Monday, September 25, 2017

Sushma's befitting reply to Pak

External Affairs Minister of Sushma Swaraj has rightly exposed Pakistan before the world about its achievements and attainments in comparison to India in 70 years since Independence. As there is a difference of few hours of time between the Independence of both the countries, they should develop equally. But here, there is a wide gulf in the development between India and Pakistan. While India is way ahead, Pakistan is on verge of being declared a terrorist state by the international community. India in the last 70 years established a number of IITs, IIMs and AIIMS and produced a large number of engineers, doctors, technocrats, scientists managers of world fame, intellectuals etc., while Pakistan created an army of terrorists and their organizations like LeT, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Haqqani network. The successive governments in India kept itself involved in achieving all-round development. India has become IT super power, while Pakistan has converted itself into the breeding ground for terrorists. Swaraj has also rightly called Pakistan Terroristan. Pakistan is known for promoting terror all over the world while India is known for its intellectual temperament, scientific temper, rich cultural tradition and vibrant democracy. India being the largest democracy of the world, and the successful carrying out of the electoral process by it for the last 70 years is also commendable. While Pakistan has been under its military rule half of the period since its inception. Sushma Swaraj has rightly questioned as to what has Pakistan offered to the world and to its own people apart from terrorism. This way Sushma Swaraj showed the mirror to Pak Prime Minister for his objectionable remarks about the functioning of Indian democracy at UNGA shows her acumen in presenting India’s view at UNGA. Indian doctors, engineers, scientists and others have made their marks in international arena, while Pakistanis are famous for terrorism all over the world. It is also Pak tactics to Keep India engaged in blame game to show the world that it too is not constructive. So, it will be better for India to take no notice of Pak's baseless charges. In a stinging response to Pakistan at the UNGA, Swaraj said that India is completely engaged in fighting poverty, whereas Islamabad seems engaged in fighting New Delhi. India must respond to Pak Ambassador to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi’s goof up at the UN where she had shown pictures of Palestinian victims and tried to pass them off as 'evidence' of atrocities on Kashmiris. The picture used by Pakistan's Ambassador to the UN was reported by a number of media outlets as that of Rawia Abu Joma'a, a 17-year-old girl injured in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza city in 2014. Rawia's picture was taken by award-winning photographer Heidi Levine. It is not goof up made by Maleeha Lodhi but it was her deliberate attempt to defame India’s democracy before the world. She must be rebuffed without any loss of time so that the world could know about Pak's knavery.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Varanasi on development pedestal

Being the parliamentary constituency of the top Executive of the country, Varanasi is bound to see the light of the day. It is the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Before being PM’s parliamentary constituency, Varanasi is known all over the world as the holiest city in India. It is also the religious and cultural centre of the country. Above all, Varanasi is the abode of Lord Shiva (Baba Vishwanath). As far as the development of the Varanasi is concerned, it first needs cleanliness then development. It is also known for narrow lanes. First of all, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should have ordered the civic body of Varanasi to keep the city neat and clean. Varanasi has also historical importance. The Ganges is said to be dirty in Varanasi and despite crores of rupees spent on her cleanliness, she remained dirty. PM Modi during the tour of his constituency should have taken serious note of it. PM has launched a bouquet of development projects and dedicated to the nation a Trade Facilitation Centre and Crafts Museum for weavers and artisans in Varanasi. It will certainly boost cultural heritage of the city and help increase the income of weavers and artisans. About 95,500 weavers in his constituency will be benefited. This Trade Facilitation Centre has been named after Deen Dayal Upadhya. PM's visit to Varanasi will certainly bring happiness and well-being for the weavers and craftsmen. Weavers and craftsmen will be economically benefited by several projects launched by the PM during his tour of the constituency. Being the VVIP constituency of the nation, Varanasi deserves all development projects' execution properly and speedily. By visiting Varanasi, PM Modi has shown that he is committed to the development of Kashi whom he had treated as his mother and on whose call he fought Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi as Prime Ministerial candidate. Undoubtedly, PM is development oriented and he keeps the issue of progress and peace as the top priority of his government. PM has also dedicated to the nation a state of the art Trade facilitation Centre named Deendayal Hast Kala Sankul and inaugurated the Crafts Museum.Craftsmen can now showcase their work at a global level and sell their crafts directly to buyers as well as preserve their heritage. PM also tried his hand at the digital interactive section that showcases the art and culture of Varanasi. Of special interest was the digital carpet in the carpet weaving display section of the Museum. Prime Minister had rightly said that the solution to every problem lies in development.He said that other parties are focused on only winning the elections, the goal of his government is the welfare of the poor. The Deen Dayal Hast Kala Sankul is an indispensable and necessary step to help weavers and artisans of Varanasi to preserve their heritage while integrating into the Global economy. This state of the art facility will certainly prove to be a boon for many. PM Modi has rightly criticized the previous UPA govt. for its lethargic approach towards development that resulted in great loss of time and money of the country.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Security is govt. domain

