Quit India movement is concerned , he rightly urged the nation to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, communalism, dirt, corruption and terrorism to make a New India. The word New India has also been coined by him. Now, it 70 is years since we got Independence, but we are still confronting with some vices at every step. India must be free of all them. It requires united effort. But when the name of a single and one of the most active participants of Quit India Movement, who also happens to the first PM of the country, is not remembered by the incumbent PM only because he belonged to the grand old party of the country, the united effort cannot be made. One thing also needs to be kept in mind that it is very easy to talk about high ideals, but at the same it is also very difficult to translate them on the ground in a limited time. Anyway, all must rise above party politics and extend wholehearted support to PM Modi’s call to work for freeing the country from corruption, communalism, terrorism, illiteracy and poverty by 2022 to make a New India. Until and unless concerted and united effort is made, they cannot be removed. PM's concept of New India is praiseworthy. But how it would materialize is the main issue. All political parties irrespective of their ideological belief must work together to eradicate all the vices such as terrorism, poverty, corruption, illiteracy and communalism like our freedom fighters did in Quit India Movement to get Independence. The nation is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement. A number of events are being planned at organizational and local levels to mark the occasion. This year's theme is "Sankalp se Siddhi- the attainment through resolve. The Quit India Movement was an important milestone in the freedom struggle. Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi along with Pt. Nehru, people across India came together to uproot imperialistic power. When our freedom fighters threw British imperialism out of India, why can we not remove illiteracy, poverty, corruption, communalism and terrorism from our soil?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ahmed Patel's victory is a big morale booster for Congress Party

The dramatic late night victory of Congress candidate Ahmed Patel in the Rajya Sabha election from Gujarat is going to be the first of its kind in the history of electoral politics in India after Independence. Ahmed Patel is the political Secretary of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. So, his election had been an issue of prestige for the Congress party. Ahmed Patel’s victory shows BJP President Amit Shah that what he is learning has been forgotten by the Congress party. The election to three RS seats was to be held in Gujarat. The two seats were of BJP and one of Congress as per their legislative strength respectively. As BJP had fielded its party President Amit Shah and Union Minister Smirti Irani for two seats, their victory was a foregone conclusion. Congress fielded Ahmed Patel for its one RS seat. The BJP has been going from strength to strength and winning one state election after another for the last three years. So, its morale is very high. On the other hand, the health of the Congress party has been deteriorating day by day and losing one state election after another. In the meantime, three RS seats fell vacant from Gujarat. The desertion of MLAs had set in the Gujarat state unit with the resignation of legislative party leader Shanker Singh Vaghela followed by six other MLAs causing a great setback for it. BJP with power and money allegedly tried to cause defection in the Congress party so that its strength could be reduced from 57 to 35 in the state assembly to make it impossible for Ahmed Patel to sail through. BJP President Amit Shah was reportedly very active to ensure the defeat of Congress candidate Ahmed Patel. It is alleged that Congress MLAS were intimidated, lured, threatened and tempted to change sides. Fearing a certain poaching on its 44 MLAs, Congress Party took all of them to Bengaluru and put them in Engleton Resort there in Karnataka. Karnataka is a Congress-ruled state. As Karnataka Energy Minister D K Shivakumar was asked to take care of the party MLAs of Gujarat in Engleton Resort, the Central govt. allegedly sent IT men to raid his more than 40 locations in Bengaluru, New Delhi and other places in connection with an old case of misappropriating money. The timing of the raid clearly reflected that it was done only because Shivakumar was taking charge of Gujarat Congress MLAs in Engleton Resort. BJP used money, power and politics to defeat Ahmed Patel, but it ultimately failed. It shows that BJP has to learn still more from Congress party how power could be misused to destroy opposition in democracy. In the victory of Ahmed Patel, Congress showed BJP that it might have learnt everything in politics, but still lacking in application of undemocratic means. The victory of Ahmed Patel is a great morale booster for the Congress party and a setback to BJP in Gujarat in particular and the entire nation in general. Gujarat assembly goes to poll in the next few months. The united posture shown by Congress in Delhi and Gujarat will certainly boost the party’s fortune in the assembly elections. Apart from Cong's own 43 MLAs, one from JD(U) and one from NCP also voted from Ahmed Patel. Though only 43 MLAS voted for the party and one defected and did not vote for it, the exit of Shankar Singh Vaghela is also not going to be a very serious cause of concern for Congress Party. Now, Congress has tasted victory. It will go all hog against the BJP in the coming Gujarat Elections. Anti-incumbency factor in the state of Gujarat has to be faced by BJP. If the result of Gujarat Gram Panchayat elections are anything to go by, Congress is going to give stiff fight to the ruling BJP in the state in the assembly poll.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Arrest Varnica’s stalking accused