There must be a clear line of demarcation among the four wings- Judiciary, Legislature, Executive and the Press- in the democratically elected govt. As far as the matter of national security is concerned, it completely comes under the domain of executive and the legislature. Govt. of India has rightly filed an affidavit on Rohingya issue in the Supreme Court that decision to deport is an executive policy decision. Whether it is illegal Rohingya immigrants or anyone else who poses threat to the security of the nation must not be allowed to live in the country. These days, there has been an exodus of Rohingyas from the Rakhine province of Myanmar in large numbers because of a military offensive against them into Bangladesh, from where they are also crossing over to the bordering states of India adjacent to it. Rohingyas in large number are driven into Bangladesh across the border by the Myanmar military personnel. Myanmar slaps charges on ARSA, a terror outfit of Rohingya Muslims, who are bent on creating mayhem there, for the attack on its military personnel killing nine on August 25. Since then Myanmar army launched a military offensive against the Rohingyas who are allegedly in contact with terror organizations and IS. Myanmar alleges that Rohingyas are involved in carrying out terror acts and the military personnel are generally targeted. Though thousands of Rohingyas leave the Rakhine province of Myanmar for Bangladesh and from there some of them easily sneak into India, posing a security threat. Bangladesh High Commissioner already met Foreign Secretary Jaishankar and apprised him of the situation in view of a big exodus of Rohingyas from Rakhine province. They are reportedly pushed into Bangladesh. There are reportedly 40, 000 illegal immigrants (Rohingyas) living in India in different states and pose a serious threat to the security of the country. The govt. of India has taken right decision to deport all the illegal immigrants (Rohingyas) living in India. Illegal Rohingyas must not be allowed to live in India. India is also not under any obligation to take care of Rohingyas as a mark of humanitarian help. Only the genuine citizens of India have the right to stay here. Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly looked the other way from the issue of Rohingya, while traveling to Myanmar. As Myanmar is India’s trusted, close and tradition friend, it cannot offend it on the issue of Rohingyas. First of all, it is the responsibility of the govt. to take care of all its citizens, who are legally living here. The Centre’s affidavit says many Rohingyas figure in suspected sinister designs of ISI and ISIS and other extremist groups who want to achieve their ulterior motives in India including that of flaring up communal and sectarian violence in sensitive areas of the country. The Govt. says intelligence inputs show that illegal Rohingya immigrants in areas like Jammu, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mewat have links with terror organizations while some are involved in an organized influx of illegal immigrants from Myanmar through agents and touts. National security ranks highest on country's list of priorities given its geopolitical influence in the region and its vulnerability to cross-border infiltration due to the porous nature of its borders. The Central Government observed that some Rohingyas are mobilizing funds through hawala channels, procuring fake documents and indulging in human trafficking. Many have managed to acquire fake Indian identity documents like PAN and voter cards. The affidavit makes it clear that the fundamental right to reside and settle in any part of India is available to citizens only and not to illegal immigrants. While treating the issue as a highly sensitive one, the government will take a decision in the national interest. Govt. must take a decision in the national interest. It is the sovereign right of Myanmar to deal with its own people. India need not interfere in internal security affairs of other countries. Rohingyas have posed a security threat to Myanmar military personnel because of disaffection among them. The best thing would be to find an amicable solution to the problems through talks.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sindhu made India proud