The stalking of Varnica Kundu in Chandigarh by the Haryana BJP President Subhash Barnala's son Vikash Barnala and his friend makes mockery of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign. It proves BJP’s claims of respecting women hollow, false and misleading in the first stance. Varnakica Kundu showed fearlessness, courage, and guts to file police complaint against her stalkers Vikash Barnala and his friend. Vikash Barala’s SUV car followed and chased her car in the night around 10 PM in Chandigarh when she driving back home from office. Vikash and his friend knocked and thumped her car’s front gate to open with the alleged intention of kidnapping. They wanted her to come out of the car. Though Varnica did not directly made allegation of kidnapping against them, it was for the police to make inferences about this from her complaint. Police only filed the case of stalking and as it is a bailable section under IPC, Vikash got bail easily. It was the public outcry, over active media and the bravery of the victim Varnica that the police had to retrieve CCTV footage, which clearly shows that Vikash Barnala's car followed her car for a long distance with the alleged intention of kidnapping her. As Vikash Barenala is the son of ruling and powerful Haryana BJP President Subhash Varnala, the Chandigarh police might have come under his father’s influence and because of this they lodged Varnica's complaint against him under easily bailable section of the IPC. But when media’s pressure increased and public outcry got louder and louder, police retrieved the CCTV footage of stalking of Varnica Kundu by Vikash Baranala. Immediately after the retrieval of CCTV footage of stalking which left no doubt about Vikash’s culpability in stalking Vernica Kundu, Haryana BJP President and the father of the accused Subhash Barala said the parroted line of all ruling party leaders that law would its own course and advocated for justice to Vernica, whom he described her as his daughter. BJP always boasts of character and professes high respect for women, but it is at loss for words to defend itself. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah must ask Subhash Baranala to resign as the party president of Harayana. Haryana and Central BJP give explanation that father is nothing to do with the activities of his son. So, Subhash Baranala cannot suffer because of his son's wrong doing. But one thing to which state and Central BJP leaders have closed their eyes is the influence being wielded by the father of the accused on police to slap cases against him under an easy section of IPC so that he could be easily bailed out. Police would not slap stringent section against the accused because his father is one of the most influential leaders of Haryana. Chandigarh police is under the Centre. Subhash Barnala has also been very close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So, he must resign immediately as Haryana party president. It will end the chance of favouring the accused. With the retrieval of CCTV footage, which is a clear proof of stalking, the police must arrest Vikash Barnala and his friend immediately under stringent section of kidnapping. The incident of stalking is alarmingly rising in our country. Varnica Kundu is a brave girl. She is the daughter of a senior IAS officer in Haryana govt. Her father has rightly supported his daughter and vowed to take the incident of stalking his daughter to a logical conclusion. On the one hand PM has launched Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao campaign and BJP leaders raise question on Varnica's staying out in the late night on the other. This clearly shows BJP leaders’ narrow and anti-women temperament. Boys and girls are equal in every respect. Any assault on girls must be dealt with the most stringent measure. It is very sad that despite the stringent laws were made by the Govt. of India in 2013 after Nirbhaya rape and murder incident, the incident of assault on women did not come down. It is also surprising that Chief Minister of Haryana Manoharlal Khatter has not opened his mouth on the incident of stalking. Now, the Chandigarh police must be asked by the Central govt. to arrest Vikash Barala and his friend under stringent section of kidnapping so that a message could go loud and clear that howsoever powerful and mighty, the wrong doers cannot go scot free.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Deal Doklam standoff diplomatically

Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has rightly said that the dialogue is ultimately the best option to resolve any issue between the two countries- India and China. She was speaking in the Rajya Sabha in the context of Doklam standoff with China. It is our biggest neighbour and all weather friend of Pakistan, which is hostile to India. So, it needs to be dealt with diplomatically. China has again extended its technical hold by three months on the proposal supported by US, UK and France to designate Pak based JeM Chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by the UN. India had moved this proposal at UN.It is been vetoing the proposal for almost a year. China is one of the members of the UN Security Council. It is one of its five members. It has also been creating a hurdle for India to enter Nuclear Suppliers Group. On the issue of banning Masood Azhar, China is the only member among the 15 at the UN organ, which opposes it. It is crystal clear that China would always support Pakistan against India. As far as Doklam standoff is concerned, China wanted to make motorable road through Bhutan, which Indian troops opposed. Chinese construction team was not allowed to work by the Indian troops to work. Doklam is virtually the territory of Bhutan. It is tri-junction of China, India and Bhutan. It is strategically and from security point of view very important for India. So, China cannot be allowed to construct motorable under its plan of encircling India. Doklam is very close to Sikkim. When Chinese construction team was stopped from working, PLA personnel scuffled with India troops. Chinese media started publishing belligerent articles to strike fear in the Indian camp. But India stood the ground very valiantly. China has been crying for pulling back of Indian troops from Doklam. It has reportedly been told that now China is also thinning its troops’ deployment at Doklam. In the prevailing situation and economic environment in both China and India, talks are only options to resolve any outstanding issue between the two. In the age of market economy, war is nowhere the talking point. The economy is the first priority and the first interest of any nation in the world. Sushama Swaraj has also said rightly in Parliament that the meeting between the opposition leader and the Chinese Ambassador in India should have in the knowledge of the government of the day. She has also rightly said that it would be better if the opposition leader sought govt. position before meeting Chinese ambassador. He could have told him about India's position on the standoff with China clearly and forcefully. Both China and India must pull back their respective troops and sit together to find out resolution to the problems between. Even if war breaks out between the two countries, they come to negotiating table after it ceases. So, External Affairs Minister Sushama Swaraj's advocacy for talks to resolve the issue in question China and India is absolutely correct. She has taken the right stance. Belligerence leads to destruction. It is also good that Indian army is always prepared to meet any eventualities. It would be misadventure for any country to go for was in the prevailing situation in the world. Talks and Dialogues must be pursued to resolve all outstanding issues between China and India. It is not 1962. It is 2017. Both China and India must know. China must also be not in a delusion that if ever war breaks out with India, it would easy for it like the war of 1962. India has travelled very fast from there in every respect. Its army is one of the most professional armies in the world. So, the only option between the two countries is dialogue and talks.