Rio Olympic silver-medalist P.V. Sindhu took a sweet revenge of her World Championship defeat to Nozomi Okuhara by beating the Japanese opponent in the pulsating final match of the Korea Super Series badminton tournament. It was an exhilarating summit showdown that lasted one hour and 24 minutes, the ace shuttler produced a spirited performance as she bounced back from a game down to register a 22-20, 11-21, 21-18 win over Okuhara and eventually lift the third Super Series title. Badminton star PV Sindhu has made India proud by winning the Korea Superseries title in Seoul, South Korea with her brilliant performance. She is an extra-ordinary Badminton player who has displayed her talent in Badminton at several international stages. The entire nation is proud of her well-accomplished act on the field of sports. Sindhu is our sports icon. All of us are proud of her scintillating performance on the field. The entire nation has congratulated for her thumping performance. It is not the first time that Sindhu has made us proud. She has already performed brilliantly and won several awards for the nation at various international level sports competitions and matches in the past. The govt. of India must pay adequate attention to encourage more and more girls to participate in the sports of their choices. This is the time of women empowerment in every field of activity. Women are no less in any field than the men. The Hyderabadi shuttler staged a brilliant fight back to take a big lead in the mid-break of the decider and finally win the trophy despite a late surge from Okuhara. With the victory, Sindhu has become the first Indian to win the Korea Open Super Series title.World No. 4 Sindhu, who had won the China Super Series Premier last year and clinched the India Super Series and Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold this season, had earlier settled with the bronze medal at the World Badminton Championship after going down against Okuhara 19-21, 22-20, 20-22 in the finals in Glasgow. PV Sindhu has talent, technique and will to win the matches. She is always aggressive on the field. She is the pride of the nation, Sports ministry must take appropriate steps to encourage women sportspersons to play on large scale. At one point in time, the position of Sindhu weakened, but with the grace of God, she made a great fight back and won the match. The entire nation is grateful to her. She has done a miracle. Sports ministry must take a special step to encourage and confer awards on her. The days are not far off when she would emerge as the world champion of Badminton and hold the No.1 position.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Take decisive action against terror

British Prime Minister Theresa May has rightly warned of an imminent terror attack. She has warned after the yesterday’s attack on Tube train. She brought terror threat in Britain from severe to a critical level. It means that the terror attack on Britain is imminent. She also rightly ordered to replace police officers on guard duties with military personnel. British Security and intelligence agencies failed to get a scent of terror attack beforehand. There has been this type of terror attack on a tube train in Britain earlier also. Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for the explosion in which 29 people were hurt after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blasted on a Tube train at the Parsons Green Station. The joint terrorism and analysis centre, the independent organization responsible for setting the threat level on the basis of available intelligence has now decided to raise it from severe to critical. This is the fourth time that the assessment has been placed at the highest level in the past 11 years.The UK's threat level was upgraded from "severe" to "critical" on May 23 following the Manchester bombing on May 22, in which a bomb exploded in the foyer of Manchester Arena moments after US pop star Ariana Grande left the stage. The attack left 22 dead and 59 injured. Britain has been a strong ally of the US-led International fight against terrorism. This is not the first time that terror attack on Britain Tube train took place. The US formed an international coalition when its own sovereignty was challenged by 9/11 terror attack. The US in a fit of rage called a meeting to form an international coalition to fight terror to finish. But it did not succeed in its aim. The US invaded Afghanistan to hold catch of the perpetrators of 9/11 and throw outlawed Taliban regime out. Since the terror had hurt it directly, it took initiative to fight against it unitedly. Otherwise, it did not pay any attention. This is the double standard in its approach towards terror. Britain has also been a very strong ally of an international coalition led by the US to fight against terror. Until and unless the entire western countries rise above self-interest and make concerted effort against terrorism, it can never be finished. Which one of the big 5 powers of the world does not know that terror emanates from Pakistan? It is the breeding ground of terror. The terror incident happening anywhere in the world has its roots in Pakistan. Despite knowing this, even one of the five big powers supports Pakistan on the issue of terror only because it hurts India most. So, as long as this tendency of double standard persists among the big 5 powers, the fight against terrorism will remain incomplete. Whether it is IS, LeT, Jaish or al-Qaeda, all must be flushed out of the world by a united attempt. And as long as the tendency that this terror is good or that terror is bad persists, nothing can be achieved and terror will continue to flourish all over the world. If the terror attack is not pre-empted, the merely upgrading of the threat level is of no use. With upgrading the threat level, the security arrangement must also be made to that proportion. British security agencies are required to be alert always to thwart any terror attack in advance.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Strengthening relation between India and Japan

The warmth, affection, and affinity shown towards Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Ahmedabad by Prime Minister Narendra Modi amply reflect how close these two countries are with each other. It is PM Modi's personal touch that he makes the world leaders visiting India his friends. He develops a personal rapport with Japanese PM Shinzo, who had also visited Kashi in 2015 along with PM Modi. India being the largest democracy of the world, the leaders of all developed countries keep PM Modi in the highest esteem. Both PM Modi and visiting Japanese PM Shinzo signed a number of agreements between the two countries. In the joint declaration issued by both the leaders, there has been specific mention of terror organizations like LeT, Jaish, and others based in Pakistan. They favour immediate action against the terror outfits. Pakistan has provided them safe havens. Prime Minister Shinzo supported India's demand of bringing perpetrators of 26/11 and Pathankot terror attack to justice. It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's effort that the name of Pak-based terror organizations like Let and Jaish got mentioned in Brics Declarations at Xiamen of China, despite the displeasure of the host. It is the personality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that dominates every international meeting and platform. All the world leaders are found of PM Modi's charismatic personality. As PM Modi had promised to introduce Bullet train in India during the Lok Sabha elections if elected to power, he delivered on that by taking a loan of 1.1 lakh crore rupees on a nominal interest from Japan. Bullet train is the sign of development. Japan has shown readiness in providing all assistances to complete the track laying work speedily. The inauguration of the Bullet train foundation, which is to run between Ahmadabad and Mumbai, has already been done. Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Abe laid the foundation stone for the proposed Ahmadabad-Mumbai High-Speed Rail Network, known as the bullet train, at Ahmadabad. Prime Minister Modi has rightly said that 'friend' Japan gave India a loan worth Rs. 88,000 crore at 0.1 per cent interest and further praised Prime Minister Abe for taking a personal interest in the bullet train project and ensuring that it fructifies into something huge for India. As per the railway ministry officials, the operating speed of the bullet train will be 320 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed will be 350 kilometers per hour. With this, India has become the first to import the iconic 'Shinkansen' bullet-train technology after Taiwan. The Japanese Govt. has also agreed to fund the project at minimum interest rates. Undoubtedly, PM Modi is a development-oriented politician. He has left his imprint on all world leaders, and all respect him very much. Japan has been a good old friend of India. It has rightly condemned the nuclear tests undertaken by North Korea time and again. Japan has been the worst affected country by a nuclear explosion. PM's pet projects of Skill India, Digital, India, Make in India and Stand UP India were appreciated by the visiting Japanese PM Shinzo. Japan invested USD 4.7 billion in India during 2016-2017, which is 80 per cent higher than the last year. The initiatives like the Ease of Doing Business, Skill India or Make in India show that India is transforming. PM Modi has rightly urged the Japanese business community to open the maximum number of Japanese restaurant chains in India. This visit of PM Shinzo is very successful from India’s point of view as it has not only got heavy investment from Japan but also full-throated support to fight against Pak-sponsored terrorism. A new hope pouring in investment from outside has dawned on India with the visit of Japanese PM Shinzo.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Morale booster to Cong, strong jolt to BJP in DUSU elections

The result of DUSU elections is a booster to the sagging Congress morale and a very strong jolt to the ruling BJP at the Centre. Delhi University being the most prestigious in the country, the message which goes out of it has a great significance. It is the first time in four years that Congress grabbed the post of President in Delhi University Students' Union elections. The posts of president and vice president went to Congress and Secretary and Joint Secretary went to BJP. From any parameter of political standard, it can easily be deduced that the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone down among the students of DU, JNU, Punjab and Rajasthan University where the elections to students' union have recently been held. Whether the BJP accepts it or not, one thing that clearly indicates is that the students’ community dislikes the politics of division, discrimination, distortion, deviousness, and recrimination, which is being promoted and played by the fringe groups of the ruling political party. The students want peace, progress, employment, and co-existence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should have realized that by only giving long speech extempore and doing nothing on the ground among the people are bound to fall flat. Preaching cannot fill the empty stomachs of the people. The youth had wholeheartedly supported PM Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with great hope. They chanted 'Modi, Modi very loudly as a sign of their approval to him, who now appears to be realizing that he is no different from his predecessors. The hastily introduced GST and whimsically implemented demonetization has now proved to be great failures. The market is getting gloomier and gloomier and economic growth has come down by two per cents. The employment opportunities are shrinking day by day in contrary to the promises made by PM Modi during 2014 Lok Sabha elections that if voted to power, his govt. would generate 2 Crore jobs every year for the youth of the country. The reality is that even 2 lakh jobs have not been created in any one of the three years of BJP govt. The condition of Jammu and Kashmir is getting worse and worse. It appears that Modi govt. is directionless and has no policy on Kashmir. Realizing the all round disillusionment prevailing in the country, the students of DU have given a very appropriate message to BJP to awake within the time. Otherwise, it would face the same fate as Congress faced in 2014. The vote of the people must not be taken for granted by politicians. The BJP may say that DUSU result will have no impact on the popularity graph of PM, but one thing is crystal clear that BJP must read the writing on the wall. Otherwise, it is bound to be thrown out. Only tall speech of PM is no longer taken seriously by the people. Congress must also be not in any delusion that with the victory in DU, it has won the battle. Its battle has begun now and be fought democratically to take to the logical end. Congress is also required to cast off its lethargy and overhaul organizational set-ups from the village to the national units as soon as possible.